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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, the heat wave has gone from dangerous to deadly. this first sunset of the summer is leading to a warning tonight about the heat on the way. the news at 1:00 starts right now. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> tomorrow will be day six of triple digits and the heat has already turned deadly. time lapse views around the bay area show clear skies as we brace for hotter temperatures tomorrow.
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meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking another spike on the way. >> it looks like we'll be in the 101 to 110 degree category tomorrow. today, it was as warm as 10 in brentwood, 105 in danville and concord 104. thursday hot high pressure moves directly on top of the bay area. that brings us the hottest weather of the week. right now, even with the sun setting, temperatures are running from 10 to 12 degrees warmer across the interior valleys putting the hottest temperatures in the mix for con tran kosta county. concord toward dublin and back into livermore. a sample of how things will progress, you can see at 9:00 a.m., a sweltering 84 degrees. once we hit 1:00 p.m., 101, and 106 by 3:00 p.m. we're tracking who hits 107
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coming up at 11:25 and most importantly, when we cool down. the heat has claimed lives. two people died of heat related issues in the south bay this week and a third death is under investigation. we're in san jose with a warning ahead of tomorrow's highs, jean. >> reporter: county officials want you and everyone to know facilities like this community center senior centers and libraries will all be open tomorrow and they are great places to go in and cool off. officials don't want another family to lose a loved one to the heat. >> we are shocked. >> she and her neighbors are shocked. an 87-year-old woman on their block in south san jose died from heat related illness. the county corner says she died monday. her son didn't want to talk on camera but says his mother was cleaning up the garden and didn't come inside to cool off despite his encouragement. he found her dead outside that
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afternoon into we were surprised because she's always out in the morning watching, sweeping off the path and everything. so sad she didn't come in. >> reporter: county health officials say exposure to high temperatures is dangerous and can cause hyperthermia. >> that's when your body is not able to regulate heat and your core temperature goes very high. high enough such that your main organs and systems don't work anymore. >> reporter: monday's heat killed dennis young of san jose. he was hopeless living in his car. at cesar chavez park tonight, lots of people were cooling off. michele says it's hard to escape the heat when you're between homes. >> when you don't have a home, you don't have any protection or shelter. >> reporter: health officials are urging everyone to stay cool tomorrow when temperatures spike. ortega says for the homeless, it's a challenge. >> we've been banned from libraries, convention centers because we have belongings.
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we're not allowed to be in those type of buildings just to cool off. >> reporter: now, health officials say tomorrow is also extra concerning because it's so warm right now. my nbc bay area weather ap says it's 73 degrees. homes that don't have air conditioning will not cool down for the big heatup tomorrow. jean elle, nbc bay area news. an afternoon brush fire that started in san jose foothills is out tonight. crews were on scene putting out the hot spots. in all the fire grew to 54 acres. the homes were threatened for a period but none were damaged. nobody hurt either. fire investigators say it's still too early to know how it started. >> from the air to the water, three life saving rescues in the bay this afternoon. this sailboat heading from sausalito to alcatraz capsized. three men were thrown into the water. people on a passing ferry managed to pull one of the men to safety. the coast guard then rescued the
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two others. none of the three men were wearing a life jacket. you can track the temperatures and the latest on this heat wave by downloading our free nbc bay area ap. right there on your phone. a motorcyclist roars right through people lying in the streets in san francisco. happened today as demonstrators protested the senate's new health care bill. terry mcsweeney is live at 7th and mission where it happened. as we saw the protesters had to have been scared and shaken up. >> reporter: they were shaken and they were scared. they were lying down in the street right here on 7th in front of the federal building between mission and market. all of a sudden, a motorcycle comes the wrong way down 7th street coming right at them, revving his engine. let's see it again.
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a protest at the senate's health care bill was interrupted by a man on a red motorcycle. >> a guy on a motor psych came through and looked like he was about to run people down. and so people had to run and get out of the way, and it added, you know, it was terrifying. >> reporter: the die-in was to show the health care which they believe will cut $800 billion from medicaid could prove deadly. >> it's horrible people are there saying we have to put a stop to something that's going to kill people and in that moment, people were worried about their lives. >> reporter: no protesters were hit by the motorcycle, no injuries reported. the motorcyclist stopped a short distance from the protests. police arrived later. the man on the bike was quickly in custody and handcuffed. >> people were, of course, incredibly shaken up. >> reporter: the protesters, some seniors, some disabled forged on with a rally and
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concluded with a poem to show their resolve. >> it is our fut to fight for freedom and to win. we must love each other and protect each other. we have nothing to lose but our chains. >> as for what happened to the motorcyclist, was he arrested and cited and released? i've been calling san francisco police tonight. so far no response. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> those protests are in the city are concerned about the future of american health care. will the huss dump obamacare? tomorrow, we're going to get some of the details of the republicans' new health plan. washington lobbyists are seeing early drafts but republican senators won't be seeing the full bill until the morning. from there, it will come down to a handful of key republicans. it would take only three no vos from gop senatorses for this bill to fail. major component is medicaid which fiscal conservatives like ted cruz want to drastically slash. >> if it fails to solve the
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problem, it's not going to get the votes that it needs to pass. >> what you're looking at here was outside the capitol today where democrats are turning up the pressure hoping to stand in the way of this republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. a vote could come as early as next week. this is a hot topic that applies 0 students and parents. all about instagram. is it a platform for free speech or a civil rights violation? the expulsion of an albany high school student may be barreling toward a legal showdown. at issue, his account with racist images. charlie hurd joins us this evening. what happens here could set a legal precedent. what's the latest? >> reporter: it could. last night, the school board voted to expel the student who owned the account. that case may set the stage for a battleground between the first amendment and the school board
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education code. >> we feel it's illegal in violation of my client's first amendment rights and the california education code in a code that protects students' free speech giving them more protection than the federal first amendment does. >> essentially what's happening is the school is trying to control what its students think, say, do, privately among friends away from school. >> reporter: albany high was in the spotlight in march when the student discovered a social media account containing pictures of female students, most of them african-americans some posted next to aps she says the pictures were offensive but not intended to do physical harm to students. >> our supreme court just two days ago issued a unanimous decision saying free speech is protected. >> one parent responded saying she didn't want to go on camera
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because parents had been targeted by hate groups online after speaking out. she did say she is extremely pleased with last night's decision by the school board. she wants more students expelled but she believes the move sets the precedent that albany high is a zero tolerance school in regards to hate speech. >> i understand people's feelings are hurt and people are offended. that's precisely what the first amendment exists to protect. >> reporter: in albany, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. tonight, we're awaiting toxicology results for the father suspected of killing his two children before taking his own life. the coroner says he died as a result of hanging. there ha has been no official cause of death determined for the children yet. that tragic scene unfolded sunday night when the children's mother called police saying dee camera was late returning the children to her after a court ordered visit. a scathing report exposes oakland mayor libby schaaf and a
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former police chief suggesting they delayed and mishandled last year's sex scandal involving two dozen police officers and a teenage girl. today the city's top officials including the mayor and the new police chief addressed the findings of that report. a court appointed team investigating the scandal says the former police chief delayed a thorough investigation for months after finding out several of his officers had sex with a teenager, then known as celeste. it also found that city officials failed to properly follow up on the case. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we may have 62 in san francisco and fog but that's going to do little to stop the heat tomorrow. who hits 107 coming up at 11:20 tonight. and then it's a crosswalk so complicated drivers are afraid to go through it. the strange new lights and why nobodies what to do.
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and take a look, road rage in southern california leads to this fiery chain reaction right there on the freeway.
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a new set of stop lights on bay area roads is leaving drivpu so do you go or do you stay? a new set of stoplights on bay area roads is leaving drivers puzzled. you'll find them at crosswalks but oddly enough are there are no green lights. ian cole is live in santa clara to explain. a little baffling. >> reporter: yeah, it is surely is confusing. we're at one of those lights. this has been turned off for the night. typically if you're a pedestrian you hit the button, the it will turn yellow and red and won't turn green. it's what happens after everyone is stopped that troubles drivers the most. more lights just stalled
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creating confusion. >> i don't know what to do, stop or keep going. >> reporter: they are in a few parts of san jose and san francisco, too. here not many know what to do with them. >> i stopped. >> reporter: yellow means to prepare to stop because someone is waiting. two reds means stop pedestrian and cross through. by the time they cross, the blinking red comes on. you're supposed to stop even though walkers still have time to cross. >> there were cars still, they see no pedestrian on the walk road. they just pass. >> reporter: when the lights go off, you can go. you can go. right on through, go ahead. you can go now. there we go. santa clara and caltrans split the million dollar cost for the four lights. >> this is a caltrans standard. it only becomes a standard when it's been tested and used elsewhere? >> he the city says they're more safe than just a crosswalk. as for the flashing reds. >> once the pedestrian has
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crossed the entire width of the street, then it's like just like yellow light. >> reporter: drivers tell us they're glad cars are at least stopping now but say they prefer what they're used to. and more public education and more lights could be on the way. the city says that a regular traffic signal isn't needed at intersects like this one because people cross infrequently and they want to keep traffic moving. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have new video into the newsroom of a fiery chain reaction crash on a southern california freeway on route 14, santa clarita. you see the motorcyclist kicking the side of a car ta cut him off. the driver of the car lost control and veered into the other lane and that caused the crash. as a result, one car flipped over. that's where he hits it. the driver in the car went to the hospital.
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no word on the condition. the motorcyclist kept ongoing. you can see the roll over of right there. chp is looking for the cyclist. a series of recent terror attacks around the world has prompted even tighter security around here. along the golden gate bridge. next month, the bridge may close on the morning of the san francisco marathon. it would be a three-hour closure for vehicles, but open, of course, for the runners. authorities say there's no specific threat they're trying to be cautious. new at 11 aortic, pride week here in the bay area. some people want to change the rainbow flag. it was unveiled here in san francisco 40 years ago and became an instant symbol of the gay community. why the changing? sergio quintana joins us with the details. >> reporter: it's a symbol that's recognized worldwide so when philadelphia kicked off their pride festivities by raising a flag with two additional colors people
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noticed. >> the gay flag is supposed to be bow of inclusiveness. >> when it comes to our own community, we don't want to i think confront that issue. >> the flag was first commissioned by city supervisor harvey milk. the artist who designed it gilbert baker passed away a few months ago. this controversy comes at an interesting time for some of his close friends including activist and author cleave jones. he addressed the controversy by tweeting an alternative design for an even more defiant flag. by phone he told me i wish they would have created something more beautiful that honors our history and the black and chicano power movements of the '70s but he pointed out baker originally designed the flag with more colors and he welcomed variations. for many inclusion within the gay community is a conversation long overdue, add two colors to a flag may not be a solution to the problem but it might be a
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start. >> some people are feeling excluded. i want to reach out and say let's get you feeling back included and try to right the wrongs out there. >> the addition of the black and brown stripes to the rainbow flag are part of a campaign called more color, more pride. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> the week for festivities. the big parade is sunday in san francisco. >> the temperatures should drop a little bit by sunday. >> classic san francisco weather. temperatures in the 60s. fog at times. what everybody expects. >> we have to run the gauntlet now. >> for the interior valleys, hot tomorrow. as hot as 107. >> now nbc bay area's microclimate weather certified most accurate in the bay area. >> with the incoming heat, we want to give you these heat tip reminders. this heat wave has turned deadly. three people have died due to
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it. please remember to stay hydrated. a cool towel on the back of your neck is a good way to keep your body temperature down. and please remember the hot car danger. a car turned off with the windows rolled up can be 30 degrees hotter inside. do not for any reason leave anyone inside that car. tomorrow morning's forecast starts off with a wide range of temperatures. 70 in the south bay under sunny skies. patchy clouds in the peninsula. check out high mild it will start here. early tomorrow morning in the tri-valley, 77. in san francisco, we begin with a cool 61 and a little bit of patchy fog here as you get closer to the coastline. i want to bring things into where we expect the hottest temperatures on thursday as this heat wave reaches its maximum level. it's going to be right here across the interior valleys of the east bay, primarily contra costa and alameda counties. the corridor is concord to san ramon through dublin back into pleasanton, livermore, up toward
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discovery bay, brentwood and antioch. 101 to 110 possible. the breakdown on the temperatures, even though we see the hottest in the east bay, the south bay warms up 5 to 8 degrees tomorrow. 101 in morgan hill. 101 in east san jose. 100 in los gatos. for the east bay, temperatures the warmest here. 107 in antioch is the warmest. 106 in livermore, 104 in walnut creek. towards oakland, temperatures at 7. still uncomfortable here in palo alto at 94. up to ideally city, cooler 72. we still have the ocean breeze. winds out of the west at 18 miles per hour is the main reason why san francisco will stay out of the 90s. we'll still get up to a warm 80 in the mission. for the north bay, we have 88 in mill valley. 97 in novato. 101 in napa.
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cooling in the forecast is still on the way. high pressure that's been producing all of this heat. that's going to kick off towards the south. move well away from the bay area by sunday's forecast. for 10 to 20 degree drop. in san francisco, this will bring us back down to the 60s as we head into sunday for the pride parade. then you can see continued cooling into next monday, tuesday, and also for wednesday. now, for the interior valleys tomorrow is the last day of the heat wave. and then we're back down to the 80s by sunday's forecast. but take a close look here at the weekend. you can see clouds increase saturday afternoon. and then sunday, we're watching thunderstorms just off to the east. still a lot of stuff on our plate. the biggest thing for everyone as we go from 107 down to r on sunday, that's going to be so much better. i can't wait. >> you speak for everyone. >> yeah. >> too hot. >> thank you. it is not a halloween costume.
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the unusual item spotted on a craigslist ad. >> and we have jimmy. happening now: >> hey, guys, ashton kutcher, mario batali, vanessa hutchens are here. plus, we have music from liam payne. do not change the channel. a new bullet train is in the works... >> happening now from los angeles to vegas in under 90 minutes. a new bullet train is in the works that would go 150 miles an hour. a round trip ticket will cost $89 a person. no word when construction will begin. more news after the break. don )t text and drive.
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now-- police are taking it a step further. =vo= okay. you know the rules.
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don't text and drive. now, police are taking it a step further. it's called the text analyzer. police plug it right into your phone to see if you were texting, calling or using any apps. it records your every click, tap or swipe. but privacy advocates say no way. this goes too far. lawmakers in several states want to pass legislation to allow the text analyzer hitting you with penalties if you refuse to give up your phone. >> not a halloween costume. a red jumpsuit from the county jail is causing some concern tonight. check it out. posting has been on craigslist for two days. the ad reads crispy double red county jail suit for murderers and violent offenders. the seller claims his son was working laundry and snuck it out. the sheriff says any theft of county property will be taken seriously. seller is trying to get $300 for the red jumpsuit. >> one of the bay area's nicest superstars is about to get a huge pay raise. we'll show you next. ♪
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okay. the best team in all of baseball is in oakland. unfortunately, it is not the a's. >> no, it's the astros just visiting oakland at the coliseum
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tonight. another tough tough loss for the a's. minaya throwing five scoreless innings. looking sharp. big problems in the sixth inning. the astros get on the board and score three runs. houston goes on to win, 5-1 is the final. tomorrow the a's hoping to avoid a four-game sweep. >> more pain and suffering from the giants in atlanta. hunter pence hits the game tying home run. there's a downside. bottom of the 11th inning, the braves with a walk off home run. 5-3 the final. so who is the highest paid player in football, tom brady or aaron rodgers? would you believe raiders quarterback derek carr. carr and the raiders are reportedly working out the details of a new contract that will pay him about 25 million a year. that would be tops in the nfl. carr tweeting out earlier today "nothing done yet. trust me, you will hear it here
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first." >> good for him. >> good for him. we're back in a moment. what if there was a paint... ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter...
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so even hotter tomorrow. >> yes. >> you can barely say the words. >> stumbling out. >> i'm with you on that. >> i'm sweating right now. >> no ac at home. i'm like a lot of folks sweating it out. for tomorrow, spare the air in effect. last day of the heat wave. 107 inland. worst over alameda counties. clouds increase saturday afternoon. slight chance of thunderstorms on sunday. down to 8 most importantly. hang on. it's coming. cooling is on the way. >> focus on sunday. >> perhaps you should do the good-bye. >> that's going to do it for us. we'll see you tomorrow. try to stay cool. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ashton kutcher. mario batali.


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