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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 9, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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gether for two times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. good sunday morning. it it's 7:00. we want to start off this sunday on today in the bay with a wide look outside at san jose. you're looking at 60 degrees now. thank you so much for waking up with us this sunday morning. we'll get a check of the microclimate forecast now with our meteorologist. he's in this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we'll get a little bit of a break. it was hot outside yesterday. took the kids to the park. normally breezy. everybody was sweating buckets. >> yeah. we were talking about high temperatures up to 103 and 105. >> yeah. >> good news we got fog making a big comeback this morning. a drizzle around san francisco 54 degrees. you see the clouds. 60 degrees. it's running a little bit cooler
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than yesterday. notice the wind speed out to fairfield 17 miles per hour. we're seeing temperatures mostly in the 50s to start the morning. you compare this to the same time yesterday. most of the bay area about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the same time on saturday morning. one exception to the cool down rule today is -- expecting temperatures through the mid 90s. it's a heat advisory you'll see for sunday. bay side temperatures 60s to low 70s from san francisco to oakland and 80s returning to san jose. close to 100 degrees. that's some improvement. we'll see continued cooling in the week. but another heat wave will be taking shape. we'll show you in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. dozens of evacuees are back in their homes this morning following a fire that destroyed an apartment complex under construction in oakland. the flames damaged a massive crane. engineers had to take down the unstable crane but they did so
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successfully, as you see there. city officials have been working with pg and e to turn the power back on. no everyone has been allowed to return. officials say the 24th street and waverly have been damaged with flame and smoke. those will remain off limits until inspectors say they're safe. >> we'll be directly contacting residents and property managers with the information we have. if folks want to reach out, you can look at the city's website. >> in all about 700 people were displaced. investigators say the fire's cause is suspicious. since that fire broke, we've been posting constant updates on social media. check out twitter or facebook for the latest developments on this and all your local news. go to it has been a dangerous and difficult weekend for firefighters battling brush fires all across the bay area. resources are being spread thin. crews are still on scene this
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morning at one brush fire that threatened the refinery. the fire began shortly before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. just off the roadway of i 80. this is near rodeo. several helicopters were used to fight the flames. along with a giant sky that is capable of dropping more than a thousand gallons of water at once. westerly winds gave firefighters on the ground a major challenge. >> we tried to stop it before it got to the refinery, which it just jumped all of our containment line. and now we want to make sure we stopped it. >> no homes were threatened and fire crews were able to stop the flames from reaching the refinery's tanks and other equipment. investigators are calling three brush fires that broke out yesterday morning in rural contra costa county suspicious. fire crews were called in as far as santa cruz county to put out the fires. the first of which began around 2:00 a.m.
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in all about 225 acres have burned. the fires are 80% contained this morning. new details about a brush fire that broke out last night in the silver creek neighborhood of san jose. the fire is under control. it started about 5:45 and put up a huge plume of smoke. the flames burned 14 acres before firefighters were able to get a handle on it. some abandoned cars also caught fire there. crews monitored the area overnight to make sure there were no flair ups. the cause of that fire is under investigation. a contra costa woman is in police custody accused of killing her parents. 50-year-old monique leshawn called pittsburgh police friday morning saying her parents were dead inside the home where they live. this is on deal way near buchanan road. officers say it looks like the couple had been dead for several days and someone tried to clean up the crime scene and make it look like they stabbed each other during a fight. pittsburgh police say leshawn
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later confessed to the crime. she is now booked in the contra costa county jail. the family of a dispond end man shot and killed by the san jose police on the fourth of july last year filed a federal lawsuit against the city. they said 18-year-old anthony nunez was not armed when officers fired. today in the bay kristy smith has the story. >> reporter: what happened that day we have no answers. >> reporter: sandy sanchez was emotional talking about her son anthony nunez. >> he was doing great things with his life. he didn't deserve to die. he needed help. they should have brought help and ambulances for him. >> reporter: she joined outside san jose city hall with a federal lawsuit filed. the 18-year-old was shot and killed last july by police. he said certain efforts weren't
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made. >> to provide any kind of services to deescalate the young man who was feeling depressed and suicidal and needed help. >> reporter: nunez had wounded himself with a gun. relatives called for help. >> and a dispatch person said take the gun from him. which he did. he took that gun and placed it in the backyard. >> reporter: he said security videos shows nunez going back and forth and witnesses say there was nothing in his hand when he was shot. after the shooting police explained nunez emerged from the home with a gun. a member of the crisis intervention team was involved. in 2016 san jose police chief spoke about what officers said lead up to it. >> at one point, the subject finally emerged, and began pointing a weapon in a threatening manner. >> i want my son back and what i want to come out of the lawsuit i want changes to be made. there's not another victim. so there's not another anthony.
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>> reporter: kristy smith. nbc bay area news. stay with us. more ahead on today in the bay. coming up president trump has returned to washington following the g 20 summit. russian president vladimir putin talked about his face-to-face meeting with mr. trump. but it is a different meeting involving donald trump jr. that is causing a buzz this morning. many people had to change plans after a flood at a las vegas hotel caused several shows to be cancelled.
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your time is 7:089. take a live look outside. that's oakland. it's misty and hazy out there. rob is here today and he said we're going to get a bit of a cool down. not quite as hot as we saw yesterday. well, the g 20 summit is over and president trump is back in washington after his second trip abroad since taking office. at the center of the three day trip was his face-to-face meeting with russian president
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vladimir putin. the trump administration said the president grilled putin on the topic of russian interference in the 2016 election for 40 minutes. but hallie jackson has more on that and the russian president's response. >> reporter: president vladimir putin publicly pushing his own account of his talk with president trump as the senior administration official tells nbc news the president pressed putin for 40 minutes on moscow's meddling in the 2016 election. >> as far as i could, i answered the questions. he agreed. you have to ask him how he felt about it. >> reporter: nbc's keir simmons asking for a translator about putin's denial. >> translator: what did he say? >> he has been questioned. the answer to clarify. i think he was satisfied with my answers. >> reporter: top white house officials declining to dispute russia's characterization of the conversation saying the president would be happy to make a statement himself but he did not in germany. skipping the custom mare
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overseas news conference saying this -- >> and i had a tremendous meeting yesterday with president putin. >> reporter: the president appeared comfortable on the world stage he seems more isolated on policy points. like trade and especially climate. after pulling out of the paris agreement promising to renegotiate it. the communique released from the summit singled out the u.s. and pointedly calls the deal irreversible with the white house down playing the division. >> it's hard. >> reporter: but the president still cannot change the shadow of russia. the new york times reports on a meeting during the campaign between a kremlin-linked lawyer and donald trump jr., jared kushner, and paul manafort. the president's son is confirming that meeting happened to nbc news describing it as short and intsbrukt i are. describing it as not a campaign
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issue at the time. hallie jackson. nbc news hamburg. still ahead on "today in the bay." a long time coming. the giants paid tribute to the home run king. with we'll hear from barry bonds as he's placed on the wall of fame at at&t park. we're seeing changes in the forecast. some misty skies. fog making a come back there. 63 in walnut creek. how hot will the temperatures get in the east bay ball valleys? we'll have the forecast in two minutes.
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♪ ♪ at&t park. giants fans haven )t had a lot to cheer about this season. a live look outside now at at&t park. the giants fans haven't had a lot to cheer about this season. yesterday after several years of uncertainty, the organization finally honored one of the greatest and most controversial players. a major honor for barry bonds. he's on the wall of fame. the team held a pregame ceremony to celebrate one of the most
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icon iconic players in giants history. it's been ten years since bonds played for the giants. in august of 2007 he broke hank aarons' all time home run record. the giants declined to invite him back for the 2008 season. bonds returned to the giants as a special advisor this last spring. he said it's good to be back. >> i'm so grateful for being a part of that. and i love you all so much. and, you know, i could never, never, never thank you guys enough for what your locality to me and my family. >> the team held off from honoring bonds after he was convicted of obstruction of justice during the federal government's investigation of falco. the charge was overturned in 2015. we'll hear more from barry bonds in about 20 minutes. new video to show you out of las vegas. a pipe leak caused flooding at planet hollywood. the entire north side of the casino had to be closed. that forced the cancellation of several shows last night.
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officials say the casino floor will remain closed today as crews work to clean up the standing water and to determine the leak's cause and assess the damages. evacuation orders are in effect as firefighters continue to battle a rapidly growing wild fire near chico. crews say the wall fire has burned nearly 3,000 acres and it's about 20% contained. at least ten structures have been destroyed so far and six people hurt. more than a thousand firefighters are assigned to the fire. battling not only the flames but tough conditions out there, too. >> we're doing our best to get the upper hand on it. we have a lot to contend with the weather and the fuel that are out there very dry. a long road ahead of us. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. at least 300 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. we're going to get a check of the weather now with meteorologist rob. it's hot out there. we were talking earlier about how this kind of does not portend well for the rest of the
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fire season. >> it's a bit early in the season. early july. we see this the set up. temperatures above 100 degrees. community levels in concord it was only 7% during the afternoon. and windy conditions. we're seeing this morning is a welcome site. the low clouds making a come back helping to drop the temperatures down. and don't have any fog but that's a nice start to the morning. 49 degrees. we'll see temperatures around sonoma running cooler this afternoon. numbers in the upper 80s. a few low 90s inland. better than being 100 degrees like the last couple of days. misty skies in san francisco. 54 degrees and likely not to see temperatures climb a lot more during the day highs in the mid 60s near san francisco. pleasant city can see some of the haze out there. cameras waking up this morning a little out focus this morning. you can see pleasanton climbing into the low out for today. so, again, those numbers probably about 120 degrees cooler than the high temperatures in the try valley.
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and the final spot in san jose. smokey skies there. filtered sun to start the morning and you see downtown san jose approaching the upper 80s instead of the 90s yesterday afternoon. the winds here pretty important. southwest wind in fairfield. despite that a heat advisory for solano county. temperatures in the o90s later on. there's ocean air-conditioning for you. as much as 12 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago thanks to the on shore wind and coupling that with misty skies on the coast. hour-by-hour you can see into the afternoon. half-moon bay likely looking at clouds all day. a little bit of clearing around santa cruz and hazy sunshine across the inner bay. most noticeable is the cooling around central bay. you can see san francisco to oakland. mid 60s to lower 70s. hayward 76 degrees but east of 680 there from walnut creek and
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along interstate 80s temperatures in the mid 90s. cool conditions around the bay there to wrap up the weekend of highs in the low 60s. high pressure loosening the grip a little bit. monday through wednesday we'll see the trough of low pressure. keep the sea breeze going. it will help deepen the marine air allowing for drizzle at times. look what happens thursday and friday. the high expands and builds toward the bay area. not only will we see temperatures on the rise as we get into thursday and friday. we'll have to watch underneath the ridge of high pressure we may begin to see monsoon moisture sweep out of southern california and maybe by this time next weekend begin to see a few high clouds heading our way. in the meantime, a little bit of cooling here as we start the new week. san francisco that will involve some drizzle and mist at times. especially tuesday and wednesday. likely the coolest days of the week. toward the end of the week temperatures on the rise. and the valleys we'll finally
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catch a break. hottest spots inland and the 80s. there's pleasant conditions for you. thursday and friday increasing temperatures next weekend we could be seeing the same fire conditions we started this weekend with. saturday and sunday the highs making a run at the upper 90s. dry conditions and watch out for dry lightning in the mountains as the moisture moves out of the desert southwest and closer to the bay area. >> a long, hot summer ahead. you're watching "today in the bay." coming up we have more for from you on a bay area boy who delayed his birthday party by six months. the reason why will make you bay area proud. ♪
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month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. when its for a good cause, of course. when is fun and games not just fun and games? when it's for a good cause, of course. a group of birthday kids seemed to have perfected the idea. they found a way to have a lot of fun while doing a lot of good. today in the bay gar vitamin thomas has this morning's bay
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area proud. >> reporter: they have, in the past, come up with original ideas to help raise money for their favorite charity. they found, for example, the coconuts with umbrellas sold better than lemonade. their latest scheme was even more creative in every sense of the word. >> perfection over pungs wallty. that, it would appear, is his motto. how else to explain why this 14-year-old birthday party is coming six months after his 14th birthday. >> six months isn't very quick. if you think about what we have done. >> over all that time he and his sister may may and his friend andrew have been obsessive about perfecting and building 20 of these. computer designs, 3-d printed, compressed air powered minimal
7:24 am
mash mellow launchers. >> all so he and a dozen friends can celebrate his belated birthday with an elaborate game of capture the flag. >> yeah. >> who doesn't want to shoot their friends with mash mellows. it should be great. >> reporter: what is truly great, though, the one young person who will get the most out of this day isn't even here. his name is frank. he lives 99,000 miles away in uganda. >> we're going to focus a good amount of funds to go to frank. >> that's the kids they are. >> reporter: they learned about frank from their 80-year-old berkeley neighbor. seven years ago, judy started her own small nonprofit helping orphans in uganda. since learning about it, they have been getting creative about ways to help raise money.
7:25 am
that's why in lieu of presents, they are asking guests of the mash mellow war to make donations. so they can pay frank's way to a boarding school. it will mean a lot to a boy half a world away as well as a neighbor two doors down. >> it does. it's nice to get his thank you notes and stuff to know we made a difference in his life. >> you see the magnitude and the effect of what you've done and how life-changing it is. >> reporter: ally believes is way more important than a birthday party anywhere near his birthday. >> it's awesome. >> when all the march mellows were shot and picked up and the money tallied, the group raised $1,000 for help uganda kids. g gar vitamin thomas. today in the bay they say the show must go on. in this case, some say it shouldn't have. local music legends green day
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caught up in controversy after a traffic incident at european music festival. plus, we investigate potential fire risks that experts worry are hidden in the walls of the sinking and tilting millennial tower. ive have assembled.
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spider-man... black widow... captain america... and eddie?
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so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! freemont good sunday morning. the time is 7:28. we'll get you started this half hour with a live look outside at fremont where it looks good. nice and clear. not too hot yet this morning. thank you so much for waking up with this sunday. i'm vicky nguyen. we'll get a check of the microclimate forecast from rob. it was really hot. we saw it just record temperatures and we're talking about hot temperatures across the west. maybe a little bit of backing off today. >> finally. we're seeing cooler changes. you see the clouds of san francisco over our shoulders. that's the view looking toward alcatraz. san francisco can't see it through the low clouds and misty
7:29 am
skies and driving into the clouds. 54 degrees currently and in san jose 60s with hazy skies to start. you can see the 24 hour temperature change as the winds turn on shore and the marine area -- starting to help with the temperatures today. but the pension to the rules still in the east bay toward solano county. heat advisory for today. we'll see probably the hottest temperatures around the bay area. you can see numbers in the mid 90s for today. san jose 80s. 70 for oakland. 60s in san francisco as we enjoy the brief cool down. we'll show you in the seven-day forecast why the heat could be making another big comeback. we have the long heat spells and hot temperatures could be resetting the pattern again in the sunday forecast. >> thank you. dozens of evacuees are back in their homes this morning after a massive fire in oakland that destroyed an apartment complex under construction. and engineers had planned to take down an unstable crane that
7:30 am
was damaged by friday's fir. city officials worked with pg & e to turn the power back on for nearby buildings and homes. not everyone has been allowed to return. officials say there are still a few buildings near 24th street and waverly that may have been damaged with flames and smoke. those buildings will remain off limits until inspectors say they're safe. >> we'll be directly contacting residents and property managers with information we have. if folks want to stay updated look at the city's website. a live look now at the site of this morning there. you can see even just a little bit of smoke. dust quite a bit rising there. in all about 700 people displaced. investigators say that fire, the cause, seemed suspicious and they're investigating. since that fire broke we have been posting constant updates on social media platforms. check out twitter or facebook feeds for the latest developments. you can also go to nbc bay
7:31 am for all your news. firefighters have been working all weekend to battle brush fires across the bay area. crews are still on scene this morning at one brush fire that threatened the philip oil refinery in contra costa county. the fire began before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. just off i 80 near the cummings sky way. near rodeo. several helicopters were used to fight the flames including giant sky cranes capable of dropping more than a thoind gallons of water at once. westerly winds challenged firefighters on the ground. >> we tried to stop it before it got refinery, it jumped all of our containment lines. and now we wanted to make sure we stopped it before it got to the coupling sky way. >> no homes were threatened. crews were able to stop the flame from reaching the refinery's tanks and other equipment. investigators are calling three brush fires that broke out yesterday morning in rural contra costa county suspicious. fire crews were called in as far
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as santa cruz to help put out the fires. the first of which began about 12:00 a.m. in all 225 acres burned. the fires are 80% contained this morning. the east bay band green day is in controversy after an acrobat fell to his death before their concert. green day was headlining a festival in sprain friday night. right before the band took the stage the acrobat fell. it wasn't clear that the acrobat died to the audience but 35,000 people witnessed the terrible fall. many criticized green day and festival organizers for resuming the show so soon. band members say they didn't know what happened until after wards. in a tweet they said thoughts and prayers to the man's friends and family. more trouble at the troubled millennial tower in san francisco. previously we reported the homeowner made a stink about
7:33 am
odor flooding their luck i are unit. the odors could be a fire risk within the walls of the sinking and leaning high-rise. here is investigative reporter jackson vanderbecken. >> i knew i had a serious issue on my hands. i feel like the building has a serious issue. >> reporter: paula owns a condo in the millennium tower. she's concerned about what is hidden inside the walls. she complained about unexplained odors. late last year the build's homeowners association commissioned a crew of experts to investigate. whether they opened up the wall they reported finding large gases around the various pipes and ducts running through holes drilled in her unit's concrete floors. fire experts said it can crazy a vulnerability in the fire. >> reporter: john is a retired san francisco department captain who supervised the city's fire
7:34 am
inspection unit. giving the consultant's findings about the gap. he tells us the opening should have been completely sealed with this kind of red fire-rated caulking. such gaps, he tells us, could allow not just odors but smoke and flames to rise into the units above. dollar monosaid while city inspectors check some seals during construction, it is up to the builder to make sure they are all properly protected. there was a failure confirmed already that it happened in this one unit. did someone have a bad day that day? let's hope. if there are other units that are complaining of odors and no one is investigating because they're afraid of what they might find out? i have a real problem with that, if i'm a tenant. >> high-rise fire safety experts agrees that more should be done to assess the risk throughout the high-rise. >> we hope it's not systemic and
7:35 am
that's why i would be concerned. >> he said the while sprinklers should contain most high-rise fires. any unsealed floor openings could lead to smoke damage in a small fire or even help one get bigger. >> i wouldn't move out but i wouldn't want the management d sh d -- i would want the management to look into it and see if it was a wide spread issue that wasn't checked. >> reporter: something else in the expert's report raised a red flag. it revealed that building engineers increased the air pressure inside some units to keep odors at bay. that effort could comprise another fire safety feature. pressurized stair walls designed to keep smoke out for safe escape. >> so i would want to make sure whatever they tweaked to solve one problem did not create another problem in the stair walls. >> the news comes as he's
7:36 am
waiting for a fix to her odor issue. as the test crew sealed up the wall without filling the gap. it's become part of the current legal battle over the sinking sky scraper. neither the homeowners association or the developer would comment for the story. the association cited ongoing litigation and mediation. millennium acknowledged a small number of odor complaints but said the homeowners association was deal them. meanwhile the city issued a report declaring the building safe in january. however, when city inspectors visited the building last december, the same month as paula attested they discovered unsealed pipes on three levels of the basement and ordered the gaps be filled with fire-rated caulk. san francisco building officials said they have never gotten any complaints about odor or unsealed openings during inspection. they said during inspection if they had seen anything, they would have ordered it fix.
7:37 am
they couldn't account for the unsealed openings they just recently found in the basement. paula wants the walls of the entire building checked base on the sobering assessment. >> i've always been concerned and to have an expert confirm some of my fears, it's scary. frankly. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. or send ab e-mail to the unit a young american tourist is dead after a bar brawl on the greek islands. the 22-year-old henderson was found dead early friday with serious head wounds. henderson had just graduated from the university of arizona with a degree in business
7:38 am
administration. his family said he was on the island for a photo shoot while preparing to launch a new fashion line. friends say they can't believe what happened. >> that's just who he is. he puts everything out there. i'm as shocked as everyone else. he's my best friends. >> eight people have been arrested and charged with the crime, according to a greek news agency. including the bartender and a bouncer. after a month long legal battle that gained national attention, an established coffee farmer has been deported to mexico. the farmer ortiz left to mexico from a hawaii airport last night. he tried to obtain citizenship for nearly decades. government officials ordered him to report for removal four months ago. his appeal gained national attention after a judge called the deportation inhumane. >> i'm very upset. very disappointed in many ways.
7:39 am
there's not much i can do. >> ortiz now faces a ten year ban before he's allowed back into the u.s. do little girls think they're not as smart as little boys? tonight megyn kelly dives into stunning new research revealing why young girls under estimate themselves. >> are you very smart or people y -- medium smart? >> a new study from nyu and princeton reveal some girls don't think they're as smart as boys. researchers say the average iq of young boys and girls are identical. it's the topic of this week's "sunday night with megyn kelly" airing here tonight on nbc at 7:00. more ahead on "today in the bay." weeks after winning the championship, the warriors were on the court. what happened in the las vegas summer weeks. plus, more of barry bonds day at at&t park.
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we'll hear from the latest we'll hear from the latest giants player to have his plak ♪ we'll hear from the latest giants player to have his plak ♪ ♪
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the wall of fame at at&t park. willie mays were on hand to see another giants great get his plaque on the wall of fame at at&t park. make room for barry bonds. ten years after bonds last played for the giants, the home run king was norred in a pregame ceremony. he is still baseball's all time and single season home run leader. he won seven national mvps and selected to 14 all-star games. bonds talked about what it means to be honored in his hometown. >> just growing up here in san francisco with my family, it's a tradition of our community and the city and i've made the statement are your fans in san francisco. i said i've never had fans. i've had family. >> the delay for honoring bonds
7:43 am
stems from the case beginning in 2003. bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice charges during a grand jury trial in seven. that charge was overturned in 2015. the giants are also expected to retire bonds' number 25. but no date has been set for that yet. and bonds' day of honors he continues threw out the pitch first of the game between the giants and the marlins. they tried to rally back but the giants came up short. they lost to miami 5-4. the giant lost four of their last five games. it hasn't even been a month since the warriors won the nba championship. but they are back playing in summer league in las vegas. they were lead by second year patrick who scored a guy high of 25 points. unlike the championship series, the warriors fall short. they lose to the 67ers 95-93. still to come on today in the bay.
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president trump's popularity -- are democratic leaders poised to regain power in the next election? larry gerston joins us live to give us his perspective on the question. [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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trouble. the popularity of president trump hovers between 35 and it's no secret the republicans in political trouble. the popularity for president trump hoovers between 39 and 34%. that's a historical low. congressional republicans have been unable to come to terms on their primary concern, a health care bill despite having majorities in both chambers. given these conditions, some might believe the democrats are on the verge of roaring back. larry gersten is here. you say not so quick. why aren't the democrats capitalizing on the gop's low approval rate? >> you know, democracies may not be coming back so quickly. in fact, they've suffered greatly. and i mean greatly since the barack obama era.
7:47 am
in many ways, that was the height, if you think about it of the past quarter centuries of democrats. the democrats have lost more than a thousand seats in the state legislatures. 39 seats in congress. and back in 2008 democratic governors outnumbered the republicans 28 to 22. today republican governors outnumber the democracies 2 to one. one of the key criticisms i've heard of the democratic party was out of touch. particularly in this last election. what do you think accounts for the decline? >> out of touch is part of it but i think it's a big issue. there are other contributing factors such as being out of touch. but the power is over them all. it started with the affordable care act. sound familiar. in 2010 when liberals and moderates for the democrats in no time crafting the bill. deja vu, as you say. it's similar to the problems the republicans are having now. the bill became law, as we know,
7:48 am
then maybe a little bit of nudges here by the emergence of the republican tea party which sees nondemocratic differences. those differences remain in the party today. >> what are some of the key areas, larry, where you're seeing some of this devisiveness among the democrats? there are bunches. we've seen some of the worst divisions in the past year. first, there was a bitter nomination in case anybody forgot between moderates hirl and progressive bernie sanders. even though sanders isn't a official member of the democratic party. that zapped much of the party's energy. second a few months ago moderate and obama-backed tom perez won a row victory for the democratic chairmanship over the sanders' backed candidate.
7:49 am
more bad blood. third after the party election, sanders refused to give his donor e-mail list to democratic national convention saying he wanted to use the list to raise funds for his candidates alone. most recently we've seen the obama clinton faction and the sanders faction backing different candidates in democratic primaries ranging from city council races to congressional races. you put all these things together and they have robbed the democratic party of so much of its energy. so more over they've suggested not so quite war between democrats and a lot of people are witnessing. >> so much energy focussed on -- not so much on the electorate, perhaps. somehow it likely to impact the congressional elections moving forward in 2018? >> fair question. we're still 16 months away from the 2018 election. but in politics we know that's practically tomorrow. you know, the democrats are unlikely to win back senate because most of the races for the senate are already detailed by the democrats. but the house. the house is another story. and in the past 21 house
7:50 am
elections, 21 house elections during nonpresidential election years, the president's party has lost an average of 30 seats to the other side. now the democrats only need 24 seats to gain a majority. it suggests if not a slam dunk, certainly a strong possibility of retaking control of the house. but this isn't an average year. the internal battles among democrats are so troubling that the 2018 election outcome may be an exception for the democrats much like last year was an exception for the republicans. only in reverse. so it's all part, vicky, of that topsy-turvy nature of american politics we see so common in the 21st century. if nothing else, it's giving a lot of democrats a serious doze of heart burn. >> thank you. today in the bay is back right after this break. coming up a new tesla is ready to roll. we'll show you the pictures that are coming out of the company.
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we're seeing a lot of low clouds and misty skies. will it mean cooler temperatures across the rest of the bay area this afternoon? we'll look at the forecast when we come back. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up! sunday morning starting off a little bit differently than yesterday around the same time. the return of low clouds and a sea this morning. 54 with misty skies. you see the mist around san francisco. the camera lens into the clouds. 54 degrees.
7:54 am
giants gaming up early afternoon. light jacket weather. temperatures in the mid 60s with the first pitch just after 1:00 this afternoon. and san jose hazy sunshine and 60s currently. as we move through the day climbing into the upper out. it looks like mid to upper 80s around downtown. south of downtown san jose a chance of finding 90-degree temperatures around the bay area. but our temperatures likely not to be as hot as yesterday. thanks to the onshore winds 17 at fairfield and the winds picking up around the altamont pass. we have a lot of low clouds around moon bay and pacifica. a little bit of sunshine around santa cruz. notice the wind arrows staying on shore throughout the day today. it will keep our temperatures a little bit cooler and will also bring a little bit more humidity across the inner bay and improve fire conditions for some of the valleys, especially as we head toward tomorrow. the temperature spread looks like summer, obviously. 60s on the coast.
7:55 am
70 bay side. 80s in san jose and inland temperatures fairfield, con corp., south of morgan hill likely the warmest spots highs in the low to mid 90s. this map shows the elevated fire danger in orange and red. mid afternoon today hills here east san jose parts of the north bay for about 2:00 in the afternoon to about 5:00. still pretty dry above that pocket of rain air spill ago cross the bay. by monday afternoon things turning less dry as we see temperatures cool even more and the sea breeze turns stronger. that's the trend we'll see for the first half of the week. the high begins to weaken. it will be monday through wednesday. the coolest temperatures we'll see this week are valley temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s. but the second half of the seven-day forecast we'll see the high, unfortunately building back toward the west coast. so we'll see temperatures again climbing into the 80s and 90s into the valleys by friday.
7:56 am
saturday possible we could see temperatures climbing closer to 100 degrees, again, inland by next weekend. one other watch may again to see monsoon moisture out of southern cal. we'll have to watch for lightning strikes. 15 major wild fires across the state. this pattern will be watched next weekend. a little bit of cooling today and drizzle at times. san francisco low clouds and misty skies for the next couple of mornings and valley temperatures starting to cool down today. coolest days likely coming tuesday and wednesday. but then the pattern resets as we head into the weekend. the pattern of hot weekends with the temperatures by saturday and sunday could, again, be approaching 100 degrees. so the hot start to summer. >> it's july. the first model three tesla is off the assembly line according to elon musk who tweeted out the pictures last
7:57 am
night. it's a big milestone for the hundreds of thousands of people who ordered the car and are waiting for them to be delivered. it's also a historic moment for tesla managed to get the price of the long range electric car down to $35,000. making it affordable for many who would never consider the tesla before. a company board member was first to put down the deposit. apparently he's giving it to musk. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more local news tonight at 4:30, 6:00, and 11:00. you can find news all day at hope so you a great sunday!
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this sunday, trump, putin and russian election interference. rex tillerson says president trump pressed vladimir putin on russian hacking but that it's now in the past. >> let's talk about how we go forward. >> reporter: the russians said trump accepted putin's denial. so was it president trump or putin who got what he wanted out of their first meeting? my guests this morning, former cia director john brennan and senator lindsey graham. >> an alarming development with north korea. a missile capable of hitting


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