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tv   Today  NBC  March 16, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> i'm going to root for st.'s until they play northwestern. we'll be back with more news in 25 minutes. go gales and wildcats. good morning. breaking overfight, a federal judge blocked the white house's revised travel ban and the president is none to happy. >> an unprecedented judicial overreach. >> so what's the next move for the white house? showdown, feral prosecutors indict two russian spies for that massive hack into yahoo!. just the latest in escalating tensions between 2 u.s. and russia. this morning, a key member of trump's foreign policy team taking a harder line on moscow than the president himself. >> we cannot trust russia. we should never trust russia. we'll have matt's one-on-one with nikki haley. odd couple, ivanka trump a
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special guest of canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >> we'll agree to disagree on certain things. >> was trudeau's invitation to send message? daring escape, an alabama woman forced into the trunk of her own car breaks free from her alleged kidnapper. the dramatic scene caught on camera. a manhunt for that suspect under way. and snow shower, a train barreling into a station the morning after that massive blizzard. blasts waiting passengers with a giant wall of snow making. that's the worst commute ever, today thursday, march 16th, 2017. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on thursday morning. can you imagine, you're getting ready to go to work and then that happens?
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you're like, i know i'm having a bad hair day now. >> if you turn up the audio enough, you can almost hear the engineer on that train laughing like crazy. no, i'm sure he didn't do that on purpose. i don't know what's worse, getting hit with snow like the that or when a taxi goes through a puddle after a rain thee day here in the city. >> i don't know. that looks pretty bad. let's start with this flurry of activity facing the white house. the president's travel ban blocked nationwide by a federal judge hours before it was set to take affect. another bone of contention, the white house's budget proposal being unveiled. and then, of course, there's russia. multiple investigations playing out into moscow's suspected interference in our election. as several members of russia's top spy agency have been charged by the justice department in the hacking of at leave the half a billion yahoo! accounts. we're going to break it all down for you this morning starting with hallie jackson at the white house. >> this morning, it is not just hawaii delivering a legal blow
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to the white house here. new this morning, a maryland judge is also ruling against the travel ban. more narrow in scope, but both judges making essentially the same argument, that this targets muslims. ♪ proud to be an american >> in the face of a stinging setback, donald trump defiant. >> we're going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the supreme court. >> the president promisinging to fight the decision blocking his latest travel ban, which would have gone into effect today, temporarily barring immigrants from six mostly muslim nations. but derrick watson, a federal judge in hawaii, ruled that executive order amounts to discrimination, writing, a reasonable objective observer would find it intends to disfavor a particular religion. >> the judge's basic argument was once a muslim ban, always a muslim ban. >> the department of justice
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says it strongly disagrees with the federal district court's ruling which is flawed both in reasoning .in scope. promising to keep defending the revised travel ban created after the first one was put on hold by an appeals court. >> this is a watered down version of the first one. this is a watered down version. and let me tell you something. i think we ought to go back to the first one and go all the way which is what i wanted to do in the first place. >> it's that original order that triggered protests around the country last month. and confusion at airports. the revamped version was rewritten to avoid legal challenges, but judge watson determined this new ban didn't seem that new at all, citing, for example, this interview from a top trump adviser last month. >> fundamentally, you're still going to have the same basic policy outcome for the country. >> the hawaii attorney general applauding the judge's decision. >> the way our government works, then we also need to be able to, you know, also take our own
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steps to be able to check and balance out that whole process. >> but with one of his signature immigration promises now at risk, the president is on attack. >> you don't think this was done by a judge for political reasons, do you? no. this ruling makes us look weak. >> how speaker paul ryan, who argues it's a matter of national security, says he's confident the ban will eventually be enforced. >> we have gotten a lot of intelligence briefings about the lack of vetting standards or the ability to vet from certain countries. i have no doubt that this will stand. >> a white house official reiterates to me this morning they will fight this latest ruling as the department of justice considers its next steps. matt and savannah, almost certainly an appeal. >> hallie jackson, thank you. meanwhile, the president is facing another major battle this morning over his first budget proposal. the blueprint just out this morning facing criticism. so what's in it and which
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popular programs could see their funding slashed? peter alexander has that part of the story. good morning to you. >> hey, matt, good morning to you. the white house is unveiling its federal spending priorities today in what it is touting as the america first budget. it could include some of the biggest cut backs to federal programs in decades. >> president trump back on the stump wednesday night in nashville. >> we have to get the health care done. we have to start the tax reductions. >> now trying to close his biggest deal yet, a seismic shift in spending. >> our budget calls for one of the single largest increases in defense spending history in this country. >> new this morning, the president is proposing to pump $54 billion more into the pentagon, a 10% increase. plus more for veteran's benefits, school vouchers and infrastructure and a 6% increase for homeland security, including $1..5 billion to build that wall. despite this promise to send the
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bill to mexico. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> the president now promising to offset increases with deep cuts elsewhere, slashing roughly 30% for the budgets of the state department and the epa, hitting funding for foreign aid and efforts to combat global warming. secretary of state rex tillerson in tokyo taking the massive cuts to his department in stride. >> spending that the state department has been undertaking in the past -- and particularly in this past year is simply not sustainable. >> eliminating fundinger for the corporation for public broadcasting, making pbs and npr rely on -- >> viewers like you. we're going to lose many stations in small markets and in rural america throughout the heartland of our country if this federal funding is eliminated. >> but turn to go part of the rust belt that made him president, mr. trump promoting a campaign promise kept. >> general motors announced that they're adding or keeping 900 jobs right here in michigan.
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>> but gm says 680 of those are workers who learned last week they would be laid off with no set date to get their jobs back. >> i think it's a disgrace. >> the president responded overnight. >> what i have here -- the. >> after msnbc's rachel mado revealed part of his 2005 tax return obtained by >> i have no idea where they got it, but it's illegal and you're not supposed to have it and it's not supposed to be leaked. >> back to that budget proposal, it certainly is hardly final right now. ultimately, it's up to congress and there's resistance there, fierce resistance, including some among republicans. it's the lawmakers on capitol hill who get to authorize government spending. matt and savannah. thereformation coming to li just how president trump came to the conclusion that then-president obama ordered the wiretapping of his phones at trump tower during the election. gabe gutierrez is here with
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that. >> reporter: president trump is now saying he first heard about the wiretapping claim from media reports. in "the new york times" and fox news. he has offered no proof his explosive tweets are true. but today, there is growing frustration among some republicans on capitol hill. this morning, president trump raising new questions and offering few answers. >> when i say wiretap, those words were in quotes. >> reporter: the president suggesting it wasn't necessarily a, quote, old-fashioned wiretap president obama ordered at trump tower. >> wiretap covers a lot of different things. you will find interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> reporter: but the house intelligence committee's top republican says he has seen no evidence of that. >> are you going to take the tweets literally? and if you are, clearly, the president was wrong. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions. >> did you ever give any reason to believe he was wiretapped by the previous administration?
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>> look, the answer, no. >> reporter: on capitol hill, questions are also swirling about whether russia interfered in the 2016 election. this, as the justice department announced charges in a separate case, the mammoth cyber attack on yahoo! launched three years ago, swiped information from 500 million users. u.s. authorities are now blaming it on moscow's fsb, the successor to the cold war kgb. >> the defendants targeted yahoo! accounts of russian and u.s. government officials, including cyber security, departmentic and military americ personnel. >> reporter: two officers accused of running the attack. >> in one of the russians is under arrest. charged with treason. for allegedly passing information to the cia. another hacker was arrested in canada this week. as for the other two men, there's no sign russian police are hunting them. one of them is a senior russian
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intelligence officer. >> reporter: authorities say no decisions have been made about whether to retaliate. the u.s. could kick out more russian diplomats or impose more sanctions. the hacking case has no connection to the investigation of russia's attempts to influence the presidential election. fbi director james comey saet t be in the hot seat on monday as he testifies before congress. >> gabe, thank you very much. russian hacking and the wiretapping claims, some of the topics we discussed exclusively with the u.n. ambassador, nikki haley. her first interview in that role. we begin by talking about the president's travel ban, a couple hours before it was blocked by a federal judge. during the campaign, you strongstrong ly objected to a muslim ban. you said it defies everything this country is based on. and it's just wrong. now, we have the second version of this travel ban, being pushed
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by the white house. do you support it? >> yes. >> why do you support it now? >> it's not a muslim ban. i don't think we should ban someone batesed on religion. that is un-american. what the president is doing -- everyone needs to realize that what he's doing is saying, let's take a step back. let's temporarily pause. >> let's pause immigration from majority muslim countries? >> no, matt. he's saying let's temporarily pause and you prove to me that the vetting is okay, that i can trust these people coming through for the american people. >> as the daughter of indian immigrants, what do you say to others who worry they won't be allowed in this country when they have every right to come to this country? or people who are worried they will be sent out of this country? >> i can tell you, as the daughter of indian immigrants, i'm sensitive that the fabric of america is immigrants. i want that to always be the
7:13 am
case. but the countries in question, have serious terrorist activity going on. >> now, we're hearing there's going to be a dramatic cut in funding for the state department. some of that money is going to come out of the money you need to do things that you do at the united nations. do you have a plan in place to make due without that money? >> yes. i'll tell you, it's okay. i know when we got to the u.s. mission, the first thing we did was cut out all of the overtime. there was too much overtime. you look at the united nations. the secretary general is new, just like i am. and we both have come together on the efficiencies that are needed in peacekeeping reform, which we spend a ton of money on. and we've come together on management reform. you look at the things they're cutting, there's ways to cut and keep value in the u.n. >> that's going to cut to the bone. you talk about peacekeeping. some of that money goes to peacekeeping mission. humanitarian aid to impoverished nations of the world. talking about vaccine programs. these are the ways that the
7:14 am
united states has expressed its leadership in the past. even if you cut back, there's going to be some sort of a vacuum left behind. and are you worried at all that a country like russia or a country like china, will attempt to fill that vacuum in terms of leadership around the world? >> we need russia to step up and pay more. we need other countries to step up and pay more. we've carried the burden for a really long time. i must condemn the aggressive actions of russia. >> you said tough things about russia. do you think that president trump has a bit of a mind spot when it comes to russia and vladimir putin? >> i think he's very open-minded about working with everyone. he doesn't want to cut anyone off. what he's allowed me to do, when i see something wrong, i called him out on that. at the same time, if i see an opportunity to work on something with them, like we do with isis, we're going to try to do that. >> take your ambassador's hat off for a second. as a citizen, do you have any
7:15 am
questions about the relationship between donald trump, his associates and the russians? >> i really don't. and i'll tell you why. i've talked to him about it. while they know of people, you have to look at the fact that ambassadors jobs are to talk to everyone. that's what we've seen the russian ambassador do. at the same time, he's not once told me not to slam russia. he's not once told me be nice to russia. he's letting me do my job. >> we know that the russians were behind the hack of yahoo! behind the hack of the dnc. they were meddling in our election. what should the president do? >> take it seriously. we should never trust russia. >> that's take it seriously? what else should he do? >> we don't want anyone meddling in our elections. we have to find out how involved they were. and we should never be okay with that. >> should we increase sanctions? >> when we see the facts, we should have some sort of action that we should take in response
7:16 am
to it. >> you would say you and the president are on the same page in terms of your level of distrust for russia and vladimir putin? >> i would not say that. i'm not going to talk about where the president is because i don't know. i have always made it very clear from my confirmation and in the words that i said at the u.n., i don't trust russia. >> there's been an awful lot of talk, ambassador haley, about the president's tone. and after his speech to a joint session of congress, you complimented him. you said, the tone was right on that. it was a different tone. it was presidential. four days later, president trump tweeted out and accused his predecessor, president obama, of wiretapping his phones at trump tower. was that presidential? >> i'm not going to comment on any of that. what i will tell you is, his address to congress was the tone was spot-on. it was presidential. >> but it was a speech in a teleprompter. and yet, left to his own devices
7:17 am
and back with his cell phone on a saturday morning, he's goes to accusing the former president of committing a crime and presents no evidence. is that presidential? >> i'm not going to say that -- he is our president, matt. and so, what he does, faults and all, he's our president. and so, i want him to be successful. when these tweets come out -- do i look at them and say, okay, where did that come from? yes. but i don't pick up the phone and say, what are you doing? i know that's who he is. >> obviously, walking a rather narrow line there. >> he's the boss. >> exactly. >> we'll have more of our conversation with ambassador haley tomorrow on "today" including how she feels about president trump calling the u.n. a club. and the personal side of the job, moving her family from south carolina to new york city. >> look forward to that. let's turn to al and get his first check of the weather. what's going on? >> we got more video, amazing video, of the amtrak train coming in.
7:18 am
coming in the rine cliff station. the first train in after 18 inches of snow. that snow has nowhere to go. we're slow-mooing it. look at the chunks of snow. >> nowhere to go, that woman in the hat. >> and look what happens here. that's got to hurt. you look at the chunks of snow coming off that. that is just bad. oh. all right, the other side of this snow, down in washington, d.c., the cherry blossoms. they have been damaged. this could be the first time there are no blossoms for the peek season of cherry blossoms. they get damaged at 27 degrees, the last couple of degrees the it's been 27 to 24 degrees. the national park service is examining them. we'll have to wait and see. that would be a terrible thing if that happens. 51 million people, under affect of freeze watches and warnings from missouri all the way down to central florida.
7:19 am
bitter cold out there right now. temperatures, it feels like 17 in d.c. jacksonville, feels like 24. 19 in atlanta. and today, the cold air continues with temperatures anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees below average. we're going to get to your local i'll call you back. is this my car? state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong. but also here with car loans, to help life go right. state farm. what a day!!
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>> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up, a woman's desperate escape from the trunk of her own car, after being abducted. that frantic moment, caught on camera. improving relations one musical at a time. the unusual new show that brought ivanka trump and justin trudeau together on broadway last night. first this, is "today" on nbc.
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really no way downy? downy fabric conditioner. give us a week, and we'll change your bed forever. want more freshness? add new downy fresh protect. publ workcrewsn sanfransco a sc >> good morning to you. 7:26. public works crews are scrambling this morning after two early morning water main breaks. there were two breaks there near the cal palace. crews are at the scene of another break at mission and collins. in both indication, water customers a half a block away with being pacted. new video into our newsroom. repairs are expected to continue through the morning. the breaks are not considered to be connected. all right. let's check the microclimate forecast. i call it that because it certainly is. fog near san francisco. >> and elsewhere we are seeing low clouds moving in.
7:27 am
especially as we look at the south bay in san jose. emeryville, low clouds. at least there the visibility is clear. temperatures in the 50s. a nice even start with mild weather. a very comfortable afternoon with highs in the low 70s. 70, san jose. livermore, 70. 72, napa. oakland, 65. san francisco today looking at awe high of 63 degrees. as we head over to mike, let's get an update on how the roads are moving. typically starting out right here. highway 24. westbound 24, good news, the big rig has been cleared. recovery now coming out of walnut creek and pleasant hill. southbound 60 and marina vista, awe big pothole causing seven flat tires. be careful. just south of the venetian
7:28 am
bridge. bag to you. thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning.
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♪ 7:30, now, on this thursday morning. the 16th day of march. 2017. we had a "rossen report" in there. you see that? >> that's amazing. go back. go back. "rossen report's" number one fan. rossen's mom out on our plaza. >> hard to imagine spring, a couple days away. it's cold on the plaza. we'll go out in a little while. a federal judge in hawaii has blocked president trump's revised travel ban. rejecting the white house's claim it is about security and not discrimination. the president pushing back during a rally in nashville. >> this ruling makes us look weak. we're going to fight this
7:31 am
terrible ruling. we're going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the supreme court. we're going to win. >> just this morning, another federal judge in maryland ruled against that revised ban. the white house is unveiling its $1.1 billion budget this morning. it calls of slashing for dozens of programs to fund an increase in military spending. that is the largest boost in spending since president reagan. and the federal reserve has raised its interest warate by a quarter point. the cost of borrowing is going up. the average car loan will cast an extra $36 a year. a $200,000 mortgage could cost an additional money each year, as well. a lot of eyes on broadway last night, when ivanka trump was invited to a show, just
7:32 am
unveiled by the canadian prime minister, right there, justin trudeau. and stephanie gosk has that story. >> reporter: ambassadors in the audience. but all eyes were on the first daughter, ivanka trump. while trudeau took the opportunity to bridge the gap between our two countries. canadian prime minister justin trudeau, taking the stage to welcome theatergoers to a new broadway musical. >> to celebrate this story of friendship during extraordinarily difficult times. >> reporter: "come from away" tells the inspiring story of a small canadian town, that helped nearly 7,000 travelers whose plans were diverted after the 9/11 attacks. ♪ ♪ here at the start of a moment ♪ >> reporter: in the audience, ivanka trump, doing a bit of
7:33 am
daughter diplomacy, sitting with trudeau, his wife and nikki haley. despite differences on trade, trump and trudeau struck a cordial visit last month. dr trudeau talked to tom brokaw. >> he's made another effort to shut down or diminish the opportunity for immigrants to come here. another judge has stepped in. you say everyone is welcome here. what's going to be the impact of that, long-term? but economically and culturally? >> we'll agree to disagree on certain things. i know and i felt for canada we recognize the diversity as a great source of strength. that's something that we're open to in the world. >> if i'm an immigrant in the middle east, and know i can't get into the united states, i just turn my dial and say, i'm going to go to ottawa? >> last year, we took in 40,000 refugees, as well. but we have a rigorous process that does take years. an it's something that is important, that we get right
7:34 am
because canadians understand how important it is to bring in people who can be integrated and success. and that comes from the full diversity of the planet. >> reporter: during the white house visit last month, the prime minister joined the president and ivanka, at a meeting with a dozen female business leaders to discuss support for women in the workplace. the pictures going viral. now, a new photo op, with some speculating whether ivanka is the secret diplomatic weapon, able to blend broadway with bureaucracy. matching her father's famous art of the deal with the arts. the actors didn't make changes to the script or acknowledge the special audience. the show got a standing ovation, including from ivanka trump. >> thank you. we'll have more on this story. tom brokaw looking at the musical and his conversation with the prime minister. a daring escape that was caught on camera.
7:35 am
watch the trunk of this car, as an alabama woman, kidnapped at gun point, manages to free herself. here's nbc's tammy leitner. >> as he was leaving, i saw a woman jumping out of the trunk. >> reporter: a 25-year-old birmingham woman made this daring escape, after being forced into the trunk of her own car, by a man she did not know. >> she was kidnapped. >> reporter: the victim told police she was walking to her apartment tuesday, when a man with a gun demanded money. when she told him she didn't have any, police say the suspect made her get back into her car. >> she was driven to different stations, with a gun pointing at her. and finally, she was tossed inside her trunk. >> reporter: the suspected kidnapper eventually pulled up to this convenience store, where surveillance cameras captured him at an atm machine, attempting to withdraw money. >> he tried to use the atm several times. >> reporter: the fan began angry and left when he was unable to
7:36 am
get cash. but the station owner kept an eye on him long enough to see the victim escape. >> he was driving across the parking lot, i saw the trunk pop out. an i went to the door to get the woman inside the gas station. >> reporter: you can see the victim making a mad dash for the gas station. inside, the owner kept her safe in a back room and immediately called 911. for "today," tammy leitner. >> a brave woman for sure. let's head over to mr. roker. another check of the weather. looking northwest? >> we're looking northwest to start. would you like more snow here? >> no. >> just a little bit? >> no. >> we got an alberta clipper that's going to push its way out from canada. as it does, we're going to watch it bring a quick hit of snow, from green bay, chicago, detroit. this is friday into saturday. secondary system develops saturday morning and moves off the atlantic coast. we got some light snow, again. we're not talking about heavy
7:37 am
accumulations. the heaviest going to be in northeastern pennsylvania, upsate new york and new jersey. and two to four inches. an inch or less tall way out to boston. rest of the country, high fire danger in the midsection of the plains. drying out in the pacific northwest. and breezy and chilly in we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast today after the morning clouds and fog roll out of here. we're in for a high of 64 degrees in san francisco. even warmer tomorrow. 66 degrees. by saturday, we will have a chance of spotty showers during the afternoon. not going to see a washout. mostly dry for the inland areas. more rain in the forecast as we head into next week with more downpours likely early tuesday. >> and get that forecast when you need it. check out our friends at the
7:38 am
weather channel on cable. >> al, thank you. just ahead, is your helpful advice to your kids sabotaging their chances of success? something better to say to them. and a growing concern tied to the hacking of america. >> i'm tom costello in a bank vault in london. we're with james lyon, a cyber security expert. and we're going deep into the dark web. >> we're going to look at the latest cyber criminal offerings and how they develop and sell tools to hold your informa boost it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it.
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7:43 am
ransomwear. >> this is allows hackers to get to everything you hold dear on your computer. tom costello has been talking to experts. good morning to you. >> reporter: the fbi does not support to paying ransom to get information back. but some victims say they felt like they had no choice. anybody who wants to become a hacker today, can buy a diy kit on the internet. in a dark corner of the internet. it can happen to anywhere, anybody in the world. victimized by a coroner the intern internet, where there's no laws or boundaries. organized crime, sex traffickers and hackers have free rein. where do they troll? >> the dark web is where the hackers live. >> reporter: the dark web. a place where few law abiding people, determine to keep their bank accounts and information safe, ever goes. >> search the dark net. >> reporter: the google of the
7:44 am
dark web? where cyber criminals openly offer their wear. make your ransomwear. this is criminal activity. >> reporter: it's overt. james lyon is the head of reach for cyber security. today, hackers can buy it on the dark web. and launch an attack, through phishing e-mails and ransomwear. >> it describes how to configure your blackmail software. you can customize the amount you want for ransom. >> reporter: the fbi says ransomwear scams have grown dramatically. someone clicks on a bad link. and the hacker is control of the computer. refusing to release it until they're paid a ransom. it's happened to hospitals, police departments and even the st. louis library.
7:45 am
1,400 computers in libraries shut down in january, with hackers demanding $35,000 to unfreeze them. >> we have thousands of people that come to the library who use computers for their own purposes. many of them important. taxes, medical research, job applications. all of that was completely impossible. hundreds of machines were sitting dark. >> reporter: if hackers gain access to your personal information, it's like having the keys to all of your safe deposit boxes. >> your information. your entire digital life is exposed to them. and if there's one thing we know about cyber criminals, they're experts at finding ways to make money from your data. >> reporter: and it gets more sinister. with hackers offering do-it-yourself kids to take down a competitor's website. among the names knocked offline, amazon,paypal, "the new york times", wikipediwikipe.
7:46 am
>> this can cost a lot of money. >> reporter: the ransomwear phenomenon is sweeping the world. >> and the driving force, is it's a service. cyber criminals now, enable anyone with intent to buy the tools to execute those campaigns. >> reporter: the st. louis library refused to pay a ransom. thankfully t thankfully, they had all of the data backed up. back up your data on an external drive to always have a copy. make sure everyone understands the risk of clicking on the e-mail link. and keep your operating systems and your security software up to date. back to you. >> tom, scary but grait great advice. >> thank you. coming up next, carson has game. he's in the orange room. getting us ready for march madness. madness. right after this. madness. right after this. i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days,
7:47 am
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7:51 am
throws, you're consuming network resources that could be used to help the war fighter. warren buffett, if you get a sweet 16, you get 1 million bucks. the odds are one in 4 billion for that. before you start making your purchases. trump not going with the picks. former president obama is. he's going with north carolina and the tar heels. matt, you're going tar heels, too. >> i got them going against duke in the final game. >> savannah has her wildcats. interesting pick here. the 12 seed, wilmington, they have to beat duke and villanova out of the east. >> it would be a big deal if i knew what i was doing. >> that's where the dart hit. >> that's one of these. i'm going with lonzo ball, the freshman at ucla, to take it all, guys. good luck. may the best team win. >> you pick arizona every year. >> it o's my emotional pick. it's an arizona/wildcat final.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good thursday morning. 7:56. a lot of clouds in san francisco. and some fog. low visibility in spots, especially near the coast. as we go through the day, after all of that clears out, we'll go from the upper 50s to the 60s and 70s. it will be nice and comfortable. another dry day. as we head into the weekend, going to see this storm system moving closer and expecting rain in the north bay as early as saturday afternoon. the rest of the bay area will stay mostly dry. spotty rain in the forecast on sunday afternoon with more widespread and heavy rain expected late on monday into tuesday. next week is looking pretty wet. so we will definitely want to enjoy this dry and warm weather while it lasts. now an update on the roadways. we start with the rails. recovery for capital corridor. system wide delays reported. track issues. they look like they are back
7:57 am
online. 50-minute delays for 525. the roads are looking pretty good. your pattern pretty normal. slower drive 880 towards a street. slow up towards san mateo bridge. congestion as well. no major problems. you just to be careful as you travel across the bay area. back to you. :57. happening now, the trial continues for murder suspect antolin garcia torres. today is also a milestone day in the case he's been tried for. five years ago, sierra lamar disa. her body has never been found. more on your midday newscast. a lot of cleanup at a home in oakley where a home smashed through a wall, narrowly missing woman who was sleeping inside. >> on our home page, the feature move of the mystery house.
7:58 am
another update in half an hour. hope to see you then. enjoy your morning. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card.
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♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, trump's travel ban battle. the president's latest executive order, blocked by a federal judge, leaving him angry and vowing to take it all the way to the supreme court. >> we're going to fight this terrible ruling. >> this as he talks about his wiretap claims for the first time. >> you'll find some interesting items coming to the forefront, over the next two weeks. >> we're live at the white house. plus, hottest ticket in town. ♪ here on the edge of the atlantic ♪ >> tom brokaw takes us inside the broadway show that tells the story of great compassion, in the wake of 9/11, a show that's
8:01 am
drawing bold names and big stars. and roker remix. ♪ here's what's happening in your neck of the woods ♪ >> jimmy fallon has a little fun with al's catchphrase today, thursday, march 16th, 2017. ♪ >> hello to everybody in st. louis. >> yea! >> we're here from texas on spring break. >> hello, indianapolis. we made it. ♪ >> hi, everyone at tcu. go, frogs. [ cheers ] >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's thursday morning. it's march 16th. look at this happy crowd. little chilly out here today. >> we're happy about your coat. that is spectacular. whoo-hoo!
8:02 am
>> matt's like, can you cue some disco music. "stayin' alive." >> mirror ball. like techno snowflake. >> it is a little much. >> and we have a sign for "rossen reports." >> i know. are you related to jeff rossen at all? >> no. >> do you just love him? >> yes. >> we love him, too. >> that makes one. >> they don't get locked in their car, though. >> they don't. >> jill martin is here. she's going to help you forget about the cold weather and the snow. we have an awesome edition of "steals and deals" for the spring coming up. and one of our favorite segments. it's time for dining with the daleys. carson is heading inside to join siri, or hi, google, to show you how to do their favorite mexican-inspired breakfast treats for families that love breakfast. >> is that even remotely warm, that skot? >> no, i suffer for my craft.
8:03 am
it's all for the fashions. let's get to this morning's headlines. we again with a very busy say in politics. i'm hallie jackson in washington. today, the president will send his budget to congress. outlining his spending priorities in a new budget blueprint. at the same time, he's dealing with the stinging setback to one of his signature immigration promises. his travel ban, with not one but two judges, this morning, blocking that ban, arguing it targets muslims. >> we're going to fight this terrible ruling. >> reporter: the president, now promising to take the fight for his new travel ban to the supreme court, after a federal judge in hawaii blocked his executive order, temporarily barring immigrants from six mostly muslim countries. judge derrick watson argued the new version amounts to religious discrimination. >> you don't think this was done by a judge for a political reasons, do you? no. this ruling makes us look weak. which by the way, we no longer are. >> reporter: the president
8:04 am
clearly fired up, at a campaign-style rally in nashville. planned before the travel ban ruling, to sell the new republican health care plan. the president's also responding, now, for the first time publicly to that tweet 12 days ago, accusing former president obama of having trump tower wiretapped. asked about it by fox's tucker carlson. >> why not wait to tweet about it until you can prove it? people devalue your words when you don't have evidence. >> "the new york times" wrote about it. not that i respect "the new york times." i call it the failing "the new york times" but they did write about it on january 20th, using the word "wiretap." >> you're the president. you have the ability to gather all of the evidence you want. >> i do. i do. i think frankly, we have a lot right now. wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> reporter: but leaders of the house intelligence committee swensd they've season no evidence to support the
8:05 am
president's claim and that fbi director james comey should address it when he testifies next week. >> it concerns me that the president would make such an accusation without basis. >> reporter: new this morning, trump's first budget blueprint. big cuts to the state department and environmental protection agency. both budgets slashed by about 25%. the military and homeland security getting a big boost. $54 billion more for the pentagon. a 10% increase. so, this is a snapshot of the president's priorities. but it's wornl not worth noting congress that authorizes the federal spending, not the president. and he's getting pushback on capitol hill. as for the travel ban, a white house official reiterates to me, they will fight the ruling with the department of justice, considering its next steps. matt? >> hallie jackson at the white house. thank you very much. we're following breaking news from paris this morning. police say an envelope bomb has exploded at the french office of the international monetary fund.
8:06 am
inside the world bank building. officials say at least one person was injured by that blast after opening the package. and that it contained fireworks. police have been -- people have been evacuated from the building and surrounding offices. france remains under a state of emergency following a string of terrorist attacks over the past two years. secretary of state rex tillerson says the trump administration will pursue a new approach to north korea. in japan this morning, tillerson said 20 years of diplomacy have failed to ease the nuclear threat by the north. he urged that country to abandon what he called dangerous and unlawful weapons programs, saying it has nothing to fear from the united states. tillerson will visit south korea and china, during his first trip to asia. as the nation's top diplomat. tom brokaw is coming up at the exclusive look at the story of that new musical that drew ivanka trump and justin trudeau to broadway last night. then on "trending" what do
8:07 am
hockey players say to each other after moments of getting involved in a brawl like this? you'd be surprised. and jill martin has your needs cover with a new "steals & deals." first, these messages. ♪ enamel is the strong, white, outer layer of your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel.
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8:11 am
only 6.7% of women graduate wit that makes no sense to me. like why, why would that be...? there is always going to be someone that says like, no you can't do it i think i can i want my name to be there and be like 'marley's the one who helped stop climate change issues' i will discover a cure for breast cancer change the world stay in stem back at 8:11. good time to trend. look who is back. >> hey, ladies. >> a regular feature. >> a regular feature here. >> great to have you. kids' sports. right, everybody goes to a kid's game, whether your child or someone else. mostly, it's your child. what do you say when you're standing on the sideline or in the stands? >> get him. >> come on. mikey, play harder. jack, let's go! play harder. lose our address. don't come home.
8:12 am
one of our parent contributors admitted she did things like that. yell things she thought were encouraging to her kids. and realized she wasn't helping them at all. there's one thing we should say to our kids after a game. you know what it is? >> free pizza after the game. >> orange slices. >> no. >> what? >> i love to watch you play. so, instead of, you did great, or don't worry, you'll get them next time, just simply come up with the unconditional comment of i really enjoy watching you play. >> you yell that. like, i love watching you play? >> that's after. >> you missed second base. >> a quiet moment afterward. >> i would like that. i love to watch you play. >> as an athletically challenged child, i have to say you don't even need to say that. i would strike out and my bad would be like "that's my girl!" and for some reason, no pressure and the smile was enough -- i wasn't any good. it didn't matter. but that was enough. >> makes sense. >> i love to watch you play.
8:13 am
let's stay on the subject of sports. it's a hockey fight. two nhl players get into a brawl on the ice. they're throwing punch after punch. in the penalty box, they exchange words all right. maybe not the ones you think. take a look. >> hey, we got to work on our cardio this summer, huh? [ laughter ] >> i'm dying to get out there. >> you too, buddy. >> it's part of the sport. >> that's how it should be. that's good sportsmanship. >> that is awesome. >> by the way -- >> i love to watch you play. >> i love the cardio. can you imagine them doing step aerobics? >> ten seconds, i'm dying here. all right. here's a video sure to have you on the edge of your seat. a man in el paso, texas, driving to work, when he noticed this utility truck driving down the highway with its bucket extended. >> oh, no. >> what's going to happen here?
8:14 am
watch it. >> there's a sign. >> here comes another sign. it hangs down lower. what's going to happen here? >> oh, boy. >> your picker's up there, buddy. >> oh, no. >> he posted the video to instagram saying after they shot that video, they sped up to let the driver know. and he pulled over to pull the bucket down. >> he was filming and speeding up before. >> can i ask a question? >> behind was a guy with a giraffe. >> yeah. >> isn't this crazy, though? because if you're right there and it had hit the sign, you're going to be run over debris. >> yes. >> it's a dangerous thing to do. >> that guy's lucky. >> should buy a lottery ticket. >> lucky nobody is behind him. >> he forgot to put his picker away? that's amazing. >> that's what happens when you don't put your bucket away. "pop start." we're going to begin with jane fonda. you may also know that the oscar-winning actress is also an activist. she's spoken out many on
8:15 am
she was arrested in 1970. ashamed of that arrest? no. jane is selling mug shot merchandise on her website. available items, from t-shirts, to mugs, a tote bag, a clutch. and her "grace and frankie" co-star, lily tomlin has her mug shot clutch bag. as you can it right there. >> wow. >> you would look with a clutch there. >> i know. savannah guthrie, our "pop start" correspondent. >> i have a report, obviously, we see you on "the voice." so proud. adam and blake decided to rip carson. she gets engaged at the competition. you haven't seen this video yet. let's roll it. >> carson seems uncharacteristically tense. >> come on. there you go. there you go. got it. woo. woo. woo.
8:16 am
>> i know now why carson has stress. >> that's beautiful, genuinely happy for the families traveled all over the country. >> they do that on the show. >> and i'm so happy for them. and then, alternatively, if a chair doesn't turn, it's like -- a lot of highs and a lot of lows. it's awesome. i get lost in there. >> that noise you make. woo. can you do it again? >> woo. >> that's like a car alarm. >> i'm so happy a chair turned around. i don't have to deal with people being sad. >> and when you look at musicians, i love to watch you play, man. so nice. >> yeah. >> you can catch the next episode of "the voice," here on nbc. carson, back to you. >> thank you, savannah. our next "pop start" story about another guy at the table, mr. al roker. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
8:17 am
jimmy fallon having fun with your signature catchphrase. >> here's a techno remix of al roker saying his classic catchphrase. ♪ ♪ here's what's happening in your neck of the woods ♪ ♪ here's what's happening in your neck of the woods ♪ ♪ here's what's happening here's what's happening ♪ ♪ here's what's happening ♪ here's what's happening ♪ here's what's happening ♪ here's what's happening >> being spoofed on "snl" is a great thing. and these days, having an internet thing like that, it's a great thing. >> that's your "pop start" today. >> thank you, carson. how about a check of the weather? >> you like watching me do the weather? >> i do. >> that was a little weird. >> that was weird. >> okay. so, tomorrow, st. patrick's day in savannah. they have a huge st. patrick's day parade. friday, 10:30, mild morning. 53 degrees. here in new york city, up fifth avenue.
8:18 am
11:00 a.m., bright sunshine. but the windchills will be low 20s. air temperature 33. and for our friends in boston, it's going to be on sunday. 1:00, windy and cold. snowshowers coming to an end. and a temperature of 37 degrees. the rest of the country today, breezy and cold in the northeast. temperatures awfully chilly through the southeast and gulf coast. fire danger in the mid plains. and finally drying out cow pace. creware alsat thscenef we're looking at a very nice day ahead. temperatures reaching into the low 70s in the south bay. and for the east bay 71 degrees. hayward 68 degrees. mostly sunny skies and 66 in san mateo. 63 degrees and for the north bay looking at a high of 71 in sonoma. napa 72 and santa rosa will see a high of 68 degrees. more sunshine in the forecast also for tomorrow. >> that's your latest weather. when you head out the door, take us with you. "today" show radio, siriusxm,
8:19 am
channel 108. savannah. >> al, thank you. we talked about "come from away," that drew canada's prime minister and ivanka trump to broadway last night. >> this is the story of what happened the days after 9/11 when u.s. airspace was closed and 167 planes were diverted to a remote corner of canada. tom brokaw with a look at that show. >> you'll remember from the vancouver olympics, this is one of the most memorable stories i've worked on. it touched the world. and understandably got a bit lost in the aftermath of that day, 9/11. it is the emblematic story of a generous spirit of our neighbors to the forth and the best that we can all be. ♪ here on the edge of the atlantic ♪ >> reporter: at first glance, it seems an unlikely subject for a broadway show, the chaos in the skies in the hours after the 9/11 attacks. and the safe harbor found by
8:20 am
thousands of travelers in the town of gander. in newfoundland. ♪ welcome to the rock >> reporter: when you heard about what happened in gander then you said, i can make a musical out of this, how many people came to you and said, have you lost your mind? >> everyone we talked to. but you have to tell this story with music. music is in the dna of newfoundland. that's what inspired us. >> reporter: during the vancouver olympics, i had a pleasure of sharing that story with viewers on both sides of the border. 56 minutes after the north tower is struck, an unprecedented decision is made. every nonmilitary plane must land immediately. >> the area in 113, to toronto. >> air inya, negative. you must land at gander. >> reporter: with almost no warning, gander's vast tarmac was filled with dozens of airplanes. this is gander's chief
8:21 am
constable. >> i'm looking at this and saying holy -- god. just, if there's 200 people on each one of these planes, we're going to get 40 or 50 planes, that's an awful lot of people. >> reporter: in gander alone, 38 airplanes, 7,000 stranded passengers and crew, and a small town of less than 10,000 all with open arms. mayor claude elliott knew his people would rise to the occasion. >> we just like helping people. the limelight is not something we're accustomed to. but making people happy is. i think the greatest need for five days was love. they needed love and compassion. >> the most emotional thing, certainly for me and my crew, we got off the airplane at 7:00 in the morning. so, i knew then they had been up all night preparing this food. and we just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the bonds that formed during those remarkable days between the ganderites, and those who, as the show's title
8:22 am
suggests, came from away, have endured. and now, play out on the stage every night. canadian husband and wife writing team irene sanc ochoft david hine, were in new york at the time of 9/11. >> there was a sense of kindness, that happened. it's one of the reasons we talk about it as a 9/12 musical, rather than a 9/11 musical. ♪ suddenly, i've got my wings >> this story is a reminder that we all actually good. at the heart of us, we do want to look out for one another. >> reporter: and the citizens of gander, who welcomed the world, are now themselves the toast of the town. but they're really not sure what all of the fuss is about. >> we do not consider ourselves heroes. the real heros of our society was the men and women that went into the world trade center to try to save lives, the firefighters, the police officers, the paramedics.
8:23 am
>> one thing i have hundreds of wonderful friends that i didn't have before 9/11. ♪ >> reporter: can you dance as well as the person who plays you on the stage? >> not in your life. >> i think we can vouch for that. we've seen her dance. >> reporter: canadian prime minister justin trudeau attended last night's performance. and he invited some special guests, including first daughter, ivanka trump. you think she will invite her foo father to come see the play? >> i think so. one of the challenges i've had over the past few months and one of the responsibilities of any canadian prime minister, is highlights just how close the relationship is between canada and the united states. and i think this story encapsulates so much what we have shared through great times and also through extraordinarily tragic times. >> it was a great story. i remember that story you brought us. >> it moves me to this day. we ran it in vancouver, i have never had a story, quite honestly, not one, that lit up
8:24 am
both countries as much as that one did. an i continue to hear from it. and every performance ends with a romping, stomping, standing "o" from everybody who sees it. >> we had to tell the story with music. it makes sense. >> but it was important for you to tell it when you told it because you're exactly right. we were all so caught up in the events and the immediate aftermath, of 9/11, all we knew all these planes had gone somewhere. and we really never stopped to think what was happening to those people and what the people of gander were providing. >> and you see it on stage and through the characters, about how they changed, as a result of landing there. and they have a scholarship fund they've established for students from gander. they still are in touch. there's a couple that fell in love in three days, got married. they got back a lot. we need to hear those stories from time to time and especially right now, matt. >> we really do, tom. >> savannah, happy to see you again as a mom. >> thank you, my dear. thank you so much. coming up, we've got carson over in the orange room with a special guest. >> we do.
8:25 am
mr. brokaw, that was cool. bryan cranston is here. we'll talk about movie coming up. first, your local news and weather. i'm ..==vopubl workcrewsn sanfr.
8:26 am
it hapned avelas aven anotr bre at msion dow pale. crf impact. repai are pecteto coinu. the brks e notonnecd. ad-liboss ttraff traffictossraffi ctraff maps ck sanafael
8:27 am
away from the valley. and towards the -- that's a pretty standard flow. we have heavier drive. half hour to an hour recovery. down to normal commute out of walnut creek and looking at san rafael jams up right there just shy. crash on the shoulder. slower drive. low clouds and fog towards the golden gate bridge and along the coast. we'll be back for another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we're back, 8:30 on a thursday morning. the 16th day of march. 2017. that makes it the day before the 17th day of march, which is -- >> st. patrick's day. >> tomorrow. wear some green. come on down. when i came in, they had fifth avenue closed because they were trying to get the snow removed in time for the parade tomorrow morning. >> they have to clear those streets. coming up, one of our favorites, brian kryan cranston here. he is in the "power rangers" movie. can't wait to talk to him about that. what else is going on, bryan? >> lots of things. big things. >> could be trouble. it doesn't feel like spring,
8:31 am
believe it or not it's almost here. jill martin is ready to get us here with a new "steals & deals." and tired of reaching for the breakfast cereal. my life and i are cooking something up. it's going to be delicious. first, a check of the weather with mr. roker. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by microsoft. >> and it is time to take a look. you look at our weekend coming up, starting off with st. patrick's day. you have a clipper coming across the great lakes. bringing snow. wet weather in the pacific northwest. toasty in the southwest. gulf coast looking good. snow in the northeast, and record highs in the southwest on saturday. more wet weather in the pacific northwest, into central california. and sunday, sunday, possible record highs in the plains and the southwest. look for sunshine through the gulf. on the chilly
8:32 am
after all the morning clouds clear out we are looking at sunshine today and very comfortable temperatures up to 70 degrees in the south bay. in the peninsula high of 67. east bay going to see highs in the mid 60s and very pleasant for the north bay. up to 68 degrees. weather continues to be nice and dry for the next couple of days. as we head into the weekend we are looking at changes with spotty showers for the north bay. >> get that weather anytime you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. matt? >> al, thank you very much. this guy right here, bryan cranston. one of the most recognizable actors in hollywood. but you've never seen him quite like this, in the new "power rangers" movie, he plays zordan, an alien force and rippling, talking wall. >> these are them? they're so small.
8:33 am
>> i said the same thing. >> you mean to tell me, the fate of the universe is in the hands of these children? >> they're teenagers. somewhere wean infancy and full maturi maturity. >> show me the coins. the morphing grid is never wrong. if the coins returned with these teenagers, these teenagers are the power rangers. >> did i hear you say we're power rangers? >> yes. you are the power rangers. any other questions? >> no. i think i'm good. >> is there more to the movie? or did we show the movie right there? >> it's a short. >> bryan, how are you? >> i'm good, matt. >> we were just talking about you. al, carson and savannah and i. you're like a pitcher, a baseball pitch we're a great change-up. you really do like to change up between roles. you do a couple hard-hitting fast ball roles and you do
8:34 am
something like this and have fun. >> i do like that. i like to keep people guessing. even myself. if a role squacares me, i'm in that. >> like out of your power alley? >> it represents a challenge to me. something i haven't done before. i don't know if i can't do it until i try it. >> he says sarcastically, you coming full circle in your long and illustrious career. share the news with people, that many years ago, you did the voice for some of the monsters on the tv series "power rangers." >> i did. i was able to get a job doing voiceovers when the first television series came over -- >> you have a great voice, by the way. >> thank you. >> you do. very distinctive. >> flattering. >> a nice suit also. >> nice suit? where are you going, matt? i'm feeling uncomfortable. i used to go into the booth and
8:35 am
record some of the monster -- like, you will not defeat me. you have no chance of survival. you know. whatever. and it was a great gig because it caught me how to convey an emotion or tell a story with only your voice. and it was -- i was grateful to have it. that was over 35 years ago. and then, i get a call saying, we'd like you to be in the new "power rangers" movie. >> someone in the control room said, if you talk about that voice he did years ago, he'll do the voice. and i said, nah, he'll not do the voice. >> you can't get him to fall for that. >> snizzard? was that the character? >> okay. >> snizzard? >> you watched "power ranger rangers" -- >> i was a big "power rangers" fan. >> do the voice. >> you cannot defeat me. >> people have described this
8:36 am
movie as a transition from the original "batman" television show, to the "batman" movies. the story grown up. >> that's a good analogy. it has the folklore from the original series. a little easter eggs that fans of the series will be able to recognize. but it is in and of itself, its own entity. reimagined version of that story. >> elizabeth banks, one of your co-stars, was here yesterday. and i talked to her on the commercial break. and i said you were going to be here. and she said ask him why he could not learn the alien language. >> that -- >> don't say it. >> i'll say it in my language. that's a very dirty word, in our language. >> yeah? what is the equivalent? give me a hint. >> it rimes with itch. no. >> did you have trouble mastering the alien language?
8:37 am
she said she had no problem. >> yes, i did. it was hard. there is no -- there's no relationship to any sound that humans make. it's not even -- if you hear mandarin, you go, i've heard that a few times. no. this is nothing. there's nothing to relate it to. so -- and that's a sentence. and again, repeat that back to me. i'm like -- i don't know what you're doing. >> you're the cheapest date i've ever seen. i didn't mean that. >> not -- you have to take me to dinner first before i tell you anything else. >> i asked you to do a bracket for march madness. and just give me a sense of who your final four is. >> we got north carolina and louisville. is that my brockeacket? yeah. >> smu? >> yeah. >> and west virginia. >> west virginia is going to get in there. and north carolina and louisville. >> you have the mountaineers winning it all? >> that's right.
8:38 am
>> i lived in west virginia. but i don't know i can agree with you. >> that's courage or stupidity. who else is going to pick the mountaineers to win it all? >> we will put that in our time cop sewe capsule. if that comes true, you get credit. good to have you. >> thank you so much. >> "the power rangers" hits theaters, march 24th. jill martin puts a little spring in your step, with steals and deals to get you ready for the warmer weather. but first, this is "today" on nbc. that is a good suit.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back. it's 8:40. have we had "steals & deals." it seems like the country wants spring to happen. and it arives on monday. jill martin is here to get some bargains on must-haves for the new season. i've been peeking. you have good stuff.
8:41 am
>> we have flowers. and our plaza members will agree. it is time for spring. we're going to pretend for 4:30 that it is spring. >> it is spring. >> i want to bring out sherrice and suzanne, who are here modeling for us. >> good morning. >> these are the up pants. the retail, $115. they're an ankle pant. the beauty of these, there's a built-in control panel. >> i like that. momma likes that. >> i made the noise you couldn't hear. it shoops you in. >> is it comfortable? >> very comfortable. >> there's nylon, spandex and lycra. >> can i touch them? >> you can see the different ones on the deal, $34, 70% off. >> you look great. thank you so much. >> we have more? >> we have more. this is the donnie charm cape. thank you for joining us. these are different ways to wear
8:42 am
them. the retail is $170. you can wear them up here like this. like a scarf. like wraparound, like a blanket. all different ways to wear them. and you can invent some on your own. it's comfy. it's cozy. >> do they have sleeves? or is it like a big piece of material? >> just a big piece of material to have fun with and keep your warm for the beach nights we're pretending we're at. four colors. machine washable. and the retail, $170. the deal, $34 80% off. beyonce and jessica alba have been spotted in them. you can wear it as a scarf and transfer. >> thank you so much. >> i was excited about this. >> these are for you. you pick them, as well the on to sun gla sunglasses. >> these are cute. i like these. >> andrew marc. they're polarized sunglasses.
8:43 am
reduce glare from water, glass and other surfaces. you can see all of them on but usually we do segments where what glasses are good for your face. i say go for it. it's fun. it's spring. done with the snow. those look good on you. >> these, i like. >> retail $75. the deal, $18, 76% off. for $18, the value on that, you can have fun a little bit. >> take a risk. >> the color club. retail $59.50. really fun colors for spring. seven-piece nail polish set. my mother will try to split these up. >> she will. we know what jill's mom is doing. >> the brand, carried in urban outfitters. you get the set, again, in this box. you can really throw a bow on it. retail, $59.50. $18, 70% off. >> $18 is our price point today. >> i want to go down over here and show our next deal. this is gb studio necklaces.
8:44 am
retail $159. i'm into these. this is pick your word necklace. namaste. go for it. girl. on the back, it says something else. girl power. besty. they're so cute. the retail, $159. the deal, $39. that's 75% off. 14 karat gold plated. >> we can wear bessty necklaces. >> do you remember from the '80s. >> the friendship bracelet. >> and the heart that was broken. >> it caused fights at school. the hair tools. retail $195. three luxury sets. we brought this back because it sold out last time. look on to see all the different ones. just to say some of the sets, the minidrier, the hair straighter in. the tapered twister. that gives you the long dirlcur.
8:45 am
>> this thing? >> yeah. you pick which different it ration you like for your personality and for how you live your life, meaning if you travel a lot or you throw it in your handbag, like a lot of us. retail is $195. the deal, $59, 70% off. >> that's good stuff today. what about the handbags? >> for spring, let's up it a little bit. and pick a color you wouldn't normally pick. at the "today" show, we have the style squad now. and our motto is like, fashion is fun. go for it. this is a great way to do it. retail is $395. it's a satchel. there's five color blocking styles. if you're afraid to color block, this does it for you. the outside zipper. $395. $89. >> let's run through the deals. the ankle panlts. the johnny charm cape. the sunglasses by andrew marc.
8:46 am
ni nail polish, the hair tool sets and the handbags from boulevard. if you have questions, jill is your woman. >> call me. >> oh. the aviators. let's see. and jill will be back all next week, with a special five-day "steels & deals" spin-off. >> such a big week. >> it is getting huge. up next, let's eat breakfast with the dalys, shall we? this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
all right. welcome back to this morning on "today food" dining with the dalys. if you're tired of dining the same way. carson and siri here with something special. >> we love breakfast burritos. >> when we moved to long island from california, something we are missing. >> we left great breakfast burritos in california. we had to learn how to make them. >> you're not just making
8:49 am
burritos. but burritos and tacos. >> over here, two different cheeses. chorizo, hash browns, and eggs and milk. here's the chorizo cooking. take it out of the casing. and cook it up until it gets crispy. >> you can do turkey. any number of protein. >> exactly. >> we go with the fatty stuff. the tasty stuff. >> we use the same pan. we're going to add our hash browns. >> not to think that is cheese and pick up a bit in the commercial. >> i not it was mozzarella. >> i don't like big clumps of potato in my burrito. but a hash brown, crunchy, is great texture inside. >> we're going to let that get nice and crispy. and to the same pan, we're going to use a clean one right now.
8:50 am
i take that out and use the same pan. >> you like the flavors. >> and we take our eggs, 12 eggs and a half-cup of milk. we'll whisk that up. >> give it the whisk. >> i'm afraid of, you know, ever since i sprayed soup on you -- >> funny, i didn't remember that. >> you didn't? okay. >> those are resistant yolks. >> i know. what's happening. >> we do a lot of breakfast for dinner at our house. we have people over and do breakfast for dinner. you can do steak inside to make it more robust. >> to this, we add the monterey jack cheese. and then, to our actual burritos, we'll have some cheddar cheese. >> the key here is to warm it up and give it a little cook. and put the potatoes in there. >> i don't know. okay. there we go. and then, the other trick we like to do, is after we fold it, which carson is going to have a hard time with, we're going to put it on a hot pan.
8:51 am
>> you put it back in there. we have to get crisp on the outside. that's the key. >> that's fantastic. >> that's the key. >> i want to make sure we have time for tacos. >> back here, veggie egg tacos. i'm going to saute onions. >> that's going to sizzle. >> you can use any veggie on-hand. mushrooms, spinach, will be great on that. let that caramelize. >> this is your recipe. i'm all about the chorizo burrito. >> where is your beer? >> i do have a beer. >> scrambled eggs. and to these, i like to add vegetarian, refried beans. and queso fresco. >> do you, at your house, when it comes to breakfast, is it like al's rolling spring break. the kitchen opens a and kids come in. or do you pick a set time and you have to be there? >> it depends. the breakfast like this is fun, to keep going. as kids come in, they can build a burrito or taco. >> i like to make bacon.
8:52 am
and that wakes everybody up. i don't feel like we sit and have a proper breakfast. we do that for dinner. >> i like on a saturday, after a lilt busy friday night, you can wake up later and do this p t. it's almost brunch. i'm pairing it with a corona. >> your kids let you sleep late? >> that's like 8:00 a.m. there's a refried bean option for protein. >> how is this? >> what you did to that tortilla is everything. that little brownness is really good. >> it's the difference between a good breakfast burrito and one not is good. >> the hash brown. >> and the tatar tots are good in there. >> we were talking before. almost like pavlov's dog, i need sauer cream on top. a dollop of sour cream. >> i'm missing salsa. >> there's stuff on the side. hot sauce. >> avocado. cilant cilantro.
8:53 am
you can top it with everything. >> this has been another installment of -- >> dining with the dalys. >> go to for the reci recipes. they're back next week to share their favorite pairings. what does that mean? >> we pair food with drinks. >> i thought it was couples. >> me, too. >> a suburban thing. >> we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. who has the car key
8:54 am
8:55 am
siri daly, she just brings a bowl of sausage. >> can you hand that back here? >> whoa. >> you'll get it back. >> in the meantime, let's bring on the delicious jars of smucker's and show you who we're celebrating. happy 100th birthday to cynthia kaman. a retired principal from boca raton, florida. ruth bonner of washington, d.c. 100 years old. secret to longevity. a bowl of chorizo. staying positive. happy 101st birthday to hubert opici. of palm beach gardens, florida. he's worked in the wine industry for more than 80 years. come on. where are the bottles, hubert? louise bland is 100 years old. she's from hattiesburg, mississippi, and celebrated her 100th birthday on our plaza.
8:56 am
theodore snyder, 100 years. a purple heart recipient for his service in world war ii. and happy 75th anniversary to charles and evelyn skinner. high school sweethearts from daytona beach, florida. the secret to a happy marriage, never go to bed angry. and let us know about somebody celebrating a milestone. >> just stay up all night.i'm . a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. march madness is upon us. a lot of eyes in the bay area. they are the only bay area team to make this year's tournament. they play a little after 4:00 today in salt lake city. only one other northern california school made the dance.
8:57 am
uc davis won last night. sacramento's center hosts games tomorrow and sunday. happening now getting a taste of the excitement at st. mary's college which is back in the tournament going to join us with a live report in our mid day newscast. in the bay's news the man at the center of a bizarre kidnapping set to be sentenced today. you might remember the case matthew muller abducted denise after tying up her boyfriend. once the sentence is handed out we will post it to our twitter feed. we will book with another local news update in about half an hour. have a great day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take" get ready for an extra special time. mario lopez, our co-host. and bubble trouble. tricks that will blow you away. coming up right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to a thursday morning, march 15th. you're listening to "neon" by thomas hayes. our guest host today, the one, the only mario lopez. >> thank you, guys, very having me. being here. >> good to see you, too.
9:01 am
>> you're back. and we're also welcoming back sheinelle jones, who got stuck in scotland because of the storm. >> i have to tell you. no better place to be if you're going to be stuck than scotland. it was absolutely gorgeous. >> how is the food? that's the first thing -- >> the food is magical and yummy and fresh. you're right by the water. i was surprised by the amount of fried food we consumed. a lot of things were fried. fried mars bars. am i back at home? >> a little southern flavor right there. >> fish and chips. we loved the haggis. >> have you ever tried haggis, mario? >> what's haggis? >> what is it? >> i'll eat anything. >> it's basically chopped up organs of -- >> heart, lungs, liver -- >> that's like menudo. that's like a mexican soup, menudo. >> i thought that was a singing group. >> that is a singing group. in puerto rico and mexico, it's a soup.
9:02 am
do people kick it in kilts? or no? >> yes. >> they hinge out in kiang out ? >> yes. a suit and a kilt? >> a jacket, vest and kilt. it was -- i went to this one guy, nicholas hornsby, 21st century kilt. he had a blue kilt and i was thinking about it. >> you should rock it here. >> it looks comfortable. you are flowing. >> it is. i'm swinging free, jerry. >> exactly. >> i was trying to think -- the kilts. feeling like we were transported into a magical place. >> that's the only thing i know about scotland is "braveheart" and golf. golf is big. >> yes. >> this is one of my favorite pictures. if i had a time to unpack the pictures, we were taking a selfie, inside the typical phone both booths. that means something. it will be interesting to see what they're doing there.
9:03 am
>> scotland. >> you and keir simmons. >> keir simmons flew in. shoutout to keir simmons. al had to come back to new york city. insert keir simmons. couldn't have had a better guy to fill in. he's from london. but for me, it was just as dashing. >> i missed the group picture. >> this is an important shot. look at all of the people behind the scenes that it takes to make a show like this. every, single person. >> all of the coats. >> it was cold and windy, mario. >> really? >> i underestimated the amount of wind. >> i'll tell you -- >> #todayinscotland. >> on my day off, we decided to go on a hike. this was with our producer and adam miller. tell us the island -- not the island. arthur sea. is it an old volcano? >> yeah. we decided to go for a hike. look how windy it is. a truck flipped over. one guy, he decided to come down. tammy, in her genius mode
9:04 am
decided to come back down. but it was beautiful. the greens are glean. the skies are so blue. like seeing something with new eyes. >> al, have any signature cocktails like guinness? >> nobody went out to take pictures with me. >> that's -- >> i will tell you, i had -- they made this thing, the printing press. a restaurant we ate at. they made a smoked old fashioned. it was scotch, bitters and a little maple syrup. >> that sounds fantastic. and they put it in that dome. they use that smoking apparatus. and it's in there. it's cold smoked. and it's in there for about five minutes. and it comes out, it's about as smooth as you want to. i had three of those. and i don't remember anything after that. >> and you became more enjoyable with each one. >> we need to have those here. >> i like the way you roll, al. >> it was fantastic. welcome to you. you're going to do "extra" here.
9:05 am
>> i love when i get to shoot "extra" here from new york. >> are you going to be outside? >> yeah. >> going to be outside. >> we're outside in l.a. much like the "today" show. i love being with the fans. however, it was 85 when i left l.a. landed. and it was 25. i thought i could snap my ear off, it was so cold. i'm a so cal wimp. it's hard for me to adjust. i have to do serious acting out there today. >> we watch the show, when i'm making dinner. >> thank you. every -- just about every night. and i love watching your daughter. she is quite the little broadcast er. >> like a superstar. >> she is getting so busy. she's doing so much correspondents work for us. and she does news on my radio show. and she's interviewed everyone. justin timberlake, and ellen degeneres. she comes up with her own questions. >> she is doing this. what about your son? >> he needs to step it up.
9:06 am
he's only 3 years old. >> gia, she is a character on the disney show. yeah. i had to look at her contract because they want to merchandise her likeness. i got zero dollars for "saved by the bell" for merchandise. and she's going to be making -- she can pay for her own catholic school now. >> that's great. >> put them to work. come on. >> everybody pulls their weight in casa lopez. >> do we have sound? >> of ghuy gia on the red carpe. >> i don't know how anyone would say no to anything. >> she wants to ask a couple of questions. >> go ahead. >> i love your outfit. >> thank you. i love your outfit. >> thank you. was it fun playing a princess? >> it was very fun playing a princess. it was more fun playing this disney princess because she's actually not a princess. and she gets to, like, run around and ride and, like, she's very -- very adventurous. >> a great thing about having --
9:07 am
very sneaky, having your daughter there. nobody is going to turn you down. >> exactly. she was so sweet. emma watson, who plays belle, at the premier of "beauty and the beast" which was great. little princesses all around. >> aren't you curious to see where life takes her? if this is the start. my goodness. >> exactly. she's already the quarterback of the team there at the house. >> what a cutie. >> we see you on "extra" we'll be here in new york city. >> right in new york. and speaking of musicals, the cast of "beauty and the beast" joined james corden to perform in the streets of al. dan stevens, luke evans. but emma watson wasn't there because james corden was belle. >> that's great. ♪ the town full of little people waking up to say ♪ ♪ bonjour
9:08 am
bonjour ♪ ♪ there goes the baker with his tray like always ♪ ♪ the same bread and rolls to sell ♪ ♪ every morning just the same since the morning that we came ♪ ♪ to this poor provincial town >> cars. cars. that was incredible. you're amazing. >> that was great. angelinos don't care. josh gad. >> that's a gutsy move. >> what will he think of next? he keeps coming with these. this is hilarious. >> he likes to have fun. he likes to have fun. love that. just ahead, can you guess which surgery spikes during march madness? you will be surprised at the answer. we'll have a snippet. >> there's y people just can't get enough of me and my discounts. so this year, they're getting a whole lot more. box 365, the calendar.
9:09 am
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the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. no time for a bath? johnson's head-to-toe cleansing cloths. they're twice as big as regular wipes, so you're done in half the time. and you're off. johnson's. for every little wonder. wecage-free and we care about amazing taste.
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9:12 am
we are back, with our guest co-host, mr. mario lopez. you a big college basketball nut? >> i'm going for ucla. they're taking it all the way. i'm loyal to my hometown. lonzo ball, they're going, bruins. what do you like? >> carson said that. >> who did you say? >> i only have the first round picked. >> the first round? >> i guess. i don't know. university of north carolina. >> here's the thing. i kind of -- i'm with mario. i can pick teams i'm fro, or the colors. and i do well. whereas my husband, he is into the odds and the ratios and percentages. and i do better. >> those are the people that
9:13 am
win. that don't know anything. they like the colors. >> i'm from kansas. i'm picking kansas. >> who did you pick? >> university of north carolina-wilmington. >> why is that? >> they have a good record. they are spunky. i like the logo. >> you sound like me, al. >> kansas, almost look like woody woodpecker. >> a little bit. >> he has that going on. kinda sorta. >> i went to northwestern. but that might be a little far. go, cats. >> a lot of folks watch the games at work. >> yeah. >> the u.s. department of defense, joint service provider, that handles i.t. services for the pentagon, sent an e-mail to workers reading, in part, if you're streaming video to watch your favorite player shooting free throws, you're consuming network resources that could be served to support the warfighter. that sounds like a character from -- >> that would make me feel guilty. at first, i was like, come on. everybody does it. when you say you're taking away from a warfighter -- >> they throw the word war in
9:14 am
there. >> what about the next -- >> did you know apparently, vasectomy numbers spike during march madness. >> essentially, men want -- yeah. everybody tightens up right there. they want to use that opportunity to heal? >> they want to heal. >> and you park up on the couch and watch the games? >> yes. the cleveland clinic said the number of vasectomies rose 10% from 2014 to 2016. gentlemen choose march madness to take time off. and you get the long week in recovering. you get to watch basketball. if you're married, hunoney, are you okay? that's my baby. we baby you. >> my brother-in-law and my friends have, they got it down to a one-day deal. and you're back to work the next day. >> not as difficult, i think, they may think. are you all right? >> i'm not getting snipped.
9:15 am
>> no. it's just -- lack of use. >> moving on. speaking of marriage, let's talk about marriage in the workplace, shall we? for the first time, one of hollywood's favorite couples will be working together. john krasinski and emily blunt will be in "a quiet place." we started thinking about spouses on set. and working with your significant other. brad and angelina met in "mr. and mrs. smith" and they were co-starring before splitting. >> i met my wife, coincidentally here in new york. we were working on a broadway musical together. there she is. but i think, you know, and now, she works with me on my radio show. and she comes in about two or three times a week, which is perfect. i have to be honest. i was concerned because the relationship comes first to me. that's the top priority. i didn't want anything affecting that. >> right. >> you don't want to -- you want to be your best in both, right?
9:16 am
you don't want anything to spill over to affect both the relationship and work, right? you have to suck it up and be a professional. it's not a good look if you're tense. >> and two to three days, just enough. >> just enough. every day is a couple times she wants to punch me in the face. >> that's a jump there. >> she's passionate. a little fiery. >> deborah and i wrote a book together. but we were never in the same room writing the book. >> i believe that. just enough. >> just enough. >> all right. so, oh. this drives me nuts. >> what? >> and i've been dealing with this my own son. only one in ten kids between the ages of 6 and 12 own a watch. and only one in five actually know how to read an log watch. a regular clock. >> i like a watch. i don't wear much jewelry other than my cross and my watch. i have to wear this now.
9:17 am
because of your phone, you don't need a watch anymore. you don't need to memorize numbers because they're on the phone. i know my home number and my parents. and friends who have had the same number for 20 years. other than that, i need to -- >> isn't it easier to go like that than to go -- >> you have to -- everybody has a phone, right? a nice one, by the way. >> should kids learn how to tell time again? 5, 10, 15, 20? >> i don't know if it's necessary. >> wait until the power goes out during the great -- something happens. >> don't say that. what's going on in the weather, al? anyway, let's look at your forecast and show you what's going on. we got dry weather, finally, in the pacific northwest. a little clipper out of alberta that will bring snow over the weekend. sunshine and heat through the southwest, like the weather that mario just came from. spreading into texas and into the mid plains. very cold in the northeast and new england. and we are looking for leftover
9:18 am
snow in the northeast, with breezy and cold conditions. fire danger in the central plains. and su . good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall we are starting to see the sun peek through in parts. the cloudy skies will stay with us a little longer. coastal fog in san francisco and temperatures starting to warm up in south bay. 56 degrees there. 57 degrees in livermore, palo alto and san francisco with highs reaching 63 degrees, 75 in oakland, 72 in napa. san jose today, a high of 70 degrees. >> we're looking at the watches. coming up, about to give you new meaning to living in a bubble. find out what happens, when mario and sheinelle become the bubble boy and bubble gi type 2 diabetes, listen up. we're not professional athletes.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
♪ every kid loves bubbles. and so do grown-ups. we thought we would have fun with demelody yang. she is the bubble artist from the gazillion bubble show here in new york city. good morning, melody. >> i'm holding my breath. >> what's the secret to blowing bubbles? >> the solution. >> that is cool. >> my kids would be freaking out. >> they love her show. she does so many cool things. are we too big? >> no. i'm trying to hold my stomach in. >> suck it in. >> what's the secret? do you have a proprietary solution? >> the solution we use is a special solution. with this solution, we're able to create huge doubbubbles. and bubbles we made, like guinness world records with.
9:23 am
let me show you cool stuff over here. >> i know, right? >> got other stuff. >> that was cool. >> that was awesome, i know. >> how do you get aggressive bubbles? >> aggressive. is that a blow deal right there? >> watch this. is this a bubble in a bubble? >> bubble in a bubble. this is next level. look at this. whoa. >> you have been doing this since you were a little girl. i went to her show. and she was doing this -- you have been fascinating with bubbles, right? >> yeah. i've done it -- let me try. i have done it since i was about 3 years old. >> did it start with the solution we get at the dollar store? >> it started off with that idea. and we revamped it and created a solution that was -- blow on it. there's a certain way -- >> can you blow in the big hole right there? >> you got it. >> look at that. >> that's talent right there.
9:24 am
>> that's good. >> now, pop the top. >> pop it? >> i can watch it all day. >> you go home and try to do all those things, without your solution, can you do -- >> i mean, we mix the solution, according to the environment. >> smoke bubbles. >> this is so cool. kids just freak out. bubbles stop them in their tracks. >> what do you think about bubbles? we're olding, we're all ooh. >> you know what it is? no matter with bubbles, it brings you back to your childhood. and when you eat certain foods, it reminds you of your past. you think about the past. >> thank you for making us happy. just ahead, your must-see march entertainment. from "beauty and the beast" to binge-worthy tv show. we have you covered. we have you covered. afte when i have a headache,
9:25 am
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9:26 am
♪i'm ...==vopubl workcrewsn san a very good morning to you. it's 9:26. public works crews in san francisco scrambling after two early morning water main breaks. this is the video showing the largest of the break that happened near the cow palace. crews are at the scene of another break at mission and college. both cases, water customers at least half a block away still being impacted and repairs are expected to continue throughout the morning. the city also says in both cases aging pipes are believed to be the cause. the breaks are not believed to be connected. happening today, march madness is upon us. the ncaa basketball tournament starts today. a lot of eyes have been on this place here in the bay area. st. mary's college, has everybody excited when they first found out they would be in the big dance.
9:27 am
they're the only bay area team to make it to this year's tournament. they play a little after 4:00 against virginia commonwealth. only one other northern california team made the game, uc. sacramento golden center hosts games tomorrow and sunday. ucla and oregon are among the schools playing there. always a fun time of the year. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break. weath tosso traic
9:28 am
trafc ==traffimaps ll== good morning. we still have a lot of clouds around the area. 57 degrees right now in the tri-valley and 59 degrees in the peninsula. 56 in san francisco as you step out the door. as we go into today, it is going to be beautiful. a lot of sunshine reaching 70 degrees in the tri-valley and 68 degrees today in the north bay. a couple more days of dry weather, but then we start to see this starting to reach closer to the bay area. going to see that rain moving into the north bay by saturday afternoon. but much of the bay area will be dry for the weekend.
9:29 am
i'll have more updates on that. let's head to mike for an update on the roadways. this map shows a nice, smooth drive. you see at the bottom of your screen slowing north 280, as you cross over 18. as you cross across the bridge, countercommute eastbound, a jack knifed big rig. a couple other vehicles involved in the crash. all lanes reportedly blocked there. folks using columbus parkway as an alternate. both directions of interstate 80 are jammed up around tennessee street north across the bridge in vallejo. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning. 's okay to ? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable.
9:30 am
speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. ♪ there are so many tv shows and movies coming out, it's hard to keep track of them all and know what's worth watching. >> we called in chris witherspoon, from fandango, to break it down for us on must-see entertainment. >> how are you doing? >> good, man. let's talk about the first one. "beauty and the beast." >> i saw this last night. it was amazing. all-star cast. emma watson, luke stevens. it is our fastest selling family film in fandango's history. they're actually singing a lot of the times, when they're filming this. but this beautifully shot, very opulent, over-the-top. great scenery. and it could be the biggest
9:31 am
march opening of any film. >> really? >> big business. >> a lot of them seems like the kids will love them. but the adults will, too. i'm a little nostalgic. >> it has that cross-generation nostalgia happening. 20 years ago was the last "power rangers" film. but the movie right here, on his way to this movie. it's the third power rangers' film. most are watching or in their 30s. my son is 5 years old, loves watching the show. it's on nickelodeon. 24th season. 24 seasons. >> unbelievable it's been on that long. >> another comedy "c.h.i.p.s." based on the tv show. they better keep the funky disco music they have. >> with erik estrada. this is not your momma and
9:32 am
daddy's "c.h.i.p.s." it's r-rated. it's a comedy. over the top. >> like what they did with "21 jump street." >> dax shepard wrote this film. and it goes there. so many laugh-out-loud moments. in theaters march 24th. >> another one i don't know a lot about. it's called "life." >> this one, jake gyllenhaal and ryan gosling, hollywood has a thing about putting hot folks into outer space. "passengers." this is another one of those films. it's really well done. >> it's ryan reynolds, right? >> ryan reynolds, sorry. and jake gyllenhaal. an incredible film. opens march 24th. >> equally hot. >> let's move on to tv shows now. one that's getting a lot of buzz. and it looks great. i want to check it out. "feud" with susan sarandon, based on bette davis and joan
9:33 am
crawford and the rivalry? >> i'm obsessed with this film. i love "whatever happened to baby jane." you pop a bottle of wine and go back to old hollywood. ryan murphy, the king of fx right now. >> the scene with the rat? that's the worse. >> if you're a fan of bette davis and joan crawford, expect to see big awards coming their way, during the golden globes and the emmys. >> another show that everybody talks about, in my world. "this is us." i have -- >> the finale. come on. >> i was travelling. >> this is my go-to sinus clear. all-star cast. and the finale was amazinamazin. had me on the edge of my seat waiting for september to come around. you can binge-watch it on netflix. b, and hulu and fandango. >> the way they go back and foth from the flashbacks.
9:34 am
>> and they twist it so well. they merge it well, the past and the present. >> and marvel's out with a new show. >> the fans of the netflix marvel franchise, "the iron fist." it stars fin jones. has a mystical martial arts champion. and i think the fans expect marvel and this franchise to get it right. they had jessica jones, "daredevil." and you will see rosario dawson, she's been in all of the marvel netflix series. she will have a cameo in this one. >> about 30 seconds left. i want to squeeze in one in. "shots fired." >> helen hunt returning to tv for the first time in 12 years. it follows an aftermath of two racially charged shootings in north carolina. this will get a lot of buzz on social media. look out for it on twitter. it will be on fox march 22nd on fox. >> thanks for on-demand services. >> a lot to watch and catch up
9:35 am
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have seconds of food and family only for a limited time. at olive garden. ♪ losing weight is hard. that's no secret. but diets don't have to be drastic. little changes can make big differences in your waistline. >> here to make smart food swaps and to cut your calories before summer swimsuit season, is madeline. >> i'm well, thank you. >> let's start off with the muffin right here. how many calories are we looking at? >> when you look at calories. a calorie is a calorie. you're saying, you said the first thing. how many calories are in here? start with that. what do you think? >> 450, 500. >> in a muffin this size, it's about 450. and all of the calories we talk about are approximate. we're talking about hundreds,
9:40 am
not is it 10 or 15 calories here or there. if you want a muffin, a sugary starchy taste, a swap you can make and save 250 calories is going to be rye toast with blueberry jam on it. >> that goes good with coffee. >> not saying eat an egg. something that will give you the starchy sweet taste. >> how many calories would you say? >> you're going to save 250. this is 200 calories. there's room during the day. but it gives you what you're looking for. you don't feel deprived. >> burger. >> who doesn't love aburg center a five-ounce sized burger. and this is made with ground chuck. a fattier cut, that 80/20. how many calories do you think this has? just in the burger, with the bun and everything. >> 1,500. >> 500. sf >> you're a lot closer. it's about 650. >> i like stuff on my burger. >> if you swap and use leaner
9:41 am
beef, same burger, this is great. this isis surloin. how many calories do you save? >> 200. >> from 650 to 400. >> just without cheese on it. we're not saying have a veggie burger, or have a portobello mushroom. now, we're going to drinks. >> these get high caloric. >> you're right. this is 16 ounces. a large size. how many calories do you think in the mocha frappuccino drinks? >> 700. >> we're talking about a smaller size. this is about 410 calories. >> okay. we got aggressive. >> you're not getting the giant size. if we swap that for another kind of drink, it's going to be -- you can get the same 16-ounce size with a latte. add some sugar free syrup. how many calories do you save?
9:42 am
>> 300. >> about 300 calories. this is about 110. so, you're getting the same kind of coffee house drink. swap to something -- this is a 20-ounce cola. they come in bottles. what does this have? >> that's just bad. >> 300 calories. >> 500. >> it's just 230 calories. but that 230 calories can be zero if you swap it out for unsweetened iced tea. people are drinking several of these a day. and you get the same caffeine if you're looking for a little pop. >> much better for your teeth, too. >> there you go. >> dessert. >> who doesn't like this? you're going, okay. if you have -- you want to look -- let's start with ice cream. that's something, superpremium one cup of cookie dough ice cream. >> one cup? >> premium ice cream. >> 350. >> 600. 600 calories. >> you're the closest.
9:43 am
540 calories for this. but if you swap that out for these cookie dough yogurt bars, you can have two of them for 200 calories. you will save more than 300 calories. >> wow. >> we're going to look at three handfuls of chips, that's something -- how many calories is in there? just three handfuls. you're going to grab while you're eating. >> 250. >> about 400 calories. you're closer. if you swap that out for air-popped popcorn, yeah. >> nothing. >> you don't lose taste. >> and that's what you're doing. you're swapping out -- total swaps are 1,800 calories. you did three of these, every day, you can lose five pounds every month. >> just by making smarter choices. that's it. >> you got it. >> thank you so much. you want more on the swaps, go to time to check your weather. st. patrick's day tomorrow. savannah has a huge
9:44 am
st. patrick's day parade. mild, 53 degrees. we come to new york city, going to be a little on the chilly side. we're talking about friday, 11:00 a.m., bright sunshine. windchills in the 20s. and finally, for our friends in boston, your parade is on sunday, 1:00. windy, cold. snowshowers will come to an end. temperature about 37 degrees. that's what's good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. 60 degrees now in san jose and in napa, 59 degrees in oakland. as we head through the next couple of days, going to see more dry weather. and then some spotty showers, especially around san francisco and farther to the north. the rest of the bay area won't see that rain until early next week. we have above average temperatures and it will be cooling down as the rain rolls in early next week.
9:45 am
>> and that is your latest weather. coming up, our ultimate baseball fans compete for a chance to win a spring training experience with their favorite team? there's only one egg that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs.
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the toothpaste that helpstax, prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums, and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind. new parodontax toothpaste. all right. major league baseball's opening day, april 3rd. fans will wear their team hats for the caps on opening day celebration. a few weeks ago, we held our
9:49 am
"today's" take me out to the ball game contest. our three fans are here to compete for the chance to win v.i.p. experience. joshua pugh, a huge fan of the colorado rockies. what makes you the number one fan? >> i believe it's my mohawk. >> i think so. i can't argue with that. coming up next, christina, a die-hard cubs fan, along with her son, nikko. were you born into this? or did you acquire it? >> nikko was born into it, 2016. die-hard cubs fan. they were waiting for superfan to be born. he was born, win the world series. >> there you have it. last but not least, jim kelly, would do anything for the los angeles angels, like kecking det his house. your home looks like a memorabilia stadium.
9:50 am
>> i was collecting when i was a kid. standing in line, for hours. and hats and anything i have. >> it's all come down to this. here you go. are you ready? okay. here's how the segment is going to work. you have to run around the baseball diamond. but first, you have to perform a certain task at each base. at first base, you're going to put on foam fingers and make a hot dog. sheinelle is there to make sure you don't cheat. at second base, you knock over the popcorn buckets, with the supplied baseballs. mario is our umpire there. at third base, you have to pick up a bat and spin around five times before you run home and lift the baseball trophy. i will be counting your spins. are you guys ready? here we go. on your mark, get set, go. ♪ >> you can do it. >> putting on the foam fingers. >> and you have to make a hot dog. >> christina has got it. >> i see the strategy.
9:51 am
she is using her fingers. >> the dexterity with the foam fingers. >> she's change ed diapers. that's why. how many do they have to make? >> just one. >> they're making like six at a time. >> that's impressive. >> you just have to make one. >> okay. >> oh. >> josh is there. all right. here we go. got to do the spin. one. two. three. four. five. you got it. he's a little dizzy. oh, whoa. christina's -- oh. oh. josh. >> come on over. >> come on. >> wow. that's impressive. you okay? you all right, josh. you okay? got a little dizzy. got a little dizzy. all right. >> congratulations. >> christina came in second. jimmy, you're third. good news. you're all three going to spring
9:52 am
training, for your favorite team. that's right. the package includes tickets to a game. access to the field, meeting the players and other surprises. and we want to thank major league baseball for making this happen. how do you feel? >> congratulations. >> do we have a replay of josh after he did the spin, by any chance? take a look at this. we were afraid we were going to lose you for a second. >> oh, gosh. >> oh. he's back. he's there. >> that's me on the weekends right there. there we go. >> pretty impressive. how do you feel? >> a little dizzy. but we're going to training camp. woo. >> very impressive, josh. you know what kept you up is that mohawk. very nice. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
look who is back. >> wow. kathie lee is back. >> welcome back. >> yes. >> we're here. >> we brought mario. >> you are here. >> we brought mario in for you. >> i love his dimples. >> anytime. >> you can do more of that. what do you have today? >> we have ambush makeovers. and a live performance from low casual. they wrote a song about your sister. >> what is that called? "party gi oc: on e roaays trt:0
9:56 am
we're still in for some dry weather over the next couple of days and then start to see the clouds rolling in in time for the weekend, may see a few spotty showers in the north bay starting on saturday afternoon.
9:57 am
sunday a chance of slight rain chances for the bay area. a more significant storm system is set to move in as we head to early next week. some heavy rain possible on monday into tuesday. now as we head over to mike, let's get an update on what's happening on the roadways. >> this map here, things are moving well. slower drives, predictable patterns for thursday. south bay showing traffic ease up. in the north bay we had this problem. a little relief, two eastbound lanes at spring street or tennessee, that's going away from the bridge they reopened. the jack knifed big rig still blocking one lane off to the right and distraction for folks westbound. traffic starting to move a little better away from the bridge eastbound 80 now has two lanes open. 9:57 right now. happening right now, the trial continues this morning for murder suspect garcia torres. today also marks five years since his alleged victim lamar disappeared. her body has never been found. we'll have a midday news update.
9:58 am
also there's a lot of clean-up in the oakley neighborhood this morning. that's where a car smashed through a wall and nearly missed the woman sleeping inside the home. that crash also took out a gas line. you can find the latest in our twitter feed.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc > >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda. hello, my friend. jenna busch hager has been doing such heavy lifting laty with hoda out and me out for two weeks. great to see you all again. is that the number one hit, "i know somebody," and the country duo has been tearing up the charts and will be performing for us in a bit, and that's going to be a surprise so stick around for that we have


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