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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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barricaded no more -- the specto right now at 11:00 barricaded no more. the suspect at center of 8-hour standoff surrenders to the police. the person is a woman. good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. the evacuate over as people force today flee their homes get
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the clear to go back home. tonight the busy san francisco neighborhood was quiet as police negotiated with the woman hold up in apartment with a gun. the coffee shop taking cover waiting for police to tell them to move out. nbc tom joins us live. we found out it was a woman who lived in the third floor of that apartment building. what else do we know about her? >> that's all we know. she is at the hospital on 72-hour hold. mental evaluation. we know police say this was successful operation. four hours into this, of 6:00 or 7:00 when they started to talk. she was up in the crown
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building. but we know she had a handgun, she was facing valencia so they evacuated the street. she finally started talking. and at 9:00 she gave up. not a single shot was fired. >> reporter: police say they recovered a handgun from a suspect who was take out on a stretcher. police went door to door telling people to stay inside. >> the block is on lockdown. >> reporter: the woman and friend were trapped before they were evacuated. they rolled bomb squad that was standard protocol, there's no indication the person had explosive devise. >> we need to use the room, you
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can take before us to control the situation. >> reporter: he saw more swat members as he was escorted out of the building. >> those two women did not feel save without police protection. >> the scary part was running without over. >> reporter: tonight not a typical start to a weekend. this street normally busy, shutdown. >> not shutdown any more. businesses are open backed up. now we're returning opening up and kp having a normal friday night but lost a lot of time on a busy friday night. all the residents returning home to 200 people who are evacuated
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in this neighborhood coming back home. a peaceful conclusion in the mission district. live in -- >> a second suspect arrested in the death of a elderly woman. sheriff deputy say she helped cover up the murder, now she will face the judge on monday. he ransacked her home, stole her jewelry and beat her. she died. he was charged. >> after students say she criticized after taking part in the immigration protest. she was put on leave after parents complained.
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today a letter was sent home to the parents saying she was sent home -- >> do not drink the tea. that is the health warning tonight about a toxic herbal tea. city health officials have issued the warning. do they know the source of the issue? >> they are looking into all of that. it's important to know, jessica, that the owners are coop cooperating with health officials because they want to make sure no one else gets sick. >> reporter: the herbal tea was purchased on grant street in san francisco's china town.
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two people were ill after drinking it. >> they purchased tea leave and it was in plastic bag. both patients developed symptoms after drinking the tea. >> reporter: one purchase the tea in february, the other in march. it was unknown if it was prescribed for particular ailment. the tea contained the ingredient. >> it's a poisoning herbal if not -- it give can give you nausea and vomiting. >> we want to let people know if
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they consumed leaves to be prepared as tea from this vendor, they should throw it away. >> these case ares rare and they believe the patients will recovery. reporting live. bay area news. >> we have nice about that santa clara news. he was armed and stabbing himself. tonight they were learning he was no longer holding the knife of when he was shot. >> he lunged or dance toward the officer. >> the officer was wearing a camera and it has been turned
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over. >> the man is in grave condition, three people, are in custody. police say the injured man and f female were shot. they asked the state for 2 million to installs security cameras. search for missing hiker, tomorrow morning an army corp. of volunteers will comb the area to find a woman who is missing. she is insulin dependent and may have dementia. >> that's right.
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tomorrow, as you mentioned they will bring a large number of people to search. the time is critical. >> the search was called off because it was to dangerous at night. >> unboard technology to help us. infrared it has the ability to help us locate that person. >> reporter: can it detect body heat? >> yes, it can. >> they were staying at a nearby bed and breakfast. she has type two diabetes. neighbors say they are urgency to find her. >> people get lost, it's dangerous. >> reporter: so far searchers
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have checked within two and a half mile radius. more than 70 searches with dogs and teams on horseback have been scouring the trails about seven miles northwest of wood stock. >> tomorrow 250 searches will continue tomorrow. nbc, bay area news. we have new video to show you. march on rally kalg for president trump to meet with leaders before resuming work on the north carolina pipeline. the tribe and their supporters say the pipeline threatens their right and water supplies.
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falsified data. i'm elizabeth wagner. we examine contractor hired to evaluate the first company's work. >> we have big warmup to kick up the weekend. warm mid-70s tomorrow. hamilton is here and so are the fans. the excitement and how people are scoring tickets to the hottest show in town. a federal judge has roked bondf
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she is getting out out soon, revoked the bond of the orlando wife shooter. she will remain in jail. it reversus judge's decision to grant her bail. he was arrested back in january.
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her husband killed 49 people at the pulse club last june. a mother will be able to throw her daughter a first birthday party after all. police department tweeted there photo saying they are the ones who raised money for the womt. it happened last friday. we showed you surveillance video, the suspect threaten the mom and took the baby out of the car. they took the woman's backpack. police are looking for the men in the video. there's more controversy tonight. a former super we have uncovered
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details about the new contractor. the contractor made some of the same mistakes on the project list. >> one of the navy's pick failed to monitor nearly a decade ago. internal memo from the city reveals they are concerned and members of the community are too. >> reporter: he remembers hunter point. he chaired several boards at the time. >> people are finding out the reports are inaccurate. >> reporter: he is talking about company called ch 2 m. they hired company to monitor the air. in the 2006, he reported no
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asbestos dust. by the bay area air quality management district. >> when someone is made money and they find they are not monitoring, that's a problem. >> reporter: nbc bay area expose another contractor on it's sight, falsified radiation data. they hired ch 2 m. to check the work of the second and many within the city are not happy about it. we obtained memo written by staffer in december. it details conversation between city and regulators. >> have you raised concern to the navy? >> yes, i did race tise the con to the navy and i was assured they too shared the same
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concern. >> reporter: she represents the hunter point residents. >> i think that's a fair question. >> reporter: she said she is encouraged they are one in five hired by the navy to investigate. >> making sure the land is clean and that the data coming back clean. >> reporter: she said she is watching closely for the community because she knows how fragile trust can be. >> when you found out the navy hired this contractor. what did you think? >> here we go again. >> reporter: in 2006 this was an isolated accident. they corrected the problem. the navy did not responds to the requests for comments. >> this has been a long saga.
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thank you, very much. >> if you have tip or yun give us a call 188-8996 tips. check out new video. that's hail the size of baseball smashing into car windshield. you can hear the hail. kids will not be heading to yosemite it was a matter of safety when it tree fell on to her tent. cupertino middle school were planning to go but that's -- >> i understand it but i can understand. >> the district says they will
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re reimburse the parents who paid for the trip. >> even with a lot more rain will continue to see the issue. we need dry weather and we have plenty. good timing for the weekend. we have temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll show you the view in san jose, look at that. 60 at 11:00 is impressive in the santa clara valley. we should see picture perfect weather for st. patrick day parade tomorrow. tomorrow mist along the coast. wind speed some what on shore. that is keeping san francisco in
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the 60s. we expect them to change direction and go offshore. watch out for patchy fog. to start things off, by the afternoon, we're talking highs in the mid-70s. 75 in pleasant tan. temperatures in low 70s downtown san francisco. mid-70s around the north bay. high mid-70s around santa cruz. easy driving around the sierra. they climb into mid-50s and again on sunday. around the bay and valley up in
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the 60s. 3:00 and maybe upper 70s to near 80s south of san jose by the end of the weekend. the storm track moving off to the north. all of these systems one chance for showers may come on wednesday. look at the rainfall projection for now. the 7 day forecast looks warm. san francisco could be close to 70 on monday. trending closer to 80 perhaps on monday. spring forward on sunday. we're talking about very slight chance of showers wednesday and sundays. big reversible. >> it's worth losing the sleep.
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go outside early. >> thank you. anticipation is over. hamilton preview tonight if had san francisco how some got their hands on the hottist tick keets town. happening on home page attorney general jeff sessions said -- he will move forward with that. the department says it will ensure transition. new dental equipment for oakland kids atcavi cavities back in a moment.
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17-hour operation to separate the sisters this past december. it won't be the match up everyone anticipated. we'll tell you why next. ♪
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==vo==ht game. the road continue for the golden state warrior. they came back from 14 point deficit but this wasn't enough to hold off the timer wolf in the end. the announcement from head coach he rush curry and andre against the spurs tomorrow. chasing the warriors nor for the number one spot. the team welcoming the three more agents bringing the number to seven. the team as pears to be committed to forging ahead in the new era. >> so, just trying to help them and help and be the person they brought me here to be. >> the team coming off 2-14
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season that w hamilton has arrived.tonight, ta
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okay, you can feel the excitement in the air. hamilton arrived. it took the stage for first performance in san francisco. as you heard the tickets didn't come cheap. we caught up with some who scored last minute deal. >> $185 each. a little obstructed view but let said it's a little higher-up but not that bad. >> i scored tomorrow tickets $90 each. >> how are they? >> not that great but i believe in miracles. go online and see if there's any available. i have done it and i'm going to
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keep forging forward until i win. you have to do it every day. i haven't won. >> i have give it a try. >> in you're not lucky to get the online tickets, how about sunshine. you can see the temperature-spring like temperatures. it could get close to 70s. catching up on that sunshine. >> tagood-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gordon ramsay, alessia cara,


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