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tv   Today  NBC  January 26, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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after president trump commands a mexican border wall be built immediately. >> a nation without borders is not a nation. >> mexico's president vowing his country will not pay for it. who will foot the $14 billion bill? senior trump adviser kellyanne conway joins us live. wall street record. the dow opening the day at an all-time high, after soaring past 20,000 for the first time ever. are investors showing confidence
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in the new president? and love is all around. tributes pouring in for mary tyler moore. ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪ >> the legendary actress blazed a trail and inspired generations of women. a look back at her incredible career and its undeniable impact. today, thursday, january 26th, 2017. ♪ >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. natalie is here once again while savannah remains on maternity leave. we heard that mary tyler moore passed away. the first thing you think is, wow. you go back and then you start to play back the moments she gave us on tv and the movies. >> the hat toss in the air. we were all thinking about her yesterday. and singing this song, as we listen to it this morning.
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this morning, they are paying tribute the world over. look at the hollywood walk of fame and her star. people paying their respects. leaving behind flowers and lit candles and her statue in minneapolis. as mary richards, her character there, also getting a lot of love this morning. >> we're going to talk about her life and her legacy a lot this morning. but we want to start this thursday morning with politics. and immediate fallout over president trump's sweeping crackdown on undocumented immigration. his latest executive orders, including funding to begin construction of that border wall with mexico, had sparked protests across the country and around the world. in a moment, we'll talk to counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. first, peter alexander at the white house. >> reporter: this morning, just hours after launching his plan to build a border wall, president trump is again challenging mexico, tweeting if
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mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting. that meeting schedule for next week. it comes as trump gets set to huddle with republicans today. for president trump, a republican road trip today heading north to philadelphia. his first flight on air force one. he will address congressional republicans at their annual retreat. still unclear whether the new president and his party can get on the same page on obamacare, taxes, and trade. >> can you work with president trump? >> of course, i can. i know, i do work with president trump. not can i. i do work with president trump. i work with him quite comfortably. >> this morning, after the president of mexico is deciding whether to plan his trip next week. >> immediate construction of a border wall. the commander in chief also
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beefing up immigration enforcement. the laws of the united states of america, they will be enforced and enforced strongly. >> reporter: calling for 15,000 more agents and blocking almost all federal money to sanctuary cities, places that don't prosecute immigrants living there illegally. democratic leaders remain defiant. >> i want to be clear. we're going to stay a sanctuary city. trump's signature project, that wall doesn't come cheap. an estimated $8.3 million per mile for fencing alone. democrats say to build and secure it, the price tag will reach $14 billion. as for that other promise? >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> reporter: easier said than done. taxpayers will foot the bill under mexican reimburses. >> it will be in a form. >> reporter: the mexican
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president doubling down on his pledge not to pay. saying in a televised speech, i've said time and again, mexico will not pay for the wall. also trump is speaking on his positions on intelligence techniques such as water board. >> i asked them the question, does it work, does torture work? the answer was yes, absolutely. >> reporter: the president says he will defer to his top defense and intelligence firnl who have both disavowed the illegal methods, reigniting the debate, a draft of a plan to reopen black sites closed under president obama where terror suspects were tortured. the trump administration insisting that document didn't come from them. president trump has nothing but praise for his new home, telling "the new york times," it's elegant. the president says through the
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end of the school year, melania and his son will come down for weekends. he's eyeing a weekend away, a potential trip to his florida club, beginning the first of this year, the initiation fee for new members doubled to $200,000. >> president trump is still using his old unsecured android phone. as for launching a voter fraud investigation, a source here at the white house says it could come as early as today and while there's almost no evidence. it is true that the voter rolls are outdated. nbc news confirmed the trump's chief of staff or excuse me, chief strategist and his daughter tiffany were both registered in two different states. >> peert, thank you very much. kellyanne conway, counsel to president trump. at the white house this morning. >> good morning, matt. >> mexico's president says no way. his country isfor the wall. not the first time he said it.
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is president trump going to risk funding that wall to the tune of between 8 and $20 billion of the taxpayer money without the guarantee that we're going to get it back? >> president trump has been clear and consistent on this point, matt. he will build the wall. and mexico will pay for it. whether they pay for it straight-out, or it's reimbursed later on after congressional funding. let's talk about what the wall means. what executive action yesterday really signifies. it's a construction of a physical wall on our southern border. and it really, in addition to it, we're allowing more tools and resources for our law enforcement officers, and our border agents. >> but this payment issue, kellyanne, is a big issue. we're talking about billions and billions of dollars. president trump says we will be reimbursed. it might be in a complicated form. i've got time. explain the complicated form to me. >> he does have time. it's the fifth or six day on the job, matt and he's almost caught -- >> he's had a year and a half to think about this and explain it.
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>> he has. he has many times. and the voters responded and elected him. we welcome the mexican officials here next week. we know it will be a productive but far-reaching conversation. and we know that americans are tired of people and drugs spilling over the borders into our communities. that's what this is about. it's about being a sovereign nation. the united states of america spends billions protecting other countries' borders. it's high time we spend some money protecting our own. >> you say he's explained it. as late of yesterday in the interview, he says it will be in a complicated form. he didn't specifically lay it out. i'm asking you, can you do that? >> yes, i can. and he will. and he wants to give the deference to his meeting with the mexican president and other mexican officials before he announces that. we welcome them to washington. it's hardly breaking news to talk about the complications of funding new projects. that's what that is. yesterday was important for many reasons. he made good on a centerpiece of his campaign that helped him in
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the primaries and indeed the election. he's going to take the money away from sanctuary cities. because kate steinle ought to be a household national name. she was murdered by an illegal that was deported five times. who had a criminal record. why he was harbored in a north pole -- nancy pelosi's san francisco, a sanctuary city. >> the president said he heard from people that torture works. his secretary says he is against it. his newly minted cia director said in his confirmation hearing, he will not restart the enhanced interrogation program. and he can't imagine he will be asked to do that by the president. will you guarantee me that the president will defer to those two gentlemen and not go back to that chapter in our history? >> what he said as recently as yesterday, as these gentlemen get confirmed in their posts. he will consult with and perhaps defer to his cia director and his secretary of defense. obviously, there's a split of
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opinion within the community because president trump also told abc news' david muir, he has talked to other people in the community, that believe it does work. obviously, he will be meeting -- he will do what leaders do. and any new presidents and commanders of chief do, matt. he will meet with his own national security and defense team. and make a judgment. >> let me end on this question of this investigation into alleged voter fraud. 3 million to 5 million people, president trump says voted illegally in the last election, costing him the popular vote. it seems like an ego issue to him. can i ask you this, kellyanne? would you put your credibility on the line with that claim? would you agree with that claim? >> i hardly think it's an ego issue. one person, one vote, is a hallmark of our democracy. even your own pete alexander admitted that the registration rolls are a hot mess. >> that's not voter fraud. >> that's what the president is talking about. he's talking about registration
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and rolls and why not have an investigation. what is everybody afraid of? he said he put his evidence on the -- he would like to put his evidence on the line, have an investigation. and i just want to correct a part of your reporting. i talked last night with tiffany trump. and she said it is flatly false that she is registered in two states. and i recall talking with tiffany through the fall when she was making sure she could reregister in new york to vote for her father. she had been registered in pennsylvania and went through the process. said it was very byzantine. and took a long time. but she said she is not registered in two states. >> what about steven bannon. is he registered in two states? >> i haven't discussed that. but i can guarantee he didn't vote in two states. doesn't it prove the point that people that follow the law, they haven't been purged from the rolls where they clearly have said take me off the rolls? >> no. it proves the point that you can be registered in two states and not vote illegally in two states and sway an election? >> there's no evidence of that. i mean, matt -- what is everybody afraid of? >> he claimed that these people voted illegally. >> he's claiming that people do vote illegally.
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he is claiming there are dead people on the rolls. people here illegally and should not be on the rolls. i would ask -- everybody, including your network, was so excited to cover jill stein's recount, which was completely bogus, and a sock to the taxpayers. when she wanted a recount in wisconsin and michigan, everybody thought it was a good idea. why was she recounting? she said there was fraud at the ballot. what was her claim? what was her basis? >> at that time, didn't the president come out and say there is no evidence of fraud and that recount was unwarranted? >> and that's what the judges thought. it was a big embarrassment. but jill stein, miss woman of the people, ended up pocketing a lot of money for future political endeavors. i think everybody is cherry picking, to call this an ego trip for the president of the united states, when he is the leader of our democracy, and he wants to make make sure that the undergirding hallmarks of our democracy, one person, one vote, i appreciate he's doing it without a campaign on the horizon. that's when things should be managed. >> we'll look into what you just said about tiffany, to make sure we have our facts straight,
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kellyanne. thank you very much for your time. >> that came from her. thank you, matt. >> thanks very much. also this morning, tributes are pouring in for beloved actress mary tyler moore, who died wednesday at the age of 80. she made the world laugh on her sitcoms, while inspiring and empowering generations of women. ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪ >> reporter: the answer, mary tyler moore. the iconic actress who starred in two of the most successful and groundbreaking sitcoms in television history. ♪ in 1961, audiences first fell in love with her as laura petrie, the stay-at-home mom on "the dick van dyke" show. during the show's five-year run she won two emmys and a golden global. >> i have been flaunting my success. >> reporter: dick van dyke posted, there are no words. she was the best. sharing one of the many song and dance routines they performed together on the show.
7:14 am
♪ i got your number ♪ >> reporter: "the mary tyler moore" show debuted in 1970 and made her an even bigger star. she played mary richards, a spunky and single news producer. the pioneering role inspiring a generation of real women to chase their dreams. >> you got spunk. >> well, yes. >> i hate spunk. >> she was just a wonderful actress who lit up the world. and when she did her own show, she informed the world that women were not only equal to men but in many ways superior. >> reporter: in 2004, moore talked about the show's success here on "today." >> you know, i always thought of the show as being an ensemble piece. it was not mary tyler moore and her playmates. it was always all of us together. >> reporter: while moore was best known for her television roles, she also appeared on the big screen. playing a nun opposite elvis presley in "change of habit." >> i wish there were an easy
7:15 am
answer. >> reporter: in 1980, she earned an oscar nomination for her role as a repressed wife and mother in "ordinary people." >> poor beth. she has no idea what her son is up to. he lies and she believes every word of it. >> i didn't lie. >> you did. you lied every time you came in this house at 6:30. >> reporter: that year, moore faced personal tragedy when her 24-year-old son shot himself to death. >> i can't believe that it was a suicide, either. and i can remember the times we had together that were good times. and hope that, whatever afterlife there is, that our spirits will be together again. >> reporter: born in brooklyn and later moving to hollywood as a child, moore began her career singing and dancing in tv commercials. in 1962, she married tv executive grant tinker. they formed a production company, with hit shows like "the bob newhart show."
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"hill street blues," the mary tyler moore show, and it's spin-off, "rhoda." in her early 30s, she was diagnosed with diabetes. and used her celebrity to raise money and awareness for the disease. with a smile and energy that lit up the screen, mary tyler moore revolutionized the role of women on tv and helped redefine what it means to be a modern american woman. as we said, she's being remembered by family, friends and so many fans. in a statement, carol burnett said, she will be so missed. she was a pioneer on television. and one of the sweetest, nicest people i ever knew. this is from ellen. mary tyler moore changed the world for all women. i send my love to her family. on our set, another icon who knows a little something about playing groundbreaking women in roles. candice bergen is here. we're going to talk to her just ahead in our next half hour. first, al has a check of the weather. mr. roker? >> she will be missed. as we look right now, lake-effect snow is the big story today. as the low pressure moves away.
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it's going to draw in that cold air across the warmer waters of the lake. as it does, those snow bands will start to fire up. and this is going to go right on into the weekend. and so, what we're expecting is some very heavy snow. as far south as west virginia. we're talking about anywhere from six to eight inches in the snow and the mountains there. but the tug hill plateau, between oswego, watertown, and utica, we're talking about lake-effect snow warnings into sunday. some places may be picking up three feet of snow or more. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. at the perfect price... ...come to kay today... ...where you'll save 20% off all engagement and wedding rings. the time is now. the place is kay.
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the number-one jewelry store for... yes! ♪ good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. chilly temperatures the. in some spots patchy frost. 43 in the peninsula. 41 in the south bay. east bay, 44 degrees. and san francisco is at 45. also tracking a few spotty light showers. haven't seep any heavy downpours out of this. a very weak disturbance passing by. dry weather for several days until this system moves in next week. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> how cool is it to have candice bergen sitting right here? coming up, we're going to talk to candice more about what a pioneer mary tiler more was. and the show that really changed television forever. and the new way drones are being used in saving lives.
7:19 am
first, on a thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, can you spot it? why everyone is talking about this ad for pregnancy tests. >> we have a problem here. and legendary actress glenn close will be here live. but first, your local news and weather.
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and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. ==vo== at 11 this morning. n francisco mayor ed lee delivers his annual state of the city address. you can be sure - today's speech will be closely watched. lee will likely address the recent executive order signed by president trump - tt promises t sanctuary cities. at a news conference yesterday .. lee insisted the rights of all immigrant residents will remain protected. items including affordableess housing .. and the recent change at the top of the san francisco police department - and new chief bill scott. anchor toss to weather ad-lib toss to weather wx
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wx toss to traffic mike/plasma ==traffic maps full== full san jose 101/280/680 ' traffic tosses to anchor anchor/cu i'll have another local news update for you in half an hour.
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[ cheers and applause ] it's 7:30 on this thursday morning. it's the 26th day of january, 2017. look at outside, we'll say hi to those people in a lilt bit. inside, matt lauer, alongside natalie morales. protests held across the country over president trump's executive order to fund a wall on the mexican border. some of the largest demonstrations outside of the white house and here in new york. and mexico's president responded in a televised address, saying he regrets and rejects the wall. and is vowing, his country will not pay for it. just a week after having her sentence commuted, chelsea
7:31 am
manning the going after president obama. in a scathing newspaper column, she claims obama was too willing to compromise and has few permanent accomplishments. on twitter, president trump came to obama's defense, calling manning an ungrateful traitor who should never have been released from prison. all eyes on wall street this morning, one day after stocks reached a historic milestone. the dow jones industrial average crossed the 20,000 mark for the first time ever. traders expect more gains as several corporations release their earnings reports. the dow is up 1,700 points since the election. we have more on the sad loss of mary tyler moore. fans and friends are remembering the legend and her impact on television and on women. we're going to talk to candice bergen about that. first, hoda is here. >> hey, matt. can't wait to hear candice. her iconic show was not afraid to go there. showing women could be strong, independent and career-driven.
7:32 am
and it made mary a role model for generations. >> the only reason he was paid more than i am is because he was a man? >> reporter: mary tyler moore revolutionized how the world saw women. and her iconic character, mary richards, was equally bold. >> mr. grant, there is no good reason why two people doing the same job at the same place, shouldn't be making the same -- >> he had a family to support. you don't. >> reporter: her character fearlessly asked for a raise. a major feat for a woman in the '70s. and bravely fought back against her boss, who questioned why she wasn't married. >> never married? >> no. >> why? >> why? >> you type. >> there's no simple answer to that question. >> reporter: mary tyler moore proved that women weren't so one-dimensional. as she told bryant gumbel in 1995, the show was risky. >> cbs tested our first episode. and it tested worse than any other show since then or before
7:33 am
in history. everybody hated me. they thought i was a loser. how come i was 30 and still not married. >> reporter: unmarried and on birth control, unheard of on tv in 1972. >> don't forget to take your pill. >> i won't. [ laughter ] >> reporter: moore navigated unchartered waters and left behind a blueprint for a career like hers or her character. >> these were issues that were not part of the fabric of cultural america. so, we women that were trying to get our jobs in the newsroom, looked at mary tyler moore, and looking at mary richards and thought, if she can do it, i can make it, too. >> reporter: savannah tweeting, i throw my hat up in the air for you. rest in peace. and oprah tweeting an old picture writing, i can't believe mary tyler moore touched my face. we'll love her forever. she is talking about this unforgettable moment.
7:34 am
moore surprising oprah on her own show in 1997. >> you have no idea what you meant to me. >> i think i do. >> reporter: and inspiring a whole new generation of women-driven sitcoms. >> how can that be? we took our mics off. >> reporter: like "murphy brown," around another tv newsroom. >> you got spunk. >> well, yeah. >> i hate spunk. >> reporter: her boss might have hated it. but it's why we fell in love with mary tyler moore. and it's her signature spunk that helped transform our idea of the modern woman. it so was. this morning in the gym, i decided to watch an episode, to see if it was still relevant. i was laughing out loud. put those on. they're fun to watch. >> candice bergen is here. very familiar with playing groundbreaking women on
7:35 am
television. candice, nice to have you here. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> would there have been a "murphy brown" without a mary richards? >> no. mary tyler moore really opened the door for women -- for women not defined by a relationship. for women trying to have a career. for -- and it also opened the door to quality television because the writing was so exceptional and had such depth, was character-driven. and mary was an icon unlike any other. >> both your shows dealt with groundbreaking issues for women, as well. we're talking about women on birth control. your show dealt with being a single mom. and "the mary tyler moore show" talking about equal pay. how important were the role models for women on tv? >> i think they were very important. and i think for young girls growing up, watching those characters on television, it
7:36 am
gave them a sense of entitlement that they didn't feel up until then they had. i think mary tyler moore really made women feel entitled to a career, and to be defined without a man. >> what i loved about mary tyler moore, so much, she had a vulnerability. you felt the pain when she went in and asked for a raise. every girl watching, even today, you know that feeling. that showed she was more than a one-dimensional working, you know, dating girl. right? >> yeah. and mary tyler moore played her blithe spirit. sort of danced. she made it look easy. but it wasn't. >> as an actress, i want you to react to something she said. she said about her career, that all of the characters she played were like her in some way or another. as an actress, how important is that? >> well, to me, that's important, as well. she was very much, i believe, an
7:37 am
instinctive actress. and also worked wonderfully in the ensemble of that show because that was a unique ensemble. an they all, most of them, went off to have spin-offs. so, the characters had real potential to be developed. >> i love when candice was walking over here. i said you were in the same category, you and mary tyler moore. she said, no. mary tyler moore is in her own category. >> her own stratosphere. >> you weren't living in this country when her show was airing originally. you were away from the country. you came back and saw her shows in a slightly different time period. >> very different. i really was completely unfluent in sitcoms until "murphy brown." they said, you want to see the yardstick of a great sitcom, watch "mary tyler moore." and we watched chuckles the clown. >> you can't beat chuckles the clown. >> just having you at the desk,
7:38 am
watching your facial expression, all of the stories, you could come back more often. >> she was acting out the news. >> kellyanne conway was particularly delightful. >> you're fun to have around. candice, thank you. always a pleasure to see you. >> great to see you. coming up, katie couric will be here, as well. she will remember her favorite moments with mary tyler moore, on "today." al, let's turn to you for the weather. >> a little song. a little dance. late seltzer down your pants. we have high pressure building in. and that return flow brings in the winds from the mountains to the south. santa ana winds set up for the next few days. the good news is, even though we're going to have wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, hopefully wildfires aren't a problem because of all of the rain we've seen in the last week or so. even though those hazardous travel conditions are out there and the strongest winds are friday to saturday, we're hoping that maybe
7:39 am
good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall a lot of sunshine in the forecast later on today. after a few morning clouds is and showers. expect a high of 56 degrees in san francisco. we'll repeat the weather tomorrow. 58 on saturday. the weekend is looking very nice for both san francisco and the inland areas. it will be warmer with a high of 67 degrees. and 68 degrees on monday. and then we start to see the temperatures coming back down and scattered showers in the forecast next wednesday. >> get your weather anytime you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. coming up, some of the wildest items ever confiscated by the tsa. >> you won't believe it. first, drones to the rescue. the cutting edge technology that could be used my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source
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give extra. get extra. you don't let anything keep you that's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. [ cheers ] we're back, now, 7:43. drones are becoming more popular
7:44 am
by the day. people use them for fun. just the other day, amazon delivered a package with one. >> drones can be used in serious situations. and keir simmons is here, along with a loud drone. >> reporter: this is a familiar drone, that folks would be used to seeing flying outside, not inside like this. now, new technology being tested by firefighters and rescue workers around the world, will see the drone able to fly inside a building and be used in earthquake zones or even, perhaps, terrorist attacks. crashed cars. trains. and airplanes. this facility prepares rescuers for any disaster. i'm meeting a cutting-edge team, who are about to demonstrate new drone technology. future uses may include rescuing people in earthquake zones and even from terrorist attacks. the scenario is, this building is too dangerous for you to go into, right? >> that's correct. >> reporter: that's why you want
7:45 am
me to go? >> absolutely. i'm positions myself deep inside this building. i could be injured or a hostage. the drones will seek me out. with over 9,000 hours of flying experience, the guy at sky futures specialize in hard to get at places. like oil rigs. and they train the emergency services. i'm ready. come find me. >> launching. three, two, one. >> reporter: first, the crew deploy a surveillance drone, to make a reconnaissance sweep of the danger zone. >> making sure the area is safe. >> reporter: with the area secure, they launch its little brother. that goes into the building. >> we're going to have to drone find you. >> reporter: good luck, man.
7:46 am
drones are already being used in earthquake zones to help rescue workers. but this drone, tested by its maker flyability inside an ice crevasse, is special. helios can bounce off walls, and float up stairways and get in tight spaces. >> you can send in where the drone where you wouldn't want to put a person at risk or danger. >> reporter: where are you now? >> we're pushing upstairs. we've identified two rooms. one to the left, one to the right. >> reporter: the drone enters the room. it's remotely-controlled cameras, hunting all the time. drones are controversial. as their reach expands, worries about privacy grow. any new technology can fall into the hands of the bad guys. in the middle east, isis has been using drones. and this drone has limitations.
7:47 am
the wireless technology can be hampered by thick, concrete walls. and its battery only allows ten minutes' flying time. but that's long enough, the guys say, to do its job. i can hear the drone getting closer. it's a weird sound. >> like a swarm of bees. >> reporter: there it is. technology that may soon be coming to the rescue in a place near you. that's so weird. am i glad to see you. now, another limitation of drones, of course, is the noise they make. that's going to limit their use, for example, in hostage situations. they are trying to work on that, guys. but of course, that raises more questions. do you really want a drone silently moving around inside a building that you're in? >> sneaking up on you. >> what did you say after, good morning, guys?
7:48 am
kier, thank you. >> well done. thanks so much. >> you can land that thing now. coming up, hollywood icon glenn close will stop by. why she's returning to a legendary role that she says has haunted her for years. but first, these messages. when did mixing food, with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors.
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so pay less and get more only at back, now, 7:51. tamron is over in the orange room for carson. cute, cute animals. >> this is so adorable. smithsonian zoo made an announcement online, tweeting, we welcomed a grey seal pup. the pup appears to be nursing and moving and bonding with mom. one social media user, sarah, saw the most and writing, your move, virginia aquarium. georgia came through. we see national zoo seal pup and raise you an otter/osprey combo.
7:52 am
and zoos battled across the country. and miami's zoo posted this one. koala-ty stuff. a san francisco hedgehog. anybody? san diego's itty-bitty gecko. al, what say you? >> that's good. >> here you go. this is it. the world's smallest deer in queens. come on. >> it's a deer puppy. >> the maryland zoo, writing, twitter right now is ir-elephant. not sure what was better in this battle, the photos or the puns. come on, al. that's out of the al roker joke book. >> that's like a "west side story." get it? >> thanks, tamron.
7:53 am
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7:56 on this morning. a lot of clouds hovering over the bay area. spotty light sprinkles. for the most part, all dry. chilly temperatures. 38 degrees now in the tri-valley. 37 in the north bay. san francisco stepping occupy to 45 degrees. it will be up to 55 in the tri-valley today. 56 degrees in the peninsula. 58 in the south bay. it will be a very nice afternoon. the north bay makes it close to 60 degrees. more 60-degree readings in time for theend. our temperatures continue to warm up along with more dry weather the next few days. let's see how the roads are moving now. >> well, they are moving more slowly in the south bay. the rest holding steady. recovering middle of the screen, 281. remaining crash on the shoulder
7:57 am
280 out of downtown. 280 and 101 slow. 101 basically the same stretch as 85. different travel times there. 10-minute delay for bart. earlier mechanical problems are starting to be addressed now. should see improvement. northbound 880, the bottom of your screen, 37 minutes. the metering heights are on. >> happening now, south bay police officer recovering after investigators say he was dragged by a vehicle while trying to make a stop in a gym parking lot. an update on the home page. >> canyon road open after a car crashed into the alameda creek this morning. it happened near where a woman last week lost her life when her car plunged into the water. details on facebook. on twitter, all the rain adding up. check out what a difference a year. another update in half an hour. hope to see you then.
7:58 am
i can show you the world
7:59 am
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8:00 am
♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪ ♪ who can the turn the world on with her smile ♪ >> it's 8:00 on today, coming up, remember the legend. >> what would you say if the station manager kept trotting in groups of people, this is our woman executive. >> what do you say? >> oh, usually hi. >> look back at the life and legacy of beloved actress mary tyler moore and the time we spent with her over the years here on "today." >> who are other things you would like to do during this time in your life? >> everything. everything that there is time for. >> plus, back to broadway. we'll catch up with glenn close and talk about her return to the stage in a legendary role. and how is this a surprise?
8:01 am
an ad for a pregnancy test going viral. after people notice something rather obvious in the photo. today, thursday, january 26th, 2017. ♪ >> sisters of the south. >> all the way from alabama, roll tide. >> celebrating 25 years of friendships. >> came all the way from oklahoma. ♪ >> sweet 16. >> go patriots! >> mother and daughter on my birthday. >> we're back now 8:00 on this thursday morning. it's the 26th day of january, 2017. natalie is here for this week
8:02 am
filling in for savannah who remains on maternity leave. we texted each other a little bit this morning. savannah, good morning to you. >> i'm going to see her tonight and meet charlie for the first time. natalie is coming. >> throwback thursday song -- >> you don't like it? >> i do, "dancing queen". >> we've got better songs -- >> come on, we can do this for mary tyler moore. does everybody have their hat ready? on three for a tribute to mary tyler moore. ♪ we're going to make it after all ♪ >> there you go, mary. >> just ahead by the way, jill martin has special steals and deals to make you feel pampered without the high price. >> first we'll check on the morning's top stories, here's your news at 8:00. >> i'm peter alexander at the white house, president trump will head out on a republican
8:03 am
road trip to philadelphia, the first flight on air force one. he'll huddle with republicans at the annual retreat and discuss thorny topics, including torture and trumps claims of widespread voter fraud despite no evidence of voter fraud, according to independent fact checkers. kellyanne conway told us it's in the best interest of all americans to take a hard look at our election process and disputed nbc's reporting that trump's daughter tiffany trump is registered to vote in two states. here's what she told matt right here earlier on "today." >> i just want to correct the part of your reporting. i talked last night with tiffany trump and she said it is flatly false that she's registered in two states. i recall talking with tiffany through the fall when she was trying to make sure she can reregister in new york to vote for her father. she was registered in pennsylvania and went through the process. >> we said we would double check and this morning we did. a philadelphia county board of
8:04 am
elections official confirm d nbc news that tiffany trump is still registered there where she went to college. her voter status is also listed as active, according to a state elections website. and public records in new york city where she now lives show that she is also registered in that state. matt and natalie, back to you. >> thanks for checking on that, peter, appreciate it. >> also this morning, the world is celebrating the life of mary tyler moore. friends and fans remembering the iconic act dress who died at the age of 80. jo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie, fans and visitors here in minneapolis paying tribute to the legendary mary tyler moore who played the iconic mary richards, single and 30 and independent and helped an entire generation redefine the way they saw themselves. for a generation of women, that smile and that theme song said
8:05 am
it all. ♪ you're going to make it after all ♪ >> in real life and on screen, mary of the most memorable characters in the 1960s and '70s. her breakout role, on "the dick van dyke show," as the lovable housewife, laura petrie. it earned her two emmy awards and made her one of the most recognizable people in hollywood. carl reiner was the show's creator. >> >> she read one line. and i said, you're right. i found her. >> reporter: moore and her second husband, grant tinker, formed their own production company. and in 1970, launched "the mary tyler moore show." >> you don't have to ask why a person is married. >> how many reasons can there be? >> 65. >> reporter: the show's seven-year run picked up 29 emmy awards and made moore a role model for women. her tv boss and real-life
8:06 am
friend, ed asner, tweeted, i'll never be able to repay her for the blessings that she gave me. in her personal life, moore endured great loss. her only son accidentally shot himself to death at the age of 24. she also struggled with alcoholism. but moore never stopped working. showing her dramatic range in roles like "ordinary people." >> i didn't lie. >> you did. you lied every time you came in this house at 6:30. if it's starting all over again, the lying, the covering up, the disappearing for hours, i can't stand for it. i really can't! >> reporter: for 30 years, moore worked as share of the juvenile diabetes foundation. the juveni diabetes foundation. moore continued to work into her 70s, winning over a new generation of fans. towards the end of her career, she seemed to embrace the character she'll always be known for. that optimistic young woman who knew she was going to make it after all. ♪
8:07 am
now, mary tyler moore, of course, immortalized here in downtown minneapolis. throwing her hat up into the air with this iconic statue. as so many will remember, she not only inspired those in her own generation, she inspired journalists afterwards, including oprah and many on the "today" show and ellen degeneres, as well. >> jo, thanks so much. coming up, we're going to look back at mary tyler moore's visits with us on "today." also ahead, we're going to open up the suitcases and reveal the unbelievable things people have tried to get through airport security. and a new legend in studio 1a. glenn close. we cannot wait introducing theraflu expressmax
8:08 am
our powerful relief now in pill form. it's the one and only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. power through with theraflu expressmax caplets. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff?
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8:11 am
♪ we're back, now, 8:11. good time for "what's trending." we're talking about a trending item from two days ago. >> the shower. >> i know. let's move on. remember that creepy little girl from "the ring" movies? the folks at think moto, we love that company. created a prank video. and it's the biggest one ever. crossing a record, 270 million views on facebook. check it out. >> we'll come back and do that one, okay? >> sure. >> oh, my god. [ screaming ] >> oh, no.
8:12 am
>> oh, my god. >> oh, no. >> there you go. >> that's me. >> by the way, that's so smart. the guys pull the boxes down. and these are the same guys who have scared natalie all those times. it never gets old watching that. >> too many times i have been their victim. thanks, guys. how about that one with jenna and i, and the lady popping her eyes out. >> well done. >> that is great material for that. when we want to come back. next up, an oad for a pregnancy test that has the internet pbuzzing. the sweet couple, shocked they're going to have a baby. maybe in a month. >> did they look down? >> she is about eight months pregnant. it shouldn't have come as a surprise. >> they have things on "maury
8:13 am
povich." >> she has the belly out. it's a dutch ad. and touted as an early pregnancy test. >> clearly tongue in cheek. finally, we have a fun one for everyone. every few months, the tsa reveals the most ridiculous items they confiscated at checkpoints. we're going to show you the top five items they think are the craziest things they have confiscated recently. in this one, coming in at number five, apparently, someone clearly -- >> we have to unzip them. >> they didn't unzip them for you? >> tried to get snakes on the plane, literally. real snakes. what's in number two? >> number two -- >> i will help you. >> got it, thank you. excuse hoda's butt. >> oh. [ laughter ]
8:14 am
>> again. again. >> oh, my god. that is so creepy. >> that's fantastic. >> my heart is -- >> you weren't expecting that, either. >> feel my heart. feel it. >> oh. >> you know, that was calm. can but show that one more time? is she allowed to talk? >> oh, my god. >> disturbing. >> she is creepy. >> oh, my gosh. >> how did she fit in that thing? >> you nearly gave me a heart attack. >> she was in that thing for three minutes. they put her in the loading dock. >> you can put her -- >> is she allowed to speak or no? yes? you want to come over here? yes? yes? okay. >> you're like double-jointed. oh, my goshl. >> what's your name?
8:15 am
>> i'm natasha king. >> oh, my god. >> how are you? >> that was terrifying. >> how did you manage to stay in there? >> you're shaking, by the way. >> i'm shaking. >> yes. >> go make each other feel better. >> you're too creepy for me. >> i'm sure you're a lovely person. >> that was great. >> i can't believe you did it to me again. >> not me. >> you had no idea? you knew. >> matt knows. >> matt knew. you were in on it. >> it's a good time for "pop start." by the way, no. you can see more of this lovely young lady in "rings" coming out february 3rd. and tune into our facebook page for more "rings" fun. >> and put your makeup on. >> i need jill's spa therapy. >> it just gets funnier every time. >> time for "pop start." >> oh, my god. >> okay. great stuff. >> how do we continue from this?
8:16 am
>> shia lebeouf found himself in hand cups. he was arrested after pushing a man where lebeouf had been protesting donald trump. police say he grabbed at a scarf, and pushed him to the ground. the 30-year-old actor is charged with misdemeanor assault and will is have to appear in court. arnold schwarzenegger and pope francis come face-to-face. the movie star attended a general audience at the vatican, where he was able to meet the pontiff. he was there to promote his nonprofit and discus there to promote his non-profit and discuss work with the pope. and he called francis a, "true leader for the church." finally, "star wars" actress daisy ridley is being bombarded by the new title. "the last jedi." that includes josh gad.
8:17 am
her co-star on a new film. check out josh's on-set interrogation. >> i have an important question to ask you. i'm so sorry, i meant to call you last night. it's about today's scene. who are the last jedi? >> we're not doing this, josh. >> is it plural? i'll tell you that olaf has been in "frozen." >> i can't tell you. we'll reconvene when you're kind of done. >> can we do it tonight? can we finish it? >> we'll talk. >> daisy remains tight-lipped. we can't fault josh for trying it there. this morning, more on our countdown to the super bowl. a first look at the commercials, the big talk of the big game. today's ad is mr. clean. here's your moment. ♪ >> oh. hello. ♪
8:18 am
♪ he's your dream boat he's your fantasy ♪ >> sarah? sarah? clean enough? ♪ >> okay. >> that's good. >> that was good. >> that's a good super bowl ad. >> a man can clean. nicely done. >> more commercials next week, leading up to super bowl li. >> i like that. that was a good twist. mr. clean roker? that. that was a goodroker? >> make our way over to the weather map. a little warm air on the eastern seaboard. temperatures will get back closer to normal. boston will be 20 degrees above normal. philadelphia, 20 degrees. richmond, 51, 17 degrees. but then, the cooler air filters in.
8:19 am
elkins, west virginia, down three degrees. atlantic city is warm. look what happens. toledo goes from 33 to 31. d.c. 46 on saturday to 39 on monday. portland, maine, 36 saturday. monday at 28 degrees. so, we get back to normal. good news is, we have no big storms on the horizon. that is excellent news for the bay area. good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. here is a live look at oakland. traffic backing up but we have sunshine. started out with a cool and clear start, had a few sprinkles in spots. for the most part looking at dry weather. 45 in oakland and san francisco. 41 degrees in napa and santa rosa at 37 degrees. we are looking at more dry weather as we head into the weekend with warming temperatures inland areas making it into the upper 60s. >> don't forget. check out the "today" show radio, siriusxm channel 108.
8:20 am
>> mr. roker, thanks very much. glenn close has conquered stage, screen and television. she goes back to play in "sunset boulevard." a role she took on with success 20 years ago. it won her a tony award. >> nice to see you, matt. >> can i ask your comments about mary tyler moore? >> my heart goes out to her family. she was iconic, i think, to all of us. her incredible sense of timing. her sense of joy. she is up there with the greats. thank you for your comments. norma desmond. my goodness. you said it one time, and i hope i don't get it wrong, that the role of norma desmond hasn'ted
8:21 am
you. >> i had a 6-year-old daughter. and i was this amazing, larger-than-life woman. i went back to making sandwiches to lunch and driving to school. it was a cross in the easy chair going -- children? sandwiches? where am i? >> can you do the whole rest of the interview in norma desmond, please? you said you look for something in a character to love. >> yes. >> what do you love about her? >> my gosh, i love -- you delve down and you try to understand the why of someone's behavior. and in that journey and in that journey of discovery, i always find a place to love them. >> just remind people who norma desmond was. she is an aging movie star. >> yes. the greatest star of the silent screen. >> you played her 22 years ago on broadway. i'm walking gingerly here.
8:22 am
you are someone with 22 years more of life experience. do you view her differently at this stage of your life? >> yes. that was the luxury of going back to a character as rich as norma desmond. and to have 22 years of life and 22 years of learning my craft more of that. i said, let's start from the beginning. and i feel like a totally different person than i did 22 years ago in that role. >> what's it like to get back into that mental and physical mode of being on stage? and the lines and the singing and the making sure you're in the right spot at the right time? how hard is that? >> it's very damaging. particularly in this role. anyone who has attempted to play it will tell you. it's physically challenging and vocally challenging. >> when you did this the first time back in the 1990s, this is one of the reviews.
8:23 am
miss close is by this point, literally, out of this world. a supremely ridiculous, unbearably pathetic monster. inevitably critics are going to look at this time and compare your performance to last time. does that put pressure on you? >> only when people like you talk about it? >> sorry about that. >> no. you know? i mean, it's a little -- it's a little -- the pressure is that i did it here before. when i went to london, i had never done it there before. so, yeah. i've come home. and it will be a different take. and hopefully people will like it as much. >> i have talked about who she was and the kind of iconic character she was. obviously, she is someone who dealt with aging in hollywood. have we come a long way in terms of -- i think you and i talked about this in a previous interview years ago, about what opportunities were available for more mature actresses in hollywood.
8:24 am
it seems to have changed significantly. or would you disagree with that? >> if you talk about hollywood, the studio system. i don't think it's changed. if anything, i think it's even more difficult. i think where it's changed is in the world of television, in the world of cable, in the world of all these, you know, wonderful miniseries and series where you have all -- a lot of the top writers are now going into that arena. also, in independent film. >> in terms of actresses in hollywood? >> studio movies? >> you think there's an expiration date? >> i do. i would love to be proven wrong. >> do you have a good choice of roles? >> i mean, i do, because i do -- i do anything that the script, even if you don't get -- if you are paid for scale. yep. i mean, in the last couple of years, i've done about five or six independent films. >> just because you love the work? >> i love the work. and i like the script. and i like the character.
8:25 am
but as far as big, you know, you get a good, hefty paycheck, it's -- it's challenging. so, i think the story of norma desmond is as relevant as ever. >> well, you are going to be great in it again. you certainly were 22 years ago. glenn close, a pleasure to see you. >> so happy to see you. >> great to have you here. by the way, she will be back with kathie lee and hoda. and we should mention, "sunset boulevard" opens at the palace theater on february 9th. since i survived that scare, jill martin is i'm ...
8:26 am
==vo== at 11 this morning .. s francisco mayor ed lee delivers his au a very good thursday morning. at 11:00 this morning ed lee delivers his annual state of the city address. lee will likely address the recent executive order signed by president trump that promises to cut federal funding. lee insisted the rights of all immigrant residents will remain protected. lee is likely to address items including affordable housing and recent change in the police department and new chief. let's check morning commute on thursday. >> it looks like a thursday. south bay with traffic continuing to push out of san jose and making its way towards the rest of silicon valley.
8:27 am
85 will bog down coopertineo. no major issues north. we have the closure for highway 37 westbound to 101. that continues. eastbound 37 is open. typical approach towards the bay bridge. let's show you the live camera past the coliseum. things are slow from about all the way up towards downtown oakland. back to you. >> another local news update in half an hour. have a great thursday morning.
8:28 am
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visit today.
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♪ 8:30, now, on this thursday morning. the 26th day of january, 2017. you know what they say, into every life a little rain must fall. and guess what? it started. i'll get rid of that one, natalie. >> there we go. thank you. >> mr. roker, you didn't say this was going to happen. >> oh, yeah, we did. >> he did say a little something. >> what do we have coming up? >> katie couric is joining us. she's going to look back at mary tyler moore's many visits on
8:31 am
"today." she sat down with the whole cast recently. and who couldn't use a little tlc in the dark days of winter? jill picked out "steals & deals." she will help you relax, natalie morales. first, hey. al roker is here. >> hold this. >> go and chitchat. >> nice folks out here. and we show you what's going on over the next 48 hours. and into your weekend. lake-effect snow around the great lakes tomorrow. beautiful weather through the gulf and a gorgeous day in the pacific northwest. on saturday, some folks by sunday, in the leeward side of the eastern great lakes, can see three feet of snow. santa ana winds will continue. sunday, sunday, look for snowshowers around the great lakes, mid mississippi and ohio river valleys and rain moves into the pacific northwest. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures now in the lower 40s and the sun is breaking out from behind the clouds that we
8:32 am
are seeing. 37 degrees with patchy frost still in the north bay. it will warm up nicely with sunshine reaching 56 degrees in the peninsula. trivalley 55 degrees. you will feel a nice breeze. still long sleeves needed through the day. this weekend the temperatures continue to warm up. >> i got some nice folks hanging out here. your first time to new york city? >> yes. >> who brought you here? >> my mom and my dad. >> that's awfully nice. what's the occasion? >> just -- >> just skipping school. >> man. why weren't you my mom? all right. don't forget, get the weather anytime you need it. go to our friends on the weather channel on cable. >> thank you, al. we talked about the loss of mary tyler moore. and she appeared here many times, over a dozen times, actually. >> tom brokaw may have said it best, calling her the essence of
8:33 am
energy, the essence of life. >> for years, american men have had a crush on mary tyler moore. >> there's probably not a television viewer in america that needs an introduction to mary tyler moore. >> one thing in common, an actress maimed mary tyler moore. >> we need to do the mary tyler moore thing. >> i asked her if she was like the rest of us in real life. does she get angry? does she swear too much or drink too much? >> i get angry. i don't think i drink too much. >> it's obvious, you're not bored after all these years. you love what you do. >> i love what i do and i'm scared to death of it. >> what are other things you would like to do during this time in your life? >> everything. everything there is time for. >> what brings all that on? >> i led such an ordered, predictable kind of life when i was doing the half hour show. and now, my life is not so preplanned. >> i am private. it's not that i have anything to
8:34 am
hide or that i'm ashamed of. but for example, i never talk about personal relationships. i try not to talk very much about my family. >> hers is the most talked-about autobiography today. your childhood, what shaped you? >> i think what shaped my life was a set of parents who were not perfect to me. they weren't fulfilling the needs i had as a kid. i wasn't getting enough attention and affection. but i have come to believe that, perhaps, that is what supplied a good deal of my drive, my need to have some attention and approval. >> you talked about the difficulty of writing about the most painful moment of your life. that's the death of your son. having written about it own put it out in the open, any easier to come to grips with? >> i am constantly adjusting to that, as i think anybody who has lost a loved one, especially a child, understands. it's very near the surface.
8:35 am
i think it was good to share it again because people go through those tremendous losses. >> you work nonstop. and you do work nonstop for the diabetes foundation. >> we are determined in the next ten years, to raise $100 million. >> wow. >> and to come up with a cure for diabetes. >> mary tyler moore is turning people on to fitness. >> left that leg, as far as you can. >> you guys are such passionate animal lovers. >> they are ascension beings. they have feelings and emotions and all of the same reactions that we do. >> this baby is blind. he's 14 years old. and he needs a home. >> at what point did you know that your show, with your name on it, by the way -- >> yeah? >> was a hit? >> never. never did i feel it was a hit. never did i feel that it was going to be okay. ♪ it's you girl and you should
8:36 am
know it ♪ ♪ with every glance and movement you show it ♪ ♪ love is all around no need to fake it ♪ >> falling in love with mary richards. can you give us one oh, mr. grant? >> that's different from oh, rob, you know. oh, mr. grant. >> how is oh, rob, different? >> oh, rob. >> thank you, mary. >> so good. >> fond memories. let's bring in katie couric. good morning. >> good morning. >> suffice to say, when the mary tyler moore show was on, al and i watched that show differently than you ladies watched that show. >> i think probably as the elder statesman here, you know, it was on between 1970 and 1975. i was 12 or 13 years old. and i remember on saturday nights, going up to my friend's house, sitting in her basement on this plaid couch and watching mary richards. and thinking, you know, at 12 or 13, during very impressionable time in my life, wow. look at her.
8:37 am
she is on her own. she's an independent woman. she's pursuing a career. and i thought, you know, why not? why couldn't i do the same thing? and thanks to my dad, who was a print journalist, and mary richards, that led me to go into television news. >> yet, she was still a vulnerable woman. when you saw her, you didn't see her busting down doors. she felt like a lot of us. >> the girl next door. >> and she wasn't too threatening. let's face it. and that's an era when women's rights were front and center. and i think for the country, i think underestimate, how influential images in popular culture can be. and i think she wasn't offensive. she had a sisterly relationship with her colleagues. >> speaking of the sisterly relationship, she had a lot of girlfriends. and the writers wrote to that. and it showed the example of the importance of having women in your life and friends like that. >> and rhoda and phyllis, obviously. and sue ann. everybody on that show was
8:38 am
fantastic. and on "the dick van dyke" show, i was much younger. and laura petrie, had an equal role. and she wore capris. and she said, nobody vacuums in their high heels and dresses. i want to dress like i dress at home. she brought such a dose of reality to everything she did. >> true. >> you had opportunities to talk to her. i want to show a piece of tape of you talking to the cast of the show. >> this was when they reunited for "hot in cleveland" in 2013. ♪ and suddenly make it seem worthwhile ♪ ♪ it's you and you, girl you should know it ♪ ♪ with every moment love is all around ♪ ♪ no need to fake it you can have the town ♪ ♪ why don't you take it you're gonna make it after all ♪ >> what it must have taken to get you to sing. >> you know, i think that's one of the reasons that show became
8:39 am
so iconic. it had such a fantastic theme song. but i asked mary, i don't know if we have time to play that clip. let's go to that one. >> why did mary richards captivate and capture the hearts of so many people, like this person sitting right here? >> thanks. i think it was because our writers wrote so honestly. and with such love of comedy. >> she said, it was so real, which you didn't hear. and i think -- when i asked her that, she was so humble. she credited the writers. carl reiner on "the dick van dyke" show and the writers on "the mary tyler moore" show that went on to do "the simpsons" and other great shows. >> nice to have you back. >> isn't she so great? >> it's nice to have you back. >> she'll be missed. up next, something everyone can use. we're talking about little
8:40 am
relaxation. jill has in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ we're back, with more of our "start today live to 100" series. we have days that can get hectic, when you get stressed out by "the ring" girl popping out of a suitcase. i'm all about relaxing. and jill martin is here with a special "steals & deals" to help you unwind. we have our yoga mat here. >> you need it. the yoga matt and foam roller bundle. you look down, the mat is reversible. this one is purple and red. that is black and gray. two different sets. and both come with an online subscription with online workouts. the deal is $39.
8:43 am
70% off. >> fantastic. you get this thing, right? >> you get the roller and the mat. >> i love it. fantastic. >> moving on to wardrobe, in a sense. >> now, it's time to relax in style. the luxor linens monogram robes. you can get his, hers, bride, groom. go on to see all of the iterations. the deal, $49.95. the retail is $289 and the deal is $89.95. >> so soft. a special touch. moving on? >> moving on. >> hi, jill. >> how are you doing? >> i like -- i'm looking for my masseuse. someone is coming. >> they're a little late today. they're on their way. we have candles for you. >> they smell good. >> i love those. >> the retail $160. you get two in a set.
8:44 am
one 16 ounce. >> $160. and sorry. they're sold at barney's, neiman marcus. the deal, $48. >> $48. >> and you can split them up into two gifts. >> they smell good. >> masseuse is on the way. >> taking a bath in a jump suit. >> thank you, sweet stuff. nothing better than a long bath and a glass of wine. >> this is about body and bath, right? >> you're a fan of wine and baths. and this bath and body set. $47.95. you get five products. the hand wash, the body wash, the hand jell and the hand cream. >> the wine not included. >> the deal, $14.99, 60% off. >> and the candles are amazing. >> okay, now. this is the kaplan m.d. retail
8:45 am
set. retail at 285. and seems like this is really working. >> this feels good. can i tell you? >> i put the primer on. i'm on the second coat. >> this is from kathie. >> thank you. >> it's the six-piece set. you get the cleanser, the toner, the eye cream, the lip gloss, and the firming mask. you have 22 organic extracts to firm and brighten the skin. >> it feels cooling. the one you put on my chest is tickling. tickles now. yeah. i like it. >> so, the retail is $285. the deal is $45 for all six pieces, not with al. 84% off. >> all right. we're going to do the bikini wax later. >> too much, al. too far. let's review the deals once again. you got the yoga mat and the roller. the robes that we're wearing. the delicious candles.
8:46 am
dana decker. bath and body set. and the kaplan m.d. skin care set. head to with any questions. coming up next, we're giving your medicine cabinet a much-needed makeover. first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
back, now, at 8:48. a question, when was the last time you took a good look inside your medicine cabinet? weeks? months? years? if you're in that boat, it is time to see what is expired, what needs to be replaced. and dr. natalie azar, is here to help us go through it. >> nice to see you. >> i'm guilty of having medications that are a couple years old. they expire. once a year, you have to clean it out. >> absolutely. we look at the first monitor. we're going to start with the definition. what does the expiration date mean? it means that the last date that
8:49 am
the manufacturer guarantees that a medicine is safe or effective. what you want to look for. if it's a liquid, you look to see if it's cloudy. check the odor. check the consistency. has it become powdery. a couple of important things to remember. biologic are more unstable. and if you have a life-saving medicine, such as an epipen, or nitroglycerin, and insulin. after the expiration, that gets tossed. >> the expiration is not a suggestion. it's a must. >> absolutely. let's move over here. let's talk about the -- where are we here? testing your medical devices, too. this is something a lot of people -- don't know how to safely discard the medications. >> don't worry about it. you can't flush them down the toilet. >> you're not supposed to flush them down a toilet. if it's a prescription medicine,
8:50 am
you toss that. you can recycle the container. you are not supposed to flush medicines down the toilet or put it in the garbage can. you want to put the unused medicine in a bag, with something that's unappealing. we recommend dirt, kitty litter, seal it and toss it. the safest thing to do, the dea has drop-off sites all around the country. you contact your local health authorities. find out when that day is. you can bring your medicine to them. and they the kidiscard safely a appropriately. >> this is one, checking your medical devices. when you're checking if you're diabetic, your insulin tester. >> this is straightforward. thermometers, keep them. even if the date has expired. i wouldn't play around if you have a glucometer.
8:51 am
you can talk to your pharmacist and they can tell you how to do it. >> okay. replenishing what's in your medicine cabinet. what are the basics you should have on-hand? >> these are the things you want to have at home. anti-inflammatories. and acetaminophen. anti-nausea medicine. and allergy medicine. i brought some children's benadryl. and neosporen. a lot of people store their medicine in the cabinets in your bathroom. that's maybe not the best place. >> that seems logical. you want them to be in a cool, dry environment, rather where you have humid air. i like to keep mine in the kitchen. not above the stove, but above the sink. you want to remember to keep them elevated. you want to keep it away from children and small pets. >> natalie azar, you're a source
8:52 am
of amazing information. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:53 am
increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join us...during season of the force. now at the disneyland resort. and right now you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. smucker's celebrates "today" is sponsored by smucker's. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. >> today is national spouses day. in honor of that, our viewers are celebrating milestone
8:54 am
anniversa anniversaries. nicole writes, one year of marriage on the 29th. many more and a lot more pasta. stacy has known her husband since she was 3 years old. and soon, they are celebrating 14 years of marriage. and mary shared this photo from college, when she met her husband of 45 years. share your milestone anniversaries with us at did you know it was national spouses day? >> have to get on that. tamron, thank you very much. >> i didn't see your face. >> this is very, very comfortable. >> where is al? >> get that thing away from me. i'm not going near that suitcase. >> what are you worried about? >> nothing in that suitcase. >> what is coming up in the next hour? >> darius, come on out. darius rucker, our guest co-host. and we have laurence fishburne. >> are you going to have nightmares tonight? >> still, yeah. >> look at it one more time.
8:55 am
>> roll that beautiful -- >> i like how i hide behind hoda. >> push hoda in front. >> oh, gosh. >> thank you, guys, so much for that. >> welcome back. >> thanks, don nash, for that. >> much more ahead on a thursday morning. first, your loca i'm ...
8:56 am
==topvo== niles canyon road is on aga - after a man crashed his good morning on your thursday. niles canyon road is back open after a man crashed his car this morning. it happened about 5:30 in the morning near where a young woman crashed saturday and presumably drowned. in this case good news the driver was able to escape from his car and get out of the creek safely. as for saturday's crash family members tried to locate that
8:57 am
woman. so far all that has been found has been items of clothing. highway patrol officer says he can't remember any cars going into almeida creek let alone two in the same spot in a number of days. in our twitter feed you can link to more information including video images from the scene. for the first time in seven years uc students are facing a fee hike to learn how much students would have to pay and what has to happen first before the fee takes effect. and a council member making national headlines for the prop he took to his swearing in ceremony. that would be a captain america shield. the message he is trying to send to voters on our facebook page.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," darius rucker, serving up southern comfort as our celebrity co-host. and laurence fishburne on his new role. and nothing is safe, when oz pearlman wows us with his magic. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on a thursday morning, january 26th, 2017. and our co-host, again, we're so thrilled to have grammy-winner, darius rucker. looking more splendiferous
9:01 am
today. >> "gq" man of the year. i thought you were going to break into singing. like rain drops -- >> you want to do it? ♪ rain drops keep falling on my head ♪ ♪ that's why -- >> okay. that's why he's a professional. >> that's not your karaoke go-to? >> not my jam. >> and even a hum sounds beautiful. >> thank you. >> it's throwback thursday. >> oh. >> you posted a couple of photos on twitter. >> yeah. >> pictures he doesn't remember he posted. >> okay. >> that's the first hootie & the blowfish show right there. that's got to be 1985. >> wow. >> yeah. i got my shirt there. that's me and mark. i'm 19 in that picture. >> really. >> you're in a club? >> a small chicken wing joint. and that's the first hootie show. that's the first time we played
9:02 am
together. >> that's amazing. >> do you remember that moment? >> like it was yesterday. >> really? >> that's 30 years ago. >> 30 years ago? oh, my gosh. >> and what's great, is you have very young fans. next generation, one of our viewers posted this on our facebook page. this is aidan murray. he's 10 years old from ft. lauderdale. and he dressed up as you. >> he's got it. >> for his christmas pageant. >> i love it. thank you, aidan. >> he signed your name. he's forging checks under you. >> that's my signature, too. >> he knows that. >> wow. >> concerned about little -- what's his name? >> late internet -- >> we need to talk to you, fella. we love to play games with our co-hosts, by we, we mean our producers. they put together things to humiliate us. but the humiliation will be us and you. it is called truth or darius. we have to answer a personal
9:03 am
question, which you know we don't do around here, written by our producers, who are the noseiest people on the planet. or take a shot of something disgusting. but there's a twist. if we, al and i refuse to answer this question, darius, who we don't want to hurt or harm, also has to take the shot. so, they're using you as bait. you are chum. "today's take" chum. we have canned tuna juice for moi. hot sauce for al. he loves hot sauce. >> no, i don't. >> and baking -- >> bacon drippings. >> al, you are up first, my darling. >> okay. let's see here. >> i got tuna? >> tuna juice. >> that's nasty. >> i like tuna juice. i will switch you. okay, what's the most recent lie you told your producers? >> and you cannot lie. >> i love the segment that they came up with.
9:04 am
this segment. i'm telling the truth. i don't have to take the shot because i'm telling you, i hate these games. all right? and every time, i go, oh, what a great idea. that's fantastic. >> you're lying? >> i'm lying. i hate these. >> if you told the truth, you could have spared us. you're al roker. if you said, i don't like this. >> they would have done it. have you been on our show? >> i know. yes, i have. >> i'm telling the truth. i tonight like hot sauce. >> my stomach hurts opening this. >> i guess i'm ready to drink. >> america wants to know, who you were visiting in chicago two weeks ago. ♪ >> hold on. >> get ready. >> you don't want to answer. i have a second question for you. hold on. just a second. >> my stomach hurts.
9:05 am
>> i know this is going to be tough. i would like an easier question for you. here you go. >> who are you dating? >> i'm ready. >> i'm sorry. i thought that was a better question. i thought it was -- i guess it's not, really. >> why can't i give my number to viewers and i will tell you at home. >> you can do that. >> my lips are shaking. >> i guess we're drinking. >> i was visiting my boyfriend, tony. >> tony who? >> that's all you get. >> is this real? tony. we're in a little commitment there. >> i didn't want to send you through this. >> thank you very much. >> don't ask for last names. >> thank you. >> is he striped and goes great! >> yes. he's on a box of cereal. he's successful. he's been around for a while. an i bet if you look in your cabinet, he's there. >> he gets a little soggy. but other than that. i guess it's my turn.
9:06 am
>> yes. >> goodness. >> that's a big step for you. >> what's the one country song you turn off when it comes on the radio? "wagon wheel." >> nobody had to drink anything. yes. maybe that will -- >> thank goodness. >> -- put an end to these horrible games. >> we must really love you. >> for you to answer that question, you must love me. look at al. that's tuna juice. >> you're going to drink that? i could have drank it ooh and not tell the truth? i thought it would be horrible. >> it's tuna -- to you like tuna fish? how bad can tuna juice be? let me have darius'. >> you can have mine. enjoy. that's gross. >> i had a tofu vegan smoothie. i'm trying to do vegan in
9:07 am
morning. if i combined that, i would be dead. there has to be some rule. >> i don't think so. >> now, my mother knows my boyfriend's name, which she did not know, either. >> tony. did she know there was a boyfriend? >> no. >> wow. >> that's how secretive i am. >> uncharted territory, folks. >> breaking news. i love it. >> can't wait to see the internet. >> i told al i will be breaking up. >> you know people can hear this. >> tony just found out they're breaking up. >> you just told tony on national television. >> what's wrong with you? >> i didn't want darius to drink the juice. >> i give you that. and by the way, tony -- how did that happen? >> i think now that i'm free, i can just tell you everything. >> okay, good. >> i'm sorry, tony. >> moving on. >> moving on. okay. have you seen -- do you watch
9:08 am
horror movies? >> i do like horror movies. i haven't seen "the ring." >> it's the scariest thing ever. >> there she is. well, she appears -- she steps out of a tv in a spooky way. the filmmakers decide to scare some folks at an electronic store. take a look. >> almost looks realistic, right? >> yeah. >> i have to grab a different remote. we'll do that one, okay? >> sure. >> oh, my god. >> oh. >> oh, my god. [ screaming ] >> let's show a diversion out there. that's fantastic. not to be outdone. we have a great relationship with these guys. our producers played a prank
9:09 am
with the same creepy character from "rings." >> there you go. [ screaming ] >> what's great is, natalie uses hoda as a shield. there's a flesh-eating zombie. take my friend from the 10:00 hour. >> that was not funny. that was not funny. that was not funny at all. >> oh. you don't want to sing "i want to be with you" to her? >> that was not funny. that was not funny. >> and you have tears coming? >> that's what happens when you drink too much tomato juice. >> all that tomato juice. >> that was great. >> that scared the heck out of me. >> look at you.
9:10 am
you know, she's not real. >> that scared the heck out of me. my goodness. >> where did she go? >> that really just scared the heck out of me. >> there you go. >> we will give you time to recover in the break. >> maybe there's something in the water. >> what is wrong with the producers we have? >> they're sick people. >> tim, adam. >> maybe we can get them to go surfing with this 10-year-old. it's a photo bomb you have to see to believe, after these messages. this show has jumped the shark. >> oh. oh. >> wow. i'm hall of famer, jerry west, and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years. until i learned more about once-daily xarelto®... a latest-generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k
9:11 am
and at least six blood-clotting factors. xarelto® is selective. targeting one critical factor of your body's natural clotting function. for people with afib currently well-managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking, you may bruise more easily, and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle-related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto®.
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where does it come from? was it my refusal to accept that an nfl official was a man's job? was it to show my daughter that she can be anything that she wants to be? if i don't believe in myself who will? it does start on the inside. your best starts inside. that's why every cup of activia yogurt is made with billions of our exclusive probiotic to help care for what's inside. activia. it starts inside. ♪ luckily -- >> what's up? >> this program is in the central time zone. it has not aired yet. >> yeah. >> if i were to -- >> if i were to call my mother. >> and, perhaps, tony. >> if that's his name. >> that's not his name? >> the memes you are sending me,
9:14 am
to me related to having a boyfriend, are amazing. very funny. "today's take" our special guest and truth serum, trapped in brown skin, darius rucker. people that do cruel pranks are intelligent? >> that study was a prank. >> there's a study. matt lauer is good at pranks. >> yes, he is. >> is he highly intelligent? >> not really. >> okay. you've known him longer than i have. the super bowl is just over a week away. and many of the fans will be struggling to get out of bed to go to work after the big game. who are you going for? who is your team? >> i like to see the falcons win. the patriots always win. >> the falcons, all right? >> i don't care. i'm rooting for the commercials. >> kraft heinz company has given its employees the monday off.
9:15 am
should the day after the super bowl be a holiday? #todaystake, yes or no? >> i thought yes. the day after the super bowl, should be a holiday. it's the biggest sports day of the year for america. >> i think voting in an election and super bowl. those are two days you should have off. >> okay. wait. exercising your civic duty, over eating wings and getting drunk, to be off. >> my name is tamron. i live in a duel world where they make you drink bacon drippings. and i have senators on the show. my worlds collide. those two things make sense to me. they say political football. >> my kids get off from school too much as it is. now, they're getting off for the super bowl? i mean, come on. >> you don't want to be bothered
9:16 am
with them? >> pardon? >> you don't want to be bothered? >> bothered? no. go to work. >> what is the shark photo? >> ethan went surfing at a beach in new south wales earlier this week. >> known for sharks? >> of course. in australia, they have the great white sharks. his father is nearby on shore taking pictures. look at what they notice later in the pictures. going to zoom in. >> can you see it? >> there you have what appears to be a great white shark. >> for legal reasons, do we have to say appears? it's clearly a shark. it's a shark. >> yeah. >> is that tuna? with its mouth open. >> i would never go in the water again. >> ethan said, if he had seen the shark, he would have freaked out, falling off the surfboard. >> he's facing it. but he doesn't see it. >> doesn't see it. >> that's terrifying. >> that's it. jumping the shark. every day. let's see what we've got for you, starting off with our
9:17 am
friends around the great lakes. this is going to be a really snowy weekend. as that low pressure system moves away, it's going to drag in colder air over the warmer watters of the lake. we will have a weekend-long lake-effect snow event, especially from cleveland, buffalo, into watertown and parts of northern new england. we're talking in the tug hill plateau, that's between watertown, oswego and tupper we have a lot of sunshine cross the bay area. here's a live look outside at san jose. all of the clouds we're seeing now will be clearing out for a very nice afternoon, but it's still fairly chilly out there. 45 degrees now in napa, and palo alto as well as san jose. livermore, current temperature, 4 degrees. after the chilly start, we'll have more sunshine warming up the temperatures. close to average highs this time of year.
9:18 am
reaching 55 degrees in the tri-valley. 56 in san francisco. 54 today in the east bay. >> that is your latest weather. >> i was admiring darius' beautiful watch. >> lady antebellum gave it to me. >> touring with them? >> for me, that's a regular thing. when i tour with guys, i give the whole band a rolex. >> does this count as a tour? >> yes. >> why don't you go out on the road -- with tony. up next, if you're trying to lose weight, should you avoid pizza and pasta? does tony like pizza? can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside each of us are trillions of good microflora that support good digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them so they can thrive. and what helps them, helps you and me every day.
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9:21 am
feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® ♪ okay. the hardest part of dieting has to be giving up comfort foods. today, we want to bust myths about pasta, pizza and potato chips. to get the facts straight, is madeline. >> nice to see you, al. >> pizza. fact or myth? pizza is junk food. >> what do you think? >> i think that's a myth. >> and you would be right. we had the viewers weigh in. of almost 8,000 viewers, 57% of people agree with you. that is a myth. it has three of the necessary food groups every day. you have grains. you have cheese. and you have vegetables.
9:22 am
cheese, this is one of the main sources of dairy that most americans will get in a day, by eating pizza. look for thin crust. you can get whole wheat or regular. and add your own toppings. it's fine to put vegetables on. and a lot of people use turkey pepperoni. or regular pork pepperoni, use it light. have a light hand with all of this. you want to give it a lot of flavor. when you're at your favorite restaurant, get a thin trust. asked light on the cheese. well done. and you can add parmesan. and portion control is key. you can make pizza a good part of your diet. >> pasta. people think avoiding pasta will help you lose weight. >> okay. that statement, avoiding pasta will help you lose weight. is that a myth or fact? >> i think it's a myth. >> and you would be right. and nearly half of our viewers,
9:23 am
49%, agreed with you. it's controversial because you think, we have a lot of portion distortion when it comes to pasta. carbohydrates and grains are not bad. everyone doesn't love whole wheat pasta. cup for cup, it's about 200 calories, whole wheat and white pasta has the same calories. but more fiber in the whole wheat will make you feel fuller. and people are talking about zucchini and swap that out. for most people, it doesn't work. it tastes like zucchini with sauce on it. if you mix it with one cup of z zucchini, it will feel more like pasta. >> we like to bulk it up with broccoli or cheese. >> the kettle chips are healthier than potato chips. they're potato chips, aren't
9:24 am
they? >> that's a myth. about 75%. three of four of viewers agree with you. kettle cooked. you're cooking them over a kettle. it's a kettle full of fat. same potatoes, when they're not fried, they're going to be a vegetable, too. you start frying any vegetable, the all bets are off. but kettle cooked doesn't mean healthier. it means you're going to have the same fat, potatoes, enjoy them in a one-ounce serving. >> more about our food myth busters. coming up, what's in i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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9:26 am
methods, not miracles.™ ==topvo== - after a man crashed his n new good morning. 9:26 on your thursday. i'm sam brock. niles canyon road is back open after a man crashed his car into alameda creek this morning. of course, a different incident from what happened last week. this happened about 5:30 in the morning, right where a young woman crashed saturday and presumably drowned. in this case, the driver managed to escape from his car and get out of the creek safely. as for saturday's crash, family members have unsuccessfully tried to located that young woman for days. all that's been found are a few items of clothing. at 11:00 this morning, san francisco mayor lee is delivering his state of the state address. there was a lot to talk about. this is surely to be closely
9:27 am
watched. he is likely to address the executive order signed by president trump that is promising to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities like san francisco. lee insisted the rights of all immigrant residents will remain protected. lee is also likely to talk about items including affordable housing and the recent change at the top of the san francisco police department and its new police chief, bill scott. today the uc system could be raising tuition for the first time since 2011, that's when it was frozen. for in-state students, if approved, that means yoour yearly tuition would rise by $320 a year. if you're out of state, the hike would be about $2,000 a year. uc regents are meeting in san francisco. in the meantime, we're hoping to see our temperatures get hiked a little bit. kari hall will have a look at your forecast.
9:28 am
traffic good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. all clear and a nice start out to this thursday morning.
9:29 am
but it is still chilly and temperatures slowly warming up in the low 40s now. for fairfield and mid-40s for the south bay. highs this afternoon reaching the mid to upper 50s. this weekend still stays dry. we won't see showers returning until next wednesday. we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic. you see the south bay has no surprises. the peninsula, unpleasantly slow. southbound 280, the crash at farm hill road may have cleared up in the last couple minutes. we is see some recovery but jammed from highway 92. southbound 680 jammed, out of fremont. back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
♪ it is wow me wake. and we have os pearlman. os was here a week ago. we placed a mysterious envelope filled with predictions inside the safe. and oz locked it up. we put our signatures on it to make sure it was not tampered with. >> let's find out what's inside. oz, good to see you. >> everybody looks fantastic. >> darius, a quick favor. grab your phone out. and hold it up so i'm not peeking. how many people do you think you have in there? >> hundreds. >> a popular guy. scroll through the names. back and forth. back and forth. track down, call somebody in there your random person of the
9:31 am
day. >> got it. >> is there a reason you picked him? >> yeah. >> it's a guy, right? >> yes. >> think of the first letter of his name. is it a "d"? >> yes. >> you didn't mean to let it slip. this is happening in real-time. not daniel. i'm going to show them. make sure. what is this guy's first name? >> david. >> david. >> no way. >> wow. >> did i tell you who to pick? >> no way. >> and it sounds like two first names. nelson? >> no way. no way. >> is he your bookie? >> no. >> he owes you money. >> wow. >> we need the safe. >> can you believe that? >> this happened a week ago. >> right. >> we locked this up. you've been the only one in control of this safe, with the combination. open it up, please. >> jerry has been in charge. oh, my. >> that was crazy. >> was that crazy? tuna juice. and take that out, jerry. i don't want to touch it.
9:32 am
>> i love how you're the vanna white of this. >> if you could, open that up. give the first one a little open. i will hand it to tamron. >> it's been sealed. >> sealed in this safe. >> i don't want you to ruin your nails. safety letter opener. unless you want to rip and get crazy. you got this, tamron. >> i'm not going -- >> and reach inside. this is the key. this is -- is that your initials? >> those are mine. >> and flip it over. there might be another safety seal. when you notarize. is there another one in there? are those your signatures? and you crossed it out. >> yes. >> other than that right now, has anyone touched this envelope in the last woke? has anyone touched that? >> no. >> open the seals, make sure it's stapled. show them all. >> it's completely stapled. >> rip it open, al. this is what i wrote for what would take place. this was sealed on january 19th.
9:33 am
i'm going to go to you. tamron is going to kick it off. >> okay. >> first, i want to compliment tamron on her stylist choices. dark mary jean stiletto, and navy dress, with lace along the edges. >> i picked this out this morning at the last minute. and i have not wore these shoes in months. >> thank goodness. that red one, that would have threw me off. put this against your body. in this moment, real-time -- think of somewhere you've been on vacation in the past? years ago. >> okay. >> you got it? >> is there -- did you just think of that? is there any way i can know this place? >> no. >> just thought of it. that's the past. this is the future. we did this a week ago. think of your bucket list. somewhere you've never been. something i couldn't have researched. number one place you want to go. tell us that place.
9:34 am
>> fiji. >> fiji. >> fiji. >> read the next section for you, please, out loud. >> al roker, you deserve a fun vacation and it's time to leave your neck of the woods and head to fiji for the trip of a lifetime. >> real quick. read the next one. >> i'll bet the games will be blowouts with the patriots and falcons coming out on top. new england are the favorites for a reason. and patriots will win big on super bowl sunday. >> oh, my gosh. >> i had to go with it. >> on a somber note, tragedies go in threes, with the loss of carrie fisher and debbie reynolds, we will mourn the loss of a beloved tv actress. >> but the initial, mtm. mary tyler moore. >> i had no idea when i wrote that. >> that's crazy. that's crazy.
9:35 am
>> that's incredible. >> that's wild. >> and we promise you, this was sealed. as far as we know. it's been in that safe. >> jerry, did anyone touch that envelope? >> no. been in there. >> you're freaking me out. >> i'm working on the lottery numbers next. >> thank you. up next, want to -- i don't know how we transition from that. i wa will do my best. want to get j. lo's style at home? how to rock your favorite red carpet looks. you look so beautiful, madame.
9:36 am
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9:39 am
♪ ♪ give extra. get extra. ♪ with awards season in full swing, it's easy to fall in love with celebrity styles. then, you realize you have no use for a $10,000 dress with a five-foot imploost saidy train. >> we brought chazi post. >> it's like the super bowl of
9:40 am
fashion, this olympics of fashion. we want to show women how they can take these red carpet looks and translate them into real life. you can do that. you don't have to have a celebrity budget. >> everybody's jaw dropped when jennifer lawrence. >> we have leniece. >> and this is bling. check out leniece. this is how you transform that little black dress, or a little black t-shirt a little or a lot of bling. this dress is so gorgeous. we just layered on all of these different necklaces. we got one from bobble bar. one from aldo. one from express. and, ladies, get in your closet. and mix and match. i use this genius thing here. it's called a necklace extender. and you can extend the lengths
9:41 am
of your necklaces. >> i love that. >> here, we got j. lo. >> you look stunning. >> a look inspired by lori laughlin. she is head-to-toe floral. hard to wear. >> here, we have sama in the dark floral trend. these are about florals with attitude and bite and pizazz. you won't believe this. i found this dress for $5. >> what? >> at h&m yesterday. and this is a huge point. >> was that the sale price? >> yes. it's the sale price. >> good grief. >> and right now, dark florals are everywhere. it's the best time for women to shop. small/winter is on their way out of the stores. you're going to see dark floral in fall, winter and spring. >> the yellow was popular. >> especially at the golden globes. with reese witherspoon, and
9:42 am
viola davis and natalie portman. >> we have christina showing us how to wear yellow. she looks stunning. i see you in yellow. but a lot of women say, oh, my gosh, i can't wear it. it's about finding that perfect shade. go in a dressing room. get a bunch of different yellows. hold them up. and you can find it. christina is wearing this saturated bright, bright yellow. it's perfect for her coloring. this dress is from asos. it's $90. and she looks like a ray of sunshine. >> that would be perfect at a wedding. not as the bride. >> exactly. don't be afraid to mix in colors. we have great -- >> al roker is shaking his head. >> oh. i'm wearing black to my wedding. oh. >> wow. >> and scene. thank you, you look stunning. >> and last trend.
9:43 am
rami malek, and darius rucker, with the velvet jacket. how do we get our men in this look? >> to get darius' look along with rami and donald, check out steven. >> you look cute. handsome. >> are the oscars happening today? so amazing. and this velvet blazer -- darius, you had yours with jeans. >> absolutely. >> you can really mix it up. and you can do the whole suit. or mix it with black pants that you have in your closet. or like darius showed us, with jeans. it will be a piece to mix in. how many compliments did you get? >> a lot. >> singing people off. >> this is $211. from asos. and this transforms men's closet. >> he has dress pants on. and darius had on his jeans.
9:44 am
come back over. you should come back on tv. let all your family and friends see you. how pretty. >> no celebrity budget required. >> they're waving us off. chazi is going to stick around for a facebook chat. head to today style's facebook page right now. we want to hear from you. what drives me mad about al roker's style, nothing. he's so stylish. >> thank you so much. lake-effect snow around the great lakes this weekend, as we head into tomorrow. beautiful weather through the gulf coast. santa ana wins in california. saturday, more lake-effect snow around the great lakes and plains. a little clipper coming across. look for santa ana winds continuing there. and sunday, sunday, more snow around the upper ohio river valley. a few showers move into the pacific no
9:45 am
. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine. it's mid-40s in most of the bay area. north bay, 4 degrees with sunshine. that sun will help make it into mid-50s. 56 in san francisco. north bay up to 59 degrees. east bay with 54. our temperatures continue to warm as we head into the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. and we want to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction. mr. laurence fishburne, bringing a powerful true story to life. a powerful true story to life. an anticipated new be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin.
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9:50 am
fishburne, is one of the actors who commands every role he's in, from tv to film. he earned an academy award for ike turner, in "what's love got to do." and we believed him when he said the matrix is everywhere. now, he's playing nelson mandela in "madiba." he tells how mandela went on to be a nobel peace prize winner. >> you've played so many iconic roles. but to play madiba. >> yes. >> has got to be the role of a lifetime. >> a role of a lifetime. one of the greatest honors of my life, i'm sure. a gift. i said yes immediately and then p panicked a little bit. i was taken to south africa by kevin hooks, who is the first
9:51 am
black person in nelson mandela's life. met people that worked with him. most of our cast is south african. and we were shooting in place where's the actual history happened. our film is really, really incredible. >> the thing i love about the whole film is, it's about other people's sacrificed and suffered for the freedom. that's something i think is great. that must have been cool to be part of that. >> that's something that mr. mandela wanted, when the producers asked for his blessing. that make sure people know it wasn't just me. it was all kinds of people, fighting to dismantle apartheid. >> it's throwback thursday. i'm going to go social media on laurence fishburne.
9:52 am
>> it seems so childish. >> throwback thursday, people know you were a child actor. my favorite movie, cornbred earl. >> this is why i love you, tamron. >> i own it on vhs. it's all ragged. we have something else to show you. laurence fishburne, "one life to live." >> oh, my god. oh, wow. >> that's not me. that's al freeman jr. >> go back to the wide shot. >> in the corner. >> big afro, and the eyes that looks like he's terrified. >> my gosh. how old were you then? >> i was probably 11. when you did cornbread. >> i was 5. >> how relevant is that film today? >> it's unfortunate and sad that
9:53 am
"cornbread, earl and me" is relevant. >> we're going to see "madiba" on b.e.t., next wednesday, february 1st. >> good to see you. and we are back in a moment. but first this, is "today" on nbc. >> your first throwback thursday. we could hav had you drink tunae
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ this has been so great. >> i know. >> having darius rucker here. >> thank you so much. >> had a blast. >> i want people to see this outfit. check this out. come on. >> what -- >> come on. >> i stole it from tamron. >> look at the hair. >> do the spin. to the spin. yes, baby. >> that's what i'm talki
9:56 am
after some early morning clouds, we will get some warming temperatures. it will be cooler than average in some spots. up to 56 degrees in the peninsula and 55 in the tri-valley. nice and comfortable in the north bay. 59 degrees and 56 in san francisco. we will continue to see some dry
9:57 am
weather for the next couple of days. cool mornings and some warm afternoons. for the weekend, go ahead and make some plans to get outside. let's see how it looks on the roadways with mike. >> plan for the weekend, yes, we do that all the time. over here looking at a smoother drive. lighter crowds over the next few minutes as south bay continues to move north. 680 crash cleared around washington, near the washington/irvington exit. we're looking at a smooth flow towards the bay bridge as well. we have a crash and car fire reported, west 88 and carlson boulevard. looks like they cleared that out because speeds are improving. toll plays. >> very smooth. happening now, a south bay police officer is recovering after investigators say he was nearly dragged by a vehicle after trying to make a stop in a gym parking lot. the driver is still at large. can you update to the story on our home page. a south bay council member
9:58 am
is making national headlines r for. he work a captain america shield. you can find the story on our facebook page and twitter feed. you can find all the rain and how it's adding up.
9:59 am
10:00 am
this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. welcome to thirsty thursday. it's january, 26th. and that is the news by train. >> got a new one. >> a fantastic show today. from the hit series "scandal," actress bellamy young is here. we're going to try to get her to reveal a few secrets from tonight's premiere. plus, tony and emmy winner glenn close. she has starred on the stage and movies and tv. find out w


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