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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj matthai. another disturbing confrontation on an airplane. this time, that plane headed for oakland. new at 11:00, two men fighting, and terrified passengers watching the violence. thankfully a passenger steps in and stops this brawl. that good samaritan a retired firefighter from here in the bay area. nbc bey area's cheryl hurd joins us from oakland international with the new details. >> reporter: it is a good thing the good samaritan was a big guy. he was able to step in between the two men and break up the fight. as you said he was on his way here to oakland international. and the rest i guess you could say is documented on video. >> there is a fight back here! >> reporter: passengers scrambling to get out of the way of two men fighting in the aisle of board this southwest flight that landed in burbank.
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>> the guy who beating him up, he is the victim. >> reporter: he should know. he broke it up. >> the victim did nothing. he was getting ready to disembark. the guy who started it i guess according to the victim started going crazy on him. >> reporter: cell cell phone video shows women trying to calm the two men. >> what is awesome is the women were the first ones there and they were trying to break them apart. >> reporter: a female flight attend ant rushed in, but ended up in the seat. >> if you watch carefully she is going to collapse underneath both men, boom. >> reporter: with the men wrestling on top of her. >> i said nobody's helping. >> reporter: that's when green a retired firefighter, stepped in to break it up. >> it was surreal. you see it on tv, and then all of a sudden it's happening in frop of you. >> reporter: we did reach out to southwest airlines. they acknowledged there was a fight. and they also said that their
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employees did the right thing. they also said that one person was arrested. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd. >> thank goodness for the good samaritan. last night we showed you another confrontation, a bay area man clashing with a united airlines ticket agent. the agent canceled his flight because she said he wasn't abe to record her on his cell phone. ossa of herk close was forced to buy a one way ticket on another airline. united reimbursed him for the cost of the ticket. >> reporter: comey out in the cold. the director of the fib fired effect live immediately. the president fireding him as the fbi investigates the president's ties to russia. we go live to san francisco where bay area representatives in congress are reacting. the optics don't look good. >> reporter: several members of congress in the bay area here
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tonight say they are outraged. democrats say it looks like a cover up. they also say it is past time for an independent investigation of the president's ties to russia. >> best case is they have really slowed down probably the investigation. >> you know what knows why. but this is -- yeah, we all know why. right? to me, the takeaway is that what we really need is a special prosecutor. >> reporter: congressman jared huffman told supporters in a town hall in san rafael he believes the president fired fbi director james comey to interfere with the fbi's investigation. >> it is far more likely that the fbi investigation was getting a little close to home on these russian connections. >> reporter: the letter president trump sent comey today says it's important that we choose a leader who is able to restore public trust and confidence to the fbi. >> the president of the united states in my few view is tampering with evidence now. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie spears says the timing
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would be less suspicious if the administration fired comey when he was under fire for his handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails, not when the fbi has information on administration's ties to russia. >> the fbi has a lot of evidence that they have yet to share with the intelligence committee. >> reporter: the democrats called for a special counsel calls for republican support. >> the president has that authority. i respect that. >> reporter: jeff blake of arizona says i spent the last several hours trying to find an acceptable rationale for the tiling of comey's firing. i just can't do it. also happening tonight, democrats on the house judiciary committee sent a letter to the fbi and the department of justice demanding that evidence in that information, that fbi investigation, into the white house ties to russia be preserved and protected. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle bbz bbz news.
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it is past 2:00 in the morning in tigs that's' capitol. a few hours from now president trump is set to meet with the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. it comes as a tense time. as we have been telling you the fbi has been investigating allegation of russian interference during the election and its ties to president trump's campaign, and the fallout that led to the firing of national security adviser philip. what you are looking at here a lively council meeting in san jose late tonight that nearly got out of control. landlords booing what a fourth person, you see her there, was removed from the meeting for interrupting councilmembers. at issue, egg proing renters from no cause econvictions. landlords now have to give a legal reason if they want to evict someone. this law wasn't supposed to take effect until last month.
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renters argue they need it right now. >> thank you for standing up for hundreds of wrongly evicted families in your district and over 400,000 tenants here in the city of san jose. >> the only winners of this are lawyers, house and department and criminals. >> renters complained the number of no cause econvictions were spiking because the law soon fakes effect. tonight the council passed an urgency ordinance so the new rules are in place now rather than in june. landlords must give one of 12 reasons if they want to evict. guilty on all counts. antolin garcia torres is convicted of murdering sierra lamar. he is he was arrested five years ago this monday. now comes the sentencing phase. the death penalty is very much on the table. during the sentencing phase
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garcia torres may -- we say may be able to strike a deal in order the save his own life? >> reporter: that's correct. sierra lamar's body has never been found. here is a scenario from an expert i talked to tonight. antolin garcia torres gives up the location of the body. the da takes the death penalty off the table and the family gets closure. closure is something that was missing here at the courthouse this morning. >> there will always be grief, grief like this just will never go away. >> reporter: sierra lamar's father hours after jurors found an listen garcia torres guilty of killing his 15-year-old daughter who disappeared on her way to school in march of 2012. >> it gives us peace as a family knowing this is not going to happen to another child and that they can't get away with something like this. we will obviously never get sierra back. so it's not closure, but it is a good first step.
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and the jury did the right thing. >> reporter: garcia torres's parents, escorted out of court, had no comment, neither did the defense attorney. garcia torres also guilty of trying to kidnap three women in 2009 also in morgan hill. >> hanging him wouldn't be enough. it is not going to bring her back. >> reporter: now comes the penalty phase, the jury chooses between wlif in prison or death. the county prosecutor says the da may offer the killer this deal. mr. garcia torres show us that you still have decency left inside of you, give these parents some closure, tell us where sierra lamar is and we'll take the death penalty off the table. >> reporter: he will be told death row inmates have it rough in prison. >> people who will life sentences are in the prison population with other prisoners with whom they are compatible. >> reporter: johnson tells me the appeals in this case at the state and federal levels are
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probably going to take decades. garcia torres is in his mid 20s and he could live long enough to be put to death. terry mcsweeney nbc bay area news. our coverage continues on line at click on the top story box for a time line of the sierra lamar case. you will be able the hear more from her family after the verdict was read. new video. this is down in orange county laid tonight. our nbc chopper in southern california on the scene. you can see down below hundreds of people at this sideshow. this is in a mall parking lot near garden grove. again, that's in orange county. you can see everyone there. all those lights, those are everyone with phones in hand watching cars and trucks doing donuts at the westminster mall. police are now on the scene. an east bay doctor is facing accusations of sexual assault. the alleged victim? one of his patients. the doctor is a general practitioners outside of walnut
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creek. contra county sheriff's department is investigating a woman's claim that the doctor assaulted her on two separate visits. detectives say he worked at other clinics so there could be more victims. a devastating injury to a cal player. tonight wut one of the most prestigious sports programs in the country is dealing with the painful impact. a u.s.r uc berkeley player was partially paralyzed -- a ucb letter player was partially paralyzed below the chest and has limited motion in his arms. cal's head rugby coach released a statement that read in part our team is devastated by rob's injury. there are not must have words to adequately explain our sorrow for what he and his family are going through. i'm meteorologist jeff
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ranieri, fog is blowing on the coast. the big impact it has on tomorrow's forecast. that's at 11:207b9 tonight. to see my baby living like that it could make a mama bear frustrated. >> thousands of people living in substandard conditions without toilets, seats, or power. i'm vicky nguyen, up next we investigate how landlords in one bay area city are getting away with it. also it was a mystery that baffled the bay area. tonight that mystery has been solved. what we learned about a little girl found in a coffin by a family remodelling their home. area has forced many people to
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rent homes with substandard the housing crisis in the bay area has forced many people to rent homes with substandard living conditions. we are talking about homes with text toxic mold, no heat, bad pluming. >> landlords will supposed to fix these issues in 30 days. many simply don't. this isn't just bad business. it's about public safety.
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senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen explored thousands of housing records and joins with us more. >> reporter: that's the critical issue here. we looked at complaints involving health and safety concerns. we found landlords escaping punishment and we learned about a new push to protect your home. >> so much wiring. just hanging all over the place. >> reporter: growing up in the foster system, dan isha spent much of her childhood living in group homes. when the nurse assistant found this one bedroom apartment in oakland last summer she rejoiced. >> it was a blessing for me. such a relief for me. of course i was getting stability going right now. >> reporter: but that stability was short lived. from the gaping hole under her hole, to the locks that locked her in. >> if there is an emergency you can't get out? >> rite. >> water coming in the house. >> reporter: a leaky roof. >> every time it rained it i rained along the walls.
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>> and the razor sharp door that left her with stitches. >> luckily it was me not my baby. >> reporter: what broke this mother was a broken toilet which meant her 8-year-old san had to use a plastic bag for a month. >> touching the waste, we would double bag it and dispose of it. what child has to go through that. >> reporter: all this happening days after her apartment which rents for nearly $1600 a month lost heat and power in the heart of winter. >> i have to wake up 45 minutes early just to heat up the house with the oven. >> reporter: after weeks of complaints to her landlord, passion p properties, dan isha filed a complain with oakland code enforcement. a and p replaced the toilet, then responded with an eviction notice after dan isha withheld rent. five months after her complaint city records show a and p hasn't
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fixed the doors, leaks or other serious questions. >> it maids me question the city. why did you let him leave me like this. >> reporter: dan isha's questions could be asked by thousands in oakland. we reviewed all 2019 habitability complaints filed with the city last year. inspectors confirmed half. records show for one in four residents inspectors never followed up to make sure problems were fixed. >> we want all of those houses to be safe and habitable. >> reporter: darren renault letty oversees code enforcement for oakland planning and building. he says unless the issue is life threatening the city gives landlords up to 30 days to fix violations but we found oakland land lords take months to start repairs if they do them at all. leaving tenants without heat, moldy walls, even conditions inspectors called deplorable. how do the landlords get away with it. >> it is a public issue what's
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the best way to get owners to take care of thfr property. >> reporter: landlords can face penalties ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. the city of oakland issued $3.7 million in fines over the last three years but only collected half. >> we teep hearing over and over from the tenants that the landlords don't have motivation to fix things because there is no enforcement. what douse to that? >> problems are getting corrected every day. there are some problems that get corrected sooner than others. >> what do you say to people who think the item is broken because they are living in these conditions and nothing seems to be changing? >> the system would be more effective if we had additional power. >> reporter: he wants the al to transfer ownership of properties owned by slumlords to a non-profit. >> we need for the city to step up to deal with host landlords.
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>> reporter: a councilmember spoke with us outside a san pablo apartment complex where four people died in a fire in march. nearly 100 others lost their homes. the building had long history of safety complaints filed as recently as three weeks before the fatal fire. kaplan wants cities to sue landlords before the homes become a death trap. >> we want to make sure tenants don't just have rights on paper. >> reporter: meanwhile, dan isha is heading to city hall asking for a reduction in rent after months of living like this. >> i'm not going to settle for it. nobody should have to. nobody. >> reporter: rent letty says hess office is asking the city to hire additional inspectors. right now oakland has nine inspectors to respond to over 2,000 complaints a year. >> if you have a tip or vicky
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nguyen or anyone else in the investigate i have union give us a call, 888-996-tips. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> it's about a cooler foggy breeze. that's beginning to move in at this very moment. >> announcer: now nbc bay area's micro climate air, certified most accurate in the bay area by weather rate. >> towards san francisco it's hazy. that's from the moist increasing across the bay. eventually it will bring us patchy fog as you will see in our forecast through tomorrow morning and temperatures in the low 50s. as we get a look across the rest of the bay area for tomorrow morning the biggest change will again be the patchy low clouds pushing in. and 55 for the south bay. 54 in the peninsula, and 52 in the trivalley. watch out for possibly areas of drizzle and mist as you get close to the coastline throughout the peninsula.
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also for san francisco. we think that colder foggy wind will be good for about a ten-degree drop tomorrow. and it's going to really leave us with an enjoyable day here across the south bay. down to 74 in lass gatos. 73 in san jose and 71 in cupertino. check out gilroy. after 80s today. down to 70 tomorrow. east bay, no more upper 80s or low 90s. a dramatic difference, down to 75 in antioch. 74 in livermore. and 66 in oakland. we'll also see winds anywhere from five to about 15 miles per hour tomorrow especially at the coastline with half moon way at 57, belmont also a cooler 69. san francisco, 60 along the embarcadero. and up to the north bay, 71 in novato, and 69 in santa rosa. the fog keeps us cooler for tomorrow. then we will have another change that keeps temperatures down into the upcoming weekend. we can already see it on the satellite loop right now. check out this counter-clockwise spin. that's an upper area of low
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prosecutor we think is going the move across the bay area and keep temperatures cooler below average for the next seven days. on the extended forecast, chance of drizzle in san francisco tomorrow morning, thursday morning also. wind picks up friday and saturday. dry this weekend. possibly a spotty shower by next monday. only 50% chance right now. inland valleys, we will go as cool as the upper secretaries for this upcoming weekends. no sign of any more early summer temperatures at least in my seven-day forecast. >> and the fog is rolling in right now. >> yeah. >> up next, easy a college grad working as a substitute teacher. why his age is complicating the job search. >> and we have jimmy. hey guys, an sary is my guest. catherine watterson, music from blondie. it's a great show. do not change the channel. happening now, five newborn
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raccoons have been dumped at a park in gilroy. on the a $1,000 reward for any information. that story on the front page of our website. we are back in a moment. stay with us. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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east bay. a brawl breaks out it is supposed to be one of the happiest days your lives, right. not for one couple in the east bay. a brawl breaks out during their wedding reception. it happened over the weekend at the royal palace banquet hall in freemont. the fight started in the hall and spilled out into the parking lot. what you are seeing there. around 70 people were hurt, including two who were hospitalized. two people were also arrested. a year ago today a san
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francisco family found a well preserved victorian era coffin. inside it a 3-year-old girl holding a rose. tonight we know who she was. ebit cook was born in 1973 and died in 1976. the garden of innocence turned to a dna company who found a nephew in the commune. >> everyone deserve as imin a. her parents lovingly gave her a name. it got lost in the process but now she has it bad. >> the folks over at the garden of innocence plan to hold a memorial service for edith next month. more techies are headed to town. we knew about change of venue. now we know the date. apple's worldwide developer's conference is neg month in san jose. the official invite went out today. the global event will be held june 5th through june 9th at the mchenry convention center in downtown san jose. up until now it has always been
11:26 pm
hold at the moss coney center in san francisco. the only thing keeping a bay area college grad from a job he wants is apparently his age. >> i would love if they were just like come on, come on in, come on back that would be great. >> it would be great. sage ryan who grew up in san francisco wants to be a substitute teacher. he is only 17, but he has graduated from college. he was almost hired by san francisco unified. he passed the exam, went through a back group check but once officials learned his age they told him he couldn't be hired because of hits age. he has moved south and is looking to be hired by l.a. school district. >> sports is neg. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me.
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new low-point -- every night. their 62-million dollar man - okay. it appears the giants hit a new low point. their $62 million man, now injured. >> mark medicalan conon the injured list. mad bum is out, too. giants trying to snap an ugly losing streak this. play sums it up for the giants so far this season.
11:30 pm
nunez miss plays that line drive. two runs score. mets win 6-1. the giants now lost five straight and have the worst record in all of baseball. at the coe coliseum tonight guess who? oh, kd. >> kd. the warriors have a few nights off before the conference finals. a's and angels. kevin doesn't checking out the hometown arc's. alonzo from cuba red hot. two more home runs for the reigning al player of the week. 11 on the season. bad news, a's lose to the angels 7-3. after 41 years of a remarkable year stanford's coach mark marquess's career is whining down. to comember rate, ticket sales were turned facebook comparable prices from 1977, marquess's first season.
11:31 pm
fans paid $5 for a $20 ticket. stanford won 4-0. >> up next, a peninsula kid in approximatet spotlight. the cool tricks that lands him on the ellen show. we will show you that.
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some "mad-skills" on the "ellen ow a bay area daredevil showed off some mad skills on the ellen show. >> oh, my. >> oh, that's 9-year-old -- >> no! >> 9-year-old a.j. heinke of san mateo. he is a third grader. you can see he does a lot of motor bike tricks around the bay area. today he dazzled ellen. she admired his riding and the fact he is growing out his hair so he can donate it to kids with cancer. >> i admire his parents for being so calm. >> third grade. >> that's it for us. >> bye-bye. musical guest, blo,


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