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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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intensity by 5:48 this evening. now, this is where the flooding threat continues to remain. the highest not only at the ground so saturated but the anderson reservoir is spilling over. that's going to keep a flood warning along coyote creek into 6:30 on thursday. anyone living along coyote creek needs to be very cautious for the potential of flooding downstream as we head throughout the next 48 to 72 hours. now, in terms of this wet weather, i don't want to spring you along. we still have the possibility, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. but eventually a break by tuesday afternoon. another update at 5:10 and 5:19. >> see you in a bit. thank you, jeff. in the south bay, the storm turned into life or death situations along coyote creek. our nbc bay area cameras captured the moments when rescue crews swung into action to save people from rising waters. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at san jose municipal air force where one of the rescues took place.
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>> i'm on the 4th tee. no, that is not a water hazard. that's the actual fairway with the coyote creek flowing right through. and these are the same waters that a homeless man had to be rescued from today. the swift water rescue team from the san jose fire department trekked across what was once a parking lot at san jose municipal golf course. they were there to get a homeless man who was trapped by rising waters. he was carried to safety. two hours earlier, the same rescue crew was saving lives upstream. and that rescue was two homeless people trapped on an island that only became an island when the water started rising this morning. >> it shouldn't have surprised anybody. we have been going from homeless encampment to homeless encampment. >> the couple had to be decontaminated before being placed in an ambulance. crews say the water is full of garbage and oils and other contaminan
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contaminants. this is the reason coyote creek is rising. the spill has been dropping water nonstop after the reservoir exceeded its max capacity. now as all the water flows downstream, worry is that things will get worse, even after the rain stops. and, again, this is the fourth tee box at san jose municipal golf course. the coyote creek is actually supposed to be on the other side of that they'll line over there. but all that water coming from anderson reservoir is now here at san jose muni. we're live in san jose. i'm damian trujillo. >> thank you. that's a several miles down the road from that reservoir. we mentioned the commute on 280 southbound near winchester. you can see it there among the underpasses there. the water, the flooded water, be careful here. this is a traffic hot spot for the evening commute, adding to the problem. some of the lanes are closed, because of that flooding. again, that's 280 live look at 280 southbound in the south bay
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near winchester. also in the south bay, just in the past 30 minutes, highway 17 has reopened after this tree fell, blocking all lanes in both directions. this is in the santa cruz mountains near summit road. reporter liza miller took this picture. the freeway was closed for about 90 minutes. no relief in the north bay. nearly 3 inches of rain triggering mudslides and flooding. nbc bay area's mark matthews, the creek has been rising. mark, we could hear it flowing behind you. >> reporter: good evening, raj. the creek is flowing very rapidly. but it is far from flood stage. that's the good news. it's got 6, 7 feet before it's going to be a real problem. and right now, ross valley fire department reports that it's pretty much stabilized at its current level. but we have seen mudslides and flooding. the worst of it in tiburon. this road in tiburon was impassable this afternoon, just
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south of tea berry lane. people say this stretch is prone to slides during very wet years. >> it's pretty big. seemed bigger. >> reporter: in petaluma, the big tree came down, grazing a house and clobbering this truck. no injuries reported. and just east of petaluma in schellville, the intersection of route 12 and route 121 is flooded again. when sonoma creek overflows, this intersection is the low point, and it seems to be under water more and more often. >> this year, yeah. it's almost every day. and the water is -- this is the worst i've seen in 30 years. >> reporter: the closed roads have kept the barbecue joint closed for weeks at a time. >> january is open about ten days. february i've been open ten days. so far. >> reporter: pretty tough time for him in schellville. you're looking at a live picture of sandbags here along the avenue. people prepared for this creek
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to rise, but right now it's pretty stable. reporting, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. the problems continue in los gatos. major flooding along the creek trail near lark avenue. the popular bike path and running trail is covered with about 4 to 6 feet of water in some sections. as a reminder, avoid this trail. not worth the risk. not just people, but animals too at happy hollow park in san jose, concerns about the coyote creek led to some quick relocations today. staff moved eight animals, including two ring-tailed lemurs to higher ground. they also helped this african-spurred tortoise make the slow move from flood-probed areas. in the east bay, drivers had to split between watching the roadways and hillsides from sliding mud to falling trees. nbc is live in emeryville after catching up with a driver who is
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lucky she wasn't more seriously hurt after a tree fell on top of her car. jodi. >> reporter: that's right. an incredible story. driving in this stormy weather is certainly very, very challenging. we're standing along interstate 80 where you can see people making their way home in this wet weather. as mentioned, there is an east bay woman thanking her lucky stars after a very close call on another east bay freeway. >> it was like, oh, no. i got a tree. >> reporter: that's what harriet hutchinton went through her mind when she says a tree came crashing down on her as she drove in oakland this afternoon. >> she is a little shaken up but luckily got away with a couple scrapes on her hands. so we got real lucky. >> reporter: it's just one of the many dangerous spots in the east bay as water-logged trees and hillsides take yet another soaking. a mudslide has closed the road in castro valley. pieces of earth were still sliding as we arrived.
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>> trees, rocks, flooding. washout all over the place. it's -- there is a lot of -- it's a lot of problems. >> it's crazy. we need it to stop raining. >> reporter: hutchinson says she is grateful she only faced minor injuries. the retired oakland kindergarten teacher says the chp agrees, she is very lucky. >> he told me to go buy some lottery tickets, actually. it's what he just said to me. >> reporter: very lucky is right. again, it's not just the slick roads people have to deal with. but there are trees like this one here all along our bay area roads and highways. again, you've got to be aware of trees, sliding hillsides, and, of course, the very wet roads. reporting live in emeryville, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> reservoirs are open right now for the first time in 20 years. the water level was just 4 feet below the capacity. no homes are being threatened.
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but there is concern there could be flooding in the modesto area where the river flows. the spillway is expected to stay open for at least four days. cautiously optimistic. that's how engineers and g geologists feel right now. the crew met a major goal when the water in lake oroville fell to 50 feet below spill level. workers are still releasing water to make room for the current storm. even though things are looking better, officials say it's important for the public to stay aware of any changes at the dam. the travel troubles are piling up. wet weather created big problems for travelers in and out of san francisco. so far today, nearly 300 flights delayed at sfo. more than 100 departures and nearly 200 arrivals. and more than 100 flights cancelled. that's split down the middle. sjc in oakland not reporting any major delays. it seems like all of this is
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the new norm. creeks and waterways that used to be low. bob hawkins sent this picture of the creek overflowing in san jose. this is between jackson and mayberry road. jana sent us video of water cascading down the anderson reservoir spillway. we want to see your pictures and videos. just tag us on twitter or instagram and you can put it also to our facebook page. we'll have more viewer pictures and videos in about 15 minutes. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. rain continues across the south bay. we have stormranger mobile doppler radar scanning now. you can see heavier pockets. we are not only tracking the rain, but the rising river on our creeks and also streams. we'll take a close look at coyote creek coming up in about eight minutes. >> reporter: i'm robert handa live in the santa cruz mountains, where this rain has simply been relentless. we'll show you some of the
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situations and fears it's generating, including mudslides, power outages and flooding. >> reporter: i'm michelle roberts live in san francisco where a man was rescued from a recycling truck. coming up, i'll tell you how he got in there and how they got him out. we're under a microclimateweath.
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area. ranger is tracking thheavy which are under a microclimate weather alert.
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stormranger is tracking the heavy rain across the bay area right now. we're going to break down what you can expect tonight and into the morning commute in just a couple of minutes. a close called today for a man who was simply trying to stay out of the rain. the problem? he tried to take shelter inside of a recycling bin on pickup day. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in san francisco, and picks up the story from there. >> reporter: a recycling truck similar to this one made the rounds in san francisco early this morning. after picking up the recycleables inside a few dozen dumpsters, the truck ended up here on pier 96 in san francisco. the video shot a few months ago for another story gives you a better look inside the areas of the facility. >> there was a person in the pile of recycling. and so then they just wanted to rapid response mode. >> reporter: spokesperson robert reed says employees called 911 and were able to speak with the man who was trapped inside the truck. he says he was likely sleeping or gathering scraps in the
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dumpster picked him up. the truck is a hydraulic system to compact the materials and fire officials say that's likely what crushed the man, leaving him with serious injuries. a similar incident happened back in 2014. this is video of fire crews rescuing the man, trapped inside. in that case, the victim was able to knock on the inside wall of the recycling bin to alert the driver to stop before being crushed. >> for someone to crawl inside of a dumpster is not a good idea. >> reporter: a spokesperson says unfortunately, accidents like this happen about once every five to ten years. as for the victim from this morning, he was last listed in critical condition. reporting live, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. crews in the east bay mopping after a church caught fire this afternoon. flames broke out in antioch.
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firefighters say it started in the shed behind the church, then spread. they got the fire under control pretty quickly, but it still damaged part of the church. thankfully, no one hurt. on this presidents' day, thousands of people across the nation protested the president. >> dump trump, no kkk. >> many people calling today not my presidents' day. mr. trump making a major announcement. general hr mcmaster is his choice for national security adviser. >> he is highly respected by everybody in the military. >> there he is on the left side of your screen. he replaces michael flynn, forced to resign last week for lying to vice president mike pence about his contacts with russia. just a short while ago, president trump returned to the white house after spending the weekend in florida. back to our weather. it was relentless. the rain never stopped falling
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in the santa cruz mountains today. we have the storm-triggered flash flood warnings. robert. >> reporter: well, along with some of the problems we have with the flash flood warnings, i've just been told by many residents here they are now suffering a power outage so that adds to storm-related problems. people who live here along the san lorenzo river have been keeping a close eye on the rising water levels. but with so much relentless rain, flash floods were just one of the possible dangers. so cal san jose road is already closed because of a collapse last week. but around noontime today, a mudslide a couple miles south of the collapse brought down a big tree on poerls, so not only did the county crews have another problem, storm-weary residents who were once able to at least get home couldn't. >> just drove down the 17, just got through the one lane there,
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and then came back up this way. so now i can't get home. >> reporter: crews were responding to situations everywhere, with the ground saturated, water was pouring down or flooding streets, or making trees droop. >> i see a lot of trees about to come down. and it's just -- it's unsafe, really. >> reporter: but it's still a flash flood that seemed to worry many people the most, especially along the san lorenzo river where some say it's just a matter of time. >> if we do get all of a sudden a big, big heavy downpour for a half hour, an hour, it will come up and go over. >> reporter: now, that downpour is definitely a possibility because the rain here has never really stopped, which means the situations here, the possible flooding, the mudslides and the power outages are something that they'll have to keep an eye on all of the time. live in felton, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> really, that's our issue. the damage and the flooding and
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then our forecast. both meteorologists are here. rob mayeda and jeff ranieri. >> will we catch a break any time soon? >> it will get here eventually and we will talk about quite a few changes. let's get to that microclimate forecast. we have stormranger out right now and it's continuing to track this. in fact, it's in our parking lot right here in san jose, due to the heavy rain we have seen in the downtown area. that's the doppler radar hoisted up on the back end of the truck, and it's much more accurate, because it's closer to where all of us live. instead of up way up high on a mountain top. okay, let's go ahead and get you right now into stormranger and doppler radar scan. we're currently dealing from the north bay to the south bay. what i want to do is track heavier pockets of rain. you can see a zone here just offshore. and this is going to continue into san rafael by 5:53 tonight and then after that into san rafael, just around 5:55. for the south bay, we're also
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looking at another heavier pocket here throughout the santa cruz mountains. this will push into san jose by 5:40 tonight. and it's in san jose, this is where the heaviest flooding threat has been, because of the widespread rainfall, and specifically along coyote creek, where the anderson reservoir is spilling over. anyone living near coyote creek under a flood warning until 6:30 on thursday. for more perspective on this, let's get to meteorologist rob maye mayeda. >> we have been watching the rainfall and you can see the stormranger scan in red behind me, also bringing up rapid rises on our bay area reservoirs, especially in the south bay. anderson there, almost 103% of capacity. so that water fall you saw cascading over the weekend running faster and running higher. and, of course, that does eventually lead down into the coyote creek area, which even as the rain subsides, you'll notice the crest for that particular stretch of coyote creek east of eatonville, 11.6 feet, tuesday early afternoon, the highest it's been since 1998. jeff? that is phenomenal.
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let's look at some of the rivers, creeks and streams. another spot near alameda creek, 11.6 feet by 10:00 p.m. tonight. as we take you more off to the north, napa river, 22.3 feet, below flood stage at 3:00 tuesday. and in guerneville, 30.02 feet early tomorrow morning and this drops over the next two days. in terms of the specific forecast, tomorrow morning some scattered rain. things will try and start to break up. we'll have temperatures in the 50s from the tri valley down to the south bay. for the north bay, 52 degrees, san francisco low 50s and east bay 56. so specifically tomorrow rain forecast. we have still the chance of some isolated thunderstorms. tomorrow morning some hit and miss activity. but it's by 1:00 on tuesday we'll start to see things clear on out for us. what about the extended forecast? we'll get a break as we head
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throughout wednesday, a few spotty showers. dry on thursday and friday. what's important to know about the weekend storm, it does not look nearly as strong as the system we are dealing with right now. so we could be avoiding any kind of major river flooding. you will see for the interior valleys also a break into wednesday, thursday and friday. now, i want to remind all the viewers that are at home right now, as this storm continues to move in, and as we track this wet weather over the next 24 hours, there's an easy way you can get the information, get your ipad, iphone out. we have our app online, and you can zoom around on it. check it out. >> i've been using that doppler radar through the weekend. not just here but through the lake tahoe area, as well. >> thanks, guys. jeff, see you in a bit. >> sure. >> reporter: palo alto. we're hearing about the creeks and the streams. at the mosquito creek here in
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palo alto, another situation entirely. i'll tell you what it is, coming up. ==reveal==
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in a blog post... a former er engineer is making sexualharrass happening now on our twitter feed, in a blog post, a former uber driver said he was looking for women to have sex with. uber is having an emergency situation. and milo disinvited to speak at the political action conference. this comes after he prompted violent protests at cal last month. this is a microclimate weather alert from nbc bay area.
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ian. during our last big storm, the creek carried so much bre, it took workers all night long to clear it as they rushed to keep the waterway open. tonight this new storm has neighbors watching and worrying yet again. peggy bunker is in palo alto along the creek. peggy, what's the status this evening? >> reporter: well, you know, raj, as you just mentioned, last time this came through, it wasn't so much the water here. of course, the water is an issue all over the bay area right now. for the creek, it is the debris. it came down in droves last time. you can look at what has been
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here all day. this excavator here, lifting debris as it gathers against the bridge. this one of the bridges due to come down, because it is such a narrow bottleneck for the area. neighbors were out all day today, checking on the rising levels. neighbors anxiously watching the rising waters at the creek, all that water carrying debris that gets so piled up, that caltrans workers stay at a nearby hotel last night so they could be close in case the debris brought the creek to a stop. >> we stayed last night to watch and monitor the creek, make sure that the debris that was piling up here against our trash rack was taken out. >> reporter: during the last big storm, branches, shrubs and whole trees backed up the creek at this bottleneck. that maybe made nervous enough to check today. >> we are a little worried. >> reporter: that's right. now as you can see here, they continue to work here.
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these are caltrans workers just trying to clear the debris. see what they're bringing up, just huge bunches of sticks, tree limbs and we even saw a christmas tree floating down the creek. once again, this is an area neighbors continue to check on. there is housing all around this area. this is the main concern. they expect to be out here for several more hours. in palo alto, i'm peggy bunker. many parts of the bay area are waterlogged by this pounding rain. richard ago no, sir oshared this video with us. this is a picture of a flooded intersection in south san jose. we want to see your pictures and videos. post to our facebook page. back in a moment. we haven't seen this is in
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ars. water finally spling on i own, intlake beyessa's take a look. we haven't seen this in ten years. water is finally spilling on its own into lake berryessa's water hole. water officials say they're surprised to see this. it's good news, given the fact the lake was half full four months ago. incredible to see that video. >> powerful images across the bay area and lots of rain still.
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>> it is. we're tracking this storm and a brand-new issued flash flood warning in the south bay. i'll have details at 6:00. >> more updates coming then. right now, lester holt with "nightly news." tonight, stunning breach caught on tape. a metal detector at jfk left unguarded as passengers walked through. some setting it off. then apparently boarding flights. why didn't the tsa alert police for two hours? the replacement pick. president trump's new national security adviser revealed. as the vice president tries to calm anxious allies overseas. a new wave of bomb threats. evacuations at nearly a dozen jewish community centers across the country. tonight, parents alarmed. scandal rocks uber. an urgent investigation as a former employee makes explosive allegations of sexual harassment against women. dentist alternative. the new trend in getting your teeth taken care of. >>


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