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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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his car. that cat died by blunt force trauma and may have been sexually abused. >> she sentenced him to 16 years. we hope it was long enough. >> reporter: and held the pictures of each cat a little tighter. farmer will not allowed back within 100 yards to the cambrian neighborhood. >> thanks very much. it has been five years since a gunman walked on to a campus and killed five people. the judge sentenced him to seven
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life sentences. instead he shot a receptionist and six nursing students. found mentally unfit for trial. this april, doctors determined he was 19 enough to stand trial. >> the weekend is almost here and so are those triple digit temperatures. live in fremont right now. jeff ranieri has the latest on a newly issued heat advisory. >> a warmer 91 in concord. if you thought this 91 was way to hot for you, hold on tomorrow is going to get even warmer. new heat advisory tomorrow. but it is right here, contra cost, alameda county.
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this is the location where it will be the hottest. from concord to san ramon. remember to drink the water. a quick preview on how fast temperatures will be warming up. by 5:00 p.m., 100 degrees. >> okay. you can stay up to date on the weather beyond our news cast. download our nbc bay area app. michelle roberts joins us live in santa cruz. >> reporter: warm sunny day here. a lot of tourist are worried to
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get back into the water. after a four-day swimming ban, the beaches in santa cruz are open. >> staying very close to the shore. >> reporter: but today many families opted to enjoy the sand instead of the water. on tuesday steve lawson was kayaking when he believed a gray white took a bite out of his boat. >> it felt lake i had a rock. and there was a shark biting the front of my boat. he knocked me side ways and i fell out. >> reporter: he was unable to claim back into his kayak. safety captain has been monitoring the water for the past several days. >> there are sharks in the water
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all the time. >> reporter: today she is happy to be back to work and renting boats to tourist. we did talk to a shark researcher today and he says the temperatures are luring sharks closer. reporting live in santa cruz, michelle roberts. nbc bay area news. you can keep up to date with all of our reporters on twitter. >> new twist this afternoon in the russia investigation. another person was at that controversial meeting. someone who the president son and son-in-law failed to mention before. blayne alexander is tracking the story. >> reporter: we have learned
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that, at least, one of those people in the meeting is believed to have ties to russian intelligence. president trump has added another attorney to his legal team. president trump wrapping up his trip to paris. just as the russia investigation back home is taking a new turn. new light on that campaign season meeting between the russian attorney meeting. nbc news reporting there was one more previously undisclosed person inside the meeting a russian lobbyist. >> these guys can't come clean and it tells the country they have a lot to hide. >> reporter: this three days after trump junior released the
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e-mail thread. >> these are all the e-mails that exist in this case. >> reporter: now growing scrutiny on son-in-law jared kushner. >> the revoking of the security clearance for jared kushner. >> reporter: some republicans say that is going too far. >> once in a while, things get overheated. we need to calm down and follow the law. >> reporter: president trump landing in new jersey where he will spend the weekend at his golf club. and meanwhile, governor pence spent the weekend in rhode island. republican leaders are hoping for a vote on that sometime next week. >> thank you very much.
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bizarre details emerging in the murders of four young men. two cousins have confessed. on a pre tex of buying marijuana. investigators say the cousins shot all four men and burned three bodies in a metal tank. they ran out of bullets shooting one of the men so they ran over him with a backhoe. in order to find the bodies, they cut a deal. >> the cousins buried three of the men together in a grave. the fourth was a quarter of a mile away. we have learned the idea of the roommate arrested for murder. he was the person who called police yesterday saying he shot his roommate at their home.
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investigators not releasing the name of the 60-year-old victim. this happened about four this morning near you tully road, police tell us when they got there the victim had been shot and several shell casings on the ground. san jose say they have no information on the victim's condition or on the suspect's. at 5:00 paying tribute to a bay area faculty member. lost his life in a plane crash. berkeley student under arrest tonight. what his friends and fellow class mate have to say. new video of this lamb bo--
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lamborghini. >> despite the fog this weekend, who gets hot in less than ten minutes. the university of san francisco
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is mourning the death of a beloved faculty member. bill goldman died in the l the university of san francisco is mourning the death of a beloved faculty member. he died in a place crash in sonoma county.
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>> reporter: here on campus, those who knew bill goldman were very disstrougt. one man described his as being like family. at the university of san francisco, grief. those passing through campus today say they were devastated to learn about the death of william goldman. >> i got the e-mail that professor goldman died. and that was a shock. knowing who he was and just his personality. >> reporter: he is an alumni who came to drop off flowers. goldman died in a small plane crash in sonoma. in the statement from the
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president of the university of san francisco he was described as an accomplished scholar, a beloved and generous teacher. he will be greatly missed by his colleagues, students and countless alumni who was inspired by him in and out of the classroom. >> he was my adviser and one of us. >> reporter: in the statement of the new ceo of the new -- and a sharp sense of humor. it went on to say our thoughts are with his family especially his children as we begin to process this loss. we know that his memory will be a blessing as was his life. >> reporter: the ntsb does have an investigator looking into the crash. i heard from a spokesperson who said that a preliminary report could be out in a week or two. but probable cause may not be available for up to a year.
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reporting live in san francisco cristie smith. painful relief from traffic congestion. a bridge toll hike could be on the ballot next year. the so-called regional measure 3 got unanimous approval yesterday. the senate version is showing promise too. the proposal calls for $1 hike which would raise $127 million a year. a $2 hike would raise -- definitely or probably yes to regional measure 3. 43% said probably or definitely no. the poll was commissioned by the group. a car on fire.
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the lamborghini caught fire in a redwood city last night. firefighters say as bad as it looks it could have been worse. firefighters were able to put out the fire shortly after it started and fortunately no one was hurt. a u.s. berkeley student behind bars tonight. he is not just facing charges of vandalism, but also accused of a hate crime. jodi hernandez is live in the neighborhood where it all started. >> reporter: a sense of relief here in this neighborhood. most of the graffiti has been cleaned up, but not all of it. tonight, police say a u.c. berkeley student is behind this.
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last night they arrested 21-year-old, a junior at cal cuesing him of 35 incidents of val dallism. >> there were tires slashed, cars spray painted on. sides of buildings. it was a significant event. >> reporter: but not just a simple case of vandalism, the message makes it a hate crime. >> in this case, white people were identified as the victims of that hate crime. >> for sure they have the right guy here. it wasn't him. >> reporter: his friend and fellow cal student says he doesn't believe it. he doesn't condone hate. >> he is always the guy who wants to sit down about the
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issues. >> reporter: we are back here live where you can see there is clean up to be done. he will be in court and arraigned on monday on felony vandali vandalism charges. >> thank you. the fire is out. the mountain lion is away. several people reported, at least, one mountain lion. and then a fire broke out. the park has re-opened. >> be careful of a lot of things including heat. >> it is going up, up. but, at least, cooler weather at the beaches. best news if these temperatures
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are hot for you. we have hot high pressure that is moving in across the desert across the southwest. the other thing we are tracking right now is the circulation will bring up cloud coverage. you can see for tomorrow morning, the clouds impacting the south bay with 62 degrees. fog in the peninsula at 61. we will go with 57 in the north bay and 55 in san francisco. i want to show you the futurecast. you can see 10:00 o'clock in the morning, mainly near the coastline. but as we advance this, check it out. yes, warmer days coming our way. but not super sunny throughout the entire bay area. >> south bay, get closer to the
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bay, cooler. go a little bit away from that, 94 in east san jose up to 98 in morgan hill. slight bay breeze brings us to 80 in oakland and 85. 104 in concord and 103 in danville and 101 in pleasanton. if you have allergies or respiratory problems, air quality the worse near east bay. cool beach weather and 66 in half moon bay. san francisco getting in on the warming. i have bumped up temperatures. right now not in the 80s just yet. but right now going up to 77 in the mission. 75 in the embarcadero.
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for the north bay, 89 in mill valley. if you are in the north bay tomorrow, looking for something to do away from the 100-degree heat, 90 in san rafael, help support breast cancer. a fundraiser and lots of beer. extended forecast back to upper 60s to 70s through the extended. on the inland forecast, hot this weekend. we still look to cool down throughout the heavy part of next week. cooling all relative. holding out for 90 degrees for much of next week. so i have got to find a pool. any invites? >> okay. jeff is going to come over. he will give you a forecast to your neighborhood if you invite him to the pool. >> get ahold of me. >> we are spearheading a special
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program here at nbc bay area. we have teamed up with several nonprofits supporting our steal. donate school supplies, backpacks and cash. aggressive bears at lake tahoe. the bears are not to blame some say. a new "nightly news," set.
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sierra -- and wildlife officials say people who live around lake bear trouble abound in the
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sierra. and wildlife officials say people who live around lake tahoe are part of the problem. people are leaving dumpsters open, unlocked and all of those things that lure bears to their home. >> they tend to go to the source of the food that have the highest calorie count and they can smell it in our trash. >> people are being asked to help by waiting to put trash out the morning it is being picked up. megyn kelly sat down to discuss her new shore. >> you have these male vps who are considering whether or not to fund these businesses. the women are asking something from the men and the men, some
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of them want something extra from the women in return. >> kelly is digging into the so-called bro culture in the tech industry. more on the story coming up at 6:00. and you can watch her show sunday night here on nbc area. and lester holt will be sitting on a different set. >> my favorite is these feathers. >> minutes away. stay with us for nightly news at 5:30. >> take a look at a three d model that disney has put together. it includes rides on the mel lennium falcon. beyonce shares the first
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photos of her new born twins. next. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. brides to be -- left without
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dresses for their big day. ==take vo== the big chain that closed its doors -- forcing them to scramble to find a new wedding dress tonight at 6:00, brides to be left without dresses for their big day. store closes and leaves them to scramble for wedding dress. the performer posted first pictures of her new born twins. a boy and a girl who join their older sister blue ivy. congratulations. >> also some controversy about that picture. >> what is the controversy? >> you will have to look it up on our website. >> drop down to 90 degrees on
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monday. >> thanks. see you back here at 6:00. tonight, the mystery man. new revelations about that trump team meeting with a russian lawyer. turns out others were also in the room including, as nbc news was first to report, a former soviet counterintelligence sergeant. and what was contained in that document the lawyer brought to the meeting? killer's accomplice. a second man now charged in four murders after his cousin's confession. tonight the chilling new details in the case. massive sinkhole caught on camera. a house swallowed into the ground. neighbors evacuated as more homes are threatened. deadly chases. new pressure on police in a major american city to better protect the public when they're in hot pursuit. and crimson classic. an american icon rolls on celebrating a ceur


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