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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  KNTV  March 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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happening down below. you can see all that activity down there. police say it was a gang-related targeted attack. >> we have multiple reports covering this breaking story. let's start with elyce kirchner. what have you learned? >> reporter: chp briefed the media here along the freeway confirming two people driving along the freeway were shot. if you take a look behind me you can see all lanes along eastbound are completely shut down here in the richmond area. chp says two people driving in a honda suv were shot. one person was airlifted to a local hospital reportedly suffering multiple gunshot wounds. the other was transported by ground. it happened around 3:40 this afternoon. within the past two hours richmond police say witness information led them to three possible suspects who have been detained in a nearby neighborhood. since last summer there have
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been more than two dozen highway shootings along east bay freeways. chp says many are believed to be gang related. tonight authorities are calling this a targeted shooting and say witness calls were the key to finding the suspect so quickly. >> gunfire is dangerous. that's the whole reason we're trying to arrest the people responsible for this. be a good witness. don't get involved but be a good witness. we had some good witnesses in this case, and that's what's helped us with the investigation. >> reporter: and back here live you can see all lanes are still shut down and chp says all lanes eastbound in richmond could be closed for at least an hour. on the other side westbound you can see it is really at a crawl. authorities are urging drivers to take alternate routes including westbound 580 or eastbound 24 or another possibility is taking b.a.r.t.
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tonight. chp are urging drivers to avoid this area completely. reporting live in richmond tonight, i'm elyce kirchner. >> a slow-going process. let's take you outside and show you above from sky ranger you can see no traffic moving in that eastbound direction. that's because chp officers and police officers are on that roadway right now look iing for any shell casing, any evidence, a process that as you heard elyce say could take an hour or more. they're in the process of trying to remove the two vehicles involved in the shooting. san pablo avenue exit is what we're talking about. nbc's dherl hurd is live. what have you been able to learn? >> reporter: we got here 20 minutes after the shooting happened. folks here say they heard the gunshots. when we arrived the medic helicopter was on the freeway. at least one of the victims, as
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elyce said was taken away by helicopter, the other taken away in an ambulance. interstate 80, highway 4, portions of 580 and 880 all problems with freeway shootings. in fact, dozens of shootings have taken place on east bay frees. we talked to one man who heard gunfire today. >> we heard like six shots and that's it. we were inside in the garage. after that stopped and 50 minutes later we heard police closed the freeway, the exit. we see the whole exit was blocked. >> reporter: so as we've been reporting the freeway is still shut down. we spoke with hercules mayor dan romero, one of five mayors who went to sacramento last summer asking for working cameras on public freeways where there are
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problems. we talked to him and he has a lot to say about all of this. we will talk to him and have a report at 11:00. back here live you can see the freeway is still shut down. you see two cars on the side of the freeway. investigators are combing and looking at those cars and gathering shell casings on the freeway for evidence, and we'll have an update on the story at 11:00 tonight. reporting live in richmond, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, cheryl. we'll continue to follow it as well as give you another look again from above. this is sky ranger trying to locate right now the freeway. again, lots of traffic in this cara just really an area for you to avoid at this point. two people taken to the hospital, one of them airlifted right off the freeway. of course we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the newscast. you can get information on more breaking news for you this time in sunnyvale. an accident involving a police officer. this is the intersection of el camino at matilda. it happened around 4:00 at that
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intersection. that intersection will be closed for several hours now. that officer did not suffer any serious injuries. >> three hours and counting, questions, complaints, and some explanations. looking for answers why they didn't get warnings earlier and what the city will do to keep it from happening again. damian trujillo? >> reporter: one person, one representative from the water district is here, but this meeting is on its third hour right now. right now the city council hearing an earful from some of the flood victims. the finger pointed started well before the hearing. the bottom line, both the city and the water district agree on one thing -- this can't happen again. why did this happen? that's what the city hopes to find out in a special meeting today. among those on hand residents, many who wore headphones for translation in spanish and
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vietnamese and then they spoke. >> it's been over two weeks and we're not near normalcy. >> reporter: today the finger pointing continued in the scathing 61-page membo the city manager reiterates the water district needs to take responsibility to protect the community from floodwater and the data the city received was, quote, flawed. >> there are certainly areas we can improve. i know the city wants to work with us in improving our communications and how we respond. >> reporter: the water district stopped short of saying it made mistakes but the mayor admits the city didn't get it right. >> there were plenty of mistakes we have made. >> reporter: you've owned up to your end. do you feel they've owned up to theirs? >> i'm not interested in pointing fingers at this point. we have to fix a problem. >> reporter: at today's meeting the mayor was hoping to hear from water district high drol gists and engineers explaining what went wrong and how to prevent it in the future. but he got their government affairs director instead and
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this letter from the board chair. neither mentioned accepting any blame. the city attorney fired back saying the responsibility for creek maintenance related to flood control doesn't belong to city property owners. and one flood victim suggested today that they drain anderson dam completely and retrofit it to be at 100% capacity level. there will be a joint meeting on april 28th. this meeting will go on for some time. we're live inside city hall. >> okay, thank you very much, damian. our investigative unit has been digging deep into the documents associated with this historic flood iing. if you want to see those reports go to our website, and click on the investigative unit tab. more trouble for raiders' star aldon smith. this time he could be out of chances. smith was a passenger in a car that smashed into an unmarked
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police cruiser in san francisco. there's a lot more to the story. michelle roberts spoke with smith as he was leaving police headquarters this afternoon. michelle? >> reporter: he says he wasn't in the car at the time of the accident. in fact, he says he was only at the police station to visit a friend who was detained. the accident happened in this area as a police car was it turning into this parking garage behind me. would you like to make any comment to fans? suspended oakland raiders linebacker aldon smith walked out of the san fran san fran police station this afternoon about five hours after sources say he was detained for public intoxication. >> i was talking to a friend who is locked up in there. that's what i wept to do. if i did something, i would be in jail right now. >> reporter: around 8:30 this morning police say a 25-year-old woman driving an suv with two passengers inside hit an unmarked police car turning into the police headquarters parking lot. two of the officers suffered nonlife threatening injuries and
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were taken to the hospital. this afternoon police say the driver is being investigated for possible drunk driving charges and the passenger who sources identify as aldon was drunk. >> he was unable to take care of himself and he was showing signs of intoxication. >> reporter: in 2015 smith was indefinitely suspended from the nfl following several alcohol-related issues and arrests. it's unclear what today's incident would mean for his efforts to be reinstated to the raiders. smith appeared to be hazy as he denied any involvement only saying his girlfriend was driving the suv. >> make these stories better, put me in a better spotlight to stop making me seem like i'm some bad -- criminal because that's not who i am. i'm a good person. i've never done anything. i've never hurt anybody. i'm not that type of person. >> reporter: police say smith didn't break the law but he was
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detained for his own safety allowing him a chance to sober up. we did reach out to the raiders today for a comment but did not hear back. reporting live in san francisco i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. another bomb threat called in to a local jewish community center. the addison jewish community center did have to be evacuated because of a suspicious e-mail. luckily no explosive devices were found during the search, but this comes two days after a number of jewish community centers and anti-defamation league offices throughout the country received threats including the jewish community center in palo alto and the adl office in san francisco which happened last month. more news from the raid eer. the bay area seemingly on the verge of losing this franchise to las vegas. today officials in nevada met to discuss a variety of issues regarding the new domed stadium they want to build for the raiders. the most important part was for the raiders and las vegas leaders to talk about build iin
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and operating this proposed stadium. so what's the next big step? the nfl owners meeting in late march where the owners could vote on the raiders' future. keep in mind the raiders cannot relocate unless 24 of the 32 owners approve the move. millions of dollars in the red, so what's b.a.r.t. going to do? is raising fares in your future? what the board decided today. chp on the hunt for a dangerous dirt bike gang in san francisco that's already hurt one driver. i'm rick boone. what you need to know. >> i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. clouds are back and 64 degrees. i'll let you know when the clouds move out and a sneak peek at your forecast in eight minutes.
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we're following more breaking news. this time in santa clara. a police officer involved in a shooting. this was confirmed just a few minutes ago. this is happening in the area of monroe street and scott boulevard not far from scott elementary school. we're told no officers were hurt but one person was shot and injured. we do not know their condition or what led to the shooting. we do have crews arriving on the scene. we'll update you as soon as we have new information. an officer involved shooting in santa clara.
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>> braz ep, reckless and now dangerous. tonight chp is on the hunt for a gang of dirt bike riders that taunted and beat a driver during a sideshow on the 101. the man with the broken leg, as you can see there caught on camera last night by another driver. nbc bay area's rick boone joins us live. police are aware of who these folks are but they haven't been able to catch them. >> reporter: it's been a cat and mouse type of game for the police officers and these dirt bike guys. they've been trying for several years to track them down. this as we now have an update tonight from the guy in the video who was injured. he's now at home tonight. but police are getting really serious about catching them because they're getting more aggressive and now putting more lives atri risk. >> 103 turned physical 415. >> there's 10 or 12 of these guys. >> reporter: the latest dirt bike stunt on southbound 101 at cesar chavez turned into a brawl on the highway last night. it involved almost a dozen
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unlicensed off road bikes and an atv doing stunts and blocking traffic. things went from bad to worse when one driver decided to drive through the pack. >> they stopped this car and obviously had some words. they smashed his side windows and kicked in some of his panels. >> reporter: that's the man who captured the whole thing on his phone. you can see a red car and the bikers box in a white camry and the owner decides to pull over. that's when he got out of the car or was pulled from the car and attacked by multiple men. the beating left him with multiple injuries including a broken leg. gangs of dirt bike riders have been reported causing issues in various parts of the city for years. officers say catching them has been tough because these bikers can go off road into hiding in second. >> it's a similar m.o., if you will. the dirt bike, the atvs get on the freeway, slow down traffic, start doing their stunts, and then they flee. >> reporter: and the temperatures outside not really
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hurting this problem because police say as it gets warmer outside they expect to see, unfortunately, a lot more of this activity for months to come. live in san francisco, rick boone, nbc bay area news. thanks. let's hope they catch them soon. a muni driver was attacked as she started her shift this morning. police say a man walked up to the bus and assaulted the female driver right through the window and then took off running. it happened around 3:00 in the morning about a block from the bay bridge. the muni driver luckily is expected to be okay. stuck with a budget shortfall b.a.r.t. says it will not raise fares but it will reduce discounts for some riders. today's board meeting was dominated by discussion of b.a.r.t.'s roughly $30 million budget shortfall. the agency says it's losing money because a lot more people are taking lyft and uber instead of b.a.r.t. joel keller says every option should be on the table. >> we can't keep spending like drunken sailors. there is a day of reckoning that will face this district and we
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have to begin looking at ways of trimming costs and adding revenue. >> this impacts tens of thousands of people but the board rejected a proposal to raise the base ticket fare by 25 cents. instead they'll consider reducing discounts for students, elderly and the disabled. and they may charge people more for using paper tickets. >> well, a healthy victory for oakland. a foo report says insurance giant blue shield is moving into new high-rise downtown buildings building a revenue boost. blue shield is building a 200,000 square foot tower in oakland's city center complex. the area has been vacant since 2008. the move is one of the biggest office leases in oakland's history. reports says most of blue shield's executive employees will be working from that location. despite the sunshine today we have flooding in the east bay, no rain. rather a water main break. a large water main broke in
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pittsburgh sending fresh water gushing into homes and apartments. roughly two feet of water pour ing into a lot of basements there along black diamond street. it took city workers about 90 minutes to shut off the water. then another three hours to repair that line and then turn it back on. >> everything that my dad worked for is gone right now because it's all flooded. >> we don't have a lot of old lines. this happens to be one of those and it did break and we're looking for exactly the reasons why and how we can avoid this in the future. >> it is a mess. no word yet on what caused this water main break. >> well, monumental disaster prevented. we're learning repairs will come with a monumental price tag. according to published reports bout $4.7 million shed reports a day to fully repair the dam. expected the majority will be repaid by fema. contractors continued to remove
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debris from the damaged spillway but the area is still being reinforced. last month more than 180,000 people were evacuated when the water began to flow over the dam emergency spillway. jeff ranieri is with us now. this seemed like we were living in the bay area again. a lot of people smiling. >> so beautiful. that blue sky today. now we do have high clouds on the increase. it's all part of the storm track which is super close to us right now. we'll take you to our micro climate weather forecast. you can see the stream of moisture stretching all the way back towards hawaii. now don't get concerned. all of our major forecast models continue to show that rainfall staying off to the north but, again, it will keep the cloud cover in place at least through tomorrow morning. high pressure the main reason why we get the temperatures and the drying conditions. we'll take you here across the bay area tomorrow. an hour-by-hour look and you'll see in napa we start with 51 and those clouds. once we hit the afternoon a warmer 73 and sunshine build by
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1:00 p.m. down towards san jose also an overcast start and low 50s and then also once we hit 1:00 p.m. we get the rays of sun coming back and temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. at the coastline, this is still a spot where we have that cooler onshore wind, so don't expect it to get too warm. temperatures in the low 60s as we head throughout the afternoon. let's take you to that extended forecast and you'll see for the interior valleys we stay dry all the way into this upcoming weekend, also into monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. maybe you're heading to lake tahoe for an extended weekend. a good time to show you this tahoe forecast. all see temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s over the next seven days and no major storm systems. coming up a look at the long-range forecast. what our chances are of rainfall it in the near future and a look at when el nino could come back into play. >> very interesting. we'll see you in a few minutes,
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jeff. what does a $20 million mansion in milpitas look like? we'll give you a tour. a shooting on eastbound 80 in r-
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happening now we continue to follow the breaking news story, a shooting on eastbound i-80. police say two people were intentionally shot. eastbound 80 remains closed. at this point maybe an estimate of an hour. of course we're tweeting updates as to when it will open.
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following developments in sunnyvale where a police officer is involved in a crash. appears to be growing sport
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from state lawmakers, to push ba 'last cal= last call for alcohol. growing support from state lawmakers to push back last call. state senator scott weiner from san francisco says he has growing bipartisan support for his proposal to allow some bars and restaurants to serve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. curre currently the last call is at 2:00 a.m. each city would have the final say. it only applies to bars if areas zoned for late-night entertainment. the proposal does not apply to liquor stores. looking for a new place to ñhead? we may have the perfect place. a mansion can be yours for just $20 million. the 192-acre ranch has been in the same family since the 1800s. five bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms and comes in at just under 5,000
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square feet. sprawling grounds, though, sit just above highway 680. >> and the extent of the property goes literally to the top of the ridge line or the fence line. you can see the cattle at the top there. it drops down through the ravine, up along the top of the hillside there. dropping along up to where the tower is and on the other side. >> cattle probably comes with it, too. it includes three smaller residences, a barn, a stable, and a four-acre pond. now you will have to do some upgrades. realtors say it hasn't been updated in years. >> $20 million. wow. up next a new travel ban and now new legal challenges. the states that are ready to block president trump 's latest executive order. an invitation from wikileaks to silicone valley tech companies. i'm scott budman. will the techies work with the group known for leaking information?
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no more. we don't want anymore! keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month. richmond. reeway shooti in i want to update you on breaking news we've been following for more than two hours, this free throwway shooting in richmond. all lanes remain closed this hour. chp officers on the freeway looking for bullet casings after a shooting at a car. two people have been transported. nbc bay area sky ranger was over
6:30 pm
the scene. it is a targeted attack. chp says i-80 will stay closed at least another 45 minutes but could be longer. three suspects are now in police custody detained not far from this shooting place. also making headlines here, wikileaks is back in the headlines. the exiled julian assange is offering to help silicon valley companies but are they willing to work with wikileaks? scott budman joins us with some of those answers. >> reporter: our small sample shows companies want to know what's out there. after all, the devices we use make those companies a lot of money and you and i will only use them if we feel we're safe. after leaking documents claiming that the cia can hack into our phones and smart tvs. wikileaks founder julian assange talked first about the leaks. >> this brings into question the
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entire concept of warfare. >> reporter: then a challenge issued to silicon valley tech companies saying wikileaks is willing to work with the valley to strengthen security. >> we should commit ourselves to collective action which will make the internet a safer place. >> reporter: but are companies ready to work with wikileaks? >> i would say we're interested in seeing and hearing the data. >> reporter: bill specialized in internet enabled devices. if wikileaks calls, he'll answer. >> motivations aside i think anybody who has information more safe are worth an investigation. >> r.j. says there's a lot at stake here. >> you have to take matters into your own hands and be smart about this. your data is out there and you have to take control of it. >> reporter: so far the cia has
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not cop firnfirmed the document wikileaks released came from the government. we'll keep you posted on this one. raj? >> this has been a developing story with a lot of new information. we'll continue to follow it and bring you the latest as soon as it happens. you can get alerts right on your smartphone by downloading our free bay area app. there's been a scare overseas. german police say at least five people have been injured, one severely in an ax attack. the suspect was arrested and has serious injuries. details are limited. police are investigating whether other people were involved in this attack. >> a new travel ban but the same objections. a new motion filed today to have the injunction halting president trump's original travel ban now applied to his newly revived executive order. washington's attorney general was the first to sue over the original travel ban and did get
6:33 pm
a judge to put a hold on the order. he believes the same injunction should apply. >> the language is virtually identical as the original executive order. for that reason we're asserting that the president cannot unilaterally declare himself free of the court's restraining order. >> the administration has not responded but said they were confident the new order would stand up to any legal challenge. aside from removing iraq from the ban list, those with green cards could enter the country freely and removed language that issued an all-out ban on syrian refugees and provided preference to non-muslim applicants. >> president trump and vice president pence are hitting the road to sell their health care plan not just to americans but if fellow republicans. replacing obamacare has been no easy task.
6:34 pm
blayne alexander on the uphill battle the president is facing. >> reporter: seen here with small bank ceos but behind the scenes personally courting conservatives to get onboard with the health care plan. >> we're not jamming this down people's throats. we're welcome iing ideas and thoughts. >> reporter: today the president tweeted the health care plan is going great despite what you hear in the press adding it will end in a beautiful picture. not all conservatives are convinced. >> we do still have some concerns. >> reporter: on capitol hill house speaker paul ryan pulled out a power point presentation to make his case. >> the goal of health care reform is people get access to affordable coverage. >> this committee stand s adjourned. >> reporter: one committee pushed through a marathon hearing on the bill, 27 hours spent discussing and changing. >> this bill has now left our committee and will go up to the budget committee. >> reporter: the vice president promised to hear conservatives who want lower costs speak iingn
6:35 pm
a local radio show. >> that will more immediately address that issue then we're committed to do it. it's early this the process. >> reporter: they face resistance from within their own party while democrats insist the bill will never gain public approval. and today the president's campaign website revealed nashville as the president's first stop on his health care road tour. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. bay area lawmaker nancy pelosi is heading to the border. she will tour humanitarian center in the rio grandee valley of south texas. she was invited to the area but texas congressman gonzalez. what they call the negative impact of president trump's executive order on immigration. our infrastructure is falling apart. crumbling bridges, dams and highways were given a d-plus
6:36 pm
grade. even president trump's promise to spend a trillion dollars to fix our problems isn't enough. they say repairs are going to cost closer to $4.5 trillion. engineers say much of the money will need to come from the gas pump. an increase of 25 cents a gallon. >> an increase of 25 cents a gallon to pay for this. civil engineers say one reason infrastructure has suffered is the federal gas tax hasn't been increased since 1993. the society of civil engineers comes out every four years. lawmakers are taking another shot at removing sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene products in california. lawmakers announced new legislation repealed taxes on those items which most consider a necessity for women and babies. it balances out the lost revenue in excise tax on alcohol instead. the amount 2 cents per cocktail. they hope the second time around
6:37 pm
will be the charm for this. governor brown vetoed similar legislation saying it would be too big of a hit to take for the general fund. at 6:00 a problem with her security deposit. nbc bay area responds to help a bay area woman get the money she deserved. plus, the big facebook post from mark zuckerberg's life changing announcement that has nothing to do with his company. police in the north baare
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hoping you can help tm find a bank robber. the man walked into a s bank police in the north bay are hoping you can help them find a bank robber.
6:40 pm
this guy they say walked into a bank yesterday and handed a teller a note. it said he had bombs, a gun, and that he wanted money. if you have any idea who that guy is, police would like to speak to you. a woman is recovering after her unit in a public housing complex caught fire in san fr francisco. the woman was taken to the hospital. the building's sprinkler system damaged some of the other units. no word on what spark the fire. >> the zuckerberg family is expanding. soon another little woman in zuckerberg's life, announcing he and his wife are expecting another baby girl. the couple's first daughter, mack, was born in 2015. zuckerberg made the announcement on his facebook page saying, quote, i cannot think of a greater gift than having a sister and i'm so happy max and
6:41 pm
our new child will have each other. more than just people making deliveries. this is the future. small six-wheeled robots to deliver food to people in washington, d.c. these robots can travel up to four miles per hour and use sensors and cameras. the robots are accompanied by a person but eventually will be monitored remostly. they say it's the first service of its kind here in the united states. four miles per hour. i'm afraid our food would get cold. >> who am i going to complain to? >> they'll be walking with the person initially. >> i know, but later. >> set it back inside, turn and. >> the food will be cold. we can afford the great weather outside because the drought is done in the bay area. only that normally dry to
6:42 pm
moderately low conditions in southern california. we'll talk more about this great weather trend and when we could see rain return in my long-range forecast. the landlord holds on to her deposit and goes sigh land. nbc bay area responds next.
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we've recovered over $500,000 with our viewers. call us or visit nbc bayarea. m a woman who spent a full year trying to get her landlord to return her security deposit. >> she reached out to us and she got it back. chris chmura is here with her story.
6:45 pm
chris? >> reporter: jenna ford rented an apartment back in 2010 with a security deposit of $2,800. she moved out in 2015 but her security deposit wasn't refunded. she sent several e-mails but couldn't get a response from the company. so she finally reached out to us. hoback reality contacted jenna and gave her a check for $4,telephone. she says that was her security deposit and half a month's rent. they told us the delay in refunding jenna's money was due to personnel issues. it wasn't intentional. it was overlooked while the company was dealing with those personnel issues. the company asked us to extend an apology to jenna. here are some renters rights. california law says landlords must refund up deposit within 21 days. if they're detuducting from
6:46 pm
cleaning fees they must give an itemized statement. the landlord must identify anything he or she plans to deduct from your security deposit so you can try to fix it first. your recourse is to take them to small claims court or maybe we can help. 888-996-tips. good job, thank you, chris. alaska airlines announced it will add nonstop daily service to tucson, austin and los angeles. laalaska airlines now has 19 nonstop destinations which is the largest of any carrier flying in and out of that airport. >> thrilled to see the ongoing expansion in san jose. this is an airline ranked first
6:47 pm
in mer satisfaction nine years running. >> daily flights will begin in september. >> okay, where are we going, tucson or austin? >> i'm going to l.a.x. >> i was thinking austin. if you're going to l.a., i'm going with you. you have all the hookups. our weather forecast here across the bay area, sunny skies really felt like beautiful california weather for one. i know it's winter. we've been locked in the rainy pattern for so long. the only side effect is the pollen report. blooming and producing issues with your allergies across the bay area. cedar and pine in the high levels. tomorrow morning's forecast will offer clouds to start so you probably won't need the
6:48 pm
sunglasses as you get going on the friday morning commute. 50 for the tri-valley. also low clouds for the north bay, san francisco and the east bay. do notice here rainfall, some showers off to the north for tomorrow morning. as we advance this the showers will not make it towards the bay area and once we hit the afternoon on friday we will have that sunshine returning here from the north bay down to the south bay. let's get you into that micro climate forecast. we've worked hard to get here. 76 in gilroy. 73 in san jose and 71 in milpitas and around here mid-70s for concord, walnut creek for dan vilville and then oakland cr along with hayward. that cooler air is all moving in from the ocean which will keep half moon bay down to 62.
6:49 pm
head inland. san francisco, it will be beautiful once we hit the afternoon hours. clouds should part. 63 along the embarcadero and 65 in mission. warmer up into napa and 76. head down to mill valley, that ocean influence and point ray a chilly 63 degrees. a lot of sunshine now. we're not done with the rain season yet. our long-range forecast and where things sit right now there is no la nina or el nino currently. again, no impact from this. we could see rainfall return march 18 to the 25th. more weak to moderate storm potential. we'll keep an eye on that and el nino may be redeveloping as we head throughout next fall or winter. that's something we will be
6:50 pm
watching super closely. dry with temperatures in the 60s over the next seven days. dry weather through next thursday's forecast. your personal at a glance calendar. we'll get a later sunset at 7:14. >> will you be calling everyone? >> a row bow call. >> i'm jeff ranieri. >> maybe facebook live. >> we'll take you up on that. could the earthquake's next star be home grown? the rising rookie.
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san jose tonight. the sharks fe washington capi it's going to be exciting. the best team in hockey comes. the sharks face off against the capitals. the puck drops in about 30 minutes. fans who show up get a special giveaway. it is a puck celebrating two big milestones for two legendary sharks. it honors joe thornton's 1,000th assist. patrick marlo's 500th goal. >> cool to see. ready for march madness? cal lost to utah by 30 points. the two teams met again today and this time in the pac 12 tournament. the bears are a bubble team and need to keep winning if they want to get into the ncaa tournament. bird had a career high 26 points. watch the bears here. watch jabari in the dark jersey, a huge bucket and the foul with less than a minute to go in this game. cal survived and advances. beat utah 78-75. tomorrow cal plays oregon in the
6:54 pm
semifinals. bad news for the a's. they suffered a major sut back. sunny gray injured. the right-hander has a lat strained. he will not be allowed to pick up a ball for the next three weeks. the a's say there's no timetable for him to return to the mound. >> who is the next big star? how about a home grown soccer player. >> the earthquakes kicked off the season and a rookie, it turns out, is getting a lot of attention. here is colin resch. his role on the team unknown. a lot can happen in a month and a half. in the team's home opener saturday he not only started but gave montreal's leading scorer fits. >> lima is strong enough and fast enough to come back. >> from that moment especially, okay, i can just do this and stick to my strengths and i'll be all right if i stay focused
6:55 pm
mentally. >> reporter: that play happened 11 minutes into lima's quake career he was instrumental in holding the impact without a shot on goal for the entire game. major league soccer took notice naming him to the team of the week. >> it's something that i'm very happy for you but i want more of and to perform well on the field. that's important to me. >> the head coach isn't ready to say a star is born but lima's initial success doesn't come as a surprise either. >> athletically can he get up and down the line. he's taken on with a little bit of hunger which is nice to see. >> lima's contribution allowed the spotlight to shine. this goal was the difference and the post goal celebration still up for interpretation almost a week later. >> i think we were trying to do some sort of train. >> now he has all the guys coming down to jump on the love
6:56 pm
train. >> come and make this line like a row boater. >> lima along for the ride but doing his part n. san jose colin resch, nbc bay area. >> we have to check out the earthquake. good weather to watch the earthquake. >> yes, we are going to stay with this pattern of dry weather through the weekend. the only hitch we will go through these periods of morning fog and low clouds. by the afternoon hours we clear out temps in the low to mid-70s. dry tuesday, wednesday and thursday. possibly some rainfall by next friday, saturday and sunday. still really early out on that but just kind of that long-range outlook. heading up to lake tahoe, warm weather up here perfect to go skiing on all of that snow. >> i didn't hear anything about the rain, did you? >> no rain. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
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