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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. after a particular large one- work to quickly repair hot pole problems in pal to alto. that's notice a fun way to start your monday morning. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> it is good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> we're going to start out with mike because of the potholes. >> this looks like -- we'll start with this video. they discovered on northbound
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101. they cleared this a few minutes ago. in the process of clearing this one pothole they discovered other huge potholes. we're see more work going on throughout the morning. no problems. the pothole repair work has cleared. >> some of the road closed this morning. so watch out with that. we start out with clear weather and cool temperatures. it's going to be a gorgeous day. we start out 51 degrees. we are now at 45 degrees in the north bay and 51 san francisco
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east bay. 76 in the north bay. we'll talk about some more 70s in the frorecast coming up. >> we are keeping an eye on to deadlines today. first, getting a score the congressional budget obvioffice to -- >> wiretapped phone at trump tower. tracy pots in washington. >> the president has a choice to either retract or provided information that the american people deserve. >> reporter: tapped phones at trump tower. the justice department and fbi are supposed to produce a paper
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trail by today. >> they will reveal what we know and how we know that things. >> reporter: democrats insist it's important for the president to be credible if there's an international crisis. >> the question is will people around the world belief him. >> there's a hearing on next monday. >> the obamacare nightmare is about to end. >> reporter: the budget office is due to report what the health plan will cost. >> i believe nobody will be worst off financing. >> reporter: 15 million people could lose coverage. >> it's going to hurt long-term care, hurt good working class folks. >> reporter: healthcare still fuelling town hall with repeal
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vote next week. tracy pots, nbc news, washington. the man is going to be in front of the judge. he was homeless and police said he lunged at officers with a knife. the officers were never charged and family members filed wrongful death claim last year. a freeway shooting now a homicide investigation, this as we learn that the victim has died. the man was targeted as he was driving a hyundai van on thursday. two teenagers and 24-year-old man are all being held in connection with that shooting.
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the three have yet to be charged. fbi investigators believe it was gang related. since 2015 roughly 20 shootings have happened on the free cay. an investigation is under way after shooting in apartment complex in belmont over the weekend. the police are questioning her boyfriend. the streets were closed but back open. a warning is going out to bay area boaters. this coming as two men almost drowned and their kayaks overturned. the coast guard crew found the caller and another man. nerp taken to the hospital ask we're waiting for update on their condition.
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the third person was able to swim shore. a lot of people out this weekend, spring-like temperatures. >> it will continue for a next several days. slight rain in the forecast. coming up. i do have a crash on 580 ill talk about that coming up. leaders in santa cruz county coming up with hallmark cards. happening now -snoand lotsof it
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"no" measuble snowfalfor the last two happening right now, snow you can see and lots of it in chicago. surprisingly this half no measurable snowfall in the wind city. that has not happened in 146 years. the same storm system moving east. in the path new york city, boston, fillphiladelphia and charleston. >> we're right in the middle of i it. everyone is in good humor. we'll see. >> the rush to the grocery store apor appears to be on. 100 million is expected to be
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affected by the storm. they bundled up for that. if you're heading toward stel la check your schedule. thousands have been can called. leaders have come up with an unusual campaign. they are trying to fast track money for road repairs. winter storms called $70 million to county road and leadsers. and they are sending state lawmaker greeting cards showing worst of the road damage. covering the damage is costing -- >> 4:40 right now. we're getting a better view of fish working out. water supply and flood control
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operations to protect fish. salmon and the steel head trout. they are encouraged to join the county for tour at t9:00 this morning. two tunnel to divert water to southern california. today a group is holding a houn hall meeting to discuss the project. they said the $60 billion project will harm fish. the federal government is expected to give -- >> 4:41 coming upright now. joe biden is back home. the good he hopes it will bring. coming up next.
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it is 4:44 on this monday morning. with the warm temperatures we've had trees blooming here so po lent count medium to high. into the next couple of days more warm weathers means more blooming plants. >> we're looking at fine for the travel time. i have issue getting away from the mace. we'll talk about that coming up.
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4:44 right now. joe biden will be at alma marta. they focus on economic form, and civil rights. the conference focuses on innovation and biden spoke about a cause he continues to champion called moon shine. with the goal to finding a cure for cancer. he is willing to work with president trump on that goal. >> it's my hope at this new administration once it gets organized will be able to focus on and be as committed and enthusiastic as we were in the goal of ending cancer as we know it. >> the fight is personal because
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he lost his son beau to brain cancer two years ago. we are looking at business and tech news. president trump said the administration respects the power of the federal reserve. >> more more we turn to cnbc. good morning. >> good morning to you both. market closed positive on friday. the dow and s&p had worst week of 2017. ininvestors for those expected to pass and prime minister theresa may will announce to leave eu as noon as tomorrow. the u.s. federal reserve is doing a good job and the trump
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administration respects it's independence. the administration respects the powers of the fed. the federal reserve is expected to hike interest rates later on this week. good news for americans with low credit scores. the three major firms will remove some civil judges from credit report starting july 1st. they are expected to see a bump in the score because of the change. back over to you. let's talk about something fun. march madness. is under way and it could be a distraction in the workplace. >> you are already talking about newsroom in the morning. >> there is biggest day. as millions of workers with are filling out their brackets and
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all other co workers are losing productivity from the company. the study shows it boosts moral. a lot of other workplaces do. it stops employees from building work comrade -- mike you went to ucla, the mississippi state i'm not sure they made it. >> yes, i had a sick baby. i was out of town. >> st. mary is the best team
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ever. >> they have had a roll. >> ucla has the best in the country. northwestern never made ncaa tournament. last night all of sudden the -- >> this is what they will be talking about all day. >> all right. >> weather is nice for us but that big storm is storm hitting the northeast. let's get to our forecast as we are going to see a lot more sunshine today. here is what it looks as you head outdoor. 51 degrees. nice and cool in liver moore 43 degrees. as we head through the day, going to see the temperatures making into upper 70s east san
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jose. 78 in danville. 72 in mission district. you'll see how long the warm temperatures will last. look at comparison to what they are feeling elsewhere across the country. we are definitely lucky at being spared from this storm that's going to be a next major headliner. as it continues to move east, it will produce blizzard conditions. so we'll be watching that. this system making it's way to the south. the model brings it closer and brings us slight chance of rain.
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the rest of us it looks to stay dry over the next several days. it looks like more the most part it stays dry more most of the bay area. after that it clears up and it will be cooler. and warming back up for the end of the workweek. >> those are the only one where anything interesting going on. we have good -- no major crashes. eastbound getting away from the maize. early this morning there was car fire and debris. heading to the maize it was flashing lights. that's cleared up.
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over toward peninsula there was potholes going on. over saturday night into sunday, they changed that. you are coming toward the center instead of toward the right. this phase will go over for another year. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:52. we told you about the dangers of the hoverboard. first happening right now, we are learning that saudi arabia is meeting at the white house. as we have been mentioning a winter storm slamming into midwest before moving on to the
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eastern part of the country. be sure to check your flights. third of the country effected by this winter weather. back in two minutes. my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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good morning bay area. 4:55 on your monday. if you're clock says 3:55 that's wrong. we have sprung forward as we look at bay bridge beautiful weather. >> i wish i had better news to report, but a charging hoverboard is cause of house
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fired that killed 3-year-old boy. it happened on friday night on harrisburg, pennsylvania. he died from his injuries and two remains in critical condition. it started from hoverboard recharge on the home's first floor. >> we had a victim jump from the second floor. we have two victims that the firefighters rescued. >> they heard sizzling and crackling before it burst into flames. it first deaths linked to hoverboard related fire. we have details on string of bomb threats. according to jcc there were six new threats just this last weekend. that brings the total to 128
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reported throughout the country. they arrived on the scene and give all clear about an hour later. in house son a threat was made to the rub stien center. happening today a bay area man accusing of scaling the white house fence is due to work. 26-year-old jonathan tran jumped the fence and entered the white house compound. he was found hiding behind the column. he was less than 200 feet from the president's bedroom. if convicted he could face four years in prison. we are feeling back in spring, how about pool and beaches yesterday. >> coming up forecast to start our week. >> if your planning ongoing hiking, some of the beautiful
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park, it will be beautiful. i'll let you know how long that lasts coming up. >> if you're going driving, 580 through the tri-valley. how early morning commute is shaping up. plus former president in the bay area this morning. the reason he is here in the high-end hotel he is staying at. former presidet barack ama is
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in town... unexpected visit former
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president is in town what to expect. plus caught on camera an investigation under way after bash lash from in cell phone video. police department in hot water this morning. as we take a live look outside with the sunshine continue. meteorologist it back with forecast. tod"today in the bay" starts no we are starting off the workweek an hour later. we sprung ford which means darker now and lighter into evening. >> you know, for us we like to see the sunshine rise in the morning. >> we want to put the kids to sleep. that's the hard thing. >> it's hard to get up and get moving when it's d


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