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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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election. today the russians responded... with some sharp comments and a new year's invitation. nbc bay area's scott budman is live outside the russian consulate in san francisco. scott -- yesterday -- they didn't want reporters around. today -- they invited everyone in. =terry/cg= apparently the sudden press conference wasn't enough...
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on the consulate general of russia's facebook page - they posted: "it's so difficult to remain diplomatic, but we will. if you check our facebook posts, tweets, our public statements - the message is always the same: our nations can and should be friends for the sake of well being of our people, for security and stability in the world." vicky/rail you may find it hard to get a bay area holiday staple -- fresh local crab. that's beacuse a crab fisherman strike is spreading to the bay area tonight. cg earlier this week -- crabbers in humboldt bay tied up their boats. they were followed by crabbers from bodega bay -- all the way to washington state. cg now -- crab fisherman in half moon bay and san francisco are joining them. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live in half moon bay -- with more on what strikers want.
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terry/live turning to our microclimate forecast: tony and every other crab fisherman in half moon bay and san francisco will strike. the half moon sea food marketing
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association has decided to stand in solidarity with the crab fisherman. many fisherman say it's not enough to cover the cost and risk associated with crab fishing. today local restaurant owners are stocking up on as much crab as they can get before the strike officially begins at midnight. >> i needed to keep going. it helps the restaurants, the two restaurants, the ice cream shop. it's just what brings people into this harbor. >> reporter: well, the fisherman here won't be involved in any of the pricing negotiations but they don't expect their colleagues to go back to work for les than $3 a pound. nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you very much. turning to our microclimate forecast, a live look at san jose. we're in for another chilly night and it's about to get even
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colder. let's start with meteorologist r rob. >> we've had patchy frost throughout the week and cold enough we could talk about low snow levels to ring in the new year around the bay area. san jose, 53 degrees. but the trend from here certainly turning a lot cooler as storms will be dropping down the coast out of canada. the next system bringing in clouds, perhaps a few light showers. and gives you mainly a chance of showers around it peninsula hill tops. but the pattern will bring temperatures down with lowering snow levels perhaps as low as 2,000 feet. highs were in the 60s. now we're talking highs in the 40s and temperatures to the 40s
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on the coast and the valleys could see low 20s. for an extended period of time in the 7-day forecast. we'll let you know how much of this will impact new year's eve weekend. >> the east bay is one of the coldest spots. laura, it's about to go from frosty to freezing in the new year. >> reporter: that's right and people here at the trinity center say they've been getting a lot of calls for people seeking shelter and planning ahead for next week. they're taking the threat of freezing temperatures very seriously and say you should too. walnut creek is often seen as a city -- but she says about 150 people in the area live outside with below freezing temperatures expected clum bow fears for her
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health. >> if it's 40 degrees below or raining, you run the risk of hypothermia. >> reporter: former plumber howard gib says now is the time to insulate exposed pipes and if you can't cover them up, keep your waterer running overnight or face the possibility of busted pipes. >> it's easy to spend a couple dollars, make sure it's insulated verses 30 or 40 bucks to repair a ruptured pipe. >> reporter: and nursery specialist says water them now. >> if you have plants such as succulents, citrus, anything that is tender, you definitely want to cover it with frost cloth. a spray, when the temperatures are about like this, not freezing cold and this will hold in the moisture. >> reporter: back out here live at the trinity center people need to register here and be screened before they can go to
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the overnight shelter but they want to remind everyone that you can call the 211 hotline for more information. i can tell you it's really cold out here. reporting live from walnut creek. >> thank you, laura. our free nbc bay area app is a great way to keep track of these chilly temperatures and examines with your own microclimate forecast. breaking news from southern california where more than a dozen people are trapped on a ride at knott's berry farm. they're trying to free 17 people stuck 120 feet in the air. the fire department was called out to the sky cabin ride. some riders told our sisterer station they have been stuck for four hours. an employee is telling us the main brake was activated and cannot be released. and it looks cold and maybe a little damp down there. wonder if weather was a factor.
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new at 6:00 the threat of being arrested and put into jail would dampen anyone's holiday spirit. a very real fear for many with outstanding arrest warrants. the time is running out. robert ha innda from the main jail to tell us how some wanted people can get a second chance. >> reporter: they call the it program operate second chance. it's a way for people to avoid jail and enjoy the new years. but the clock is ticking. >> reporter: alexander reed of mill peta is trying to beat the clock and stay out of jail. he today he was one of many people coming to the santa clara county sheriff's office to apply for operation second chance. >> this is a big relief on me because i take care of my grandmother and i couldn't
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really make it to the court. >> reporter: the sheriff's office give amnesty to nonviolent, misdemeanor and traffic offenders who have a warrant out for their arrest. until tomorrow qualified offenders can get a new court date inhad stead of time behind bars. >> i was really down and out about it. and didn't really think i was going to have this second chance opportunity. that was going to be my second offense. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says the program keeps people moving through it system, easing the burden on everyone including reev. >> i think it's someone who wants to take care of their matter, come in, get their court date and start the new year right. >> i can't misthis one. >> reporter: i believe him. now we saw a lot of people rushing in today because it's friday and they thought today was the deadline and even though the sheriff's office might look
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closed, they may be open all day tomorrow. you now have a second chance at your second chance. live in san jose, robert handa. >> i believe him too. well, not settled by the new year and the election day race that one candidate says is too close to call in the south bay. and san fresko welcomed thousands of people into the city to ring in the new year. the last-minute preparations and what police are doing to try and keep people safe. and right now we're watching clouds move if to san francisco. a weather system bringing a lot of rain misses the bay area but a colder counterpart is dropping down the coast and our temperatures for the holiday weekend, a look at that as we come right back. and one place expected to be
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packed tomorrow night: no surprise -- san francisco's water front. ==boxes== nbc bay area's christie smith is the new year is almost here and one place expected to be packed tomorrow night, no surprise, san francisco's waterer front. christie liecve along the embarcadero. >> reporter: tomorrow night you can expect a strong police presence as thousands of people come down here and those on the event side are seeing a big demand. along the embarcadero the food draws people in and so does the
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stunning view, particularly for new year's eve dinner. >> we start taking reservations on december 1st and they sold out in about two hours. >> reporter: a fireworks show will light up the sky from nearby. this is from last year. >> these have a sound track with them. >> reporter: jeff thomas is with piro spectaculars by suza who will put on the show. he notes any concern about firework debris is being addressed. >> we're working with the different water organizations to make sure what we do is as safe for the water as possible. >> reporter: san francisco police will be out in force watching for anything unusual. they say they are no known terror threats but people are being reminded if you see something, say something. >> they're going to be looking for uniformed officers. >> these are for people throwing parties around the neighborhood. >> reporter: at cliff's variety
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they've been restocking party supplies. for those who want to turn the page on 2016. >> this has been an amazing season for us. i think it was a little unexpected the volume we'ver had here. >> reporter: and the suggestion is people might want to consider public transportation. some offering free or extended service. nbc bay area news. and more on that now to keep people from dreinking and driving, many transit agencies are running specials. samtrance and ac offering free buses 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and caltrain will start running on a special schedule. bart rides will not be free new year's eve night but they will have trains on a special schedule from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00
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a.m. and extra trains standing by in san francisco to run after the fireworks show on the embarcadero. and you can watch the ball drop here in the bay area. jennifer lopez, and blake shelton are all performing at 11:30 tomorrow night. a puppy is safe and sound after being stolen during a violent dog napping. it's an alaskan malamute. two men responded to the ad and that's when police say they beat the man and tasered him. the suspects then took cash, other items and the puppy. but the story has a happy ending. christmas day police arrested the men and reunited the puppy with her owner. first dog sutter has died. a frequent fixture at
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interviews. she performed a lot of pr for california, earning only the occasional treat and belly rub for all the work. the korgy suffered from an aggressive form of cancer. after surgery, he returned home and helped the governor and first lady celebrate halloween and went with the governor to vote. he's been laid to rest at the family ranch. new at 6:00, san jose will go into the new year with a pretty good idea who the new city counsel will be. in a very highly contested match up. sylvia edged out and that triggered a recount by hand. they closed the margin to under 70. but nguyen offered to pay for a recount. that has uncovered diskrepense as but the outcome is still the
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same. >> it was a very, very small difference but in the end the outcome was not reversed. the winner after the machine count was still sylvia arraianu. >> and the voter initiated recount is done with a smaller staff and likely will not be finished until next tuesday. fire investigators are looking for the cause after a fire burst into flames in palo alto. we brought you live breaking coverage on "today in the bay." they got the blaze under control after about 6:00 a.m. homes in the 2100 block between embarcadero and the organ expressway. they thought someone might have been trapped inside but the home owner was able to get out of there. >> it was pretty high. it was roaring about 10/15 feet above the roof line. i saw it when it came out.
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>> no one was injured. the fire was so big the fire departments offered mutual aid to fight that fire. this san jose cvs store back open after the driver crashed into it. this happened in the 6900 block of almuden expressway and no one injured in that sensational accident. it's going to be extremely cold for the new year's holiday, maybe even freezing. >> maybe a taste of time's square, by our standards. they laugh at us when we say it's cold but it's really going to be cold. by the end of the 7-day forecast, you'll begin to see the cooler changes through new year's eve weekend. san jose 53 degrees. high temperatures will not be near 53 in the 7-day forecast.
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44 in saratoga. south san jose, 53. 52 around morgan hill. you can see arindau, 50. 52 currently in dublin where we have a few high clouds around pleasanten and dublin, upper 40s to low 50s. the system is moving through central and southern california. l.a. and orange counties picking up rain. and not much snow around the grapevine along interstate 5. a colder system does not have nearly as much moisture and you're going to feel the pattern change as our skies clear. a slight chance of a few showers. 8:00 a.m. peninsula hill tops, maybe santa cruz mountains and the rest of the day we'll have a pretty pleasant, we expect, new year's eve forecast. temperature from bay to inland
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spots, low to mid-50s. and through sunday morning, starting off the new year dry but then we'll see the clouds thicken up as we head towards 7:00 and a wetter system will drop in for sunday into monday which will set the stage for the big drop in temperatures. better chance of showers monday and tuesday. inmid-40s and low to mid-20s in reach in the 7-day forecast. coming up, we'll get our best chance responding to low snow levels in the bay area. back to you. >> rob, thanks a lot. well, 2016's going to end with a big snow storm on the east coast. how many feet. rose parade float they just
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helped create. they planned the unique wedding happening now a couple together for 17 years will get married tomorrow on a rose parade float they helped to create. that story is on our home page. and on facebook, fireworks won't be the only thing lighting up the sky on new year's eve. a comet could be visible after sunset. as we head into the new year,
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millions of people are right in the path of a powerful nor'easter that's packing high winds and heavy snowfall. as we head into the new year, millions of people are right in the pack of a powerful nor'easter packing heavy snowfall. >> nbc's morgan radford from
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concord, new hampshire. >> reporter: overnight a flash of light and then a rare burst of thunder snow. the last winter storm of 2016 arriving with force. the nor'easter quickly piling up snow across new england. this morning more than 7 million people are under winter storm advisories. in massachusetts, crews using new liquid deicer edeicers. getting a head start before roads completely freeze over. up to 18 inches expected when it's all said and done. in vermont, an ice skater's paradise and a skier's too. one resort said it got more snow thursday than all of last year. and in new hampshire. chad jakewith had been plowing the winding roads for 19 years. what do you recommend to people
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traveling on them? >> go slow, take your time. >> reporter: but for skiers, this storm's been a long time coming. >> beyond excited. i'm shaking right now. >> reporter: how did it compare to last year? >> oh, last year sucked. >> reporter: ending the year with a literal bang. despite the storm, they are getting ready to party in time's square. wreeler show you what you can expect. and how president elect trump is reacting to today's developments.
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they say winning cures all. in the case of the 49ers, that would be a stretch but they did beat the rams this past sunday and they would like nothing more
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than to finish on a win streak by beat dg vision rival, sooe seattle. >> always a different feeling coming off a win. you see what you did right and have things to build on going into this week. i think we have a good opportunity this week to come out and try to get another win. retaliation against russia.
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russian president vladimir putin is condeming the sanctions ordered by prede more developments in the united states retaliation against russia. russian president vladimir putin is condemning the sanctions ordered by president obama. >> president elect donald trump weighing in with a friendly tweet. >> reporter: russian president has condemned a new round of u.s. sanctions but won't expel u.s. diplomats, after president obama ordered 35 russian diplomats out of the u.s. in retaliation for tampering in the election. in a flattering tweet, "great move on delay by v. putin i always knew he was very smart." >> he's doing a victory lap. he doesn't have to do tit for
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tat sachnctions on us. mr. putin has won across the board. >> reporter: putin is hoping trump will reverse president obama's orders but analysts say the president elect needs to be careful. >> he's going to face this issue in about 21 days. it's his government they're now trying to hack. >> reporter: the senate armed services committee has called next thuz to investigate the foreign cyber threat. democrats and republican law makers want stronger actions, even if mr. trump does not. >> i don't think they're weak but i don't think they're enough. >> reporter: today russians were packing up to get out of two compounds to beat a noon deadline. the 35 diplomats in washington d.c. and san francisco have until sunday to leave. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. planning his next move. once his hawaii vacation is
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over, president obama is back in washington and he will meet with house and senate dmps. his staff has sent out invitations to a breakfast meeting. there they will strat jz on how to prevent donald trump and the republicans from dismantling the affordable care act and he'll hold an interview about obamacare next week with box media. california's next state wide election will be different by law. you can register to vote up to and even on the day of the election. the votes of those who register on election day will be provisional until verified later. and another law enables 16 and 17 year olds to preregister. >> to start thinking early about the voting process, to get in the data base, to start being a part of our civic structure. >> these laws take effect in
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twe 2017. governor brown signed nearly 900 bills into law this year and many will have an almost immediate impact on millions of californians. but many are wondering if they're producing too many bills. reports from sacramento. >> reporter: california law makers sent more than 1,000 bills to governor brown's desk this year. brown signed almost all of them. starting january 1st, california drivers will only be able to use their cell phones if they're mounted. >> the only thing you can do is use your finger to touch or swipe the screen. >> reporter: state wages to $15 by 2022. on january 1st, state wide minimum wages will raise to $10.
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$10.50. a slew of stricter gun controls are also on the way. >> from high capacity carterages, to bullet buttons to registry, to domestic violence. >> reporter: and single use bathroom will be converted to gender neutral. >> it offer as safer environment for folks. >> reporter: the hundreds of laws have some people wondering are they all really necessary? like one that allows salons and barber shops to serve complimentary beer and wine to their barber shops. >> the simple fact that the legislature has to pass more laws that undoes portions of other laws, tells you we're probably jamming too much legislation through the system to begin with. >> reporter: the majority of california's nearly 900 new laws will slip into effect on january
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1st, practically unnoticed. from the state capital. speaking of laws, it's illegal to drive while high on marijuana and illegal to have an open container of pot in your car. right now nothing technically forbids people from smoking pot while driving. a new bill introduced yesterday would make it illegal to smoke pot while driving, a follow up now. prosecutors are dropping a dui charge for a man who only tested positive for caffein. this comes a year after he was ticketed. he was driving home when he was pulled over. the officers say he was darting in and out of the traffic but the only substance he tested positive for was caffein. they will not drop the second charge for reckless driving. there's no doubt that many
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eyes will be on this place. a live look new year's time square. more than a million people. a million people expected to watch that ball drop. the festivities come with concerns about terrorism. >> reporter: one day before the big annual party at the cross roads of the world, visitors like this group from florida seem undaunted. >> we want to wake up in the city that doesn't sleep. >> reporter: as they put finishing touches, they say saturday night visitors will be able to relax and enjoy themselves. >> we'll have one of the best policed well protected events in the entire world. >> reporter: hoping to prevent a run away truck attack like what happened in france and germany. they'll use 65 bucks with sand as barriers and another 100 vehicles as blockers. a record 7,000 officer in uniform and undercover will watch over the celebration.
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>> everybody knows the eyes of the world are upon time's square on new year's eve night, there will be no complacency. >> there is no place like it. >> reporter: police have visited more than 3,000 truck rental agencies reminding them to watch for suspicious activity. there is no specific credible threat to the new year's eve countdown. a frequent flyer account wiped clean. nbc bay area responds to a man's complaint and what we can all learn from his mistake. our investigative unit has been
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rent control has arrived in richmond. the new protection for tenants took effect today. our investigative unit has been looking for what that means for renters in the city. it only applies to properties built before 1996. rent will be rolled back to what they were in july 2015 and they can only raise the rent in small increments. and it requires landlords to provide just cause for evicting tenants. for example, failure to pay your rent. and a 5-person rent board to over see the rules. it's part of ballot measures approved by voters. a suspended raiders' player with a troubled past will have to wait until next year to learn when heel a'll be allowed to pl again. they won't review aldon smith's
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case until march. he was suspended for violating the league's substance abuse policy. jack del rio's disappointed by today's decision but they'll move on. the mountain view police department is hoping a little humor will make people think twice before drinking and driving. it was none other than darth vader. and look who his passenger is. a storm trooper. he tries unsuccessfully to convince the officer he's okay. bottom line, if he can't convince the police, neither can you. don't drink and drive. >> it is so important and with all the ride sharing and cabs, it's really easy. >> and all the free transportation new year's eve, just about everywhere. a nice chilly night. but looks relatively quiet compared to the next seven days. you're looking live at san jose.
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53 degrees. that's warm compared to where temperatures are headed next. hard earned airline miles vanished without explanation. nbc bay area responds to find out why and prevent your airline miles from taking off too. was wiped clean, and he couldn't
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understand why. vicky/2shot our team figured i nbc bay area responds to a frequent flyer account that was wiped clean. consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a lesson for all of us.
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>> daved james has been using a master card with frequent flyer miles. he noticed it dropped to zero. hawaiian airlines explained that david's wife was the primary account holder and they were accumulating in hers and not his and since david didn't have any activity for 18 months, his had miles expired. no activity eke quals an expire account. they're usually only awarded to one person, even if there are two on one account. we need to keep our accounts active or we risk losing the miles. he and his wife were always frequent hawaiian airlines travellers and they stopped traveling when his wife became ill and then she died. they recognized his story and
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said it considers extraordinary circumstances and evaluates each case individually. if you have a consumerer complaint, the number is 888-996-tips or all day i've been thinking about hawaii. between the weather eand the weather. i'd really love to be here. >> and it's going to be bitterer cold. >> can we share your miles? happy new year. >> happy new year to you. ast r astronauts are taking mannequin challenge to a whole new level. they pour formed it while floating in the space. this was just posted by french astronaut. some were clinging to foot holds and hand holds. others just stayed ridged as they floated in zero gravity. our family took on the mannequin
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challenge. it's hard to do with the baby that doesn't want to freeze -- doesn't respond well to commands, but it's a fun thing to do and they did a great job in space. you don't have to like that. and especially through the 7-day forecast. outside it's not all that bad. we got temperatures in the 50s and we're seeing the clouds thicken up. you have the beacon atop the transamerican tower. as you can see mostly cloudy. a little mist west of downtown san francisco. nothing too chilly about the numbers in the santa clara valley. 43 degrees, low 50s into south san jose. around the peninsula, 47 in wood side and 49 at san bruno and 50 closer to palo alto where you
6:48 pm
can see no rain on the roadways. there's a slight chance of a few scattered showers as we go through tonight. still in the clear. starting to see snow on interstate 5 and to the south of us, interstate 5 and 101 in santa barbara and l.a. that's where all the rain has been. so we're going to misout on rain from this particular system. it's the system here bringing the snow near shasta. and eventually toss a few showers our way in the best places that will probably pick up the most, we think will be around the peninsula hill tops. probably through just before day break tomorrow. then during the day we'll see what's left of the scattered showers start to quickly move off. cool and breezy finish to 2016 as we'll see highs tomorrow in the mid-50s and a dry finish to your saturday forecast. highs in the mid-50s around
6:49 pm
downtown san jose. a little cooler than the low to mid-50s we saw in the forecast today. 54 in livermore. up towards san francisco, a few early showers and sprinkles in the it day and partly cloudy, cool and breezy. the north wind may push the temperature up to 56 degrees. probably not going to feel that way with the wind out of the north 15 to 20 miles per hour. and late sunday into monday is a system that will bring us another chance of rain. and the best chance we're finding precipitation will be monday into tuesday as more moisture comes in off the pacific. that is the window of opportunity to see snow levels near 2,000 feet and as the system clears. look at the stage set for very cold temperatures. areas from purple to pink. low to mid-20s in the forecast.
6:50 pm
san francisco right near the water. you're going to have temperatures on the coast close to freezing on thursday and friday of next week and a window of opportunity for hill top snow monday into tuesday. maybe mt. tam or some of the areas near the highway 17 summit have the window of opportunity. could get a dusting of snow and freezing temperatures to fall. stanford ends up doing a little extra sweating at the sun bowl. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen.
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download the xfinity tv app today.
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from making the trip, so the band fromho stanford played north
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carolina in sun bowl today np stanford band -- so the band from el paso played the part of the cardinal band. not quite the same thing. stanford trailed by a point early in the first quarter. and took it all the way back for a touchdown. the cardinal led 22-17 and added a field goal. less than a minute remaining in the game. north carolina needs a two-point conversion and they don't get it. stanford wins, 25-23. this sunday in denver, matt mcgoin will make his first nfl start since 20 -- carr is out indefinitely. a raiders' win and they clinch a first round by in the playoffs. offensive coordinator bill musgrave can certainly relate to
6:54 pm
what mcgoin is feeling right now. >> it's a great opportunity for him. even as a back up, you have the butterflies. you prepare like you're playing and a lot of times you don't get to exericize those butterflies on game day and he's going to get a chance to cut it loose and immerse himself in the ball game which is what all players live for. well, st. mary's college, my father's alma materer, their men's basketball team is 19th in the country. >> much of their success can be attributed to one country and a group of players with quite the sense of humor. >> reporter: the australian hoops pipeline has been flowing for years. but head coach, andy bennet has out done himself. seven hail from down under. this is a team that speaks two different english dialects. helping to educate me with a little word and phrase association. >> you're not going to write any
6:55 pm
of this because you're the least australian person i met. strewth. it's li-- >> like i ran down the course and strewth for a dunk. >> on ya bike means get out of here. it's one of the -- like joe always comes in the lockerroom thinking he's the king and stuff like that and we're like on ya bike. get out of here. you're done for the day. you look at him, on ya bike. get out of here. >> you're a ripper, mate. >> no, that's you. you can be like rip a shot like great shot. we say ripper a bit. >> yeah, my grandma says ripper as well. >> you're a ripper.
6:56 pm
someone brings out a good meal. you bloody ripper. >> said it to coach before? >> not a chance. >> he wouldn't know what was going on. >> he'd probably think we were insulting him. >> cheers, thank you. >> another one my grandma loves, ta. >> chalk-a-block? >> packed house, full. a lot of people here. gonzaga, the place is chalk-a-block. >> just chaockers. grand mom is going to be so happy. >> reporter: colin resch, nbc bay area. >> you know what, you guys are rippers. >> it's like learning another language. that's fantastic. >> it was very entertaining. >> thank you very much for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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debbie reynolds and carrie fisher, their complicate the love story. the new documentary going behind closed doors with the hollywood dynasty now on "extra." they were mother and daughter. they were also best friends. >> i take her advice, and i follow her example. >> mesmerized by her mom as a child, a ten-year falling out, a reconciliation. >> i lost happiness from my daughter, so that makes me sad. >> and then rare video of their life in beverly hills from hbo's new debbie and carrie film. >> mommy, i'm home. >> hello. >> and from


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