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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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criminally responsible. though the d. a. claims to have created a death trap by filling the warehouse with flammable materials building an unsafe staircase and lougs people to live in unsafer conditions. the attorneys say it's the county and the pg&e who are really to blame. >> this is a phoney charge to protect the real authorities because they're afraid they'll get sued for billions of dollars. >> we would never have lived in a place we thought was unsafe. >> almena wife spoke out in her husband's defense pointing out she and her children lived in the warehouse and had no idea anyone was in harm's way. >> i just hope that everyone can start to have a little bit of compassion for everyone involved in what happened that night. >> reporter: now, i spoke to the mother of one of the victims today.
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she calls the claims of almena's attorneys outrageous and ludicrous. she says almena was the captain of the ship and set the whole tragedy in motion. now we also reached out to the city of oakland, the district attorney and pg&e and we'll have their reactions at 6:00. reporting live in dublin, jodi hernandez, nbc barnz. >> thanks very much. let's step outside. you're look at mccan you bey cove ahead of the giants game which you can see on nbc baier. the questions is how bumbled up should the fans get jeff has the answer. >> mostly clear tonight if you're heading out the games. temps in the 50s. classic frist weather for the game ton here on nbc baier at 7:00. i'll have doppler radar and satellite combined. some cloud kofiro are cover on san jose. but keeping a close eye on the pacific and all of the activity currently developing. it's getting set off by a change in the pattern.
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the jetstream, the storm track pushing to the south. we'll see the trough of upper low pressure develop over the weekend. it's from the trough of upper low pressure we have a slight risk of possibly showers that may bring a couple of thunderstorms, winds out west northwest, 10 to 20 for saturday and sunday. also cooler than average. but still expect sunshine. a real mixed bag as we head through the weekend. we'll detail who has best chance of showers coming nup 15 minutes. >> jeff a reminder the baier weather app is perfect for weekend like this. you can see alerts when rain is approaching the area. i get 30 minute heads up all the time. all you got to do is enable the push alerts. >> new and disturbing new details on a case of 5-year-old girl allegedly abandoned in san francisco on monday. the girl's mother samantha patton plet not guilty in court today. the notes pr the facebook page cameras were not allowed in court. the 22-year-old is accused of felony endangerment after witnesses say they saw her shove
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her daughter from a car along san francisco's great highway. the prosecutor claims patton said she at any time want to be her mother any more. judge ordered the bail set at $100,000. >> a very different kind of warning going out tonight to schools around the south bay. be on the look out for a woman posing as a substitute teacher what she does when she gets on the campus has police looking for her np nbc baier damion outside the elementary school in san jose with a story only on nbc baier. damion. >> >> reporter: terry is happened in doorsa a few days ago. administrators fear they might be see the same person who struck in nearby santa clara. photos of a woman suspected of stealing from a santa clara school at the beginning of the school year. the district called her the berken stock bandit in that case she was arrested for stealing from a school and posing as a substitute teacher.
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police are trying to determine if she is back at it or someone else is pulling the same crime. these are blurry suspect images from cameras at montelongo elementary in san jose where someone recently committed nearly the same crime. >> i'm not surprised. it's -- you know when someone has a bit of a scam going and it works for them at some level they'll keep trying. it's incumbent on schools to make sure the safety is maintained >> the school says the woman in these images told the office she was a substitute teacher then stole a staff member's purse and cell phone before walking out. >> it's unfortunate but again you always think how much worse it could have been. and so we're glad the protocol in place to to make sure it was limited to one -- one minor theft. >> administrators immediately sent alert to all schools in the every green district to be on the look out. teachers the in elementary fear the woman may have sit their campus using the same story. they don't have surveillance video but teachers it tell me she fits the profile of the
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so-called berken stock bandit. and parents might wonder why is it so easy fore an unknown woman to walk on karpz. here as the doorseth fits well forefied she must have walked in at the beginning of the school day. but schools have protocols in place if they see someone on karpz they don't recognize they are to committees court them to the fronts office. nbc barnz. >> thanks. we have new video to show you ton of a rebukery in pleasanton. police released this surveillance video after two men robbed a 7-eleven story on hop yard road. this is 6:30 a.m. monday one clearly has a gun. threatens the clerk before jumping over the counter. they stole cash and cigarettes before speeding away in a dark colored sedan. convertings asking for help identifying the suspects. >> president trump fighting back holding a rare news conference today and responding to the gripping testimony from capitol
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yesterday. president called the fired fbi director a liar and said he is 100% willing to testify under oath. nbc's blaine alexander is tracking all the new developments for us she joins us live from capitol hill. good evening, blaine. >> well janelle good are good evening to you. remember this news conference was a joint news conference with the roman yan president upon a different topics but the headlines turned out to be comey and the tapes. james comey headline grabbing testimony giving way to a tidal waive of reaction, most notably pr the who fired him. >> no inclusion, no ob obstruction he is a leaker. >> president trump claiming total vindication after comey's testimony. >> we were very, very happy and, frankly, james comey confirmed alt of what i said. and some of the things that he said just weren't true. >> from republicans, outrage at
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come's admission that he had a friend share memos about his interactions with the president to the press. now, prompting the president's personal attorney to file a leak complaint against comey. the question were those memos classified. >> this is not some diry. this strikes me as fbi documents he wrote them on an fisher ut computer. >> leak is the wrong term fodness. what jim comey provided to a friend was a recollection as a private citizen. >> the president calls some of those recollections lies and says he is willing to testify under oath. >> 100%. >> in the battle of words between the two, from both democrats and republicans, a push for solid evidence. were there conversations taped as president trump suggested? >> i'm not hinteding anything i'll tell you about it over a very short period of time. you're going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer. >> responding to questions but prig very few answers. >> and here on capitol hill the calls are growing from both
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parties saying if the tapes do in fact exist they need to be released immediately. janelle. >> thanks so much blaine. coming up on nbc nightly news we'll have more details on the fallout from the testimony and the president's willingness to testify himself. coming up at 5:30 on nbc nightly news. newspapers in yungd are summing up the election with the ward mayhem word may on the name of the prime minister theresa may she was sure of victory when she called for the snap election she wanted to strengthen her hand in u.n. coming breck brexit talk. instead they lost 12 seats and leaving a hung parliament and forcing her to align with the party more conservative than her own. >> all parties have enjoyed a sfrong replace over many years and this gives me the confidence to believe that we will be able to work together. >> there are many calls for prime minister may to resign and uk markets are in tur mail moil.
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>> a possible hazard ours material under investigation right now. this is the view of richmond refinery from sky rarng. a soot like substance was spotted in the water between the chip and wharf. chevron says it's contained and that it's not oil. crews collected samples for testing. unclear how much of the material has spilled. okay. live look oracle arena where thousands of warrior fans will watch game 4 of the nba finals tonight in cleveland. they're hoping for a sweep,able oakland police hoping for peace. live in oakland. appear. appear chuck if the war yours win the championship police are ready in case the celebrations get out of hand. >> reporter: well that's right. the game plan according to be oakland police is this position. that the warriors are a unifying force not one to attack groups that may seize upon a moment to engage in an act of violence. every available oakland police
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officer has been called into work tonight. and the downtown oakland association is confident that there will be enough patrols to keep an nba championship celebration from getting out of control. >> anything can happen in large crowd. we have to be aware of that. at the end of the day preparation is key. and i feel that we have the appropriate numbers and with our staff and everybody else that's involved in this thing there is a lot of eyes and ears on it. >> already oakland police have adviced business owners to move trash cans and anything else not tied down. >> so we know we're having a lot of people in the city. so we want to reduce any items that could be used for possible criminal activities such as vaned alism. >> thank you. thank you. >> have a great weekend. >> go warriors. >> broadway businesses such as oaklandish hope to outdoo are do last year's spaels. the store will have extra staff standing by. >> our experience in both retail locations here on others. that we learned how to prepare for the traffic coming in. it's a lot similar to christmas
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holiday inn terms of preparedness. but i imagine there are other businesses that have gotten the game face on so to speak and they're ready. >> reporter: fans too are ready. >> i moved here from denver about a month and a half ago. i'm going to bar on college avenue up near rock ridge later today. >> warrior last champs in 2015 drew rowdy but not violent crowds in oakland and high fives along the parade route. >> oakland police will be discouraging celebratory gunfire into the air and fire works. nbc barnz. >> thanks, chuck. still to come, a drone being blamed tonight for power out j in mountain view how many people impacted as police search for the pilot. and fire beware. those ads you see on facebook may be too good to be true. why the findings are anything but likeworthy. >> i'm moilgts jeff rarny nothing but sunshine across the coast but tile tell you when
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somehow urs move into the weekend in less than ten minutes. without homes
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it happened at post and jones, near union square an apartment fire in san francisco leaves several people without homes. it happened at post-and jones near union square. investigators say flamed sparked around midnight because of a kitchen appliance manufacture most people asleep at the time but manage to get out. one cat was killed and three
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people are without moems. first it was a loud noise then then another suddenly part of downtown mountain view went dark last night now we know why. business and tech reporter scott budman joins with us the answer. >> they're looking for someone flying a trone does it get more kill son convalley several evacuations and at at least one drone pilot wanted by police. it was the drone that got away. >> we seen a big flash not once but twice. >> power lifters hit by a power outage. >> one of the power lines just came down and everything was just out. >> when a drone hit a high voltage wire thursday night in mountain view. martin hernandez was moving furniture nearby when the drone crashed on poll aris avenue causing blackouts inside restaurants on nearby castro street and an evacuation around
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the corner at the public library. >> the center of performing arts behind you has a great show and last night everybody was in it, date night. >> and the center for performing arts went dark too. all because of this drone. >> so they had to be evacuated in. >> in all tens of thousands of dollars in damage done. >> you could feel the drone on fire. >> by a single badly blown drone. >> mountain view police say they want to find the person or people who flew that drone in addition to causing the power outage that person broke the law by flying within five miles of the move et field. >> thanks. before you submit the facebook ads may look legislate git but many are crying foul with the purchases made from them. you may have seen them on the feed. fischer uses the ads to target information to nearly billion users but they're not always what they seem .better business has warned against making purchasing from them.
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many tires have poor ratingsing anding. some items don't arafr or look nothing like the photo. this intimacy or seeming intimacy might lead people to truss something they shouldn't trust sfl craig went on to say for people on facebook to use a critical eye makingny sort of purchase. the 50th anniversary of the summer of love that's the topic the next installment of the emmy award win sears, baier refrlgss. san francisco became of ep i center from a thousand so-called hippies descended odd hating ash bury. it became a. >> great line bus tour bus after tour bus of the all kind of tourists one full. japanese people. all just looking to find the hippies. >> baier revelation summer of love 50 years later. aires tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m.
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>> well it's so so cool today, breeze z so different. i couldn't believe it was june. so strange. >> the rain the other day just kind of messed things up. >> and we could have more rain. >> yeah, not a lot this weekend but there is the chance of not only a few showers but maybe even some isolated thunderstorms. >> now nbc baier microclimate weather, certified most accurate in the baier by weather rate. >>reporter: a live look outside from the exclusive at&t ball park camera the high definition view, the giants getting a little bit of practice in on the field before the game right there on nbc baier at 7:00 tonight. currently 60 degree. you'll need a jacket temperatures drop down to 58 for the first pitch at 7:00 p.m. but nothing in terms of a big fog event tonight. that's the good news. as we push into tomorrow's forecast we'll start with a few areas of low clouds through the bare 57 for the peninsula and cooler
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53 for the trooi valley. san francisco fog is back for the early start of the day and also low 50s. as we head throughout the day for tomorrow really not seeing any huge issues least for the south bay. we'll have partly cloudy skies a little bit of wind out of the northwest at 16 backup a cool 68 in milpitas. koornt costa and alameda county, no way no how will have 80 degree temperatures. it will stay below average just 68 in liverpool. 74 in concord right back to hayward at 67. the peninsula 69 at palo alto and then feeling the chill up to daley city. 59 degrees process san francisco 63 for the mission and 61 here in the marina. the north bay this is where you watch watch out for potential of showers tomorrow. 66 in mill value and 72 in napa. i want to get a closer look at the wet weather potential and what you'll see is the strongest part of the weekend storm
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activity is going to remain across the pacific northwest. at least a half inch to 3/4 of irj for oregon. you can see the bull's-eye right there. for the baier the best risk is across napa also near the coastline. what i've done on future cast is stop at the two best responsibility fs wet weather. 1:30 on saturday up to napa marine sonoma counties maybe a couple drops. then we'll hold off for any other rain until sunday evening at around 5:30 at night we could have thunderstorms up towards the north bay impacting napa middle town, maybe also for the east bay from walnut creek into liverpool as well. so on that extended forecast you can see in san francisco we'll see the slight chance this weekend and plenty of sunshine into next week. the inland vafls lookty tufrmts rising, 68 on sunday with possibility of afternoon thunderstorms. then all the way back up to 90
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on thursday and terrie because you requested this -- up to a hotter 95 next friday. >> wow. >> taking requests really sets you apart from all others. >> i do what i can. >> still to come the warriors preparing for game 4 against the cavs up three nothing. the latest from cleveland. >> derailings plan as closure going into effect in weekend. the heads up for b.a.r.t. riders into the east bay. reveal
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germany )s environment minister spoke at a news conference in san francisco today about president happening now germany's environment minister spoke at a news conference in san francisco today. about president trump's plans to pull out of the paris accord.
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she says the climt will survive longer than the presidency. the group will stage a political group act for america. police bracing for possible trouble. to ride out to oakland.
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=vo= lake merritt f another weekend of b.a.r.t. closure for anyone planning to right oud to oakland. lake merit and fruit vale stations the raels between them closed saturday and sand for track work.
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the riders can use free shuttle buses between the stations. they should expect 20 to 40 minute delays in the area. ifrmgt all right a little tension and a lot of excitement. yes. for warriors fans. >> are the dubs going to clifrmg it tonight bring home championship and make history? nbc bay area colin resch is in cleveland with a preview? >> the warriors haven't lost a close outgame in the playoffs they are perfect for three for three on intentions on making a 4-4. they're talking about a perfect post-season run because at this .16-0 would achieve the goal set back in september when training camp began. >> tonight is really important. because we put ourselves in that situation to win a championship. right now we're 40 minutes away from realizing that goal. who cares if it -- how we got there -- unblemished record whatever we're right there to get it done ppt want to take
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advantage of the opportunity for sure. >> david west a father figure of sorts on the team after 14 years in the league having never sniffed a title, he can almost tease it now. >> how do you keep the emotions in check? because you come a long way no the career to get to this point. >> you know we're focusing on the task at hand. that's one more win. after that we'll let it out. >> such a stoic demeanor about him i can only imagine his reaction if the warriors win tonight? coming up at sourks what exactly goes into our day before this happens? i'll show you for now in cleveland colin resch nbc bay area. >> we look forward to seeing you at 6:00. still to come the latest from apple. >> not a gajt for device but like most apple products there is demand. we'll be right back.
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==take vo== police say a 40-year oln ton at 6:00 we continue to track breaking news on the peninsula. police say a 40-year-old man randomly stabbed a teenager in frochbt mill bra public library. the man under arrest.
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the teen at the hop. our reporter kristi smith is on scene gathering details. we'll bring you the latest at 6:00. apple is known for iphones and iepds but sneakers. >> sneakers it is. a pair -- this pair got to go back with me -- it is old school. back to the 90s. the company made these for employees. hard to find. but someone picked these up at garage sale. looks like they're in good shape sundays the shoes go up for auction on ee bay. starting bid $15,000. >> wow. >> just for kicks. that is so neat. >> they're thick. that sole. >> that was the style back in 90s. >> a boon shoe. >> before we go final check of the forecast. >> if you're going tout to at&t park for the giants, 60 right now and 50s for the first pitch don't worry if you don't have tickets right there on nbc bay area at 6:00. i'm talking weekend showers. >> nightly news is next.
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>> hope to see you back mere at 6:00. bye, folks. and on facebook and twitter. tonight, 100% willing to testify. president trump accuses james comey of lying under oath and says he's willing to go under oath himself as congress demands to know if the president recorded conversations with comey. and if so, to hand them over. drastic measures. for first time, the fda tells a drug company to pull an opioid off the market, taking action as so many families are caught in the epidemic. are there more stolen secrets? new allegations in the case of the nsa contractor accused of leaking classified information. what prosecutors say she told her mother that has them so concerned. and team spirit. why a girl got booted from a soccer game, and how her teammates rallied around her that has people across america cheering them


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