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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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rht w ca rit n.buthas c right now at 11:00, it is calm right now. that's all about to change. rain making a comeback this weekend. >> the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> pim peggy bunker. the rain not quite over yet. we are tracking another round headed our direction. meteorologist rob mayeda joining with us the timeline be. >> still partly cloudy skies. san francisco, 54 degrees.
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a chilly night in store as lows drop into the 40s. right now, storm ranger mobile doppler radar looking lonely atop the mountain. not finding anything to scan underneath the clouds just yet. in the next 12 to 18 hours, that is subject to change. a lot of cloud cover offshore. that will eventually mean a mostly cloudy finish to the weekend with some rain at times. generally totals about a quarter inch or less we think for most of the bay area. in the esarah, lowering snow levels and things turning breezy. locations that will likely see the most rain, a familiar tune, hills of north bay perhaps a half inch of rain. south bay areas around san jose probably closer to a tenth inch of rain. you can see in the sierra as the snow picks up during the afternoon, winter driving conditions. snow lebs close to 4,000 feet. coming up, we'll talk about gusty winds starting to take shape for the beginning of the week and stronger wind gusts towards the end of the forecast. coming up in 13 minutes. >> sounds great.
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thank you so much. you can track the rain with our free nbc bay area ap. click on the weather tab to use our live doppler radar and get the forecast for your neighborhood. a normally quiet south bay neighborhood on edge tonight after a man found dead at an elementary school. tonight police are calling his death suspicious. body discovered about 10:00 this morning at toyon elementary in the east foothills of san jose. marianne favro live at the school tonight. neighbors say this is a generally safe neighborhood. >> they do say that. they're definitely stunned tonight. man's body was found underneath a bench near classrooms here at the school this morning. police tell us he was in his 20s. more than a dozen san jose police officers including homicide detectives spent the day trying to determine what happened to a young man who died on campus near classrooms at toyon elementary school in san jose. >> just after 10:00, the police
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department received a call of a person down that wasn't breathing. apparently had visible injuries. we responded along with san jose fire. they immediately pronounced the person deceased. >> he was in his mid to late 20s but they're not releasing his name. no suspected have been identified. neighbors say other than a few break-ins, they consider this community safe or at least they did. >> it's very scary because i lived in this neighborhood for 36 years. nothing like this has ever happened. i went to this elementary school. my son's supposed to start here next year. it's very disturbing. > some neighbors have seen older kids hang out on school grounds at night. tonight the suspicious death has left them on heightened alert. >> when you have killings, that's kind of, kind of gets to you. nerve-racking. and it makes you keep an eye open more in the neighborhood of what's going on. >> the body has been remove from
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the school and police have left the scene tonight. reporting li live, marianne fav >> the las vegas strip getting back to normal tonight after a gunman barricade himself a bus there. police say the man was riding a double-decker tourist bus near the cosmopolitan hotel when he opened fire. shooting two people on that bus. one of the victims died. the gunman then barricaded himself on the bus causing chaos on the strip. he did surrender peacefully eventually. >> this incident is right now not deemed to be terrorist related or in any sense like that. this is a single incident that has no terrorist nexus of any sort that we know of. >> the second shooting victim is expected to be okay. the drama created even more chaos in vegas. just a few hours after a high stakes burglary took place at a rolex store is when the shooting took place. the burglary happened a few
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blocks away. >> an investigation has found that outgoing uc berkeley chance lower flick las dirks improperly accepted free benefits and didn't pay for $5,000 worth of a gym membership and personal training sessions. he had an elliptical machine installed at his home. uc says he has apologized and repaid the money. >> lawmakers nancy pelosi and jackie speier held a town hall meeting in san francisco day one day after the president's plan to replace obamacare failed. tom jensen is live outside of san francisco general tonight. these two were greeted with booming applause. >> and it was a packed crowd today. and there were a lot of cheers for the congress women for saving the aca. but the crowd made it clear to them they want them to move ahead. they want to make sure they work to make sure that every american has access 0 hospitals and
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doctors without defleetipleting bank accounts. nancy pelosi and jackie speier called it a victory. obamacare survived trump's everts to repeal it. at least for now. speier credited the crowd of about 400 people at this town hall and others like it across the country for gathering together in unified voices and saving the affordable care act. >> it is the democratic process at work. they're demanding these town halls. >> grassroots voices heard not only by democrats but also by republicans who repeatedly condemned obamacare but in the end could not commit to replacing it with the president's health care plan. >> they realize that the american people do not want to repeal the affordable care act. they want to make it better and more cost affordable. but they do not want to repeal it. >> on twitter today, president trump tweeted obamacare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a
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great plan for the people. don't worry. vice president mike pence was in west virginia where he told a mostly republican crowd the parties work on a new health care plan has just begun. >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the status quo in washington, d.c. and it was a victory for the disaster of obamacare. but i promise you, that victory won't last very long. >> pelosi admitted the aca needs tweaking and said she's already talked to republicans about getting started. >> one place we can start where the public is fully engaged is lowering prescription drug prices and president said he wants to do that. >> reporter: and possibly a glimmer of hope. maybe the door is opening a little bit. the white house reaching out a little more to dras. congresswoman pelosi told me that she has heard of two democrats now who have heard from the president asking hem to come to the table and talk about a health care plan.
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we're live in san francisco. tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> a motorcyclist is recovering tonight after he was hit by an oakland police car. police say the crash happened this morning right around 8:00 near 19th and broadway. officers closed off the intersection after crash. you can see the debris in the roadway and you see what happened to the motorcycle. police say the cyclist is in stable condition. the officer not injured. >> a very tense weekend for raiders fans. nfl owners expected to vote on monday if they could move to las vegas. nbc bay area's christie smith slows us how oakland city leaders joined fans at a rally trying to save the team. >> raiders fans made another plea to keep them in oakland as mayor libby schaaf spoke bluntly about the fact that oakland stadium everts were stalled and there is nothing new. >> therefore, the raiders have no choice but to leave.
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we are calling bull [ bleep ] on that. >> she described what they're asking of the nfl. >> recognize your home market. recognize we have a viable plan. get the raiders back to the table with us. and forget the temptations of sin city. this is your home. >> the las vegas stadium proposal on the table, oakland is proposing a $1.3 billion stadium with mostly private funds secured through the four tress investment group and hall of famer ronnie lott. 55 acres south of the coliseum. she says she has heard two concerns. >> the issue of the a's remaining in the existing coliseum. and the desire to have more choices as far as citing and again, we feel that that is unreasonable annan necessary since we are providing 55 of the best acres of sports facility real estate in the world. >> the a's could have their own space. the second concern is lack of clarity on the land deal.
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>> our deal is the best deal for the raiders. >> we love our oakland raiders. love us back, man. all right? that's all i got to say. >> some fans wonder if the message is even being heard. >> i guess my biggest question is, at this point is the nfl even tuned in? are the own ares tuned in. >> christie smith, nabs bay area news. >> coming up next, regretting not running. former vice president joe biden speculating on what could have been if he had run in the last election. how he thinks it might have played out. >> plus a new direction. why uber decided to pull its fleet of driverless cars off the road. >> also lights out. reason major cities around the world are going dark for one hour tonight. and right now in san jose, 53. partly cloudy skies. we're going to see a cooler day tomorrow thanks to more clouds and eventually those clouds we think will bring us some rain to wrap up weekend. the timeline when we come right back. toy..= anoppentof e trp ainirath
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supporters and opponents of the trump administration clashing in huntington beach, california today. >> k.k. usa. >> police say about 2,000 people came out for a make america great again march. and rally. a few dozen counter protesters showed up, as well. expecting trouble at that march, police officers were out in force. they quickly broke up fights that erupted. pretty violent fights actually. sometimes they needed the help of dogs to break up those fights. in the end, six people were arrested on charges of illegal use of pepper spray. the march is one of dozens that took place across the country former vice president joe biden is weighing in on what could have been saying he regrets not
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being president. he says if he had become the democratic nominee in the last election, he would have had a good chance to be president. he opted to not to run after his son bowe lost his battle with brain cancer. bind says he was the most qualified for thexd presidency d that he believes he could have won. >> uber pumping the brakes on its self-driving fleet after a crash in arizona. it happened yesterday. someone failed to yield for the driverless car, causing the crash. the driverless car did not violate any driving rules but uber says two drivers were inside the car at the time. neither of them were injured. the company is now grounding the driverless program and also pending results of another investigation over a different crash. you might remember that one. that's when uber suspended its program in san francisco after a fight with the dmv over permits. a great day for b.a.r.t. and commuters. the flu warm springs south fremont station finally opened this morning.
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project nearly 20 years in the making and sandwiched between 880 over to of 660 over to the tes las factory. that station will be a game-changer for commuters. >> it's going to give people an alternative. they'll be able to get on b.a.r.t. five miles earlier. there's 2,000 parking spaces and good connections with transit. >> b.a.r.t. will now focus everts on extending ten miles south down to san jose. that project is now uncertain because of concerns the trump administration will cut funding from public transit programs. >> well, a health fair in san francisco boasted some star power this morning. snipe set it up. set it up. >> set it up, that's right. that's kevin hart making quite an appearance at the embarcadero center also trying jump rope there. didn't go well. that is tricky to do. this was hosted a digital health company called rally health. the goal is it to encourage people to make changes to their
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lifestyle that have long-term benefits. there were yoga and boot camps, activities for the kids. hart wasn't the only celebrity there, as well. rally health named marie na then knew knows as one of its ambassadors. >> turning off lights to imlulnate a pressing ken concern. the bray bridge went dark tonight at 8:30 for international earth hour. this event designed to create awareness about protecting the planet's resources. 172 countries took part this year. rome's coliseum, the eiffel tower and the an krom police in athens. >> right now we want to collect in with rob mayeda. a little bit of rain headed our way. >> focus more on the little portion that have because some of the updates opt computer models bringing down totals a bit. it's a bit of a u-turn compared to the way the weekend began with a few showers this morning. sunshine most of the afternoon. right now we've got partly cloudy skies. 53 degrees as we check out
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belvedere looking back 0 san francisco. a pretty view at 52 right now with partly cloudy skies. there you see the bay bridge lights looking good. 54 degrees. we'll see increasing clouds tomorrow morning and eventually as the system gets closer to the coast, lighter rain probably approaching the north bay tomorrow morning. the main impact likely up towards the pacific northwest. for us tomorrow morning, temperatures in the mid 40s. increasing clouds. a little bit of light rain possible perhaps on the coast. by the afternoon, we will see around 3 book:00 a chance of rain drifting from north to south and winds picking up a bit. win speeds 10 to 20 miles per hour. hour by hour for you on your sunday, mostly cloudy skies keeps our temperatures down. mid afternoon into the evening when most of what's left of the rain of the system should cross through. futurecast shows you the cloudy skies to start the day. notice the rain generally up here in the north bay through
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lunchtime. by mid afternoon into the evening, you see it right there. again, doesn't look all that i am pressive but it will add up in terms of making the roadways a little wet. possibly into monday morning. notice as we transition now to the day planner for monday, maybe some showers lingering through 9:00 a.m. and then the opposite we're seeing tomorrow. clearing skies through monday as the winds pick up and help to clear things out. monday morning's commute at this point may be encountering a few showers through 8:00 a.m. through the day, north winds pick up. skies begin to clear and any chances of showers begin to shut down. part of a pattern change as high pressure builds in, warming temperatures tuesday and wednesday and one catch here comes up on thursday. you see how this low kind of dives in over the sierra. slight chance of showers between high pressure to our west and that deepening low dropping into southern nevada, thursday into friday, get prepared for pretty gusty winds. we could see wind speeds getting up to 45 miles per hour at times. so things generally trending
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drier. once we get past monday. you notice how temperatures start to climb up. especially valley locations. the numbers climbing into the mid seventies as we transition to our calendar cast, for march, 15 of 25 days have been mostly dry. as you go through the end of the month, we got the two chances of showers sunday into monday. i want to show you april now. the long-range outlook does keep things dry. maybe through the 8th. this could be an extended stretch of dry weather once we get past monday. looks like spring is making that turn in the bay area. dry start as we head into april. >> a very exciting long-term forecast. >> i get excited to see that many days of sunny weather. >> enjoy the green hills while we can. >> they'll be sticking around for a while. let's turn things over to mindy for sports. >> i'm mindy bach. kevin durant might have the most important knees in the entire bay area. we saw him dunk recently at oracle. but when we will see him back on
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the court when it counts? steve kerr shares his plans for kd next on sports.
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the sharks are in free fall. they lost five straight aheading into their game against the predators. san jose has gone from challenging for best in the west to clinging for a tie for first in the division. they need to shake their blupz that's hard to do in nashville. we'll pick it up in the third period. team teal is down three. justin braun, he's going to light the lamp on the one-timer. but later in period, the colton sisson's redirect gets past jones. sisson's second goal of the night. the sharks lose 7-2. their losing streak now at six games. kevin durant seen dunking before friday night's game as oracle as he continues rehab for a sprained mcl. but steve kerr will ease him back into the rotation when he's ready. he's made enough progress he could play before the regular
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season ends but steve won't know for sure till dlz evaluate the knee on thursday. >> something we'll consult the training staff on. i imagine we'll ease him back by playing him shorter minutes to start so he can build up his rhythm and his conditioning. but that obviously has a domino effect on the entire rotation, and when we get to that point, we'll figure it out. it's not something i'm giving a lot of thought to right now. he's still at least a couple weeks away. >> the warriors have a tough schedule this week. it starts sunday as they host the grizzlies at 5:00. that game on csn bay area. the team goes on the road then to houston and san antonio. more news after the break. (vo) what if this didn't
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now, that is using your head. a teenager is celebrating a major victory tonight. if you want to call in that. >> he crushed it. >> he crushed it. he set a guinness world record for crushing blocks with his head. he's a 16-year-old. he's a black belt twikwan-do champion in bosnia, with a black and blue head. he crushed 111 in 35 seconds. didn't use his hands. forward he goes. the guinness people were there to make sure it happened. there it was. sponsored by advil and excedrin and tylenol. >> and the mohawk haircut. you see that little bit of cushion. >> that might have helped. >> that one little layer. ouch. >> why? >> still amazed by that. >> me, too. >> can't top that. but the weather tomorrow, you're going to be dealing with a little bit of rain. here we go, some showers to start the seven-day forecast.
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midweek, mid-70s. that's pretty nice. have a nice day. >> it does look nice. >> go home and crush some blocks with my head. >> "saturday night live" it up next. >> see you tomorrow everyone. good night.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> excuse me, mr. president. i'm heading home for the night. can i get you anything? >> no, thank you, david. but, hey, how do you like


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