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tv   Today  NBC  June 19, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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speaking of that fire a live look from sky ranger overhead. we'll continue to follow that for you and will have more local news at 7:25. good morning. breaking news. yet another terror attack in london. a van plowing into a crowd of worshipers, leaving a london mosque. at least one person dead, ten others injured. >> this was an attack onondon and all londoners. >> the suspect detained by witnesses. an investigation under way. we're live at the scene. what went wrong? the u.s. navy identifies the seven sailors killed when their destroyer collided with a containership off of the coast of japan. as new questions are raised about what led to that tragic crash. breaking overnight. a u.s. fighter jet shoots down syrian warplane. the first time the u.s. has engaged in air-to-air combat
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there. a major escalation in an already tense conflict. we're live at the pentagon. those stories plus dangerous weather for people coast-to-coast. acinderella story at the u.s. open. >> a change at the u.s. open. and the twins have arrived. will we hear from pop star beyonce today? monday, june 19th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." so glad to have you with us on a monday morning. we have willie in for matt this morning. >> we have a lot happening in your world right now. >> that's right. we're going to start with the breaking news out of london. a van slamming into people outside a mosque. the city's mayor calling this a
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horrific terrorist attack. we've got complete coverage this morning. let's start with bill neely at the scene for us. bill, good morning. what happened? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is britain's fourth terror attack in as many months and the third in london, in which a vehicle was used as a weapon. but this one was different because it seems that a group of religious worshippers was targeted. minutes after another deadly terror attack and the injured were treated where they fell, rammed by a van at high speed. >> people bleeding there was streaming. pure anarchy. >> reporter: the attacker appears to have targeted people leaving prayers at a mosque. he crashed his van and tried to escape but was caught by the crowd. some saying he was shouting at muslims. >> he said, i did it and i want to kill some muslims. >> reporter: those he tried to kill handed him over to police. >> he was led away to the police van.
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and he stuck out his hand to gesture to mock people. >> isis driving trucks and vans into people. now, we know there are other terrorists. >> reporter: one man died at the scene. police aren't sure this was the result of an attack. they are now examining the van. >> no matter what the motivation, this is being treated as a terror attack. >> it is a reminder that terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms. and our determination to tackle them must be the same whomever is responsible. >> reporter: britain's theresa may. muslims who pray ed for the victims had just prayed in the mosque for dead of last week's fire. this one, deliberate terrorism. people here are angry and
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scared. because the momentum of these attacks is growing and there is a danger of tit for tat, retallation. london this morning very much on-edge. >> bill neely starting us off. we want to turn to juan zarate. cy senior national security analyst with nbc news. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> let me pick up where bill left off. that's the biggest concern comes out of this. you have someone who appears was targeting muslims. you have to worry about the cycle of violence going on. >> absolutely right. i think authorities for some time have been worried there would be a cycle of violence in europe. and then, potentially far right wing or extremist attacks or from the other side. european authorities have been worried about that. a self-reinforcing radicalization on both sides that can escalate the violence. and what you have here is a demonstration of the use of
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vans, the ability to terrorize individuals. and the ideology doesn't matter here. it's terror. and authorities have to worry about the escalation of violence. >> this is the third time in as many months that we've come on and talked about a van attack in the city of london. there are people in europe, but also here in the united states wondering what do you do to protect against these low-tech attack where is all you have is a man with a van? >> this is difficult to stop in an open society where you have foot traffic and vehicle traffic. you have to create layers of security around events, where people are congregating, potentially barriers and even just restricting areas where you've got lots of pedestrians, just to walkways. but it's a difficult thing to stop, especially in congested areas, as in london, as in new york. it's just hard to stop if you have somebody motivated to kill fellow citizens and innocents. >> juan, thanks for your perspective. there are new questions this morning about the deadly
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collision between a u.s. naefl destroy navy destroyer and a container ship off of japan. this is as the seven sailors who were killed have been identified. janis mackey frayer has the latest for us. janis, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the "uss fitzgerald" took a huge hit. seven sailors dead, three injured, including the captain. and a lot of questions about how and why the collision happened. the "uss fitzgerald" is badly damaged and listing. its crew, in a tight navy community here mourning the seven sailors who didn't make it. >> they're loved ones are what make our navy great. the strength of my fleet are my people. this loss is something we all feel. >> reporter: today, we know their names. their faces. among them, 19-year-old dakota kyle rigsby from palmyra, virginia. and carlosvictor sabayan from chula vista, california. who was 23. his father, a retired navy man. his mother didn't worry about
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his son. >> he knows that whatever situation, i know he can get out of it. but this time, he wasn't given the chance. >> reporter: how an advanced warship with sophisticated equipment and a watch crew, could collide with a cargo ship more than three times its size is the focus of several investigations. there are conflicts reports about the time of the crash. and marine traffic records show the cargo ship called the "acs crystal" made a series of course changes and a u-turn before heading towards tokyo. the "fitzgerald's" captain bryce benson suffered a head injury and was airlifted from the destroyer. now, at a hospital, he is facing questions how a collision could happen in calm weather. repairs could take up to a year. the starboard side is gashed. the entire crew scrambled to keep the ship from sinking. but wouldn't save the seven lives that were lost. it's unclear how long the investigations will take.
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japan investigators have been aboard the cargo ship that was involved. and u.s. navy officials here say they will cooperate fully. but for now, their focus, of course is on the families of the seven sailors. willie, savannah, back to you. >> that's where our thoughts are, as well. janis, thank you so much. a lot more to get to. including a u.s. warplane shooting down a syrian jet. the first of the civil war there. hans nichols, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. it's really the sequencing that's among the troubling aspects of it. the syrian pro regime forces were warned not once, but twice. initially, it was a flyover as a sign of force. this is after u.s. partner forces, the sdf, our allies there, came under attack. they warned them with a flyover. and then they used the deconfliction line with the russians to say stop firing on our forces. after that warning to the russians who are in contact with
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many of the pro-regime forces, that's when there was a jet from the syrians sent up almost immediately. an f-18 from the u.s. side shot that jet down. this isn't the first time we've been having tension between the pro-regime side and u.s. forces. earlier this month they shot down a drone, the u.s. side. real quick statement for you indicating just how serious this is. this is from centcom down in florida. the coalition does not seek to fight syrian regime. russian or pro-regime forces partnered with them. but will not hesitate to protect forces from any threat. this is a complicated part of the world that just got more complicated. >> hans at the pentagon. thank you very much. appreciate it. there's more coming up this week. president trump hosts the leader of pap panama at the white house today.
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they will discuss organized crimes as well as illegal migration. and the tech ceos for the administrations american technology counsel. the heads of amazon, apple and microsoft among those expected to attend. president trump's son-in-law and senior white house adviser jared kushner travels to the middle east on wednesday. he is expected to meet with israeli and palestinian leaders as a follow-up to the president's visit last month. and friday is the deadline set by the white house intelligence committee for the white house to confirm whether or not the president has records of his private conversations with fired fbi director james comey. a lot to get to. let's start with white house correspondent kristen welker. >> hi, savannah, good morning to you. president trump will try to put the focus on his agenda today. holding that event with ceos on american innovation. as the russia probe advances, he and his team are increasingly lashing out and sending mixed messages.
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president trump, starting yet another week on defense, after turning from his first visit to camp david sunday. the weekend getaway didn't temper the president's anger over the expanding russia investigation. the president taking to twitter on sunday to again blast the probe as a witch hunt and touting his agenda. many new jobs, high business enthusiasm. this as mr. trump's outside counsel jay sekulow repeatedly insisted the president is not under investigation for possible obstruction of justice on the sunday shows. >> let me be very clear here as it has been since the beginning. the president is not under investigation. it's that simple. the president is not and has not been under investigation. >> reporter: but the president seemed to acknowledge he is under investigation in a tweet last week. i am being investigated, he wrote. the president's attorney saying the tweet had been taken out of context. >> he's being investigated for taking the action that the
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attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the termination. so, that's the constitutional threshold question here. >> you just said, sir, he's being investigated. >> no, chris. i said that the -- let me be crystal clear so you completely understand. we have not received nor are we aware of any investigation of the president of the united states. >> you just said two times that he's being investigated. >> no. the context of the tweet -- i just gave you the legal theory, chris, of how the constitution works. >> reporter: democrats pouncing, including the top democrat on the house intelligence committee. >> they're essentially engaging in a scorched earth litigation strategy that's beginning with trying to discredit the prosecutor. >> reporter: it's making republicans jittery. even mr. trump's staunchest allies say his tweets has gone too far. >> trump has a compulsion to counterattack and is very pugnacious. i don't think it serves him
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well. i don't think that tweet helped him. >> the president is pretty fired up about this, okay? that said, that is not going to impede this work from continuing. >> reporter: as for whether the president is under investigation, "the washington post" and several news outlets including nbc news have confirmed special counsel robert mueller is looking into whether the president obstructed justice. the president's legal team that mr. trump has not been notified of any investigation. the white house also keeping a close eye on a special election being held tomorrow in georgia. it's the most expensive house race in united states history and viewed by some as a referendum on the president himself. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in roswell, just north of atlanta. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: the gop has dominated the district outside of atlanta for decades, it was
7:14 am
newt gingrich's old seat. but donald trump barely squeaked out a victory over hillary clinton in monday. democrats see an open and the money has been pouring in. this morning, the final stretch of what's becoming the most expensive house race ever. $40 million and counting. is this special election in georgia a referendum on donald trump? >> this election, like all elections, is about local issues and local solutions before it's about national politics. >> reporter: but many democrats see jon ossoff's campaign as much more. he's 30 years old, a documentary filmmaker and congressional aide. who is polling neck and neck with karen handel for georgia's sixth district. >> disturbingly my opponent thinks that the answer to fighting terrorism is to send a film crew to the front line. >> reporter: the businesswoman and long-time georgia politician is blasting ossoff for his out-of-state donors. >> we don't need the people of california trying to dictate who
7:15 am
our next congressman is going to be. >> reporter: president trump created the vacancy by picking congressman tom price for his cabinets. >> i'd also like to congratulate karen handel on her incredible fight in georgia sixth. >> reporter: the fight for price's seat is getting ugly. a political action committee just released a stunning new ad, trying to capitalize on last week's shooting at a republican baseball practice. >> now, the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting republicans. when will it stop? it won't if jon ossoff wins on tuesday. >> reporter: both candidates have strongly denounced the ad. ossoff's campaign calling it shameful. handel's office saying it's disturbing and disgusting. president trump already tweet be about this race this morning writing, quote, the dems want to stop tax cuts good health care and border security. vote now for karen handel. willie and savannah.
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>> as you said, unprecedented amount of cash being thrown around in georgia, as well. gabe, thanks so much. overseas and the massive wildfires in central portugal where the death toll has climbed to 62 people. that country has declared three days of national mourning. authorities are facing criticism for not closing a road where 47 of the deaths occurred as people were attempting to flee. this morning, more than 1,500 firefighters are battling the flames on o s on all four front. officials say lightning is likely to blame. in a investigation under way. frightening moments in myrtle beach, south carolina, when a gunman opened up into a crowd won'ting several people. >> fight, fight, fight. >> the incident played out on facebook live by an onlooker from his hotel balcony. it started as a fistfight. then, one man pulled out a gun and started shooting. a security guard hit the gunman who later was captured. in all, seven people were shot. their injuries are not life-threatening. let's check in on the weather.
7:17 am
busy times for the weather department. >> we have a system that has a lot of folks under the gun because of all this heavy thunderstorm activity. stretching from new england all the way into the southeast. it's part of a cold front pushing east. right now, we've got about 60 million people at risk for late day and early evening thunderstorms. can't rule out a tornado or two. and as this front pushes to the east, especially from new england right also the mid-atlantic states, along the i-95 corridor, all the way to the southeast, significant problem delays. we have 40 million people under flash flood watches with rainfall amounts one inch to two inches per hour. from the interior sections of new england all the way down to washington, d.c. we could be looking at four to five inches of rain in total over the next 24 hours. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. next 30 seconds.
7:18 am
good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we begin with mild temperatures. and in san francisco it's going to be warm again today, up to 83 degrees. upper 70s is for tomorrow, wednesday, at 83 again on thursday. for the inland valleys, still some sizzling temperatures with some dangerous heat. we'll be in the triple digits throughout the next several days, up to 105 degrees on thursday. and our temperatures only coming down a few degrees as we head into the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. we have a dangerous heat wave going on out west. >> extraordinary numbers we were
7:19 am
looking at. >> absolutely. still to come here in the wake of a mistrial, where does the case against bill cosby go from here. and following a tragic weekend accident in montana, we have a new rossen reports this morning for anybody with a backyard deck. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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no. not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. good morning. 7:26 right now. kris sanchez. fire crews are on scene of a compost fire in cordelia right near interstate 680. seemed it was in benicia. we also know the fire has been burning since about 5:00 this morning near goodyear road. it didn't threaten any structures but it did happen at the facility which we believe is an organics company. fewer than five acres burned and, of course, the concern is always that it will spread. no word yet on the cause. firefighters are expected to be on scene until the late afternoon. the fire has been slowing traffic on nearby 680. and we've been dealing with
7:27 am
high heat over the sierra. we are seeing that happening now. it produced quick moving cells and some isolated lightning. a heat advisory continues for all of these areas shaded in orange that continues through thursday night and we also have an he can sesive heat warning in effect for solano county. you walk out the door and it's in the tri-valley. 73 degrees now in fairfield. we have 60s elsewhere with high temperatures today reaching the triple digits for concord and livermore. upper 90s for the south bay and san francisco up to 83 degrees. i'll have more on that but for now over to mike for an update on the roadways. a lighter commute on the freeways for the summertime. we'll take you to a couple of trouble spots. ashby avenue, this is causing things to back up. 680 to where the fire is.
7:28 am
a crash complicates your roadways. >> we have more local news coming up in a half hour.
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♪ we're back. 7:30, monday morning. a busy monday morning. the 19th of june, 2017. good morning. nice to have you along. inside studio 1a, i'm savannah guthrie, along with willie. a terror investigation is under way after a van plowed into a crowd of worshipers outside a mosque in london. one person died at the scene. ten others were injured. witnesses held the suspect until police arrived and arrested him. officials are saying the attacker acted alone. also in london this morning, the death toll from the massive i high-rise apartment fire has been increased to 79 people. police released photos and show
7:31 am
the damage inside the grenfell tower. and big congratulations to brooks koepka for winning the u.s. open on sunday. he picked up a cool $2.1 million. brooks did speak to his dad on the phone before sunday's final round, who told his son, quote, i need a trophy for father's day. do me a favor and bring me back one. you know what? brooks came through. >> beats new socks. >> and kind of a handsome guy. i was watching with joel. and he's a wow. >> joel's watching the sports. you're like, he's cute. >> we'll take that because it gets you to sit there and watch with us. >> exactly. congratulations to him. another big story people are talking about this morning, the mistrial declared in bill cosby's sexual assault case. where does it go from here? stephanie gosk covered the trial and is here this morning. >> neither bill cosby nor andrea
7:32 am
constand can declare victory. the tv dad is keeping quiet after a mistrial was declared on saturday. each charge could have been punishable by ten years in prison. even though this trial didn't have the outcome either side would have preferred, the district attorney says the case isn't over. after a marathon 52 hours of deliberation, longer than the trial itself, jurors failed to reach a verdict. now, with the judge declaring a mistrial, the district attorney says he will put bill cosby on trial again. >> our plan is to move this case forward, as soon as possible. this was the right thing to do. >> reporter: outside the courthouse saturday, the 79-year-old comedy legend stayed sile silent, as a spokesperson read a statement from camille, lashing out at the d.a. >> how do i describe the district attorney? heinously and exploitively
7:33 am
ambitio ambitious. how do i describe the judge? overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. >> reporter: for six days, jurors deliberated whether cosby drugged and assaulted constand in 2004. after failing to reach a verdict, constand's lawyer says, we are confident that these proceedings have given a voice to many victims who felt powerless and silenced. 50 women came forward to accuse cosby of misconduct. jill allison was in court to support constand. >> it's like sitting in class. and the teacher writes it out on the black board. and two plus two equals four. >> reporter: but for some on the jury, the fate of bill cosby did not seem that simple. the jurors have returned to their homes in the pittsburgh area, ordered by the judge not to discuss details of their
7:34 am
deliberation. the next trial can start in 120 days. while dozens of women have come forward to accuse cosby, constand was the wasn't most recently enough to bring charges. >> they want to retry this case. >> that means a whole new jury. this one came from pittsburgh. the other one may come from somewhere else. and andrea constand has to come back. she testified for seven hours on the stand. it was grueling. and it could happen as early as this fall. the other option, the d.a. can say maybe i don't want to retry this case. but given the strength of his words in the last 24 hours, that's unlikely. and cosby has civil suits out there. he is facing four from ten accusers. while the criminal case is going on, they're effectively stuck because he's not allowed to be deposed while he's facing these charges. >> the d.a. might say, we won't
7:35 am
go after the criminal case so the civil cases can go forward. >> thanks, steph. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> guys, this is the heat we were talking about. this is brutal and unprecedented. 33 million people affected. the long duration event. at night, the temperatures won't drop very much. it is going to be brutal. a big dome of high pressure is taking over the western third of the country. these will be the warmest temperatures we see in 20 years. phoenix, the all-time record 122. we may come close on tuesday. in vegas, all-time high is 117. it will be there or higher. palm springs, all-time record high 123. tuesday, we come awfully close. and look how wide an area. from sacramento to phoenix, triple digit temperatures. tomorrow, we go even further to the east, from tucson to fresno, las vegas, and yuma.
7:36 am
and then, we look at later this week. look at the next three days, going in towards the latter part of the week towards friday. triple digits all the way to sacramento. this is very dangerous. you have to check on the elderly, the pets and for god's sake, put something in the back of your car to make sure n we have to deal with this heat and we'll be fairly warm as we get a live look outside at san francisco. one of the places where it won't be sizzling we're going to see the high temperatures there reaching 83 degrees and still some 70s and 80s throughout the rest of the week for the inland valleys, dangerous heat continues after yesterday. we're still going to make it up to 102 degrees. and we're looking at highs over 100 degrees. thursday the peak of the heat by the weekend see highs in the low 90s, slight improvement over today's 102. he elderly, pets and
7:37 am
my mommy. it's tucson. they can handle some heat there. just ahead, why is there a growing push to ban the sale of cell phones to your children. up next on "rossen reports" what you need to
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or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures... ...and before starting xarelto®-about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. it's important to learn all you can... help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know™. back now. 7:41 with "rossen reports" in the wake of a tragic deck collapse over the weekend in montana. >> it has officials issuing new warns to make sure it doesn't happen in your backyard. jeff rossen is "today's" national correspondent. >> reporter: huge story here in this latest collapse in montana, showing how fast it can happen. we spoke with the family. they say there was no warning, no indication whatsoever there was a problem before that deck just fell out from underneath them. now, dozens of people are in the hospital this morning. and it happens more often than you think, especially over the
7:42 am
summer, of course, as we're outside on decks. another deck just collapsed days ago in michigan, injuring at least 14 people. this morning, the new warning, coming from experts and officials. so, this doesn't happen to you. >> deck collapse at the presbyterian camp. >> reporter: chaos this weekend in montana. family and friends gathering at a church campground. dozens of people on the second floor deck when it suddenly collapsed. >> do we know how many injuries we have? >> reporter: the fire chief says 32 people were taken to the hospital. some by air. most by ambulance. the victims as much as 3 years old, all the way up to 90. many with broken arms and legs. >> when i looked around, i seen injured people. ankle braces or wrapping somebody's knee or controlling bleeding. >> reporter: incredibly, everyone survived. on average, more than 500 people are injured in deck clams colla
7:43 am
every year. who can forget this prom night disaster. cameras rolling as the teenagers take pictures. the deck suddenly collapsing underneath them. panicked parents watching on. thankfully, they're okay. this deck collapse in indiana, caught on home surveillance. an entire family dropping 15 feet to the ground. luckily, everyone survived here, too. but it can also be deadly. in california, 13 people falling from this fourth floor balcony. the accident killing six college students. how can you tell if your deck is at risk? >> there's about 40 million decks in the united states. and half of those decks are not built to code. >> reporter: half? >> half of them. >> reporter: scott fisher is a structural engineer with simpson strong tie. what should we be looking for? >> if the board is connected only with nails that can make the deck unsafe.
7:44 am
nails are smooth and round, they can pull away from the home. >> reporter: good for hanging photos. >> another sign are cracked posts or beams. >> reporter: a crack this slight can bring your deck down? >> absolutely. another thing to look for is rotted wood. just take a nail and poke it in the wood. if it's soft or spongey, have that post replaced. >> reporter: he says, this is what a deck should look like. lots of metal. attached with screws and bolts. watch what happens when he removes a couple nails from our bad deck. >> it can happen in an instant. >> scary. it is scary. the local newspaper is reporting that family members felt the deck was spongey before the
7:45 am
collapse. that could be an indication of rotting, as we saw. here's the advice for your family. you want to your deck professionally inspected after it's ten years old. and then, every three years after that. at the decade mark and then every three years. we have a full list of tips and you should see them on >> amazing to hear that half of the decks not built to code. >> today. coming up, new details on the arrival of beyonce and jay z's twins. and carson is in the orange room. what's cooking in your pot? >> the duel in the pool. >> the duel in the pool. wait until you hear the average family's new, but old, home: >> the duel in the pool. wait until you hear it stood up to 2 rookies, 3 terrible two's, and a one-coat wonder named "grams". it survived multiple personalities, 3 staycations, and 1 tiny announcement.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. what's your body of proof? all right. we're back, 7:49. carson, you have a good one over there. >> i have a good one. let me pref fess it by saying, the country is buzzing about the fight of conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather. i'm going to one-up that in the orange room. we know that michael phelps is the fastest in the pool. but what happens when he faces off against the great white shark. the most decorated olympian is
7:50 am
going to race a great white shark. details are still under wraps. but phelps did post this on his instagram. i was able to do something that i always wanted to do, be in a cage with great white sharks. #bucketlist. you have great white sharks who can reach speeds of 25 miles per hour. that's usually when they're hunting. >> i like your graphic. >> they cruise around 5 miles per hour. phelps has been clocked at 6 miles per hour. this is going to be good. social media reacting big to the race. phelps face making a comeback. andrew saying, this is what happens when there's no more human competition. and we asked you on twitter, who is going to win, man or beast? beast taking the lead, 65%. we'll find out on july 23rd. any bets? >> loser gets eaten. >> i bet he can go 6 miles per hour if the shark is behind him.
7:51 am
thank you, carson. that's fun. still ahead, remarkable dogs that can sniff out gluten. why that could be a major breakthrough for millions. and jill martin is here for sizzling summer "steals & deals." that's coming up a (vo) a lifetime of your dog's nutritional needs... all in one. purina one. healthy energy, all in one. strong muscles, all in one. highly digestible, and a taste he loves, all in one. purina one smartblend is expertly blended... with 100% nutrition, 0% fillers, always real meat #1. lifelong smart nutrition. it's all in one. purina one. ♪ showing up in your ♪ and now i'm sure it's more than a stroke of luck ♪ ♪ yeah, i love you, do you love me, too? ♪ ♪ yeah, i love you, do you love me, too? ♪ ♪ clap your hands if it feels good ♪
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it is time for sizzling summer "s
7:56 am
coming up on 7:56 on this monday morning getting ready for another hot day. a heat advisory in effect for all of these areas shaded in orange away from the coastline, and an excessive heat warning in effect again for solano county. this is where those temperatures could surge over 100 degrees again today. and you want to make sure you limit your outdoor time and try to get to air conditioning if possible. we are going to see the high temperatures just a little bit lower than yesterday, but still really hot for the south bay reaching into the upper 90s, oakland, 86 degrees. livermore up to 100 degrees and close to 100 in napa and santa rosa. half moon bay a high of 72 degrees and some lower 80s for san francisco over the next few days our temperatures will hold steady, getting hotter by thursday for the valleys. up to 105 degrees. and then the weekend we're looking at some lower 90s for saturday and sun.
7:57 am
and now let's get an update on what's happening on the roads as we check in with mike. we're looking to the south bay where we have a lot of slowing at 880. not uncommon, continuing up into cupertino. i've circled are there, alum rock. reports of a car fire. there may be one lane blocked. no flames visible there. recovery after the crash cleared, west 80 at gilman slow down to berkeley. that's still slow approaching the fire, the smoke on the side there north of benicia. back to you. mike, thank you so much. happening now the searing bay area heat knocked out power for thousands of customers around the bay area due mostly to a power surge, so many air conditioners running on high this weekend. this morning there are still more than 2,000 people without power at last check. you can find the latest updates in our twitter feed. authorities in london now investigating the latest terror attack to strike that city. a man plowed his van outside of a mosque praying.
7:58 am
the latest developments including what witnesses are saying. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking news -- >> horrific terrorist attack last night just after midnight. >> a van plows into worshippers leaving a mosque in london. at least one person killed. ten others injured. the suspect in custody as the city copes with another terror attack. we're there live. plus, cleanup in aisle 1. internet giant amazon buys whole foods and what's being called the grocery game changer. what does it mean for your bill? and they're here. queen b and jay-z welcoming twins to the family after breaking the internet with her
8:01 am
pregnancy announcement. the music superstar gave birth last week. what we're learning about blue ivy's new little siblings today june 19, 2017. >> i like to start my day with a hug. that's a big head. that's about twice your size. >> al roker, we have some storm chasers. >> hi, mom. >> tell me what's on your bucket list. >> meeting you. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." nice to have you along with us on a monday morning. pretty good crowd inside. willie in for matt and hoda's here. i said who wants to meet savannah guthrie. who wants to meet willie geist and that was our staff. that was it. >> our producers. yeah, exactly. we'll talk about the royal twins in just a moment. queen b and jay-z and grandpa
8:02 am
maybe letting the cat out of the bag. let's get to what's going on in the world. news at 8:00 and britain's prime minister saying an overnight terror attack near a london mosque is a "sickening attempt to destroy freedom of religion." chief global correspondent bill neely is in london. >> good morning, everyone. from london, a city that just witnessed its third terror attack in recent months in which a vehicle was used as a weapon. this one was different, though, because a religious community of worshippers was singled out. a 48-year-old man has been arrested. police believe he was the only attacker. minutes after another deadly terror attack and the injured are treated where they fell. by a van at high speed. >> drove on the pavement coming straight towards all the muslims and as he's coming to them, he hit all of them. >> women and men on the floor.
8:03 am
people bleeding. there was screaming. >> reporter: the attacker appears to have targeted people leading prayers at a mosque. he crashed his van and then tried to escape, but was caught by the crowd. >> we came out of the car, but before he start fighting with us and spitting on us and he bite my -- >> reporter: some witnesses say he was shouting threats at muslims. >> he said i did it and i want to kill some muslims. >> those he tried to kill handed him over to police. >> he was led away to the police van. he screamed out, i'll do it again. and a gesture to mock people. >> i'll do it again. >> driving trucks and vans into people and into crowds. now we know there are other terrorists who have done exactly the same thing. >> reporter: one man died at the scene, though police aren't sure if this was as a result of the attack. they are now examining the van. >> no matter what the motivation for this attack proves to be, we
8:04 am
are keeping an open mind. this is being treated as a terrorist attack. >> it is a reminder that terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms and our determination to tackle them must be the same whoever is responsible. >> reporter: muslims who prayed for the victims had just prayed in the mosque for the dead of last week's london fire. tragedy following tragedy. this one deliberate terrorism. >> well, this is now britain's fourth terror attack in as many months. people are shocked and angry and also scared because the momentum of these attacks is growing and there is a danger of fit for tat attacks of retaliation. london, this morning, very much a city on edge. savannah? >> indeed. bill, thank you. the captain of a u.s. navy destroyer is out of the hospital and facing questions about this weekend's deadly collision with a cargo ship. seven sailors aboard the "uss fi
8:05 am
fitzgerald" were killed in the saturday morning accident. punched a large hole in the f z fitzgerald below the water line. all the tasailors who died were found in flooded compartments within the ship. back in washington, a member of the president's outside legal team says mr. trump is not under federal investigation. that denial coming days after trump appeared to confirm he's being investigated. he sent out a tweet complaining that he's the target of the witch-hunt and mentioned that he was under investigation. well, his attorney said that tweet was specifically directed at a story in "the washington post" about the expanding probe into russia's election meddling. a california woman has her husband to thank for posting this embarrassing video on youtube. she spotted what was her dog toy and she bent over to it and it was a baby rattlesnake. they high tailed out of othere.
8:06 am
she was not hurt but needs to work on her run away skis. >> the knees are high. i give her a 9.0. >> that is like the high knee drill we used to do in football practice. > got a lot more for you this morning including, well, amazon's massive deal to buy whole foods revolutionize the way you grocery shop. the gluten sniffing dogs keeping kids from getting sick. the low down on beyonce's twins. jill is standing by for day one of our hottest steals and deals ever. fist, these messages. ♪
8:07 am
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we're back now, 8:09. this could be a game changer when it comes to shopping for groceries. >> amazon is buying whole foods for nearly $15 billion. how will that blockbuster deal impact you? nbc business correspondent jolene kent is outside of whole foods in pasadena, california, for us. good morning. >> first it was books and then household products and now amazon is going after your refrigerator in a new mega deal that may transform the way millions of americans are buying their groceries. the big question is, how much does it impact the price you pay? in a record-breaking deal, amazon is buying whole foods for $13.7 billion. by snapping up the struggling organic food giant, amazon gets a network of nearly 450 whole food stores xroosz the country. the name will stay the same, but inside everything could change. >> they could make them the coolest technological specimens of retailing that anybody's ever seen. >> reporter: amazon is giving
8:11 am
customers a sneak peek of what's possible. >> once you have everything you want, you can just go. >> reporter: in a video posted by the company last year, amazon touted its own grocery store concept without any registers or clerks. with news of the merger, big players like kroger, costco and supervalue took a hit over the weekend, but consumer experts say shoppers will likely walk away the big winners of this deal. >> you'll have more selection and lower pricing and two really, really big players making that happen. it will be walmart and it will be amazon. >> reporter: amazon's move comes with some risk. this is the ecommerce second major attempt to conqur groceries. amazon fresh has not been a wild success. and amazon knows this. research shows 74% of money spent on food is still spent in traditional stores. >> i like to touch, feel, smell, look. >> reporter: it's an opportunity for amazon to turn the grocery industry upside down, similar to what it did to books and household products.
8:12 am
ceo jeff bezos will capitalize on the whole foods brand with an estimated 80 million americans currently subscribing to amazon prime. amazon's acquisition of whole foods will give them a pretty local footprint including here in california. 450 stores that may become the distribution centers and, guys, it will really change the way online retail is blended with offline retail. back to you. >> amazon's world, we're just living in it. thanks so much. >> if you could get me a kale juice, thank you. shall we trend? >> it's time for trending. >> go, savannah. >> here is a conversation starter. what age do you think kids should be allowed to have their own cell phones? their own. in their name, their phone number? >> 12. >> i was going to say like 14. >> 13. >> okay. do you think it should be illegal under kids that age to have a cell phone? >> no kids are different. development is different. >> depending on where they live. >> this is why it's a good talker.
8:13 am
colorado group wants to ban cell phone sales to kids under 13. under this truposed law the retailers would be required to ask customers for the age of the primary cell phone user. violators would get a fine. illegal to buy a phone for a 12-year-old. what do you think about that? >> why? >> what are phones doing to our young people and should little kids under a certain age have cell phones? >> even if the parent buys it for the kid, that would be illegal under this law? >> yes, exactly. >> people work. and their kids have to get picked up after school and emergency reasons. i don't think -- >> colorado lacks in some laws. >> exactly. >> exactly. i mean, i guess the issue is they're trying to regulate or legislate something that probably parents should be doing. keeping an eye when is it appropriate for a kid to have a phone. >> you know your kid, hopefully. >> when did your kids have cell phones? >> layla got hers at 12 and nick got his at 13. >> emergency purposes.
8:14 am
>> you can limit their use and things like that. >> dad, i need it for safety because i'm going to all these places. pool halls. what are you doing? you go from school to home to the girl scouts. what are you talking about? >> you can track your kids on it. >> sure. >> i know. exactly. that's the thing. even if they have their own cell phone, you can keep control on how much they use it. with that. how about pop start. >> a lot to get to today. people buzzing. starts with beonauyonce and jay. no official word from the parents but "people" magazine tell us that they have shared the news with family members and close friends and that they're absolutely thrilled with the two new additions to their family. >> wow. >> the wait is over. the behive all abuzz over beyonce's two new bundles of joy. she and husband, jay-z, welcoming twins in an l.a. hospital joining the couple's 5-year-old daughter, blue ivy. over the weekend beyonce's father tweeting. they're here.
8:15 am
>> like beyonce is known to do, she has everyone waiting to find out the next bit of information. boy, girl. two boys, two girls. no one knows yet. >> in february she nearly broke the internet with this photo announcing she was pregnant with twins. with over 11 million likes, the most liked pic in instagram history. regular photos on social media. in late may, posting these from her african themed baby shower dubbed her push party. >> the connection i had with her when i was giving birth is something that i never felt before. >> reporter: in 2013 queen b opened up to oprah after giving birth to daughter blue ivy. >> she is fire. i didn't expect her to be fire. but, lord, i'm going to have me a time. it was the most beautiful experience in my life. >> reporter: beyonce also shared
8:16 am
intimate moments with her new daughter in an hbo documentary. fans around the world now antsy for a peek at her brand-new siblings. >> she has put this pregnancy out there for the world to see and enjoy. so, we're thinking maybe she would do that with the first pictures or revealing the sex of the twins. but, you never know with her. she is always a big ball of surprise. >> let's give a warm pop start welcome. they're here. jay-z, beyonce. >> they're negotiating. >> we're working on it. we're working on it. speaking of father, social media was filled with fun photos and touching tributes on father's day. prince william and prince george and a throwback photo of prince charles, william and harry wishing everyone a happy father's day. from london to china visited the great wall and brought his
8:17 am
football with him. there's some i'm sure psi jokes in there. miley cyrus sharing a photo, a throwback photo happy daddy's day to my number one dude. and former first lady michelle obama tweeted a family photo. they will always be your little girls. we love you. and finally, paris jackson, michael jackson's 19-year-old daughter graces the july cover of "vogue" using modeling as a platform to make a difference. saying y want to leave a positive imprint in the fashion world. i have many young girls looking up to me. we'll work on that booking. time for the daily download. >> the daly click. lebron james threw a birthday party for his son.
8:18 am
he had to show off on the court. check this out. king james dunking on a bunch of 10-year-old kids. didn't stop there. lebron hurled some water balloons at the unsuspecting kids and even caught some touchdown passes here. there's the water balloons. they play a little football. yeah, one-handed grab. spiking the ball in celebration. watch this. in your face! it looked like more of a party for lebron than it did his son. >> like when kramer beat those kids. >> it actually looked like the peyton manning sketch on "snl" remember that real-life version of kids when he was pelting kids. this was scripted. happy birthday to bryce. looks like you had a good time. >> little nfl finals frustration. >> thank you, carson. let's get a check of the weather. >> yes, we do. couple things going on.
8:19 am
not only strong storms firing up in the northeast today. stretching from new england all the way into the southeast. risk for 60 million people under a threat of severe weather later this afternoon and evening. an isolated tornado or two and we're starting to see the tropics heating up, already. we have an area of disturbances and a 90% chance of development in this zone throughout much of the central gulf. no matter where it goes, it's going to have an impact. even if it's not wind, it's rain. according to the european model three to five inches of rain through saturday. the american model brings heavier rain to the east. five to seven inches from new orleans all the way into georgia and parts of the florida panhandle. we'll watch this very carefully . that tha good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our temperature starting out in
8:20 am
san francisco at 65 degrees and it's already warmer, please this anton, 78 degrees. we'll see all of that sunshine going to be very hot and the trivalley up to 100 degrees. 101 in concord and san jose up to 96. some low 70s for half moon bay and san francisco today will see a high of 83 degrees. >> a >>ll and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thanks so much. >> now to a new weapon for a children with a rare condition celiac diseases. >> the smallest traces of gluten can make them sick and dogs with powerful noses are helping detect it. here's joe fryer. >> reporter: with a name that defines his size and job that defies expectations they call this miniature australian shepherd zeus. he sniffs out gluten for 13-year-old evelyn. >> i haven't gotten sick in a really long time and it's a really big relief. >> reporter: plagued by joint pain, stiffness and fatigue, the
8:21 am
indiana teen was diagnosed with celiac disease. those living with it must avoid gluten, it's tough, it's practically everywhere. >> my favorite food i had to stop eating was chicken and biscuit crackers. >> reporter: despite a diet change like a burglar gluten kept sneaking into her life. she was sensitive to the tiniest amount. >> if someone puts a cruten on a salad in the back in the restaurant and takes it off and says it's supposed to be gluten free, she would say looks good to me, eat it, be sick for three days. that rarely happens now thanks to zeus's powerful nose. if he raises his paw she smells gluten. turns his head the item is safe. >> good boy. >> i feel like i don't have to be a complete control freak anymore. >> she didn't train zeus but teaches other dogs to detect gluten. we visited colorado springs to meet her newest trainee maggie. for this exercise one of my hands has gluten powder and one
8:22 am
doesn't. >> we use the clicker to mark the behavior. >> good girl. yes. >> a picture of what's going on. >> reporter: every time maggie sniffs the gluten hand she's rewarded. >> slowly but surely learning this is the gluten. >> every time she does it she's learning more and more. >> reporter: when she's ready maggie will help a 4-year-old with celiac who suffers stroke-like symptoms. more and more people are being diagnosed with celiac disease but this isn't for everyone. >> definitely not. not a way to make life easier. it's a way to make life safer. >> reporter: gavin says dogs are ideal for homes already gluten free they can smell food, sham pao and soap to detect if gluten is brought in. accuracy harder in a public place. >> this is a last line of defense not a first line of defense. >> reporter: but for evelyn it's life changing. >> welcome. >> reporter: zeus is by her side throughout the day at school checking her hands and snifg her
8:23 am
food and her inflammation problems have practically vanished. >> do you feel like you have more freedom and ability to do what you want to do. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> gluten sniffing dog is so unusual. it's exciting to think about the potential. >> check it. >> reporter: mighty zeus, a tiny pup making a huge difference. for "today" joe friar, nbc news. >> you never know. >> experts warn there are no national guidelines for training gluten detecting dogs so families should do their research and closely examine any companies and their standards. but hopefully help for some kids. >> looks like it is. >> speaking of dogs, charlie, our puppy with a purpose is on a road trip and it's all for the love of baseball. >> charlie is visiting major league stadiums throughout the week and supporting military veterans at games. he kicked his tour with the new york mets delivering the game ball to the pitcher's mound at citi field. nice job. during the game, charlie honored a veteran who is also america's vet dog recipient.
8:24 am
charlie met lots of players and also mr. and mrs. met. >> don't make a joke, al. >> what? why do you look at me. >> i can read your mind. >> oh, come on. >> like ply grandma used to say, i can think your thoughts before you think them. >> i know. >> outside to hoda. >> kids, get ready, summer officially arrives on wednesday. jill is here and she will get you ready for a week of sizzling summer edition of steals and deals, cool shades for us. outside after this. after your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. i'm kris sanchez. fire crews still on the scene at interstate 680. it's video from sky rangers captured in the last hour or so. the fire has been burning since 5:00 this morning near goodyear road. never threatened ain structures but it did threaten to take a run in the dry grass and we believe it is organic fuel there. fewer than five acres bushed, no word on the cause. firefighters expected to be on scene at least through late this afternoon and the fire has been slowing nearby traffic on 680. we'll have an update right now. >> i'll show that to you? just a second. i wanted to show the rest of the bay, northbound 280 the build
8:27 am
typical through san jose and moving from cupertino, easing up in los altos. over the last half hour, good improvement westbound 80. that crash cleared up about 45 minutes ago. recovering nicely from san pablo. and here's that slowing you talked about approaching lake herman road just south of cordelia. because of that fire, it's still there, the activity, still see smoke in the area. that's the distraction. lake herman and south of the bridge. but that is your typical commute in san mateo. back to you. we have more local news coming up for you in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's a monday. it's the 19th of june, 2016. we're happy to be back with a great crowd. they're happy and it's so steamy out here this morning. >> steamy. >> you've been chatting up the crowd. >> i got a bucket list. savannah, come here. savannah, they want savannah. al and matt. we can't give you matt. we can give you savannah and al. >> easy. >> nice to meet you, rebecca. where are you from? >> texas. >> happy to have you here. it's a little breezy, isn't it?
8:31 am
>> we have no idea. we'll hang tight together. >> we'll pull ourselves together. coming up, sizzling savings on everything you need to have it made this summer. jill is here with the first of five-straight days with seals and deals. jean chatzky is going to explain why you should consider buying used. let's get a check of the weather. can i give the report that it's windy. >> you have really strong thighs. >> kick him with the thighs. >> i'll get you out of this one. >> thank you. doing it a solid. let's show you what we have going on for today, the weak ahead. severe storms along the eastern seaboard. record highs out west. it will continue that way right into the midweek period. looking for heavy rain in the gulf. we don't know where that tropical system is going. the wet weather continues in the
8:32 am
southeast. mid-atlantic states. stil good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are seeing some sunshine all throughout the bay area but a little bit of some fog rolling across the golden gate bridge right now. that will provide some cooler temperatures just in the immediate area. inland it's not going to make a difference. we're still in the triple digits today for concord and livermore and from mid to upper 90s for san jose, 98 degrees in morgan hill. oakland up to 86 degrees and some upper 90s for the north bay. san francisco today up to 83 degrees. >> that's your latest weather. hey, all right. there you go. okay. good to see you. we have all these nice folks. don't forget, anytime you need your weather, check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. guys? >> al, thank you so much.
8:33 am
>> hey. we are in the mood for summer. this is how we're going to do "steals & deals" today. >> this is rolling in with carson driving us on the plaza, nice way to do it. nice wheels, baby. >> where are we going? >> in spring, our "steals & deadeal s" were so big, we thought we would cruise in and do a week-long series. will you let us out of our ride? >> i will. i thought you would do it from the car. >> watch us elegantly step out. we do the whole week long "steals & deals." when we went through this before, you had price points each day. >> we're starting today under $75. wednesday, $50 and under. tuesday, $25 and under. $10 and under, "steals & deals." >> everything we see today is
8:34 am
100 bucks or less, right? >> a lot of designer stuff. >> should we start with sun glasses? >> let's start with sun glasses. the retail, $300 to $325. you see, there's all different shapes and sizes. comes with a case. everything is on they detail, $300 to $325. the deal, $79. up to 76% off. >> wow. >> not my look. >> those are not for you. >> i'm going to keep on shopping. >> let's get to the luggage department. >> if you're traveling, you can travel in style. what i like about the brighter colors, you're staring, waiting for your luggage. my mom puts ribbons. these are colors. $320 to $400. it's eight wheels, so it spins. >> i like that.
8:35 am
>> $320 to $400. $75 to $95. up to 77% off. >> nice and sturdy. now, you're talking our language. >> okay. we are moving on. i wanted to make sure we do the jewels here. 275. so, it comes in all fresh water pearls. all different colors. also, if you're wearing all-white over the summer or you want to spruce up an outfit. >> the retail, 78% off. if you head to there was an additional deal by the designer. >> i love a backpack. easier to carry, your hands-free. >> they're unisex. if you want a pop of color for this deal. they're all-leather. the retail is $350.
8:36 am
the classic style. a place for your electronics and $390 is the deal. $84. >> 78% off. >> guys or girls. >> carson, first, the red car, now, a bike. >> carson is on the move. >> these are for boys and girls and cars carson. $170 to $230. the deal, $85 to $100. >> what that? look willie is waiting for us. >> i am prepared. >> what? >> i have prepared steak and eggs for you. >> carson is gone. >> come on, carson. >> is he really? >> yes. >> this is the north silverware. $349.99.
8:37 am
>> is this show food? >> i didn't milwaukee it. you either get or go on 23 pieces, another pieces or 48 pieces. everything is on i want to say there's more deals on we retail $279.99. the deal for any of the sets is $88. >> it feels nice, doesn't it? >> i couldn't possibly. >> let's go through these. the sunglasses. luggage from travel pro. backpacks. necklaces. the diamondback bikes and the silverware set. >> and extra deals on
8:38 am
jill is back tomorrow. >> what's tomorrow? >> $75 or less. >> then, 50, 25, and 10. >> nice. coming up next, do you need a new ride? why buying used could be the way to go.
8:39 am
this is how it feels when you eat a subway® $6 footlong sub of the day. it's the taste you love, at a price you can't get enough of. the $6 footlong sub of the day. seven days, seven footlongs, seven more ways to enjoy subway®.
8:40 am
♪ we're back at 8:40, with why your next car should be a used one. last year, new cars sold for a record average of $34,077. that's up 13% over the last six years. but used cars sold for around $19,000. with 3.5 million cars coming off lease soon, the time is right for you to strike. lu do you know you're getting the best bang for your buck? jean chatzky is here to tell us. i mentioned offlease.
8:41 am
let's describe why this is a hot time for used cars. >> about 2014 about 20% of cars were leased. they will be sold as used cars. some of them certified. some of them not. we've seen a lot of technological innovations. the cars that don't have them, available for much less. >> you say there's four conditions you want to follow. >> when you're comparing used cars, you're comparing them on the car itself, the make and the model, the mileage on that car, the conditions on the car and the options on that car. depending on whether you want a car to get you where you want to go, or a much newer one, that will determine where you're going to shop. if you're looking for a car to get from point "a" to point "b," that's an older car. you're going to look online. craigslist, basebook
8:42 am
marketplace. if you want a new car, you're going to go to a dealer. you can shop online first, by looking at an aggregator site that has the different dealers. that's a site like kbb or car gurus. >> the next step you say is work the supply and demand equation. >> know where the sweet spot is for deals. right now, it is those cars that are three or four years old. they are pleasant if i. so, we are going to see a ton of sedans, mid side sedans. now is a terrific time to buy. trucks and body-on-frame suvs, like a jeep wrangler and a chevy suburban. those are popular right now. if you want an suv, a crossover, or a wagon, wait until you see
8:43 am
more of those at the end of the year. >> walk with me, jean, for the next step. we have heard the term certified preowned vehicle. >> it's a lightly used vehicle. it's come off east. it's gone through a series of checks. they are saying, we stand behind it. we're going to give you additional warranty protection. that can save you some money. if you're comparie ining apples apples, the certified one will cost you about $1,000 more. you know this is a car that the manufacturer is standing behind. and as they go through the various cars, they're going to cherry-chick the ones that are better. when you're dealing with a dealer for certified cars and noncertified cars, you know
8:44 am
captive financing is available. right now, bmw offering 0.9%s. thing. ford and chevy offering 1.9 and 2.9% financing. >> let's move to the final step, cost. >> we talked about the captive financing. people tend to think about buying the car. they don't tend to think about witne financing the car. if you're not going with the manufacturer's financing, you want to walk in with financing. credit unions have made a great market for used car financing. compare the costs of owning the various cars you're looking at. insurance, taxes, maintenances. kbb and edmunds let you compare the lifetime ownership value of the cars. coming up next, al goes
8:45 am
one-on-one with a living legend. a 94-year-old marvel, stanley. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:46 am
8:47 am
. test. back, now, at 8:47, with a series we love called "today living legends." al roker, this is your wheel house, baby. >> this is my high school right here. i got to sit down with 94-year-old stan lee from his office. his superheros have transcended generations. and guess what? there's some more out there, as well. if there's one word that gets stan lee fan's cheering, it's his catchphrase. excelsior. >> reporter: for decades, the 94-year-old has been dreaming up superheros.
8:48 am
spider-man, the helding, ex-men. >> you brought literary chops to who was considered a kids' medium. >> we're going to make the books that parents want their children to read. >> i noticed by the fan mail we got, they were getting smarter. >> marvel comics was the first time we saw superheros who had flaws that were kind of like us. >> it's no fun reading about somebody who suspect perfect. you want to read about somebody you can identify with. we all have problems. if you write about a character that is flawed and works to overcome flaws.
8:49 am
>> what makes a superhero? >> he has to be somebody that risk his life to help other people. he has to have superpower. he would be a hero, and not superhero. >> spider-man? >> i saw a spider on the wall. i thought insect man? no. fly man, no? spider-man. that sounded mysterious and threatening. i like that. when i brought the idea to my publishers. he said, stan, that is the worst idea i've ever heard. >> reporter: 50 years later, spider-man is part of a franchise that's made lee an estimated $15 billion in worldwide box office. what is it about characters that have captivated people?
8:50 am
>> every character has to have problems. we play them up. and the audience comes along with us. none of us miss the movie because they would miss my cameo. >> i should be on that list. stan lee. >> you probably made more appearances than any other artist, ever. >> it was an accident. and the next director said, let's use him also. before you know it, it became a cult thing. i love it. >> reporter: you still thinking about superheros? >> i have a new one coming out a year or two, called the anal later. >> how about the weather man. >> call my lawyer. >> we'll work it out.
8:51 am
>> stan uses comics to talk about social issues. his passion, doing what he feels is right. last year, he launched an initiative called respect. hopes the project will create a conversation about equality and unity and respect for all. >> the legend series. >> when my 8-year-old watches avengers or spider-man, there's stan lee. >> that had to be the assignment of a lifetime. >> i love these guys. and stan lee, just a great down-to-earth guy. >> are you going to take on the annihilator? >> and the weatherman. >> what kind of weather are you going to throw? >> i'm going to throw rain at ironman because he will rust. >> watching him rust. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
here we are, back together again. al, it's time to celebrate birthdays. >> love to do it. let's brick on the jars of smuckers. happy 102nd birthday to zachary ephraim. dr. frank willard is 100. a retired dentist from clarksville, tennessee. he's been married to the love of
8:54 am
his life for 75 years. happy 100th birthday i like her. she and her pal have been friends for over 80 years. say hello to annie pearl gleeson. this braves' fan 100 years old. you want to travel annie is always up for a good road trip, ralph celebrating 100 years. he has been in the same neighborhood for his entire life. happy 100th birthday to felton joshua sr., a sharp deszer from alexandria, louisiana. as always if you know somebody celebrating a birthday or milestone tell us all about them and make sure you include a picture. look who joined us on the couch. >> here i am.
8:55 am
>> a new movie called "the beguiled." good morning. this is a remake but this is getting a lot of buzz. tense thriller type thing. >> very tense. it takes place during the civil war. we bring in a union soldier. it is a remake done through the perspective of the female. so before it was done through clint eastwood's eyes. he was kissing like a 2 year old. not a 2 year old, an 8 year old. >> this movie, too, was the talk of cannes. there is a lot of good energy. >> my first movie i did with her was when i was 16. so we have such a long history. i was at her house last night for dinner. it's working with family. >> blinded by your engagement ring. >> we want to say congrats
8:56 am
again. it's all coming up. >> i am chill. i want to enjoy myself. i don't want to be stressed out. >> take it slow. >> we're glad you're here. >> opens in new york and los angeles friday nationwide june 30. . we're back after your local news. good morning. it's 8:56 op your monday. i'm sam brock. extreme heat setting records yesterday and knocking out power for homes and businesses across the bay area. in livermore, some businesses ended up closing up shop entirely because of that. pg&e reported close to 40,000 outages for customers at the peak of yesterday's surge. that number thankfully has dipped below 2,000.
8:57 am
with more heat on tap throughout the rest of the week, there are major concerns about more problems especially as folks kosht to crank up those air conditioners. >> pg&e is going to be talking in about an hour about how the heat wave is taxing its power grid. rick boone will have a live report for our midday newscast. stay current on the outages on our twitter feed. shoo. the heat sending a lot of us to the stores for anything that will help cool things down. one store that sold fans yesterday to more than 8 out of 10 customers. a car chase in southern california that keeps going for miles. longer than most hollywood films will run. you can link to the chase scenes that only seem like they were straight from an action film and everybody is okay, thankfully. more news in 30 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," mega monday kicking things off with tay diggs as our celebrity co-host. plus, kiersten dunst and kate walsh. and singing superstar gavin degraw hits our concert stage with a life performance, all coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take." >> it is monday morning, june 19th, 2017. you're listening to "best i ever had" by gavin degraw. just so happens he's here and will be performing live later on in our program. we've got a huge show, topped
9:01 am
off by our celebrity co-host, mr. tay diggs. >> woo! good morning. >> actor, singer, superstar. love the hat. >> the whole thing. the hat, the shirt, the shoes. i told him he's so dapper. >> i'm going to tell a secret. >> oh. >> i didn't know -- this came about very, very quickly. so i ran out to zara. have you guys ever shopped there? >> absolutely. >> i had no idea. this entire outfit is zara. >> really? >> impressive. >> i bought it in about 30 minutes. >> shoes too? >> not the shoes. >> wow. >> i think people at home should see the shoes. >> slacks, shirt, sport coat. i had no idea. >> i love zara. a good thing. happy father's day. speaking of dapper guys. >> how was your dad's day? >> it was great because i had the day all to myself. my son is with his mother on
9:02 am
tour. so we facetimed in the morning. and i did a little shopping with my lady. how about you? >> well, let's throw it over to -- >> first of all, didn't you post a picture? i thought you posted a picture. >> yes, me and my little boy. there he is. >> he's so cute. how old is he? >> he's 7. >> our sons are the same age. i have a son who loves your book, by the way. i just thought about that. i didn't even bring that up earlier. it's a cute book. >> thank you very much. >> so for us, we kind of -- same thing. do you want the break or be all in with the kids? the night before father's day, i was exhausted. i gave my cousin money to go to the grocery store. i said, take the kids, whatever you want to buy. this is the food you're going to have during the week because they're home before camp starts. sunday morning we woke up and nobody opened the door. nobody woke us up. we're like, what is going on? it's because they went shopping. i open the door, there's like corn pops, pop tarts, chocolate oreos, all this food i've never purchased in my life. that's why we were able to sleep
9:03 am
in. so it was a great morning. we went to church 12:30. we went to lunch after church. my daughter made my husband a tie. he wore that all day. there it is. >> oh, that's so cute. >> she made that in sunday school. it was a good day. we played in the park. it was too humid for me. i went inside after that. it was good. >> it's so great, the gifts they make. i love that. >> what about you? >> it was a busy father's day weekend. my daughter courtney made a terrific dinner saturday night. sunday morning made a spectacular breakfast. >> must be nice. >> yeah, lucky. >> oh, my gosh. >> chef daughter. >> is this it? >> french toast, chicken apple sausage, fruit, orange juice, mimosas. >> that's applebee's. >> no, that's courtney bee's. >> that's impressive. >> she can throw down. my daughter decided she wasn't going to go to the prom and then
9:04 am
decided to go to the prom. so in the morning on saturday, we were upstate. i'd gotten a little inflatable boat. we were out on the boat. then she said, i want to go to the prom. so by 4:30 in the afternoon -- there are the kid. by 4:30 in the afternoon, we were back in the city. she was getting her hair done. i took her to pre-prom. >> awww. >> that's daddy of the year right there. >> you're a good dad. >> look how beautiful she looks. >> she just looks so spectacular. she had a great time. >> that's a good story. >> it is. >> interestingly enough, while we were -- while she was getting her hair done, i mentioned, by the way, tay diggs is going to be our co-host. she said, have you seen that picture of tay diggs? i said, what picture of tay diggs? well, robin had it on her phone. >> look at the ribbon. >> so the picture robin had didn't have that ribbon. so this is you taking a picture
9:05 am
of yourself -- >> happy father's day. i still got it. >> this is my question. so you're taking this picture. you're like, oh, wait, my butt's showing. tweet. so you knew your butt was showing. >> yeah, i have someone who works with me on my social media because i never -- i'm awful at it. i thought it was really funny. i didn't know it would garner the attention it did. >> oh, come on. >> i didn't. >> you just happened to take a selfie. oh, wait, my butt's in the mirror in the back. >> listen, you go on instagram and you see ladies -- like, people are doing some crazy stuff. >> sure. >> with a sexual background. this was just humor. >> i think it's funny. >> i've shown my behind in a myriad of films and television programs. i thought people would just -- and i'm silly. i'm a silly dude.
9:06 am
>> it's great. >> i had people texting me going, are you all right? are things all right? i've been doing my squats. >> no offense, but you could crack walnuts with that thing. i'm telling you. >> what? oh, you saw the actual picture. >> oh, yes. >> see, i've only see this. >> you ought to raise money for charity, doing the butt challenge. >> there you go. anybody want in on that? al, you can start. >> no, no. >> get up. >> well, i think it was funny. >> chocolate booty. >> well, speaking of -- i guess nothing is really a secret, but we wanted to see some secrets from the set. are you ready? >> that's right. we're going to dig deeper. >> no, we really are. >> here comes jerry. jerry normally has chaps on that don't have a back. >> let's see what you're working with, jerry. work it, work it, work it.
9:07 am
>> we're going to the popcorn, pull out a couple questions. >> a little music there playing. this says, you've had some steamy on-screen encounters -- see, so y'all have seen my behind. what's the secret to a great on-screen kiss? i would say chemistry, but you don't always need that. breath mints and to be able to kind of go with the flow. everybody kisses differently. the way a kiss looks on screen is different than it feels. you want to be able to look like you know what you're doing. >> do you get nervous? >> sure, sure. >> when you do this with the person, then do you talk about it after, or do you just change the subject because it's awkward? >> i've been doing this a while. it changes every experience. i just did a little something with this young lady. i had never met her before. no rehearsal. >> was it like a steamy kiss? >> it turned into one.
9:08 am
>> wait, whoa. >> so in other words, they call cut, you kept going. >> no, i never do that. only with you. but afterward it was like, wow. we both laughed about it because i'd never met the young lady. each experience is completely different. >> okay. >> how about one more? >> okay. let's open this up here. >> everybody's thinking, what would we do? that's awkward. >> rent is being dapted as an upcoming live tv production. how do you feel about someone else taking your role in this iconic show? i didn't know that. >> i didn't either. >> oh, wow. well, okay. >> on another network. >> you know what, i love it. it's a trip that i'm so old. it was a long time ago. >> you were benny. >> i was benny, yeah. and it was almost 20 years ago, right. >> it's been that long? >> seems impossible. >> i know, and i look like i
9:09 am
haven't aged. >> no, you look fantastic. >> it really trips me out. >> your butt's the same. let's do another. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> we read you're one of the voices in the upcoming "my little pony" big screen animation. what's the process for getting into character when you're playing a pony? >> first of all, i'm not playing a pony. i'm not a pony. any jokes about the pony horses, booties? no, no? i play a cat, a cool cat. >> i can see that. the hat and the glasses. >> the cat and the hat? there was a book about that, i think. >> that was good. >> doing ten different things at one time. it could be damaging your brain. we're going to tell you why after these messages. d i just rd this doesn't hurt at all. i can go on bike rides and have ice cream. i can drink beer now. i can have a beer and watch the game. sensodyne has become a part of my life. i don't have to worry about having that sensitivity.
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9:13 am
and everybody is beyonce twins crazy. >> nothing from beyonce. but here's the deal. several sources say beyonce and jay z have had their twins. "people" magazine shares s tha they shared with family members and friends. isn't it funny how we have all of the details but the two of them haven't said a word? >> it's crazy. i can't imagine what it must be like to be those two. >> jay z and beyonce? >> yes. i've had a bit of celebrity myself. and i'm -- like, i want him to be president. and i want -- i'm so obsessed. >> with the two of them? >> i am curious how they roll in life. >> i remember being in the newsroom. and i remember a shriek. breaking news. what's going on? it was the beyonce announcement
9:14 am
she's having twins. it rocked the newsroom. >> everybody went crazy. >> the country did. >> they're like america's couple, right? >> i think so. i can tell you that nbc has reached out for comment. >> you can give them advice on twins. >> what would i say. you have twins and you have a toddler. >> who needs attention. wait a machine, i wasn't banking on a two-for-one special. >> i was ready for one. >> what's going on? >> i think the best thing she can do with little blue ivy, or people come in. hope they come in with a gift for blue vooivy. >> i hope they can afford help. >> you think they're stretching. >> yeah. >> it's funny.
9:15 am
this is one of the things we joke about. multitasking when you're a parent. and we're doing many thing at the same time. there's a new study that says multitasking can damage your performance and damage your brain. >> that's scary. >> i feel is correct. >> don't you think at times you're forgetful. sometimes like new simers and you toforget things? >> what? >> you're doing so many things at once. but you're not doing one thing well? stanford researchers found mu i multitasking. we can't pay attention as well as people that do one thing at a time. >> my husband said that. >> my lady. why didn't you call? i was ready the newspaper and my phobe. i can focus to one thing, it's
9:16 am
not my fault. >> do you have your phone when you go to bed? >> i to not. i don't. and i get in trouble for it. >> not at night? >> you cut it off. >> you would think. but gigs come in. and then, l.a., at london time. >> you have your phone, don't you? >> i have it on the night stand but i use it as an alarm. >> i think i'll let them go for a couple of days. >> maybe we can. >> you think we can. >> all we need is weather. here's what we've got, strong storms from new england to the southeast. 60 million people at risk for the damaging storms, especially in the northeast. can't lrule out an isolated tornado or two. and an area that's going to
9:17 am
bring heavy rain from the east coast to the southeast. 41 million people at risk for flash flooding. one to two inches of rain falling through tomorrow. and mo. we have a thin layer ofqg7ñ fogt will help keep it fairlyaafj comfortable in san francisco. it wcl7y be warm areaingcadj83 for the north bay into the upper 90s again today. concord and the tri-valley. still very warm temperatures as well for the south bay, but not as hot as yesterday, our heat advisory continues now through >> that's your latest weather. coming up, it's the new star-studded movie with kirsten dunst and nicole kidman. and colin farrell. it's called "the beguiled."
9:18 am
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if you experience symptoms. or if you have an allergic reaction, with signs like rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take if you have severe liver or kidney problems or are on dialysis. taking with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the choice is yours. ♪ lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. kirsten dunst has appeared in some major hollywood productions. we cheered her an in the hit comedy, "bring it on." followed on her crazy ride as mary jane in "spider-man." and starring in the oscar-nominated film "hidden
9:22 am
figures." >> now, kirsten is in her new star-studded film, "the beguiled." >> tell me something, will you? it's okay. if you could have anything, what's your biggest wish? what's your biggest wish? if you could hav the world, what would it be?cc1: >> anything? >> yeah, anything. >> to be taken far from here. >> good morning. we were talking, "spider-man," bring it on. this is heavy. >> i had a lot of other films, for sure. >> let me tell you something. i was prepping for you. and everybody's buzzing. just the trailer of this movie. colin farrell, he's a wounded civil war soldier. is it a boarding school? >> it's a girls school. we bring in an enemy soldier.
9:23 am
and he manipulates all of us so he can stay, basically. >> we want to know the movie, not your fantasy. what's the gist of the film you're doing? >> the interesting thing, it teased us earlier. the movie was filmed in the same plantation as beyonce "lemonade" video. >> elle was angry. why didn't they tell us that. yes, we shot -- i'm sure beyonce did not stay at the hampton's inn where we stayed. >> what makes you say that? >> just a feeling. >> a guess. this was a remake of the 1971 clint eastwood film. it's different, right? this isn't necessarily a remake. >> no. it's told from the female perspective. and sofia went -- referenced more of the book rather than the older film. the older film was much more --
9:24 am
it was a little creepier in a way with the man and how he was with the young girls. and it was all from his side of the story. and this is completely different. >> how was it working with that heartthrob? >> colin? i was going to say, nicole? colin was so sweet. it was funny, he was the only one that was worried about the weight. the only scene that anyone's naked is colin. sofia was going to make a calendar. because there's shots of kalin, cutting down wood and wiping sweat from his brow. had a lot of sexy shots. >> once again, your fantasies. >> not just mine. but a lot of other people. >> there's a picture of my butt on the internet. >> i definitely have pictures, too. >> on that note. >> good morning. and you're newly engaged.
9:25 am
congratulations. >> for real? >> not my fantasy, man. >> sorry. >> kirsten dunst, thank you so much. "beguiled" from our sister company, focus features, opens up nationwide june 30th. up nationwide june 30th. one of ♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief.
9:26 am
9:27 am
uq;semite is open again, reopening this weekend following a big rock slide last week, but be very careful on thej3t roads look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm kari hall. it will be another really hot day for the inland valleys, up k]3 triple digits as o to concord.
9:29 am
the valley, the hottest day will be this thursday and slightly cooler for the weekend. what's happening on the roads. >> thinks+z,r[ are finally calm down after a burst of traffic. you see through san jose, the looking good. looking good. 101. that lasts you down to hil hillsdale.pso cf1 o look the zfdunbarton bridge, ing=ú&fñumñ more slowing. more local news4"nv coming for you in just a half hour,
9:30 am
kate walsh has appeared in nearly 70 tv shows and films. but you probably know her best for taking us on an emotional rollercoaster for eight years as dr. addison montgomery. on "grey's anatomy" and "private practice" where she steamed up the screen with our co-host, taye diggs. >> remember those days? what if you just cut to us and we're making out. >> when you sat down, we felt the chemistry. >> me, too. pretty palpable. it's electric. >> it is. yes, it is. >> we'll get to that. a different feeling, 13 reasons why on netflix. olivia barker, a mom dealing
9:31 am
with her daughter's suicide. we have a clip. >> we do not have a problem with bullying. >> why did that girl do it? >> that girl's name, is hannah. >> mrs. baker, it's so good to see you. we didn't know you would be joining us. >> well, i'm still a member of the school community, right? and if you want to know why, i suggest you ask your own children. >> ooh. >> kate, good morning. this is such a powerful show. and shines a light on something a lot of people don't want to talk about. >> yeah. that's true. it's been -- you know, i think when we -- when brian and tom mccarthy and i spoke, and they approached me about doing the show, one of the things they were all adamant about was trying to be a contribution to the culture and give voice to a
9:32 am
conversation, not only about suicide, about lgbtq issues, sexual assault, race issues. everything this show deals with. >> it also feels timely. a lot of people talk about the fact that we feel it. and now, the show's been picked up for a second season, right? >> yeah. >> without giving it away, where do we pick up? where do we find you in the episodes together? >> it's like being in shondaland, still. it we're under lock and key. the first season was based on the young adult novel, "13 reasons why" by jay asher. this goes off of h ththat. it explores all of the issues happening in season one. but just memory and people's -- different people's points of view. and how people remember things differently. what's truth and what is not. and there's still a big element of mystery there. >> good for you. >> it is. that's correct. >> these are issues that definitely need to be talked
9:33 am
about. well done. >> thank you, taye. >> and you make a turn to a movie called "girls night." >> "girl trip." i was shooting that at the same time. >> no way, seriously? >> yeah. i was going back and forth between new orleans and northern california, shooting mr. baker. >> queen latifah, jada pinkett, and you're in new orleans having a ball. >> tiffany haddish. >> regina. >> was it a blast? >> it was really fun. it was great. it was so fun. >> you like doing the raunchy comedy? >> yeah. >> is it freeing to do that? >> you like being raunchy? >> i love being raunchy. people look at me, they're like, raunchy? >> you two -- can i tell people -- when they sat down, i was like the third wheel. you're dressed alike. your shoes. >> you know what? >> this is our time. >> we can't help it. >> what was it like filming the
9:34 am
scenes you did on "private practice"? >> it was real. >> for taye, he got carried away. a lot of phone calls. taye, let's keep it easy. >> she was ignoring me. so silly. >> we did get over that. >> he put out a picture of his butt. >> she took it. >> it wasn't a selfie. she took the photo. right after this scene. all right, turn around. >> what i will say -- >> there it is. >> just a wisp. >> this is true. at the time, because i'm sociopath, i sort of detached. i'm with taye diggs doing a love scene. too much heat. it was only until after, i got to do love scenes with taye diggs. you know? we have weird crew people. >> way too much tongue.
9:35 am
way too much tongue. >> i'm very aggressive. >> i don't think you're embarrassing him. call it a hunch. >> my god. >> kate walsh. >> we have to come up with another role for you two. >> a spin-off here. "13 reasons why," -- now on netflix. >> we're not going to stop. "girls trip" from universal pictures in theaters july 21st. and a fish dish that's perfect for tonight's dinner. >> do you want to stand by? >> would you like to hang around while we make a fish dish? >> are you cooking? >> i'm in the kitchen. >> you should stay. >> do i have time? >> you ♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. nexgard kills fleas and ticks all month long. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. and that makes dogs and owners happy.
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9:39 am
the best tour of italy is the at olive garden. create your own tour of italy starting at $12.99. choose 3 of 9 of your favorites. and have everything you love all on one plate. create your own tour of italy for a limited time only at olive garden. uh-oh. >> what does that mean? >> it's going to be great. >> you got it? >> this week on "today food" summer-ready recipes. today, we're cooking up a light and healthy dish, perfect for a hot night together. >> oh, yes. i feel the heat. >> bill is the executive chef at
9:40 am
oceana here in new york. >> we're going to make a round in we're an arugula salad. >> i never met a flounder i didn't like. >> you know that flounder is fat here and thin here. >> don't judge. >> we're going to fold it up to make it all even. >> you fold it before you dredge. interesting. >> we're just going to do one side. we don't want to make it bready. you want it crispy. >> and you do the egg. >> then, it's classic after this, flour, egg, bread crumbs. >> that's what i do with my cutlets. i don't want to do it back to me. >> a sour dough bread crumbs is fine. they have them ready for you. >> for the cheaters like me? >> the cheaters like you. >> what kind of oil are you using? >> this is a regular vegetable oil. you want a neutral flavor for this dish. we're going to get it going. there's no sizzle, right? >> unlike the two of you. >> come on.
9:41 am
>> there is a lot of sizzle happening here. >> just right here. >> here. get it started. and we're going to pop it in the oven. >> pop it in the oven. i used to love when i watch this -- >> it ends up looking like that. >> yes. >> we keep it for several minutes. you want it to cook through. you get the flounder really crispy. and it won't dry out. just on this side because if you sear it on the other side, it will draw out the moisture and the other fish. >> i get it. i'm listening. hold on. you put it -- a high heat, 475? >> 450, 475. it takes about seven minutes or so. >> right. this will be a guess. >> see how crispy it comes out. we're going to have it just like this. and cook the other side for 30 seconds. it will be nice and moist. >> i would think you need to try both sides. >> not for this one, in particular. and the white fish -- i need a whisker here. >> could you use a fish for
9:42 am
this? >> cod official. lemon sole. we have some balsamic. red wine. a little chili flake. a fennel, and arugula salad. we have a microplane thing. this will mash the garlic up. >> i want to see. >> you don't want to cut -- >> very careful with these. >> about the salad, a lot of instruments we're going to cut ourselves with. let's go. let's whisk this thing. >> whisk it. >> like you mean it. >> that's what she said. it's a morning show. >> maybe could have used your butt for this. >> oh, my god. >> that's how he holds the whisk. >> here's what i'll say, the salad dressings are simple like this. >> and you can go to a shaker. we're going to make the salad. >> 30 seconds. >> we're going to shave it.
9:43 am
it says here, watch your fingers. the mandolin -- >> i have one at home. >> you can use a knife. we have arugula. we have the onion. got the fennel, batta bing. >> the salts. >> that's terrific. >> and the dressing is so simple. but it's so good. >> come over and try some. >> look at it. it's delicious and bready. >> you're like a team. >> crispiness. >> it's so pretty. >> i know. >> would you consider yourself a foodie? >> i would. >> bill, thank you so much. nice to see you. if you want the recipes go to all right. >> everybody cook. and everybody, yay. >> that was awkward.
9:44 am
this is where temperatures will be reaching near 100 degrees or be reaching neardegrees.rees or san francisco will be in the low 80s as we go through the week and for the fdoinland valley st triple digitjj'2aeratures throthursday. >> best cooking segment ever. coming up next, he became a big-time music star with hits like "i don't want to be." now, gavin mcgraw kicking off a now, gavin mcgraw kicking off a su nearly fifty years at of experiencety, has taught us that we're not so different. we all want to be healthy humans. we all want strong bodies for our families, who we love... most of the time. the drive to whip up a gourmet dinner... or order out, and destroy the evidence. and healthy hearts to pursue our passions, celebrate friends' victories... and endure their endless victory dances. we get it, you're good at bowling.
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the citi double cash card. double means double. the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we're excited to have grammy-nominated multiplatinum musician gavin mcgraw today. he burst on to the scene with his debut album "chair litem." >> now, gavin is out with his fifth album and about to kick off his gavin degraw tour. >> you're getting a preview when he hits our stage in about two seconds. good morning. >> kicking the tour off in cleveland in august. what are people going to be seeing? >> we call it the gavin degraw raw tour.
9:49 am
it will be a shipped down version. not a boring version. >> love it. >> you're so talented. thank you for in a, man. gavin degraw." ♪ sometimes when i lie awake at night ♪ ♪ i think about how far we made it together ♪ ♪ we are wild i knew we would always be ♪ ♪ and maybe that's all part of find iing ♪ ♪ even if it breaks your heart even if it tears your world apart ♪ ♪ still you keep holding on
9:50 am
something's worth saving ♪ ♪ all our hopes and fears may get tangles but love's sincere ♪ ♪ so we keep holding on to something worth saving ♪ ♪ even if it breaks your heart ♪ my hopes they only align with yours ♪ ♪ they're only as big as we both dare to make them ♪ ♪ for love if i had a thousand lives ♪ ♪ i'd find you a thousand times you know i'd come back again ♪ ♪ oh, even if it breaks your heart ♪ ♪ even if it tears your world
9:51 am
apart ♪ ♪ still, you keep holding on if something's worth saving ♪ ♪ all of our hopes and fears they may get tangled ♪ ♪ but love's sincere so, we keep holding on ♪ ♪ to something worth saving even if it breaks your heart ♪ ♪ how good it could be i knew it would be somehow ♪ ♪ and i know now that it is who could imagine ♪ ♪ with all that's happened the names the fights ♪ ♪ the insanely long nights and i'm standing on top of the
9:52 am
world ♪ ♪ yeah and when the dust settles ♪ ♪ you're standing right with me 'cause ♪ ♪ even if it breaks your heart even if it tears your world apart ♪ ♪ still you keep holding on if something's worth saving ♪ ♪ all of our hopes and fears they may get tangled ♪ ♪ but love's sincere so we keep holding on ♪ ♪ to something worth saving even if it breaks your heart ♪ [ applause ] >> yeah. >> gorgeous. fantastic. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> wonderful. >> that was fantastic. gavin degraw, thanks so much.
9:53 am
>> the gavin degraw raw tour, cleveland, ohio. >> we're back in a minute. this is "today" on nbc. this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you, how far should pure alpine spring water this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you, have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
9:54 am
how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
9:55 am
big thanks to taye diggs. you're coming back tomorrow. >> oh, you are? >> hey. >> this man -- i was walking in the building this morning. this man holds open the door for me. >> she woke up like this. >> chivalry is alive and well
9:56 am
good morning i'm kari hall. temperatures are very hot today and you're feeling them warm up throughout the morning. we're up to 101 today in concord. livermore upper 100s there.
9:57 am
93 in palo alto. half moon bay, san francisco 83, and highs in the upper 90s today. now as we get a update on the roadways let's check in with mike. >> a smoother, easier drive for most of the bay. it looks like it might be clearing but we have slowing north 280. reports of a car fire at the onramp. it is not affecting lanes of 280, it is a distraction for the activity. an earlier fire just off of the freeway, activity still there around lake herman road. back to you. >> thank you, very much. right now, the heat that sir cased the bay area this weekend knocked out power to thousands of customers. the power surge from so many air conditioners running on high likely playing a key roll on that. the number is now down do 2,000
9:58 am
customers still without power. find the latest updates on our twitter feed. and in london, authorities are investigating the latest terror attack. a man plowed his van into a crowd of people. we're back in 30.
9:59 am
10:00 am
hey, everybody, it's fun day monday. it's june 19. that's gone girl by -- hoda and i are so excited. one reason to come to work on a monday morning is two words. >> adriana is one of our favorite people on the earth. she's got a book that i'm in love with right now. >>


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