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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 20, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thousands are sweating out a dangerous heat wave. we )re in a )microclimate weath ert ) as temperatures spike. and the taking a toll on our power grid. ==show open== ==sam/2shot== good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i )m sam brock. ==kris/2shot== and i )m kris sanchez. a )flex alert ) will be in efft for the entire state starting in about 3 hours... it )s a specifc call to action for all of us as too many air conditioners draw power at the same time. ==kris//live== let )s take you outside to fremont -- where temperatures are expected to hit 93. just one of the hot spots in the bay area. ==kris/take boxes== we have team coverage on the heat wave. and we start with meteorologist kari hall. kari -- the heat continues to bake the bay area. ==sam//fiber 19== the main concern today is keeping people cool, which is a
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in solano county and the central valley, that has been extended until friday. so our temperatures now already making it into the upper 80s for the inland valleys, while the coastline is now in the upper 60s. we have some low 70s but still going to see those high temperatures in the triple digits for concord, livermore and morgan hill. san jose will see a high today of 96 degrees, so still really hot. we'll talk about how long this lasts and we have not yet reached the peak of the heat.
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more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, thank you so much. of course, the main concern today is just trying to keep folks cool which is a problem when there's no power. here's a look right now at the pg&e power outage map showing you where in the bay area we're seeing the largest number of outages. right now it's actually down to 100,000 pg&e homes and businesses without power. that has peaked since over 12,000 earlier today. places like walnut creek and fremont, those are new numbers just into our newsroom within the last three minutes or so. we have been reporting those rolling outages, though, throughout the morning. pete joining us from walnut creek. pete, the outages really have been disruptive today. traffic lights go out, businesses affected and a lot of people really uncomfortable. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. we've seen a number of those rolling power outages throughout the east bay this morning. energy has just been restored here at this shopping center in
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the past hour, but the cause for this power outage was for a different reason. let's show you what the cause is. it's that tree limb you're looking at now in walnut creek. that messed with power lines early this morning, knocking out power in this neighborhood. no word on whether this is heat related. when it gets hot, the trees pull in as much water as they can, and then they can't release it quickly enough through those leaves, so they eventually snap. this led to thousands of people losing power in this area of walnut creek, including businesses at this popular shopping center i just showed you. and while this power outage was caused by a tree collapsing on some wires, there is that flex alert, like the guys just mentioned, causing people to conserve energy while we endure this heat wave over the next few days. i talked to the owner of the shopping center about the importance of preserving energy. >> i just open up the house early in the morning and worry
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about it throughout the day. >> it's going to be over 100 degrees like in a third of the u.s. so everybody stay cool. >> reporter: now, as far as that flex alert that was issued by the california independent operator, it is voluntary and it asks people over the next few days to set their thermostat to 78 degrees or higher or turn it off while they're away. also draw the drapes and use fans. use major appliances in the late morning or early evening. that alert is in place for today and tomorrow, and it lasts between 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. we're live in walnut creek, nbc news. earlier this week pg&e did warn of potential power outages, especially on thursday when temperatures are at their hottest. download the nbc bay area app to stay ahead of the heat. we'll keep you alert on power outages if and when they pop up.
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we'd like to give you breaking news. this is a car that crashed into the 85 degrees cafe in berkeley a short time ago. you see fire personnel and first responders on scene there. a witness tells one of our reporters that the car actually swerved over a divider in the road and then crashed into the cafe. we're told all of this happened about 10:15 this morning at that store on university avenue near ox ford street. we're told right now that there were some minor injuries in that crash. we do have calls out to investigators. we'll be bringing you more information later in this newscast. google's next takeover plan could involve downtown san jose. city leaders maya prove a mega complex right next to the city center. it might produce jobs but there is some pushback. bob, i live in san jose and folks are already talking about the traffic situation, whether or not we have the schools and the band width for google. >> reporter: correct. good morning to you, chris. that city council meeting later
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this afternoon will be key in determining whether google will be able to build its so-called googleplex on land behind me in the sap center just beyond our camera position. at 1:30 this afternoon, those councilmembers will vote on whether or not to enter into direct negotiations with google to sell several city-owned lots in the area like the fire training center, the idea they would be selling it at fair market value with no city subsidie subsidies. they are looking to develop acres into office space, a project that is estimated to create 20,000 jobs. google has reportedly already bought a number of parcels from private landowners nearby, but there are concerns about a project of this magnitude. yesterday several community groups, including silicon valley rising, delivered a letter to the mayor's office expressing their worry that the googleplex will squeeze out low income
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workers and drive up housing kots costs. the mayor said the city already plans to build more housing units regardless of the googleplex project, and if approved, would take more than a decade to build out. bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> all right, we will wait and see. thank you so much, bob. 11:07 right now. after seeing some people scaling a neighbor's roof, homeowners called police and that dramatic moment played out earlier in fremont as police surrounded the neighborhood looking for two burglary suspects. we brought you this as live korj at 4:30 this morning in the bay. it all started about 2:00 a.m. while you were sleeping. a resident called police about somebody breaking into a neighbor's home. when police arrived, they did find two men running on the roof of a house there. one them was captured quickly but it took a few hours to run down the other suspect. they're trying to figure out how
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many homes the suspects burglarized. so many questions still today about what happened to an american student while imprisoned in north korea. 22-year-old adam warmbier died yesterday afternoon at a city hospital. doctors said he had brain damage. he was in a coma for more than a year after he took a sleeping pill while fighting botulism, a type of food poisoning. doctors in illinois found no evidence of botulism. the president talks about his passing today. >> a lot of bad things happened, but at least we got him home to be with his parents where they were so happy to see him, even though he was in very tough condition, but he just passed away a little while ago. it's a brutal regime, and we'll be able to handle it. >> north korea sentenced
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warmbier to 15 years of hard labor after he allegedly took a propaganda poster off a wall. the chinese tour company that took warmbier and other students to north korea says it will no longer take americans there. the white house right now holding a press conference. it is the first on-camera briefing since june 12. the question of the hour coming into this, would sean spicer be at the podium? the answer is yes. there he is. this is a live look right now at the white house briefing room. there were reports leading up to this that spicer might be leafi leaving his position for a behind-the-scenes post. he talked about tax reform and health care reform. he did not, at least initially, address his role right now. spicer has been performing the communication director's duties since that person in the role resigned last month. there are reports spicer might switch to the position full-time. here's what he said about all of that just a few minutes ago when he was asked about his future at the white house.
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>> but look, it's no secret we've had a couple vacancies, including our communications instructor who has been gone awhile. we've been seeking input for ideas they may have. i don't think it should come as any surprise that we've been meeting with them. but we always look for ways to articulate the president's message and agenda and we'll continue to have those discussions internally. when we have an announcement of a personal nature, we'll let you know. >> kind of a wry smile there from sean spicer. he has conducted off-camera gaggles with reporters in recent weeks. but again, he hadn't been on camera in a month after rumors swirled about a shake-up. a look at the new ken dolls you might see in stores and how things have changed. plus, it is probably the most closely watched special election in recent years. it is certainly the most expensive congressional one. the reason this race in georgia could be a preview of changes to come in washington. plus, new details on a fatal
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tesla crash. we have the data. we'll tell you all about it coming up in business news. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here.
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the n-t-s-b has opened up the files of that terrible crash of a tesla in florida last year. that crash killed the driver. =sam/anim= scott mcgrew.. investigators had already concluded: he wasn )t paying attention. take pkg outcue: kris and sam trt: 1.05
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when its tesla drove straight into the side of a truck back in may of 2016. now, the ntfc had already ruled that brown was not paying attention at the time, exoner e exonerating tesla. but investigators just opened that document up to the public. more than 500 pages so we can see what was inside. there are new pictures of the car after the accident, and more importantly, we have the raw data from the tesla centers. on the left side there, you can see those repeated warnings that were sent to the dashboard, the tesla alerting him his hands were not on the steering wheel. tesla has, since the accident, made several changes to its auto pilot system, switching from a camera based system to a radar based system. and, more importantly, if you ignore those warnings to touch the steering wheel, the car will now turn the auto pilot off. chris and sam? >> all right. thank you very much.
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move over, barbie, because ken is stealing you're spotlight after a major makeover. m mattel is unveiling a variety of skin tones, including a man bun. ken will now come in slim, broad and original. but you still won't find ken with an extra few pounds or love handles. mattel is hoping kids will love a more diverse ken. they are on sale now. self-driving cars are certainly the future and the dmv is jumping on board. you can now find an autonomous vehicle accident report on the website. you'll find the paperwork you need to file in case you are in an accident that involves a self-driving car. what is down to the wire now and has become the most expensive congressional race ever, never mind a special
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election. the real person on the ballot may actually be the president himself. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: this morning the most expensive house race ever coming down to the wire. how has the last 24 hours been? >> exciting. there is huge energy here. >> reporter: democrat jon ossoff pulling neck and neck with republican karen handel, the gop stro stronghold. >> there are many people concerned about the white house and the integrity. >> our way of apologizing for not paying attention and just assuming that everything would be okay. and now we're awake. >> reporter: the president tweeting his support for handel, who is slamming ossoff for living just outside the sixth district, and for his out of
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state donors. >> a squirrel is going to get a decent amount of the vote if he has $30 million behind him. >> i know she's a true conservative, and i know she stands for family values. >> reporter: the last-minute push coming after a fringe political action committee released its stunning ads, telling ossoff supporters of last week's shooting at a public baseball practice. >> now the unhinged left is endorsing shooting lepp carepub. when will it stop? it won't if jon ossoff wins on tuesday. >> i think ossoff is tied tie lot of extreme liberal folks. they're the ones that have been funding this campaign. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. that official did add that he did not want to pull aside last week's shooting, but this campaign really has started bizarre at times. just last week, handel herself
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said a threatening letter and a suspicious white powder was sent to her house. the fbi is investigating that incident. happening now, the fight to contain fires in southern california continues this morning, and now evacuations are under way in big bear. the so-called holcomb fire is now at 950 acres this morning. it is only 10% contained. the fire started during the heat wave california is experiencing from where we are all the way down south. the cause of the fire, though, is unknown at this point. another word from the former governor. new at 11:00, former governor arnold schwarzenegger is once again going after president trump's decision to pull out of the climate deal. schwarzenegger said it's not a public issue but a people issue. while the president may not support the paris deal, he says the people of america will. >> one man who will not stop our progress. one man who will not bring back the dirty energy of the past,
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and one man will not defeat us. we will succeed. we will win. and we will create a future for our children and grandchildren that we can be proud of. >> schwarzenegger says that going green will ultimately create jobs of the future and grow the economy and will not slow it down as climate change de denyers have been claiming. chris, we've all done those hot shots of things in the car. >> i've never done that. >> come on, you've done it. you've never taken a thermome r thermometer -- >> no. not on eggs. >> they fried bacon and biscuits on the dashboard of the car. they say it took about four hours, but they claim it cooked nicely and that the bacon was crispy -- very important -- and that the biscuits were fluffy.
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if you lose power, i guess you could try to cook in your own car. i've never done that, but i have hardly done any live shots for weather. >> and guess what? when it's cold outside, you can store your food out there, too. >> there you go. there you go. >> a refrigerator and an oven at the same time different parts of the year. sign of the times, though. it is really hot. >> yes, it is, and you really do have to be careful out there, especially in the central valley, solano county. that's where we have the excessive heat warnings in effect. and we have a heat advisory in effect over the south bay area. taking a live look from mt. hamilton, we see the clear blue skies and the view from berkeley where the temperature is now 72 degrees. not bad. in concord we're starting to warm up. we're in the low 80s now and it's only morning. we'll continue to see those temperatures going up. fairfield we're 87 degrees
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there. 82 in san jose and 72 in oakland and palo alto. we'll keep some cooler temperatures along the coast, but then look at the south bay. still going to see some triple digit temperatures from morgan hill, also down to gilroy. for the east bay, we're up to 104 degrees in antioch, hayward 83 degrees. fremont, 94 degrees, so still warm. we'll see those temperatures stay in the mid-60s for the bay. now the forecast on the bottom of the screen, you'll see we'll reach the peak of our heat on thursday. san francisco up to 73 degrees in the mission district while 103 in lovado today. a nice little breeze kicking in. a breezy wind in san francisco. it might feel a little bit cooler, then look how high those winds pick up. at 6:30 this evening, we have sustained winds at 24 miles an
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hour. only in san francisco and along the coastline. and that's why we do have the heat adviseory still in effect for all these areas away from the winter bay. the breeze will cool us down and we'll have some really hot temperatures, so make sure you stay hydrated and if you do have to stay outside, keep a cool towel on your neck and take frequent breaks. we talked about the hot car. there is, of course, a danger the there. never leave your pets or children inside the car. only reaching the low 70s with breezy winds picking up. this dangerous heat continues over the next several days and it even starts to warm up in san francisco as that fog rolls away. we'll be cooling down in time for the weekend. inland areas much slower to cool. we'll see those highs this weekend up to 89 degrees. we'll have more on this coming up later. >> thank you, kari. >> what happened when firefighters got to the ghost
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ship warehouse fire? a new 50-page report reveals new information on that, and what's particularly concerning is how firefighters say people outside the building were reacting as firefighters arrived. we'll tell you what the report says, next. but first, happening right now, east bay attorney pamela price is announcing her candidacy for alameda county district attorney. if that name sounds familiar, that is because price represented jasmine boosland at the center of that police scandal but left the case late last year without giving a reason. also, san francisco mayor ed lee is having a grand opening on the grounds of sfo, a 550-room hotel right next to the terminal but will be connected to all terminals via air train so you can get there and back without taking an uber. the hotel is expected to open in mid-2019. we'll be back in two minutes. tragedy in oakland -- chilling
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new detals are emerging about the ghost ship fire literally severen montn monr the tragedy in oakland, chilling news is emerging about the ghost ship fire. what happened when firefighters entered that warehouse and where they found the bodies. 26 people died. karen sweeney has more from oakland. >> reporter: the report by federal and local officials says at first firefighters had no idea how many people were inside
11:27 am
the warehouse or that it was the site of a concert that night, or there were so many flammable objects scattered inside the two-story building that had been turned into a living compound. the report said, when firefighters arrived, quote, nobody seemed excited or distraught. jennifer bury represented several of the families of survivors. >> having to read the report is how tragic and horrific these deaths were. >> reporter: firefighters entering the building soon were blinded by smoke. had to follow their hoses to find their way out. they went back in a while later, but the report said the fire flashed out the south side and three windows blew out. at this point they pulled out and went defensive. 25 bodies were found on the top fl floor, 20 on the bottom floor. >> we're suing the tenant and owners and the others that worked on the electrical equipment. >> reporter: primary tenant
11:28 am
derek almeta and max harris who put together the concert are charged with involuntary manslaughter for putting together the fire trap. >> as far as a cause, several possibilities are listed including faulty wiring, a cigarette and a candle. but that report says an exact cause will never be known because the area where the fire started was completely destroyed. chris, you know, staying cool in class is an especially challenging thing when the air-conditioning is not holding up to the heat. that seems kind of appropriate on a day like this when we have reported on all these power outages, but for students in the campbell high school district, being cool and staying cool getting just a little bit easier. the district is making huge strides in overhauling its outdated heating systems. they are about halfway finished meeting that system for its schools. the timeline at this point is for next may. in the near future sh, high school students in california
11:29 am
will always have a backup option of what schools they get into. this is a new deal and a new state budget where all applicants who qualify for cal state admission will be admitted to at least one school. qualified students are turned away every single year because the school or schools they apply to are full. the cal state system has until next may to have a redirection policy for students who are not accepted to their top choice. >> that's a lot of students to juggle. hopefully they can figure it out. >> if you achieve a certain level of performance, you should be able to go to the school of your choice. >> i'm just saying i wouldn't want that job. that's a tough job. we'll be tracking the microweather alert. kari will be back on those rising temperatures and how long they will last. also, of course the heat having an adverse effect on flights. the reason these planes were grounded. hey, folks, before we get a break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. let's go to your waze app either
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on iphone or android. in the bottom right-hand corner there will be a magnifying glass. click on that ask then put your name in the top. go down to team and pick nbc bay area wazers. back after this.
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>> just when we thought we were out of the heat, it's here for the next few days. >> kari, how long is this going to last? you said thursday, right? >> yeah, at least until thursday. take a look at how hot it was yesterday, and some of the
11:33 am
hottest spots we had around the bay area, brentwood got up to 110 degrees. in alamo, 106. walnut creek, 103 and morgan hill got up to 103. los altos, 110. if you can, take a short drive to somewhere a little cooler. like ocean beach, 69 degrees. that's the temperature right now. we have some sunshine. looking now at morgan hill, one of those spots where it got over 100 degrees yesterday and heading there again today. but we're doing good as far as our temperatures now. we're still in the low 70s for much of the inner bay, and we're at 69 degrees for san francisco. livermore and fairfield starting to warm up there. we're in the upper 80s. and it will continue to heat up as we go into early afternoon. we'll be up to 103 in concord, livermore 102, morgan hill 100 and palo alto will see a high of 90 degrees today. a little bit of a breeze may
11:34 am
help them out along the coast but no relief inland. we'll talk about the peak of the heat on thursday. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, it has been awfully tough. thank you. with this heat advisory in effect, people scrambling just trying to keep cool. your best bet, of course, air-conditioning, if it's working. we spoke to some repair shops that said the phones have been ringing off the hook recently. at one shop no one is asking how much the service will cost, they're just asking when can you get to my house and fix the ac. >> it probably started last week and we started getting a lot of estimate calls, and then it started turning into more -- people started buying right off the bat. >> last night got up to about 92 inside the household. we're just thankful to be back up and cooling off. >> gosh, 92 at night. and, of course, you can deal with that if your ac unit is working. if you do not have an ac at home, head to a mall, a movie theater, or there are also cooling centers set up throughout the bay area.
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>> remember, don't set it too low after 3:00 because there is a flex alert. we have to conserve power. temperatures not so hot in arizona, would you believe. american airlines cancelling more than 40 flights in and out of phoenix. actually, it is that hot. air density changes are making it harder for planes to take off, so if kwlyou're traveling, call ahead. download the nbc bay area app to get updates on your phone. it's free and you'll get personalized forecasts from where you live. it's just a stuffed animal but it symbolizes so much pain and tragedy inside this apartment. police say this is where a father killed his 18-month-old son and 6-year-old daughter before killing himself. a north bay neighborhood right now absolutely stunned after getting word about this horrific incident that happened on father's day. nbc has more from santa rosa.
11:36 am
>> reporter: police are looking for clues as to why a father would kill his 6-year-old daughter, a son and then himself. they said they seemed like happy kids. >> they were happy, they rode their bikes, and he was good to their kids, it seemed. >> very well adjusted and cute as a bug. the little girl was really super sweet. >> reporter: they moved in about six months ago. some heard him fighting with his estranged wife, and lately the handyman seemed tense. >> the police have been here off and on, and he was always really good with the kids, though. he was a nice person. >> reporter: kamara was in a custody dispute with his wife. police say he dropped the kids off for a court-ordered visit sunday. their mom came to get them and
11:37 am
she couldn't find them. police found their bodies inside. julia is angry. a mother will never see her children again. >> now she has to feel guilty the rest of her life because she listened to what the court order said. i'm very upset about that. >> police not saying how the children died. their father was found in the bedroom where he hanged himself. another person was arrested in berkeley for allegedly trying to give a child some sort of substance to drink. it happened just one week after a woman was arrested for giving a child meth at people's park. berkeley reports that a mother who said a man appeared unstable and tried to give her son what he claimed was water and honey. it happened last week at oblone park. the man is now being treated at
11:38 am
a psychiatric hospital. it's a police event and convention. police are gathering at a key city council votes. members are considering whether to allow the police officers to remain part of this urban shield training program. urban shield involves four drills in september, using police from all over the bay area. they also use federal grant money to cover the cost of training. happening today, opponents of a jail expansion plan to gather ahead of the supervisor's meeting. supervisors already greenlighted expanding the richmond county detention center. the board will hold a final vote on that funding today. developing story right now. back to the nation's capitol. new controversy today over the republicans' push to overhaul health care. it's one of the most important pieces of legislation of the trump presidency to date. this represents one-sixth of the
11:39 am
u.s. economy. and with gop lawmakers crafting it in secret, democrats staged an overnight protest on capitol hill. kristin rocker has more. >> reporter: overnight democrats staging a controversy on the democrat floor. senate minority leader chuck schumer accusing republicans of securing a deal. >> the republicans are crafting a bill in the darkness because they're ashamed of it. >> obamacare is collapsing around us and the american people are desperately searching for relief. >> reporter: democrats taking turns tearing into the gop. >> i say to the republican leadership, what are you afraid of? bring that bill out! >> there is no markup, there is no committee hearing, it's just 13 dudes. >> if this bill is as wonderful as its proponents would like us
11:40 am
to believe, it would be out in the open. >> reporter: republicans under fire after promising to repeal and replace obamacare for eight years. the biggest sticking point? medicaid. conservatives want to spend less while moderates want more coverage for low-income families. adding pressure, the president telling republicans that the bill is mean because of its limited coverage after he addressed legislation in the rose garden. >> this is a real plan, this is a great plan. >> reporter: still, the white house trying to keep the focus on health care and the rest of the agenda with the russian probe looming large. coming up, we're tracking that heat wave still gripping the bay area. kari will have the forecast soon. >> while you're sweating it out, how about a look at heavenly right now. it's even going to be warm in the sierras with a chance of thunderstorms. i'll talk about that and what we'll feel here in the bay area, coming up next. many of us have been feeling a bumpy ride in some places,
11:41 am
kari, but just as the potholes get filled from the winter rains, another issue on the road. the impact the heat is having on the pavement. on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people.
11:42 am
pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
11:43 am
the year in san francisco. city hall is light up -- in rainbow lights because pride week is officially here it is the most colorful week of the year in san francisco. city hall lit up right now in rainbow lights, because pride week is officially here. >> that is awfully beautiful, and to ring it all in, mayor ed lee and minority leader nancy pelosi raising the lgbtq flag
11:44 am
yesterday. the pride march is this sunday. it draws visitors from around the world. flags are already lining market street. in this particular climate than ever, it is more important to be seen, to educate and to fight for lrkgbtq rights. >> we need to have it all covered in every category, but now to include the lgbtq community. it can be done. >> this marks the first pride since the passing of the rainbow flag designer himself, gilbert baker. cracking from the heat. imagine the high temperatures causing problems for highways and sidewalks. >> west sacramento's caltrans crews responded to three different pavement issues on highway 50 just since sunday. the road had started buckling. the lanes had to be shut down twice. the sidewalks are even cracking.
11:45 am
caltrans says the issue is caused by the wet winter and now the extreme temperatures which caused movement and breakage. >> we had an extremely wet winter, so that created some conditions, a lot of moisture in the soil, and now we're having high temperatures. and we're not even in summer yet, so we don't know what mother nature will bring. >> this part of highway 50 is said to get transportation funding that governor brown approved earlier this year, it will get better, but first it gets worse before it gets better. >> that's irritating, because how much damage has been done to your car already by driving through hose potholes. >> you had a hole in your tire. >> my tire had to be replaced f and realignment. now the sidewalks are buckling. >> it's crazy because of all the heat. now we know we've gone from one extreme to another. it's the first day of summer today. can you believe it? it's been summer for a long time here. 87 degrees right now in the tri-valley. it's 75 degrees right in the
11:46 am
middle of the screen looking at the peninsula. and the south bay 82 degrees, while 72 in the east bay. looking live at fremont, san francisco feeling a nice little breeze there, 65. 82 in the north bay. we have a wide range in temperatures. let me show you where we're headed for the south bay today. it will be in the low 90s for san jose while in the triple digits for the south county. we are dealing with some high heat here. up to 104 in antioch. 101 in pleasanton and fremont, expect a high of 91 degrees today. at the bottom of the screen, you see there is not much relief here even as we head into the weekend. we're going to be up to 89 degrees in belmont today. engleside 60 degrees, a nice little breeze there and santa rosa, a high of 94 degrees today. if you do have to get outside, it's best to try to plan your
11:47 am
activities very early in the morning or very late in the evening. if you do have to be out there, drink lots of water even if you don't feel thirsty. another tip, keep a cool pack or wet towel on your neck. take lots of breaks out there. it's not a time to get in your workout during the middle of the day. we also say to check the backseat. beat the heat. never leave your pet or child in a hot car as temperatures can go up very quickly 30 degrees. actually, outside in oakland, it will be in the upper 60s in time for the first pitch for the astros game and the a's later this evening, and we'll have some lower 60s with breezy winds later on tonight. as we head into the weekend, we are going to see some cooling and temperatures dipping about 10 to 20 degrees between sunday and early next week. well, if you do have plans to head to the sierra, we still see the snow-capped mountains. here is a live look out there right now in kirkwood, and our
11:48 am
temperatures in the next few days melting more of the snow each day, our highs reaching into the upper 70s and lower 80s. in san francisco, we're going to start seeing that fog rolling back in this afternoon into the evening, and that keeps it nice and cool. but then once that fog rolls back out, we'll have warming temperatures even for san francisco while the valleys will catch no break whatsoever. up to 106 degrees on thursday, and then friday looking at some upper 90s next week. that's when we're talking about the heat starting to break down. looking at a difference of 105 tomorrow to 85 degrees early next week. we are going to slowly see our temperatures returning to normal for the middle of snex wenext wt it takes a long time for that to happen. it seems like this heat can't get out of here soon enough. dangerous in the pool. the new tool that can help save your family's life. i want to show you how to
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stray "voltage" could be seeping into lakes and pools from nearby sources... boats, docks, p new this morning, a new warning about pools and lakes. voltage could be seeping into boats, docks, pool lights, anything that conducts electricity, and it's invisible and extremely dangerous. >> that is awful, awful concerning. the second you come into contact with this, you could be shocked and killed, and it was impossible to tell what was happening until now. nbc's jeff rossen shows us how to check if your pool is safe to swim in. >> reporter: panicked moments in new jersey.
11:52 am
>> apparently there's an electrical cord. >> reporter: this 11-year-old girl swimming in a lagoon with her friends over the weekend suddenly shocked with electricity, after touching the railing of this boat lift. she later died. >> very sad. i mean, i was overtaken. >> reporter: police say there was stray voltage. also this weekend in ohio, a 19-year-old electrocuted in this marina. he didn't make it, either. but most of these actions happen in swimming pools. watch this five-year-old girl swimming in a pool in florida. the second she touches the rail, she's shocked and goes limp, her father quickly pulling her to safety. >> there was something in the water! >> reporter: her brother also shocked by the railing. left in the water for 15 seconds before he's pulled out, too. luckily they both survived. why does this keep happening? why is there electricity in a pool or lake? >> there is all sorts of power around a pool. outlets, lights, pumps.
11:53 am
any one of those that are miswired or a loose wire. there could be a loose wire around that light right now and there is voltage in the water, you would never know. you can't see it. that's why they call electric shock the silent killer. >> reporter: frank velasty and a team of electrical engineers created this product called shock alert. late monday night, we tried it out. this is it right here. >> that's it. >> reporter: it's pretty small. >> yep. >> it runs on batteries? >> three aa batteries. throw it in the pool. >> i have to walk around the entire pool? >> yes. >> why? >> if there's any voltage in the pool, it will help detect. if it's a small amount, it will touch the edge. >> if it flashes green, what does that mean?
11:54 am
>> it's good. >> reporter: but now for the real test. can it find electric currents. they purposely turned up the voltage and sticking the wire in the water. so we have the electrical wire in the water right now. we know there is electricity in here right now. >> dangerous amount of voltage in the water right now. >> reporter: you're saying the alarm should go off. >> it will absolutely go off. >> reporter: you're confident. >> confident. >> reporter: already beeping red. ask it's loud. >> it's loud to make sure people stay out of the water. >> reporter: i want to walk it all the way down to the end of the pool because it's fascinating how fast voltage travels. we put that electrical cord in a minute or two ago. it's still beeping red all the way to the end of the pool. this is how dangerous voltage is. this is designed to save lives. >> designed to save lives. >> if you detect a current in your pool, immediately shut
11:55 am
everything off, the filters, the jets, the lights, everything. plus if you have a pool, you should have an electrician come out and inspect it before you start the season, which is right now, to make sure everything is ground and had there are no loose wires. more tips posted on our website. >> we'll be back with more news after this. thanks so much for joining us.
11:56 am
11:57 am
our next newscast is at five. keep plenty of water with you today. >> find any more information on
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. just saying, you don't understand the pressures that are going to come with all of this. i'm going to get emotional. the pressures that i feel about being a black woman and what that is and how -- i don't want to talk about it. >> there you saw real honest moment rachel lindsay breaking down over what she says is the pressures of being the first african-american bachelorette. we're five episodes in, an we're finally having that conversation about race and it was front and center last night. >> i know. i kind of wondered when she was going to go there and when, and why at this point of the season what led her to sort of have this moment. because the rose ceremonies are getting reand


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