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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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dame than trujillo joins us life where the coach had his students. the coach was beloved by the kids but also well-liked as the president of the east village little league >> reporter: no doubt this is where he would be right now on the field of east ridge preparing for opening day on saturday. you know light, some are questioning whether the coach would be alive right now if the d.a. had not dropped charges against one of the suspects for a january arrest. robert ruiz is one of the suspects charged with murdering coach navarro last month. he was stabbed at the green club in san jose. today we obtained these documents showing that the support ruiz was arrested in january in this edenville home. during a probation search involving another man in the same home, police found a stolen
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gun, a large caliber ammo clip and drugs ruiz claimed were his. the da dropped the charges setting ruiz free. the news upset friends of the coach and sources close to the case. they believe the coach may still be alive today if the d.a. hadn't dropped the january case against ruiz. >> i hope we get to the bottom of it. find out why he was released and you know hopefully that won't happen again so nobody else will get hurt like that. what happened to frank. >> that doesn't mean that the prosecutors did something wrong. >> reporter: former prosecutor clark looked over the documents yesterday. he sympathized with the families but says that prosecutors sometimes have to make tough unpopular decisions in the name of justice. >> it's not fair to place the blame on the prosecutor for dropping charges in an earlier case if they didn't have enough evidence. >> reporter: friends of the coach are left with a huge void
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and now a new wound. they're preparing for opening day dedicating the season to coach navarro. and here on the field of east ridge little league, friends and family have set up a memorial right here by the third case side of the stadium and also they've set the flag at half-staff in memory of the coach. we did not hear back from the d.a.'s office today on why they dropped the charges against the suspect. we're live in san jose, nbc bay area news. a dropping story in the south bay now where a san jose police officer is under arrest for allegedly stealing drugs. investigators say the officer was arrested for misdemeanor petty theft of marijuana. the theft happened in november of last year when he was working as a patrol officer. he's been on administrative leave since february. now sources tell nbc bay area that the same officer faced allegations of fondling an 18-year-old woman during a search in 2008. he was however acquitted in that
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case. well the floods are over but the damage and bad blood continues in san jose. fema and state officials getting an up close look today. their visit comes as the city prepares to hold its first public hearing on what wept wrong and why residents didn't get for notice. investigator robert handa joins us now near happy hollow park with the latest. >> reporter: well, raj, it's kind of a familiar situation. san jose has had an overall staffing problem for quite a while want including of course with its police department. but now vase say cancies may be the city is facing so much criticism for how and when they warned the residents about the flood waters. >> this is the living room. >> reporter: joy sacks owns several houses here in this neighborhood, saying this year's flood was severe and residents
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needed more warning. >> it flooded even more. i don't know if the amount was the same but the results were worse this time. >> reporter: many long term residents told us they had trouble death flood information early on this time around and were surprised to find out that the city's emergency operations center or eoc was essentially a one-person unit. nbc bay area learned that it was less than that for a long time. the job of the director of if eoc was vacant for months before david psychs filled in during the crisis and the county actually provided several of its eoc workers to help. >> there's no question that if we had more staff there would be more to do, better preparation. there's in question we could do better. >> the mayor points out the city has hired a full-time eoc director who will start on march 13th and address the staffing situation. >> i felt the city did as much as they could. i think some people had a goods idea the day before, that there was going aba flood but they
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didn't notify us. >> reporter: now the mayor has prepared a long list of issues to deal with at the public hearing on nurthursday. while he's familiar with the staffing problems, he also says the city will have to wade through the budget realities first. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. now our investigative unit has uncovered new documents that give more insight to the back and forth between the city of san jose and the water district. our senior investigator stephen stock joins us with those revelations at 6:30. you may have seen something unusual on our local roads this morning. snow. this is what it looked like in saratoga n saratoga. that's more than a dusting. this is what it looked like in berkeley overnight. not enough snow to stick around on the ground but still pretty neat to see. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. what's going on with the snow.
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>> we have cold air close to the surface that it is definitely falling down near the service. >> okay. we'll get back to jeff in just a moment. we'll take care of some microphone issues there. we want to help you get to some cool sights of the weather. take a photo. send it to us. angela sent us this pick schur of the hail on cars. tag us on twitter or instagram or share them on our facebook page. well, follow the money and that's what the raiders are hoping to do all the way to las vegas. tonight, a big development which is not good for the bay area. the county commissioner of las vegas is confirming that the raiders owner mark davis told the nfl that he has secured a $650 million loan from bank of america. that's the same amount of money that was lost earlier this year when both casino moguls and
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investment bank goldman sachs jumped out of the negotiation. that vote and approval could happen at the end of the month. regardless of the owners'' vote, the raiders will play their home games in oakland at least for one more season. president trump's latest executive order released today. it's a scaled-back version of the original. the president signed it this morning and unlike the first go aaround, this was done away from tv cameras. it is still a 90-day immigration band but now from six predominantly muslim countries instead of seven. mr. trump took iraq off of that list. of the significant changes it does not apply to green card holders or legal permanent residents. it will not revoke visas obtained before january 27th and it is no longer an all-out ban on syrian refugees. >> unregulated unvetted travel is not a universal privilege
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especially when national security is at stake. >> the new executive order takes effect in two weeks on march 16. even with the changes in the new travel ban, it is still drawing sharp criticism in the bay area. >> the suspension of the refugee resettlement and the quotas of refugee run counter to the concern for the vulnerable who have always characterized our county. >> now the council on american islamic relations or c.a.r.e. calls the revised policy a partial victory for americans fighting for the rights of immigrants. c.a.r.e. launched a website for people who want to challenge president trump's executive order including the travel ban. >> a new travel ban is getting the majority of the headlines tonight. but another change is sending shock waves through the silicon
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valley. this change is the hb one visav. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us now. this is a big deal. what's the inside story? >> reporter: it is a big deal. pretty much everywhere you look in silicon valley you'll find a thriving tech company. but many here are worried that the white house might stunt its growth. vektra has several immigrants on his staff. he says he's worried about the future of silicon valley. >> people that we hire tend to be of very very high caliber. jeanly extremely well-educated and very hard to come by. >> harder to come by, he fears, now that the government has suspended the fast track processing of hb 1 visas and
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rules that could make it harder for hb one recipients to travel back to the u.s. >> they're going to see us as a country that doesn't want to receive them. >> we're already hearing concerns from would be techies. >> there's going to be a chilling effect on individuals who want to come here and work here and live here and be part of this country and that's what i think we all need to be concerned about. >> it would be great if i came to the u.s. that is my first call. but make it really difficult for me and i'll stay back where i am. >> and we might suffer in silicon valley. >> and you would suffer in silicon valley because you don't get talent. >> reporter: some bay area real estate agents telling us they're seeing people back out of high end housing deals out of concern for their immigration status. scott budman, nbc bay area news. well the president's immigration orders have triggered a response from san
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francisco's mayor. ed lee says he approved the hiring of four new immigration attorneys from the city's public defender's office. the goal is to represent immigrants who have no access to legal representation. 1500 people passed through the immigration quote without a lawyer. that are expected to take on 120 to 150 case as year. first day on the january, april 1st. have you been to the airport in the past couple of days? a more up close and personal patdown. the changes at the u.s. airports that could mean a slowdown for your next flight. violence erupts and pro and anti-trump demonstrators clash. i'm e leash kilyce kirchner. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the rainfall is moving out right now across the bay area. but the storm track is going to remain close to the bay area
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throughout this week. we're tracking rain chances. full forecast coming up in eight minutes.
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it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore!
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. it got a bit out of control. punches were thrown. sticks drawn and pepper spray fired. supporters of president trump and protesters of the president
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clashed in berkeley over the weekend. tonight both sides agree on one thing. both say police didn't do enough to prevent all of this. nbc bay yar's elyce kirchner joins us from berkeley this evening with the violence that led to three' resarrests over t weekend. >> reporter: event organizers tell me that march was supposed to be peaceful and claimed it only turned violent with a group of anarchists tried to stop the event. things got so out of hand. sorting out political differences with brutal force. throwing punches anfiring pepper spray. >> the same thing happen -- >> reporter: this cal student was in the middle shooting this video at saturday's march for trump. >> i would say, though, that the trump supporters were trying to assemble peacefully. >> reporter: you can see a line
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of berkeley police officers in riot gear standing 100 feet away. >> no one is in the middle trying to break apart this conflict. like you guys need to get involved. >> reporter: ten people were arrested. charges include battery and assault with a dead lly weapon. and a berkeley spokesperson said because of the nature of the crowd police are not always able to make immediate arrests without inciting further violence. >> we had someone with a broken nose, split eyebrows. >> reporter: the trump rally organizer said that the police refused to hand cuff more and took too long to get involved. >> it was excuse after excuse and the worst thing is that we can't see what's going on. >> reporter: we reached out to berkeley pd and the city several times today. no one available for an on-camera interview. meanwhile pro-trump organizers hope to plan another march in the future, one they hope will
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remain peaceful. reporting live tonight, elyce kirchner nbc bay area news. well new at 6:00 tonight, actor clint eastwood took on a new role today as the victim in an embezzlement case. this is the victim of eastwood from an hour ago. the actor was attending the sentencing hearing for kneel morton. a former employee who pled guilty to embezzling $180,000 from the golf club that eastwood owns. today east wood testified he helped put more on the through college to he could get his business degree. and he told the judge today, no good deed goes unpunished. a new funding setback could derail california's bullet train. tate was relying on funds from the landmark cap and trade program to help get the project going. the program allows businesses to buy and sell credits related to pollution limits. the problem in this latest
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auction it raised far less money that the state expected or projected. the project was already facing hurdles from growing opposition and a freeze on more than $600 million of federal aid. san jose's river glen park packed to today as the local leaders outline a proposal to fix the south bay's roads. state senator jim bell is spear heading the effort. >> i think we're way behind the time. in the last 22 years there's been in increase in funding for pothole repairs in california. >> the bill to grant the funding is in the state senate right new and will be heard on wednesday. well it wasn't potholes but blizzard conditions that shut down interstate 80. a lot of bay area people actually stuck in tahoe for most of the day. this is westbound 80 where the traffic is once again moving tonight. that's the good news. 80 was just reopened a couple of
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hours ago. the chp warns that conditions are still unsettled and every driver should carry chains. it is amazing to see that. we had snow up there and we had some snow in the bay area as well. >> yes, we did. and we had some cold weather, jeff. >> snow down to 1500 feet this weekend. and the cold temperatures continued today. things are going to be warming up throughout the next couple of days. let get you into the microclimate forecast. right now on the doppler radar we've seen the storm system really starting to push out. only a few spotty showers left here across the east bay and also for the north bay. what i want to take you to next is the future cast. we can show you that the storm activity is going to remain so close to the bay area even into tonight and for tomorrow. by 11:30 we have a new storm system developing offshore. as we advance this you'll see the rain line remains just 200 miles off to the north. we'll be tracking this closely. a little bit of a push to the south and it certainly could
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mean a wetter forecast for us. as of right now we're calling for dry weather throughout tomorrow. 59 in santa rosa, 58 in half moon bay, san jose 63, morgan hill 62. a mix of sun and clouds coming our way. on the extended forecast, no big storms over the next seven days. that is the best news. at 50 foed we're going to push up to 70 on thursday and then we'll stay with the mid to upper 60s as we head throughout the rest of the week. up towards tahoe we talked about the heavy snow. we'll have a few snow showers possible for tomorrow and then we're on for drying weather into the upcoming weekend. temperatures do not look to get too warm so we shouldn't see a tremendous amount of snow melt and we don't have to worry about the sierra snow pack. we have so much of it right now. 192% of average. a new weather update in 20 5
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minutes. security patdowns at airports are about to get more personal. coming up in a live report, how you can avoid the invasive searches. the u-s has started shipng conta
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happening now on on our twitter feed. the u.s. started shipping a controversial anti-missile system to south korea. this comes as north korea test launched four medium range missiles today. and on our home page, chance the rapper is donating $1
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million to the chicago public school system. this comes days after the talks of education funding broke down between the rapper -- more rigiorous search byhtsa.
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up close and personal, your next flight might lead to a more rigorous search by the tsa. >> the patdown is becoming a lot more aggressive. thom general son is live at sfo where the no procedure is in effect. what's the change? >> reporter: well the policy went into place after tsa did a study and agents were unable to detect 67 of 70 gun attempts through security. some still say it goes too far. this man goes through one of the new patdowns at sfo. more than 100 passengers arriving told nbc bay area they haven't witnessed the procedure. did anybody have to go through the patdown procedure. >> no. >> a chicago passenger wasn't that fortunate.
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>> i think it's an invasion of my privacy. >> all it does is turn the check point into a place of indecency. >> reporter: this applies to passengers who set off metal detectors, those who decline security scanning and anyone who agents are alerted to by the canine teams. >> make people think twice about what's going to happen. >> reporter: an airline security expert says it simplifies the procedure for tsa agents and ultimately makes travel safer. >> everybody has to learn one procedure, one technique and they don't have to try to make a junlt call. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, the tsa says the new procedure, quote, does not involve any different areas of the body than were screened in the previous patdown procedure. but the tsa admits that the new searches are going to be more rigorous and more aggressive. they also say that they will continue to monitor and modify
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the procedure if needed. we're live at sfo, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. well after watching us on your mobile device, chances are it's an apple. a study found that 715 million iphones are currently in use worldwide. that's the largest market share for any smartphone as a 20% increase over usage in 2015. with the iphone 8 set to come out this fall, the study predicts a sizable jump in the market share. the ceo says that the company has sold more than a billion e phones since the device debuted in 2007. accusations of wire tapping but no evidence to back it up. what's the angle for president trump. our political analyst larry gersten weighs? uncertainty and aparn confusion before the massive flooding hit the residents living along coyote creek.
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i'm stephen stock. we investigate what the water officials knew and what they did not know and why the residents weren't warned sooner about the coming flood. that remains the questi
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toght when comes to the coyote so what did city leaders know and when did they actually know it? that remains the question tonight. when it comes to the coyote creek flood that forced nearly 30,000 people from their homes. >> senior invest day tiff reporter stephen stock got his hands on for documents that shed
6:30 pm
light on what happened behind the scene. >> we asked for a log of all calls and communications between santa clara valley water district officials and the city of san jose. instead of getting that, the water district prepared these time lines. their versions of some of those communications that took place. even so, they offer an insight into the confusion on the part of the people who were supposed to be experts on this potential flooding along coyote creek. even as coyote creek began to overflow its banks and pour into streets, homes and businesses, there appeared to be miscommunication between officials with san jose city and santa clara water district. the day before the flood the water district notes quote wide ranges in uncertainties in creek flow estimates based on different models. and throughout the water district's time line, officials discuss water flow rates that could cause flooding ranging from 70 cubic feet per second to
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9,000. all of this confusion surrounding the different water district models led to inaction. residents simply weren't warned until water was already in their homes. >> we've got to do a lot to improve the communication between the water district and the city. we're going to fix this. >> in fact the water district's time line shows two days be ever the flood, a san jose city public information officer recommended starting evacuations early. but in an e-mail that we first reported on more than a week ago, a water district government relations representative assured the city it did not have to worry because, quote, models don't predict it will flood until 7400 cubic feet per second. but as a terse e-mail from the mayor shortly after that, rock spring neighborhood started flooding three hours ago. they're all wrong. the mayor's staff reporting the water valley district grossly overestimated the flood tolerance. the real rick of flooding for
6:32 pm
residents began when anderson dam started letting 4,000 cubic feet per second over the spillway. that's nearly half of the watt thaer the previous models predicted. >> the folk at the eoc making decisions minute by minute about when to warn, when to evacuate and so forth, it's critical that they have the best information. at the same time we know there's often inaccurate information. and we've got to figure out how to verify information so people can make the best decisions possible. >> the mayor will hold hearings on thursday to find out exactly what went wrong and why. we've also learned something else from all of these public records that we requested after the first story broke, after his first broke this story about the district's struggles overestimating how much water would flood the neighborhood coming over that dam, the district then went out and hired an outside pr firm to handle their communication strategy,
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even though they have their own internal public relations office. the cost for the firm $25,000 with a rate as high as $500 an hour for the outside pr firm's help. we'll stay on this story. >> thank you. that would be sam singer, the well-known crisis manager here in the bay area. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888. 9 -996-tips. house republicans submitted their version of a new health care bill. the republicans are calling it the american health care act. the plan is expected to cover fewer than the 25 million people insured under the affordable care act. gone would be the fines for the people who chose not to join the coverage. republicans say they don't have an official estimate yet of how much it would cost but they're hopeful it will be less expensive that obamacare.
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the house committees plan to vote on the legislation on wednesday. another big headline, the white house is digging in defending the president's claim that president obama tapped phone lines at trump tower last year. but here's the issue. the white house is offering zero evidence in this. political experts say it's unprecedented. one president accusing another of a federal crime without offering any evidence. over the weekend you might have seen his tweets. mr. trump tweeting that president obama spied on him during the election after the first reports surfaced thursday in conservative blogs. >> there's been enough reporting that strongly suggests that something occurred. >> mr. trump wants congress to investiga investigate. some say all he needs to do is ask his own intelligence officials if anything happened.
6:35 pm
now late today republican senator john mccain speaking up saying if the administration has evidence, the american people need to see it. our political analyst larry gerston is with us. where do you want to start? >> start with the facts. we can only go by the facts, raj. fact, a president can't order a wiretap. only the department of justice can request permission through the courts. fact, assuming there was a wiretap, president trump could easily settle the entire issue by declassifying this event. he has not. and fact, president trump has offered no evidence to the wiretap claim yet. the intelligence officials are denied it ever happened. >> larry, mr. trump has made bold and accusations in the past several years. does that fall into this category? >> it's part of the theme. a theme that goes back to when citizen trump asserted that president obama was born in
6:36 pm
kenya. you remember the birther unit. since taking office president trump claimed that hillary clinton won the popular presidential election thanks to at least 3 million illegal immigrants who voted. no proof of wide spread voter fraud. also saying the u.s. murder rate is the highest in histy. it's at his toric lows. and he's said that if vast majority of terrorists came here from terrorist nations. they have not. all of these claims and dozens of overs have no basis of truth and can be verified by a nonpartisan organization. despite all of this trump supporters remain steadfastly loyal to the president. >> you say nonpartisan politico checking this. all of these truths had no consequence politically speaking. what about now? >> there are major consequences
6:37 pm
here. global leaders are confused over what they see as the president's erratic behavior. for the americans, many are losing faith in the president and in the office. as for the president himself, these wild goose chases slow down his policy objectives because the white house is on the defensive trying to deal with all of these things. you know, presidents preside over the world's largest bully pulpit. and when the president talks, everyone listens. but the more the president fails to make his story true, the more he misleads his audience may become a lot smaller. >> we'll continue to listen and continue to report on everything he does and says. thank you. six weeks and counting. so have you filed your taxes yet? nbc bay area responds to explain why you will want to file electronically this year. that's what police inoutai
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a loaded ak 47 and several potentially stolen i.d.s that the police in mountain view discovered when busting two suspected drug dealers. happened this weekend. the police identified the suspects. investigators are now trying to match. the i.d.s with the writingful own owners. no word yet on what caused a fire burning through two san jose garages this morning. smoke bill loubed out so thick we could see it on our traffic cameras two miles away. smartphone apps are being blamed for making our roads more dangerous. city leaders in fremont says with the frequency of the
6:41 pm
traffic, navigation apps like waze has caused people to jump up a at mission boulevard. the result, all of the cars cutting through surface streets to jump onto the freeway at a certain point. the city is also partnered with the app waze to alert commuters of those turn restrictions. and we do see that, all of the surface streets you get a lot of people cutting across. >> and a lot of people use waze now. very cold and the hail yesterday. can we expect more of this? >> this storm is moving out. i don't think we're going to have more hail reports coming our way. that's the good news. you can see overcast skies at the current hour. we'll drop into down the 40s tomorrow morning. speaking of the rain, this weekend it did add to the totals. 185% of normal in santa rosa for that rainfall. i'm back with the extended forecast in just a few minutes.
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income tax return slower this year than in years past. i'm chris chmura. we'll find out who's to blame next. people's income taxefds.
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6:44 pm
well nbc bay area sfonz a slowdown involving people's income tax refunds. >> april 15th, right around the corner. the irs isn't the culprit here. we're tracking wide spread procrastination problem. >> we dove into the irs's numbers and found that millions of people are simply not filing their returns as fast as they have in the past. check this out. through the middle of february a total of 42.5 million returns
6:45 pm
were filed. but at this point a year ago it was already up to 49 million. same for 2015. 49 million. the data doesn't give the 6.5 million people in between a good reason to wait this year. more than three-quarters of us are getting money back. that is steady year to year and the average refund has risen. and yet we have millions of families letting uncle sam sit on their three grand. why? we don't know. but we do know this. if you rush to complete a form 1040 close to the april 18th deadline you run the risk of making an error. the most common mistakes are forgetting your signature, reporting a wrong social security and simple math that doesn't add up. if you insist on pushing the envelope and electronic filing is statistically going to be more accurate. get this. the irs says forms filed on paper are 20 times more likely than electronic returns to contain errors.
6:46 pm
20 times. most american families can file electronically for free. it's based on your income. check the irs website to learn how. if you have a consumer complaint call us, 888-996-tips or well an interesting story from one of our local schools where we see people of all ages trying to step up here. the chilly weather outside is potentially life threatening for those living in the streets. >> jo ro joe ro zat to jr. show us. >> for most kids, the best part of the day is the recess. but for san francisco's elementary, the hottest recess activity these days isn't on the court. it's in the classroom. in a weekly club that's pleasantly short on excitement, students gather each week in the
6:47 pm
classroom to pursue the very unrecess like past time of knitting. at the center of this knitting circle is the fifth grader who late last year sewed the seeds of the knitting club. >> he said, can we start a club where we can make scarves. >> she hung a recruiting poster in the hall way and scoured the playground for potential knitters. >> got a list of people and invited them up. >> i learned from youtube. >> i like that it's calming. >> but beth didn't start the club as an escape from the playground. she started it as a solution >> when i'm on the bus, i always see homeless people on the street. don't they need something warm to keep them happy. >> and happiness she concluded was a warm hand knit scarf. >> no house or no blanket.
6:48 pm
>> so each week the knitting club slowly stitches ahead, making scarves for the homeless with only the occasional snag. >> i like that when i'm knitting i can know that i'm actually doing it for someone. >> i hope that we take a big field trip out where the homeless people be so we can pass out the scarves and stuff. >> to her, the most satisfying thing may be knowing her classmates have chosen knitting over playing. joe rosa to jr., nbc bay area news. >> do you know how to knit? >> i can. i don't do it. don't wait for a jacket or a scarf from me. >> we need a suiweater. >> that is really nice of the children. this cold weather is not letting up. >> it's so chilly the past couple of days. but the morning temperatures have been in the 30s for quite
6:49 pm
some time here. tomorrow morning it doesn't look nearly as cold but it will still start off chilly. let's look at your microclimate forecast right now. you can see san francisco from the at&t ballpark camera, we have dry conditions right now. but the clouds are in place. we'll see temperatures drop down to 49 degrees by 1:00 a.m. chilly tomorrow morning but definitely not expected to go below the freezing mark. we have spotty showers but this is beginning to push out. i think by tomorrow morning, the only thing we could have left is potentially maybe some spotty areas of drizzle right near the peninsula. cloudy for the south bay and not much in the way of sunshine at least for the tri-valley. 44. a look across the north bay, early drizzle, 45, patchy mist for san francisco with 49 degrees. what we want to show you next is the pattern. it the certainly very complicated this week. it's not as simple as high
6:50 pm
pressure moves into the west and gives us all entirely sunny skies. high pressure is moving in topo tenlly give us bright weather. a little slip in this to the south and we could have a wetter weather forecast. i'm going to keep a close eye on this for us. right now it's trending dry. but you'll see here on the future cast how close the rainfall is going to be. here's the storm system late tonight developing as we advance this into tomorrow morning, there's the rainfall again just outside the bay area. i'm calling for the dry forecast but we'll be monitoring this oh so closely. 63 in gilroy, milder in downtown san jose with low 60s, east bay 60 in livermore, 61 in danville. i think the sun is going to break through a time or two tomorrow but do not expect full-on sunny skies. san mateo 59, san francisco 50s
6:51 pm
across the word, anywhere from 59 in the mission to 56 in the outer sunset, mid 507s along the embarcadero. north bay, 58 in mill valley, 62 in sonoma and right back towards napa 60 degrees. on the extended forecast, the best news even with the rain really close by we do not have any major storm systems in the forecast throughout the next seven days. it is trending dry. and you'll see in san francisco temperatures primarily in the 60s once we get over tomorrow's weather. for the interior valley, keep your eye on thursday. up to a much milder 70 degrees. that's going to feel really nice. and then after we get past thursday we'll stay with the upper 60s in the forecast. so it's not full-on sunshine the next seven days. we'll have intermittent areas of clouds moving in and out. but i'm happy to see no big storm system. >> that is a relief. >> did you get snow or hail? >> we got mainly some hail pellets. it was quite a sight yesterday.
6:52 pm
up next, meet the new boss who's also the old boss of the u.s. national soccer team. so why is he in the bay area? colin resch explains.
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6:54 pm
san jose's avaya stadm..will behe stage r the next maor ready for the big football game? >> yes. >> soccer. big football game soccer. the stage for the next make or break game for team usa. >> desperate to keep their streak alive, the team is turning to the past in hopes of creating a brighter future. here's nbc bay area's colin resch. >> reporter: better late than ever.
6:55 pm
the flight delayed this afternoon but only by half an hour or so. which meant he was able to talk to the assemble media regarding the march 24th world cup qualifier against honduras. better late than ever relates to arena's timing as head coach of the team for a second stint. the ugs.s. 0 and 2. so arena will be coaching for the first time and there's no room for error. and he's saying what we're thinking. >> i call it a must win. i'm going the say it and it's in my head. we need to win this game. >> he's right. time is running out for a country that's qualified for every world cup since 1990. it's one of the reasons why at 65 years old, returning to lead u.s. soccer is so important to him. >> some of the old guys like me around the country remember the old days when this sport had no respect in the country and how we were working real hard to build it. now we're at a point where we
6:56 pm
have no excuses. i needed to take on this challenge. i believe in the players we have and the organization of the u.s. soccer and i think we're going to qualify a fikt lottery for the game on march 24th began this morning. it closes at midnight. in san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area. well tonight at 11:00, former oakland mayor jean quan is back in the headlines. you can check it out tonight on our 11:00 newscast right here. one last check with jeff ranieri after the great bay area snowstorm of 2017. >> we're starting to dry out as we head throughout the next seven days. no big storm system coming our way. mild at 70 by the upcoming thursday and dry for the upcoming weekend. the storm track is only 200 miles away so i'm tracking it closely. if it moves near us we could see some rainfall. but right now dry. >> we will take it. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening.
6:57 pm
>> bye-bye.
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girlfriend cuddling at a caribbean wedding. >> the new clues are on the fast track to their own i dos now on "extra." ♪ extra extra ♪ ♪ extra extra >> the prince and his american beauty hitting the beach in jamaica holding hands. one step closer to marriage? the pastor who just married harry's best friend speaks out. >> would you put your money on their being a wedding? >> oh, yeah, definitely. >> new photos, lady gaga and her man holding hands in hollywood. are they getting serious? supermodel chrissy teigen's emotional plunge after the birth of baby luna. >> you look like mr. peepers. >> opening up about her secret battle with postpartum depression.


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