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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. you mentioned it a second ago, laura, a new topping, a moment four years in the making. this is the look, you do the vanna white for us here. this is the sales force tower behind us. in san francisco at 10:30 mayor edley will be out there on hand for what is called the topping off ceremony with the installation of that final beam it will be the tallest building west of chicago. that would be at 61 stories tall. construction is officially supposed to wrap up this summer. >> that is changing the skyline of san francisco. is 2 clouds can do that as well and the weather is changing vianey. >> especially with the next couple hours so don't forget your rain boots and raincoat because this weather is going to change quickly especially for today. now we are expecting some stronger winds, i think the graphic might be frozen. the forecast is filling that rain hitting areas along the
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north bay as well and the wind speeds will be strong. mike. >> all right, vianey. we'll watch the wind speeds on the san mateo bridge. i'll talk about that in a second. not the wind but another issue. i wanted to touch on this crash where i saw what was initially reported south 880 at highway 101. that slowing has cleared, the crash may be off of the roadway. the other crash -- sorry, the other slow big rig has cleared from 880 just by the san mateo bridge on the hayward side and the reason i'm showing you this shot, the potential as vianey said for the higher winds but a disabled vehicle reported just on the other side of the peak of that high-rise. we'll track that because it's reportedly tough to see. we'll see if the bridge crew will be able to take care of that quickly. >> we'll check back with you, thank you. no injuries but plenty of question questions a u.p.s. driver called police saying he was thrown from
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his truck and crashed his car then he vanishes. >> only to show up six hours later unhurt. pete suratos is live with what police are saying is one of the more bizarre missing person searches in recent memory. >> reporter: in the past half hour we've reached out to lafayette police and u.p.s. to get a statement on this incident but we can report that this u.p.s. truck driver was found safely at a friend's home in concord but, of course, that crash took place in lafayette. so there's a lot of questions surrounding how he was able to get to concord in the first place. but we do know the identity of that driver. let's show the picture of dennis salazar of fairfield. according to lafayette police, they say he crashed his u.p.s. truck yesterday afternoon. you can see the truck down 40 feet down steep into this hillside. police say salazar is the one who called 911 do to report the crash but was nowhere to be found when they showed up. that's led to a six hour search
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by contra costa search and rescue team only to have him pop up at his friend's house in concord. authorities offered at least one possibility of how salazar may have ended up in a different city. >> most likely he got out of the vehicle and walked away. typical in some types of accidents we have where they self-rescue, they get up and get out. we don't know if he's hurt or not. >> if he walks from the crash fight to concord google estimates it would take a little over three thundershowers do that walk. police say he was safe and uninjured when they reached him and we're getting conflicting reports if he's still in custody but we know lafayette police are investigating this matter. another update on this story in the next half hour. pete suratos for today in the bay. the manhunt continues for the father who triggered an amber alert yesterday. we brought you live breaking coverage of the search yesterday morning. it started when mountain view
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police say he abducted his baby daughter. a statewide be on the lookout alert has been issued for 45-year-old michael wallin of patterson. eventually the four-month-old baby was found safe and unharmed with the suspect's family in livermore. mountain view police questioned the suspect's mother hoping for information on his whereabouts. he was last seen driving a blue four door 2007 nissan altima with paper license plates with front and back end damage. >> happy to see she's back home safely. the man accused of shooting and killing a richmond mother in front of her young children is in custody. that shooting was caught on surveillance video on tuesday. authorities caught up to him at a sacramento fast food restaurant. he was driving a mercedes that had unexplained bullet holes in it. he surrendered peacefully then told reporters police had the wrong guy. in light of this, the parents of
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the victim spoke exclusively to nbc bay area, they say their daughter was the suspect's ex-girlfriend and had been trying to get away from him for months. while they're relieved an arrest was made, they're still trying to come to grips what happened, their daughter killed as her two children sat just feet away in the backseat of the car. >> the oldest one, he said "good, mom, i'm happy." i said "do you feel safe?" he said "yes, because i don't want to see dushan ever again." >> the mother's grief there. the suspect, mcbride, is not the children's father. the family says they had asked police to detain mcbride because of his repeated harassment. a new policy meant to help house homeless veterans will likely cost 35 renters their home in san jose. mercury news reports peggy demeo is evicting 35 of her 41 tenants so she can participate in a
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program that provides housing to homeless veterans. under the program she can charge market price for the apartments and she'll get a subsidy for participating meaning she'll be making more than she is renting to her prior tenants. supporters of the program told the merc while she's not breaking laws, this was not how they expected the program to be used. >> we've been reporting on this for days if not weeks, folks in the northeast and certainly in n the southern u.s. have been pounded by storms all weekend. >> an estimated the 5 million people are facing dangerous weather we didn't realize how bad the storm was until part of his home was blown away. >> when we gathered down here because the top on the house started peeling off so we knew it was a serious storm. >> much of the country remains under severe warnings for
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tornados, hail and heavy wind as people's lives have changed in an instant. travelers are advised to check their flights if they're headed east or south. getting ready for our own series so storms here's a quick check of the doppler radar. you can see the storm system already pushing in. there's periods of on and off again rain and that's expected to continue until about 8:30 before we start seeing widespread across the entire bay area. right now areas in the north bay, we're not under wind watches or warning but at about 8:00 tonight we are expecting a high wind warning. why is that? if question look at the current wind speeds, very breezy, if we fast forward through 4:00 the winds pick up. phenomenon we fast forward through 9:00 about 30 plus miles
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per hour, getting stronger by tomorrow so make sure to tie down patio furniture and bring in anything you don't want to be damaged. we could see damaging winds as we head into tomorrow. a closer look as far as how much rain we're expecting plus, heavy snow and pa potential for blizzard today in areas along the sierra. let's get a check of traffic with mike. mike, how are the roads looking? >> all right, vianey, the conditions are great except for the north bay. rain will build throughout the day, light traffic as well and we expect that through the next of the week 880 southbound at highway 101 has cleared from the roadway. northbound routes are fine throughout the south bay. no delays down the east shore freeway. we'll show you a couple routes in a few minutes, back to you. >> thank you, mike.
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high stakes diplomacy at the white house later today. >> what's on the agenda as president trump meets the chinese? plus, turning the tables on bill o'reilly. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. >> plus, pepsi puts a cork in it. the company's change of heart after a massive backlash over its newest ad starring kendall jenner. =mi/trmi trficeas
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good morning, it's 5:11. here's the quick check of your squaw valley report, tahoe report. blizzard like conditions. very dangerous travel not just today and tomorrow, very bad conditions. before you head up there, make sure to check road conditions. we're talking about several inches of snow expected to fall today and into tomorrow. so please be careful out on the roads. a full update coming up at about 5:15. mike? >> all right, vianey, we're also talking about conditions changing up here in the north bay. traffic is flowing smoothly, there are wet records reported. we'll check on those coming up. >> thank you very much, vianey and mike. 5:12 right now. turning to politics this morning, foreign policy takes center stage in washington, d.c. today as president trump welcomes china's president xi jinping to the white house. >> a critical meeting for both countries here. lots to talk about and we are watching it closely. tracie potts joining us live
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from washington, d.c. trac tracie, you have to figure north korea is at the top of the list of things they're talking about, good morning. >> absolutely. good morning, everyone, they are definitely going to have to deal with who deals with north korea and that's on the agenda for florida as this administration tries to balance that and these awful pictures that we're seeing coming out of sieryria. some of the pictures we are about to show you are disturbing including the president who says, along with some here on capitol hill, that something's got to be done about that. >> later today in his florida estate president trump welcomes china's president xi jinping. the issue -- how much will the u.s. lean on china to deal with an increasingly proactive north korea which just launched its fourth nuclear test. >> we have a big problem. we have somebody not doing the right thing. >> reporter: this as the administration ponders a response to disturbing images from sierra's chemical attack.
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>> that was a horrible horrible thing. i've been watching it and seeing it and it doesn't get any worse than that. >> reporter: outrage from the united nations. >> we cannot close our minds of the responsibility to act. >> reporter: and capitol hill. >> it needs to become a priority. president assad must be held accountable for these crimes. >> reporter: democrats questioning if the trump administration will act. >> the administration's decision to cozy up to russia means they're not willing to call a humanitarian war crime what it is. >> we think it's time the russians need to think carefully about their continued support for the assad regime. >> reporter: syria and north korea old problems for a new president. and we learned the president has been on the phone with japan's prime minister, reassuring them that we will protect our allies in that region as they figure out how to deal with north korea. sam and laura.
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pepsi is now rethink iing t ad featuring kardashian clan member kendall jenner. the ad was almost instantly criticized as trivializing the black lives matter contest. >> pepsi defended the ad calling it a message of global unity. pepsi is now reversing course and issuing an apology. >> if you saw the pepsi ad you may be among those calling it ripe for parody. >> that's what seth meyers did on nbc's "late night." [ laughter ] >> we're going to need backup. >> maybe a more accurate depiction of what the tension was like there.
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meyers did a fake ad that tried to inject some humor in a message that is close to home for many. the "late show" airs after jimmy fallon. adds we talk about pepsi, it's come up in the controversy over bill o'reilly's behavior toward women. >> reporter: dozens of companies have dropped their advertising on "the o'reilly factor" after new allegations the fox host mistreated women employees. it didn't take people long on the internet to find a video of o'reil o'reilly. >> pepsico la capitulated. ludacris has been fired. with us is noted communications expert jackson bane. this just happened moments ago as you know. >> right. >> you had disagreed with my thesis that it was irresponsible of pepsico la, a company that's made trillions of dollars in the
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united states to hire a man to pitch their product who is, in my opinion, subverting the values of the united states. >>. >> reporter: uh-huh. advertisers have moved 5ds off o'reilly's show including mercedes benz, bayer and t. rowe price. they're all advertising with fox but not on o'reilly's show specifically. the amount of debt american households are carrying is the same amount of debt they carried in 2008 as we entered the worse economic collapse in decades, $12.6 trillion. some debt is good, it means people feel good about their future because they're able to pay it off. too much, well, we know what happens with too much. the dow went from a 200-point gain to a 41-point loss on wednesday as investors got a chance to read the minutes from the last fed meeting showing the federal reserve wants to sell off its holdings and mortgages and other securities it bought to prop up the american economy during the housing crisis. taser says it's changing its
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time axon. the company best known for the taser stun weapon but it makes money off police worn cameras and the software to process that video so taser becomes the product instead of the whole company. >> that's interesting. >> isn't that cool? you know where the word taser comes from? a trivia for the morning. >> i don't. >> it's tom swift's electric rifle from a children's story about sci-fi. >> why would they change it? i would think that would be the equivalent of kleenex. >> it is. but do you have your taser should mean this not something up here so i think it's -- we'll get into so many different police things, including software that they want to keep taser taser. >> right, because as journalists we check to make sure was it, in fact, a taser. >> i've been tased before, for a story. not something i would like to repeat. >> i have to say the same thing. by the way, talk about things going lightning fast, the warriors are streaking. they have sealed for the third straight year the best record in
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the nba. this is last night's game. the warriors became the nba team, first one ever, to win 65 games or more in three straight seasons. there's steph curry. you do the math on this. a team can only record at most 17 losses in a season to reach that level. actually i would say 18 because it's an 82-game season. i stand corrected. 17 is correct. they locked up the playoffs. that's the third year in a row for that. the last time this happened, 1986. >> one thing we can agree on is that they are awesome. oracle is about to see a serious case of playoff fever. two days that the playoffs begin and today any remaining warrior playoffs tickets go on steel the rest of us. the general public. pre-order sales are going on since yesterday. >> the most amazing part of it is they won 13 straight games and kevin durant hasn't played
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in a single straight game. so they are coming together now. >> you guys should come back saturday and we'll see how it is. >> the splash family will be reunited. we have splashing going on here? >> yes, please make sure to grab rain boots, a coat, an umbrella because we're going to see changes over the next couple hours and by the time you get out of work you might get caught in the rain. that won't be good so go ahead and set you up nicely for that. 50 degrees, mild temps and overall fairly calm even though that doppler radar is already showing a lot of activity. especially just off the coast and areas along the north bay which is why areas are seeing drizzle and they're expected to still see that live rain through about 8:30. a high wind watch is expected to remain in effect through friday and we're expecting high wind warnings tonight to take affect for the remainder of the area. so it's along modesto and the stockton area.
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but with gusts that could reach anywhere between 50, 60 plus, we want to keep you advised but they're nice and calm, looking at 4:30, we see those winds p k picking up, 20 plus miles per hour. fast forward through 9:00, 39 miles per hour along half moon bay. at 12:30 we're talking 43 plus miles per hour sustained winds. so we see changes in the wind and if we fast forward through that hour-by-hour outlook, we're fairly dry. by about 1:30 it's off to the north bay but fast forward through 5:30 and areas in oakland and san francisco might already start seeing moderate-to-heavy downpours. mike, how are the roads? >> vianey, when you talk about the weather roads, let's show you what that means. traffic is moving smoothly around the bay. we'll check on the incident that just appeared on 237. chp will give us information another issue 101 at 37.
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a my kror crash oinor crash off shoulder. the rain coming down from santa rosa into the novato area. i want to show you also the roadway conditions are fine around the bay. withe waze system will give you lot of choices. a lot of folks are making longer commutes. it's just 10 minutes longer even if you head up toward walnut creek, but why would you want to do that. waze makes that great choice. let's show you how you can sign up for our waze team. click on the magnifying glass and then your name at the top. join our team called nbc bay area wazers, get on board. we'll send it back to you. >> more than 400 people now. thank you, mike. coming up, a court surprise in the sierra lamar murder case. the long-contested run away
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theory reemerges from the defense with a new twist. we'll tell you why the 15-year-old's sexuality was used to bolster a new argument. you're watching today in the bay. anthe's fea..sllfang rgahil
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this is a live look at the anderson dam right now and the spillway still gushing, bringing back memories of the rainwater
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we saw about a month ago. there's a fear still facing morgan hill homeowners. >> everything could be lost if the anderson dam breaks. we have a map that shows how the water would flow. parts of san jose was flood with a few feet of water but town do untown morgan hill would be underwater in just 23 minutes. this woman worked with her neighbors to help them prepare for the worst. >> you can help others that might need help in getting out in time. >> last night, the city did its own disaster prep by releasing this evacuation plan. leaders recommended people get to high ground but if there was enough time to head north because the water would flow faster south. let's get you caught up right now. more witness todayed in the antolin garcia murder trial as the defense is pushing a new perspective of the victim, sierra lamar. the mercury news reports the defense team portrayed lamar as a girl who ran from home over
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her sexuality. a friend testified lamar was interested in girls and couldn't share those feels with her religious mother. it ties to the defense's maybe argument that the accused murderer antolin garcia torres did not abduct lamar on her way to a bus stop. the family of a boy seriously injured by a falling tree will now reportedly be allowed to see pg&e for damages. the tree fell on his innocent a san mateo county park five years ago, nearly killed him. he had to have his leg amputated and had numerous internal injuries. a judge has allowed the family to sue pg&e. they argue the utility failed to inspect trees near its power lines at the park. new this morning, seal lovers needed. the marin mammal center wants volunteers to help out during the birthing season. elephant and pacific harbor seals are giving birth on a 600 mile long stretch between mendocino and luis obispo
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county. it needs drivers to bring rescued seals for rehabilitation. >> that would be quite the passenger. coming up, jerusalem's mayor cancels an appearance at san francisco state university. the reason he's not going to give his speech. >> reporter: the hillsboro mother who headlines for the alleged murder of her children is making headlines again, this time for the amount of bail she's putting up to await the trial at home. i'll tell you what that amount is and where the money goes if she fails to show up.
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keep on going, america. keep on giggling... and goofing. keep on grooving... and togethering. with scott 1000's long-lasting roll, we'll keep on going, too. scott 1000. america's longest lasting roll.
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welcome to today in the bay on this thursday morning. taking a beautiful live look outside. nice and clear look. beautiful skyline there changes in the skyline as well. people have been able to see the salesforce building go up. now they're putting the cherry on top. >> our crew has done a great job of isolating the sales force tower behind us 61 stories tall. >> that's the closest i'll get to the top. >> we can take the elevator up. >> will our heads be in the clouds today? changes coming to in the forecast. vianey is in this morning. >> it will get stormy tonight. the north bay always getting hit first it feels like. if you're wondering what to expect, well, we are seeing mild temps in the 50s but i want to
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remind folks that if you plan on being out the entire day, remember to back the appropriate -- whether it be rain boots or take extra time as you leave tonight. you can see it just offshore. so before you head out today please make sure to scrub down patio furniture, clear those storm drains. we are ae expecting to see the winds. there is a wind watch in effect expected to turn into a wind warning. so please make sure to do that before you head to work. let's get a check of the roads with mike. a crash in santa clara to start. we told you about what popped up in 237. we're seeing a few more cars on the roadways. great america parkway just a couple minutes ago there was slowing that show up at the scene, we may have your slow lane blocked by two vehicles. they're sending an ambulance to be sure but no injuries reported. this is bigger slowing up toward
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oakland road. north of 680. a nice easy drive toward the bay bridge. just 16 minutes. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on so the backup formed over the last five minutes. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. a historic story just over three hours from now. a murder suspect is expected to do something that has never been done before in san mateo county. >> she is expected to post more than $60 million in cash and assets to get out of jail. today in the bay's christian says joins us live from redwood city for this curious twist in a murder case that's captured national headlines. >> reporter: the san mateo county district attorney considers her to be a flight risk though her friends and family seem confident, they're plunking down majjor cash and assets. we expect she will post $4 million in cash and also put up
5:34 am
$64 million in property equity that's double the amount she would have to post if she was posting cash. she has to surrender her u.s. passport and her chinese passports. she can not be in possession of her children's passports and she has to stay at least 100 yards away from any airport anywhere. lee and two friends are accused of killing the father of her two young daughters. his body was found in may of 2006. about that monitoring bracelet, she will have to wear it from the time she leave this is courthouse until this case is resolved. if she fails to make a single court appears, she loses that record bail and san mateo county gets $4 million in cash and $64 million in bay area real estate. here's the head of the company in charge of monitoring her. >> if she were to cut off the
5:35 am
bracelet or attempt to many manipulate it to take it off we would get an immediate notification she tampered. >> reporter: that bracelet will check her location once every minute. that bracelet can be cut off. coming up at 6:30, why that's not a design flaw. in redwood city, kris sanchez, toad in t today in the bay. >> thank you very much, kris. 5:35 on your thursday. questions remain after a u.p.s. driver disappeared in lafayette but turned up safe in concord. the delivery truck was found 40 feet down a steep hillside yesterday afternoon. that's the driver. 44-year-old dennis salazar who called 911 with to report the crash but then was nowhere to be found. a massive search followed using drones and rescue teams. six hours later he was found in concord at a friend's house unharmed.
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we don't know how that happened. lafayette police and u.p.s. are still investigating. jerusalem's mayor at the last minute is cancelling his visit to san francisco state university later today. he was scheduled to lecture on campus but t examiner reports he became upset how the school was promoting his visit and the limited number of people allowed to attend. a similar nuappearance last yea drew protests. soon you won't be able to buy fur in berkeley. city council passed an ordnance banning local sales of fur clothing products. the berkeley coalition for animals led that effort. this makes berkeley the second city in the state to ban fur. west hollywood passed a similar ban in 2013 that survived a lawsuit from luxury retailers. this morning we know what payless stores are shutting down in the bay area. the company published a list of
5:37 am
stores. vallejo, modesto, richmond, martinez and four stores in san jose will see stores shutting down. what if you came a little too close to a coyote? san francisco homeowners getting lessons on how to handle interactions with the wild animals. we told you about this meet, the recreation art department hosting a special meeting. they want to remind folks, don't feed the animals and this time of year has a certain kind of significant. >> in a few weeks we expect coyotes to have their pups and once they have their babies, like any other parent, they're going to defend their space and their babies. >> careful. don't get between a mother and her baby. wildlife officials warn this kind of situation can be dangerous for people out walking their dogs. in san francisco news right now, an artist wants to light up the bill graham civic auditorium. here's a entranglance of what it look like. the sides of the auditorium
5:38 am
would be set up with huge neon lights that spelled out the word "civic" and would be funded by the public art trust. public comments are being accepted through the 10th of the month. and we're already seeing plenty of activity on that doppler radar. the north bay if we zoom in seeing rain out near santa rosa, viejo. they're waking up to a wet commute but at least we're expecting the rain to stay light through the 8:30 hour. if we taken a our-by-hour outlook by 9:30 and through the early afternoon the rain stays to the north bay and by 2:00 it gets cloudy and overcast out there because we're expecting the strongest of that rain to begin moving in at 5:00. if we push ahead through 9:00 tonight we will see stronger winds so make sure to tie anything down before you have a storm because you don't want to get caught off guard. let's check to the roads. >> we have a couple crashes, minor ones like 237 which isn't
5:39 am
causing a lot of slowing but this is a concern in the east bay, the upper east shore freeway westbound 80 at san pablo avenue. we see the slowing just showing up. a couple vehicles into the slow lane. it only has a 16-minute drive from highway 4 to the bay bridge where the metering lights are on but you see slowing approaching the bridge westbound 580 through vallejo causing a little slowing. no road crews in the area. we do see, of course, green over there highlighted around the north bay. that rain is creeping around in the area not causing a major problem for your drive thereer there. a smooth drive. 26 minutes from grand line toward the dublin interchange but because those trivalley schools have been on spring break we've seen less traffic which means a better commute for many of us. back to you. sounds good. thanks, mike. >> thank you. up next, california lawmakers are expected to vote on a gas tax bill later today.
5:40 am
how much it would cost you. plus, the governator targeting president trump. president trump promised us he wants to make america great again. that's not how you make america great. >> the issue that had arnold schwarzenegger accusing the president of balancing the budget on the backs of children. you're watching "today in the bay."
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we have big changes on the way. rain is expected but let's gate quick of that pollen report. we're getting a break thanks to the incoming rain. moderate mold and weeds are low. if we look that the that doppler radar, yes, we have rain in the north bay and we're expecting that rain to come in tonight along with very strong wind. i'll have a closer look at the timeline at 5:45. >> and mild slowing for san jose areas. pretty typical for the south bay. we'll show you choices you can make and the ways to do it. >> happening today in sacramento, governor brown pushing lawmakers to vote on its massive gas tax hike proposal. the bill increases gas taxes by 12 cents a gallon and creates new annual vehicle registration fees this this hike is approved it would raise $5 billion for road maintenance. critics say california has the nation's highest gas tax
5:44 am
already. ford plans to launch a plug in hybrid car in china next year and a fully electric suv in the next five years. the company says it's aiming to electrify most of the lineup by 2025. the announcement comes as china is urging makers to focus on electric vehicles. china is the world's largest automarket. >> an abuse of intimacy and facebook is cracking down on revenge porn. the company announcing in a being post that once a revenge porn photo is removed, facial recognition programs will block it from being reuploaded. mark zuckerberg says using intimate photos to shame others is wrong and the new software would step up the fight against it. you were talking about this a second ago at 5:44. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is not holding back in his thoughts about president trump's proposed budget cuts. the president wants to slash $9 billion in federal education spending. that would eliminate more than a billion dollars in grants for afterschool programs and summer
5:45 am
programs. so yesterday arnold schwarzenegger accused the president of "robbing those children blind." >> everyone that is smart knows that's done the studies that for every dollar you spend in an afterschool program you save $3 to $6 down the line. >> well, the president and the former governor have already had their moment this is year but those issues have commonly centered around less dire matters, specifically ratings on the tv show that arnold schwarzenegger took over for trump's celeb "celebrity appren health care headaches continue for the republican party. lawmakers head home without a vote on a revised bill. experts say the latest version of the bill could result in higher premiums and less protections. is president trump willing to go to war over the suspected gas attack that killed 86 people in syria this week? u.n. ambassador nikki haley condemned russia for supporting
5:46 am
syrian president bashar al assad in light of tuesday's attack. she also hinted the u.s. may act alone if the u.s. fails to respond. president trump called the attack heinous saying he had a responsibility to respond. when asked what the u.s. would do, the president told reporters "you'll see." >> with syria and north korea as the backdrop. scott mcgrew tracking day 77 of the president's first 100 days. >> and the syrian crisis has triggered strong talk from the white house. >> it has. i want to go back to what you were talking about. ambassador haley as she stared down the russians in the united nations on wednesday. >> russia stood in the way of this accountability, they made an unconscionable choice. they chose to close their eyes to the barbarity. they defied the conscience of the world. russia cannot escape
5:47 am
responsibility for this. in fact, if russia had been fulfilling its responsibility there would not even be any chemical weapons left for the syrian regime to use. >> meanwhile, president trump has been critical of our previous president for declaring syr syria's use of chemical weapons crosses a red line then done nothing when syria crossed in the 2013. president trump even mentioned obama in the official u.s. government condemnation of the latest attacks but wednesday announced his own line. >> it crossed a lot of lines for me. when you kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies with a chemical gas that is so lethal that people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many, many lines, beyond a red line, many, many lines. >> reporter: the obvious question, will the u.s. strike syria? that's problematic for three
5:48 am
reasons -- one, hitting suspected chemical weapons sites, if there are any, would likely release the chemicals. two, right now we are overflying syria to strike isis in the eastern part of that country and syria is not trying to shoot our airpo airplanes down but they might if we start bombing the syrian government. lastly the russians, they're syrian allies, they're on the ground in syria. hitting russian assets could cause a far bigger war. looking ahead, chinese president xi coming to america. he will meet mr. trump at mar-a-lago resort in florida. this is not a formal visit so pomp and circumstance will be toned down which is probably what the president wants. he once criticized president obama for welcoming xi. then-private citizen trump said "so wrong, barack obama is hosting chinese xi jinping today at the pentagon with a full honor and ceremony and music and cannons." we don't think they have cannons
5:49 am
at mar-a-lago. >> so maybe that's his perspective. we won't do it as large. thanks, scott. scott is always looking at the president's tweets, both present and past, executive orders and speeches throughout the first 100 days in office on today in the bay. scott would love to hear from you. share your thoughts from him. his handle, easy enough enough, @scottmcgrew. even though advertisers by the dozens are abandoning "the o'reilly factor" he has one person in his corner, president trump. >> at least 35 companies have pulled ads from the popular fox news show after newscorp reportedly paid out $13 million to settle five sexual harassment claims against the house. president trump is defending o'reilly in an interview with the "new york times." trump calls o'reilly a good person. 5:49 right now. we've been seeing beautiful weather all week long but changes are going to come and be significant. >> i know we're in california so we're used the the sunshine and nice temps. if you're waking up now and you
5:50 am
go outside, you're probably thinking it's going to be a nice day but it's not so much into the evening which is why i'm stepping into the weather closet to tell you what you need to pack. >> double dipping? >> i think it's necessary. if you're just now waking up planning to head outside, you're probably wondering what should i wear? well, it's all sunny and good but within the next couple hours you'll need a raincoat and jean, don't wear shorts, the stress wouldn't do well outside. i know is sam's been bugging me about my rain boots but they'll be ready to go in the trunk of my car because that rain is expected to move in by 4:00 or 5:00 and you'll need the umbrella, especially if you get out of work late because that commute will be bad out there. pretty bad. especially tomorrow morning. the doppler radar showing plenty of activity and the north bay is seeing wet roads so take extra time. let's talk about this
5:51 am
hour-by-hour outlook. the reason i'm telling you to pack an umbrella is because of this. starting off with mostly clear conditions along the south bay but if we pass forward through 5:00, there it is. there comes the rain moving from santa rosa down through san mateo, palo alto. then we're expecting winds to pick up increasing from 30 plus miles per hour to 60 miles per hour. so areas along san jose will see rain and overnight look at this line of heavy downpours that is expected to push through till about 4:00, 5:00. then 5:30 tomorrow get ready for a wet commute along the south bay. make sure to take that into consideration. by friday at 10:00 we are expecting an additional storm system and that will keep the showers through saturday's forecast, clearing out nicely for sunday. as far as estimated rain totals, the north bay is expected to see three inches of possible rain
5:52 am
and unfortunately -- or maybe fortunately if you like to ski -- if you're heading to tahoe, very dangerous travel conditions. anywhere from two to four feet by sunday of snow so once that blizzard clears out the snowboarders will have a good time. how is the road looking? >> much better than what you're showing for the weekend, vianey. a smooth easy drive as far as those conditions go. we have a couple incidents popping up. we see slowing past the scene of the crash on the shoulder around santa clara. in san pablo avenue in richmond we have a crash causing slowing on the approach. we'll stay out of that snow lane. minor slowing for the upper east freeway. that impacts your total travel time a bit. now still though under 20 minutes from highway 4 past the scene to the bay bridge toll plaza. let me show you the south bay, you'll pick a couple ways out here from 85 and 101 where they split. the purple line indicates the
5:53 am
route taking on 85. now the other route, highway 101 and the third route 87. they vary by five minutes from the two route there is so that's the choice you can make and you can make it from your home using your mobile foam, go to waze, your application and pick that out and sign up for our team called nbc bay area wazers. you can go to the magnifying glass, click your name and go down to teams and select "nbc bay area wazers." >> thank you very much, mike. the fbi getting involved in the search for a missing northern california student. coming up on today in the bay, the clues investigators have found so far in this case that's led the girls mom to believe her daughter was kidnapped. happening now, three people have been arrested in connection to the st. petersburg subway bombing, one from kyrgyzstan. at least 14 people were killed in the attack on monday.
5:54 am
plus, revived tensions between the philippines and china. the filipino president is ordering troops to occupy islands in the south china seas. we'll follow that and be back in just two minutes. ting li lo ouideromour ldegatbre
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back to you. taking a live look outside from our golden gate bridge camera.
5:57 am
vianey is in for terry tracking the timing of the storm. we'll check in with her in just three minutes. a perk for residents in a wealthy east bay city may be hurting workers who collect their trash. sanitation workers in piedmont turned to our investigative unit after they say their employer ignored their concerns about dangerous working conditions. in many cities garbage truck pick up trash curb side. in piedmont, half the city's residents pay extra for workers to retrieve bins from their backyards, forcing these guys to do all the heavy lifting. employees point to more than a dozen serious injuries since their company's contract with the city began in 2008. >> reporter: what adjustments can the city make to the contract now to minimize worker
5:58 am
injury for the next year and a half of this contract? >> we're in a contractual relationship and it's up to the company to protect their workers and run their operation. >> reporter: piedmont leaders say they're making safety a priority in future deals with waste collection contractors. tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit exposes why state inspectors are agreeing with workers, finding the company failed to correct unsafe conditions on pickup routes. if you have a tip for our unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips. or you can sent an e-mail. ace is trying to make good for passengers impacted by service outages. back in february, train service was canceled because of the flooding that happened in the central valley. ace carries passengers from stockton to san jose. >> right now it's 6:00. all clear. this morning we're tracking rain on the way to the bay area.
5:59 am
>> that's right, already seeing very active radar in our hands. north bay getting some rain. i'll talk about the timeline and when we're expected to issue a micro climate alert across the bay area. look at this video out of the east bay a u.p.s. truck goes down an embankment and the driver goes missing. where police found this driver and why it's crazing question this is morning. and speaking out. what the parents of the mother who was shot and killed in front of her children in richmond are saying about the shooting suspect this morning today in the bay continues right now. a very good -- i almost said friday. i guess that's wishful thinking. it's friday eve. good morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. anything with the word friday, you say whatever you want. >> but it will be a stormy
6:00 am
friday. >> i was going to say, rain and friday puts a damper on your plans but we have you covered. if you're just letting out ux r, it's very mild and you may notice a few clouds. doppler radar very, very active because a very strong cold front is expected to sweep in over the next couple hours into the bay area. the biggest impact will be this evening. the temperature trend overall in san jose looking good till 1:00. you may want to prepare by bringing an extra set of clothes if you're going to be out all day. you won't have time to change later tonight. san francisco expecting to see light drizzle but the heaviest of the rain is expected for tonight which is why we will be issuing a microclimate weather alert this evening ahead of the storm. that's because there will be strong winds. mike, how are the roads looking? >> the roads are looking great right now. the north bay is seeing damp roads. wet roads, in fact, vianey, as you talke a


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