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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 28, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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today the white house will take a wrecking ball to president obama's initiative to curb climate change with signing of an executive order. >> and new information raising eyebrows about the powerful head of the house intelligence committee and secret meeting held on white house grounds. >> hero cop with no time to spare, runs toward a burning car to rescue the injured driver. >> today the government decides on the future of your internet privacy, whether you like it or not. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning. happy tuesday. i'm yasmin vossoughian. >> i'm frances rivera. great being with you. >> this morning president trump is experiencing a new low with only 36% of americans approving of his job as president.
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and now days after over 170 countries including russia and china turned off their power for an hour to highlight the need for climate action, mr. trump is planning to sign a sweeping executive order that would roll back president obama's climate change legacy, celebrating the move as a way to celebrate america's energy independence while vowing to brang back the nation's jobs. >> we're joined by tracie potts. good morning. seems like the details came out while we slept. >> exactly. we learned it's to lift the moratorium on coal to bring more coal miner's jobs back, he wants to roll back president obama's energy policy. president obama tried to reduce carbon pollution coming from power plants. the supreme court put that on hold. now the trump administration wants to review that entire
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policy. and a senior administration officials tells us, it will look forward many terms of protecting the environment. we're waiting to find out specifically what those details will be. what we know is the president said climate change is a hoax, but more recently, a senior administration official says he believes in it. what's happening today, laying the groundwork for new energy policy and a new philosophy on climate change once we find out exactly what it is he's going to be signing today. >> that's key, once we get those details clarified. nbc's tracie potts. thank you. this morning the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee devin nunes is under fire. top democratic lawmakers are calling on nunes to step down from his post and recuse himself from his investigation in russia's interference in the presidential election. >> i think it would be worth while for the chairman to recuse himself from any investigation involving either the trump campaign or the trump transition.
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>> chairman nunes seems to be more of a partisan for the president than impartial actor. his actions look like those of someone who is interested in protecting the president and his party, without further adieu, speaker ryan should replace chairman nunes. >> the calls come after nunes himself acknowledged he made a secret visit to the white house grounds to view material that he would later claim proved mr. trump was incidentally surveilled during the transition period. however, they are material nunes has yet to share with any of his committee colleagues. but did share with the president himself last week. and it's that development casting doubt on a congressional investigation that the chairman's committee is tasked with leading. as democrats allege it may have been the white house that gave nunes the very information mr. trump would later claim as vindication for his still unsubstantiated wiretapping allegations.
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and here is white house press secretary sean spicer answering that very question. >> can you say factually you know, absolutely flatly, that it is not possible that chairman nunes came to brief the president on something he obtained from the white house. >> i can't say 100% i know anything what he briefed him on. >> so it's possible. as far as you know -- >> anything -- i mean, anything's possible. >> however, nunes maintains there was simply no other way to view the documents he was given without a white house visit. >> all the reports i saw had nothing to do with russia which is why i thought it was completely appropriate for me to, the next day, to go and talk to the president about this. there is no way for the folks that i had been working with to actually to bring this forward to light, there was no way i could view that because they couldn't get it to the house intelligence committee. >> while house speaker paul ryan says nunes continues to have his full support, the president is making attempt to change the conversation. asking why the committee isn't
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investigating the clintons for a quote deal that allowed big uranium to go. the praise of russia by hillary or podesta russian company. before ultimately calling the trump russia story a hoax. on the other side of the capital the president's son-in-law volunteered to offer his testimony to the committee including details an any meetings kushner may have held with foreign officials during the transition. developing overnight, two miami-dade police officers were shot in an ambush-style attack. here you can see their fellow officers helping them out of a pickup truck and rushing them into the hospital. you can see their faces were blurred because they were working under cover conducting a gang investigation. officials say they are in stable condition and in good spirits now. police are searching for the two men who ambushed them. it is unclear if the shooters knew they were police officers.
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and turning overseas, nbc news learned that the u.s. is deploying 275 more soldiers to northern iraq. according to two military officials to bolster u.s. support for iraqi forces pushing to retake mosul. now the secretary of defense is responding to claims u.s. strikes in mosul led to one of the biggest civilian casualty events since the fall of saddam hussein. nbc's hans nichols has the details. >> reporter: with the battle to retake mosul ramping up, pentagon officials on defense, assessing whether u.s. air strikes may have killed more than 10 civilians in the heavily populated western part of the city. defense secretary jim mattis responding for the first time. >> we go out of our way to always do everything humanly possible to reduce the loss of life or injury among innocent people. the same cannot be said for our adversaries. >> reporter: the pentagon reviewing roughly 700 video
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feeds of air strikes hitting mosul over the past ten days. the investigation one of more than 30 separate inquiries into allegations of multiple civilian casualties. human rights groups reporting a clear increase in civilian deaths under the trump administration. >> in the month of march we've recorded over 1,000 civilian casualty allegations that are tied to coalition activities. in a lot of cases you can't tell who was responsible. >> reporter: defense officials insisting rules of engagement have not been changed under president trump. but mosul, ordinary iraqis are demanding answers while searching for their loved ones. as the pentagon rushes to complete its investigation into the civilian casualties officials say there are no plans to change the way they carry out air strikes against the islamic state. hans nichols, nbc news, the pentagon. >> our thanks to hans nichols for that report. we want to turn our attention to a major deal for
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american airlines. cnbc's landon dowdy joins us. >> american airlines striking a deal to buy a small snake china southern airlines, the world's fourth largest carrier, giving america better access to one of the biggest travel markets and helps them better compete with delta which has been investing in foreign airlines in recent years. meanwhile, comcast, the parent of nbc universal, plans to rebrand a streaming option for broadband customers who don't want a traditional cable package. it will cost between $15 and $40 a month and include major networks along with options to add sports and other channels. it's expected to be available later this year and more than 50 million homes within comcast's territory. apple knows you're probably worried about losing your new ear pods.
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now a find my ear pods feature which shows where they last were in range of your phone and even plays sounds to help you locate them. unless they've run out of battery. a single pod costs $69. this could be a handy feature here. >> i am telling you, francis, that is going to come in handy. i lose my ear phones all the time and end up listening to my thoughts. >> i need it for everything, app, keys, bag, children, that would be great. >> cnbc's landon dowdy. thank you. more severe weather. in henderson, tennessee, intense hail captured on tape, part of a system bringing high winds and even possible tornadoes to texas and oklahoma. let's check in with nbc meteorologist bill karins tracking major storms for us. >> good morning. looked like someone dropping marbles out of the sky. in the northwest we're dealing with plain old rain. you're not too bad throughout this region. you're going to get soaked, not
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seeing a lot of sunshine, but temperatures won't be too bad. as far as our severe weather threat goes, from san angelo, ab bean, oklahoma. then we today. if you want the dry, sunny spring weather, head to the desert southwest. we'll talk more about that storm hitting the northwest, maybe a little flood potential in the next couple days. >> there you go. the desert southwest looking good yet again. thanks, bill. joining the men's team. south carolina lady gamecocks advancing to the final 4 and winning their 111th consecutive game. the huskies are headed for their tenth straight year. head coach moves past pat summitt for the most ncaa wins
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leading the news this morning, in "the washington post" one out of three days he's been president, president trump has visited a trump property. whether it's dining with daughter at his washington hotel or visiting his mar-a-lago resort, it's a far cry from what he campaigned on. >> if i were in the white house i don't think i'd ever see turnbury again. i don't think i would see doral. i don't think i would see many of the places i have. i don't think i'd ever say anything. i'd want to stay in the white house and work my ass off and make great deals. who is going to leave? who is going to leave? >> politico puts the price tag at each trip to mar-a-lago at
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over $3 million pervis it. the state of michigan has reached settlement agreement with the city of flint promising to pay $100 million to replace lead-contaminated pipes. michigan will pay $87 million to dig up lead or galvanized lines leading to 18,000 homes by january 2020 and set aside $10 million for unexpected expenses. the settlement stems from a water crisis that exposed 100,000 to lead poisoning. the agreement goes before a district judge this afternoon. >> an oklahoma sheriff's deputy is being hailed a hero after he pulled an injured man away from a burning car. the deputy sprints towards the fiery crash and slides right down into that ditch. >> can you walk? you can't walk? >> get on your back, get on your back. i know it's going to hurt. >> the deputy drags the man to safety. he's flown to a hospital in
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time for today's quick hits. many more people could be taking a trip to canada soon with the country set to announce a plan to decriminalize pot by july.
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>> the cash cab is back on duty, the game show getting a reboot later this year and while the original host may not be around there is a new twist with now celebrities, movie stars getting behind the wheel. >> i love that show. in berlin the hunt for the thief able to break into a museum and get away with a pure gold coin worth an estimated $4 million and weighing in at about 200 pounds. where are kraching their heads wondering how the suspect could have gotten the coin out in the first place. today on capitol hill privacy is front and center. the house is set to vote on repealing rules that protected every swipe and key stroke on the internet. what's at stake? millions in revenues for internet service providers who could gather, sell and reveal your internet browsing habits. nbc's tom costello explains. >> reporter: they are the digital footprints all of us leave that big server providers
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like at&t, verizon and comcast would love to cash in on, from online medical questions to where you bank, your political affiliations, private e-mails, online dating, shopping, even your phone apps and what you watch on tv. >> it's "saturday night live." >> reporter: in october the fcc issued a new rule to prevent internet providers from selling that information to advertisers without customer consent. but senate republicans have now voted to kill that fcc rule. >> the risk for your family is that your surfing habits, your kids habits can be tracked and sold to whoever without your knowledge or your consent. >> reporter: democrats call it a privacy protection rollback. >> it would allow broadband providers to become unchecked, personal peeping toms. >> reporter: but google and faceback already use personal information for targeted advertising and republicans
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argue they shouldn't be treated differently. >> most of the data gathered is actually gathered by so called edge providers like google or facebook, and they aren't touched by any of the fcc regulations at all. >> reporter: an industry trade group says the obama rule threatens to undermine innovation and competition. providers have been lobbying to sell customer data to advertisers. >> telecom providers want to do what tech companies have done, take users' information and turn that into targeted relevant ads and make them a lot of money. >> thank you to tom for that. ahead meet the 94-year-old woman celebrating 44 years working for the golden arches, plus a look at the largest dinosaur footprint ever discovered. you don't want to miss it. you're watching "early today." more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll
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glaucoma and allergic reactions. do not take with opioids. reduce hunger, help control cravings. contrave. the #1 prescribed weight-loss brand. go to standing up to fear. standing up to power. being able to find in yourself the strength to do what's right. i think this beautiful statue stands for all of those ideas and those values. >> you know who that was, the mayor of new york city, announcing the fearless girl on wall street not backing downey time soon. the artwork was set to be removed april 2 but will keep its spot until the next international women's day march 2018.
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mcdonald's is celebrating a milestone for one cashier who has worked at the chain for 44 years. this is loraine maurer, started in 1973. now she's 94 years old. she says she has no plans to retire any time soon. >> i can't quit. i had four children, they are all retired. but me. it's the reason to get up in the morning. >> she gets up at 3:00 in the morning. she's an early riser, gets into work at 5:00 a.m. >> probably drinking the mcdonald's coffee. this footprint just discovered in australia. it measured about six feet long, the size of the man laying alongside it. the 130 million-year-old probably belonged to an herbivore.
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>> welcome back. before we get to our forecast, we want to let you know bob max on, nbc meteorologist in connecticut had a heart attack on the job. he's recovering now. we wish you the best, buddy. get some rest and some sleep. we'll see you back on the air soon. the storm in the northwest continues to move onshore here. it's not just today, but into tomorrow. the heaviest rains will be from central or gone coastline northwards. tomorrow they shift further to the south into areas like medford. california, we'll keep you dry. francis, you've been complaining a lot about the gloomy northeast. it's nothing compared to the gloomy northwest. >> sunshine here, but we do have gray clouds outside, too.
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>> a controversial new treatment for clinical depression known as special k. it's a psychodelic drug hop lar in dance clubs and highly addictive. ketamine can be a lifesaving treatment when used for severe depression when nothing else works. one small study found ketamine decreased suicidal thoughts almost immediately in 50% of patients. most antidepressants take weeks. the raiders are headed to sin city in 2020. las vegas offered a new stadium financed by hundreds of millions in tax dollars, also a $650 million loan and support from the governor despite the raiders owner expressing regret. while the raiders have left oakland before, this time it's hitting fans even harder. >> i just think that a big part of our soul has just been taken away. >> it's our family. it's being taken from us and it's my birthday. worst birthday present i ever had.
4:28 am
>> this next story. sad fans for adele fans like us. the 28-year-old singer wrapped up a sold-out show, part of a world tour. emotionally admitting to the crowd, touring is not something i'm good at. applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable. i don't know if i'll ever tour again. the 15-time grammy award winner says the only reason she toured at all is for her fans. do not say good-bye, adele. we love you. >> she said in interviews that she really struggles with anxiety and stage fright when she's out there. so she's just saying, you know what, maybe now is the time. i hope she still performs live, even like she did at grammys. remember how she started everything over? >> i love that. very natural and real. such an incredible singer. could you imagine performing in front of that many people? >> that's why people love her. she's adele. >> we're saying good-bye and hope you come back and join us
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fire investigation under way in oakland. what we're learning about the flagrant violations found in the building just la week. good morning, and thank you very much for joining us on this tuesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to get a look at your forecast in case you're headed out the door at 4:30. k ark kari, mild to start. >> yeah, a little bit of a distance, you notice a difference in the temperatures. as you step out, bundle up. we are go to have anywhere from 45 degrees in the tri-valley to 55 degrees in the peninsula. 51 in san francisco, and 46 now in the north bay. as we head into this afternoon, look at how these temperatures warm up into


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