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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> at a certain point, maybe 20 minutes after this began, two police said it was time to evacuate. they told us we were in the line of fire and told us to run out. it was a little day on theic n chaotic and scary. >> some peep were evacuated under cover. they had bomb shields around these folks. this is a very fluid situation. the police are negotiating with this person. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. for now we're live in san francisco. nbc bay area news. >> so very good updates. let's take you to the sky ranger. 16th and valencia. has the densely populated part of town. that means a lot of people are in limbo, waiting to get back home. or to the dozens of restaurants and bars in the mission district on the valencia corridor. this could take a while.
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we'll keep our crews in place. we're waiting for more updates so people can get back to that area. a desperate search is underway for a missing hiker near woodside. bethnee haur why you was last seen there. >> reporter: i'm a mile north of that spot. this is where bethnee was last seen here about 4:00. somebody saw her walking down the road with her dog. it appeared nothing was wrong at that time. since then, the crews have been on the trails nearby calling her name as well as her doing camaro. >> it seems like everybody is out looking. >> reporter: 70 people and 13 search and rescue dogs climbed through the hills in san mateo the county. the helicopters flew over the
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area looking for signs of 56-year-old bethnee haury. a mountain view resident. she was last seen about 4:00 yesterday walking with her strayian shepherd near a popular trail head on skyline boulevard. when she didn't return home, her husband called police. she has early jonset dementia. >> reporter: she has time two diabetes and dmenlds on insulin. today the search teams spread out to cover a two and a half mile radius. >> we're sticking to the trails. it is steep so we have a difficult time with the people here trying to be sure they'll be safe as well. >> reporter: due to the rough terrain out here, officials are only asking trained volunteers to help in these search efforts which are expected to go all
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night. reporting live, michelle roberts. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. as we've been reporting for several months, the massacre in orlando has bay area roots. the wife of the nightclub shooter will remain in jail in dublin. this reverses the oakland judge's earlier order to grant her bail. she was arrest in the january seven months arrest her husband omar mateen opened fire inside the orlando nightclub can i go 49 people and injuring at least 68 others. she has pled not guilty to charges of aiding and abetting her husband. her parents live in rodeo. the numbers are staggering and extremely dangerous. the chp say they've investigated 80 freeway shootings in the bay area in the past two years. the latest was just last night in richmond. one of the two victims is in grave condition. this is where most of the 80
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shootings have occurred. this is an old problem. any new solutions? >> reporter: it's a starting number. the chp confirming 80 freeway shootings in the last year and a half. the majority happening here in contra costa county in freeways like this and alameda county. that's where the most recent shootings happened yesterday afternoon. >> she never saw the gunshot. >> i remember a car was flying by, driving really crazy. >> reporter: she just reynold the car speeding past her on highway 4 near pittsburgh last december. it is one of roughly 80 shooting incidents the chp say have occur on bay area freeways in less than a year and a half. >> they're heinous events. >> reporter: the latest incident happened yesterday afternoon. a 24-year-old man driving the honda min 50 van is now in will
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grave condition after being shot several times. his female passenger was also hit. >> we do believe the suspects involved are affiliated with gangs. >> reporter: within an hour, chp arrested three people including three 17-year-old teens. >> reporter: the majority of the shootings have gone unsolved. for the last year, hercules councilman dan romero i know wh what, they have home run fought to install license plate readers. >> they're going to continue. that's the life we have. unless the state of california starts authorizing the money. >> reporter: and we did reach out to the governor's office. the comment installing cameras on freeways like the but we did get a response. we were only referred to the chp. meanwhile those three suspects arrested in the latest freeway shooting will be formally
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charged sometime next week. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. well, the trump administration is celebrating a new jobs report while still dealing with more controversy. it shows the 253,000 jobs were created last month. the firster full month on had president trump's watch. although in office only 50 days, he is taking credit. questions still remain about fired national security adviser michael flynn. he registered as a foreign agent this week. a declaration needed for working as a lobbyist for a foreign government. it turns out with ties during turkish government during the election. today a lawyer for flynn did inform mr. trump's transition team before taking office. >> he retroactively filed it. we advised him. >> reporter: the white house is
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also struggling to explain what prompted the president's allegation that form he president obama tapped his phone at trump tower during the campaign. the remaining u.s. attorneys appointed under the obama administration are being asked to step down. attorney general jeff sessions asked 46 chief federal pros durts resign. they want a uniform transition. there are 93 u.s. attorney positions and have have left the department. they said until the new u.s. attorneys are confirmed, the dedicated career prosecutors will continue the great work of the department investigating, prosecuting and deterring the most violent offenders. we'll have a deeper look into the vetting process michael flynn went through. there are sanctuary cities
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and sanctuary churches. how about sanctuary the restaurants? today it's activist and business leaders gathered to show support for so-called sanctuary restaurants. the movement is led by the golden gate restaurant association which says staff are filled by immigrants. participating restaurants take steps to frequent workers who may be targeted by immigration officials. they also educate staff and the customers on their legal rights as immigrants. >> we need to go forth and educate the immigrants that are workers in any business here in san francisco so. they're not frightened to go out. >> there are more than 300 sanctuary restaurants nationwide. following some breaking news at this hour in san francisco, valencia street and the mission. this was the section evacuated after a person barricades himself inside the crown hotel. police running out with people
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to keep them safe. live in santa clara, new details about the officer involved shooting thursday that left a young man dead. we'll talk about the strange behavior that led to a deadly face-off police. ask as time springs forward this weekend, the temperatures are already there. it looks like more as we get into the saturday forecast. could a parade of storms bring some changes by the end of the weekend?
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i want to get back to our breaking news. we've been talking about since the top of the newscast. the stand-off in san francisco. this is in the mission district. several streets in the mission remain closed. here's what we know. a person with a gun is in a stand-off with police. this is happening near 16th and valencia. sfpd just fill us in with some new information. this started almost three hours ago after a pest control worker was possibly threatened by this person with a gun. that was inside the building. the pest control worker said they might have seen a gun. that person is thought to be armed inside the single room hotel. this is crown hotel. sfpd as part of its de-escalation tactics is waiting
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it out so it could be several more hours near the b.a.r.t. station. a police shooting in sanity clara left a young man dead. police say officers responded to a qual a man with a knife. robert honda broke the story earlier. it is believed he stabbed himself first and still had the knife in his hands when police confront him. >> officials have tentatively planned to provide more details. what do we know right now? >> reporter: right now we do know the details reported early. we confirmed that police and the family reported strange behavior that apparently led to that fatal encounter. they had us the man police shot and killed had at one point been stabbing himself with a knife and that's why he left bloody hand prints on the window to flee the home.
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they said he had a history of mental illness and possibly drug abuse and police had come to the house several times before because of bad behavior. neighbors were sad about the death. >> everybody knows he is a good boy. >> reporter: as we reported, the officer involved was wearing a uniform sxram that video has been turned over to the district attorney's office. we are still waiting for more details. >> okay. we'll check back with you when this happens. it is one of the most beautiful, yet controversial pieces of land in the bay area. now more uproar. it is a former super fun site in san francisco. the company hired the clean up the shipment yard falsified radiation data. now we've uncovered new information with the contractor hired to evaluate that company's
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work. the new company is called ch 2 m hill. it turns out that company was fined for failing to properly monitor asbestos readings at the shipyard a decade ago. now it is evaluating the other copy that'll falsified data. they said they corrected the problem as soon as it discovered the issue. tonight we reveal an internal memo that shows how staffers are returning to the new eye opening information. a lot of disappointing kids and relieved parents. you see the kids were supposed to head up to yosemite. the district decided to cancel the trip at the very last minute. the school officials said it was a matter of safety. that's because last sunday, a woman was killed when a tree fell on top of her tent in the park. the ground is so saturated there, the students from kennedy middle school were on the way when that cancellation was decided on, forcing them to turn
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around. cupertino's middle school and others were also planning trips. the district says it is planning to issue those parents a refund. a creative way to ask for help. santa cruz county said our will winter storms caused 70 million damage to the roads. the county is trying drum up money to fix the problems by sending every single state lawmaker a post card. but these postcards come with a twist. they show pictures of some of the worst hit areas like the car that fell into a sinkhole with messages like greetings from santa cruz. the county is hoping these are convince lawmakers to support a bill would fund more road repairs. well, the bridge is coming down. on monday, they will tear down pfeiffer canyon bridge. a mud slide took out part of the
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bridge and isolated people to the other side. the food, fuel ask and mail is being air lifted in. they are toward take their shot. the hot he was ticket many town, the acclaimed musical begins tonight in san francisco, hamilton. everyone wants a ticket and they do not come cheap. today some people scored a last-minute deal. and businesses near the athleter are hoping to score too. it could be a cash cow for that whole neighborhood. the buzz about hamilton is huge. >> reporter: absolutely. a handful of people tried their luck. they came down to the box office today and they did walk away with hamilton tickets. of course, there is still that online lottery with. all the buzz about hamilton, restaurants see a real
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opportunity. the wait is over. the broadway smash musical hamilton rivals in san francisco. >> i was in the area. i thought why not give it a shot? >> reporter: he tried to score tickets for the $10 lottery but didn't hear back. he waited for hours for the box office to open and he scored two tickets. >> $185 each. yeah. a little bit of an obstructed view. he said it is a little higher up. not that bad. >> reporter: linda king said she tried try her luck for a may performance. >> tried to see if i could score some tickets, which did i. $90 each. they're not good ones but that's okay. i believe in miracles. >> reporter: on the retail market, it shows $500 on up. when the tickets were first announced, the line was around the block. >> the mid market has needed a boost. >> reporter: at the cadillac bar
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and grill, they've added extended hours, seating and staff. >> it is because of hamilton. i think because of the popularity, this will bring a whole new crowd to the area. and i want to impress them. it want to introduce the place. >> reporter: i did ask the people here at the orpheum, what's the best way to get hands on snikts they said check the website. they said had make sure to register for the lottery. christie smith. >> she mentioned the lottery. if you want to try to get lucky, we've posted on it our web page. they have release someday tickets. they were all $950. >> that's it? >> $3. 2,700.
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we're in. >> so it looks like you can't get them. >> so for those who don't win the hamilton tickets, the weather. >> and then you'll rap for us? >> that's right. we're looking at some sunshine. gorgeous weather right now. if you like today's 70s, we have more of that on the way. 70s, maybe close the 80s. in san francisco skoorks degrees. we've got sunshine throughout. and big day tomorrow. st. patrick's day parade. hour by hour. the average high should be 62. check that out. it looks great around san francisco. still close the 70 degrees. a nice evening. you have pine, juniper, cedar and ash. all that rain suppressed the
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pollen levels. so tiburon, check that out. 70 degrees. ocean beach, 62. if you want to head to the coast, i think santa cruz might be your place. you can see the numbers. 70s for tomorrow. it could be in the mid 70s. so tomorrow morning we'll have a patch or two of low clouds. some high clouds passing by. 40s and 50s to start the day. we move into the afternoon. perfect for outdoor plans. 76 in gilroy. tri-valley temperatures, 75 in pleasanton. after some patches low clouds for the morning. for the it's peninsula and coast, still relatively cool. half moon bay, 67 degrees. downtown san francisco, mid do upper 60s. into the north bay, highs in the low to mid 70s. now from time to time we'll see high clouds. hour to hour, partly cloudy skies. psych, numbers in the low to mid
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70s. even around the bay we're talking low 70s to wrap up the weekend. more sunshine and warmer temperatures. high pressure strengthens, we have storms offshore. all the rage producing clouds. notice on the futurecast. from today, saturday, sunday, all the way through tuesday looks right. late wednesday into early thursday. check the seven-day forecast. one chance of showers, we think for the north bay, late on wednesday. what a reversal of weather patterns. we had snow, hail, thunder. you name it. this weekend, we lose that hour of sleep. >> so we're flirting with the 80s. up next, full speed ahead. we think the moves from the dmv that might be faifg way for driverless cars across the bay area.
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happening now, frightening moments for a san francisco muni bus driver. a driver was taken to the hospital. investigators think it may have been debris that went through window. in honor of women's history month, lawmakers are trying to take steps to declare march 21st national rosie the riveter day.
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several streets in the mission remain closed at this hour. it used to be a shelter in place but now they've evacuated peel. that's because a person with a good is inside the crown hotel. it is an occupant of that hotel. this all happening on 16th and valencia. i want to show you some video sent to us a short time ago. sfpd said a pest control worker was potentially, possibly threatened by this person who may have a gun. the suspect is believed to be armed. it is under clear at this point whether it is a man or a woman. police have attempted to negotiate but we have heard they have not made contact with that
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person. >> it is so alarming for the people. especially on a friday evening. everyone flocking to the bars and restaurants. there are several blocks remain closed off. they're telling people to shelter in place like you're seeing in this photograph, or be evacuated. we'll stay on this story for the next sever hours into the night. we're talking no steering wheel no, pedals and no person driving. today a green light, if it is approved, the driverless cars could hit california roads by the end of the year. the new proposal says they will no longer have to have steering wheels and pedals. current regulations require those controls as well as a driver. under the new rules, they must
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be remotely monday toward and have to be able to safely be pulled over in an emergency in case something happens.
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i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. i want to give you a remind per the stand-off continues in
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the mission district. our crews are in place and we'll have a lot more updates in the 6:00 newscast. scandal. more military branches inquiring into nude photos of u.s. servicewomen shared secretly online. tonight the secretary of defense speaking out. winter's revenge -- weather whiplash with snow and plunging temperatures for tens of millions and an even bigger threat on the way. now hiring -- a stronger-than-expected jobs report for the first full month of the trump administration. why are manufacturers struggling to fill jobs? get unplugged -- why companies are urging, even paying some employees to disconnect on vacation. pardon the interruption -- the hilarious viral moment when a dad realizes too late on live tv he should have locked the door. and real-life "footloose" like the '80s classic. a town where dancing


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