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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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health issues in the building. cook says he has been taking legal steps to force the building owner to make repairs for months. >> ice duf discovered condition deplorable. in one word, you have walter running down the first floor. you have wires, exposed wires. >> according to city records. the building had 20 code enforcement complaints. last friday, fire inspectors found violations related to smoke detectors and sprinkler system. by law the owner had 30 days to make the repairs. while investigators work to determine if those violations may have sparked the fire. the city council member says the entire community is heartbroken by the loss. extremely difficult for the families. >> reporter: if you would like to donate or help the victims' families we have a link on our website. reporting live, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle.
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after months of closed door talks, the millennium tower homeowners association heading to court. they're hoping to force the developer of the sinking tilting tower to come up with a fix. suit filed as homeowners hold out hope they wail grow to settlement and stablize the structure. sets in was built, the millennium tower has sunk some 16 inches on one side. and is now leaning that prompted six months of closed door talks between association that representatives, more than 400 families who live there and the developer. those talks continue as even as homeowners will press litigation against millennium partners. they join other parties in ongoing litigation over the troubled building. a financial hit for the bay area biggest bank. wells fargo will pay $110 million in class action lawsuit brought by customers, over the phony account scandal.
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employees seek vcretly opened accounts without owners knowing. thousand of employees have been fired. >> well, high speed accident this afternoon. video from the bay area chopper. a fence you can see knocked down. this is this afternoon. a high-speed chase caused cars to crash. this all near delta golf course. paramedics called out. unclear if police were involved in the chase. we learned in the past few minutes. the price to pay for a high end napa valley wine heist. 15 months in prison. pleading guilty to conspireing to steal 100 bottles of wine from french laundry restaurant in napa and two businesses. the stolen wine worth $900,000. >> her first public speech since losing the nef presideovember pl election. spoke to a sold out crowd of professional biusiness women.
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the question will she run again. peggy bunker was there, live in san francisco with more. peggy, how was her speech? >> well, you know it was very, very interesting to see hillary post election. and founded this conference. it was this event, that got hillary clinton back to california for the first time since the election. it was more relaxed hillary. a more conversational hillary. and she really had a lot to say about what she wants to see for women and girls. and take a look at the crowd. she spoke to a soldout crowd of 6,000 people. leaped to her feet when they saw her walk in. she talked about the work that still needs to be done on behalf of women, girls, and, cited san francisco's uber as a company dealing with gender bias and discrimination. also to the deafening applause, clinton dropped the smallest of hints leading everyone to wonder, would she go for a third time? >> in fact, there was a recent study showing that -- none of my
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plans were really publicized or talked about. so that gives me, you know, something for speeches for at least a decade. now, clinton said that the world must, the words that wake her up every morning are resist, persist, enlist. word that get her up and motivated. she is slowly getting back into the swing of politics. talked about the u.s. family policy leave and differenter use that impact women and kids including recent health care bill that failed. she says she was very happy to see that that did not go through. we do have more coming up from hillary clinton. and why she is concerned that few women are going into government. and more for you coming up on that at 6:00. in san francisco, peggy bunker, next bay area news. >> thank you, peggy. environmental groups worldwide are reeling tonight over president trump's roll back of measures to curb climate change. the president signed an executive order today, eliminating environmental and pollution regulations put in
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place by president obama. the executive order, on energy independence calls for review of president obama's clean power plan. ending a moratorium on coal. and identifying regulations that prohibit domestic energy production. business groups are praising the plan. climate change activists, al gore, blasted the order calling it a misguided step that will affect generations to come. the calls are growing louder tonight for california congressman, nunes, to step down from the investigation into russian election hacking. the house intelligence committee chair, faces questions from both parties on whether he can lead a fair investigation of russia's possible ties to the trump campaign. today, fired acting attorney general, sally yates, along with formeren tell je eintelligence were set to testify. last friday, nunes postponed the hearing. "the washington post" says it has e-mails showing the white house wanted to bar much of yates' testimony. the president tweeted overnight.
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trump russia story is a hoax the a message repeated in today's white house briefing. >> if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight. some how that is a russian connection. >> when reporters laughed. spicer admonished them saying at some point they have to take no for an answer on the issue of collusion with russia. >> going for tv gold. nbc changing the way you will watch 2018 winter olympics. first time ever, talking live coverage across all time zones. that means no more spoilers on social media or delayed airings for popular events. primetime coverage will begin at 5:00 pacific time. bob costas stepping away from his host duties. mike tirico taking over. opening ceremonies to take place in pyeongchang south korea. city of oakland considering suing the team. at issue $90 million stadium commitment by taxpayers. nbc bay area's rick boon is live
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in oakland. rick? >> reporter: janelle, the city council, in the building, behind me in a private meeting. on the docket, owner mark davis. the item they want to say to him is basically stay. or, pay back every dollar that was spent. to fight to win the team to stay in town. and everybody wants to leave town. make a dollar. leave the rest of us in oakland. paying for the debt. >> the councilman says, the team owner has the vote from nfl owners to move to las vegas. the raiders don't have the legal right to lead. >> the when the raiders came back from l.a., you know, we are paying $90. >> he wants the owner to pay back every dollar the city invested to bring them back from
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the bay to l.a. and woo them to stay. what bothered me the most. they just need to be honest. oakland had a viable plan. las vegas had a viable plan. they chose las vegas. >> oakland's mayor insists city bent over backwards to keep the team. now, a day after the nfl vote for vegas, she says oakland feels betrayed by mark davis. >> the raiders are the ones, that are part of the city's identity. our culture, our legacy. no other football team brings that. city who dropped the ball. >> had a stadium. should have been in the stadium. >> mark davis, obviously did get an invite from council. they say he deidn't show up. they're still inside their closed session. wrap that up in 20, 30 minutes from now. this as the raiders prepare to play their first game at their new stadium in vegas. that in 20. live in downtown oakland.
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rick boon, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, rick. almost all wrapped up. this morning, crews removed the final steel section of the old bay bridge. pieces lowered on to barges and floated to port of oakland to be disassembled. support structures supposed to be removed end of next year. the bridge by the way in 1936, the commission in 2013. san jose flood victims being gouged by people supposed to be helping them. how the city is hoping to fight back now. >> i know that i am a survivor, a fighter. and very determined. >> a lot of us may take driving some where for granted. not a bay area man. his inspiring stoerg ry of neve giving up. today's "bay area proud." >> i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> the kind of storms that wreck your day or worse. >> when nbc bay area detects dangerous or disruptive weather
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heading towards your neighborhood, we declare, a microclimate weather alert. and that means you will get live updates every 30 minutes on tv. continuous coverage on social media and online. plus, weather warnings based on your location from the nbc bay area app. when storms hit, nbc bay area microclimate weather alert, keeps you prepared. p-gne itapng sa'tenoly, hos omn
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pg & e, hoping to make its pipeline safer. began testing drones in livermore. used to identify methane gas leaks from pipes. particularly, drone is lightweight, equipped with tiny sensors that can detect even a hint of methane gas in the air. the goal uses the dren one to pinpoint the source of the leak without putting human beings at risk. >> really trusting their measurements, saying,
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confidently, this is where the ly leak is. we can then send boots on the ground to pinpoint it to find the true location. >> the drone itself is a joint effort between pg & e, and nasa. a similar drone used to detect methane on the martian surface. pg & e tells us eventually a detector like this one might be available to customers as well. >> how do you feel about your commute this morning? grateful? ha-ha. not likely. but there is one san jose man who is grateful for the simple commute. the product of years of hard work and the generosity of others. gavin thomas here with tonight's bay area proud. >> we first introduced you last summer. he was the recipient of a very large check thanks to very generous people. chad has since put that check to good work, getting him to work. there is probably a day in the future, when chad bohorquez like
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others will view daily commute as a necessary evil. that day is not today. and likely won't be for quite some time. >> it's very freeing. right now its all good. chad is living, now licensed example of good things coming from hard work. >> i know that i am a survivor and fighter. in chad's life he had to overcome some bad luck. a muscular disease, that required 14 surgeries before 10. as well as bad decisions. one that landed him on the streets of santa cruz for four brutal years. he made a career of helping other homeless get off the streets. first with downtown streets team. and now destination home. but chad had to spend hours upon
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hours, every day, relying on public transfor taportation to s work done. when civic leaders, including the mayor decided that getting chad some wheels, would be good. a especially equipped van was purchased last fall. earlier this month, chad got his driver's license. what else may they want to tackle? >> for me, affirming about the power we have in the community to solve things. >> chad is just as excited though, about what these new wheels mean for his life as a father of three, soon to be four.
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you will never hear him complain about having to shuttle his kids around. at least not for a while. >> one of the sweetest parts of all of this. chad for the first time. not too long ago. able to drive your son to school. something we take for granted. some grumble about. he is so grateful he gets to do it now and continue doing his great work. awe thought really is. such a great reminder to all of us to be grateful. thank you. >> significant repairs to oroville dam should be done by november. experts conditioned by the state say the work will take up to two years to complete. but repair to prevent further outflows should be done by end of the year. officials are limiting water flow down the spillway as a way of accounting for recent snow melt. >> targeting those who are targeting flood victims. san jose looking at ways to go after unscrupulous contractors. city council deciding whether to direct the city attorney to file lawsuits against the alleged
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culpr culprits. live with a look at just how big this issue has become. ma maryanne? >> reporter: just came out of council chambers. the city council minutes ago, voted unanimously to direct the city attorney to go after people who are trying to scam flood victims. still doing clean-up weeks after water rushed through his house during the coyote creek flood. as they try to recover, they're being hit with another threat. targeted bay unscrupulous business owners, using scare tactics to hire flood victims to clean up their property. >> if you didn't do that, you will tell the city the house is contaminated. you can't do this. >> reporter: she hired a company to remove the mud from her basement. today told police she feels she
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was price gouged. she says the company quoted her maximum of $1700 for the job. but then turned around and tried to charge her $2,200. >> i think that they're predators who, who prey on people who are -- are vulnerable. >> today the city council discussed directing the city attorney to pursue legal action against so-called unscrupulous businesses. taking advantage of flood victims. >> well have homeowners who are beg bilked by contractors. given an estimate for repairs. $2,000. taking advantage of residents at a vulnerable moment. we are going to go after them. we talked about a flood victim happy about the council decision. he said one company tried to charge him $7,500 for a clean-up job he ended up doing himself for just $500. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. >> beautiful day. did not want to comen today. >> me either. >> any grumbling of rain in our future? >> may get a few showers. not a big storm system. something to switch up our workweek end. good to help to lower the allergies if you suffer from any problems. most recently. go ahead. get you to the microclimate forecast. what you will see here, across the bay, we had warming anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees hotter near the coastline. and up to 15 degrees hotter up towards napa. we'll take you right now into -- into san jose. we are currently checking in with 71 degrees. humidity, lower today. very dry air, 41%. and persist with clear skies, we continue throughout tonight. done to 57 degrees at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow morning's forecast. no problems at all. on the early morning commute. we'll begin with 53 across the peninsula. also 48 for the trivalley.
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few clouds in san francisco. 52. and for the north bay. start off at 47. another warm day in the forecast for wednesday. in fact, high pressure could push temperatures, near 80 degrees for parts of the south bay. we'll go up to 78 more, gain hill. 75 in san how say. also, mid 70s. east bay, also, several locations near 80 degrees. antioch, concord, walnut creek, in the club here. cooler near the day. 75, oakland. 73, hayward. peninsula. half moon bay. daily city in the 60s. down towards palo alto. warmer. san francisco from 69. 63, outer sunset. north bay. mill valley. 78 expected up towards santa rosa. notice the wind. still breezy tomorrow. 12 miles an hour. that is going to kick around the pollen, and the atmosphere. which is off the charts. comes to pine, oak, also birch.
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but the good news again -- we do think we will get a few showers in here to help to lower your allergies, once we hit thursday. not a big storm system. enough for activity here and there into thursday. also some dramatically cooler temperatures. we can show you this on the extended forecast, you can see, by thursday, san francisco drops done to 62 degrees. we'll have the best chance of showers, 3:00 to 9:00 in the morning. by friday. wind gusts, 15-30. sunny skies returning into saturday. possibly, 70, san francisco by saturday. then dry as we head throughout the early part of next week. for the interior valley. temperature change will be a lot more dramatic from 78 wednesday done to 67 on thursday. and then check this out. by the upcoming weekend. we soar back up to 78 on saturday. and, 76 by sunday. so, more fantastic weather coming our way this weekend. once we get over this little shower chance for thursday morning. >> okay. we can handle that.
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no problem. thank you, jeff. >> pushing back by a couple hours in some places. step closer to becoming reality. we'll tell you more when we come back. fot fit te, babwit
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sere ka-ruselad bth dects- w jun for the first time the baby with severe zika birth defects born in san diego county, tri y trig warnings. and amazon is hoping to boost the slow moving grocery. members can order and peick up t no extra cost. a wnintonig fr bo thi-s a cafor.
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tax day fast approaching warning from the irs and california franchise tax board. beware of an expensive tax scam going around. senior investigative reporter, steven stock has the number and warning from top tax officials. steven. >> reporter: that's right. top federal agents tell me a greg number of scammers use gift cards especially itunes gift cards to cheat thousand of taxpayers out of millions of hard earned dollars. one agent in fact told me that
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70% of the people victimized during the last year alone. fell for a scam that uses itunes cards. working to stop it. how the scam works. state tax officials say scams have become so sophisticated they some times fool even the experts. with the information the scammers have. it's hard to differentiate between a scammer or authentic taxpayer filing. if you compare a return to awe thntic return, in some spaces, the fraudulent is more accurate, contains less errors. later tonight we will take-up through the latest scam, step by step. and also talk, talk to top investigators in washington, d.c. about what you can do to avoid becoming a victim. tonight on nbc bay area news. see you then. >> see you then, steven. very intriguing. of a tip for steven or any one in the unit, give us a call -- send an e-mail to
5:26 pm >> last call soon could be 4:00 a.m. a new bill cleared the first senate vote. it would let bars and nightclubs sell alcohol as late as 4:00 a.m. currently 2:00 clock a.m. if law makers passion the bill we would join cities with later showers, chicago, d.c. and nrk new york city. >> back with more in a moment. live-stream your favorite sport at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app.
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xfinity. the future of awesome. th soh b...==ke == soh b leersav
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show of support in the south bay. and the flag is flying just days before the -- transgender day of disability which happened on friday. a global day of awareness that first started eight years ago. congratulations. all right, turn things over. 78 expected fors when day for the interior valley high. thursday, dramatically cooler, done by 10 degrees. the chances and spotty showers. 3:00 to 9:00 thursday. then clear up by the afternoon. warm us back up on saturday to 78. keep that sunshine all the way through early next week. and if you are focusing on thursday in that bay bridge series, looking good here for the first pitch. at 7:15. reminder, game number two on friday, right here on nbc bay
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area. >> thank you, we will be watching. >> thank you. hope to see you back here at 6:00. bye. >> bye-bye. tonight, a major power shift. promising jobs, president trump rolls back the obama legacy of combatting climate change. declaring an end to the so-called war on coal. are those jobs really coming back. pat-down backlash, a mom records her son getting one of those new personal screenings, are they going too outrage, are they going too far. former trump campaign manager paul manafort and ties to russia. we're on the manafort money trail to an island tax haven. break through skin treatment. amazing transformation for people suffering from severe eczema. new hope for patients. the end to atm card, the new technology to take out cash and prt


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