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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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from k-y ultragel. it is monday morning, and baseball is in the air. giants home opener today. we're getting all ready for it. nice way to start a monday morning. welcome to today in the bay. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. is it the baseball in the air or is it the garlic fries in the air? maybe some combination of the two. >> do we need a mint? >> we will need a mint later today. no question. mike inouye joining us, as always. vianey, you're on set for us. kari is going to be at the ballpark. >> we'll talk to kari about 5:00 a.m. but it's a monday morning. have to start off the work week. how are we looking? >> it's cold outside right now. especially in the north bay and tri-valley areas, waking up to
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30s on this monday morning. at least for the most part we're in the clear for rain today, except for the north bay. the north bay is still seeing showers. we did make mention of that throughout the weekend, that the north bay had a good chance of seeing showers. right now, look at that. force across the board. overall, we're expecting to climb nicely into the 60s, upper 60s at that, makeing for a good baseball day. i'll talk more about what you can expect in terms of the rain we're tracking. >> we're looking over toward a big view of the bay. it's all green. this is great. green for the sensors but not green for the rain. much calmer winds. a couple crashes reported. one on 101 just south of the 580 split. another down toward the golden gate bridge. chp got the report it was right by our south tower. don't see problems or lanes blocked. no slowing on our sensors, but
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i'll check with chp once again to see what's going on. as you see this car approach, nothing unusual. back to you. >> an issue in the east bay we're following. breaking news. a suspect is dead after a chaotic night in fremont. police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. damian, what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: well, we're trying to determine what happened in the confrontation with police. the 7-eleven remains the crime scene. this is where an east bay regional parks police officer first confronted a car full of people, we're told by the police. for some reason, the officer called police for emergency backup and said there was a gun involved. that's where this apparently happened. when fremont police arrived on the scene, they saw a suspect from the car running across the street to another shopping center. a manhunt ensued. the police officer told police
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there was a gun involved, but we don't know if anyone fired that gun. all the confrontation, as the confrontation was coming in in bits and pieces, information is, police say they spotted the suspect in an alleyway and fired one round at the suspect killing him. >> that's part of the investigation, what exactly took place at the 7-eleven. i'm not sure myself at this point what took place. that's a component as well. >> crime scene investigators are still on the scene. and will be here for several hours as they determine what exactly happened. no roads are closed but there are two crime scenes, so a strip mall and 7-eleven remain closed on ducotto and fremont boulevard. a lot of unanswered questions. we'll take you across the secrete to the crime scene and give you the latest from there. >> thank you very much, damian.
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>> 4:33. churches in egypt on heightened alert after two deadly bombing attacks in palm sunday services. in one case, police say a bomb placed under a pew detonated in a church in cairo. in another, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a church in alexandria. in all, at least 44 people were killed, many children. isis claimed responsibility. >> u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is joining the so-called group of seven foreign ministers today discussing possible sanctions against russia. the g-7 is hoping to pressure that country to sever its ties with syria in the wake of last week's deadly chemical attack. the u.s. later responding with a missile strike. after the meets, tillerson travels to moscow on sunday. >> campus police at stanford are still on the hunt for a man who could be behind two gropings of female students on friday night. the assaults happened within 20
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minutes and two blocks of each other. in both cases, the groper was described as a short bald man. however, police are not ruling out the possibility they could be looking for two different suspects. >> 4:35, a 20-year-old woman is still missing, while we're learning new details about text messages to her mother claiming her daughter was kidnapped. alicea was last seen march 30th. police are investigating it as a possible kidnapping. her mother received text messages demanding a ransom, but those texts turned out to be a hoax and a person has been arrested for sending them. investigators say the person was not involved in the student's disappearance. >> a sheriff's deputy is recovering after a drunk driver slammed into his patrol car. the sheriff's department said the driver crashed into the oncoming lane, hitting the patrol car head on. the unidentified driver was charged with dui.
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>> coming up on 4:36 on your monday. up next, the search continues for a missing student. this after a glimmer of hope over the weekend. a possible sighting in the east bay that spawned a search for a san jose student who has been missing since last week. what investigators found that lead them to believe that the man might be nearby.
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it is 4:38. if you're waking up, it is a little cold out there. waking up to 40s. half moon bay, 41 degrees. san francisco, 46. if you live in the north bay, we're still seeing showers out near santa rosa. expect to see light rain through the early morning hours. we'll talk about your highs for today and when we're expecting to see the next chance of rain for the entire bay area coming up at about 4:45. >> and right now, great travel times coming out of the tri-valley. slowing for the construction zone, which is no surprise over there. pleasanton, livermore, going to talk about choices you can make and how things are shaping up on the rails. >> thank you very much vianey and mike. it's 4:39. the man accused of killing a richmond mother, shooting her in front of her two children, is expected to be arraigned. we have video of lawyer mcbride after his arrest in sacramento last week. last tuesday, police say he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend.
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rashada franklin, in richmond, as she drove her kids to school. the children luckily were not hurt. relatives tell us he was not their father. 4:40 right now. arson investigators looking to the house fire that woke up an east bay neighborhood with an explosion. here's video shot by a next door neighbor of a fire just a couple minutes after it started. you hear the bang there. that man's father was trying to alert the family that was still inside the house as this broke out. fire spread from the house to the garage and ultimately lit a car on fire, leading to that explosion. sound was loud enough to wake up antho anthony, a neighbor living down the block. >> it sounded like a bomb went off. then it just engulfed the car. >> despite what the incident looked like, thankfully, no one was injured. >> the search continues for a missing san jose state student. kevin redrico was spotted in the vulayo or benicia area and he's still missing this morning. he disappeared wednesday,
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prompting a search by police and loved ones. they found her car near the car queen ezstrait. his father said his son has taken antidepressants, but they don't think kevin is a danger to himself. his brother remains worried. >> can't tell you the mental state he's in. he's out here. i have no idea where he is. >> if you spot redrico, call vallejo police. >> a warning out for san jose state students. this morning, a man under arrest accused of molesting students at san jose state. campus police sent out an alert to students shortly after this happened on saturday. several reports of sexual battery in clark hill, clark hall, and the martin luther king library. police say students were inappropriately touched by the man. there's no word if he was a student or had any relationship with the campus community. >> 4:41. want to get away?
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may be more pleasant if you're flying. a report card giving u.s. airlines better grades across the board. it'sond - d tay e gits st e az
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here we go. cue the music. >> drum it up. you're watching today in the bay. on monday, today, the giants are hosting the arizona diamondbacks. there's baseball to be played at home because it's the home opener later this afternoon. >> you can watch the game on nbc
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bay area sports. sam and i will be live at the ballpark for our 11:00 a.m. nurbt later today. kari hall and pete suratos are already there. they're going to join us live at the park starting at 5:00 a.m. 15 minutes. to be exact. >> sam and i will be live at the ballpark. >> there is that center field area with all the different bars. that's one way to check out the game. >> you know sam and i well, too. >> it's going to be chilly for the time being. >> for now, but it's going to warm up nicely. san francisco is actually expecting to climb to the upper 50s and 60s. it won't be too bad. really quickly, i know kari is already at the ballpark, which and why we have a look inside of her weather closet. and she's prepped us for what you can expect to wear for the big giants game today. definitely bring on the baseball hat. you can't do baseball without a baseball cap. and thankfully it's not going to be too windy out there, so it will be a great day for that. don't forget that giants hoodie. if you don't already have your
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fan gear, time to bring it out, right? if it's not a hoodie, a t-shirt should be fine. maybe just light layers out there. jeans overall will be a good choice and comfy shoes because you're going to be probably cheering a lot and running back and forth to the concession stands. that's usually my go-to spot. right now, we're still a bit on the chilly side. tri-valley, 41 degrees. pretty cool out there. peninsula, 45. out near the south bay, 46 degrees. and the north bay is waking up to some early morning showers. 45 degrees right now. the north bay is expected to keep these early morning showers, at least through the midmorning. they're nice and light right now, not too heavy. if you have an early morning commute, whether you're driving to the north bay or down from the north bay, it should be okay the next couple hours. nothing too slick. let's take a quick check of the temperature trend in san francisco. we're expecting to climb into the 60s nicely. by about 8:00 a.m., a combination of sun and clouds at 55 degrees. right before that midday show,
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we're expecting to see some slight overcast skies. but at least it won't be too cold at about 60 degrees by 11:00 a.m. definitely be a very great day, not just in san francisco, but also in san jose and really across the entire bay area. 46 degrees for san jose right now. 60 degrees by about 11:00 a.m., and overall, expecting mostly clear skies and an attempt to climb into the 60s. half moon bay, 60 degrees. san jose, high of 60 degrees. los gatos, 67. palo alto, 65. this will be a nice change because we did see the cold front sweep in and it definitely brought a lot of cold temps. we hit 50s this past weekend. tuesday by about 3:00 a.m., this is when we have changes on the way. we have morning scattered showers in the north bay. by tuesday, we're expecting to see rain moving into the forecast. you're definitely going to want to stick around. in the next half hour, i will have a closer look at what you can expect with this timeline, how long it's go to be sticking around, and when are we going to
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see a drop in temps. first. let's head to mike for a look at the roads. >> we were watching for any activity, radar activity in the north bay. so far, no problems from chp, no problems reported by chp. we're looking toward the rest of the bay as well and an easy drive throughout, even for the tri-valley, just a little slowing for construction and out of the altamonte pass. we'll check on the rails. no delays here. 29 trains, great start for the b.a.r.t. system. we have opened all the tracks from over the weekend, the work at the off the east bay near the fruitvale station, we're looking at the giants start, 11:50 a.m. from larkspur, also, around the city and no delays, no special stuff going on today for that train in toward the san francisco area. let's check waze. you'll make a choice as well when you're driving in from the north bay, perhaps coming down from vallejo and san francisco. right now, a clear, easy drive. 36 minutes down your straight
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route off the east shore freeway and across the bay brimg. the other two routes add ten minutes apiece. you have the choices you can make, and waze helps you make the choice as well if you sign up. download the waze application and click on the magnifying glass and your name on the top because you're famous there and scroll down to teams and click on our famous team, nbc bay area wazers. that will help you get around the city during post game traffic. >> good to know. >> well, gas prices will be up at the pump. they may continue to rise. the average price of a regular gallon of gas went up 9 cents in the past two weeks. experts say higher oil prices and the recent missile strike on syria contributed to the jump. for now, the average for gas $2.43. the cheapest in the bay area right now, $2.56 in san jose. >> a pain at the airport that maybe you won't have to deal with anymore. in business news, technology is helping airlines actually
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deliver bags to the right place on time. >> what a concept. for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell, let's check in with susan lee. good morning, susan. >> gume, sam and laura. that's right. let's look at the market before i take a look at the baggage handlers and getting your baggage right. wall street will look to get back on track this week. futures are reporting higher this morning. the markets coming off a negative week with the dow slipping into the red late on friday following that weaker than expected jobs report, and data this week on import prices, inflation, and retail sales. the dow fell six points on friday, 20,656 is where we're starting off this week. the nasdaq was down one point, and we're starting at 5877 this morning. a new report today is giving u.s. airlines better grades across the board. the study is viewed as a benchmark for the industry as it
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uses government data to rate airlines in crucial areas such as on-time performance, baggage handling and complaints. it shows airlines posted their best numbers ever last year in those categories. let's talk about gamestop, and gamestop in the news. it's confirmed it is now looking into a possible data breach that compromise ed credit cards used between september and february, reporting that card numbers, expiration dates, addressed, and three digit security codes are among the information that was stolen and showed up for sale on the internet. gamestop isn't providing many details this morning including how many people might actually be affected by the data breach. back to you. >> all right, good to know about. susan, good to see you. >> another hack. thank you. >> did you catch this? alex baldwin taking on dual roles this weekend on "saturday night live." the must-see tv moments coming
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up. >> first, happening right now, the lapd is going green. ford is unveiling the world's first pursuit rated police car, and you may see it on the roads soon. the responder, as it's called, gets 38 miles per hour. more than twice the mileage of ford's current police car. >> and steph curry hit hard on twitter over his new kicks. the underarmour curry lux shoes are compared to leather couches, although they have pretty sweet suede colors. check them out. back in two minutes with more news.
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welcome to monday morning. let's go to san francisco. what a beautiful live look on the field. as close as we're going to get,
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at least at this hour in the morning. today in the bay taking it live there this morning. kari hall will be giving us game day forecast. and sam and i will be there for a midday newscast. >> i can't wait. they have the scoreboard lit up. coca-cola bottle. who's ready to go? >> the grass is trimmed. let's go. >> baseball. nothing better. 4:55 right now. a developing story to report on, an all-out manhunt under way for a wisconsin man who stole dozens of guns. then proceeded to send a 161-page manifesto to the white house. police believe the 32-year-old is heavily armed with stolen guns. authorities say he expressed anti-religious views but has yet to make a specific threat. but right now, churches in southern wisconsin are on high alert with beefed up security. >> we enhanced our entry area by having ushers and deacons at the doors. the doors are all locked. the local police depart were fantastic. >> the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for the man.
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>> it's 4:55. happening today, a guilty plea is expected in the charleston church massacre case. dylann roof is set to plead guilty to state murder charges after a federal jury sentenced him to death for killing nine parishioners in 2015. today's expected plea is a bid to avoid the death penalty on the state level. he shot the church members in a wednesday night bible study. >> new video of a massive building explosion in a suburb of houston. demolition crews brought down a 19-year-old building over the weekend. simply gone. >> wow. >> 4:56. happening later this evening, phone alert systems will be tested out in contra costa county. these calls are happening around four different refineries. the dow chemical in pittsburg, the schemm refinery, the philips 66, and the shell refinery. they will receive texts and
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e-mails. >> caltrans crews are starting up the new phase of their project. it's eventually going to be stretching from san francisco all the way to the south bay. supposed to take three years to complete. the next phase of construction starts this summer. some weekday service lines will be altered this week. >> two for the price of one. from alec baldwin who is adding to his repertoire on "saturday night live." >> i'm a big fan as well and it's an honor to have you here. can i say, you look even better on tv? >> i know, i do. i look fantastic. and can i tell you something? i see a lot of myself in you, bill. >> pretty good. split screen of baldwin there. he took on bill o'reilly, obviously, in the latest "snl" but then he played both roles, president trump as well, as he was taking jabs at the sexual misconduct allegations against bill o'reilly. >> at first i thought he was
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sean spicer on the left. >> all about that jowl. coming up next, the giants home opener, kari has her game day forecast coming up live from at&t parx as we give you an aerial shot of the stadium. that's going to be a packed house this afternoon. >> and if you didn't get a chance to grab your tickets, at least you'll know that it might be a pretty good day to be outside. i'll have a look at the rest of the bay area forecast and when we're expecting the next chance of rain. all that in the 5:00 hour. >> check out this shot of the san mateo bridge. on the left, dark, on the right, the moonlight glistening off the water. no problems across the bay. i'll tell you what i'm tracking in the mountains coming up. ma qutio th moing breaking n.
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many questions this morning after officers shoot and kill a suspect in the south bay. a report coming up. >> plus, thousands heading out to ball game today. it is giants home opener. >> opening day definitely has a little more -- a little more to it. >> and i'm meteorologist kari hall live on the field at at&t park in san francisco. i'm pitching your giants home opener game day forecast. i hope you're ready. today in the bay continues right now. >> i hear kari has a mean fastball. thank you for joining us on this


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