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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 14, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we heard it again. so, i start to ask, hey, is there someone in there? yes, i'm in here. he says, i was looking for a wishing well. >> right now at 11:00 sounds coming from inside the wall at a napa togo's restaurant. construction crews hear the cries for help and quickly call 911. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. a very strange story out of the north bay. you just heard the crews' reaction learning about someone trapped inside a wall. now the question is how did he get there? sharon joirning us live this morning from the togo's in napa. sharon, this is a story that gets even more bizarre from there. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, sam and kris. it becomes even more bizarre because the man was found naked
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inside of the shop. you can see right behind me. it was awhile before fire fighters tried to pull the man out of the shaft. once they thought he was okay, fire fighters couldn't believe how he got there. witnesses say the man who was found in a fetal position at the bottom of the shaft has a history of climbing this togo's building complex possibly camping out there overnight. but last night or early this morning fire fighters say he apparently gained access from a rooftop door to the shaft and fell to the bottom. workers who arrived at the building this morning said they heard someone faintly crying, help me, after searching awhile they figured out where he was, talked to him through the wall then called 911. >> i get into the dumpster area and i'm opening dumpsters behind. it was nervous what i might find. and then i actually heard it myself. it was, help me, please, help me. so, i start to ask, hey, is there someone in there? yes, i'm in here. he says, i'm looking -- i was
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looking for a wishing well. well, how did you get in there? what's it matter, i didn't find it. >> pretty tight in there. i'm not sure if he fell straight down or if he braced himself and stopped the fall, but, yeah, definitely potential for high injury. >> reporter: and here's a picture that napa police just released of the man who they rescued. fire fighters rescued out of the shaft. the call came in around 8:00 in morning. it took an hour to get him out. he was taken to the hospital and fire fighters say this definitely was an unusual case and they're going to talk to the building owner to try and prevent it from happening again so hopefully they won't see any more people sandwiched between the walls here at the togo's restaurant. reporting live, i'm sharon, nbc bay area news. >> we can hear the work crews. thank you, sharon. 18 million people are under a blizzard warning now. you can see how the storm is looking in d.c. this morning. a monster nor'easter began
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dumping snow across eight states, snarling travel putting 70 million people under winter storm and watches. here's i live look at the website flight the misery map as they call it. no joke, those are all the cancellations and delays. >> big red circles all over the tri-state area, mid atlantic, too. nbc's jay gray joining us live from central park in new york city. jay, i'm glad we don't have to dig you out there. we talked to you this morning. there was some snow then coming down. a few inches an hour? >> reporter: yeah, sam, kris. it continues to fall. mostly sleet at this point right now. and these conditions, guys, really slowing down my search for the wishing well here in central park. take a look out behind me here. you can see with the sunrise, the only way you can tell the sun is up is that the clouds are now a lighter shade of gray. you can see there are more people out and about exploring what's happening out here.
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still a state of emergency in the city. also a winter weather warning until at least 8:00 this evening. but the national weather service has pulled back a bit on their forecast. the storm seemed to shift positions a bit as it was tracking and looks like we're going to get about 8 inches of snow in the city. now, to the west they are saying those blizzard conditions, they are seeing 24 to 30 inches of snow in some areas and this thing is going to continue to dr track up the eastern seaboard. the streets are clear, like people get ug out in the park, a lot businesses told their employees, stay home, stay out of this mess today. schools have been closed and, so, what you've got is a lot of people riding out what is still a very severe winter storm. sam, kris, back to you. >> i understand you mentioned the transit shut down as well, too, right? thank you very much, jay. that's the way you keep people off the road, by shutting it down. >> yes, bill de blasio warning
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folks to stay off the road. kari, while they're seeing blizzard conditions, you're tracking the latest >> we are seeing this system winding up on the atlantic. that is the reason we are seeing a lot of snow. still lake effect for chicago area. still coming down at this hour. as we get a closer look, we can see where he is and where that sleet is mixing in as indicated by the pink there. they will also see some rain, but on the back edge of this some more snow later on this evening. a lot of those blizzard warnings still continue tort region and will be in effect through tonight before this storm system winds down. and as you just heard, there could be a lot of snow out of this system. the potential for up to 2 feet in parts of upstate new york. we'll keep an eye on this, also the weather for the bay area we are seeing the complete opposite. very warm temperatures and a lot of sunshine. more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, thanks, kari. let's take a live look again at washington, d.c., and you can see the snow is coming down
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enough that we can see it through the camera. we are seeing lots of videos in our social media, folks posting them from around -- all the eastern seaboard really. we'll continue to follow this developing story. go to for the latest on the flight delays and conditions back east as well. >> all right. some news back home now and we are getting a little bit of clarity on a crime scene in san leandro that's been active now for more than 20 hours. deputies were responding to calls about a fight yesterday in a neighborhood. but what they came upon next raised the stakes of their investigation. bob redell joining us live from san leandro with the latest. what are you learning, bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. we know the alameda county sheriff's office says this is not a random crime, that the victim and suspect knew each other. deputies have identified the suspect and are actively looking for him while investigators process the crime scene here. the murder scene here at a home on the 16,000 block of sell born
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in the san leandro foothills where we are standing now. the call to 911 came at 1:45 in the afternoon, a fight between these two men possibly over drugs. when deputies arrived they followed a trail of blood where they found a 41-year-old man dead on the floor. law enforcement believes he might have been shot and stabbed to death. the sergeant tells us . victim or suspect lived here and the house was known for drug activity. not clear if it was for drug dealing or recreational drug use. a lady who lives a few doors down had her suspicions about the place based on the constant comings and goings of various people. there were always a lot of cars, kind of coming and going. they were working on cars a lot. it's like, okay, you know, who are these people? but i wasn't concerned for my own safety at all. they kept to themselves. >> so, this is not a who done it. we know who is involved and we
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have witnesses that were present when this altercation went down so we are also interviewing them and trying to really close out and figure out what the story is and how it got this far out of whack. >> this is a great neighborhood. i mean, we -- you know, all the people take care of their yard, we like each other, nice families. it's very diverse. it's a really nice neighborhood and i don't think what happened here yesterday was a neighborhood issue. >> reporter: the sheriff's office has been at this home for over 21 hours now. the reason this part of the investigation is taking so long, the crime scene inside is very bloody, complex and spread throughout the house. the coroner is conducting an autopsy on the victim this morning. law enforcement want to reassure people who live here this was an isolated incident. they know who the alleged murderer is. it's a matter of finding him. bob redell nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. there are two separate
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investigations going on right now after napa officers shot and killed a suspect. napa police and the sheriff's department are conducting separate investigations into yesterday's shooting. here's what happened. napa police say they received several calls last night around 6:00 about a man acting erratically while holding a knife. shortly after police responded, officers say a confrontation happened with the suspect which forced officers to open fire. we spoke with one person who says that suspect was threatening day labors near the home depot. >> the guy got a knife and he's been, you know, kind of provoking people or trying to fight or something. so, maybe the police did the right thing. i don't know. >> police have not yet released the name of the victim. nbc bay area asked napa police if the officers had body cameras. we were told no, and that the department is currently looking for funding to get them. >> kris, san jose police did not have to go very far to nab a
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suspect this morning. the man they were looking for was found passed out two houses down from where the chase began on the lawn there. we brought you live coverage on today in the bay. officers first tried to pull that suspect over for some sort of traffic violation as he was driving about 2:00 this morning. he didn't stop. when the driver did, he got out of his car and bolted on foot into the san jose neighborhood, east san jose. as we said, he didn't get very far. he was found unconscious in front of a home. a woman in the car was detained. >> continuing coverage now, the san jose historic flooding, the san jose council will consider declaring a shelter crisis. that would allow the city to house evacuees at the seven trees community center through may 31st and it would allow the city to contract home first to manage that shelter without going through the formal bidding process. in an amount not to exceed $297,000, by the way, the mayor was going to be absent because he was supposed to be trafrling to d.c. he had to cancel his plans
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because of the blizzard as well. so he will be there. >> the silicon valley leadership trip. all right. >> no one is immune. >> a lot of flight cancellations. up next at 11:00 the push to help students specifically reduce student dealt at public california colleges. democratic lawmakers say they have a plan to do just that. we'll breakdown how next. >> plus the wrecking ball that couldn't wreck it. the northern california bridge that is supposed to be destroyed is still standing. more video of that wrecking ball in action coming up after the break.
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==sam/rail== taking a check right now of the markets this morning and for the most part, most of the major indices down. the dow jones dropped 47 points
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or so in early trading as we await a possible fed rate hike coming tomorrow. wal-mart's latest push against amazon is reportedly going to be to the benefit of the bay area bringing more jobs with it. is in a pitched battle right now with amazon prime to offer faster shipping and better customer service for online orders. as a result, mercury news reports that wal-mart's bay area based online division is going to be hiring hundreds of new jobs in merchandise and category specialists. right now employs more than 2000 people already in the bay area. most jobs are located in the peninsula. >> happening today, tech leaders to meet with lawmakers in washington, d.c. and on the agenda, immigration and the transgender student bathroom issue. now, we know that mayor liccardo is not going to make it. he canceled his travel. but leaders from apple, samsung, microsoft plan to join other mayors along with 50 u.s. lawmakers. we'll see how many make it. it is an annual event organized by the silicon valley leadership group. the meeting is expected to
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address the need for skilled workers in silicon valley as well. >> speaking of the silicon valley workers, kris, they are marking pi day by organizing a protest against president trump and his immigration policies. if you didn't know today is in fact pi day, it's forth mathematical symbol for the pi itself, but the symbol being 3.14, of course, and many more numbers. technology workers, i don't know them all. tech workers are using pi day in palo alto. some are promising to walk off the job to take part in that. the group's facebook page indicates close to 2000 people are planning to attend: protest scheduled to begin at 2:00 p.m. there was a big push going on right now to make the university of california and california state university systems debt-free for students. what a relief that would be. state democratic lawmakers are announcing what they call the most ambitious proposal in the country to reduce student loan debt. the plan would create a new scholarship for students to the tune of $1.6 billion, that is a pot of money they'd be working
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with. that proposal will also expand aid for community college students as well. no word on when the legislature is taking up the pricey proposal. >> many people on both sides of the aisle are unhappy with the republican's replacement plan for the affordable care act. just a few hours ago newly elected california senator kamala harris spoke about how that new plan will affect people here in the golden state. >> it hurts californians in that we have the largest population of any state in the country. and we have a number of children, one out of two californian children benefits from the affordable care act and will be harmed by repeal of the affordable care act. and this does nothing to alleviate that harm because we're talking about medicaid recipients. >> lawmakers are now in fierce debate over whether americans can afford the republican health plan. nbc's tracy pots is on capitol hill with that part of the story. >> reporter: the congressional budget office predicts the republican health plan reduces the deficit by $337 billion over
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a decade, by cutting medicaid and subsidies that americans use to buy insurance. by getting rid of the mandate to buy insurance, cbo estimates another 14 million people would lose health coverage next year. >> coverage is not the end. people don't get better with coverage. they get better with care. if you have coverage that doesn't allow you to go to the doctor, what good is it in the first place? >> reporter: the trump administration says the cbo was wrong about obamacare and does not consider new regulations and more laws still in the works. >> they didn't look at all the regulations that we believe ought to go away. they didn't look at purchase across state lines or medical malpractice reform. >> reporter: the cbo believe premiums would initially go up 15% then drop 10% in 2020. democrats say tax breaks would only benefit the rich. >> it is indecent and wrong. >> they should heed this warning and turn back from their plan that would be a disaster for the country. >> reporter: skeptical
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republicans want to go back to the drawing board. >> i don't think this is particularly good news. >> it's a big fat beautiful negotiation. >> reporter: president trump meeting with people struggling on obamacare promised republicans will, quote, save the day. critics say republicans are trying to rush this through the house budget committee, take up this new plan on thursday. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. >> tracy, thank you very much. we have new details on president trump's accusations that former president barack obama wiretapped trump tower. the house intel committee says it will take the step of subpoenaing the justice department if it fails to provide evidence to back up the president's allegations. the d.o.j. was supposed to deliver that information yesterday. that was the original deadline. but the department asked for an extension. the house committee says the d.o.j. now has until march 20th, next monday, that's when the committee is holding its first public hearing on russian interference in the presidential election. >> we are learning the demolition of the crumbling
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fifer canyon bridge in big sur is now stopped. that is because the 6,000 pound wrecking ball that was going to take that bridge down isn't strong enough. work was stopped there yesterday three hours after the demolition began. you can see from the videos the wrecking ball barely made a dent. they should drop my purse on it. >> what have you got in there? this is 30 miles south of santa ray, kris. man could not bring the bridge down that mother nature had no problem cracking all over the place. a number of land slides. that's what cracked the bridge. no word on when demolition work is going to get underway again as those attempts look to be a little feeb. >> a wrecking ball would do the job. it has to be the right size. that one looked smaller than the one mylie cyrus road in her video. >> maybe they should get some explosives and blow it up. >> exactly. there is nothing to blow up now
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about the forecast. today is better than yesterday. >> beautiful. >> it is going to be even warmer. this really feels like summertime. and we are going to see this quickly coming to an end over the next couple of days. speaking of summertime, a lot of people want to head to ocean beach. they are getting some work done out there as we get a live look. and also from tiburon, all the sunshine, we're at 66 degrees. and then as we head over towards san jose, we are also getting all of the sun, warming temperatures very quickly and in oakland still busy out there with all of the sunshine coming down. and now we're at 65 degrees. 64 degrees in palo alto, 65 in fairfield, and san jose almost at 70 degrees right now. we are heading up to 80 today and as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you'll see toward the end of the weekend we could see some rain moving in. we'll also talk about a slight chance of rain for the north bay tomorrow. but 80s right now, that will be the high today in napa. as you get out there and enjoy all of the sun and the warmer temperatures, you may need to take the allergy pills before
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you head out. tree pollen is high at this point. it's mostly pine, juniper, cedar and ash. the rest of the allergens are fairly low. as we mentioned it's pi day and a lot of the museums are offering free admission. if you're heading to san francisco to go to the exploratorium, it will be 73 degrees today with some very warm temperatures for this time of year. but this is about to put an end to that. and we're also going to see some clouds moving in out ahead of that. we're seeing some spotty showers starting to enter far northwestern california. that will continue to move into the north bay tomorrow night. it looks like this really fizzles out before it gets here. showing some spotty showers by 7:30 tomorrow evening. the rest of the bay area mostly cloudy, turning cooler. there will be a couple more chances of rain, more significant chances of rain in the forecast starting on sunday, early in the morning, and then a couple of more rounds heading into monday and tuesday. we may also see that continuing into wednesday.
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so, i'll keep you up to date. we may also get quite a bit of snow in the sierra next week as this will be a colder storm system moving in. in the near term, it's very warm. up to 73 degrees in san francisco today. much cooler tomorrow with a high of 60 degrees, 61 degrees on thursday, and into the weekend as we go into the inland areas, going to see highs in the mid 70s, dropping back into the 60s and more rain starting on sunday into early next week. i'll have an update on that. we'll also talk about what's happening in the sierra coming up in a few minutes, kris and sam. >> all right, thank you very much. >> all right. they say breaking up is hard to do. brexiting up is hard to do. the process has started for britain and the european union. the next step for brexit and when the real effects could happen. >> but first happening now, the murder trial of an gentlemen lien garcia torres continues with the testimony of a woman he allegedly tried to kidnap and assault before the disappearance of sierra lamar. our reporter marianne favro is
11:23 am
in the courtroom now and is tweeting updates. also, iraqi forces are battling isis fighters for a key bridge that links into eastern mosul. troops started moving into that part of the city and isis strong hold yesterday and the fight continues right now. we're also learning that thousands of people are trapped in the fighting zone and are trying to flee.
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a developing story now from across seas, britain has moved one step closer to leaving the european union with parliament giving prime minister theresa may the ability to file for divorce from the eastern block. >> it will become law tomorrow allowing the government to trigger article 50 in order to leave the european union. however, the prime minister is expected to wait till the end of the month before formally starting what is essentially a divorce process expected to take about two years. speaking earlier today in parliament, prime minister theresa may said a timetable of negotiations by the end of march remains on track and this was a defining moment for the whole country. but scotland isn't happy. although britain decided in the 2016 referendum to leave the european union, the scotts voted strongly to remain and scotland's first minister nicholas sturgeon, announced she intended to hold a second
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referendum on scottish independence which is expected to happen when brexit negotiations are reaching a conclusion. important questions remain whether this will be a messy divorce between the u.k. and the e.u. which won't be determined until dialogue between the two sides begins. but with both of them already talking tough, negotiations are expected to be a bit of a battle. nbc news, london. >> back here at home, south bay police agencies today plan to reaffirm their promise to shield immigrant groups from federal immigration law. the white house is now in the process of enacting stricter laws against undocumented immigrants. president trump is still vowing to deny federal funds to cities or communities that do not follow federal immigration laws. today members of the santa clara county police chiefs association will hold a news conference at mexican heritage plaza in san jose. leaders from every law enforcement agency in the county are expected to attend. >> also happening today, sheriff vic i hennessey is providing an overview on san francisco's
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sanctuary city policies. san francisco leaders are staying the course right now despite white house threats to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities. last week san francisco asked a federal judge to block the order that would penalize such cities. >> president trump's wall at the border with mexico is still a long way from the light of day, but the city of oakland is getting an early start in fighting the entire process. city councilmembers today will discuss a preliminary plan to boycott companies that agree to help design and build a border wall. the measure will be debated today by the city's finance and management committee. >> coming up next, the east coast and the midwest as we've been talking about bracing and some some cases experiencing a massive winter storm. you see some folks cross-country skiing through central park there, kris. look at the conditions as thousands of flights are canceled and dozens of schools closed. >> plus a san francisco high rise tilting and sinking, we investigate new concerns about the millennium tower should an earthquake hit.
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kris/live here's aeason to prec how about one more reason to appreciate our beautiful weather here in the bay area. these are pictures from 30 rock in new york city and the big apple is freezing over as the nor'easter slams the city in several states along the eastern seaboard. new york city is not getting as much snow as other cities like boston. >> yeah, it's still getting plenty, though. jake said 8 inches or so right now. despite that, thousands of flights are canceled. to and from all new york area airports. so, if you're headed out that way, you might want to make sure your flight status is checked ahead of time. >> here's the scene in philly and it is a struggle. buses and cars and trucks fighting hard to stay on the roads there. those roads are icy. and an 18-wheeler even got stuck in it. the storm is affecting cities and towns from boston to
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washington, d.c. some of which are under blizzard warnings. new york city will see up to 6 inches of snow. other parts, farther up north, could see 2 feet or more. strong winds have knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses from virginia to new jersey. i posted some video from my mother-in-law's backyard in upstate new york. you can find that on twitter or facebook. >> how much snow, too many feet? >> enough for her to sound a little weepy. >> we'll have to come visit. right now now into our newsroom, palo alto police arrested this man in connection with the sexual assault. police say the 26-year-old george mubarak turned himself in last friday after seeing his picture captured by surveillance cameras on news and social media. police say he's connected -- this is the individual they say is connected to two separate sexual assaults that happened one after the other. the first attack happening at the downtown cal train station. police say a woman was attacked there a couple weeks ago. she was able to fight off her attacker and was not physically injured. today one of the suspects in a deadly east bay shooting is
11:33 am
expected to face a judge for the first time. 24-year-old elliott johnson is going to be a rained later today. he is one of three people held in connection with the shooting on i-80 last week that shut down traffic for hours on the busy freeway. 24-year-old demarcus was specifically targeted when he was shot and killed by san pablo. other suspects are teenagers. >> the san francisco woman behind a seven-hour standoff in the mission on friday now faces two charges and she's talking to us from her jail cell. 57-year-old samantha. here's what happened. her building manager called police after she allegedly pulled a gun on a pest control worker. she said she was intoxicated, doesn't reeb doing that, but says she does own a fake gun. what she says she does remember is officers outside her door with their weapons drawn, and she does recall getting angry with them. >> i did say, go ahead and shoot me. i told them technically
11:34 am
referring -- they said -- i don't know that i did that. i don't recall that i did that. i could have because i was pretty agitated. i mean, they were shooting at me. >> officers fired rubber bullets at hill strom and eventually took her into custody. police are investigating new leads after a gang of dirt bikers attacked a lyft driver on highway 101 in san francisco. nbc bay area was the first station to talk with the victim at san francisco general hospital. we talked to him on saturday from his hospital bed. he told us that investigators seemed focus on one gang in particular, and may even have photos of those suspects. >> they were going to -- or have me go through pictures to see if i could remember any of them. >> alex's left leg was broken in three places. chp investigators say they're not ready to officially name any gang or reveal who the suspects are. >> kris, newark police right now
11:35 am
looking for three thieves who got their hands on some very pricey lingerie. they grabbed bras from victoria secret store in the newark mall. they began quickly dumping items into garbage bags before running from the store to a waiting car. authorities now are looking at small security video. >> four people are behind bars this morning accused of carrying out multiple home burglaries in a cupertino neighborhood. the arrest of those people went down in dramatic fashion. they were called to ballinger avenue yesterday around 4:00. they say they found two suspects right away. search for the others lasted more than six hours. they did door to door searches in that time as people sheltered in place. then a canine finally tracked down and blot the halftime two suspects in at 10:00.
11:36 am
>> millennium tower owners still reeling after the tower is sinking and tilting. now they have something new to worry about. >> investigative reporter jaxon van derbeken shows us the new concern is a potential quake vulnerability hidden inside the walls of that 58-story tower. >> how else would we know? >> reporter: before andrew bought his 50th floor unit with his husband in 2011, the couple asked how the millennium tower would handle earthquakes. >> we were assured that it was state of the art and that it would do just fine. >> reporter: it turns out that millennium's insurance was made based on results from a relatively unsophisticated generation of computer modelling done back in 2005. but a more advanced method commissioned by the developer eight years later to account for millennium's sinking and tilting identifies a previously hidden problem. it's here with the mammoth blocks of steel reinforced
11:37 am
concrete known as out riggers. they are supposed to bind the tower's core to its outside walls and absorb the bending and twisting exerted in a major quake. but eight of the tower's 12 out rigger blocks won't be up to the challenge. millennium's own analysis shows. >> this is not a good thing. >> reporter: bob is a u.c. berkeley engineering professor emeritus. he has long analyzed what goes wrong in major infrastructure projects like the millennium. >> if they don't work, you're in deep do-do. >> reporter: in a report to the city in january, millennium's own veteran structural engineer ronald hamburger, detailed the findings. near the top of the building, he reports, the out riggers are about as half as seismic lick resilient as they should be. the next set down will be overtaxed by 20%. while not making any specific predictions, hamburger ruled out collapse. at the same time he warned that overstressed out riggers could
11:38 am
break apart and suffer loss of strength. the building could be red tagged after the quake as a result, says veteran structural engineer joe ma fay. >> one of the draw backs of an outrigger designs, they're wonderful for winds. you have to be very careful with them for earthquakes. >> reporter: he says the question is just how severe a quake it would take to make the building a total loss. >> he could figure out what level of earthquake he thinks is going to cause that red tag. and if i lived in the building, i would, you know, for the cost of paying one of those fancy lawyers for a couple of days you could probably get ron to run that analysis. >> reporter: millennium says the building has been repeatedly evaluated and declared seismically safe. in a statement they told us, quote, at every step of the way the bmg has been determined to be safe for occupancy. since before construction began in 2006, both the city and
11:39 am
millennium's experts have declared the building as code conforming. but we discovered that back in 2005, one of the outside consulting experts, har deep panu, urged that the designers do the more sophisticated type of analysis for the out riggers, to, quote, investigate performance of these important elements and bring factor of safety for them to a desirable level. the project's engineer said that was unnecessary as the outriggers were designed based on well understood and well-documented principles. b says owners should demand more information as they themselves assess the risk. would you tell the people that live there to move out? >> well, i can't tell people what to do. and here, getting back to -- you need to tell people what risk they are really facing. and at that point let them make
11:40 am
the decision. >> we really don't know what to do. >> reporter: meanwhile millennium owners tell us they feel both angry and helpless, unable to sell or move because of all the trouble. >> and we find out now after we bought that the place isn't safe. we're just -- we're appalled. >> reporter: jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> all right. coming up next, these are the weather forecasts that we just love to tell you about as everyone else is suffering on the other side of the country. look at what you have behind you, kari. >> yeah, beautiful beach day looking at point reyes. more warm wealther in the forecast before the cold weather drops in. more coming up on that in about six minutes. >> plus these american citizens have a warning for travelers. border agents can seizure cell
11:41 am
phone when you cross the border. it's something they say is a e nbc ne of their right. invesgati, of a hily
11:42 am
11:43 am
exclusive nbc news investigation of a highly controversial practice happening at our border. >> u.s. citizens with valid passports, not suspected of any
11:44 am
crime, not on any government watch list being told to stop, turnover your cell phone, and your pass word. nbc's senior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden reports. >> reporter: it happened in early january at the canadian border. the buffalo couple. he is a film maker, she is a student, both born in the usa. >> that to me just felt like a gross violation of our rights. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection agents held them for two hours, took their cell phones and demanded their passwords. they turned them over. three days later they once again drove 20 minutes from home to canada for dinner, but they were stopped again, this time he refused to give over his phone. >> one officer grabbed me from behind, grabs me by the throat. another officer comes in front of me, grabs me by the legs. third officer reaches into my pockets and pulls out my cell phone. and then sthe asked kelly to give her cell phone up and she's
11:45 am
scared stiff. >> i just handed it right over. i was not about to get tackled. >> reporter: the law at the u.s. border, including at international airports, allows the government to inspect your phone or your computer. no warrant needed. just like they can look into your luggage. not only that. whether you give them your pass word or not, they can make a clone of what's on your device. until recently it was a power rarely used. >> the fourth amendment even for u.s. citizens doesn't apply. under case law, that goes back 150 years. >> reporter: but now that is allowing law enforcement agencies to collect data from your phone in a way that would violate the right against unreasonable searches and seizures anywhere else. >> i have extraordinary respect for our border patrol. with that said, this loop hole that you talked about really disappoints me and it seems to have gotten worse since january 20th. >> reporter: over the past month, nbc news has spoken with
11:46 am
25 american citizens stopped at the border, eight since president trump took office, all ordered to turnover their phones and passwords, or unlock them. many threatened with arrest if they didn't comply. like akram, whose parents are from syria. all but two of them, american muslims. we spot checked others on the list. among them, a nasa scientist. intelligence officials told nbc news that none of those we checked were on any u.s. watch list nor were they suspected of any crime. one did have a speeding ticket. homeland security officials tell nbc news electronic searches began late in the bush administration, but they were very limited. but by the last year of the obama administration, the number of cell phone searches increased five fold. according to data obtained by nbc news, 2017 is gearing up to be a block buster year. more people stopped in february
11:47 am
than the entire year of 2015. homeland security won't say how many are americans. so, what's going on? two intelligence officials tell nbc news the increase is driven by two factors. frustration that law enforcement failed to detect a string of domestic terrorism attacks, and intensified rhetoric by donald trump about islamic terrorism. >> what is going on at the borders has the potential to be a real digital drag net. i think that this really puts at risk both the security and the liberty of the american people. >> all right. that was cynthia mcfadden reporting there. suffice it to say we're all concerned about our constitutional rights being ignored here. also concerned about them finding selfies. >> that poor tsa border agent would be bored, kids, dog, dog. >> your husband, family in
11:48 am
there. >> a lot of barbecue pictures. >> things that make us happy and feel good. you step outside, this is feel good weather. >> i think so. especially considering this system till march, and we are looking at what is happening on the east coast and they're dealing with this big blizzard, and then here we are with some sunshine and record temperatures around the bay area. well, it's nice and sunny as we get a live look outside at san jose. here at sunol, the green hills and, yes, we need this to continue so we need a little bit more rain in the forecast, right? so, as we get a live look outside also in healdsburg, it is 66 degrees, a few high clouds moving in, but still very fair weather and warm temperatures, too. we are heading up to 78 degrees in the peninsula, 80 in the south bay, north bay up to 78 degrees, and san francisco looking at a high of 73. getting a look at what's happening around lake tahoe, here is squaw valley and you see all of the sunshine and still a lot of snow piled up.
11:49 am
it's 30 degrees right there. and then as we get a look from heavenly, also a beautiful day, going to see, though, some warm temperatures and highs this afternoon reaching into the low 60s, upper 50s for the next couple of days. so, this is the storm system that will change everything, as we've had some very warm weather. and we are going to see this moving farther to the south. now, as it does so, we'll see an increase in clouds. cooler temperatures tomorrow and then back behind that it will drop down with some cooler air. also some spotty showers, possible late tomorrow evening, mostly for the north bay. i don't think much of the bay area will see this. only an increase in clouds. and then a more significant storm system moving in by the end of the weekend starting out on sunday and continuing into early next week with a couple of waves of rain moving in with an area of low pressure that will bring in some widespread downpours. for us and more snow showers for the sierra. looking at how much i rain we could see, it doesn't show much rain with the initial system moving in.
11:50 am
but with the storm system moving in next week we could have another hafr an inch to inch and a quarter. this will be something we'll be fine tuning the next couple of days. also looking at the time line of that rain, if you're following me on facebook and twitter, i'll keep you up to date on everything in this forecast. in the near term, just enjoy the sunshine, the warm weather, a little bit cooler tomorrow and san francisco, an increase in clouds. north bay showers possible late tomorrow afternoon. and then seeing those temperatures making it back into the mid 70s by the end of the week. cooler for the weekend and sunday will be the day to watch for the weekend as you try to make plans to get outside. kris and sam? >> all right, thank you very much, kari. well, one of tv's most popular shows this season, "this is us." a behind the scenes look at tonight's season finale. wraps up its fir seasontonight.
11:51 am
11:52 am
==sam//2hot== nbc's hit family drama "this is us" wraps up its first season tonight. >> no spoiler alerts here. we're just previewing right now.
11:53 am
okay? no reason to run. we have some fans participating in the episode with excitement. also a small amount of dread for the revelations that we know it might bring. mark bogger has a preview. >> you would be perfect. >> i would? >> absolutely. >> i'd really like to send you the script. >> this is us will not go gently into a skaeason finale. >> intense, more than we've seen before. >> life moments from the present. as well as the past. for the pearson family have captivated viewers all season. >> i'm going to fix things with your mom. >> last week's episode. he >> you love you, katie, girl. >> the death of the family's patriarch jack. >> it's going to get stressful. i hope people recovered from william's passing and embracing themselves for what's to come. >> reporter: all the fans do know about jack's passing is that it caused ongoing turmoil for daughter kate. >> i'm the reason that he's
11:54 am
dead. >> the actual moments in the show are going to impact people. they may be tough moments, but they're not without hope. >> reporter: that hopeful spirit even in the midst of sadness, part of the show's emotional roller coaster. >> they'll do something, sometimes. oh, my god. you know, like y'all are really killing me right now. >> reporter: it's part of what made wrapping production on season one bitter sweet. >> you're driving home, you're like, oh, i'm going to miss this for like the next five months. >> reporter: a sentiment shared by "this is us" fans. mark barter, nbc news. >> is it over? >> it's over. sounds like you're going to have to go to a happy place. >> i was hollering over to kari at the weather center. she's behind, too. we're going to lock ourselves in the janitor's closet before going home. >> don't binge. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
more sunshine in the forecast. highs today reaching the low 70s. i'm having a hard time staying indoors right now. we will continue to see more of that sun in the forecast, although there will be some cooler temperatures moving in starting tomorrow as well as thursday. this weekend also we'll be watching an approaching storm system for early next week. >> early in the week and not in the weekend. >> yes. >> enjoy, it's pi day. mike inoue is making some pies. in the meantime we'll see you at 5:00.
11:58 am
>> bye. "bachelor"
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ >> stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> vanessa, will you accept my final rose? >> yes, i will. with all my heart. >> oh, happier times. she said yes. i think we called it. everybody called it. nick picked vanessa. the good news, as of this moment, right now, they are still engaged. i don't know if y'all saw the after the final rose but a lot of people are talking about it. >> trouble in paradise. it was three hours and i think the last hour perhaps the most telling. i think she said challenging, it's been hard, i


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