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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at eleven. a holdup in the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. how senator john mccain )s right now at 11:00, a holdup in the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. how long the heat will stick around, first. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. another sweltering day on tap
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for some. >> you may have noticed if you are out and about now, it is still fairly warm outside. in the south bay, 71 degrees even at the peninsula, 69. 78 degrees even at this hour in the tri-valley. the tri-valley was one of the warmer spots today. in the north bay, 71. we did see triple digit heat in concord. concord did hit that 100. that's why we have a heat advisory in effect until 9:00 along with that red flag warning until 9:00. i'll tell you about the hottest spots later. to get the latest on advisories and warnings download the nbc bay area app. we have an entire section devoted to weather. you can find information on cooling centers in san jose this
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weekend. nine people were rushed to the hospital after a crash if "n" brentwood. two cars crashed on westbound highway 4. it happened just after 8:00 this evening. seven adults and two children were injured in that crash. the helicopters had to transport some of the victims. in concord a man is under arrest for suspicion of driving drunk. it all happened at 8:00 at meadow lake and oak grove road. the pedestrian hit is in stable condition tonight. now to a developing story. john mccain is recovering after undergoing surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye. the senate is delaying a vote on a controversial health care bill until senator mccain returns. marianne favro has the details. >> reporter: senator john mccain is expected to recover in
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arizona during the next week but with the senate set to end their session in mid-august some fear this delay will force the trump administration to lose momentum on this controversial health care bill. 80-year-old senator john mccain is resting after surgeons removed a blood clot above his left eye yesterday at the mayo clinic hospital in phoenix. now mitch mcconnell says the senate will defer a vote on the health care bill until senator mccain returns. president donald trump promised to save americans from what he says is the obamacare disaster. >> we are very, very close to ending this health care nightmare. >> reporter: not so close any more because of the mccain-related delay. >> the other fact is they not only need john mccain's vote
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they need everybody else's vote because they have lost two for sure which gets them down to 50 which they immediate so vice president pence can break the tie. >> reporter: several republicans are waivering concerned about medicaid and the cost burden to hospitals to care for the uninsured. >> when you are look at dramatic uc change it's important to get it right and i think the senate is trying to the that. >> reporter: and now the senate has more time before making a final decision on the future of health care. this is not mccain's first struggle with health. he has also battled melanoma. reporting in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, the gucci score in san francisco's union square was the target of a smash and grab overnight. a car plowed through the front door and a suspect stole
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merchandise and drove off. not clear how much the thief made off with. newly released video raising concerns about a police shooting last weekend. sergio quintana shows us the video. >> reporter: the suspect rounds a corner and runs down santa clara street. right after him, an officer follows, stops, yells, then shoots. hurtado was not hit but was arrested after a three-hour standoff. >> it didn't appear to me from what i saw that there was any dangerous provocation on the part of the person who he was chasing. >> reporter: clare white is a local criminal defense attorney who went to the city council to voice her concerns. she lives yards from where the officer opens fire. >> my kids were home.
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right across the street from where this happened. >> reporter: police insist that hurtado had a gun and posed a threat to the public. >> in this situation you have an armed felon with parole violations fleeing through a neighborhood that is dense with innocent people. >> reporter: the lieutenant says her hurtado were wanted for an armed carjacking. he pistol whipped a man and stole his car. they were spotted in vallejo. a gun was never recovered. >> he may be holding something. i can want tell you if he was but they are not free swinging like someone running a sprint. >> reporter: the officer involved is on administrative leave. clare white plans on taking residents to the next city council meeting to press for answer on this incident.
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a shooting just a block from the uc berkeley campus and three people wounded. a fight broke out just before 3:00 this morning and someone pulled out a gun. all three are expected to recover. no one involved in this incident goes to cal or lives in berkeley. maryamirzakhani died today. she won the fields medal. it is considered the mathematics equivalent of the nobel prize. she joined stanford in 2008. she is survived by her husband and daughter. for continuing coverage of her life and accomplishments, go to our website,
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we posted an look at her contributions to the community. scary moment first a pilot in sonoma county today. a plane came down in a vineyard this afternoon. and you can see it ended up with its nose in the ground and tail high in the air. the pilot only suffered minor injuries. not sure what caused that crash. another plane crashed in sonoma county this week. a family recovering tonight after a walk across the street in oakland sent them to the hospital. video shows the terrifying moments a car comes plowing into them as they walk across the street right there. it happened in the fruitvale neighborhood. christie smith spoke to one of the victims. >> how can this happen to me and my cousins. >> reporter: jackie velazquez describes the moment that she and her two cousins were hit by a car last week as they returned
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from getting iced cream and a trip to the park in oakland. >> we started walking again and i slowly noticed the headlights were coming too fast. so i tried to turn to my cousin. >> reporter: we must warn you the surveillance video of the impact is graphic. the car hit them in the crosswalk last week. they survived by suffered serious injuries. the driver stayed on scene and it's unclear if there were any charges. both women feel regret. >> i don't know why -- i feel at the fault. >> we got to put lights up on something. >> reporter: this man is with the restaurant on the corner. he went out to help and says people have been hit before in the dark area. >> it's a main thoroughfare and it needs to be updated. >> when it comes to public safety it has to be a number one
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issue. >> reporter: this councilman says that preparations are being made to pave the street. >> yellow lights are flashing. >> like this one further down fruitvale in oakland. >> even if i have to pay for it out of my budget. one of those flashing crossing lights that costs about $60,000. >> reporter: the little boy is still hospitalized. >> to happen to us. but i just have to say at least we're alive. >> reporter: christie smith nbc bay area news. and a nice night is in store following a very hot day across the bay area. do we have more triple digit heat on the way? i'll have that answer for you coming up after the break. also, a south bay police department forced to evacuate. the dangerous delivery that forced everyone to clear out. >> a world record in full bloom
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today after someone walked in wi a a dangerous delivery. the sunnyvale department of public safety was evacuated after someone walked in with a box full of explosives. two people brought in a box they found in their parent's garage. inside were three world war ii era project propelled hand grenades. the people who brought in the hand grenades are not facing charges because they were trying to do the right thing, something they found in their garage. 911 dispatch services were transferred for several hours and service has been restored to
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normal. we're learning details about a honolulu apartment fire. it was the marco polo condominiums. it killed at least three people. falling debris started fires on several floors below. the fire chief says the building did not have sprinklers. a few of the residents killed were a flight attendant and his mother. four others were injured. new numbers on the whittier firer in santa barbara. it has scorched 1,07,000 acres d is 36% contained. it has prompted immediate evacuations. it was more than 50% contained yesterday but the winds pushed the flames to another 4,000 acres. crews fear the flames could spread even more. the cause of the fire is under investigation. one of the new faces of nbc
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news paid a visit to the bay area this week. megyn kelly sat down with meg wagner. this week, she is focusing on the bro culture. >> you have these male vcs for the most part who are considering funding businesses started by female entrepreneurs and the women are asking for something from the men and the men, some of them want something extra from the women in return. it's amazing in 2017 america you have to say, you may not stick your tongue the woman's throat just because she's asking you to invest in her company. >> reports of sexual harassment are making headline across the country but few women have shared their story on television until now. for more on the story tune in tomorrow for "sunday night with megyn kelly" on nbc bay area.
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san francisco's asian art museum is now a world record holder. the miauseum announced it is a w record holder. this was all in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. more than 2400 people participated. and i think the old record was 2300. but it was a great day to be a part of a human flower. it was gorgeous in san francisco. it was very nice. >> one of the cooler spots in the bay area. inland areas, not so much. but we did get some pretty good shots of some sunsets and i have one that you may recognize if you follow somebody from this station. but right now we are still seeing those warmer temps across the bay area. if you take a look at that,
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we're seeing 70s in san jose. livermore, 78 degrees even at this hour. and you can get the hint we're not cooling down much overnight. hopefully you have that ac and look at this super sunset by the one and only terry mcsweeney. i'm not sure if he used his iphone -- >> i do. >> there it is. there you go. if you have great photos like the one terry shared on twitter, tag us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and i'll share your photos as well. we are expecting to keep that heat advisory. we have been emphasizing this because it's important to make sure to drink a lot of water. don't leave anyone in the car and don't forget about your pets. with this ridge of high pressure we're going to see that expand through the weekend. right now it's sitting over the bay area. it's keeping us nice and hot and nice and dry.
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and it's going to bring an increase in the fire danger which is why a red flag warning is issued and it will be in affect through 9:00 tomorrow as well. the winds started to pick up from the north with gustier conditions in the mountain areas. this will remain in effect for tomorrow. keep that in mind if you have plans to be outside. here's a look at the temperature trend tomorrow morning. as you wake up in concord one of the hotter spots in the morning, 85 by 10:00 a.m. and in the 90s by 1:00. in san jose, waking up to upper 60s and warming up to the 80s by 1:00. in san francisco going to be one of the cooler spots again. waking up in the 50s and going into the 60s as well. and over the next seven days we are going to see a couple changes. we have santa cruz, a great day for that. monterey will be a gorgeous day. but we do have changes on the
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way over the next seven days. we have a bit of cooling. tomorrow, triple digits inland. and as we head into sunday we see the 70s and you might notice in inland spots we drop down by ten degrees by monday. we do get a little bit of relief but it's going to be hot for the week. >> i didn't know you were going to show that sunset picture. it was gorgeous out there. >> share your photos. let's get a look at what's coming up in sports. madison bumgarner is back. the giant's ace returned to the rotation after missing the last 75 games. yes, he gave up two home runs but neither of them were the most painful. we'll show you the one that was. giants highlights when we come back.
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returned to the mound after injuring himself in a dirt bike accident in april. but he faced a team with a three-game winning streak against him, the san diego padres. he started four games before his injury. still looking for his first win of the season. he was off to a great start. struck out the side in the first inning and struck out five in seven innings and three earned on two home runs. that is a quality outing. but he gets the no decision. in the bottom of the ninth in a tie ball game, hector sanchez tags oaker with the walkoff. >> felt pretty good the whole time. and we gradually built up to it. i mean, that's really -- we're making pitches pretty much from the first inning on. i knew i wasn't going to be able to get much or a hundred or they
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weren't going to let me. so, yeah. i mean -- got there for seven. i'll take that every time. the american century championship in lake tahoe. look at this. this is from our warriors twitter account. justin timer laberlake to curry. that isser in perfection. rolls to within six feet of the cup. and then on the 17th this is curry's tee shot. finds the green and how do you celebrate a shot like that? how about dancing with timberlake. curry tees off on sunday morning at 9:30. and the a's won in a walkoff by crush davis as they win 5-3. that's all for sports. there will be more news after the break. [ indistinct chatter ]
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and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. weekend, in the annual "cover your k-9 fundraiser. finally tonight, canine teams are showing off this weekend in the annual cover your canine fundraiser. it is at 61 pet food express lotions in the state. they demonstrated suspect takedowns. and one german shepherd was presented with a bullet proof vest. the money is being raised to provide narcan kits for dogs exposed to opioids during drug searches. hot inland, cool on the
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coast. >> heat advisory through tomorrow. >> "saturday night live," up next. stake care.
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>> we now go live to the daily white house press briefing with press secretary sean spicer. [ cheers and applause ] >> attention! all right! all right, everyone, be seated! sit down! sit down! sit down! all right! first of all, i'd just like to announce that i'm calm now.


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