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tv   Comunidad del Valle  NBC  February 5, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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damian trujillo: to "comunidad del valle." i'm damian trujillo, and today, the relationship between mexico and the united states, where does it stand? today, our exclusive interview from 2007 with former mexican president vicente fox right here on your "comunidad del valle." male announcer: nbc bay area presents "comunidad del valle" with damian trujillo. damian: we're joined here on "comunidad del valle" today with the mexican consul general in san jose. given the fact that the us president just announced some new rules, and so has the mexican president. he's given you some standing orders all the way from mexico city. welcome back to the show. mauricio toussaint is the mexican consul general in san jose. this is the first meeting that we're looking at right here between donald trump and presidente peña nieto. tell us what orders you've been given from the us embassy in washington dc after the president,
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mexican president's announcement. mauricio toussaint: from the us embassy in washington? damian: mm-hmm, did they give you any orders as far as what you need to be doing when it comes to the protection of mexican citizens? mauricio: so, the mexican embassy in washington? damian: okay, yes, that's what i mean, i'm sorry. mauricio: well, actually, we have received orders--first, thank you, thank you for inviting me again, damian. it's always a pleasure being with you, and of course with all the people of--from "comunidad del valle." and as i said, we have received direct orders from presidente peña nieto and from the ministry of foreign affairs luis videgaray because this is--we are facing a new era in the relationship between mexico and the united states, and particularly in the--regarding the announcements made within the campaign, the political campaign, the election campaign,
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and now some new, through the signing of executive orders, that of course can affect and will impact our mexican community in the united states, which is huge, as you know. and here in california, of course, is one of the most important communities. and the first, the first instruction that we have is that mexican consulates, we have--we are 50 in the united states, and 10 only in california, mexican consulates, we are going to be post for defense for the mexican members of the community. damian: what does that mean, a post for defense? what does that mean? mauricio: well, that means that we are going to first to be centers of information because we have to--through the whole network and the embassy of mexico in washington, to get all
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the information precisely and immediately. because you know, there are many, many rumors, but many things are not real. and so, people are scared. people are scared because they don't know, because there's uncertainty. and when things come to be true, so what we have to do is being well-prepared, collecting that information, designing a strategy in order to defend our co-nationals here in the united states. so, this is the first--the first task. the second one is being prepared with directly from the consulates, and through lawyers, consultants, to provide
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the people with legal services for following up their cases on immigration issues. so, the president announced two new resources, mil millones de pesos, and that's about $50 million, $1 million for each consulate. and, but we have--we have already funds to finance these legal services that we'll be hiring to protect our co-nationals in case of they could be affected by an immigration measure. damian: well, needless to say, a lot of efforts and changes going on with the duties of the mexican consulate. we do have some information for you. if you'd like or you know someone who might need the services of the mexican consulate in san jose, there they are, there's their address, their telephone
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she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. and right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. go to for a store near you. consul general in san jose. and when you arrived here to our studio today, señor consul, you said, "no holds barred, ask me any questions." and that's what you've been about since you got here, right? openness and, let's be frank about it, let's talk about whatever it is that you want to talk about. mauricio: yes, it's the only way to get credibility, speaking really, really frankly. damian: yeah, no, absolutely. now, i mentioned to you again before the camera lights went on is that i have friends who have green cards, and they've been in this country from mexico for 15, 20, 30 years, but they still have the green card. for some reason, they have not decided to take the oath of citizenship. but now they're scared, they're worried about what might happen to them.
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should they be concerned, and what should they do in that case? mauricio: yes, of course, because even if they haven't, president trump hasn't still signed any specific executive order addressed to mexicans in that sense regarding visas and working permits and so on, dacas to--some people is scared because the signature of the order regarding--executive order regarding people from seven countries, most of them muslim countries, and even green cards were affected. at the end of the day, apparently they have a confusion, or they-- damian: they fixed it a little bit. mauricio: yes, and, but of course we don't know, and we don't know because it is not clear,
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the executive orders are not so specific to really indicate the immigration authorities or the customs what is going to happen in each case. damian: and that makes it so much difficult for offices like yours because you don't know what you're responding to. you're just kind of waiting to see maybe what the next tweet says, or what the next order is going to be. mauricio: that's why our first step is to be well-informed about what is happening. damian: your office is down in san jose. talk about the reaction, the mood of your co-nationals who are coming for services. scared, frightened, brave, standing up? what is it, what is their reaction? mauricio: yes, well, first of all, i would like to mention we have three main phone numbers. i don't want to give you so many figures, but if you go to our website, it's here--
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damian: we have it on the screen, there it is right there. yeah, they're right there. mauricio: okay, but it's easy because, you know, the web address is a little complicated. damian: it's very hard, yes. mauricio: yes, so, if you go to your browser and write "mexican consulate san jose california," because san jose, costa rica, sometimes it has happened. so, san jose, california. and we--our jurisdiction is santa clara, santa cruz, san benito, and monterey. so, you can go to our website, and then--and there you will find a number for the ciam, center of information, center for information and assistance to mexicans. this is one you can be--if you dial that number, it's a 1-800, you can get information, you can get information too in the website regarding the way to get a document, passport,
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or matricula, or visa, and so on. and the third one is the number to get an appointment, it's mexitel. that's another, you can get an appointment through internet in the mexitel webpage, or dialing the number. damian: but bottom line, the message i'm getting is that your office is reinforcing your job and duty to your mexican co-nationals, and that is that you are here to defend their civil rights and whatever other constitutional rights they might have while in this country. mauricio: yes, because our first message is that everybody in this country, the united states is a country of laws, and we are trusting that. and so, everybody here in this country has rights, human rights, constitutional rights,
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and other rights, for instance labor rights. even if you are undocumented, you have to get paid, and you have to get provided with all the social services around a working contract. damian: and you're here to make sure that they do get that. mauricio: yes, and that's one of--that's part of our job. but now, we are--we have been receiving a lot of petitions or of information. and so, we have established the different channels of communication. we have consulado movil, our mobile consulate in salinas last week. next week, we are going to have one in watsonville. damian: i can imagine all the questions. mauricio: so, and they will be there. we send there people to answer the questions in place. and of course, all the consular services such as passports and
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matriculas and birth certificates. for instance, it's very, very advisable if your children have--if they are mexicans, children with mexican parents, or at least one parent is mexican, so they have the right, even if they were born, they were born in the united states, they have the right to be mexicans too. and that's important because in case of deportation, so if they only appear as americans, so you know, it's difficult for us to intervene if we cannot show that they are mexicans too. damian: very good point. well again, a lot of that information is on the website, and the consul says it's better to google it because that is a long web address. just google "mexican consulate san jose california," and it'll lead you right into that site right there. and there's the number to call for more information. well, thank you so much again for defending the rights of your mexican co-nationals. mauricio: and thank you to--and i call you
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to be well-informed. don't hear rumors, don't hear these people that make frauds, you know? so, if you have any doubt, call to the consulate, call to ciam, and we will orient you, and we will provide you with the legal support you will need. damian: all right, muchas gracias. all right, thank you, the mexican consul general in san jose. up next, our talk once again with the former president of mexico, vicente fox. stay with us.
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the former president of mexico, vicente fox. at that time, felipe calderon was the president in mexico. the topic was, of course, immigration, and labor force, and other topics that were relevant then. and ironically, are relevant especially more right here at this day and time. and now, here is former mexican president vicente fox. damian: let's talk about immigration. and because when the president was at your ranch before 9/11,
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you were ready to cut a deal on immigration. and then 9/11 hit, and that was put aside for a long time. what should we do? now, we're talking about a guest worker program. what's the answer in your opinion? vicente fox: well, yes, but not only we were to an agreement, both administrations, but also in us congress and in mexico, the feeling was that we were very close to reaching an agreement for a immigration reform before september 11. from there on--and september 11 should never repeat again. it was a criminal act, a terrorist act that all democracies in the world should condemn, and we should all work together against terrorism. but at the same time, the world goes on, and life goes on. and we need to build a better future for those excluded, for the poor, for the non-educated. so, we have to work hard for that purpose, and understanding
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immigration is one way to go. and understanding a future together is a good way also to go. and this is why i claim for a new vision for nafta, as well as a new vision for a continental trade agreement, as well as a new vision for united nations, world bank, international monetary fund, and else. and i think that we have to keep active, very constructive institutions, and making sure that we build all together a better world. damian: has nafta worked for all latin american countries? vicente: now for mexico, it's the ones directly involved, mexico, canada, and the united states, and it has worked extremely well. today, mexico has the seventh largest trading balance in the world. today, mexico has close to triple its per capita income in the last 10 years.
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today, mexico has reduced by 35% the number of families in poverty and in extreme poverty. it's a very important reduction, and it's not what governments have done or nafta has done. it's because these people, these families have had, for the first time, the opportunity to overcome the poverty by their own effort, by having the tools to be able to do that. so, mexico is on the move. goldman sachs's projection for 2040, they show that the number one economy in the world will be china by 2040. united states will be the second. and the fifth economy, largest economy in the world will be mexico. this is goldman sachs' projection. so, mexico is on the move, has a very solid, reliable economy. it's a very solid partner of the united states. and this is why, through the book, i try to bring in the
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message to us public opinion, to the regular citizen in this nation, the middle classes, what really mexico is, how mexico is doing a great effort to overcome poverty, to bring in the jobs and the opportunities to our own people. because i see a lot of misunderstanding on that and misinformation in relation to that. some say that mexican government is promoting our people to come to the united states. that's absolutely false. i mean, it would be stupid for me as president, or for felipe calderon as president, thinking like that when we need our people, when we need that talent, when we need that energy to build up a powerful, competitive economy. and plus the fact that those who come here, it's because they have a job here. somebody's offering them a job. and they are hired, they are paid every week, their salaries,
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and they work for this economy, either with a family, either a small business, either farming, either harvesting vegetables in san joaquin valley, or picking up apples in washington, or attending nursing the older here, the elderly, or working in hospitals, or in schools, everywhere. and they're contributing, they're part of this economy. and i'm not claiming for an open border, let's be sure on this. what i am claiming is for sense, intelligence, talent on dealing with the issue. not fear and xenophobia, but talent. and this is my request to us congress. sit down, discuss the issue, let the fear aside, see the economy, see the quality of life of this nation, see how this economy can be competitive and productive.
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and the only way that can happen is by admitting every year a number of immigrants. and yes, we have to determine what number, no more than that, no more than those who have a job. but those who are hired here and do have a job, they should be respected, they should be respected in their labor rights, in their human rights. and so, determine the amount that should come here on that guest worker program. and let's check on those who have a job here, who are here, that are undocumented, but again, somebody's hiring them. damian: and again, that was former mexico president vicente fox speaking back in 2007, but some of those words are still ringing true today. we'll be back and finish our interview with vicente fox. stay with us.
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also, watch us in español, telemundo channel 48. you can watch "comunidad del valle" every sunday at 11 a.m. thank you once again for sharing a part of your sunday with us. we finish our conversation with former mexico president vicente fox. buenos dias. damian: are you surprised that our vegetables and fruits are rotting on the vines and on the branches because of the workers just aren't here? vicente: i'm sure this economy will collapse, and it's not my point of view. just a week ago, being in new york, i had directly mentioned bloomberg saying that the city of new york would collapse if it were not for the immigrants that are working in that--in the economy of that city, and on the services of that city. the construction industry, i mean, i don't know how they would do it, but i don't know that there exist robots better quality than mexicans constructing them. i mean, they know how to put a brick, they know how to construct. and same thing with the apples or with the--this.
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i visited vegas not far from here, and huge construction activity there. i mean, big hotels everywhere. and i visited them, and my paisanos are there. ninety percent of the people that is building those hotels, it's mexican immigrants. and when you maybe analyze a little bit your home, pretty sure it was constructed by mexicans. and they serve the tables of your citizens, they wash the dishes, they cook excellent food, the best in the world, enchilada, the tortilla, the tacos, mexicans. and they repeat, they work in hospitals, they nurse the elderly, they keep the ill. and so, it's just sense what i'm calling for. let's sit down and come up with a wise decision. this nation is wise.
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this nation is great and big because it was constructed by immigrants, those hundreds of thousands, millions that came through ellis island, the port of new york, those that have participated in building this that came from africa, that came from india, that came from asia. and not only those, but also, like my grandfather, he's an immigrant, but he goes from the states, from cincinnati, ohio, and he goes down all the way to mexico without a penny in his pocket, looking for his american dream, and he found it there in mexico. and there is hundreds of thousands of us citizens working in mexico, working in brazil, working in china. i mean, the immigrant has such a heart, such a dynamics within him, such a hunger for accomplishing the impossible, for working hard to improve his family's condition that they
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should be welcome anywhere because, by building a wall, i mean, united states isolating from the rest of the world? the champion of opening markets, and the champion of globalization, the nation that led us to believe that trading, we would be much better economies, and that we would have a much better life? and now the champion, the leader decides to build a wall, erroneously thinking that the threat is immigrants. the threat to this nation is isolating from the rest of the world. we should be building bridges, not walls. we should be building bridges of understanding, bridges of trading, bridges of technology, shared between each other, bridges of love, bridges of compassion that we need, bridges of solidarity.
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and we would have a much better world. we would have a much better border. we would have a much better life between two neighbors, two friends, and two partners that we are. damian: your impression of president bush's biggest weakness? vicente: no, i'm not here to begin and find, investigate what his weaknesses are. i can tell you that in our relationship, we had only one big difference, which was the case of iraq. to me, the case of iraq should have been handled multilaterally, through the united nations, and not unilaterally by the united states. and i think this because through intervening directly, united states is losing respect in many countries in the world. and united states cannot be the police of every country in the world.
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i think that's the charter and the mission and the mandate of the united nations. instead of bypassing the united nations, what we should do is bring in a reform to the united nations, a re-engineering of all of its activity so that we have a very strong united nations with very high moral standards, and ethics, and respect from all countries in the world so that they can accomplish what they are--what they are to do. number one, to ensure peace, peace, and harmony throughout the world. number two, to solve conflict among nations in the world. that is the charter of the united nations, so.
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tcking a strg storm ming into the bay are. a live look outside as -- heyray moment now. right now at 4:30, tracking a storm moving into the bay area. a live look outside as heavy rain moves in any moment now. tense moments in a san jose neighborhood, the manhunt that had people on edge. the news starts right now. good evening, everybody. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. travelers started arriving at sfo in the wake of the president's controversial immigration ban. >> rick boone is there w


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