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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 14, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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kris/2shot good saturday morning, and it is going to be a good saturday morning. take a live look from our camera along the embarcadero. beautiful blue skies, clear skies overhead. so you might want to snuggle with your blanket just a little longer. it's cold out there. thanks for joining us on this saturday, i'm kris sanchez along with vianey arana a look at the microclimate forecast. you must be happy about this? people are not complaining. >> i am. exactly. starting in a drying trend and despite the cold temperatures still in winter, folks, it is looking gorgeous out there.
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mount diablo, 34 degrees. look at that gorgeous sunrise. a lot of what we're expecting, at least through this weekend ahead. south bay, chilly start at 30 degrees. peninsula 40 degrees. out near the tri-valley also in those 30s, and as we head over to the east bay in the 40s, san francisco, i have 44 degrees, north bay, 33 degrees. we are expecting to drop back down into chilly temperatures tonight, but your highs for today in the 50, across the bay area topping out into the mid-50s for san francisco at about 55, and on your san jose and los gatos, south bay, 56, 57 mark. we are expected to enjoy a nice, clear saturday hopefully carrying over into sunday. looking ahead a quick glance. won't reveal too much, tracking more rain heading towards the bay area. an exact look at far as timeline, but for now have no fear. this weekend, you don't have a lot to worry about. >> okay. happy to wait for that rain forecast. >> yes. >> see you in a little bit.
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so a warning from rescuers in san francisco this morning after they had to save two people from a cliff side where they say no one should be even in the best of conditions. we're talking about the cliff outside the cliffhouse in san francisco, and this was the scene overnight. fire crews say one man was stranded on the cliff above his friend who was below in the water. and time was of the essence, and in this one, the ocean temperature was just around 60 degrees. rescue teams were able to quickly pull that man from the water before scaling down the clifr and bringing the other man to safety as well. >> treacherous waters, and on the cliff base. accounts for many rescues over the years and not a place anyone should be. >> neither man suffered injuries but, again, rescuers remind people that spot outside the cliffhouse is beautiful, but unsafe at any time. the presidential inauguration is now a week away, but thousands of activists in the south bay will gather today
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to deliver a message to the president-elect. san jose police say they will do things a little differently this time around. this was the scene during last june's campaign stop in san jose and the department was criticized by people who said that the shpd wasn't ready for the violence though they should have expected it. they are hoping for a peaceful pro test at san jose city hall and the march from there to the federal building and to plaza chavez, but ready if it's not peaceful. >> lessons we did learn and then we're obviously implementing some of those in our training and obviously i can't share a lot of those details with you, suffice to say we will be prepared. >> on inauguration day, sacred heart community services will hold a teach-in to train people on how to fight for the rights of the undocumented and the undersearched. the agency is stressing we should not tolerate the violence we saw back in june. everyday citizens prepare to
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make a statement on inauguration day, some of our elected officials are doing the same by skipping donald trump's swearing-in. east bay representative barbara lee says that she will not attend next friday's inauguration. congressman posting a video on twitter outlining why he's not sustaineding as well. the concord based lawmaker says mr. trump does not respect america's constitution i. believe this strongly and this is why i will not be there in its essence. when he puts his hand on that bible to swear an oath, the same only that lincoln and washington took, he will be breaking that oath and breaking the constitution of the united states during the time he's being sworn in. >> the representative adds he hopes the office of the president brings out the best in donald trump. and coverage from washington, d.c., not just friday's inauguration but also be there covering the women's
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march a week from today. [ chanting ] >> "who do you protect? who do you serve?" a chance last night that shut down a speaking event last night. an editor at the conservative breitbart news scheduled to speak to a sold-out crowd at the davis college republicans club and also best known for increasing price of a life-saving anti-infection drug by more than 700%. he said he was looking forward to sparring with him. >> yeah. unprepared to confront reality women are under in government and in pay gaps. my views are more nuanced. >> that event was eventually cancelled because of this protest. one person was arrested. a suspect in custody this morning after a deadly hit-and-run on the peninsula.
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redwood city police say a man walked on to 101 at the holly street on ramp and there was hit by a car. officers believe that the man may have been drunk. it happened just over 7:00 last night. after the crash, the suspect fled the scene. police say she was caught about two hours later. two members of the legendary band tower of power hit by an amtrak train thursday night are still in the hospital today. this happened at oakland square. drummer david garibaldi and bass player marc vanwage nengen were headed to perform at a sold-out crowd. they suffered significant injuries but it could have been much worse. >> we travel, we live fast paced and sometimes maybe they weren't
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paying attention like they should have been. >> he thinks perhaps they weren't paying attention. another witness told us before that the crossing arms didn't come down and there were no sounds ahead of that. meanwhile, well wishes coming from all around the country for these bay area musicians. at last check the band gofundme page raised more than $16,000. all of the rain this week paid off. the payoff -- fresh powder and sunshine. skiers and borders headed to lake tahoe trying to be a part of what is called one of the best ski weekends in years. yesterd yesterday -- here's tom jensen. >> reporter: some of the skiers who came early to get a head start on the weekend. >> actually started at 2:00. came straight from work. >> reporter: and they were pleasantly surprised by what they found. tons of snow. good, powdery snow.
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telling nbc bay area, it got 200 inches of snow over the past ten days. the snow pack at the top and bottom is over seven feet. >> this is not bad. not bad at all. >> oh, it's great. it's like so much fresh powder. >> yeah! >> reporter: the ski area like others expects record crowds over the three-day weekend. this man and his daughter drove from santa rosa friday morning to beat the crowds to the slope. >> definitely getting up here enjoying the snow. a little peace of mind. with some friends railroad the garcia's went home, but those staying will find plenty more of this along with clearer skies through the long weekend. tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> looks cold, though. doesn't it? also ahead on "today in the bay," many people in the bay area are using this breaking weather to prepare their homes for the next round of rain. also, a 14-foot cross that stood in the south bay for more than 60 years is gone. what prompted this, and where the cross is headed now.
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good saturday morning. a glorpious shot of the bay bridge this morning as we enjoy some dry weather for the first time in a week. we'll tell you when the next round of rain is coming up, but not before we tell you that you can enjoy the weekend, basically. and thousands of people in the south bay, gone after one man sued to have it removed. the atheist passed it every day during his drive and it was offensive. the city had no choice but to take it away. >> reporter: the battle over a 14-foot cross in a santa clara park came to an end after standing there more than six decades it was taken down by a lawsuit. >> we are happy that the city h has -- the constitution is now
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complied with. >> reporter: the santa clara freedom of relation sued the city claiming it violated separation of church and state because the cross is in a public park. city council members. mission city settled with the man saying a compromise was necessary. >> and some people feel like that we've caved in or succumbed to the arguments of a relatively small number of people, but as i said, they do have a number of legal precedents on their side. >> reporter: as part of the settlement, the city donated the cross to santa clara university where it will find new life on campus. >> it's going to be real. >> reporter: the other than of contenders gym across from the park says it's still a blow to the community. >> then it's kind of clan d decemb decemb
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descent. >> reporter: used to remove the cross etched in the park like the scars in a battlefield. history lost for some. peace of mind gained for others. in santa clara, ian cole, nbc bay area news. still have more ahead on "today in the bay," including one step closer. the move by the house of representatives to get rid of obamacare. and get ready for a sunny weekend ahead. we're talking 38 degrees right now. but we will be warming up for a nice warm weekend ahead. a look at your day planner what can you expect and talking rain chances. all of that coming up. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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80 take a look at this camera over silver springs. highway 80. if you're up early this morning because you're packing up and headed to the sierra to know conditions are better than yesterday, though still be careful. experts say pack snacks and a blanket in case you get stuck.
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the rush by republicans to repeal and replace the affordable care act has taken a major step forward. the house of representatives passed a bill starting the repeal process. the bill passed easily despite concerns among republican there's is really no plan to replace the law, and zero support from democrats. president-elect donald trump tweeted that "the unaffordable act will soon be history." now, two house and two senate committees much reconcile competing ledge slachs to repeal obamacare. that bill has to be passed before the law can officially be scrapped. and protecting undocumented immigrants before next week's inauguration promising $1.5 million to an organization to give more support to immigrants including paths to citizenship as well as legal representation against federal action. >> no matter what potential attacks there might be coming
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from the federal authorities, we are going to be that city of refuge and sanctuary for everyone. >> the actions aim to ease fears of mr. trump's possible immigration policies. the president-elect pledged to block federal funding to cities that protect undocumented immigrants with the sanctuary policy. turning now to our microclimate weather coverage. a live look at the golden gate bridge. can't get enough of it today, because we can finally see it. very different conditions for drivers than it was just a couple of days ago. the bay area gets a break in the rain and a chance to dry out. this dry weekend is an opportunity for people to prepare their homes for the next round of rain. we'll tell when you that's coming, but "today in the bay" has more. >> reporter: restocking at chase hardware in san rafael. >> some people had to draw out water underneath houses around foundations. >> reporter: it poured here.
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this is what the creek looked like and the bridge on tuesday. nearly rushing over the road and flooding homes. the level is significantly lowered but sandbags still in place. more rain is coming. >> storm's coming wednesday. >> reporter: charles dennis is at jackson's hardware in san rafael thinking about cleaning his gutters. >> may do one more cleanout before the next storm. yeah. a culvert behind the house also gets clogged with debris. clean that out, too, for my neighbors as well. >> reporter: manuel rivera has so much tree work hit chainsaw broke. storms and storm cleanup have this landscaper busy. >> so much stuff got into the drainage. yes. come over, unplug that, too. >> reporter: for bay area news. and here with a look at the weekend forecast. look like we're in mourning. >> i know. but it -- actually very happy. >> we're very happy.
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>> couldn't stop smiling yesterday. >> i think even despite the cold weather i saw so many people out there. i was out there on friday, and even on thursday, there was always people out in running, out and about getting things done, but we are tracking more storms. let's not get to into that just yet. talk about how nice it will be for this martin luther king weekend ahead. a chilly start, kris. 30 degrees. bundle up if you're going to make your way outdoors today. in the south bay, also the peninsula in the 40s. tri-valley, 34 degrees. making our way towards san francisco, we're talking 40s in in the forecast. north bay also into the 30s. at 33 degrees now. but we will be getting up into the 50s. expected highs across the bay area. san jose 57 degrees. los gatos, 58 degrees. make our way over to the east. also expected to climb into the upper 50s for today. walnut creek 57. danville, 59. hayward 58 and oakland, high of
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about 56 degrees is expected for today. if you have any plans to enjoy the outdoors or make a run outside, you may want to do that this weekend, because we are tracking storms ahead. half moon bay, about 55 degrees. making our way over to the san francisco area, embarcadero, 52. and out near the north bay also into the 50s. novato, high of about 55 and point reyesaliti alitieso in th. futurecast. long ridge models now show not one, not two, not three, not four but a series of five potential storms that could be making their way to the bay area as early as wednesday. right now it is sitting off the coast. still looking at it out pretty far, however, we want to look ahead. if you did have damage from the past storms you may want to get ready and prepare yourself for that. we did see preparations already underway. overnight hours, a storm is forming far offshore that would bring potential of maybe seeing slight rain chances for areas like the santa cruz mountains
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into the overnight hours tonight, but right now it looks like that is actually going to stay offshore. so an hour-by-hour outlook now shows arrival of a little of that cloud cover as we head into midnight and 1:00 a.m. fast forward to about 5:00 and 6:00, the storm system misses us across the bay area. so along the coastline, you could see slight drizzle tonight. however, the next series of storms are expected to make their arrival as early as wednesday. >> now go ahead and take a quick check of your lake tahoe travel bp by sunday, snow showers in the forecast into tuesday a high of about 40. as we make our way over to wednesday, temperatures finally start to heat up. monterey looking into the 50s. clear skies, partly cloudy overnight and remaining in the 40s. making your way there, good weekend. fresh powder. go ahead and find out your day for today. going to make your way out to a nice lunch expect a high of 55 degrees. by 4:00, about 56. and as we make your way down to about 7:00, expect to drop down into those 40s. but i do want to give you a heads up and warning.
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we could be dropping into those 30s for areas in inland valleys as well as protected areas as well. along the coast going to remain in the 40s. heading into sunday, start up your morning with about 50 degrees. going to be a chilly start yet again. much like we saw today. have plans or don't have plans check this out. mlk, san francisco having walking towards a few of them are free between 9:30 and 2:00 then it's a beautiful day to explore san francisco and really check out what the bay area has to offer. all right. over the next seven days here it is. the weekend outlook now. chilly start. enjoy this nice little dry spell, because as early as wednesday, we are tracking those storm systems that are expected to keep rain in the forecast from thursday, friday, possibly even into next weekend as well. rain, long-range models showing conflicting rain totals, wednesday, could see anywhere between one or two inches. for now, go ahead and enjoy this weekend with a lot of sunshine and some cooler temps. kris? >> you don't have to tell us twice. thank you. coming up on "today in the bay," you won't find these maps
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do. including navigation. smart phones. are filled with maps. and a voice to tell us today technology is going through so much we do including the way we navigate. smartphones filled with maps and a voice to tell you where to go. when it comes to maps, showing us one san francisco store strictly old school. >> starting route for san rafael. >> reporter: these days to get around -- you probably at one point or another consult your phone. >> turn right -- >> reporter: but jimmy prefers something -- a little more hands-on. >> good stuff. ♪ >> reporter: and as the antique map shop shine and shine in san francisco's north beach. >> amazing retail. >> reporter: the modern world of navigation -- ends at the door. >> this is 1872. we sell the maps, history tends
7:26 am
to come with it. 1880s land sale map. >> reporter: as the rest of the high tech mapping toward moves forward, shine navigates into the past. >> that's a 1541 map of arabia. mapping is universal, the way we think. >> reporter: what we may think, old mans are more than a snapshot of an old place. >> a traveler's map. >> reporter: maps that would have come in handy say during pro hibation. >> a place to get a drink. >> reporter: maps with history. >> chinese exclusion act. 624 commercial street when the emperor lived. a nice piece. >> reporter: some maps contain interesting information -- >> or a pix pixilated -- what it says there. some of the most interesting maps are wrong. california used to be documented as an island. >> a little thing of no bad maps.
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we like them all. >> reporter: the second shine in shine and shine is jimmy's wife marti shine. >> very hard for him to turn a map down. >> all right. so this is -- others suffer the same map-collecting affliction as shine. >> yeah, i do. yeah. >> reporter: thus, san francisco city and county survaver bruce story is arequenter of shine's shop. >> i dream of jimmy's place. >> reporter: san francisco stip officials have their own collection of old maps. >> 1868. >> reporter: sometimes shine comes and tells the surveyors about their maps. >> jim hey a presentation that goes about 45 minutes railroad to torture for those who don't care about maps, heaven for those who do. shine says maps can be colorful and open to interpretation, kind of like people. >> there's age, scores of its travel in life. ultimately, just navigating your phone is mapping.
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>> reporter: except these devices don't need batteries or satellites, just someone who knows where to look. for nbc bay area news. >> i remember using a map bab r back in the olden days. coming up, a serious warning at a popular fits in center after a man died. hundreds asked to get tested because of a meningitis scare. plus, a candid conversation with president obama. nbc's lester holt takes the outgoing commander in chief on a journey through his eight years in the white house. take a live look outside......
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(adlib) we want you to look at a postcard now. take a look from our camera on the embarcadero. a beautiful sight. >> gorgeous. >> almost clear skies and a beautiful sunrise as we prepare to enjoy days of sunshine. thanks for joining us i'm kris sanchez along with vianey arana with a look at the microclimate forecast. and i always imagine, musting tough to be a weather person
7:31 am
when it's raining. can't go to the grocery store without people going, when is it going to stop? >> yes, that actually has happened to me and i'm like, it's not my fault, but i have good news to share today. so today i do take credit for the sunshine. >> and take yourself to the grocery store then. >> i think i am running errands, especially with the nice weather. maybe even go on a run. how about that? 38 degrees in san jose. chilly, we are expecting to hit a high of about 57 degrees. a look at your temperature trend over the next couple hours. may notice an increase into the 40s by 10:00 a.m., by 11:00, 51 and high 57 at around 2:00. perfect hour to be outdoors around 2:00, 3:00. san francisco, 41 degrees now. also expecting to hit a high of 55 around the 2:00 mark and by 11:00 and 12:00, seeing majority of sunshine dominating over the bay area skies, which is great news. it's going to be a nice day to enjoy with family and friends. all right. a quick look at what the rest of
7:32 am
the bay area is expecting in terms. highs. 50 is today's trend. mid-50s for areas like ale s l alto, and expected high in the santa cruz mountains, 57 degrees. a look ahead, tracking in terms of future storms and a look at your day planner ahead. >> sunny, dry weather drawing a lot of people outside, but a warning this morning from san francisco. had to save two from a cliff side where they say no one should be even in the best of conditions. talking about the cliff outside the cliffhouse in san francisco. fire crews say that one man was stranded on the cliff above his friend who was in the water below, and time of the essence here, because the ocean temperature around that time was just about 50 degrees. rescue teams were able to quickly pull that man from the water before then scaling down the cliff side and bringing the other man to safety as well. >> treacherous waters, at the
7:33 am
foot base, and accounts for many rescues over the years and is not a place people should be. >> neither man suffered injuries but rescuers remind people that spot outside the cliffhouse is unsafe for anyone at any time. the presidential inauguration is now a week away from today. thousands of activists will gather in the south bay to deliver a message to the president-elect today. san jose police say they're planning to do things a little differently than they did back in june. this was the scene back then when there was a trump campaign stop in san jose. the department was criticized by people who says they aren't ready for the violence that broke out though they should have known it would. san jose police are hoping for a peaceful pro test and san jose city hall and along the march from there to the federal building and plaza chavez but sea they will be ready if not peaceful. >> lessons we did learn and implementing some of those in
7:34 am
our training and i can't share a lot of those details with you. suffice to say we will be prepared. >> on inauguration day, sacred heart community services will hold a teach-in to train people how to fight for the rights of the undocumented and underserved and the agencies stresses it will not tolerate the violence we saw back in june. not just every day citizens are trying to make a statement. also members of congress are trying to do the same, and another bay area politician says they will skip donald trump's inauguration. east bay representative barbara lee said she will not attend next friday's inauguration. marcus posting a video on twitter outlining why he's also not attending. the concord-based politician says mr. trump does not respect america's constitution. >> i believe this strongly and this is why i will not be there in its essence. when he puts his hand on that bible to swear an oath, the same oath that lincoln and washington took, he will be breaking that
7:35 am
oath and breaking the constitution of the united states. during the time he's being sworn in. >> the representative adds he hopes that the office of the president brings out the best in mr. trump. it is going to be an eventful week. leading our coverage from washington, d.c., not only for friday's inauguration, but he will also cover the women's march the following day. hurns of people in marin county are learning they may have been exposed to bacterial meningitis, this after a north bay man died from the infection tuesday. since then the marin county health officials have been contacting people who might have been exposed including people who worked out with that man at a sole cycle studio. >> really devastating for the community. people cried when announced he had passed away. shocking. thought he had a flu. went to the doctor for flu medication. >> reporter: sole cycle says there is no evidence of a health
7:36 am
risk for its riders though the studio has been disinfected. health officials say they say while meningitis is passed via saliva and body fluids it's unlikely he might have infected anyone that didn't have extremely close contact with him. guilty on 87 counts is the verdict for a former east bay teacher. ronald ginlto faced charges the repeated and long-term child molestation. a former sixth grade teacher in richmond. the crimes back in 2002 and spanned through 2013. police say during that time ginto served as a cub scout leader and created lis own camp where he solicited multiple victims. a jury found ginto guilty on 87 counts. still ahead on "today in the bay," warriors clay thompson goes back to high school. show you why. also, counting on the kindness of sharks.
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how this man is helping a bay area veteran in need. ♪living well come on up, grandpa don't let joint discomfort keep you down. come play with us! i'm coming. upgrade to move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility, and flexibility. it also provides 20% better comfort than glucosamine chondroitin, all from one tiny mighty pill.... get in there with move free ultra, and enjoy living well.
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♪living well
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coliseum ...... several reportsm has inrmed the a live look at the oakland coliseum as we get news not particularly surprising. several reports say that the team informed the nfl that the organization will be filing relocation papers to move the team to las vegas. the raiders now need 24 votes from the league's owners to formally make that move, and that vote is expected to happen in march. the team plans to play at the coliseum until the new stadium is built and that could be as soon as 2019. a friday pep rally with a very special guest. see if you can spot him. it is warriors star klay thompson. honored at his former high school in orange county. retiring klay's high school jersey which is not surprisingly number 1. he graduated in 2008 but says
7:40 am
his time on campus was really about more than just basketball. >> from 14 to 18 years old, spent a lot of time with young boys and men and a great place to do it, this institution. not only academically, spiritually, everything. >> klay went on to play at washington stating before being drafted by the warriors and we are sure that they did draft him. right? january is military appreciation month for the san jose sharks and tonight's game a special one for one particular veteran. isaac breaux fought in okinawa more than 70 years ago. tonight he'll drop the ceremonial first puck before they sake on the st. louis blues. he's in the process having his home rejuvenated through the sharks foundation and rebuilding together silicon valley. it was an easy decision to lend him a helping hand. >> service in the military, it's no small feat. a triple heart veteran, served
7:41 am
in the marines over ten years. the family's made a sacrifice as well as isaiah. this is our special way of honoring him. >> bought the house back in 1950. he and his wife raised eight children there. it's a home with a lot of history that needed a little c tlc. still ahead on "today in the bay," a fire is brewing. a san francisco hot spot might not be moving after all. and we're seeing 30s and 40s across the bay area right now. but we are tracking a nice, sunny day with a look ahead, we are getting a next chance of seeing storms across the bay area. all of that coming up in just a bit.
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good morning, bay area. i have a feeling today is going to be a very good day for each and every one of you, because it is going to be very much like a california winter. pairing sunshine with cooler temperatures, right now in the south bay, a nice, chilly start at 30 degrees as we make our way over to the peninsula. 48 degrees near the tri-valley
7:44 am
still in the 30s. 34 degrees. making our way over to san francisco, a nice 44 degrees as well. and out in the east bay, 41. north bay, 33 degrees and expecting to drop back down into the 30s tonight making our way into the overnight hours. a quick check of what you can expect. go ahead and plan your day for a nice day outdoors, because over the next couple hours we'll see an increase in temperatures by 10:00 a.m., up to 46 degrees. fast-forward, lunchtime, 54 degrees and 1:00 or 2:00, peaking with a high of 57 degrees in the san jose area. a nice weekend with dry conditions for this martin luther king celebration. all right. making our way over to san francisco, also expecting to climb into those 50s by 11:00 a.m., by 1:00, 2:00, a high of 55 degrees. it's going to be a nice day for the entire bay area, because look at these microclimate temperatures, very similar. mid-50s, upper 50s areas like
7:45 am
oakland, napa. 57 degrees. fremont, high of 56 and half moon bay, high of about 54 degrees. now, enjoy all of this sunshine and these cooler temperatures because future cast now, long-range models tracking a series of storms expected to make their way from the bay area yet again as early as wednesday. the long-range models conflicting. aren't seeing not one, not two, not three, not four, possibly five storms could come to the area. forming offshore as of now and also another system forming offshore that was going to bring the potential of seeing showers across parts of the coastline, but it looks like for now the hour-by-hour outlook the next couple of hours in between the midnight and 1:00 a.m. hour, we start seeing cloud cover. maybe some drizzle along the coast. thanks to that system. for the most part it stays off the coast and we aren't expecting a whole lot of rainfall through the weekend at least. so definitely expecting to see
7:46 am
these dry conditions to remain in the forecast through sunday and monday. go ahead and plan out your day by 10:00 a.m. mostly clear skies. making our way over to sunday, breakfast time, also expected to be in the 40s and the 30s. you're going to have a similar start to today, but going to warm up into the 50s. temperatures in the highs of similar to today. 1:00, 55, 4:00, high 56. outdoor celebrations, birthday parties or a nice, a bike ride i think i might make my way over to the embarcadero for a nice bike ride. saturday and sunday, most beautiful days of the week. call that right now. by martin luther king day, expected to keep sunshine, a few clouds roll in by tuesday for overcast skies and tuesday night into wednesday when we're tracking the series of storms that is expected to bring some heavy rainfall yet again to the bay area. so although we are recovering from the last storms we do have a chance of seeing heavy, major
7:47 am
flooding possibilities yet again by next week. we do want to keep a close eye on that and start prepping, maybe getting sandbags early as this weekend to be ahead of the game. by saturday and sunday, inland areas, expecting to drop into those 30s. remember to bundle up, bring the pets indoors. high of 35 by sunday, dropping into the 30s monday and tracking rain chances by wednesday but enjoy this lovely martin luther day weekend. kris? >> thank you. still ahead on "today in the bay" a few days remaining in his second term of president, barack obama take as trip down memory lane with nbc's lester holt. it's a candid interview you'll want to see.
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his presidency, the white house announced that president bamawi briefing nexwe with less than a week left in his presidency the white house announced president obama would hold his final press briefing on wednesday. earlier this week, or last week, nbc lester holt traveled with the president to chicago and just before his formal farewell speech to the nation, we sat down with him in a favorite restaurant for an intimate conversation about the hope that propelled him into the office. >> i want to show you something, you of course have seen it, grant park. victory night. i want you to watch this. >> the road ahead will be long. our climb will be steep. we may not get there in one year or even in one term, but america, i have never been more hopeful than i am tonight that we will get there. i promise you.
7:51 am
as a people, we'll get there. [ chanting ] >> yes, we can. yes, we can did you? >> yes, we did. we did. look, if you had fold told me a beginning of my presidency that eight years later the economy would be stabilized, we would have cut unemployment in half from its peak, that the stock market would have recovered, if you told me that we provided 20 million people health insurance that didn't have it before i would have say, all right, we did okay. >> did you see idealism in that young man, though? >> i did. and that idealism hasn't left. look, i'm grayer. people like to note the additional wrinkles, but my spirit is unchanged. it's undaunted. i continue to believe that as frustrating as sometimes it can be, american democracy moves the
7:52 am
ball forward. >> there was one moment that stood out to a lot of people. it was the reverend pickny funeral after the charleston massacre. you delivered the eulogy and then you went farther than talking about -- i want to read the quote. maybe we now realize the way racial bias is infect us even when we don't realize it so that we're guarding against no just racial slurs -- >> but we're also guarding against the sudden impulse to call johnny back for a job interview but not jamal. >> jamal didn't get the callback years earlier. why did not talk in those explicit ways before? >> the truth of the matter there are going to be times where people will listen, and times where they won't. this was a moment when i think the entire country recognized not just the -- the evil that had been perpetrated, but also this amazing response on the part of these people in this church. there were open hearts at that
7:53 am
moment. >> and you were moved to sing "amazing grace." >> yeah. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> you do look for moments of human connection, and in some ways those end up being the moments that are -- most meaningful. >> on friday donald trump will take the reins from president obama. fbi director james comey went to capitol hill for a classified talk ahead of that and talk about russian hacking and democrats say they did not get the answers they wanted. they want to know, one, why incoming national security adviser michael flynn called russia's ambassador the same day sanction was announced and asked whether comey tilted the race by commenting on hillary clinton's e-mails. >> i can't tell you anything. all i can tell you is the fbi director has no credibility.
7:54 am
>> on a flurry of tweets donald trump promised his administration would have a full report on hacking within 90 days. to a local story now. san francisco in the middle of a bizarre power struggle. we learned last thursday lefty o'dolls would need a new hole failing to secure a long-term loan. now lefties isn't moving at all, and only close for a remodel and a new manager and staff hired. the people running the restaurant say they own the restaurant and the name and that they are opening lefty o'doll's as a new location. stay tuned for news on that. still ahead on "today in the bay" it is our clear the shelter segment with friends from pets in need. introduce you to these two little guys. this guy, and his sibling.
7:55 am
♪living well rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... get move free ultra, and enjoy living well.
7:56 am
need. kris/2shot executive director mo this morning our "clear the shelter" segment with executive director here with emilio and
7:57 am
antonio, just 6 weeks old, or rather 6 months old. most of their lives have been in your shelter and that prompted you to do a new year's resolution of your own? >> got them when about a month old, and so they've been with us about five months or so, and our resolution this month, you know, new year's, january, made resolutions. it's to get all of our long-term animals out, and these two little guys are at the top of the list. >> now, they've been with you about five months, you were saying. in that time, what's happened to make them great pets for a family? >> they've been socialized by our volunteers every single day. they're obviously so affectionate towards people. so friendly. get along with other daupgs are learning to walk on the leash. perfect pets for just about any family. >> i imagine you got a good start on the potty training, because you've had them a while. >> oh, yeah. >> tough to do. a jump-start if you want to take in a new pet. these two guys would like to stay together but you're willing
7:58 am
to adopt them separately as well? >> these two have been together their entire lives and play well together. they're very easy to -- to deal with, to handle. so if we had our druthers we would like to adopt them out together. >> we obviously would love to stay at home and be pet parents, but that's not always possible. if you have to work, is it go good to have two of them together? >> yes. they can keep each other company. hang out. won't get at lonely. that's pretty perfect. or if somebody has another dog and waurchnts to bring one, tha awesome as well. >> the one you have looks like he has a little smile on his face. this one seems to really like you? >> yes. antonio is pretty fixated on his people a. good quality to have in a pet. if you want a pet that's going to be fixated on you, find out more an these two little guys or any of their other shelter mates at thank you both for being here
7:59 am
and i hope you keep your resolution. see you back here tomorrow. more local news tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. have a great day.
8:00 am
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