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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 16, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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a judge has just blocked our executive order on travel. unprecedented judicial overreach. the dangers are clear. the law is clear. the need for my executive order is clear. >> strike two. prump plans to take the watered down travel ban to the supreme court. >> details as the president produces evidence to support wiretapping claims. >> fallout from russian intel agents and a massive hack attack against yahoo. >> one woman's headphones explode in flight. >> the mcdonald's worker whose
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quick thinking saved the life of a cop. early today starts now. good morning. >> great being with you. this morning, a second explosive rejection hours before president trump's travel ban was set to take effect in airports across the country. a federal judge in hawaii issued a 43-page decision saying it would likely amount to a religious test. the judge, himself, adding he couldn't ignore then candidate trump's call for a muslim ban. a judge in maryland blocked parts of the order as well. the executive order of the first it ration that came before it set off marches and demonstrations around the world before it took effect. there's no telling when and if it will happen. >> the president isn't standing down, firing back at the judge during a ruling during a campaign style. watch. >> this is the opinion of many.
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an unprecedented judicial overreach. you don't think this was done bay judge for political reasons, do you? no. this ruling makes us look weak. we are going to fight this terrible ruling. we are going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including up to the supreme court. this is a watered down version. let me tell you something, i think we ought to go back to the first one, which is go all the way, what i wanted to do in the first place. >> the department of justice says they will appeal the ruling calling it flawed. in this statement, the president's executive order falls within his lawful authority seeking to protect the nation's security. the department continue to defend this executive order in the courts. this morning, no evidence a day after the senate held a hearing in the russian's interference during the
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election. lindsey graham and others say they have not seen proof to support the president's claims he was wiretapped by former president obama. now, mr. trump is speaking out for the first time since making those unprecedented claims. he says there is more to come. we have the report. >> reporter: a new suggestion from the president that it wasn't simply a wiretap president obama had installed in trump tower like originally claimed, but more surveillance, hinting atmore to come. >> wiretap hints at a lot of things. you will see interesting things coming to the forefront. >> reporter: it's another interpretation of the explosive tweet 11 days ago, providing no proof. >> you have to decide, are you going to take the tweet's literally? >> reporter: that was the top republican revealing he's seen
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no evidence of the president's claim. he wants congress to keep investigating. what is the president basing his accusation on? it's not clear. his attorney general says it didn't come from him. >> did you give him reason to believe he was wiretapped by the previous administration? >> um, look, no. >> reporter: time is running out for the fbi director to either back up his boss or admit the president is wrong with lawmakers out of patience, warning the administration is out of time. >> we'll issue a subpoena to get the information and hold up the deputy attorney general's nomination until congress provides the information to clear the air. >> reporter: they want james comey to declare the fbi is looking into whether russia got involved in the 2016 election. comey promised answers, but didn't say when. he is in the hot seat monday as four congressional committees
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are investigating interference from the kremlin. >> thanks for that report. more new frs the trump white house as they unveil the white house budget. they are looking to boost defense programs to the tune of $54 billion. that's a priority for the president who says he wants a, quote, rebuilding of the armed forces. all this, despite the u.s. spending more than china, saudi arabia, russia, uk, india, france and january ja pan combined. which department will see the biggest cuts here? >> reporter: the biggest winner is going to be the pentagon, the defense department. the president wants to give them a 10% boost in budget, the $54 billion you talked about for better equipment. one of the biggest losers here is going to be the state department. they are looking at 28% cut. the secretary of state overseas
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early this morning talked about that saying they can work with that. they can be more effective using less money. the e.p.a. set to lose a quarter of its budget. that could be thousands of jobs. and, of course, the president wants to build in $1.5 billion to start construction on the wall. as we start to see the budget roll this morning, there are concerns since the president doesn't want to touch medicare and social security, lots of other smaller programs could get cut like help from seniors, getting jobs, before and after school care, the money washington sends to cities to get that done. >> we will see when we get our hands on the blue budget booklets. thank you. three men were shot along the rio grande river. they were in a fishing boat when they came under attack by
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gunfire. they said the shots came from mexico. it happened near roma, texas. we have video from the scene. >> reporter: you can see it here. it's got one, two, three, four five, six, seven. seven bullet holes on this side that you can see. there are more bullet holes inside. >> border patrol is investigating and we will have a full report coming up later on today. a driver led police on a deadly high-speed chase. the man driving the yellow corvette was wanted in connection with a murder. he sped through the streets, diving across several lanes of traffic. he went the wrong way endangering drivers. the chase ended when an unmarked police car crashed into the corvette. shots were fired. the suspect died on the scene. >> another vehicle went out of
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control, but this time at a mcdonald's drive-through. the worker is being called a hero. pedro was serving the off-duty officer and her kids when he noticed she was having trouble breathing. look what he does. right there. when he's at the window, he hops out of the window, puts himself in front of the car to stop it from going into traffic. a second employee helped give cpr until an ambulance came. he says he jumped out of instinct. a lot of us wonder what we would do during a circumstance. it's fight, flight or freeze. sometimes freeze. this guy -- >> he acted very fast. good for him. just ahead, dee tails in the russian spies e-mail hack. the cleveland harbor lighthouse encased in ice. it was built in 1911 on the banks of the lake erie break wall and sits at the mouth of the cuyahoga river.
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>> looks like something out of "frozen." i'm kind of over "frozen." you have to wait for the second one. how are we looking today? >> the west coast is warm in the southwest and decently dry period here for a while in the pacific northwest after the rorm yesterday. a few showers. we have a decent weather pattern today. it's not going to last. isolated showers today. here is the next round of rain, looks to be arriving friday afternoon from oregon northwards. northern california not too much into the mix. not blockbuster, but quarter inch to half inch. not too much additional flooding with that. spokane. sacramento valley southward to fresno, temperatures in the
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mid-70s. we also had this early this morning. spacex launched a falcon 9 rocket from the kennedy space center in florida. it was delayed because of high winds. here you can see it being deployed. pretty cool. free. while it won't be landing, spacex plans to launch a used falcon 9 in two weeks from now. business is good for them. >> schools aren't the only thing delayed because of the storms. spacex as well. we have information on who the russian spies were targeting by hacking into millions of yahoo accounts. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll
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taylor swift planning her next big conquest. she filed nine separate trademarks with the word swifties, the trademark for her fans. she may be starting a service. according to billboard, the trademarks are for a fan club app and bobl game. leading the news, rex tillerson is in tokyo right now and just wrapped up a trilateral meeting and press conference with his japanese counter part with north korea at the top of the agenda. they have news on the nuclear weapons program. >> diplomatic and other efforts for the past 20 years to bring north korea to a point of denuclearization have filed. we have 20 years of failed approach. that includes a period in which
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the united states put $1.35 billion in assistance to north korea as an encouragement to take a different pathway. >> federal prosecutors charged four men, including two russian spies breaking into yahoo! accounts. the two officers ran the attack and hired two known hackers to do it. one a canadian national was arrested in toronto. the other three are said to be in russia. the u.s. asked the russians to arrest them. that's not likely. the russians were spying on yahoo! users, including journalists and u.s. government officials. officials saying no decisions have been made about whether or how to retaliate. just ahead on earth, ivana is about to tell all. how much will she reveal? plus, more exploding batteries. this time in headphones.
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fast forwarding into thursday. president trump hosting the prime minister of ireland at the white house a day ahead of st. patrick's day ahead of the presentation of shamrocks. they are expected to discuss brexit. president obama's rule setting standards for hydraulic fracking on federal lands.
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it's raised widespread concern about ground water contamination and manmade earthquakes. president trump's first wife writing a memoir about raising donald jr., ivanka and eric. the due is out the 12th. concerns after a fire incident on board a plane sus specked of being started by exploding batteries. >> they may have caught fire inside a passenger's headphones while she was sleeping. we have the details. >> the injuries were horrific, a passenger's hair, face and skin burned after the batteries in her headphones caught fire. the victim told investigators she was asleep when suddenly she heard an explosion. as i went to turn around, i felt burning on my face. i grabbed them and threw them on the floor. with passengers choking on the
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fumes, flight attendants doused the fire with water. no confirmation on the type of batteries involved. lithium-ion batteries are a global concern. in harrisburg, saturday, a 3-year-old died from a fire that started with lithium-ion batteries in a hover board. other injuries from e-cigarettes and galaxy note 7 notebooks. >> a brown, green-gray ugly stuff. >> it shows the danger. >> they have a flammable solution inside them, a solvent that will burn if it gets too hot. >> reporter: already under recall, a half million hover boards. >> they are kept in your pocket every day. >> reporter: the batteries are common in many, if not most,
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wireless headphones. nbc news, washington. >> that's terrifying. it is true, we have headphones and phones. yet, this can happen. >> makes you pair noud of all the devices we have even if they are not lithium-ion. be safe. still ahead, michael jackson's only daughter speaks out about her dad. plus, a kindness between a pilot and flight attendant. you are watching "early today." ♪ five-second rule protection. new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. ♪ lysol. what it takes to protect. you may be muddling through allergies.oned with...
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welcome back. michael jackson's daughter, paris, opening up about the king of pop. she tells bazaar that her dad's death in 2009 when she was 11 years old left her scarred and she tried to take her own life. jackson reveals up to the age of 12, shellacked social skills because she was home schooled. her only interactions were with family members and adults. growing up, i was treated as the favorite because i was the only girl. i was perfect in my dad's eyes. >> she's beautiful. we saw her. a little madonnaesque. she signed with a modelling agency. glad to see she's grown into her own. >> she spoke at the ama's and spoke eloquently. good to see she is doing well. an alaska airlines pilot and flight attendant are going to be more than friends. she was giving a kidney.
4:24 am
she asked friends and co-workers to see if they would be a good donor. the captain was among the first to sign up. >> she sent out the word. i think the title of the fax was girl, i got your kidney. then, i was joking with her i was going to deliver the kidney on the beverage cart. >> it means the world to me. it means everything to me. it's life. >> the transplant surgery is scheduled for next monday in seattle. a lot of us are going to wait to see if they recover and is all well and healthy. come out and have an interview and say all is good. >> if you need one, i'm here for you. >> i'll take it. i'll take your kidney. the industry americans are pumping cash into and the latest celebrity victim of photo hackers. you are watching "early today," everyone. then we wad it up to make it nice and soft. but grandma, we use charmin ultra soft so we don't have to wad to get clean.
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pretty expreem when you look at temperatures across the nation. much colder than it should be in the eastern half of the nation and warmer from denver to the rockies. that continues today. not a lot of bad weather. a few spotty showers in the pacific northwest especially the mo mountains. st. patrick's day, 93 in phoenix, denver is great. salt lake city, beautiful. san francisco looked good. we have rain moving in late in the afternoon. it will cool things off fromportland seattle. if you have a green umbrella, you can complete the outfit. >> i prefer the flip-flops. >> that's what i was thinking. thank you, bill. looks like another celebrity's photos have been
4:27 am
hacked. emma watson's pictures were stolen. it shows her at a clothes fitting. reps insist they are not nude photographs. this is not watson's first photo ordeal. after giving a feminist speech at the u.n., a website came up with a countdown threatening to release naked pictures, but none posted. americans are spending more than ever on plastic surgery. they had a record haul with $15 billion in revenue. surgeons performed 1 million lie po suctions and tumy tucks. this is partly due to baby boomers trying to stay competitive in the workplace. >> you know what would be interesting if they did the study state by state. >> i think that would be interesting, too. where is the priority. >> exactly. i have a joke for you. >> i think i know the answer.
4:28 am
>> come on. why did the gators cross the road? to get to water. a photographer captured the parade in florida. luckily, for this counterman, he was able to zoom in on the alligators and keep a safe distance. i don't think you want to get too close. >> you were wrong. you knew he couldn't help himself. president obama is out of office, but his bracket game is in full force. he released his picks for the ninth time. this time, doing it for the foundation. north carolina and duke with president obama betting north carolina will end up on top. for women's, surprisingly, the connecticut huskies boating notre dame. who did not fill out his brackets? our president trump. >> last year, president obama did not get it right. just to put that out there. >> have a great one.
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courtroom ithe mide of ahighly-. ==sam/2shot ood morning and ank. and i'm samroc=4shot= ad libossr we have breaking news from d.c. to report on. i'm warning you all right now i'm on a kick. first day of march madness come willing up in just hours. >> we're coordinating. >> and i didn't even think about it. i'm wearing pink. >> a pretty day today


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