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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the entire department. turns out the department contained explosives. nbc bay area marianne favro live in sunnyvale with new developments. marry yaen. >> not only was the entire department evacuated by 911 dispatch had to be transferred to a different office because of this. but tonight things are back to normal. however, around 11:30 this morning things were far from normal when two people brought in a box of items found in their parents' garage. they brought the box up to the counter turns out that box contained three world war ii era rocket proposal hand grenades. that's when the items were put in the lobby and the entire building evacuated. 911 dispatch services were also transferred to the santa clara county communications office for several hours. >> we also called santa clara the county bomb squad any arrived. they x-rayed the devices,
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determined the devices were actually inert. there wouldn't be any explosive material within the devices. >> the bomb squad nonbrought the items outside, dismantled and reconfirmed that they did not contain explosives materials. by the way the people who brought in the hand grenades are not facing charges tonight, because they were simply trying to do the right thing. and the captain says this is a valuable reminder that if you happen to come across any ammunition or what you think might be explosives don't touch them, don't transport them. instead get out of the house, call 911 let the experts handle it. reporting live in sunnyvale, marianne favro, nbc bay area. >> thank you very much. now to another big story let's talk about the heat advisory in hekt effect right now. temperatures up to triple digits in parts of the bay area. how long will it last in meteorologist has the answers including more about a red flag warning. >> indeed and in fact concord is
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at 100 degrees at this hour definitely scorching in some places down in the san jose we were in 90s. now down to 87 degrees. livermore still in the 90s at 95. the ocean temps have been the coolest so far which is why the heat advisory will remain in effect for inland areas. in will stick around through tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. we are expecting another round of triple digit heat which is also why the national weather service issued a red flag warning for fire danger, increase in wind smeeds and low humidity and triple digit heat i'll have a closer look in 15 minutes. >> sounds good. to get the latest on any advisories or warnings in your community download the nbc bay area ach pch we have an entire section devoted to weather. you can look up the conditions in your own neighborhood. a shooting just a block from the uc workweek berkeley campus.
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three people wounded a fight broke out just before 3:00 a.m. gunshot victims were taken to the hospital all three expected to fully recover. police arrested to you suspects. investigators point out nobody involved in the accident goes to cal or lives in berkeley mp. a family recovering tonight after a walk across the street turns danger. surveillance individual shows the terrified moments a car plous into them as they walk across the street. nbc bay area kristi smith is live in oenld where she spoke with the victims. kristy. >> reporter: we spoke with a 20-year-old woman sufrpg broken ribs internal injuries and more. they believe the car might have stopped. the witnesses say they tried to help. but here oakland police and paramedics arrived quick. one council member says he is trying to work to improve safety in the crosswalk. we will show the video and have to warn you do see them getting hit ands it frightening.
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>> i'm like how could this happen to me? and my cousin. >> jackie velasquez describes the moments before she and her two cousins were pit hit by a car last week as they returned from getting ice cream and a trip to the park in oakland. >> we started walking again and then i slowly noticed the headlights were coming too fastpy tried to turn to -- to my cousins. >> we must warn you the video of the impact is graphic. the car hit them in the crosswalk on fruit veil avenue and brook dale last week they survived but suffered serious injuries the driver stayed on scene and it's unclear if there are charges. velasquez says both women feel refwret. >> i don't know sometimes i feel like i'm at fault for think the car would stop. >> we got to put lights up orring. >> with the lucky 37 restaurant
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he went out to help and he says people have been hit before in the dark area. >> it's a main throe fair and tets needs to be updated. >> when it comes to public safety it has to be a number one issue in oakland. >> council men noel says he wants safety improvements. >> yellow lights are flashing. >> like this one put up two years ago further down. >> even if i have to pay for it out of my budget one of the flashing crossing lights that costs about $60,000. >> the little boy is still hospitalized. >> why it happen to us but again i just have to say at least we are alive. >> reporter: now a gofundme page has been set up to help with their recovery. i asked noel guya when we might see -- to prompt safety improvement there. and he said that he plans to
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reach out on this on monday. reporting live in oakland, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you kristi at least we are still alife. amazing story. new at 6:00 chp has issued a traffic alert for anyone driving on westbound highway 37 it's not a crash at least not yet. fire crews have been battling a vegetation fire near the petalumaa bridge. all lines are open right now but chp is asking for drivers to pay attention to the road when passing by the fire. some scarey moments for a pilot who crashed in sonoma county. the single engine plane came down in a vineyard off highway 12 and you can see ended up with the nose in the ground. the tail high in the air. remarkably the pilot only is youred minor injuries not yet wheer what caused it the or where the pilot was headed. an earlier crash killed a university of san francisco professor and injured three others. a follow-up to the search for a missing girl in berkeley a
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few hours ago police announced she has been found. police say 5-year-old mayalyia booker was last seen friday afternoon near the ashby b.a.r.t. station. her mother is homeless and does not visitation rights. after searching likely locations in berkeley and oakland police announced noon today the mother and the girl were found in pittsburg. they got a tip a family member lived out there. >> they got a call from an aanonymous reporting area. they saw mom and daughter in front of a laundromat across the street. >> the girl and mother were both sfound safe. the father has custody. a stanford professors who was the winner of a press tinge us math award died. she had been battling breast cancer. mirzakhani won the fields medal back in 2014 for work on complex
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geometry and complex systems. it's considered the mathematics equivalent of the nobel prize. mirzakhani was born in iran, joined stanford in 2008 survived by her husband and daughter. continuing coverage of the life and accomplishments of marian mirzakhani head to the website. as we post-ed an in-depth look at her contribution attention to math and the stanford community. one of the new faces of nbc news paid a visit to the bay area. megyn kelly sat down with lig wagner to discuss her show, sunday night with megyn kelly. the so-called bro skurlt at companies. >> you've got the male vcs the most part considering whether or not to fund the businesses being started by female entrepreneurs. the women are asking for something from the men. and the men the, some of them want something kpla from the women in return.
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and it's amazing that in 2017 america you still do have to say, you may not stick your tongue down the woman's throat just because she is asking to you invest in her company. >> reports of you sexual harassment filtering out of silicon valley. making their way across the country. more on the story tune in tomorrow night sunday night with megyn kelly 7:00 p.m. right on nbc bay area. just into the newsroom we have learned senator john mccain is in good condition tonight after undergoing surgery for a blood clot. mccain had the circ yesterday at the mayo clinic hospital in phoenix. doctors discovered a blood clot above his left eye. that happened during a routine physical now resting skmfrtably at home with his family. just ahead investigating alleged russian ties. the latest on donald trump jr.'s controversial visit during the election. plus a legal team being formed from inside the white house. and investigating a deadly high rise fire in hawaii, what
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investigators learned and what the building did not have when it caught fire. a heat advisory and red flag warning remain in effect for parts of the bay area including south bay. concord still at 100 degrees even at this hour. we'll talk about how long the heat is expected to stick around coming up at 6:14.
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trump.. about his campaign )s alleged ties to russia. we )re learning more about the
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rus-a now to questions continuing to hound president trump about miss campaign's alleged ties to russia. we're learning more about the russian american lobbyist who met with donald trump jr. last year. president trump spent the day at his golf course in new jersey where a major golf event is being held. kelly o'donnell has the latest. >> reporter: back in new jersey, where president trump's bed minister resort is hosting the women's u.s. open golf tournament this weekend. the president and son eric watched from the clubhouse. a big event for the trump family business. while the trump white house is in the rough over the russia investigation. lkts political pressure turned occupy. >> this is yet another disturbing turn much events. >> it's been one week since the revels that donald trump jr. met with a russian lawyer at trump tower during the campaign. he tried to control the damage himself. >> so as far as you know as far as in incident is concerned this is all of it this is everything this is everything. >> but that wasn't everything.
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the 2016 meeting brought donald trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort face-to-face with a former sergeant in a soviet military centre intelligence unit. rinat akmetshin is now a naturalized american citizen and d.c. lobbyist known to work on russia related issues. some u.s. officials suspect he may still have russian intelligence ties. he deny that is also lawyer veselnitskaya. the and there was a translateser present and also look for dums to determine who entered the tower that day. trump jr. says nothing came from the meeting. >> former campaign praetive michael caputo met with the intelligence committee behind closed door and spoke. >> i never heard of anyone in the trump campaign talking with russians. >> with growing demands for information, the trump white house is expanding the internal legal team with washington lawyer ty cobb who will tackle
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russia related requests requests from congress and the media. that was kelly o'donnell reporting. well today we learn new details about a deadly honolulu high rise apartment fire and the it broke out on the 26th floor of marko polo conminimum yums. flames spread up to the 27th floor. debris fell on several floors below. the fire chief says the building didn't have sprinklers. didn't have to because it was built in the 70s before they were required. one residence says it was a disturbing scene. >> i heard three women's voices screaming, pleading, moans kin use screaming for five ten minutes then i didn't hear more. >> two of the residents killed were a flight attendant and his mother. at least four others injured. firefighters lost the upper hand on the so-called wittier
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fire burning near santa barb where a started last week in the national forrest prompting immediate evacuations crews say more than 50% contained but that was yesterday. just last night gusts of wind caused flames to spread to another 4,000 acres. now 17,000 anger fire is only 35% contained. crews fear more hot windy weather could cause flames to spread more. but the cause is under investigation. vianey is here you know there are fires around here you hope people give firefighters a chance by giving enemy 100 feet if petition they possibly can. >> exactly which is why the national weather service has issued a red flag warning. that will remain in effect through tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. along with heat advisory in addition to the heat advisory also fire danger is expected that's because of the triple digit heat and right now even at this hour concord still at 100 degrees. we haven't seen cooling in the past couple of hours. san jose, at about 87 degrees.
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livermore 95. definitely the hotter spots have remained in the inland areas as expected process. the cooler spots to the coast. if you enjoyed a nice day itty beach definitely good day for that. the heat the advisory remains in effect through 9:00 tomorrow. we are expecting to keep the triple digit heat through tomorrow. and that's thanks to a ridge of high pressure keeping us warm and nice and dry. not just for today but through the weekend. as we see the high pressure building in that's bringing some concern through tomorrow, which is why that fire weather index right now unfortunately is showing that has hazard which the red flag warning was issued. also because we see the winds picking up between 10 and 15-mile-per-hour backup 20 to 25. and low humidity in the that area. if you notice a temperature trend goes from 90s overnight into the late hours it sticks to the 70s. so definitely going to need that ac tonight might wake up to some warmer temps in san jose in the
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60s not college down by much as of right now san francisco is one of the cooler spots dropping into the 50s late at night into the early morning. but as we head into tomorrow expect to see more triple digit heat which is why the heat advisory remains in effect. if you notice livermore antioch concord morgan hill some hotter spots down near the south bay san jose expected to et heat heat up to 92. plets lan out the sunday. if you have plans to be doing outdoor activities you may want to limit that to very early on because if you notice by by 9:00 the bay is nice and cool pretty good weather or working out but 80 in inland areas by 12:00 is heats up fast. dangerous heats comes no play at 103 degrees and the breezy conditions start to raise the fire danger. on monday a little bit of cooling on the which. about 10 degrees from what we saw this weekend. the next seven days seeing a slight drop in temperatures. if you notice in the bay area
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and also of course in san francisco we drop down into the 60s. but inland areas we go from 100 and possibly 1 tomorrow to 102 to about 90 on machined then on tuesday one the cooler days of the week 88. then back up in the 90s. even though we cool down a bit it's still going to be fairly hot. it's important to keep that in mind watch out for pets and neighbors and drink plenty of water. and there will be cooling centers if you have no where check that out on >> vianey thanks a lot. still to come almost a year since swimmer ryen. since he create add major incident to it let olympics is the swimmer going to face charges? forever today.
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=vo= the "time deli" in san jose clo an iconic south bay dell y restaurant closed doors forever. the "time" dell y scloes up after being open nearly 70 years. the owner said he was sued a few months ago known to target business nas violating the american with disabilities act. he can't afford the necessary renovations and decided to close the business. crowds of customers came by one last time to eat the favorite meals. >> it's a sad day the time is closing it's a great restaurant. fantastic every friday use today cook it themselves. we came here all the time. >> time dell y permanently shut down 2:00 in afternoon. well almost a year after he caused a scandal in rio. a brazilian court ryan has been cleared of all charges.
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a six-time olympic gold medalisten three other u.s. usa swimmers canned on camera vandalizing a gas station in roir during the olympics. he later told nbc news that he was robld at gunpoint. he that he charged him with falsely reporting the crime. after determining the made to did not institute filing a fake report. coming up next in sports, trading court for the greens steph curry has a fun day at lake tahoe taking to the golfs course. have a look at how he shoots. basketball skills aside and
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picking up a golf club instead. steph curry setting his basketball skills aside and picking aup golf club instead. he is playing up at the edgewood golf cotters justin timberlake snapping to tony romo. as for the golf second shot on
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the par four ninth it is a thing of beauty. six feet from the cup on the famous 17th he is happy process that. so the 17th we go. his tee shot finds the green and celebrates with a little destiny along with justin timberlake. here we go. yeah. yeah. wow. pretty good. curry 32 points earlier ray rot o and spoke with steph and the happy hour on nbc sports bay area. first kwi i have to ask you it's a month out now since you guys won the nba finals. what are the things that you have again most reflected on in the last few months since the game 5? >> honestly everything. i mean, you get comments and
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questions from family friends people that are congratulating you along the way, asking you about the journey and whatnot. and being able to kind of reflect and just from a bird's-eye view look at what we were able to accomplish. it means everything. i remember being in in chair at this tournament last year, still i wouldn't call it depressed but still in my feelings about losing the finals. and you think about it a year later all that went into getting back on top it was an amazing journey, one that i've heard a lot of people try to discredit as if there was it was already written and guaranteed that we were going to be in this situation. those people don't get to see all that we put into it. and the sacrifice that everybody had to make to accomplish the goal process. i'm extremely proud of all 15 guys coaching staff, able to realize the vision. and now hopefully can do it again. >> who is the most scandalously
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underpaid athlete in north america now is it kevin durant. >> probably dell curry he thinks he is still a athlete. i'm put ago plug in for him. >> why don't you agent up for him. >> yeah, i might have to -- i might have to get into that post-career see whapsz. >> steph toward the end of the finals kevin durant was zroibing you one of the words he used he is like a robot. he was -- it was a compliment but in your mind what do you think he meant by that? i have no idea. well leave it at that be be right back. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports.
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get back to one of the top stories, the heat. >> yeah and heat advisory remains in effect through tomorrow have a closer look at sunday forecast at 11:00. >> we'll be back at 11:00. hope you can join us then. take care. male announcer: you're watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight, "nbc bay area responds." carrie paulik: i feel like he stole from me. he ripped me off. announcer: homeowners turn to a popular website to find a contractor they could trust, but that's not what they got. stuart friedman: they got me right where they wanted me, which is i have an immediate need for that. announcer: thousands invest in a high-flying gadget before it hits the market.
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but it never takes off. we help consumers find out where their money went. larry guernsey: five years from now maybe, you know, evil corp or somebody like that decides to buy up all this genetic information. announcer: dna tests are popular, but you're giving away rights when you sign the contract. we zoom in on the fine print. maria payne: well, this is our lives, and they're just taking advantage of that. announcer: bay area singles feel duped by a local matchmaker. they say they were promised one thing, but got something totally different. female: it's her penny and it's the law. announcer: a consumer catches a local cafe overcharging its customers one penny at a time. here's consumer investigator chris chmura. chris chmura: good evening, and welcome to our "nbc bay area responds" special. we launched one year ago with one commitment, to respond to every call and every email. tonight, some of the stories viewers have sent us. we start with homeowners who used a popular website to find a contractor.


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