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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 6, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a very good tuesday morning to you. taking a peek outside at san francisco this morning. yeah, it's a little haze out there. fog in full force. atop the transamerica pyramid. can you make it out if you squint? today in the bay starts right now. you know what i did notice in the south bay. the moon is gorgeous. it's huge right now. it depends on where you are. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. at the same point where you can't see buildings in san francisco, clear skies. >> we have fog that will help bring down temperatures. yesterday was the warmest day of the week. today, we start the transition as we go into the next several days. our temperatures will be cooler.
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mild as you get ready to step out the door. going to see the highs in the south bay reaching into the upper 70s to low 80s. we also have mid 80s for the inland areas, and for the peninsula, expect high temperatures to reach thigh 60s low 70s. and the north bay into the low 80s. and mike, you already have some activity in the tri-valley? >> a very early crash that had all lanes blocked for a while in eastbound 580. that has cleared heading to the altamont pass and you're back to just your typical westbound slowing through the construction zone, but also in livermore, west 580, we heard about a hit-and-run crash. chp is looking for details and maybe a witness, but we don't have any lanes blocked. activity is still there. no slowing shows up. i did also see on the dublin camera, a truck by the shoulder. i didn't know if it was related, but the truck has cleared in the last two minutes and a smooth
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flow of traffic past the scene. i'll check with chp. back to you. >> appreciate that. >> it has been more than six months since the deadly ghost ship fire. two men behind bars facing criminal yarjs. derick almaina and max harris are awaiting their day in court. both are facing involuntary manslaughter charges. they're responsible for the death of 36 people in the fire in december. the d.a. said they knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate escapes. we spoke to one of the victim's families who said the arrests couldn't come soon enough. >> you feel like you're in this state of limbo, and it feels better knowing there's movement going on. >> almena is in jail being held on over a million dollars. in the meantime, max harris is
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in the process of being brought back to alameda county. >> in the meantime, we learned almena and max harris are no strangers to law enforcement. vicky nguyen looks at their past and where they have been since the ghost ship fire. we posted her story to our website, we head now to washington, d.c. where there's new information comeb in overnight on the russia investigation. a leaked document is providing more evidence that russian officials tried to hack the presidential election. tracie potts is in washington this morning with what we're learning. >> while you were at the polls last november, russia wasn't just trying to influence your choice with fake news. they were literally trying to hack your vote, according to a leaked document from the national security agency published by the online news website, the intercept. >> there should be no doubt here that the russians were behind
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this. this fits with a pattern, but what they have done in the past, the digital and cyber forensics point to the russians. >> vladimir putin denied it in an exclusive interview with nbc. >> i haven't seen even once any direct proof of russian interference in the presidential election in the united states. >> the justice department quickly charged a 25-year-old contractor for allegedly leaking the report. congress investigating russian interference hears from fired fbi director james comey on thursday. >> there may still be a bigger bombshell that we haven't heard yet. >> the key question, did president trump pressure comey to back off the russia investigation. >> he'll have an opportunity to clear that all up. >> the white house now confirms -- >> president trump will not exert executive privilege. >> no attempt to stop comey from telling his story. in the meantime, president trump is trying to put the focus back
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on his agenda today. the president tweeted early this morning, quote, big meeting today with republican leadership concerning tax cuts and health care. we are all pushing hard. must get it right. speaking paul ryan and mitch mcconnell will be heading to the white house. congress is scheduled to be in session for another four weeks before the july 4th recess. >> local news now. opponents of a proposed east bay jail expansion are planning to voice their concerns. they're considering a nearly $100 million expansion of the jail. opponents plan on attending this morning's supervisors meeting in martinez. >> walnut creek leaders will consider new options to tackle homelessness. issues include improving relationships between businesses and the homeless and resources. a special council meeting is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. >> 4:35 right now. up next, getting more
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comfortable with the new home pod. we have a preview of apple's first foray into the world of digital assistance and the cool tools that come with it. >> and not just a health issue but a financial one too. the latest push to move some services out of san francisco's old creaky hall of justice. >> first, a live look outside right now at fremont, and some folks at this early hour getting ready to go to work, already in the car making their way to work. join the club. back with more news right after this.
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good morning. i'm landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street could come under pressure after stocks posted modest losses on monday, breaking a two-day win streak. however, the markets are still near record highs. oil prices still in focus on worries tensions between arab nations and qatar could undermine opec's efforts to cut production. the dow falling 21 points. the nasdaq slipping 10 to 6295. meanwhile, apple is launching its own digital assistance device for your home. the company is showing off the home pod at its developers conference yesterday. similar to siri, it can play music and send messages and control connected items in your house. it costs $349. apple also unveiling a new feature for ios.
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do not disturb while driving, which can detect when you're behind the wheel and silence incoming alerts. >> and americans are spending a record amount on dad this year. the national retail federation says that people are spending an average of $135 on father's day gifts. that's up from $126 last year. that is a 15-year high. the type of gift is also changing. ties and socks, those are out, with nearly half of consumers opting for special items such as dinner or tickets to a concert or sporting event. i guess i'm going to have to up my game. a good day to be dad. >> that shared experience. he wants to hang out. >> thank you, landon. >> 4:40. san francisco city leaders want to keep an eye on uber and lyft. the city leader issued subpoenas for uber and lyft, asking them to turn over four years of records. the information is for driving practices, rider accessibility and disability service.
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he wants to make sure drivers follow local and state laws as well as insure vehicles are not a public nuisance. >> 4:40, and closing sections of san francisco's hall of justice may save the city of san francisco close to $100 million. that's the conclusion of a new study by city analysts reported by the sf chronicle. they say san francisco could save about $95 million over the span of ten years by moving some offices and detention facilities to a new space. the building is close to 60 years old and is in need of major renovations. >> temperatures starting to cool again, kari? >> starting to cool today. it will feel nice, as we get a look at the temperature trend for cupertino. the low 60s starting out this morning. low 70s later on today. that's below our average high of 77 degrees. into the next several days, this will be what we can expect. milder temperatures. even a chance of rain. we'll talk about that coming up next. >> a live look here at the san
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mateo bridge. a tough drive yesterday morning. this morning, it's been great across the span. we're talking about something in the tri-valley coming up. >> the former secretary of state visits the bay area. what he outlines to nbc bay area as the biggest threats right now facing the united states. =sam/live= ad lib live picture-- san jose
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welcome back. quarter to 5:00 on your tuesday morning as we take a live look at a relatively clear san jose. and temperatures starting to come down just a tad bit here. we talk about june gloom. i was in san diego for the last three days. not one ray of sunshine come friday through monday. it's san diego. here, like, it's the complete opposite. >> that's right. >> if now. >> ran a marathon. forgot to mention that part. >> and i walked all the way to work. >> uphill both ways. >> i'm barely moving, but thank you. still going strong after all these years. >> great job there. we're going to have awesome weather to welcome you back to the bay area. not as much fog, but you will see some in san francisco as we start out this morning. and look now at some clear conditions for the south bay and tri-valley. our temperatures starting out in
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the low to mid 50s. upper 40s for the north bay, and 52 in san francisco as you get ready to step out the door. we will see the high temperatures today a little cooler than it was yesterday, reaching 80 in the south bay. tri-valley still very warm, up to 88 degrees, and 65 degrees in san francisco. and those winds will be kicking up later on today. i'll show you the visibility because most of the fog we're seeing right there on the immediate coast, and also, in parts of san francisco, but not the whole city. and then we're also seeing some of the fog rolling from santa cruz over into the south counties. so you're going to see that around gilroy this morning. and looking live right now in san jose, it is all clear. as you're getting ready for the day, it will be one for, again, short sleeves and shorts, as once again, our temperatures reach into the low 80s for most of the inland valleys. maybe some long sleeves along the coast. then as we go through the week,
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we'll pull out the umbrellas between late thursday night and early friday morning. we will have rain moving in that will bring us showers especially for the north bay. with each run of the computer models, we're seeing some of the rain chances fizzling out for the south bay. here's a look at early estimates on how much rain we could see. the possibility of up to a quarter inch or rather a tenth of an inch around san anselmo and santa rosa. you head to ukiah, it there could be up to a half inch of rain. we're going to keep the rain chances in the forecast, also for san francisco. once again, that timeframe late thursday night into early friday morning, clearing out in time for the weekend. high temperatures reaching into the 60s. low 80s today for the inland valleys and 70s by the end of the week. we'll have a chance of rain late thursday and then the rest of the forecast is looking all dry as our temperatures slowly start to warm up by the end of the weekend. and mike, you've got your eye on
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680, through fremont. >> i do, because we had an earlier crash, and reports of debris out of fremont and into milpitas. a shot of the entire bay. we'll zoom in towards 680 where there may be a little debris left in lanes. nolanes are blocked by chp, but they made the note in the recent call so i want to make sure we shot it out to you. the roads and rails moving well there. warm springs station, muni, b.a.r.t., in toward san francisco as well. let's check waze. the bay bridge toll plaza is an easy drive, we're plotting your course from concord to oakland, and we're looking at the purple and green likes taking on 580, and even if you stay away from the mt. diablo road, you're doing just fine with the trafl times. waze can help you make the comparisons before you leave your house, whether you're commuting to work or getting
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into summer camp. a lot of schools are in summer mode because they had graduation. nbc bay area wazers, that team will tale you through the summer, too. >> in san francisco, former secretary of state john kerry putting the focus on threats facing the use. he says there are two in particular, climate change and nuclear weapons. kerry was speaking at a ft. mason event. as far as nuclear weapons, he's urging president trump to honor the iran deal crafted by former president b barack obama. >> my hope is that we will not open up a possibility for confrontation when we have so many others that we already are trying to deal with. >> as far as climate change, kerry says he's frustrated about the president's decision to withdraw from the paris climate accord, but he says he remains optimistic because so many states, cities, and americans are already onboard.
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>> speaking of local government supporting the paris climate accord, today, the santa clara county of supervisors will vote on a resolution on a climate deal. >> 4:50 on your tuesday morning. hillary clinton is praising london's mayor for his response to the recent terror attacks in that city. clinton while speaking at a youth event here in baltimore, clinton said the world needs steady leadership. she warned against using tragedy for political gain. her remarks taken in context come after president trump mischaracterized and then criticized the london mayor's response to the attack. >> happening later today, california supreme court is hearing arguments over how the public can see how data collected by license plate readers is used. they're suing to see a week's worth of data to see how officers are using that
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technology. the readers can scan millions of plates in a day. >> a sacramento judge has ruled regulators were within legal bounds using money to fund the bullet train project. the state argued high speed rail will help reduce greenhouse gas reduction targets. >> taking math off the table may soon be off the table. incoming students have an option of taking three years of math before attending cal state schools. south bay leaders are talking about a new rule requiring math for four years. that's in part to keep their skills fine tuned. the idea is still several years off it would become a requirement. >> a threat that had law enforcement waiting to take that
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passenger away the moment the plane landed. >> russia's air force has intercepted a u.s. bomber near the baltic sea. russia's state news agency outlet making that announcement, tuesday morning, about 10:00 a.m. moscow time. they sent an aircraft to check and make sure it didn't pass into air space. >> and the death toll from one of the worst terror attacks rose. we're back with more news in two minutes. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. welcome back, everyone. it's 4:54. a bay area man says most of his vintage star wars collectibles
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have been recovered. they were stolen when posted on the internet and then posted, i should say. steve runs rancho obi juan. it's near peta luma. he said someone store more than $200,000 worth of rare star wars figures. he has gotten back about 100 of the 120 items that were taken. >> new video just in to our newsroom out of arizona. this is as firefighters help to rescue a man who drove an suv through a fence and as you can see right there, into a backyard swimming pool. aerial phottage showing it barely floating in the surface of the pool. fire officials say the driver is expected to be okay and nobody else was injured in the crash. new this morning, scary moments onboard a plane in australia. a passenger was arrested after an ominous note was reportedly found near an airplane toilet. >> an australian newspaper alleging that passenger wrote on a sick bag that he stashed a bomb on the virgin australia plane.
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so far, police are not commenting on this report. that flight was headed from sydney to the town of alberry when police say that the security accident happened onboard the flight. within five minutes, the plane landed and the suspect was arrested. passengers say they had no idea there was security concerns until the plane was surrounded by police. >> everything seemed normal. we came to a halt on the tarmac, then the suddenly, the air hostess from the back, the man started yelling we have to evacuate. leave all your belongings. evacuate, evacuate. they pulled the window things out of the side of the plane and we had to jump down out of the windows. >> wow. frightening end to that. the passenger so far has not been identified. all right, maybe not a done deal after all. you remember in november when california voters approved speeding up executions. today, the supreme court is hearing arguments on whether it
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violates the constitution. prop 66 narrowly passed. right now, appeals take decades, typically. opponents of the death penalty are challenging the proposition. >> reducing the charge for low level crimes really paying off here in california. east bay times reports 18,000 fewer people are in jails or prisons and there have been 40,000 fewer felony convictions. in 2014, voters approved proposition 47 reducing low level property and drug felonies to misdemeanors. the state has saved more than $100 million since then. in the meantime, the trump administration is calling for maximum punishment for similar crimes. >> coming up, mild and comfortable to start off your tuesday. maybe no heavy jacket needed here, kari. good morning. >> it will be a beautiful day for enjoying your outdoor events like watching the a's win again. we'll see mostly clear skies throughout the evening. we'll take a look to even cooler
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temperatures in the forecast coming up next. and a quick look at the berkeley curve. those tail lights going over to the right and to the bay bridge without a problem. we'll check in on the rest of your approaches as this commute just gets started. stds, birth control, abstinence, some things that will likely come up in the school board meeting tonight as the district decides what to cover in sexual health education for kids as young as seventh grade. the mummy has returned.
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run! she's unlike anything... [ gasps ] we've ever faced. rated pg-13.
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coming up at 5:00, right now on dot on your tuesday morning. taking a live look at san jose. folks making their way to work. you see some patchiness in the back in the cloud cover. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with kari. don't feel left out, mike. it's ladies in red day today. >> yes, it is. so it's going to be a beautiful day, no matter what you'll be wearing as you head out the door. we're going to have some weather starting out for some long sleeves and then short sleeves later on. in san jose, the temperature starts to rise, 55 right now, heading up to 79. we will have a nice and cool start, but it will be a beautiful afternoon for all outdoor activities.


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