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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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back in a half hour with a local news update. a live from nbc bay area sky ranger. we'll have news for you, updates throughout the take. good morning. breaking overnight. protesters take to the streets in southern california after an off-duty police officer is caught on camera pulling a gun and opening fire during a confrontation with a group of teenagers. the dispute allegedly over one of the teens walking on that officer's lawn. reversing course. president trump rolls back the obama administration's bathroom policy for transgender students. the decision sparking immediate protests. as republican lawmakers face a new round of anger at town halls
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across the country. voice of a killer? a chilling clue in the murders of two indian teenagers. a recording on one of the victim's cell phones capturing what could be the suspect. will those three words and this photo lead to an arrest? and not alone? nasa reveals discovery of seven earth-like planets, some that could support life. the remarkable find that might answer the great mystery of the universe, today thursday, february 23, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. i'm matt lauer. we have mr. p.m. in the a.m. as we welcome lester holt. >> i'm glad to be here.
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>> we were trying to figure out if this is the first time we've done this together? >> i don't remember anchoring from this chair. i don't go left well. >> that was your problem in basketball and high school. >> i can't go left. >> you like me with this planet thing, i'm fascinated. >> i'm wondering if there is someone looking back at us thinking you think anybody can live on that planet? >> we'll have much more on nasa's discovery. let's start with our top story, though, protesters clashing with police in california, it happened overnight. they were upset over this video showing an off-duty police officer pulling a gun during a dispute with teenagers. katy beck is in anaheim. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. several versions of this video have now surfaced online. they show this officer not only drawing his gun but firing a single shot. no one was injured but it did spark angry protests and dozens of arrests.
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now the mayor is calling for an open investigation. overnight cell phone video posted to social media capture the altercation in an a hype. an off-duty los angeles police officer scuffling with a 13-year-old boy neerks the cop's home quickly escalated and ended with the officer pulling his gun and firing his weapon. nbc news does not know what occurred prior to the start of the recording. in a statement police say the officer had, quote, ongoing issues with teenagers walking across his property. apparently to get to a school nearby. nbc news is not naming the teenager who says he was walking home from school when he heard the officer curse at a teenage girl who walked across his lawn. the teen says he was defending the girl when the officer approached him. >> he started calling her namings like cussing at her, then i was like that's not how you treat a woman.
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he came at me and he grabbed me by my neck, which my shirt. i thought i was going to die right there. i thought he was going to shoot me. like mad. >> reporter: the mother says she was told by police her son was arrested for threatening to shoot the officer. >> in reality he was saying i'm going to sue you. you're hurting me, i'm going to sue you. >> reporter: outrage vor the altercation pouring into the streets overnight. hundreds of protesters blocking traffic on streets, carrying signs and chanting. police released a statement that reads in part investigators are aware this is a video of the incident and will review all video in this case. the teenage boy in that video was arrested with another teenager but later released to their parents. as for the officer he remains on administrative leave while this investigation continues. the police department says they are going to release more information later today, and
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they are pledging to have an open investigation. matt and lester. >> katy beck in anaheim, thanks very much. let's turn to politics and the wave of protests across the country growing larger. angry constituents taking frustrations to lawmakers. our political team has it covered starting with nbc's peter alexander. good morning. >> we'll try to get this right. dp morning, lester. remains to be seen whether this outrage is an isolated moment or the start of a movement. more republican lawmakers feeling the heat, another round of fiery in your face town halls. theulatest arkansas, thousands teeing off about the republican party's plan to repeal obamacare and senators support for president trump. >> hold on. >> reporter: overnight more fierce confrontations. a raucous crowd of 2,000
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erupting at republican arkansas senator tom cotton. constituents coming out to defend obamacare, the health care law republicans are threatening to repeal. and hammering cotton for supporting donald trump. >> if you call yourself a christian man are you making the right decisions for these kids while you are supporting the policies of a man who wants to grab women by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the angry protests organized and organic spreading across the country. in louisiana t line formed two hours before the doors opened to face republican bill cassidy. despite no evidence that any one was paid the white house is blaming professional protesters for the chaos. >> it is a loud group, small group of people disrupting something in many cases for media attention. just because they are loud doesn't mean there are many. >> reporter: hillary clinton's take on twitter if you can't stand the heat get out of the congress. >> i'm mary story from fayetteville.
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i'm not a paid protester. >> i don't really care anybody here is paid or not. you all are arkansans. i'm glad to hear from you. >> reporter: at the southern border as tensions reach a today secretary of state rex tillerson and head of homeland security john kelly attending meetings in mexico. after the mexican president canceled his trip to the u.s. because of president trump's call to build a wall. and this week's announcement of a new immigration and deportation policy. back near the nation's capital conservatives are gearing up for a victory rally for cpac, the konz political action. top aides all speaking later today. vice president mike pence tonight. with president trump on tap for tomorrow. >> i love you. thank you. >> reporter: it's the same event then candidate trump skipped last year holding a rally instead. at the time mr. trump's
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republican rivals lashed out. arguing he wasn't a true conservative. >> i have experience at beating people who portray themselves to be one thing. >> if you don't want donald to be our nominee then i ask you come join us. >> reporter: now the quhous is hoping this year's conference helps fire up the conservative base. back at the white house this afternoon president trump is going to hold a listening session on human trafficking where women and girls are sexually exploited for profit here in the u.s. and overseas. this is an issue important to the president's daughter ivanka i'm told helped push behind the scenes for this meeting to happen right away. >> peter alexander at the white house, thanks. >> protesters are taking aim at the president over decisionrescind federal guidelines that allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity. nbc's hallie jackson has more on that story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. when asked for a response a senior administration official
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tells me the president has made clear his position has always been to leave this decision up to the states. but now, fallout is coming fast and fierce. overnight backlash building. outside the white house protests against the new administration's latest move, reversing obama era order that let public school students use bathrooms that match their gender identities. transgender rights advocates furious. calling the reversal cruel and heart breaking. about 150,000 teenagers in the u.s. identify as transgender according to a ucla law school study. me me worries about her son. as a vulnerable child he deserves to go to school and feel safe and be affirmed as who he is. >> reporter: in letters to the
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supreme court and schools the trump administration now arguing president obama's interpretation of a federal law called title 9 to protect transgender kids, doesn't hold water. and involved decisions better left up to the states. >> the president made it clear throughout the campaign he is a believer in states rights. >> reporter: more than a dozen states protect transgender students while 13 others had sued to block the obama administration order. >> you don't want to intermingle the sex of young boys and girls on school trips, locker rooms, showers that's a violation of privacy. ♪ o say can you see ] >> reporter: the singer whose sister is transgender now asking the president to meet with them to talk about transgender rights. >> what we hope to accomplish is really enlightening president trump in the administration on what it's like for a transgender
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to live in a world that may not be as comfortable and safe. >> more accepting. >> more accepting as we would hope and need. >> reporter: despite this u-turn the departments of justice and education say they're committed to protecting lgbtu students from discrimination, bullying and harassment. the white house says education secretary betsy devos backs this move 100%, despite reports she wasn't originally fully on board. this latest decision could also potentially undercut the case of a virginia transgender student, gavin grim, which heads to the supreme court next month. >> hallie jackson, thank you. steve is with us now. good morning. hally was right in the campaign candidate trump said he thought this issue of transgender bathroom rights should be best left to the states, but in a town hall meeting on our plaza on april 21 when asked about
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this, this is what he said. >> one of the best answers i heard was from a commentator yesterday saying leave it the way it is. right now. very few problems, leave it the way it is. people go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate, there has been so little trouble. >> what he said then is not what he did yesterday. why? >> has a lot to do with the base that elected him. donald trump ran as the candidate of the protector of evangelical christians. but more to the point this has to do with his attorney general. jeff sessions, was one of the first republicans to come over and ep dors trump, he holds considerable sway with donald trump and jeff sessions had decisions coming up about what the justice department was willing to defend. this is not an area jeff sessions wants to go in. donald trump chose to go along. >> is that the timing or the timing more tied to the fact that cpac starts today, conservatives from around the country coming for a victory party and he wants to fire up that base. >> you've got that too.
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jeff sessions really is that base. if you are pleasing jeff sessions you are pleasing the conservative base. >> let me get your take on these town hall meetings. senator tom cotton. this is reminisce september of the tea party in 2009-2010. we know it cost the democrats control of the house, are republicans watching this thinking we may be going the same direction? >> republicans are in a real bind here because they are thinking back to the tea party, remembering the midterms in 2010, they see the polls, donald trump's approval rating not very good. boy, are we in trouble in 2010. at the same time though they remember the campaign, they remember thinking that donald trump was committing political suicide right in front of them and then they remember that he won. and they wonder and see these polls that show republican voters are still overwhelming with trump. is their base more in touch with donald trump than them. so that holds them back. >> accusation some of these protesters are paid. does that work against the president?
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>> that is a president who believes in gal vidvanizing his base, and trying to get his base to react to the reaction. >> steve, as always, thank you very much. appreciate it. tied to politics the show on the road, we'll be live on capitol hill next tuesday, that's ahead of president trump's first adrees a joint session of congress. house speaker paul ryan will join us line exclusively and we'll take you on a first-of-a-kind live tour of the capitol and show you some places we don't believe you have ever seen. again, that is "today" on the hill next tuesday morning here on "today." >> there was a huge powerball jackpot drawing last night. one winning ticket sold, one ticket sold in lafayette, indiana matched all six numbers. that ticket $435 million. the tenth largest lottery jackpot and just because you didn't win the main prize doesn't mean you didn't win smaller.
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several 1 and $2 million winners, so write these down. i say that like it's nothing. 10, 13, 28, 52, 61, and the powerball is 2. >> lester, get ready to put your space geek on. the stunning discovery in the search for life beyond our solar system. nasa says seven earth-sized planets that could potentially harbor life, all orbiting the same star have been identified. nbc's miguel almaguer at the griffith observatory in los angeles. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is big news not just for astronomers but any one who wondered are we alone? with the discovery we don't know the answer yet but scientists say it's just a matter of time. the seven newly discovered planets may be 235 trillion miles away from us. but we already know they are roughly the size of our own planet. like earth, could all hold
7:16 am
water, and will now help to soon answer the question so many ponder. as we peer into the heavens. >> we find evidence of a habitable world, a world that might be like the earth leads to this deep question, are we alone in the universe? >> reporter: using a powerful telescope in space and those on the ground around the world, scientists found the star system, a group of seven planets. their star less than a tenth the size of our sun, could have the perfect temperature of hot and cold, warm enough to heat the planets and cool enough for water to cover them. >> it's one planet. >> reporter: astronomers say in this decade or the next students like these will grow up knowing if the life exists beyond earth. >> we might not be the only people in our galaxy or each the universe. >> the discovery gives us a hint
7:17 am
that finding a second earth is not just a matter of the, but when. >> reporter: 40 light years away in today's space travel we wouldn't reach the star system for hundreds of thousands of years. but we are getting closer to learning more about this new find that's at least half a billion years old. >> my opinion this is the most exciting discovery we had yet. >> reporter: for some, this is the discovery of a lifetime. as we search for new life trillions of miles away from our own planet earth. >> in this string of seven newly discovered planets scientists excited about three because of their position. they have the best chance to sustain life and how cool would that be if we were not alone. back to you guys. >> miguel, thanks. we're all of similar ages. i was such a fascinated young man. i had all of the apolo mission patches on my arm. are you still following this? >> i remember as a 10-year-old
7:18 am
boy watching the moon landing thinking we're going to mars in 10 years. >> 40 light years. that would mean the millennium falcon could make it in 12 parsex. >> in movie terms. by the way, all of this got us wondering how far these newly discovered planets are from us so. the distance between earth and mars always changing. on average about 140 million miles, by comparison, these new planets, 235 trillion miles from earth. it may sound like a lot. scientists say in cosmic terms it's close. >> take the turnpike. >> easy pass. >> but i'm in pop culture. >> i know. >> thank you very much. all right. so today's top weather. we got a spring storm ready to fire up. we've got right now blizzard watches, warnings, winter storm watches and warnings, 14 million
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people stretching from the dakotas all the way into wisconsin. and on the other side of that storm, we've got a risk for 39 million people for severe weather, damaging winds, hail, possibility of tornados, we look at this firing up this afternoon. snow across the plains and the midwest. strong storms for iowa as we move into friday, we look for severe weather for chicago, cleveland, into indianapolis. saturday, light snow for chicago, look at this severe weather from upstate new york all the way to the east of washington. we're talking about strong snowfall from the dakotas into wisconsin, upwards after foot to a foot and a half and heavier rain up from cleveland all the way into new england. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ant skin... and biotin for healthy nails... ♪
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so no matter what happens,... you'll still feel beautiful. nature's bounty hair, skin and nails. better off healthy. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. chilly temperatures as you head out the door now. it's only 36 in the tri-valley with sunshine. that sun stays with us through the day. down to 31 degrees in the north bay with frost and freezing temperatures. but then making it into the low to mid-50s today. and 53 degrees in san francisco. 56 in the north bay. expect more sun tomorrow and then scattered showers in the forecast on saturday. >> that's your latest weather. lester? >> al, thank you very much, sir. coming up, a hollywood power shift. ronan ferrell explores china's influence on the movie industry
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and changing what you see on the big screen. th but first,
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in honor of lester being here, we're asking a deep question on trending. if given the chance, would you want to know what you're future holds? >> i know this story is coming up. and good news if you're planning a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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because the ones who truly change the world, are the ones who can't wait to get out in it. parts of s jose - stillunderwat. thousands of people are stl und but the area under evaationsis and some people have deded to ignore the evacuation the area under evacuation now much smaller. some people have decided to ignore the evacuation orders return to their flooded homes. volunteers still helping to restraoef 28 horses stranded when the started rising. the horses are now on dry land and the flooding there has now subsided. another cold start to our morning. kari has a look our forecast. definitely one to bundle up. now that we are seeing sunshine and dry weather behind the storm
7:27 am
system. we are going to have very chilly temperatures. been below freezing in the north bay. patchy ice on the roadways, especially the bridges and overpasses. san jose, now at 40 degrees. 44 in san francisco and oakland. as we go through the day, going to see high temperatures reaching the low 50s. rain returns to the forecast on saturday with scattered showers. also on sunday doesn't look like a lot of rain here. another chance to dry out early next week. laura. >> i'll take it from here. a smooth drive. no major freeway closures. we have the san mateo bridges, gusty winds. a build down the east shore freeway bogging down. pretty typical pattern. the peninsula and 101 from palo alto by the lane shift. bogging down. typical patterns. the commute has not hit the
7:28 am
peninsula. back to you. another local news update in half an hour. i'll see you then.
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♪ back, now, 7:30 on this thursday morning. the 23rd of february, 2017. nice crowd outside. lester's going to go out and say hi to those people in just a little while. did you know that? >> i didn't know that. but -- >> you know that now. >> i was thinking, we've been on the air a half hour. good night, thanks for watching. have a nice evening. >> we have more time ahead. we want to tell you about exciting things to look forward to. next week is going to be a busy one around here. live from hollywood, with a full roundup of the oscars. and here in studio 1a, former president george w. bush will join us for an exclusive live interview. and he'll tell us about his special tribute to some of america's veterans.
7:31 am
then, as we mentioned on tuesday, we're taking "today" to capitol hill. we'll talk live to the house speaker, paul ryan, and tour the hallowed halls. on wednesday, "the tonight show's" jimmy fallon. jennifer lopez will be here on thursday. and all that leads up to savannah's big return on friday morning. let's take a look, now, at today's headlines. protesters gathered alt the white house overnight, as the trump administration announced it is lifting federal guidelines that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms that matched their identity. it will be up to states and school districts to determine if sex discrimination laws apply. the floodwaters are receding in southern california where neighbors were submerged on wednesday. the worst flooding there in 100
7:32 am
years. and led officials to tell 50,000 people to leave their homes. some residents are allowed to return home. but most of the evacuation orders remain in place. >> and bao bao is settling into her new home in china. the 3-year-old traveled there from washington on a fedex flight. and was welcomed with a feast of bamboo, apples and carrots. bao bao will be in quarantine for a month before she joins a breeding program. new clues in a double murder mystery in indiana. the bodies of two teenage girls were found near a scenic hiking trail last week. now, police are calling one of those girls a hero for allegedly recording the voice of her suspected killer on her phone. gabe gutierrez has more on that. >> reporter: this is where police and fbi are poring over leads. and investigators are urging the
7:33 am
pick for twists. a evidence. and now, a twist. a key piece of evidence has been found on one of the victim's own cell phone. this morning, investigators in inn are hoping three words can help solve a chilling history. >> down the hill. >> reporter: that is audio from liberty german's cell phone. police say it was recorded around the time she and abigail williams disappeared last week. listen again. >> down the hill. >> the best way to describe hearing that voice is creepy. >> reporter: the day before their bodies were discovered, police say the teenagers had good evening hiking around this bridge, near delphi, indiana. >> very good kids. they're sports-oriented. >> reporter: liberty posted this photo on snap chat. it also captured an image of a man near the walk trail. >> this young lady is a hero, there's no doubt. to have enough presence of mind to activate the video system on her cell phone. >> reporter: police is not certain if this is the same man
7:34 am
in the audio recording. >> down the hill. >> reporter: but they're now calling him a suspect. >> we believe both the person in the photograph and whoever's voice it is, participated in the murders of liberty german and abigail williams. >> reporter: overnight, a vigil, as local police and the fbi track down leads. >> we need to come together as a community in this rough time. julie knew liberty and said she was a fighter. >> she had to be feeling threatened. enough to have the wiherewithal to start videoing this man. >> reporter: this community is wondering whether the cell phone of one of the victims will lead police to the killer. >> as poor as this picture is, somebody knows. and if you're watching, we'll find you. >> reporter: authorities are now offering a $41,000 reward for any information in this case.
7:35 am
that's expected to grow matt and lester, police say there's more clues on that phone that's yet to be released publicly. >> all right, gabe. hope they find the suspects quickly. al is back with another check of the weather. >> we have a continental divide going on right now. the temperatures doing a flip-flop. where we have normal temperatures, they're above normal, where they're below normal, boy. kind of weird. san diego, right now. normal high, 65. dallas, the normal high 59. which do you think is warmer today, guys? >> that would be dallas. >> let's find out if you're correct. you are correct. >> what do i win? >> you don't win anything. san diego is 58 degrees. los angeles, 67. st. louis is 43. who is warmer? >> st. louis. >> let's find out if you're correct. you are. 72 degrees in st. louis. and san francisco versus d.c. normally 58 for a high.
7:36 am
washington, 43. who is warmer? >> td.c. >> let's find out if you're right. d.c. 72 degrees. that's 30 degrees above average. san francisco is only 54. and we're talking about records today in cleveland, providence, greensboro, paducah, tulsa and continues on friday. we're going to see temperatures reaching records from cleveland all the way to tallahassee. but things cool down as we get into the weekend. good morning. mime meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside from san francisco at&t park. beautiful, clear skies. yes, we are feeling chilly temperatures. we dropped below freezing in the north bay. santa rosa at 31 degrees. after that, we will be warming up into the low 50s today. another try day tomorrow. scattered showers in the forecast the weekend off and on both saturday and sunday. it doesn't look like a heavy rain producer at this point. we will have a chance to dry out
7:37 am
early next week as temperatures warm up. >> as a bonus, you can find your weather on the weather channel on cable. gentlemen? >> you really should host a game show. no question. >> al, thanks. move over man buns. the ones on your head. just to be clear. wait until we show you the next big hair trend for guys. all right. first, is hollywood as we know it on the way out? roman ferrell is looking why roman ferrell is looking why china is roman ferrell is looking why china is hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card.
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7:41. we're back with our special series ahead of sunday's oscars, called "undercovered hollywood." >> and ronan ferrell is bdiggin into the gravity of the movie center. >> here's an interesting fact, if you go to a movie theater right now, there's a decent chance you will see a hollywood movie with a budget partly from china. that's true. two of the top three movies out right now. and it's one sign of a global power shift in entertainment that's changing the movies you see. if you saw disney's "ironman 3" in american theaters, you might not remember this scene. that's product placement for chinese-brand milk. and that's chinese superstar fan
7:43 am
bing bing. this plot line where ironman was saved by chinese doctors, was in there just for china. >> the evolution of the chinese industry is happening at hyperspeed. >> reporter: didi runs infinity pictures in beijing, capitalizing in a boom that will make china the biggest movie market. there's eight to seven new screens a day. >> a day? >> the content has exploded. >> reporter: the transformers and "fast and the furious yo" movied made more money in china than the u.s. >> china owns a significant portion of hollywood output. so, universal has a co-financing deal with paramount, lion's gate, fox. it's not $20 million, $50 mrl. million. it's hundreds of millions in each of the deals. >> reporter: china's quota
7:44 am
system only allows a handful of hollywood movies. >> we convinced an entire generation. >> reporter: that's hong kong pop star in "independence day resurgence." >> you are in a part of the country no longer controlled by the government of the united states. >> reporter: the 2012 remake of "red dawn," was reedited to make the enis north korean and not chinese. and this scene in "men in black 3" where the enemies were chinese, was removed. >> you wouldn't see studios making movies like that today. >> that's a shocking statement. >> but it's a true statement. and in fact, even in a lot of the co-financing arrangements between china and the united states, there's language in the agreement that the studios will not make movies that would be considered to be offensive to china. >> reporter: nickerson says there are fewer cuts to u.s.
7:45 am
films because movies are being created with china in mind from the beginning. >> you can see so many instances that doesn't work. i mean -- >> reporter: you thought that was forced. >> right. you know, screaming china has become a powerful country to help ironman get back on his feet. >> reporter: she is the daughter of the director of "the great wall," sometimes called chinese steven spielberg. she directed a hit called "studio 17." >> they probably have chinese ceos or a big boss in the office. it will be easier for young filmmakers for me to cross over. >> reporter: a new wave of co-financing deals should make that a reality for her generation of chinese filmmakers. >> reporter: this past fall, steven spielberg's company signed a deal withal alibaba.
7:46 am
>> it's about respect iing the rules of each countries. >> reporter: this man says to get used ed td to china's growe in hollywood. >> i don't think americans care where the money comes from. there's a lot of deals on the way. we'll be way more and faster than anybody can imagine. >> reporter: the studios we reached out to did not comment. we are so used to an america-centric world view in our movies. guys, it's possible our kids are going to grow up with a different cultural influence. >> it's fascinating. >> yeah. it's a seismic shift. and a microcosm for what's happening in the world powers in general. >> thank you, sir. just ahead on this thursday morning, tom brady, super bowl mvp
7:47 am
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[ cheers and applause ] we're back at we have the sharp jaws who takes things without asking. brady listed himself as an option. that's the creepy courtroom sketch from deflate-gate there. brady's board has been liked over 300,000 times on facebook and instagram with predictions writing in on it.
7:52 am
zachary write, brady stole it himself so he'd be able to make this hilarious post. always thinking several plays ahead. that's why he's the best. you know who could have been up here, our own dillyllan dryer. >> aren't you shocked they haven't found it yet? >> yes. i still see him in the locker room going where is the jersey? it's worth a lot of money. >> carson, coming up. a tribute to george michael from his wham partner. and new rock bottom ticket prices after your local news.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. 7:55. chilly temperatures along with this dry weather that we are seeing right now. some spots we dropped below freezing. like in fairfield, we are starting to warm up in the east bay like santa rosa. we were down to 31 degrees just about an hour ago. as we go through the day, going to see the temperatures still on the cool side for this time of year. we will continue with the dry weather. high of 54 degrees in the peninsula. 53 in san francisco and the east bay. and the north bay rising up to 56 degrees. more dry weather for the next couple of days. we're watching for this weekend storm that will be here on saturday with some scattered showers. but the good news, not a heavy rain producer. moving in with dryer air and lighter rainfall totals. we will continue to track that. as we get a look at what's happening on the roadways, mike,
7:57 am
how are the roads flowing? >> pretty typical pattern. calling your attention to the north bay. northbound 17. we have this tpracrash. northbound direction jammed. 17 to southbound 280, a crash remains in the roadway. no major injuries. that's a major pain. the east shore freeway westbound 80, jamming up out of san pablo. a live look out there from our camera. slower drive at university and through oakland. back to y thank you very much. evacuees assessing damage from their homes from the history san jose flooding. other evacuees have not been allowed to return. in the north bay, good news for commuters. on our facebook page, what crews had to do to get the highway up and running again. it is now one off-duty police
7:58 am
officer in hot water.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's it's 8:00 on today. coming up, anger and outrage. republican lawmakers on the defensive once again at town halls across the country as new protests ignite over president trump's reversal of the obama administration's bathroom policy for transgender students. we're live at the white house. plus, botox boom, doctors say injections are skyrocketing among millennials who won't see where i cannels for years. >> just like how i wear sunscreen, the botox is the same
8:01 am
way. >> is the selfie craze to blame snoop. and what's in your cereal? do you know what's in your bowl for breakfast? what you should be looking for on the labels to start your day the right way. today, thursday, february 23rd, 2017. ♪ >> good morning, st. louis. we love you. let's go blues! >> hi to all our friends and family back in redding, massachusetts. >> sunshine from orlando, florida. >> hi. i love you, baby! >> good morning, chicago. >> it's my 30th birthday. >> happy 90th birthday, grandpa. >> we're back now, 8:00 on this thursday morning.
8:02 am
it is the 23rd day of february, 2017. lots of early alarm clocks this morning. we forced lester to set his especially early this morning. he's filling in for savannah. and look, kathie lee gifford, set yours a little early, didn't you? >> we love you. we love you here. >> we do. >> by the way, thank you for getting up and filling in for savannah today. >> no problem. my clock hasn't been set at 4:00 a.m. for a long time. >> this is like riding a bike. >> it's all good. great to be out with everyone. >> ask can we mention tomorrow, mr. daley. >> ran out of people. it was going to happen eventually. >> if it wasn't saturday, i would be doing it. >> i'm going to go through sa van in's closet today and pick a nice dress for you, matt. >> again? >> wouldn't be the first time. coming up, everything you need to host a watch party for
8:03 am
oscar night. >> but first, here is your news at 8:00. >> top officials from the trump administration are preparing to speak at the conservative political action conference today. aiming to consolidate the party around the president's agenda. but this morning, the president is prompting new controversies as his fellow republicans are facing an ongoing backlash back at home. for yet another day, anger and outcry across the country. congressional republicans on defense again, confronted by angry constituents at town halls, many opposes to gop efforts to repeal the affordable care act. >> the problem is, obama care is just -- >> hillary clinton tweeting if you can't stand the heat, get out of the congress. the senate majority leader arguing protesters are still fighting over 2016. >> let me suggest to you what they are protesting. they're sorry they lost the
8:04 am
election. >> the white house, again, blaming the spectacle on professional protesters. it is a loud group, small group of people disrupting something in many cases for media attention. >> amid the controversy, the trump administration is changing course on transgender rights, dropping an obama era directive that told public schools to let children use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity. the white house says it's a matter of states' rights, that the human rights xlain campaign blasting the move, calling it a blind and cruel attack on young children, adding this isn't a states rights issue, it's a civil rights issue. jackie ivancho whose sister is transgender tweeting to the president overfight one gave me the honor to sing at your inauguration. police give me and my sis the honor to meet with you and talk. meanwhile, another issue, mexico. secretary of state rex tillerson and secretary of homeland security john kelly visiting the country and aim to go smooth
8:05 am
relations with top officials there who are fuming about the president's planned border wall. press secretary sean spicer trying to lower the temperature. >> i think the relationship with mexico right now is wonderful. >> meanwhile, after the wave of attacks against jewish institutions nationwide including a cemetery in st. louis where nearly 200 grave stones were vandalized, vice president mike pence visited the graveyard wednesday, thanking volunteers working to repair the damage and condemning the desecration. >> there is no place in america for hatred or acts or prejudice or violence or anti-semitism. >> the vice president won phrase from the anne frank center for mutual respect. and in a show of solidarity, muslim american activists organized a fund-raiser to help pay for repairs surging past
8:06 am
their goal of $20,000 in just three hours. matt. >> kristen welker, thanks very much. dozens of people were arrested overnight during protests that were sparked by a violent police confrontation in anaheim, california. videos posted to social media show an off-duty los angeles police officer in a dispute with some young people near his home. police say the officer had ongoing issues with teens walking across his property. so while scuffle, a 13-year-old boy, the officer pulls a gun from his waistband and a single shot was fired. nobody was hit. nbc news does not know what happened before these images were recorded. the officer has been placed on leave pending an investigation. still to come this morning, need to book a flight? major airlines are out with huge discount owes fares. we'll walk you through the new airfare war. then on trending, the strange new air trend for some men, not us. and botox use, skyrocketing
8:07 am
among unexpected generation are selfies responsible? but first, these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash...
8:08 am
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you may be muddling through allergies.oned with... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. dive into delight, where chocolatey-goodness intertwines with 20% of your daily fiber. so magical it could have been called paradise of heavens. but it wasn't. fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name.
8:11 am
♪usic: 'the best things in life are free' by sam cooke ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ 8:11, we're back with good news ahead of the spring and summer travel season. >> american and united airlines are launch ago new class of deeply discounted fares, but, of course, they come with a few catches. today, national correspondent craig melvin -- >> just a few. >> so you're riding in the belly of the airplane. >> pretty includes clo. it's called basic economy service and if you think flying coach is basic already, get set for a new experience. some jokingly call it misery class. the basic low price gives you a seat with absolutely no frills.
8:12 am
>> honestly, i don't know that the standards of my airline flils could get much lower. >> they bare bone tickets could cost anywhere from $20 to $100 less than the guy of course to you paid. but they want you to overlook the severe restrictions of their new basic economy service. >> they have basically packaged the most painful form of flying. >> here is how your cheap ticket works. you board the plane last after everyone else has gotten on and you don't get to pick your seat in advance, which means you could be stuck anywhere. >> help me. >> american and united airlines only allow you to carry on one small personal item that fits under the seat. nothing overhead. delta does allow you to use your overhead bip. if you bring a full size back to the gate, american and united will check it for you, but they'll charge a fee. and once you buy your ticket, don't change your mind.
8:13 am
>> basically, economy fare isn't for everyone. >> united -- >> you can't change or cancel your flight, so it's not ideal for business travelers. >> like the man said, the basic economy fare is not for everyone. >> i don't want to be inconvenienced like that whatsoever. >> no, not for me. absolutely not. >> the trevail has been taken out of travel. >> it's a far cry from the way airline travel used to be. >> delicious food adds to the enjoyment. roomniness extends to the powder rooms. >> the airlines say they're launching the new discounted fares to compete with budget carriers, like spirit, frontier and looking at travelers who are increasingly price conscious. for some, the idea is taking off. >> it is much cheaper. >> you can call it misery class, but i'll be happy getting where i want to go and keeping an extra $100 orr so in my bank
8:14 am
account. another writing, just strap me in with the cargo and throw a packet of peanuts my way. >> if you're focused on the convenience and loyalty of flights and the great experience of flying, this is not the fare for you. but if you're trying to get there somewhere cheap, especially at the last minute, this is absolutely the fare for you. >> all right. so the take away on all of this is read the fine print. the fares are low, but the programs will not exactly the same and you need to make sure you're okay with all of those restrictions. one suggestion that we have heard, layers. since you're allowed one small carry on, you can wear the clothes that you don't want to pack. >> are you allowed to use the rest room facilities? >> just once. >> my kids would love the idea of not having to fly with me. >> so would i. >> boring group 25. craig, thank you. >> thanks, guys. >> mr. rockier, a check of the weather. let's show you what we've got going on. oh, and -- can i watch tv while
8:15 am
i do this the? look, it's me. excuse me. wow. what did i win today, johnny? that beautiful monitor. we are looking at 14 million people at risk for some sort of winter weather ahead of the storm. and on the other side of the storm, we've got the risk, 39 million people, a few super cells developing, damaging winds, isolated tornados possible. snow stretching from the plains into the upper great lakes and we are looking at anywhere from 12 to 15 inches of snow. 1 to 3 inches of rain, flood watches in effect friday night into sunday night. warm weather and melting snows add to go that. and a look at this good moi woo have which a it walaosnoo are woo with with
8:16 am
stao92 blah today. so it's important you're here. >> yes. i add so much. >> you do. >> especially with this topic. you know, man buns. >> hate them. >> really? >> hate them. >> you would never date a man with a man bun? >> no, no, nonnegotiable. not that anybody wants to date me. i know the new thing is man bangs and i want to see them on all. >> really? >> just going to look good. just bangs, nothing anywhere else. >> i would take a man bang in a second. are you kidding? >> can you explain that?
8:17 am
>> that is a trend, though. >> i know. >> man bangs are coming back. they're knocking man buns off their pedestals. >> thank goodness. >> you've seen them on celebs like justin bieber, jared leto and carson daley. >> almost. >> it's like a freddie munster. no, no, it's dumb & dumber. >> you do look a little like fred munster, also. stylists say it's becoming popular because it makes a bold statement, has a certain edge to it. >> if the statement is ridiculous. >> says women often grow out their bangs because they have just gone through a break-up. >> right. >> or they're hiding their lines. >> oh, really? >> yes. >> so maybe that's what men will do now if they have relationship problems, as well. aren't you happy you got up early? >> i am so glad i am here for this. >> oh, nice. >> yeah. >> you know what? you guys can pull it off. >> that's why they did this
8:18 am
story, just for that. >> if i could cover this forehead, it's all good. >> it's worked for you so far. go with it. >> okay. hey, if it's possible to know your future, would you guys want to know your future? >> no. >> no? you're in line with about 90% of people in a new study. overwhelmingly, 90% do not want to know what lies ahead for them, even if their future is going to be positive. participants had no interest in learning their destiny. i don't know. if it was good news, if you knew you were going to hit the lottery -- >> what about your medical future? would you want to know your medical future? >> doesn't matter how rich you are. >> i think that's where everyone goes. >> what if it's bad news inspect. >> but information is key. you can do something about it. >> you know, you should not have expressed any kind of opinion at all when you look like that. >> you don't take me seriously now, is that what you're saying? >> i really want to run my fingers through it. i can't tell you how much. i can't tell you how much i want to run my fingers through that. >> while you're there, would you straighten it, please? >> much better. >> perfect. have you guys ever gone what
8:19 am
he will watchinhale watching? yes. >> it can be great. but you go and nothing happens hour after hour, that's the bad side. or it can be like this. one family in virginia got an unexpected surprise. watch this one. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh! >> wait for it. >> oh! >> that sounds like you, al. >> what you didn't hear right before the whale saying to the other whale, watch this. >> yeah. >> watch the people on the boat. >> you don't always see that when you go whale watching. >> and you can't always play the audio of a tape like that. most people react -- >> isn't that incredible? >> was it just being playful or did it feel like it was being attacked in some way? >> if you listen to the audio, the guy who seems to be running the whole thing kind of expected it to do this. so i think it's the normal behavior. >> oh, my gosh. >> so even though you know it's coming right now, we're still
8:20 am
going to -- >> oh! oh! >> of course the guy, not the whale, got the extra tips. that's the way it works out. >> that was cool. carson, pop start. >> the music industry's top talent got together last night for the brit awards where andrew ridgely, former wham band member paid tribute to his friend, george michael. >> george is left for us in his song and in the poetic expression of his soul the very best of himself. i loved him and, in turn, we, you have been loved. >> nice moment there. other highlights of the night include a cool new song from coldplay and the chainsmokers. have a listen. ♪ i want something just like this ♪ ♪ oh, i want something just like this ♪
8:21 am
♪ >> that is called "something just like this" and you can expect to hear that all over your radio dial starting today. finally, mel b just wrapped up her role as roxy and she couldn't help had but break character to have a little spice fun. >> i'm going to tell you something. ♪ so here is a story from a to z ♪ >> that's not roxy. >> i don't think so. >> the crowd going nuts there. just a hint of a story of spice girls on broadway. might be the next big hit. >> why not? >> absolutely. >> thank you. now to a new twist in the botox craze. >> apparently it's no longer just for people of a certain age trying to recapture their age. jo is with us this morning to explain. >> matt, good morning.
8:22 am
it seems like millennials, myself included, never let go of our phones. now teens and people in their early 20s are taking their image to the next level and they're getting botox. they say they're using it as preventive medicine long before those wrinkles even form. >> millennials will do just about anything for the perfect selfie. the right angle, carefully chosen filters and now even botox. botox injections for 19 to 34-year-olds jumped a staggering 41% between 2011 and 2015. that means millennials got more than half a million botox procedures if just one year. it doesn't come cheap. one session costs an average of $382. kelsey moore is a 25-year-old ph.d. student at the university of minnesota. >> you are so beautiful. >> thanks. >> why do you think you need botox? >> i don't think i need it. that's the thing. i treat it as another skin care treatment. >> her doctor, beth haddenburg
8:23 am
says millennials getting botox at her clinic jumped 82% last year. >> why are we seeing this huge spike in botox among young millennials? >> i think it has a lot to do with social media. our young millennials are so used to taking selfies, i think that they have ready evaluate how they look because of all these photos. >> moore started botox last year for her sister's wedding. >> hi there. >> she comes in every five months. she'll spend about $250 on her botox today. >> how do you justify the cost? it's really expensive. >> yeah, it is really expensive. i've gotten groupons to help with it because i'm a ph.d. student so i'm poor. >> moore says it's all about preventing lines from forming in the first place, keeping her face younger looking in 20 or 30 years. >> you're very young. half a dose is plenty for you. >> so just like how i wear sunscreen every day to prevent aging, the botox is the same way.
8:24 am
>> patients must be at least 18 years old to get botox. >> if i have a patient that comes in, they're 18 years old, they don't have any lines, i might say, you know what? why don't you wait a couple years and come back. i don't think it's necessary right now. >> moore sees botox as a way to make her feel her best now. >> i think that there's still a slight stigma associated with it. which there shouldn't be because we take so much care of our skin now. so i think of it as an investment in my future. >> all right. you made it. >> yeah. >> good job. >> thank you. >> for some millennials, going under the needle might be a step too far, might be too expensive. there are less invasive options out there. facials, peels, laser therapy and good old fashioned face cream. but regardless of what you choose, of course, it all comes with a hefty price tag. guys. >> jo, thank you very much. we've been having a poll around the desk here. >> you wouldn't? >> no. >> because of the needle or just you don't care? >> both. what are you going to do with
8:25 am
this? >> carson. >> we did it on the show. maybe just a little help around. i'm not against but, you know, that piece is about millennials. these scars are souvenirs you never lose in life and i like the idea of aging naturally. but a little help. >> what are you looking at? >> you're an interesting of. >> you know what? i'm all for this. do as little as possible as often as you possibly need to. >> tlg there you go. >> it's image. it's not the botox so much as the person who adminsters it. there's an art form to it. you can get a lousy one or you can get an awesome one. >> and there are other uses for it. >> i have friends who get it because it relieves their migraine headaches. and it was all discovered because they were looking for cures for parkinsons, the shaking. that's how it first came to be, from what i understand. >> and by the way, you're talking to three guys wearing makeup right now. >> exactly. >> a little vanity. >> i miss your bangs already. >> okay.
8:26 am
i'm not even going to ask you. >> jo, thanks a lot. coming up, dr. oz is here. an important lesson ini'm ... parts of sanose - still underwam a very good morning. it is 8:26. parts of san jose under water from the flooding of coyote creek. the water is now receding. thousands of people under mandatory evacuation orders. some people have decided to ignore the evacuations all together and return out to their flooded out homes. volunteers are still helping to try to retrieve 28 horses stranded when the water started rising. the horse is now on dry land and flooding has subsided. >> got a problem out there? >> a problem in san jose. most of the bay is looking good. commute kicking in. here this has been a problem for over 40 minutes.
8:27 am
northbound at southbound 280, that connecter. tow truck on the scene. we have a backup on 85 and the approach towards that area. some folks hearing about the crash may be taking 87. that also cleared. we have a smoother drive after the crash cleared by golden gate field. we may have had a stall between there and downtown. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. we're back now, 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's february 23rd, 2017. clouded over a little bit, but it is still really warm here in the northeast. we are going into the 60s today. >> that's right. going to be lovely, right to the end of the month. and coming up, in case of emergency, would you know how to save someone's life? dr. oz is going to make sheer we're up to speed on cpr and
8:31 am
using defibrillators. and you think your breakfast food is healthy. but do you really know what is in there? we're going to show you what to look for on the label and help you make better choices. >> unless it says count chocula. then you know what you're getting into. and rolling our the red carpet with great ideas for your oscars watch parties. and it is not too late for your university or college to get in on the action. we want you to help us set some guinness records and we want to help you set some guinness records. come on, kids, go to to show us your school spirit. we have some great schools put in for it and we want some more. >> sounds great. and let's get a check of the weather. >> thank you very much. starting off your weekend with tomorrow. heavy snow through the upper great lakes. also the pacific northwest. look for some strong storms firing up in the midwest. mid-atlantic states and the gulf coast looking good. storms and windy conditions in the northeast on saturday.
8:32 am
rain moves back into california on saturday, as withel. from the plains down to the gulf, look for plenty of sunshine. then sunday, sunday, we are looking for windy and cooler weather in the northeast. more rain making its way from texas into the mid mississippi river valley, pacific northwest looking on the snowy good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have sunshine. a live look outside breezy and cool and we are only feeling temperatures now in the mid 40s in palo alto and oakland as well as san jose. 35 in santa rosa. as we go through the day looking at highs up to 53 degrees, much cooler than average in san francisco. showers back in the forecast for the weekend. we will see temperatures dipping into low 50s for the hue ez. >> don't forget, check your weather anytime you need it. by the way, darlene rodriguez, her mom, right here.
8:33 am
what is your name? >> lillian gordiel. >> we love darlene. >> i love my baby. >> okay. matt. >> al, thank you very much. did you know each year more than 350,000 people in this country suffered cardiac arrest outside a hospital. the survival raid could double if the victim is treated with cpr and an automated external defibrillator. dr. oz is here with some great ideas and refreshers for this life saving technology and procedure. >> country cone caveat, the life is the one you love. >> and for every minute you do not do one of these procedures, the survival rate decreases by between 7% and 10%. >> plummets. >> so you've got to do this quickly. let's talk about the first time you come across someone, they've class collapsed. what do you do? >> number one thing, call 911.
8:34 am
send someone to do it because you have to stay with the patient. you shake them. make sure that they're truly out. and then you do chest compressions. very simple. put your hand across the nipples, one nipple and palm in the other. grab across. the chest compressions should push down about two inches and you need to do a rate of about 100 a minute. so slowly like "row, row, row the boat gently down the stream" at that rate. >> it used to be you do this with breathing, as well. >> it turns out it's better if you don't breathe. this is so simple. last weekend, i went to texas. we had all the medical schools involved, with all the major medical societies and health corps. and we taught more people to do the texas two-step which is called 911 and do chest compressions than everyone before. everyone in america can start doing that. when do you stop doing chest compressions? >> when the paramedics arrive.
8:35 am
>> exactly. you keep going down. >> and you survivor rate if you do this in conjunction with using one of these, and these are aeds, they're in public places the i know you think there should be a lot more of them. >> every place. many people get them in their homes. these are so easy to use. people think they're walking into an airplane cob the pit. it's not that. >> but it's intimidating because you're introducing an electric shock to someone. >> it cannot hurt them. we're going to do it right now. that's how easy it is. you open it up, bust it out of the glass. open it up. within a few seconds, it will tell you very specific things to do. for example, it's going to tell you, settle down for a second. >> stay calm. follow these instructions. >> those instructions are going to instruct you to take the shirt off the person. once 911 is calling, then you know the clock is ticking, you're in good shape. this little pad here gets pulled out. >> remove or cut clothing if needed. >> you take the pad out, you take -- >> when patient's chest is bare,
8:36 am
remove the score package from lid. >> there's maps here of where to put these two patches. you need to put the patches around the heart. >> and what this is going to do, it's going to analyze the heart rate and then, if necessary, deliver that electric shock. >> exactly. you put one right beneath the nipple. all you have to do is apply it the rate way. and you put one above the other nipple. the heart is in between. it has told you to do everything i just did. >> right. >> now it's analyzing. as it's analyzeling the heart, you're doing chest compressions. now it's analyzing. it's telling you to get away. >> shock will be deliver in three, two -- >> one. >> delivered. >> you just saved a life. >> can i just say, if you did not get away at that point, what would the peril be to you? >> in the hospital, we don't take ourselves away. there's theoretical peril if you're standing in water, the
8:37 am
shock could arc through you. that's purely theoretical. but it tells you over and over again to let go and let the patient be before it shocks them. >> does this work with anyone in cardiac arrest? >> there are some folks who would not benefit, but the machine knows that. it's analyzing the rhythm of the heart. you cannot hurt the patient. and if you're smart about taking it out and applying it like we just showed, so simple, one below the nipple, one above the nipple, nothing else can go wrong. >> these are in a lot of public places, schools, things like that. they're about what, $1,000? >> they're about $1,000. i think people should have them in their homes if they have risk for heart problems. we're getting smarter and smarter about predicting people with issues. there are 40-year-old people all the time who drop dead. the photographer at the texas two-step we did last weekend, the photographer dropped dead at 42 and gotten chest compressions
8:38 am
for 40 minutes. we can double or even triple the number of people we save. my goal with you today is to save someone's life and for the rest of our lives, the same evidence will come through just from what we've taught. >> dr. oz, thank you very much. great information, as always. watch his show weekdays. check your local listings. up next, the truth about what's really in your cereal. the it will help you make some really good choices. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ back at 8:40. you could be enjoying a bowl of cereal right now. but do you know what's in it? really in it? making sense of the labors and the boxes can be difficult. we brought in jackie london to help. she's the nutrition director at "good housekeeping" magazine. i want to talk about portion control and sizes. i tend to fill up the bowl. my bowls at home are twice as
8:41 am
big as these. >> most people are doing that. when it comes to cereal serving sizes, there is no standard serving size. you want to look for something between half a cup and a full cup. ones that are higher density, these that are more of the clusters, the higher fiber versions, those will be more on the half-cup size. the lighter ones, like the average cheerios will be a full cup. >> shooting for a calorie range. >> you're looking to round out your complete breakfast to be. 350 to 400 calories. that will get you through the morning. >> i want to bring up another topic. that's the labels and the claim cla claims. no artificial colors and ingredients. >> these are specific by the fda. if you're looking to get
8:42 am
wholesome, nutrition food, in your diet, you're not going to get that from a processed cereal. you can get that starting with things that are the basics. you want to look for 100% whole grains as your first ingredient. that can be wheat or oats. and you want the ingredient list to be as simple as possible. and you can do something with this option, one of my favorites because it's a grab and go. you can add your own sweetener in there. >> this is what "good hou housekeeping" labs like. >> they're tested for nutritional quality and for taste. and you can get all of the nutrition you need in the morning. >> the other thing you see a lot of times, it's good for you because it has x, y and z. >> a good source of -- this is another one that has an fda definition. 10% of the daily value, means it's a good source. we see these frequently. but we don't eat nutrients. we want to look for instead, is
8:43 am
we want to be looking for a hearty combination of three grams each, protein and fabiber. that gives you sustained energy and keep energy up through the rest of your day. >> this is starting your day. >> absolutely. this is starting your day. and fiber is one of the kn nutrients that americans are getting my half. and high protein is linked to reduced are risk of weight gram. look for three grams each. cheerios is a way to start. and your kashi go lean has 11 grams of protein. >> i'm trying to cut out sugar. i am reading the labels. and it says no high-fructose corn syrup. >> sugar by any name is still sugar. many of the sources can be in
8:44 am
lots of cereals. one corn syrup. >> cane juice. another sneaky one is fruit juice concentrate. those are often found as a sneaky source of added sugar. but nothose can add up. what you're looking for in terms of creating a nutritious breakfast, less than ten fwrgra of added sugar, under 2 grams of milligrams of sodium. these are excellent choices. this is one of my favorites from kind snacks. this can be eaten on its own. it's a delicious peanut butter version. and the ezekiel has no added sugar in there. you have your raspberries and we can poor milk in here. you have sweetened this naturally on your own. and a filling way to start your morning. >> thanks for the advice. coming up, having friends to watch the oscars on sunday? we have great ideas to punch
8:45 am
things up, including red carpet-worthy cocktails. you can have it with your cereal. in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ welcome back. the 89th academy awards are on sunday. if you're thinking of throwing a watch party, we got you covered. >> that's right. here with diy ideas, to add glamour to your gettogether, here's j.j. karas. nice to see you. we're just a couple of guys doing some diy projects. >> i'm here on dude week. how lucky am i? >> it's great. >> i'm going to start you with a little oscars buzz. >> literally. >> we're going to go to oscars buzz. upon arrival, we're going to have a red carpet cocktail. this is so yummy. this is pomegranate liqueur, topped with champagne. you need a gold swizzle stick. and for our nonalcoholic
8:48 am
drinkers, a pomegranate shirley temple with the mint. do you think shirley would like the mint? i think she would. and for a nonalcoholic, we have pomegranate juice topped with 7-up. this is a great nonalcoholic drink. for teens, tweens, the guests that don't drink. and a lovely sprig of mint. so refreshing. i know you like red wine. that also works for the oscars. because it's red. >> this is really good. and people need to pace themselves on the drinks because oscar night can get very long. >> it can really go long. >> you have diy game ideas. >> it can get long. i love giving guests an activity. these are oscar ballots. it's fun to hand your guest something as they walk into your house. i printed off the internet. anyone can get it. there's a plethora to choose from. but i put this black background
8:49 am
on it. this is under a dollar. not everyone would have a clipboard. you might not have six clipboards hanging around. isn't that chic and glam. it's nice to play a game. i love coming up with your own categories. best dressed. best red carpet pose. and best red carpet pose. >> tweet these days. >> best red carpet pose can be fun after a little oscars buzz and in the after-show. and give them a little prize to walk out with something. >> handing out your own awards. popcorn. you have the beautiful decorations here. but you're serving different flavors of popcorn. >> different favors because we can't go to the movies without popcorn. and it's easy to make. this is here. should we try a little. i'm going to hand you a bowl. this is loaded baked potato.
8:50 am
and red velvet. >> great bowls are a great idea. >> no double-dipping. >> what's the main dish? >> and manchester by the seafood. how fun is that? seafood. this is a shrimp bruschetta. you can go off a lot of seafoods. shrimp bruschetta with plump tomatoes. we have indian -- i'm so sorry, for the lion, indian samosas, with a mint chutney dipping sauce. as a mother, seeing these two movies, maybe we should have put onion rings because they were so sad, right? those two movies were so sad. >> grown men crying in theaters. i like what you did with the napkins, folding them like awards envelopes. >> the winner is -- you can fold it like a napkin. and this is a gold seal with two
8:51 am
red ribbons. you can diy that. that is so easy. how fun at a place setting. you are going to do it. >> my people are going to pull that off. >> i know the address of a great craft store for you. >> just a white linen napkin. >> and what's for dessert? >> and then, at moonlight, we have our dessert bar. for "la la land," we did a kit cat piano. and you can go in here and finish it off. who doesn't love a kit-kat? >> i'm more of a twizzler guy. >> and the red carpet ropes for the twizzlers. you take the white kit-kat and you have your piano for "la la land." >> and the moon pies? >> the moon pies for"hidden figure." we have a mathematical formula
8:52 am
tape that she did a math formula. and then, delicious moon pies. and we put them in a baggy. that's a great thing to send your guests off with. >> and a little take-home bag. >> and a take-home bag because it's a wrap. and guests love to go home with something. they can put their treats in here, red carpet twizzlers and that's a wrap. >> you do the puns all night. >> all the time. >> isn't it great? >> given you all of your oscar puns. >> thanks, guys. happy oscars. >> you can find these ideas and more on our website, up next, ryan eggold, on "the blacklist"
8:53 am
8:54 am
never stop smiling. >> i know. back now, 8:54, with ryan eggold, as you know. he's on "the blast list." now, starring in the new sinoff, "the blacklist redemption." >> thanks. >> you know a show is doing well when they start spinning it off. did you have second thoughts about leading this one? >> many. i was excited. the character is so much fun. so multifacetted. he's a spy and assassin and a husband and a father and an orph orphan. it was a great character. >> a lot of crossover of cast
8:55 am
members between this show and "the blacklist"? >> we really want to launch this show and create a new story. and once we get moving, we're going to try to make the two mythologies cross over a little bit. >> and when tom keen is in "blacklist," a lot of action and stuff. now that you're leading this, you're busier now. >> and more things hurt. >> what's the latest injury? >> exactly. it's the sillest thing. a bruised knee or a cut finger. it's good. anything to get the blood moving. >> did you have an idea that the show was going to take off the way it has? >> no. you never know. it's about the audience and the energy and the plan and hearing what people react to. and it's so exciting to feel that and to talk to people. >> this is a warm-up bauecause you're going to come back in the next hour. >> i'll be back. >> we wanted to fill this side of the couch. "the blacklist: redemption" is
8:56 am
tonight, 10:00, 9:00 central time. right here on nbc. >> we have jordin sparks as our co-host. i'm ... ==tvo rts of san se - still underwatem good morning. i'm sam brock. parts of the city of san jose under water from the coyote creek flooding. the water is receding. thousands of people are still under mandatory evacuation orders. the affected area is a bit smaller. some folks have decide ided to return to damaged homes. you are looking at chopper video from this morning. in the rock springs neighborhood
8:57 am
volunteers helping to retrieve horses that were stranded. the horses are now on dry land and the flooding has mostly subsided. our team of reporters is following the flooding after math talking with experts surveying to try to find out what went wrong. on ortwitter feed you can link to footage. at 11:00 today updating the horse rescue effort. you can find sky ranger video of stranded horses on dry ground. in southern california authorities plan to talk about the offbeauty police officer who fired his weapon. you can get the latest on our home page.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," a true american idol, jordin sparks, our celebrity co-host. and two of the most talented leading men, ryan eggold, and bradley whitfield. and the giveaways continue. tune in to win right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh. welcome to "today," a freebie thursday morning. february 23rd, 2017. and we're listening to tattoo, our lovely guest co-host, jordin sparks. pull that up a little bit. >> i like that song. >> thank you.
9:01 am
♪ it's a port art of everythingo on my heart like a tattoo ♪ >> how does it feel when strangers sing your song? >> it was a dream to put out music and have people singing it back. the first time, i put my microphone out to see if they would sing it back to me. and i literally thought they were going to cry. because they sang the entire song. >> that's great for you. you don't have to really work. >> well, i mean, i'm always working. but on the nights i'm tired, it helps. >> i wondered about that. sf >> it was help. i sing a lot of really high, belting songs. sometimes, maintaining my voices, sometimes it's stronger than others. to be able to hold the microphone out. sometimes they do. sometimes there's one person in the front and i go straight to them. you're singing. hey. >> i'll remember that for the weather. get somebody to help me. >> you never know.
9:02 am
>> you have a big weekend ahead. singing the national anthem at the daytona 500. >> it is a bucket list moment for me, actually. i never started out going, i want to sing anthems everywhere. i'm honored when people ask me to sing. it's our nation's song. to do it is really, really cool. i did the super bowl. >> i was going to ask you. you've done the super bowl, right? >> and nba finals. i still want to the world series. i did the indy 500. >> put that out there. >> a couple years ago. now, nascar, it's one of the huge sporting events. >> do you worry that you'll forget the word ps s? we all know the words. but in that moment? >> every time. i must love the torture. but every time i'm nervous. i'm scared. >> that's fair. >> talk about the work you're doing with disabled veterans. >> the movement that i'm involved with, one of the
9:03 am
characters in the film, one of the characters is a racer. and joe fwigibb, a huge figure the racing world, is a part of it. and that's how we got involved with that the and disabled american veterans is a great, great cause for veterans to come and just know that they are able to do things still. they tonight have to feel that way. you know? and they can do everything that they want to do. and we try to figure out how we can accomplish that for them. it's awesome. and to be able to say thank you in some form. >> we have president fwb fgeorgh coming on monday. and he's done terrific work, honoring disabled veterans. he's going to talk with matt live. this is really cool. >> he did 60 portraits? >> i think he did more than 60. quite the painter now. >> the artist. >> we have a game today. we love playing games. one of our producers, gavin. >> what's happening?
9:04 am
>> we're calling the game -- when i saw gavin, we have to have a game. you're going to call it spark something? he came up with sparks' notes. gavin, very nice. >> all right. he's a little too excited. we think we found fun facts about you on the web. we never know. >> i'm terrified. >> here we go. here's the first one. your go-to karaoke song is "i want to dance with somebody" by whitney houston? >> yes. that's so much fun. and everybody gets up. hey, yeah. >> you can actually sing. the rest of us take a pencil and mouth it. >> you can't help but move, right? >> this is one in the purple dress and the curls. >> oh, please. classic. >> miss you. >> love, love, love. >> you want the next one? >> most memorable concert was an
9:05 am
'n sync show in 1999? >> oh, my gosh. okay, wait. >> this is the first time you're covering up your face? >> i remember going. it was one of my first shows ever. concert or going? >> pijust going. pink was the opening act. and i remember 'n sync and cisco. you have to love them. they were so cute to me. i'll never forget it because i went with her. she invited me to go. and i still have this frame that has my ticket in it and a pictu picture. and some of the confetti we caught. >> have you met justin timberlake? >> i have, yes. >> did you have a fan girl moment? >> i almost melted into a puddle. i can't believe you're standing in front of me. that was in 2012, i think. but he was really cool. and i didn't know he was in the dressing room, you know, connecting wall. and so, i was blasting his
9:06 am
music. >> oh, cool. >> that's good. >> better than you saying bad things about him. >> yeah, i love this song. >> what is your first concert? i'm curious. >> my first. >> i got curious all of a sudden. did i open up a can of worms. >> it's not a can of worms. but nobody you ever heard of. so soupy sales. >> he was a kid show host. and he had a national hit called "the mouse." and he had a kids show. and i used to dress up as soupy sales. i had a ventriloquist dummy. and i came in second place in the new york city parks department talent contest in 1964. i lost to four girls that lip-synced "i want to hold you hand" by the beatles. ♪ hey, you can do it in your
9:07 am
house, yeah ♪ ♪ on the run or on the wall ♪ ♪ if your folks get bugged, do it in the hall ♪ ♪ do the mouse, yeah let's do the mouse ♪ ♪ and come on and do the mouse with me ♪ >> gavin, where are you? do the mouse. >> people are watching this like -- so excited about. it. >> this was a number one song. ♪ you can do it around your house, yeah ♪ >> that's disturbing. ♪ you can't do it there is really nothing to it ♪ ♪ shake your hands from your ears ♪ ♪ make like a mouse put your teeth on and sneer ♪ ♪ hey, do the house, yeah >> put your teeth out and sneer. >> i don't know that song. >> what's yours? >> mine was m.c. hammer. i have nothing but you. i wanted to put on biker shorts and "2 legit 2 quit."
9:08 am
>> i was about to say. >> the only people that remember this are my age or older. >> you just did a walk down memory lane. i'm sure they were all in their house, doing the mouse. waking up doing the mouse with al. >> in the nursing home. >> you did a detox thing. >> i -- you know, i don't have my phone with me. i'm leaving it out. >> don't you feel naked? >> no. i don't. you know, i'm trying to just cut back. i'm not going to go completely cold turkey. but i just like the be more in the present. >> what is the last time you left your phone at home? ever? >> i went on -- i did a detox thing, too. sometimes i'm just like, i feel overwhelmed by it all. so, a amongsmonth last summer. >> a month? >> i'm not going to do it. it's freeing and really crazy
9:09 am
that something that how much this weighs. but it can really, like, weigh you down. and you feel like there's clutter all around you. i like to do that. okay, guys, see you later. i know people are sometimes, you to keep up and whatever. but my peace is essential. so, let's keep that. >> wow. >> i admire you. that's wow. >> you could have done a digital detox yesterday. you used one. alexa was ordering stuff. >> i just got a message from apple, or amazon. thank you for ordering unlimited music on apple or something. no, i didn't. it was my two fo4-year-olds. alexa asked if they wanted to buy something and i said yes. where was i? supervision, the whole thing. i was in the other room. and you tush turned me on to alexa. now, it's the big thing. i feel like they play board games. they dance. and she entertains them. it's -- alexa is great. >> call alexa mommy.
9:10 am
>> oh, no. >> go ask alexa for dinner. leave me alone. and now, i can't figure out how to unpurchase it. how do you do that? >> tell alexa to do it. >> all the e-mails say no reply. you know what i mean? >> that's how they get you. just ahead, new details about tom brady's missing jersey, the champion quarterback coming forward with his own list of suspects. going all "law & order" on us. wait until you hear who he is calling out. calling out. soupy sales, after(baby crying) ♪ minutes old. ♪ a baby's skin is never more delicate. ♪ what do hospitals use to wash and protect it? ♪ johnson's® the number 1 choices in hospitals.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
award on tuesday. and shares what i think is the greatest story ever about his first encounter with the legend. take a look. >> i'm here tonight to present an award to meryl streep. [ applause ] i remember the first time i met meryl. we were in london. and meryl was having a bite to eat with christine beranski. and i walked over to the table and said, hello. i'm james. and she looked me in the eye, and she said to me, i want the lemon-crusted salmon and a diet coke with no ice. >> that is fantastic. >> i guess he was dressed up. >> a nice lovely tux on. >> when a very polite gentleman and introduces himself by his first name at a restaurant, that's the assumption. ever had an awkward moment like
9:15 am
that? >> i have had a lot of awkward moments. i don't know if i had them with a celebrity. i had a lot of awkward moments with fans and stuff. i get nervous, like -- for example, if meryl streep was standing right there. well, her picture's there. i would be, like, from over here. >> you don't say anything? >> really? >> i will say something dumb. and i don't want to do that. ideal i've, like, feel comfortable enough to be like, i have something to say. >> they probably wouldn't mind. you're jordin sparks. i understand that. do you go right in and say hello? >> you try to read the person, you know? if they seem approachable. that's what i love about this job. you get to meet all these people. >> our jobs would suck if we didn't like people. >> that would be bad. >> that's very true. >> you know what else would
9:16 am
suck? if you win the super bowl for the fifth time and somebody steels your jersey. now, tom brady is going columbo trying to solve the case. he posted on instagram with some potential suspects, including lady gaga. she did have the rope and could get in and out easily. >> that's funny. >> there's "jaws" which i don't understand. tom brady, creepy brady. >> look at creepy me. that's funny. >> and another suspect, jordin spar sparks. >> why snme? >> sitting in the patriots section. >> i was sitting there, though. i was sitting there. i got my tickets. i didn't know where i was. i was in the middle. i didn't take the jersey. >> it's worth $500,000. >> i know. >> i'm not going to be with you tomorrow. >> where are you going? >> on the show but down in south beach for the south beach wine
9:17 am
and food festival. >> i'm happy with this today. >> and we are gathering together an all-star panel of chefs to make breakfast. we have martha stewart, and jamie lee, scott cohen, and marcus samuelsson. we will be there all morning from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. >> that's like cuisine royalty. >> cheers. >> are they safe? >> good morning, everyone. >> yes. >> our crew is trying to poison us. >> that's delicious. >> fantastic. >> that's good. thank you, guys. let's show you what's happening as far as your weather is concerned. we got a big snowstorm developing in the plains. and ahead of that, we're going to see severe weather developing through the midwest and the mississippi river valley. we look for warm air throughout the gulf coast, into the mid-atlantic states. as the cold air comes into it, you see 40s, 20s and 30s. heavy snow through the plains. and record highs in the eastern seaboard.
9:18 am
a high fire threat. plenty of sunshine where good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have temperature reaching into the 50s. tomorrow low 50s and scattered showers in the forecast starting on saturday continuing to sunday. it looks like overall we'll see half an inch of rain or less of rain for those two storms this weekend, and then heading into next week, going to see the temperatures warming up, the dry weather returns. by next wednesday, we'll have some low 60s. >> that is the latest weather. of course, it is freebie february. if you want to win, don't go anywhere. wait until you see what we're giving away. a big-screen bonanza for
9:19 am
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9:22 am
february. our giveaway this week, we have chosen lucky fans off of the plaza for a chance to compete for a prize. you at home can win, as well. stay tuned. here to take this in-studio trivia challenge, thomas and brandy norton for oswego. >> yes. >> what are your kids names? >> lea and benjamin. >> you want to say happy birthday to grandpa. here's our trivia question. what is currently the longest running show in tv history? "seinfeld"? "days of our lives"? or "meet the press"? >> we're going to go with accou"c" "meet the press." we're going to roll the tape. >> the answer is "c," "meet the press." it first aired on november 6th, 1947. if it's sunday it's chuck todd and "meet the press." and you, if you answer directly.
9:23 am
you have won a 55-inch -- this tv. yes. that's right. it's a 4k hdr-compatible hdtv. you haven't said a word. you're not the only ones going home with one. we have sheinelle and jordin on the plaza with our fans. >> give away that tv. >> here we go. here we go. how about? you're getting a tv. where are you from? >> atlanta, georgia. >> congratulations. thanks for coming. >> i'm going to give it to my dude. we got the new york giants up in here. we got to rep the new york giants. fair enough. fair enough. >> one more. one more. this is such pressure. how are you doing? how are you doing? you know what?
9:24 am
what does it say? my husband and son were too lazy to get up early with me. >> i was here at 6:30. >> tell your husband next time to wake up and come with you to the plaza. i love that. >> they don't get the tv. >> you do. >> al, there you go. >> i love you two standing next to each other. that is spectacular. >> and these are the tallest heels i own. >> all right. >> now, we're twins. >> thanks to high sense, giving away two more of the 58" tvs to viewers at home. coming up, somebody we love. "the blacklist's" ryan eggold, back with redemption ahead of his spin-off series, after your local news and weather. ooh, move it. ♪ right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days
9:25 am
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9:26 am
♪ i'm ... ==too==parts of s jose - are sl underwater this moing. as you ca good thursday morning. 9:236. i'm sam brock. parts of san jose still under water as you can see from the video from nbc sky ranger. this shows entire neighborhoods still surrounded. the good news is the water is receding. that's as thousands remain under mandatory evacuation orders. the effected area, in downtown san jose, has been scaled back. thousands of evacuees spent the night far away from home. in one shelter we counted 150 people. other folks spent the night with relatives if they could. we c we spoke with a woman who said she's staying with her cousin and other family members are scattered around the bay.
9:27 am
>> my mom stayed at my uncle's house, my sister as well. >> there's an acute need for help right now. gofundme sites are set up for some homeowners who lost everything. the red cross is accepting donations. we're hearing right now the amount of donations has surged well beyond $100,000. as for the rock springs neighborhood, volunteers still trying to help retrieve 28 horses that were straunded when the water started to rise. the horses are now on dry land. the flooding there has most lie subsided. the next question is, how do they get them out of the area? we'll have more coming up throughout the morning. meantime, sunshine but cold temperatures. wea t
9:28 am
good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures are slowly warming up. it's still cool out there. only 44 degrees in the tri-valley. at least it's sunny. 48 degrees in the east bay. our temperatures will make it into the lower 50s today.
9:29 am
in san francisco, mostly sunny skies. scattered showers back in the forecast on saturday and sunday. for the inland areas, highs will only reach the lower 50s. let's head over to mike for a look at the morning commute. >> things are shaping up nicely. the crash cleared on 280, a slower drive across highway 84, the later commute. west across the dunn bartonbridge. san mateo bridge looks good. still see a smooth drive but a good number of cars on the bay bridge. a live look at oakland. we're worried about slowing north from the coliseum crash just north of there. back to you. >> that will do it for us. we'll see you in 30. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now find our queen c2 mattress at $599, save $200. sale ends sunday.
9:30 am
go to for a store near you. ♪ this young man, no stranger to our show. our good buddy, ryan eggold is here. we know him as tom keen "the blacklist." tom is now branching out on his own in the spin-off series, "the blacklist: redemption." >> my hair went away. >> and he may finally be finding out who he really is. take a look. >> you need to listen to me. >> who is this? >> on top of the phone next to you is a paper bag. inside is a photo. your name is christopher hargrave. in 1988, you vanished from the ocean city beach home your parents were renting. p you were raised by frank and eva phelps. you have no idea what is coming
9:31 am
for you. >> ooh. >> i didn't want to get that phone call. >> i'm feeling anxiety already. >> suspense. >> congratulations. >> yes. >> i mean, you're on "the blacklist." now, you're joining a group of people who have been bad guys in a are kind of turning good? >> yes. the premise is bad guys doing bad things for good. and tom got there with his love for liz and now having a baby and becoming a father, he is discovering the things that are worth living for. >> a lot of people are ru wondering, will there be a crossover? >> we're launching a new story, new world. new cost of characters. eddie and famika jensen is back. and myself and tawny. but we're establishing a new tone.
9:32 am
and beyond this world, they would start to cross the two over, and build an even bigger puzzle. >> is there more pressure, now that you're the star of the show? >> i'm freaking out. >> thank you for being honest. i love it. i would have said the same thing. yes, i'm stressed. thanks. >> i'm excited to see what the fans think and what people think of the show. and to sort of discover the show as we're creating it and have a new world. we're trying to have more fun with it, with an "ocean's 11" banter between eddie and i. it's fun. >> what happens to tom keen on "the blacklist." he's a dad, a husband. do you vanish? what the heck? >> yes. if there's anybody -- >> i skydive out of a plane into a new show. if there's anybody that understands wanting to understand your origin and identity, is liz with the red of it all. i present this that i need to figure out whoi am, why i was
9:33 am
orphaned. what's the deal with my mother and truth. and she gives me her blessing to figure that out. >> that's nice. supernice. >> a co-host last week, kim cattrall. and i understand that you and kim cattrall locked lips. >> there may have been a little moment. >> there was a moment. >> we should explain, ryan. the very beginning of the show, you know, we do the questions out of a boot. we didn't do a boot for myrrh. whatev whatever. >> what is the secret to a good on-screen kiss? i went in for it and kim denied me. >> she denied you? >> denied. >> a repeat. every time i come here, i want to kiss somebody, al. >> bring it, egg oold. >> it was a big thing. we dropped it. at the end, she leaned in. she felt compelled. >> she did.
9:34 am
>> took a little mercy on me. >> we want to try something called ryan's redemption. the new show is about the characters trying to right some wrongs. are there any wrongs in your past, that you would like to write? >> that you're willing to share? >> that i'm willing to share. that i won't go to jail for. you know what? i was a rapscallion, if you will. i just learned that word this morning. >> let me that. >> that's like a beat box onion. >> i would do all sorts of things to my teachers. when they weren't looking, i would write something on the chalkboard. and they would turn around and go, come on. who did this? and everybody would laugh. and i'd get the attention that i wanted. >> how did they not notice? chalk is not silent. >> i was a spy even then. >> wow. >> it was meant to be.
9:35 am
>> ryan eggold, "blacklist: redemption" airing tonight. right after an all-new episode of "the blacklist." is that when you tell liz i got to go? >> yes. >> you have to watch two hours, baby. >> i love that. coming up, another big hollywood star, mr. bradley whitford is here, to tell ugh about his new thriller, "get out," getting rave reviews. we'll catch up with the emmy winner. don't get out. stay. stay. it love is in the air. make a date with your eye doctor. your eyes will love you for it. show your eyes some eyelove. eyelove is all the things... ...we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor... about dry eyes... ...that interrupt the things you love...
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but also here, with a rewards credit card, to help life go right. state farm. ♪ you know, of course, he's a star of stage and screen. but among his many credits, emmy award-winner bradley whitford is known for playing josh on "the west wing." >> now, bradley is starring in the thriller "get out." he plays a father whose daughter is involved in an interracial relationship. >> and thicks get started when she brings her boyfriend home to meet the parents. >> how long has this been going on? this thing?
9:40 am
how long? >> four months. >> four months. >> five months, actual hi. >> she's right. i'm wrong. >> atta boy, get better get used to saying that. >> i'm so sorry. >> she right. i'm wrong. see? >> does he have an off button? this is exhausting. >> i know. i want to give you a tour. >> good morning. >> i'm sorry. it's terribly close to home. i think my kids are as horrified by me as allison's character is. >> man. this movie, has gotten a rare 100% review on rotten tomatoes. as soon as you read the script, you wanted in? >> honestly, before i read the script i wanted to do it because jordan is -- just the biggest fan. >> jordan peele. >> jordan peele. i would do yard work for him.
9:41 am
but then, i read this script. and it blew me away. it was a forehead knocker. you rarely read a script where you think, why hasn't this movie been made before? and yet, i have never seen anything like it. >> for people that don't know, explain the premise. i feel like it's creepy and funny. >> an incredible combination. a thriller, a horror movie and about something very interesting. this is jordan peele. he is not serving your civic vegetables. it is abinkrn incredible ride. i'm proud of him. >> that is absolutely incredible. watching you on the preview, i was sitting here. i was awkward. i haven't had conversations with my dad. >> a meet the parents moments? >> i haven't had that.
9:42 am
and it was that awkward. >> you have a daughter, right? >> two daughters. and i can relate to that moment. it had a different outcome. >> it didn't end the same way? i'm fwlad to hear that. >> not giving anything away. >> i wanted him to get out sooner. that's all i would say. from the bequiginning, you were creepy. >> it's definitely creepy. but he builds the tension. and it's a really interesting ride. and i think the movie is going to appeal, not only to horror fans. but it's an incredible ride. >> i have a question for you. so, you like to play the villains. what draws you to roles like this? >> do i look for the racist, dark white man?
9:43 am
is that a good term of phrase? >> you do. >> that's my wheelhouse, is the aging racist. >> it's like you've got a split personality. and speaking of politics, last time you were here -- >> good segue. >> you did a split, spontaneously. what's the secret? >> honestly, tracy ullman had just done one. i thought it was what you had to do to be on the "today" show. >> we haven't told jordin yet. >> i think it's genetic. i'm realizing this is a strange family. my grandmother in her 80s can bend over and put her hands on the floor. >> that family photo must have been a blast. >> very loose. >> bradley, thank you so much. "get out," from our sister
9:44 am
company, universal, opens in theaters tomorrow. i'm going to go over -- >> do it, al. >> spring over to the weather. >> get out. let's show you what we have going on. as far as your weekend outlook is concerned. starting with tomorrow. heavy snow in the western great lakes, back to the plains. pacific northwest, strong storms move into the central great lakes and the upper mississippi river valley. that stormy weather moves into the northwest and new england on saturday. and rain in the west coast. and snow around the great lakes. and sunday, windy -- sunday, sunday, windy and colder. mid tha-atlantic states, stay w through the south. and look for more good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. chilly temperatures still out there. we're at 44 degrees right now in the tri-valley with some sunshine. looking at 46 in san francisco.
9:45 am
bundle up as you head out. you'll most likely be wearing long sleeves all day long as we will only see the high reaching 54 in the peninsula with sunshine. 53 in the east bay and san francisco. and we will see more weather like this tomorrow, even maybe a degree or two cooler before some rain moves in on saturday. >> that is your latest weather. coming up next -- do you know which (clucking noises)
9:46 am
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actually, the biggest dinos only ate plants! mu-um dinosaurs only eat meat! and country crock is made with plants. country crock has always been made with the goodness of plants. it has real, simple ingredients... and the same country fresh taste you love. welcome to crock country. all right. so, you're a parent. you probably check your kid's smartphone from time-to-time. there are all kinds of apps. >> we're going to school you on the hot ef otest ones, the yout using. with "wired" magazine's editor at large. >> jason, good morning. the apps you're going to show us, any age limit? >> 13 and up. >> we start with the basics. snapchat, which i still don't get. a crash course on snapchat. >> snapchat, it's called a social app. people think of it like facebook
9:50 am
where you post something for a million people. it's more like messaging. you send messages to friends an they disappear. >> in a snap. >> in a snap. you don't have to worry that, you know, this is going to show up when your kid applies to college. there's no record. >> do they really disappear completely? or are they stored somewhere? >> i'm sure they're on a server somewhere. unless, you know, spies are trying to get them, your kids are probably okay. one of the things that they've done, is they've got these filters. if you top on your face for instance, there i am. >> you look good. >> see if this works. >> i have the same problem. it won't recognize my face. >> it worked before. >> i can't feel my face when i'm with you. >> they have the filters that change the way your face looks. here we go. see? see that? >> you need that crown, yes. >> perfect. that's what i was going for. and they also have these --
9:51 am
they're selling the glasses, now. everywhe everywhere you know, you can be taking video. >> how about prisma. >> prisma is another photo op. and you can apply the filters on them. the reason it takes a long time, it's not changing the settings. it breaks the photo down and redraws it. >> wow. >> that worked out well. >> look at that. look at what you did. >> they have 40 or 50 filters. >> okay. there's the other one. walk us through wishbone. >> wishbone is technically a social network. but just like an entertainment app for wasting time. and it's mostly for -- >> we need more of those. >> for tween girls, basically. and basically, you go through and answer the polls. would you rather live in a dump
9:52 am
or always smell bad? i'm going to go with live in a dump. >> wouldn't you smell bad if you lived in a dump? >> you would be the best person snelling smelling in a dump. >> you can come up with your own questions. >> that's true. >> how about house party? >> house party is pretty cool. house party is basically, a -- >> like a party line? >> like a video party line. and the way it works is -- see? hey, guys. >> you got jenna and sheinelle and lee miller. >> if your friends logon, everybody is aware that they're there. kids go on this thing and hang out for hours. >> how many at one time? >> up to eight. >> time to wrap it up, guys. >> our director is giving us cues. >> like "the brady box" bunches.
9:53 am
>> jason, we appreciate it. >> we'll be back in a moment but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
we love it when jordin sparks is here. >> everybody loves it. >> thank you, thank you. i love being here. so, thank you. >> have fun down at daytona. >> i just saw that in your nose. >> yes. >> i was like, what? >> the little ring. >> you're back tomorrow. >> that's what she meant. >> what is that in
9:56 am
after a very chilly start this morning we're looking at a lot more sunshine and high temperatures reaching 54 degrees in the peninsula. tri-valley, 53 degrees. 53 in san francisco and the east bay. north bay up to 56. sunshine is also in the forecast for tomorrow with some scattered
9:57 am
rain. right now storm system not looking all that strong, but something we'll be watching as we head into the weekend. for an update on what's happening on the roadways, let's head over to mike. >> we got word from chris that you can't use 101 to cut over so you have do use 17 and use the coastal route. a lot of folks are on vacation. southbound 101, you might want to head here as well. you have your construction going on. nothing in the grid but i see slowing. they closed one lane to do pothole work. recovery for the crash clearing from downtown oakland but still a backup at the bay bridge poll plaza new happening now, some evacuees are assessing the damage to their home from the historic flooding. others still cannot go home. look for complete coverage on our home page. north bay, good news for commuters using highway 37, which is now open after weeks of full and partial closure.
9:58 am
on our facebook page, find out what crews had to do to get that up and running again. in twitter feed has a link to the shooting that has one police officer in hot water. more local news in a half hoir.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. we're so glad you're with us for thirsty thursday. 23rd of february. running into the last week already of february. >> can you believe it? >> no. it was the shortest month and always cold. i was always glad when it was over. so it feels like spring around here. that's castle on a hill. that's ed sheeran. do we have a great show today? >> a pretty great show. >> our plaza was packed because it's ambush makeovers. everybody loves


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