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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 23, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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breaking overnight, protests arupt in the streets of anaheim, california after an off-duty officer discharges his weapon on a group of teens. i'm an angry constituent. you work for us! >> angry voters confront republican lawmars at town halls from coast to coast. protests erupt at the white house as transgender rights activists fight the trump administration on new rules. one lucky ticketholder is waking up $435 million richer this morning. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm gigi stone woods.
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hundreds of demonstrators marched on the streets of anaheim last night. 24 were arrested on various misdemeanor charges. they were outraged over video that shows altercation between two teenage boys and an lapd police officer that fired a gun during a scuffle. we do not know what occurred before this video began recording. a cop was dealing with teens walking across his lawn when a teen threatened to shoot him. you can see them jostling. the officer pulls out and fires a weapon. [ bleep ]. >> there were no injuries reported from the gunshot. both minors were arrested, then released to their parents. the officer is on administrative leave. the city's mayor promised an
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impartial investigation. now the backlash at town halls from coast-to-coast with thousands of voters angrily voicing their concerns demanding accountability. they are packing city streets and venues from arkansas to utah to new jersey in an effort to speak to their congressmen. in many cases they are lining up for hours just to get a question to their lawmaker. now after more than 2,000 people showed up, here was the scene at arkansas senator tom cotton's town hall. it went well into the night. cotton was met with voters' heartfelt frustrations and so were other congressional members across the country. >> i can tell you three members of my family, including me, that would be dead, dead and homeless if it was not for aca. [ applause ] >> i'm an angry con stitstituen.
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you work for us! >> aca! aca! >> do your job! do your job! do your job! >> the veterans are sick, the veterans are broken down. they are not getting what they need. if you can answer any of that i'll sit down and shut up like elizabeth warren. >> are you making the right decisions for these kids that are reading those textbooks while you are supporting the policies of a man who wants to grab women by the [ bleep ]. >> president trump has referred to the frustrated constituents as so-called angry crowds organized by liberal activists. white house press secretary sean spicer had this to say about the movement. >> i think some people are clearly upset, but there is a bit of professional protester manufactured base in there, but obviously there are people that are upset, but i also think when you look at some of these
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districts and some of these things, it is -- it is not a representation of a member's district. >> the protests are not just limited to town halls. overnight crowds amassed in front of the white house protesting the administration's latest move to scrap obama-era protections for transgender students, specifically their right to use a bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. it could have far-reaching consequences with the supreme court poised to hear a case on the issue in the next several weeks. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: it's a big reversal, slowing the push for transgender rights that zoomed ahead under president obama. the federal government today took back a directive issued just last may that told public schools to let children use bathrooms that matched their gender identity. >> why don't you stand. >> reporter: today's move is a blow to mimi of boston who is has a transgender child. >> as a vulnerable child he deserves to go to school every day and feel safe and be affirmed as who he is. >> reporter: the government now
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says a federal law called title 9 that bans sex discrimination in public schools does not apply to transgender children because gender identity isn't the same as sex. it's a victory for a dozen states that sued to block the obama order. >> you don't want to be intermingling the sexes. young boys and young girls on school trips, school locker rooms, school showers. that's clearly a violation of privacy. >> reporter: because of the justice department's legal u-turn the government will probably also drop its challenge to north carolina's bathroom law that cost the state millions in lost business. when that lawsuit was filed obama's attorney general loretta lynch had an emotional message for the transgender community. >> we see you. we stand with you and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward. >> reporter: today's move could also undercut the case of a virginia transgender student gavin grimm coming to the supreme court next month. both cases were based in part on the obama administration's reading of title 9.
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back in boston mimi lemay says she's worried. >> we can't give equal access to students in schools, what's going happen to the public access laws out there. >> next on the agenda, issuing a new and revised executive order restricting travel from seven muslim countries. the white house says that order won't come until next week despite saying it would be signed by tomorrow. the first order blocked by the courts has been suspended for 20 days. mr. trump has dispatched his secretary of state rex tillerson to mexico in an attempt to repair relations with that country's president. tillerson arrived yesterday and is expected to meet with mexican president enrique pena nieto later today. that meeting comes as mexico's foreign minister slammed trump's recent immigration guidelines that would immediately send back undocumented immigrants saying mexico could vigorously fight the u.s. on mass deportation and will refuse to accept any non-mexicans expelled across the border. nieto says his country will go to the u.n. to defend the rights of its migrants.
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the protest camp near the dakota pipeline is near empty now after a burning to end their nearly yearlong stay. some of the 300 remaining holdouts set fires to tents and wooden structures on wednesday ahead of a federal guideline to leave the grounds. most left peacefully. authorities say they cleared the camp because of expected springtime flooding. opponents of the pipeline say it's an environmental threat. supporters argue it is a job creator. at least one person is waking up $435 million richer. one winning ticket was sold in lafayette, indiana. this is the seventh largest in power ball history. the lump sum payout is $244 million. if you have your tickets handy,
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here are the winning numbers, 10, 13, 28, 52 and 61 with the power ball number 2. someone is happy in lafayette, indiana today. san jose grappling with the worst flooding in a century. homes and businesses were submerged, many caught off guard by the rapidly rising floodwaters. san jose's mayor vowed to invest in the city's failure to inform residents quickly enough. the water is receding, but avoid the water because it's contaminated with sewage. snow is coming down in the mountain states. bonnie schneider has more. >> we are bracing for a blizzard in south dakota, iowa and nebraska. most of it will come tonight and tomorrow, especially southern
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minnesota. as the snow pushes to the east, we are going watch for the threat of severe weather with strong storms in des moines, iowa later tonight as well as evere weather in chicago. highs at 67 in palm springs. the storm system is likely to bring more rain and heavy downpours as it continues to push eastward. we are watching for the snow out west. >> thanks for the update. the national zoo's beloved panda, baobao is back in china. it arrived in a panda themed fedex jet. bao bao will stay in quarantine for a month. something to uplift your
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tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. barriers are up on bourbon street. new orleans has installed new hydraulic devices throughout the french quarter to secure the city ahead of mardi gras and to protect tourists from potential terror attacks. trucks and taxis can drive over them during the day, but during high foot traffic hours of the evening the mechanical barriers will be raised. leading the news this morning, muslim-american activists have raised more than $100,000. they are trying to repair a vandalized jewish cemetery in st. louis. now, this fund-raiser reached its original goal of 20k in just three hours crossing the 100,000 mark in about a day and still climbing. 180 gravestones were knocked over on the weekend. one of several recent anti-semitic incidents across the country.
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vice president mike pence visited the cemetery on monday and he says hatred has no place in america and that the trump administration condemns the act in, quote, the strongest possible terms. a new bombshell in the sexual abuse investigation against the former head doctor for usa gymnastics larry nassar. 22 new counts of first-degree criminal sexual misconduct have been filed against him in michigan on behalf of nine alleged victims. nassar has treated many olympic athletes over the last 20 years. he was ordered to stand trial last week on previously filed charges. authorities now say 80 women, including at least one olympic athlete, that come forward to accuse him, and more charges are actually expected. nassar has previously denied any wrongdoing. a stunning announcement from nasa wednesday. the space agency says seven planets have been discovered for the first time around a single star. they are similar to earth and listen to this. this is what it means, that they could all contain life beyond our planet. here's nbc's miguel almaguer.
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>> reporter: the discovery is out of this world, seven earth-sized planets that could harbor life which answers the age old question, are we alone? >> the most exciting discovery yet. >> reporter: it's the first time outside of our solar system we found so many planets similar in size to earth around the same star known as trapisst-i. using telescopes in space and around the world scientists discovered the planets all capable of holding water, a key ingredient to life. >> these questions about are we alone are being answered as we speak in this decade and the next decades. >> reporter: less than a tenth size of the sun trapisst-i is close and warm enough to heat the seven planets. three of them could have conditions similar to our world. this is what they could look like. >> some of them could
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potentially be rocky, and some of them could have water envelopes but at this point we simply don't know. >> sounds a little bit like earth. >> it would be. >> reporter: 235 trillion miles or 40 light years away from earth it's too far to reach using the space travel of today. >> what if we found evidence of life? >> i'm not saying this is any life, but this is how you start looking. >> reporter: we may not reach trapisst-i any time soon. we are getting closer and learning more about a new planetary system that is leaving many imagining, what will we find next? miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> so exciting and a little worrisome as well. ahead, a historic appointment at london scotland yard. and then there were two. why budapest is pulling the bid for the 2024 summer games. you'll want to know. you're watching "early today." why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara.
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in today's quick hits, budapest, hungary is dropping its bid to host 2024 summer olympics due to a lack of support by its residents. that leaves only los angeles and paris in the running. the ioc will decide in september. london's scotland yard is being led by a woman for the first time in its 187-year history. she is 56-year-old cressida dick, a former member of the force. she says she's thrilled and humbled. preparations are under way
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for the 89th academy awards this sunday. crews at the dolby theater have already rolled out the red carpet for hollywood's biggest night. an interest rate hike possible and why big retailers why you may see more tesla's on the road. we have more on this. >> good morning. >> washington will try to get back on the positive track, the nasdaq and s&p 500 slipping. the dow had a gain for the ninth straight session. the markets struggled overall after the fed meeting suggests they are comfortable raising interest rates fairly soon. shares of tesla, the electric car maker reporting a loss. focusing more on the plans for the future. they plan to begin production on the model 3 car in july and ramp up in september. people preordering early could
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yours, our chocolate. this year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of princess diana. the palace is telling the story of her life through fashion. nbc's kelly cobiella has an inside look. >> reporter: she was the most glamorous, the most photographed, the fashion icon. before all of that, she was lady di in ruffles. >> she was a teenager when she wore this. >> reporter: now an exhibit displayed in her old home kensington palace. 25 dresses over two decades, like this, elegant in all black. >> a slit that comes almost to the hip. very daring for a princess, but i mean just carried off with such style. >> reporter: she wore midnight velvet for that white house trip and dance with john travolta. she called this one the elvis
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dress, one of 7 auctions for aids and cancer charity. >> i think it's wonderful what they have done up there and i'm so proud. >> reporter: from her early days as a princess diana was shaping her own image with clothes, looking at sketches with designers and making notes on the ones she liked. a handwritten, please. for a special occasion, prince williams christening and this one for the hospital visits but she didn't want the hat. >> she said you can't cuddle a child in a hat. when william and harry were little a dress few have seen before worn in private with tiny marks on the knee. >> fashion historians speculated could be caused by hot little hands clutching on to the skirt. >> reporter: a story in every dress of a mother, a humanitarian and 20 years after her death still the people's princess. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated...
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the snow is coming down in nebraska, wyoming, into colorado. this is the beginning of a big storm that will amount to heavy snow tonight and tomorrow. watch for that. keep in mind, we run the risk for severe weather into tomorrow in indiana and kye it will be a strong day for thunderstorms. newly released e-mails show information about scott pruitt and his close history with fossil fuel companies. an oklahoma judge ordered the release of the e-mails. they show pruitt and his staff coordinated their legal strategy with oil and gas industry
4:27 am
executives and consumer advocacy groups to avoid and oppose new e.p.a. regulations. he was sworn in as e.p.a. administrator friday. ivanka trump went to the supreme court on friday. they listened in on a case about nursing homes from the v.i.p. section of the courtroom. she was invited by justice kennedy who she met at the inaugural luncheon. she's grateful for the opportunity to teach her daughter about the judicial system firsthand. quite an opportunity. a routine sobriety test didn't go as planned. when asked to walk a straight line, the dui suspect does a cartwheel instead, does it again, this time falling off the sidewalk. she tried to kick the officer at one point. she was charged with aggravated drunk-driving and battery. >> good thing she was taken off the road. the next story sounds like
4:28 am
the plot of "footloose" pretty much. >> i thought this was a party. let's dance! >> residents in a small oklahoma town who can finally dance again, legally. 40 years ago, this really happened in the town of henrietta. they banned dancing within 500 feet of a church. earlier this month, a business owner wanted to host a valentine's dance. they repealed it. now to celebrate, they are hosting an elvis impersonator this weekend. tickets are already sold out. >> when the rhythm moves you, you have to dance, no matter where you are. >> wonder what the first song will be. we have to check it out. >> worthy of a celebration. thanks for watching "early today." be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. have a great thursday. make the most of a few minutes
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evacuation orders this morni. though good ws for some pple livi downtown.who can now return to their homs. thousands in san jose still under evacuation orders. some folks can return to their homes. we'll show you where. coyote creek concerns. the water now below flood stage. this is a critical period for preventing future disasters. scientists will be in town taking measurements. a deadly shooting is raising questions this morning. it happened right by an busy east bay shopping center. today in the bay starts now. and a very good thursday morning. thank you very much for joining us on a dry start the our day. i'm sam brock. >> it is a cool start as well. i'm laura tkpwar


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