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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 16, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look outside...... sf from san bruno mountain good sunday morning to you, live look outside right now. it is 7:00 and 67 degrees. you are looking at san francisco from our camera an top of san bruno mountains. a flew clouds there. it is shaping up to be a nice day but a hot one. thanks so much for waking up with us, i am vicky nguyen. we'll take a look at our forecast with vianey arana, wow, heat advisories everywhere. >> we are expected to keep that in the forecast today, vi aockyf you have time to go outside, this is the best time of the day. get your work out in now.
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it is going to heat up in the 80s quickly. pen peninsula is 86. san francisco is 61 and the east bay is 64. the north band is about 50 degrees. the temperatures showing a quick decline. san francisco will again be one of the cooler spots. this will be a good place to get away because it will be sunny from san francisco but comfortable weather. upper 60s and 70s in some spots along the way. i think it will be a great day for the outside. areas in the south bay like san jose will be a little too hot to be outside all day long. 12:00 is 81 degrees and 1:00, 83 degrees. san jose is expected of a high of 93 today. we are expecting triple digits today. concord of 100 degrees. keep in mind of a; [no carrierr0
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car. the fire is north of the 100 acres fire near alum rock park. firefighters were quick to knock out a fire near pittsburgh. the fire started 10:40 last night and under control in an hour. there is still to word on what caused the fire.
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a follow up for the search of the 5-year-old. michaela brooker was seen at 5:00 in the afternoon. her mother is homeless and did not have visitation rights. police announced at noon yesterday, the girl and her mother were found in pittsburgh. officers got a tip that a family member lived there. >> they got a car from anonymous, hey, you are in the right area and go back. they saw mom and daughter in front of a laundromat. >> the girl and father are both found safe. new this morning, the coast guards say two men and a young boy fell in the water after their 12 foot boat capsized south of the dumbarton bridge.
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all were wearing a life vest. the crew were able to pull the group to safety. the two men were taken to stanford hospital and expected to be okay. john mccain is recovering to remove blood clot above his eye. the senate is delaying a vote on a controversial healthcare bill until the senators return. >> reporter: john mccain is resting comfortably at home after his blood clot was removed at the hospital in phoenix. mitch mcconnell says the senate will defer votes on the healthcare bill until senator mccain returns. president trump using his twitter promised to save
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americans from obamacare. >> we are close to ending this obamacare nightmare. >> not so close anymore because of the mccain decllay and that' not the only issue. >> at the moment, they not only need mccain's vote. they need other votes. >> meanwhile, sev republicans are waivering concerns about the impact on medicaid and the cost of hospitals to care for the uninsured. >> what are you looking at dramatic change is most important to get it right and i think the senate is trying to do that. >> now the senate has more time before making a final decision on the future of healthcare. nbc, bay area news. a stanford professor who was the first woman to win tp most prestigious award has died.
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mirzakhani has battled breast cancer. that medal is presented every four years and considered the noble prize of mathematics. she was born in iran and joined stanford in 2008. she's survived by her husband and daughter. we have continuing coverage of her life, go to our website on we posted her in-depth look of her contributions to the world of math and her life on our website. you can see the plane's tail high in the air. rema remarkablely the pilot suffers
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minor injuries. a dangerous delivery, the sunnyvale department of public safety was evacuated yesterday after residence brought in a box full of explosives. a box containing three hand grenades dating back to world war ii. police evacuated the building as a precaution and they assessed the ammunition >> we called the bomb squad and they arrived within half an hour after we called them. they x-rayed the devices and determine if it was actually inert or explosive materials in the at the vicdevices. >> service was eventually restored. police say if you find something like this at your home, don't touch it. call 911 and officer wills come and help you take care of the
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ammo. much more ahead on today in the bay, coming up, questions why a police officer opened fire in a except bay area neighborhood. we'll show you the surveillance and what the police department is saying. also, one last sub, why a deli spis for is forced to close its doors. who are these people?
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your time now is 7:10, 67 degrees. a live look at the golden gate bridge. beautiful and clear right there. temperatures rising in the trip triple digits across the bay area. high heat advisories taking place here. vianey will tell you how hot it will get today. new concerns in vallejo of a
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police shooting last weekend. today, of the video of how people in the community are reacting. >> the suspect around the corner and runs down santa clara right after him officers follow and stops and yells and shoots. [ gunshot ] . h hurtado was not hit. residents were raising concerns. >> claire white is a defense attorney who went to the city council to voice her concerns. she lives yards from where the officer opened fire. >> my kids were home right across the street where this happens. >> hurtado had a gun and posed a threat to the public that's why the officer opened fire. >> you had an armed veteran
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withdraw violations and endangering other people. they were later spotted in v valle vallejo. the officer thought hurtado was armed. they're not free swinging like someone running an all out sprint. >> reporter: the officer involved is on administrative leave. claire white plans on taking other jerresidents to press for more answer in this incident. in vallejo, nbc bay area news. coming up, a world record in full bloom in san francisco, we'll show you the unusual stuff. >> and parts of the bay area remains under a heat advisory.
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santa rosa will be climbing in the 90s and i will let you know when we can see triple digits and a cool down on the way. coming up after the break. ♪
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what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome.
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the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. san rafael ==vicky/cu== the gucci store in san a live look outside right now, that's san rafael and traffic is moving nicely out there. rising temperatures on this sunday. the gucci store in san francisco union square was a target of a traumatic crash and grab this weekend. the suspect ran into the store and stole merchandise and drove off. it is not clear how much the thieves were made off with. no word if there were a surveillance camera that may have recorded what happened. san francisco's asian art museum is the world record holder for creating the largest human fire.
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200,000 people gathered on the lawn to form the largest flower. >> a long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. an iconic south bay deli closed its store this weekend after being opened for nearly 70 years. the owner says he was sued a few months ago by a maternity known to target businesses violating americans disability act. the owner cannot afford the necessary republicnovations and decided to close the business. crowds and customers came by one last time to eat their last meal. >> it is a great restaurant. every friday is the cook, we came here all the time. >> time deli closed down at 2:00 yesterday.
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the south bay has you cover on beating the heat. 11 pool centers will be opened to the public during peek hours. this is the willow glenn community at senior center. all facilities are opened from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. today. if the heat is too much for you, go ahead and get some relief if you are near these facility center. go to to find out more. vi via vianey, it is been busy and hot and we are seeing another run today. >> yeah, a few people telling me their ac were not working or getting it repaired. >> heat advisory remaining in effect at 9:00 tonight. there is also a red flag warning
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because of the heat. if you want to get away, the coast ace great location. there is some slightly cooler temperatures. walnut creek is looking beautiful. this is what's going to trend today. a lot of clear skies and sunshine and of course, a lot of heat thanks to high pressure. right now we are at 67 degrees. in the south bay, 66 degrees in the tri-valley. we saw a little bit of haze but definitely not that far. now we did see some of that fog on friday but we are clear now. north bay of 58 degrees and a beautiful day for wine tasting. i just want to share with you how quickly and how hot it is going to get in the bay area. san francisco as we mentioned, will be one of the cooler spots by 1:00. it will still be in the 60s and nice and comfortable weather. if you notice on the icon, east san jose is definitely expected to be climbing in the 80s.
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81 degrees and san jose will be seen in the 90s. definitely keep those in mind. another hot spot and one of the hotter locations did hit a high of 100 degrees. 84 degrees pby 12. 1:00 at 87 degrees, we are not expecting a lot of cloud cover there. the heat advisory will expire right now at 9:00. remember to drink plenty of water. check on your elderly neighbors as well. as we continue to see high pressure sitting over the bay area right now and keeping us nice and hot and nice and dry, this is what's raising keing co for fire. a red flag warning was issued as of yesterday. we did see winds picking up at 9 miles per hour. low humidities in these highlighted spots. if you are barbecuing or
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anything of that nature, please make sure not to spark anything near dry brush. today and tomorrow, monotrey is going to be a great locations. all beaches are popular. tomorrow, we are expecting to see a bit of a cool down in the area. livermore at 100 degrees and antioch at 98. morgan hill is at 100. north bay area climbing in the upper 90s and santa rosa at 99. a cool down is on the way at least for the upcoming workweek. by monday, we start to drop down in the 60s. in land spot, we go from about 101 today to about 90 degrees. with e s we see about a 10 degrees drop as we head into tomorrow.
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t tuesday, we drop in the 80s and stick sto tto the 90s all week . we'll be hot in the 90s and definitely summer like and temperatures out in the bay area. remember to plan acrawfocordingr your week ahead. i hope you have a great day today and drink a lot of water. still ahead, how south bay building one of hollywood'stw2÷ earliest star past becoming silic silicon's valley present.
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buffs .. it appears charlie chaplin knew the way to san jose! . it is a story that you only see on nbc bay area. it appears that charlie chaplin knew the way to san jose. a piece of history is discovered and it is leading historians to silicon valley. scott budman.
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>> reporter: chaplin's way to be one of the biggest figures in movie history. >> this is charlie chaplin in 1915, filming a night out and now we know it is a night out in san jose. >> here is the building that provided the backdrop. the tower on post and market streets built in 1903 and now getting its close up. >> they pin down the exact location, that's quite a thrill. david keen dedicated to chaplin's legacy. >> there is always things discovered and after so much that's written of charlie chaplin and finding something new about him was a big moment. >> reporter: it was a big moment for chaplin of a $60,000 salary. >> making him as the biggest
7:25 am
paid in the world. >> reporter: oakland's 13th street made an appearance as well. >> the film industry was moved mostly to california at this point. the alcatara is now home to a tech company. >> electric cloud. a start up that did not know about the chaplin legacy but appreciates what he did. >> that was innovated what he was doing. even the distribution methods that he came up with so he can own the rights to these films. >> reporter: a piece of movie i history. >> in san jose, scott budman. nbc bay area news. the bay area news returns after this short break. it is a year since the swimmer
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ryan loctee created the controversy during the olympics and also nbc megyn kelly sat down with us.
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vicky/2shot . your time now is 7:28. you are watching today in the bay on sunday. 68 degrees right now, that's san jose, things are starting to get warm in my cities across the area. thanks so much for joining u i am vicky nguyen. >> vianey arana, you have been busy with the heat advisories. >> we are. keep in mind if you have plans to go outside. we have seen grass fires and brush fires throughout the bay area. be careful.
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taking center stage is the clear sky and sunshine. look at this gorgeous shot, absolutely beautiful and lo los gatos at 67 degrees. we are expecting to see 60s and 50s and start to climb quickly in the 70s and 80s. today's forecast, along the bay in the coast is the coolest spot. san francisco will climb in the 70s and at about 75 degrees. >> concord at 101. antioch is 98 and livermore is 100. down in the south bay of 92 degrees expected. we did hit about 93 degrees at the airport in san jose and east san jose of a high 97 degrees. definitely going to be another hot day. i will have a break down of your day planner for today and a break down of your monday day planner as well. looks like we may have a little bit of relief on the way. >> looking forward to that. thank you. a car fire spread to near by
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brush in the south bay this morning burning two acres before firefighters put it out. crews got a car about a car fire on serbierra road. this is just up the hills at piedmont high school. firefighters put out the flames and said no one was near or inside the car. it happened earlier this week near alum rock park. bay point of two homes. the fire started about 10:40 and it was under control within an hour. there is no word on what caused the fire to start. the follow up on the missing girl in broo girl. she has been found and safe. she was found with her mother. her mother is homeless and police say she does not have a visitation rights. >> after searching likely
7:31 am
locations in berkeley and oakland, police announced at noon yesterday, the girl and the mother were found in pittsburgh. officers got a tip that a family member lived near by. >> they got a call from anonymous party saying you are in the right area, drive back. they saw mother and daughter at the front of the laundromat. michaela's father has custody of the child. police say a fight broke out before 3:00 saturday morning and someone pulled out a gun. the gunshot victims were taken to the hospital, all three are expected to recover. no one involved in the zeincide goes to cal. the coast guards said two men and a young boy fell in the
7:32 am
water after their 12 foot boat capsized south of the dunbar bridge. it happened about 6:15 in the evening. they hung onto the kayak of friend until coast guards arrived. the two men and the boy were taken to stanford hospital, they're all expected to be okay. >> a family is recovering from painful injuries after a walk across the street in oakland sent them in to the hospital. surveillance shows the terrifying moment a car plows into them right in the middle of a cross walk. chrissy smith spoke with one of the victims. >> how could this happen to me and my cousin. >> jackie valesques describing
7:33 am
the moment being hit by the car. >> i suddenly noticed that the lights were coming too fast. i turned to my cousin. the impact is graphic. the car hit them in the cross rock on fruitvale avenue and they survived but suffered serious injuries. the driver stayed on the scene but there is unclear of any charges. both women feel regret. >> i don't know why he would not stop. >> we got to put up some lights or something. >> he went out to help and said people had been hit before in the dark area. >> it needs to be updated. >> when it comes to public safety, it has to be a number one issue in oakland. >> preparations are manager made
7:34 am
to repave the streets and he wants safety improvements. >> this one is put up two years ago in oakland. >> feceven if i have to pay out my budget. >> the little boy is still hospitalized. >> why did it happen to us? >> i just have to say -- at least we are alive. >> christy smith, nbc bay area news. nine people were rushed to the hospital after a crash in brett wood. chp says two cars collided on westbound highway 4. it happened after 8:00 last night. seven adults and two children were eninjuinjured in the crash. ho helicopter had to come in and transport some of the victims to the hospital. >> in concord, he plowed into
7:35 am
five car and an apartment come plek a complex and pedestrian. the woman is in stable condition. well, nbc news anchor travels to the bay area this week of her story of silicon valley. she spoke with liz wagner and gave us a preview of sunday night with megyn kelly. >> she's digging into this culture of "bro culture." you may recall kelly came forward of allegations against roger ailes, she said sexual harassment is happening in the tech industry and she wants to shine a light on it. >> how many of you here experienced what is considered sexual harassmenharassment. >> the report made headlines across the country of sexual harassment.
7:36 am
few women have been sharing their stories inside now. >> you are making me uncomfortable. megyn kelly sat down with us. >> can you give us an insight of how damaging of the mentality it is. >> the system is set up to foster intimate relationships. i am an entrepreneur starting a business, i don't have an office, i want to pitch you for money and we'll meet at a hotel or at a restaurant or a bar or a place where there is alcohol. a lot of these men in power take advantage of that. >> kelly learned through her reporting of the power structure at silicon valley is that men at the top and women dhiem cliclim get there. you have ma the women are asking something for the men and the men some of them want something extra from the women in return. it is amazing that in 2017 america that you still do have
7:37 am
to say, you may not stick your tongue down the woman's throat just because she's asking you to invest in her company. the vast majority of men in the industry don't like this problem. >> it requires national attention and that's an order here. >> you can watch sunday night with megyn kelly, that's happening tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc bay area news. after a year he caused the scandal in rio, ryan lochte had been cleared of all charges. a six time goal medallists and three other team swimmers were caught on camera last summer vandalizing a gas station during the olympics. lochte told nbc news that they had been robbed at gunpoint. the court has tossed out the case after determined that
7:38 am
lochte's claim was made to nbc. still to come on today in the bay, governor jerry brown is looking to extend a revolutional program before it expires and bumgarner is returning for the first time after injuring his shoulders. we'll show you how he did next.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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the giants have their a's back. bumgarner is off to great start at petco park. he struck out five total and gave up three earned on two home
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runs. he gets the no decision because at the bottom of the 9th and the tight ball game, hector sanchez tagged ogre with the walk off. the padres win 5-3. >> it feels good and we gradually building up to it. we are making pitches pretty much and -- >> so yeah, i mean going out tlr there, i will take it any time. >> look at this, this is from our warriors account. justin timberlake and tony romo
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and cur -- stephen curry, this is his tee shot, finds the green and how do you celebrate a shot like that, how about a little dancing with timberlake. curry is tied for 13 and mark muller is their leader. the a's won a walk off. they win 5-3. that's all for sports, more news after the break. #
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california )s revolutionary cap-and-trade program is at a critical turning point. the landmark environmental law e . california's revolutio revolutiorevolution revolution -- governor jerry brown wants to extend it now while he enjoys an overwhelmingly democratic nature. >> remind folks how it works.
7:45 am
now this act requires the state to rehouse emissions to be at 1990 levels by 2020. california already reached that milestone and then some. it limits pollutions of 300 business in the state. every year, the total allowed emissions amount is reduced. if companies are able to meet the emissions goals then they get to buy remission emits. >> there is some resistance to this law. it has produced measurable results. >> greenhouse gas emissions haves fallen by 10%, that's amazing even though the state's population have increased by 4% during the same period.
7:46 am
last year, the legislatures passed a new law, a law reducing the emissions of 40% a. brown believes this will help the state to reach the very, very important goal. >> why is there this rush then to extend cap and trade if it spires in 2020. it is only 2017. should the legislatures should be focusing on pressing priorities now. >> that's a great question. lets look at the puzzle here. a two third vote as we know is required on any tax measure in the state. some considers cap and trade just that attacks. so if brown turns out just 2018 and the uncertain legislative elections out come, he says lets
7:47 am
move now. for the most part, the democrats support it and republicans opposed it. the california chambers of commerce supports the goal and believes it is bound. meanwhile, some environmental group believes that the bill is too water down. >> the democrats are mostly there and republicans are mostly not. >> obviously, the money that comes into the state of this company don't make their goal. >> more than $4 billion had been collected already with the money de dedicated. they include a range of high speed rail and car vehicles and subsidizing transits and all kinds of things.
7:48 am
groups are at odd of how the money should be spent. they're trying to put that in the environmental twist and that's going to be a stumble. >> where do we stand in terms of what to expect governor brown trying to save this proposal or successfully taking it down? >> it is hard to say. the crystal ball never works when i look into it. a two-thirds vote is almost impossible. count less interest groups and hundreds jump into the fray but never rule out the tenacity of jerry fwro jerry brown. >> last week the 79-year-old governor sat through a hearing and took notes. he can be a bulldog. he knows how to listen and find common ground. don't be surprise if it makes
7:49 am
through the legislative hurdles courtesy of the whipped master, jerry brown. >> he has how many mopnths now? >> the legislature ends pretty soon for this year. if they don't finish this year, they'll have to do it in 2018. that's election year. look for all kinds of pressure from all sides to happen in the next four or five weeks. >> okay, larry, as always, thank you for your time this morning. c "today in the bay" returns in two-minutes, coming up. the unique ecvent that helps fo an important cause. >> this maybe a great spot to head to, cooling off in the lake. we are talking about triple digit heat and what's in store for your workweek, all in details coming up after this break. ♪
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it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. == we want to give you a reminder. if you are looking for a way to beat the heat in the south it is a warm day. this gorgeous shot over looking sonoma now. we are talking about triple digits heat. i know the beach is probably going to be packed so you may want to get an early start. 66 in the peninsula and the tri-valley. we are going to warm up quickly. right now in the north bay at
7:53 am
58. pretty soon the north bay is topping out in the upper 90s which is why the heated advisories remain in effect through tonight. we are expecting rain at 94 to 103 degrees and in land spots. please make sure to take precautions during the summer time. remember those pets and of course, don't leave anybody or pets in hot vehicles. this is sitting over the bay area and bringing this dangerous heat to some part of in land area. we'll see plenty of sunny skies. not seeing that today, we are also seeing low humidity which is why the national weather service issued a red flag warning as of yesterday and that'll expire tonight, at 9:00 we could see those winds picking up just a bit. a bit breezy out there. it is going to be very dry. keep in mind if you are lighting
7:54 am
barbecue, don't light any dry brush. today, in concord, 103 degrees is expected. antioch gets about 98 and livermore at 100. these are warmer spots in the north bay napa. down here in the south bay at san jose at 92 degrees. so the coast will still be some of the cooler spots. right now a quick check of that day planner as you know we are off to a warm start by 9:00, seeing some 80s and some in land spots, get all of those outdoor errands out of the way. by 12:00, it starts the la veo . 3:00, triple digits in the forecast. dinner time, we don't pull off by much, we won't see too many folks out there with heavy coats or jackets or a light sweater. plenty of sunscreen. we have some relief on the way
7:55 am
though. this is going to come as early as monday. we are off to a much cooler start tomorrow. it may feel a little bit chilly along the coast side. by 12:00, we'll be warming up nicely in the 80s. by 3:00, it is going to be hot in land area but we'll be out of the triple digit heat right now, we'll climb in the upper 90s of some spot. we'll see a little bit of a slight cool down of the next seven days you will notice temperatures going to san francisco and we'll go to 70s that we have been seeing this weekend and normal 60 degrees temperatures and in land spot as well. we can expect to see a little bit of a change in those temperatures as we go into triple digits to a much more pleasant but hot 90 degrees. on tuesday, we'll see a break down of the high pressure of 80 degrees and we'll remain in 9 degrees span. all week long regardless of a heat advisory or not, it is
7:56 am
going to be hot. look out for each other out there. >> it is july, at least people expect it and we are hoping firefighters getting things they needed. >> winds pick up makes it difficult for firefighters out there. red flag warning in effect for 9:00 tonight. good to know vianey. thank you. if you are looking for a way to beat the heat, 11 pooling centers will be opened during the peek hours 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. this is the senior center in san jose, as we mention, all 11 facilities will be opened during the hottest part of the day from 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. temperatures are expected to be mid-90s in san jose so make sure to head inside if you can. canine team are showing off across california this week, covering the fundraiser, it takes place at 61 pep food
7:57 am
expressed locations across the state including one in concord. k 9 team there demonstrated a suspect take down. the shepard gets a bullet proof vest. the program is raising money to buy -- that fundraiser continues today so stop by to one of those pet food expresses if you want to contribute. first after wag-a-thon, south county tail waggers hosted the 5-k dog walk. they invited all family and friends to participate. they have not announced how much they raise. all proceeds from this event. >> thank you very much for making us apart of your morning. we'll have more local news for you tonight at 4: 30 a.m. and of
7:58 am
course, all on >> thank you very much have a great day.
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this sunday, the drip, drip, drip of team trump's meeting with the russians. >> i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. >> all week long, revelations render the administration's previous statements inoperative. >> these guys just can't come clean. and it tells the country that they have a lot to hide. >> and it's not just democrats speaking out. >> this is a serious situation and one that is a long way from over. >> what happened at that meeting? why is the white house so reluctant to come clean? and how much did president trump know about the meeting before? i'll ask president trump's lawyer, jay sekulow, and the leading democrat on the senate intelligence committee, mark warner. also the


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