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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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rihnowt 40--a te at uldseathefaf right now at 4:30, the fate of the silver and black. nfl owners hunker down with one main question on tap. will the raiders leave for los angeles? thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cann garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a storm cloud over our beloved raiders. we hope they stay. we have seen our share of storm clouds. >> rain overnight, but now all of that rolling out of here, and we will have some clearing as we go through the day. it will be a nice start to this monday morning. as you head out now, it may still be wet on the roadways as we see the rain moving off to the ooesh. storm ranger still scanning around the bay area, picking up
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on a shfew showers off shore. as we go through the rest of the morning commute, going to see a drying trend. as you step out now, 49 in the tri-valley. a morning to wear a heavier jacket. bundal up in the north bay as well. highs today reaching into the mid 60s. we'll take a look at the rest of the microclimate forecast for the week coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking a crash on highway 17. >> i am, but i'll be specific about the details. no major problems. slowing coming out of the altamonte pass. typical almost every morning. a smooth drive through the dublin interchange. this crash, highway 17 southbound direction at summit road. this happened just after 3:00 in the morning. it was a single car and it sounds like everything is clear from the roadway, southbound
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toward the santa cruz side. that's off to the shoulder, but you have a bigger crash you were following with news that happened overnight. >> we're sticking with highway 17. new this morning, a hit-and-run suspect in custody after authorities say he crashed his car on highway 17. there's the crashed car. and it came after a chase. santa cruz police say it all started early this morning when officers started chasing the suspect up 17. they actually gave up the chase over safety concerns. right after that, according to the chp, the suspect crashed his car into the center divider. sheriff's deputies arrived a short time after that, took him into custody. you saw video of him in the back of the cruiser. he's facing charges that include hit and run and failure to yield to officers. >> today is the day. in a matter of hours. we'll learn the fate of the oakland raiders. >> there 32 owners have jet setted their way over to phoenix, arizona, this morning for hair annual meeting. it could also change the sports
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landscape in the bay area forever. >> pete is live at the coliseum this morning where the raiders currently call home. it's looking increasingly dicy for the future. >> good morning to you. yes, the raider nation will keep a close eye on those meetings taking place in phoenix the first day of those nfl owners meetings. in order for this move to happen, for the raiders to move to los angeles, 24 of the 32 owners that are in phoenix this morning would have to vote yes. and according to reports, it looks like a lot of them are hinting at voting yes. in fact, we have some of the video of the owners arriving in phoenix for those meetings. and at issue here is what the nfl believes is the most viable option for the raiders as far as a new stadium goes. in the vegas deal, a much larger amount of public funding will be available to the raiders in the form of a hotel tax. they wouldn't have to share the stadium with another team, where they share right now with the
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oakland a's. we spoke to scott bair, who was in phoenix for the meetings and according to him, it sounds like the move to vegas may be a done deal. >> they don't see any other viable alternative in the east bay, even despite more recent concessions by the city where they were striking to make their deal look a bit more like the las vegas plan. >> now, if the move takes place, it would mark the third time in the past two decades that the raiders have moved. so imagine it is a very frustrating time for those raiders fans. we'll hear what they have to say in the next hour. live in oakland, pizzaratos for today in the bay. >> stay with us for the complete coverage of the raiders relocation move. we have a team of reporters in phoenix. we'll also have complete coverage in our midday news cast and also in our newscast tonight. >> also in the sporting world here, a bit of an ugly situation
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on sunday. getting a look at violence that broke out at avaya stadium yesterday. police say everything went smoothly after the start of yesterday's soccer match between mexican clubs. before the match, completely different story. things got heated when an angry crowd started throwing rocks and bottles at each other and at arriving buses. you see that man's head bandaged. one man had to be treated by doctors. >> coming from mexico city. heading to the hospital. going to the hospital. >> how were you hurt? >> they threw a big rock. >> a big rock at your head. >> yeah, at my head. >> hit in the head with a rock. well, more than 70 police officers arrived in riot gear to try to calm things down. there were no arrests. and no serious injuries, according to police. they say the rest of the day went pretty well with just one minor scuffle. new this morning, eight japanese high school students are feared dead after getting caught in an avalanche.
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right now, the search continues for at least two other students and a teacher. the avalanche happened today as 50 opportunities were taking a ski trip to a resort in japan, which is about 120 miles north of tokyo. >> kris, coming up next, investigating a nightclub shooting where there was a history of violence in ohio. so much history, the club goer husband to go through a metal want just to get in. next, we'll look at the reason police think the gun fire erupted in the club anyway. >> a bus full of passengers at a hotel in vegas. what happens as they're getting off leads to a violent scene and a four-hour standoff with police. we'll show you how a shooting on the las vegas strip ended next. .
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4:39 right now on your monday morning. the search continuing this morning for at least one shooter who opened fire inside of a crowded nightclub in cincinnati over the weekend. one person was killed, 15 others injured. >> those gunshots erupted just after midnight at the cameo nightclub. police say hundreds of people were inside at the time. first there were worry that the shooting could be terrorism related, but investigators later determined that wasn't the case. >> several local men got into some type of a dispute inside the bar. and it escalated into shots being fired. from several individuals. as a result, there were 16 people that sustained gunshot
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injuries. >> police say the club has security guards that search people at the door. they believe several people, though, were able to sneak guns into the club anyway. though it's not clear at this point exactly how they did that. >> in the meantime, we're learning new details about this man accused of shooting and killing a tourist on the las vegas strip over the weekend. 56-year-old rolando car dainius of las vegas surrenders on saturday after a standoff that lasted more than four hours. police say a tour bus was stopping at the cosmo hotel and passengers were actually getting off of it when cardenas stood up and started firing shots from a handgun at the bus. one man died, oorlsh was injured but is expected to survive. you see the s.w.a.t. team presence on the strip. cardenas then holed up on the bus before finally peacefully surendering. >> if you live near the san leandro b.a.r.t. station, that scene we showed you might make you alarm to hear sirens later
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today, but it's fire department training. it's happening in the neighborhood surrounding the b.a.r.t. station. it will continue to the noon time hour. if you're in the area, you might see helicopters above and lots of firefighters, but once again, it's just training. there's the map of where you can expect the action. >> some activity in the neighborhood. >> 4:41. also today, california state treasurers in oakland to examine solutions for the financial and cannabis industries. sales of recreational marijuana start in california next year. in the meantime, the trump administration is still signaling it may try to crack down on states where marijuana is sold recreationally. at this point, california's multibillion dollar pot industry is mostly cash oriented. john chiang is going to meet with leaders in financing, state tax, and regulatory groups to talk about boosting access for people involved in the cannabis industry. >> coming up, we want to look at a forecast that is not stormy
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for a change. >> yeah, for a change. it looks good. as you get a live look outside right now at san jose, all clear, but the roads may still be wet from some early morning rain. we'll take a look at the temperature trend coming up right after this break. >> and indeed, they were -- here, we're looking fraught the fremont camera. the foreground, the spring station open for business. we'll track that this morning for b.a.r.t. as well. >> amazon wants to sell you a bed, couch, dining room table. the new push by the internet giant that's going to let furniture buyers try before they buy. it is 4:45 on this mond
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morning. and we do have mostly clear skies overhead. and still some wet roadways. as we go into this afternoon, going to see those temperatures warming up into the low 60s today. much of the bay area hitting the mid 60s and it gets warmer as we go through the week. a look at what you can expect as the rain holds off is coming up in four minutes. and over here, we're taking 22 minutes to drive out of the altamont to the dublin interchange. a great draub, great conditions. we will give you a little caution and point out what's going on farther north as well. >> thank you very much. a live look right now from our emeryville camera this morning at a quarter to 5:00.
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as kerri was saying, a clear start to your morning. happening today, thoe, the first of four meetings on reducing air pollution in the bay area. the board is considering a proposal that would tighten emissions limits. the group most impacted by that, bay area's five oil refineries in kauncontra costa county. they're holding pollution workshops this week starting in cupertino. tomorrow is at the benicia public library, and wednesday, it moves to hayward. the final one will be held on thursday night in richmond. officials plan to vote on proposed regulations at some point in may. >> we move to business and tech news, and amazon exploring building furniture and home appliances. >> that's a lot of bubble wrap. for that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy. i wonder if they gift wrap, landon. >> wouldn't that be nice.
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good morning to you both. investors could take the opportunity today to cash in some profits in the so-called post-election trump trade. following the defeat of the health care bill on friday, asian and european markets are in the red, but by 1% or less. the dollar is at a four-month low against major countries on president trump's proposal. the nasdaq rose 11 to 5828. meanwhile, drivers are paying less to fill up at the pump, and industry survey shows the average price of regular unleaded fell by a penny in the past two weeks to $2.34 a gallon. the move comes as oil prices also slipped in the same period. in the bay area, gas is averaging $3.11 a gallon. amazon is exploring physical stores to sell furniture and home appliances. products a lot of shoppers would
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rather not buy sight unseen. orders would be delivered to their homes. amazon is also considering using virtual reality to let people see how these products would look in their homes. back over to you. >> i'm not so worried about how it's going to work there. it's would you put your butt on it. >> you want to sink in nice and comfortable. >> landon, thank you very much. all right, get comfortable as you're watching movies over the weekend. we had rainy weather to suit it. a disney classic filling theaters, raking in big bucks in the process. >> for the second straight weekend, "beauty and the beast" is doing bonkers business at the box office. the film brought in $88 million last week, which is more than double the second-place movie, power rangers, which brought in about $41 million. rounding out the top five was kong, skull island, which netted more than $14 million in its third weekend in theaters. >> i remember the original "beauty and the beast," the
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animated version. have you checked out this one? >> not yet. >> no. >> our director jay, his girlfriendent and said she loved it. it was everything she imagined and it was -- >> you got a pass for the afternoon. good for you, jay. >> as we said, actually a good weekend to go and check out a movie. we had a lot of rain on and off. starting to clear up? there it is clearing up. all the rain we had overnight wasn't that much. most of us had about a tenth up to maybe a quarter inch in some of the higher spots. as you head out now, some of the roads are still wet, but we're getting some skies that are clearing out there right now. here's a live look out there at san jose. didn't measure too much in the south bay. so it's still mostly dry, and we're seeing the system moving on out of here as we get this monday started. here's a look at those temperatures as you step out the door, right now in san jose, 51 degrees. lifermore, 49 degrees. and the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen starting in the peninsula, 52 degrees in san francisco. for the start of the day.
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but then going to see those highs reaching into the low 60s. 65 in san jose. milpitas up to 64 degrees. and 67 degrees in gilroy. pleasant pleasanton, 64 degrees and concord, 65. these are a degree or two cooler than we should for the end of march, but i don't think you'll complain. up to 63 in the embarcadero and 64 degrees today in novotto. we're looking ahead to another system set to move in on thursday. as it moves closer to the bay area, a lot of the rain will be farther to the north. so this may be something that only brings in a chance of rain for the north bay. and we'll keep a slight chance of rain in for san francisco, too, but it looks like a lot of that space well to the north of us, but we'll see if the track changes just a few miles. that could impact our forecast. other than that, all dry. as we go through the month, we have had so far in san jose
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close to an inch and a half. when the average is 2 inches. then you see how the average amount of rain drops off as we go through the next few months. so looking like we could end at about an inch and a half here. and if you're following me on facebook and twitter, i'll keep you up to date on changes in the forecast. other than that, looks pretty good. high temperatures in san francisco in the 50s and 60s. rather 60s and 70s. that's 80 degrees inland by this weekend. now, mike, as you head out, a word of caution for oakland drivers. >> even though traffic is light, there's some damp roads. that's kind of all over the bay, as you mentioned. we're looking at speeds that aren't so bad. we do have word of debris, wood scattered across the roadway. your left two lanes for westbound 24 approaching 580. no word on how that got there, but it does sound like debris off the back of a truck perhaps as opposed to a crash. no crashes reporting. and no slowing as far as the travel times go. a smooth, easy drive.
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13 or 14 minutes from highway 4 down to the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is light and the lanes are clear. looking at 30 trains on time for the b.a.r.t. system. the free month station is open for business this morning and no delays for the south bay either. the roadways northbound are great, including highway 17. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, a man left hanging after scaffolding collapses. rescuers perform a high-wire rescue to save his life. the way that he thanks those rescuers. >> first, happening right now, a russian opposition leader just appeared in court. he was arrested on his way to protest in moscow. the kremlin is accusing organizes of the anticorruption protest of provoking violence. tens of thousands took to the streets yesterday. plus, the remains of former president james k. polk make be moving again. they're currently buried at the tennessee state capitol. lawmakers are considering moving
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their bodies to the presidents museum, 10s of years later. i don't know how many exactly. an otial uni inoutflida ase
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all right. an emotional reunion to tell you about in south florida, and in a second, you'll understand why. rescuers met yesterday with the window washer they saved last week following a scaffolding collapse. you see him just hanging there. 63-year-old marcos dangled on the side of key biscayne's grand bay resort for more than an hour in that position. after the platform tipped, it gave way underneath him, and his son was there through the entire ordeal. >> one of his sons was actually one of the other workers on the scene watching the whole thing. watching his dad dangling there
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for 45 minutes to an hour. >> cannot imagine the thoughts that were going through his mind. his son's mind from below. he eventually was lowered down to safety, nine floors below. with his rescuers attached. you see the trio of them coming down there. investigators have not announced what caused that collapse in the first place. >> kari is going to make fun of me, but i have chicken skin. closer to home, one bay area animal shelter is offering a bunny bonanza to help rescued friends. >> hope you have some good odorizing things in your house if you're going to adopt all those bunnies. animal control rescued those from a person who was trying to sell them as meat as possibly as pets on craigslist. most of the rabbits are now up for adoption and as an incentive, pet food express is offering a $50 gift card to the first 30 people who adopt them. how many are there? perhaps this could offset your
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costs of whatever food you need to keep those guys. >> i love the glamour shots, too. the rabbits are perfectly posed. coming up, let's look at the forecast with kari. >> we start out with wet roads, but it will be drying out as we go through the day. a live lock at oakland as we start out with cool temperatures. a look at this week's forecast, which warms up a lot. that's coming up. we're looking at the san mateo bridge over to the peninsula. a clear drive. maybe some damp roadways. slicker conditions in spots, and i'll show you what else is going on for oakland coming up. a lot going on in the south bay right now this morning, mike. b.a.r.t.'s newest station in action for its first monday morning commute. a live report from the warm springs stop and what riders can expect. be ck.wee jt hrs ay omleninwha
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the silver and black may not be back. we're hours away from learning what's next for the oakland raiders and their fans. the details we're learning about today's critical vote by nfl owners. the warm springs b.a.r.t. station finally opens for a week day morning commute. the difference this will have on riders trying to get to work. and first a canceled vote. now the finger pointing. a lot happening in washington after the republican stunning defeat on health care. we are live from our nation's capitol as the trump administration prepares its next move. today in the bay starts right
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now. >> and a good monday morning. glad that you're with us to start off your work week. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to look at the forecast. nice for eating lunch outside maybe. >> i think so. maybe long sleeves because it will be on the cool side for some areas, and yeah, still breezy, too. the storm system we had, if you want to call it that, that moves through overnight, brought about a tenth to a quarter inch of rain for some of the higher spots. some of the higher rainfall totals. but now as we look outside in san jose, we are seeing some drying conditions and los gatos, the temperature trend will be in the low 60s. as we head to mike, we head back to oakland. >> we had the debris in lanes that cleared from 24 approaching 580. let's show all of the commute, pretty much what you expect from the speed sensors. in oakland, the other issue is eastbound 580 at grand avenue. a crash reported. everything is off to the shoulder over there in


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