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tv   Today  NBC  July 19, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we know you'll track that. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with you live at 7:25. >> and the news at 11:00. refusing to talk, the officer who shot and killed a bride-to-be in minneapolis declined to be interviewed by investigators as his partner revealed his account of what led to that tragic shooting. state of emergency, a massive wildfire near yosemite forces thousands to evacuate.
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why the fbi is warning parents about popular smart toys and the flying sharks that send a surfing competition back to the beach. today, wednesday, july 19. willie is in for matt. it's going to be hot today. >> you thought you were going to say harry styles is here. >> and the ring of fire. >> you know it's real when a meteorologist drops the meteorological term and goes with ring of fire. >> more on the weather. another russia controversy for
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president trump. his face-to-face with vladimir putin at this month's g20 was hugh lly scrutinized. let's go to kristen welker. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are learning that president trump and president putin had a second encounter at the g20 summit earlier this month. the white house is pushing back strongly this morning against criticism it should have disclosed that second encounter. the meeting lasted an hour by some accounts. officials here say it was shorter and part of a social gathering. still, it's creating another a russia related flap. a white house official telling nbc news president trump had a previously undisclosed conversation with russian president vladimir putin at this dinner held for world leaders at the g20 summit in hamburg, germany. according to "the washington post" citing a senior
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administration official mr. trump left his seat and sat next to mr. putin. critics say the undisclosed meeting is unusual with no american aides to witness it and no official u.s. government summary of that encounter ever released. the only russian english interpreter available provided by putin as each couple was allowed just one translator. the american translator accompanying president spoke japanese because mr. trump was seated next to the prime minister of japan's wife. still, critics pounced. >> a basic failure in terms of national security protocol. there's only one person who really knows exactly what was said in the of the conversation and it's the russian translator. >> reporter: the white house pushing back noting the president circumstanlated freel spoke to many leaders adding the insinuation that the white house is trying to hide a second meeting is absurd. the president tweeting late tuesday story of secret dinner with putin is sick, insisting the press knew.
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the evening exchange happening on the same day the two lead er had their first official meeting. it lasted more than two hours. had their first official meeting, that lasted more than two hours. the new disclosure comes as nbc news learns there was an eighth person that attended the meeting with donald trump jr. and russian officials at trump tower. that person, a senior vice president at the real estate development company run by a former business partner of trump. in 2000, he was the subject of a government investigation of mown laundering into u.s. banks. his attorney telling nbc news, the reality is, he has never been accused of any wrongdoing. period. but on capitol hill, mounting concern. >> it's disturbing to me that it's taken this long for this information to come out. >> reporter: and this morning, special counsel robert mueller has given the green light for
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th e senate to hear from donald trump jr., and from paul paul manafort was also at that meeting. >> reporter: the attorney tells nbc news special counsel robert mueller wants to interview him. he plans on cooperating. no state has been set for that or for trump, jr., to testify on capitol hill. meanwhile, overnight the white house announced its new ambassador to russia, john huntsman, a 2012 presidential candidate who was at times critical of mr. trump when he was a candidate. >> all right, kristen welker, thank you. let's bring in kristen wallace and nbc news contributor michael mcfaul, good morning to both of you. mr. ambassador, i'll start with you. let pe be devil's advocate. this is one of those occasions where there is a lot of heat around this second encounter that the president had with vladimir putin a. lot of people watching might be thinking, what's the big deal? it's a social dinner, there is all these world leaders around,
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why all the fuss? why all the storm and fury? >> i agree it's a good thing when the president of the united states having facetime to develop the ideas they had in the first meeting. we should applaud that. what's strange about this particular meeting, to the best of our knowledge is a reporting that we've seen that he just focused on one leader for an hour. you know, that's not a good format at a dinner party, right? you need to work the room. how about a little time with the host, for instance, angela merkel our closest allie? i think others were so concerned about it that's why they decided to report it out. that's why we are talking about it. >> you have been in a lot -- >> the second thing. >> go ahead. >> as somebody that staffed those meetings for president obama when i worked at the white house. i want him to have his talking points. you want him to know if putin says this you say this anything a president utters in a meeting like that becomes policy.
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so those are the things you don't like to have happen without staff. >> yeah, that's exactly where i was going. you have been in these meetings with putin had likely confined the cat to like vacation homes and kids or do you think he would have had a policy agenda? >> exactly. she not a big chit chat guy. she not there for small talk. he will take advantage to push his agenda, which in this case is concessions from the united states, things like lifting sanctions and remember he had 17 years of experience in doing foreign policy. our president only has a few months. >> so nicole, let's take the issue of disclosure, let's say for argument's sake, this was an innocuous meeting, melania is sitting next to president putin, the president goes over and sits and chats with president putin, but when it comes to russia, you would think you should learn put everything out there. >> they find themselves trapped between willful deliberateness
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and reality. there is a cloud of suspicion over this white house about suspected alleged some would argue now known attempts to collude with the russian government to tip the election in there president's favor, based on the e-mail chain between don jr. that surfaced about a week ago. so the fact that they don't take a cautious approach to how things look really suggests that either the president, himself, has dug in and defiantly refuses to acknowledge his own political reality or the people around him have also become convinced that his commitment, i mean, it could have been anybody else, we wouldn't be here, you wouldn't have woken up ambassador mcfauls if it was a leader of another allie the fact that the bottom line of all of these stories runs through putp. it's why we're always having the same conversation about this president. >> few had been communications of the white house, let's disclose it, get it out there?
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>> when i was communications director, steve hadley and condi rice always let out these meetings to our press pool. social gatherings are usually not a lot of risk for any sort of public relations fiasco. this is another self inticketed pr crisis on behalf of the team. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. another issue facing the president the collapse of the republican's effort to repeal and replace obamacare. he's invited senate republicans to the white house today to talk about next moves. this as voters sound off on the health care battle and other key issues in washington. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, where he has been talking to voters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning the susquehanna river hein us. think of this as the epicenter of that earthquake, the jolted president trump into the white house. they flipped for trump if scent
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2016, despite this latest stinging setback on health care, here they still back president trump but want to see results. the reporting with senate republicans stick licking their wounds in their defeat of obamacare. the president is deflecting blame. >> we're not going to own it. ki tell you the republicans will not own it. we'll let obamacare fail and then the democrats will come to us. >> reporter: in trump counties that propel the president to power like wilkes-barre pennsylvania the plan never got traction. one in four voters supporting it. 12% overall. >> i think they need to go back to the drawing board. >> i think it's just stubbornness, lack of cooperation. >> reporter: at snyder's garage, life long democrats barbara and bruce snide rer still betting on trump. >> you wanted the guy to change washington. is he changing what ug? >> yes, i believe he is. but it's going to take more
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time. >> reporter: retired marine bob smith another democrat who backed the president. >> i thought the president would be a flash, like he's going to be a flash. a bolt of lightning. and the belmont of lightning sort of fizzled out a little bit. >> reporter: when you hear the outrage about this president what do you want to say to those people? >> shut up. my biggest frustration is the people aren't backing him. give him a chance. >> reporter: in trump counties, the policies resonate, his personality doesn't. in our new nbc "wall street journal" pom he gets high marks for ordering airstrikes in syria and aggressively responding to north korea, most popular his effort to keep jobs in america. jack says his furniture sales have improved since the election. why is that? >> i think they feel better. i think they think there's hope. it seems like we were hopeless before. >> reporter: what isn't working? the presidented attacks on the media, his refusal to release his tax returns, most unpopular trademark tweets, more than six
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if ten saying cut ut out. at chuck's main street diner -- >> it's so beneath the office. it gets worse every day. >> reporter: but supporters are sick of the criticism, including on russia. >> we laugh about it every day, what's the new joke today about russia? it's a russia illusion not a russia collusion. >> reporter: six months after the inauguration the breakfast crowd still deeply divided. clearly, plenty of packs here over breakfast in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, as for health care the top republican mitch mcconnell's latest push to repeal obamacare without immediate replacement appears to be on the brinkle of failure. he can only lose two senate republicans, three said they opposed it. at the urging of the president, mcconnell says he will force a vote to put all the senators on the record early next week. >> peter alexander in
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pennsylvania, thanks. >> there is a lot more, including new developments in that deadly police shooting of a bride to be in minneapolis. one of the officers involved is now telling his side of the story. but this morning, there are still more questions than answers. nbc's blake mccoy has the latest on investigation. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning, this community and family finally getting some answers. investigator versus now interviewed the partner of the officer who opened fire in the alley behind me. there is his account of what happened. >> reporter: this morning the first official account of what led to the death of australian bride to be justine damon, killed by a minneapolis police officer after calling 11 for help. state investigators say she reported what she thought was an assault in the alley behind her home. two rookie officers responded in a patrol car, mohammed tnoor in the passenger's seat, matthew herety, they drove down the
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alley lights off, herety interviewed by investigators says he was startled by a loud noise right as damon approached the driver's side of the vehicle. he says that's when officer tnorr opened fire, shooting over him, hitting damon through the driver's side wind. >> i we heard shots down, one down. >> rescue is coming. >> reporter: testify officer says they provided immediate medical attention, she was pronounced dead at the scene, killed by a gunshot wound to the abdomen, according to investigators, officer tnorr so far declined to be interviewed saying his attorney quote did not provide clarification on when, if ever, an interview would be possible. both officers were equipped with body cams, which have to be manually turned on. but they weren't. at a late night press conference, city officials addressed public outrage. >> we do have more information now, though it's frustrating to
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have some of the picture but not all of it. >> reporter: half a world away in damon's native australia. >> justine our daughter was so special to us. >> reporter: her heart broken father has been demanding answers. >> justine was a beacon to all of us. we only ask the light of justice shyp down on the circumstances of her death. >> reporter: as mourners gather for a sunset vigil on a beach near sydney, he joined them paying final respects by tossing flowers into the sea. so when will we hear officer knoor's account of what happened? under the law, he doesn't have to give an interview to state investigators. keep in minds, he could be facing charges. it's ultimately up to the county attorney here in minneapolis how to proceed. >> blake mccoy, thank you. now to the massive wildfire burning in california that's forced the evacuation of nearly 5,000 people. it's let inening 1,500 structures in and around the
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town of mariposa. eight structures have been destroyed since sunday afternoon. it is threatening the power lines that feed yosemite national park. they say a tall grass of winter rains was fuelling that fire. update now on a story we have been following for several weeks here. charlie gard the 11 month british boy who suffers from a rare genetic disease has been reportedly granted u.s. citizenship. >> that move could pave the way for him to travel to america to receive experimental treatments. the terminally ill baby is on life support and he's at the center of a legal battle now, that has gained world wide attention. british courts ruled his condition as too grave to keep him alive. his parents have been fighting for months to bring him to the u.s. to receive treatment. now back to that dramatic video we showed you at the top of the show a. surfing competition in south africa called off tuesday after a shark was spotted junk out of the water. several surfers were nearby at
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the time. it happened two years after a world famous surfer was attacked by a shark at the exact same venue the competition is expected to resume today. >> that's quite the shot, jumping, leaping out of the water. >> i don't know if it would be great to hop back in today, one day later. >> it will be hot. >> it is, let's do it. it is going to be extremely hot. especially right through the middle of the country where we do have heat warnings in pink and heat advisories surrounding that. 34 million people are under some sort of heat advisory. here is that ring of fire that area of high pressure producing those hot temperatures, around it is where we will see our strongest storms t. humidity is high so st. louis it will feel like 104 today. jackson, mississippi, 103. in new york city the high about 72. it will feel warmer because of the higher humidity. then on thursday, d.c. will feel like 103 memphis, tennessee, a
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high of 96 will feel like 105. on friday the heat continues, then we see temperatures drop a bit as we go into the week. that's a look at weather. your local forecast is coming up in the next 30 seconds. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you. [woman] oh, why thank you. [burke] and we covered it, november sixth, two-thousand-nine. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you can see the low clouds and some sunshine in the distance and that will will clear out as we go through the day. looking at high temperatures there 65 degrees and 74 degrees in oakland. san jose and palo alto will will
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see high temperature today up to 81 degrees and still some upper 80s for many of the inleft hand valleys up to concord. as we go to the next several is days our temperatures hold steady and then heat up just in time. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. coming up, the mounting opposition to o.j. simpson's possible release on the eve of his much-anticipated parole hearing. and the mystery surrounding the sudden death of a 10-year-old day that has parents on-edge. did he touch an opioid at a public swimming pool? first, this is "today" on nbc.
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lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. good morning. it's 7:26. i'm kris san dhez czyz. this morning fire investigators in walnut creek are trying to find out what caused this fire that started after midnight in a second-story unit at that complex on ygnacio valley road. we don't know yet how many units were damaged but at least two families did get assistance finding a place to stay from the red cross. no one was hurt. and a cooler start to your wednesday morning, kari hall. yes, it is looking nice and cool even as we go into this afternoon but some of the inland areas are still going to be heating up into the upper 80s in concord, livermore. 87 degrees. san jose and palo alto 81 and 74 today in oakland. we will get some sunshine in san
7:27 am
francisco as highs in the mid-60s over the next several days. our temperature will stay in the mid-60s for the high temperatures and some upper 60s for the weekend. inland areas will go from the upper 80s today to mid-90s in time for saturday and sunday. and now let's get an update on the road from mike. kari, we're looking at the san mateo bridge. it started moving better. westbound 92 still has reports of a disabled mini cooper as you get to the high rise. we'll track this. the map does show more slowing and then we have a few minutes to go over it. again, that could be in flux right now. a better flow northbound for traffic heading through the silicon valley. the crashes on 101 and 85 have cleared over the last half hour. you see the slower drive here. notice through the middle of the screen highway 17 north up to the interchange that's been the most pronounced through campbell. back to you. all right. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. we hope to see you then.
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♪ good morning, everybody. we're back at 7:30, it's wednesday, the 19th of july, 2017. there's the people that make the smart decisions in this building. our control room on a busy wednesday morning. we've got willie in for matt and hoda here, too. >> hi, guys. >> how are you? let's look at the headlines. the president inviting senate republicans to the white house today for lunch to discuss the road ahead in the health care battle after a second failed attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. the partner of the minneapolis police officer who shot and killed a woman who called 911 has spoken to investigators. officer matthew harrity claims they were startled by a loud sound near their patrol car
7:31 am
seconds before justine damond was shot. officer noor who fired the shot has declined to be interviewed. both officers are on paid leave. pending the investigation. check out this scene in massachusetts overnight. a 37-year-old man fell into an abandoned well and suffered leg and back injuries. at one point they had to pump fresh air into the hole until emergency crews could carry out the rescue. officials say somebody had removed a steel cover that had been on top of that well. >> goodness they got him out of there. we're just a day away from o.j. simpson's parole hearing, which will be televised live. but as he looks forward to a new chance at freedom, opposition is growing over his possible release. nbc's joe fryer has more on that part of the story. joe, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning. we made our way to lovelock correctional center where oj simpson has been locked up for nearly nine years. this is where his meeting before the parole board is hours away. even the prosecutor who put him behind bars thinks it's likely he's going to be released, but that is not sitting well with
7:32 am
some. as many wonder if the juice will soon be loose, there's growing backlash over his potential release after serving nine years for robbing two sports memorabilia dealers. a petition, with more than 100,000 signatures calls on people to let the parole world know if you do not want to see this man released into free society. the petition was created by deborah tate, sister of sharon tate, who was murdered by the manson family. among seize signing the petition, ron goldman's sister, kim, a long-time friend of tate. thank you for being such an advocate and starting this petition. love you, lady. tate says the goldman family is preparing for the worst. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: during a criminal trial that riveted the nation in 1995, simpson was acquitted of murdering goldman and ex-wife nicole brown but in a civil case he was found liable and ordered to pay a $33 million judgment. >> money is justice. and justice is money. this is the only way they can
7:33 am
seek some kind of reppen pence for the loss. >> reporter: the goldman's attorney says with interest simpson owes 60 million and if he's released they'll try to get what he can. >> if he's paid money for the use of his name, his likeness, his story, his brand, it is our intention to seize it. and we can seize it by legal process. and that's what i intend to do. >> reporter: but first, the board must grant simpson's parole. among those hoping for his release, karl douglas, one of the attorneys on his dream team. >> the fact he's been in jail for nine years is not because of the crime in las vegas. but it is a consequence of what happened in los angeles. >> reporter: friends say if simpson is released, he would like to move back to florida. legal experts tell us that is a possibility if officials in approve in both florida and nevada. now typically this parole board will hold a hearing and release
7:34 am
its decision about three weeks later, but because interest in this case is so high, the plan is to release the decision on the same day. back to you guys. >> joe fryer in nevada, a day ahead of that hearing. joe, thanks. we'll have special live coverage of that hearing on many of the nbc stations tomorrow. and it will be the focus of a special documentary, "o.j. simpson: chasing freedom." this saturday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. time of the morning we turn to dylan for another check of the weather. >> hi, again, guys. we talked about the heat with the ring of fire and now we'll talk about the storms. they usually form on the outside of this dome of heat that we're dealing with. right on the boundary, in eastern south dakota, southern minnesota, parts of wisconsin that's where we're looking at our best chance of storms today. in orange, that's our enhanced risk of seeing isolated tornadoes, possibly large hail. but mainly the threat of damaging wind gusts. we could see a line of storms move from west-to-east, through this evening and the overnight hours. and that could produce very,
7:35 am
very gusty winds. perhaps as high as 60 to 70 miles per hour. that could lead to damage. you see by thursday morning, some of the storms will work into the chicago area. we could see rain, too. about two to up to three inches of rain you're in for some very nice weather in san francisco today. still locking at the low clouds and fog right now in parts of the city. it will be clearing out and temperatures warming up to 65 degrees. upper 60s in time for the weekend and for the inland areas. upper 80s today and for the next couple of days. no major changes there but it will be heating up this weekend. we're looking at mid-90s for both saturday and sunday. early next week it will still be well above oural high temperature. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks so much. coming up, why the fbi has just issued a rare warning about
7:36 am
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that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ back, now, at 7:40, with a new warni ining tied to the opi crisis. a young boy apparently overdosed on the drug fentanyl. kerry sanders has the story. good morning. >> reporter: the death of a 10-year-old exposed to a deadly drug would be tragic under any circumstances. but what has authorities here worried is they think that alton banks came into contact with the
7:41 am
drug fentanyl. and it was unintentional and in a public lice and didn't know it. the deadly opioid crisis has a new face, 10-year-old alton banks. his mother describing him as a fun kid who loved football and wanted to become an engineer. the family waiting for toxicology tests to confirm that alton died from the powerful opioid fentanyl. authorities do not believe that alton came into contact with the drug at home. investigators think he unintentionally stumbled across the fentanyl at a camp pool where he had been swimming or while walki ining back to his h. >> it can be as simply as touching it. could have been a towel at the pool. we just don't know. >> reporter: that has mothers terrified. >> just, you know, being a kid. touching things. picking up stuff. that's what kids do. that's what they do. >> reporter: nationally, the numbers are scary. the death rate for synthetic p
7:42 am
opioids like fentanyl has been soaring. in the midwest, up more than 95%. more than 55% in the south. and more than 12% in the west. during that same time, the number of heroin deaths was up 20% nationwide. these vials contain both drugs. inhaling a few specks of feint nell can be fatal. that should raise alarm bells across the country. >> you have to be so afraid that your child can walk out your front door and come in contact with this substance. you can't even go out on a walk anymore. >> reporter: how extensive is the problem here? the most recent statistics from the medical examiner now that in miami-dade, more people died from opioid abuse than homicides. >> that's just awful.
7:43 am
kerry, thank you very much. i guess a warning more people. how would you know with tiny specks? >> it can be absorbed in your skin. >> awful. coming up, what are you making for dinner tonight? a new way to think about meal planning. it will save you some time, money and calories. what are you working on in the orange room. >> the fight over dad let's see, there are the wildcats 'til we die weekenders. the watch me let if fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits. hanging with our mates weekenders and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders.
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7:47 am
welcome back. carson is in the orange room with a controversy over dad ads. what are we talking about here? >> did you guys color coordinate in pastels? >> good-looking group here.
7:48 am
>> looking good, guys. we're bombarded by ads all the time. and some are better than others, when it comes to the portrayal of men and women. ads like this, featurie ining c dads taking care of babies. they've been called out in the past for enforcing gender stereotypes. this was the boys the scholar, and the girl the butterfly. the advertise standards has put further regulations that attempt to crack down ads that show activities to one gender. they will be realistic approach and target problematic ads that could affect them. a woman cleaning or a man doing yardwork may not be in the crosshairs. but they will focus on the offensive ones, like the gap ad. the reaction is mixed. yes, at last. well done for taking a stand.
7:49 am
look forward to seeing it. heather writes, i'm delighted about this. i'm a female engineer and i would like to see more people like me represented. saw people on the other side, too. tom arguing, if you need to remove someone to stop someone becoming judgmental that problem is with that person. we asked should there be regulations to prevent gender stereotyping. 70% said no. >> i think i'm a no. regulations is what it is. i like the idea -- i'm against stereotyping. i don't know if i want regulations about it. >> i do the cleaning and brian will take out the trash. >> the beer ads, it did bug me with the guy on the couch. we're a little more than that. >> are you sure? >> maybe it's too close to home. >> al says that. he gets mad. but we have very active dads. carson, willie, matt. they're real dads and al says, those ads look like dads don't
7:50 am
know what they're doing. >> they do. you got it, girl. >> what about your weekend? just ahead, the long lines greeting william and kate on the royal tour. we have harry styles here in this studio, talking about his acting debut. and tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace.
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good wednesday morning. it is 7:56. w we are seeing mostly clear skies inland. we will have some more comfortable weather for the noon but we begin at 52 degrees in san francisco. you can also see the low clouds and patchy fog from the north bay at 55 degrees. high temperatures today reaching the low 80s in santa rosa and napa. upper 80s for concord, livermore, and morgan hill with lower 80s in san jose. oakland 74 san francisco 65. let's get an update on the roadways from mike. >> a smooth flow of traffic for most of the bay and the good news for the south bay, we've had no additional major issues. we have more half hour. again, no major drama down here. along the peninsula a smooth flow out of san francisco and down to san mateo still slowing as you would expect both directions from 101 there and a quick look out there as well.
7:57 am
things are shaping up for the traffic flow as you get over to the east bay and bay bridge toll plaza. the one over at san pablo. we'll send it right back to you. thank you, mike. happening now we continue to follow breaking news from san francisco. we started covering during "today in the bay." fire dispatch tells us that there was a fire and now they know it was at a homeless enc encampment. the fire department says it took crews time to find flames near the corner of 7th and berry but they did put them out. we are actively looking to find out what led to this fire. also happening now construction work er is recovering after falling 15 feet during an accident at facebook's new campus in men low. it is the second time this year that two workers fell from the same site back in april. we have another look at local news, weather and traffic coming up in the next half hour. for now we'll send you back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig,
8:00 am
call 811. keep yourself safe. ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, new details. the partner of the officer who shot and killed bride-to-be justine damond sheds new light on how she died. >> shots fired. one down. >> the officer who fired the shot refuses to talk. we're live with overnight developments. ♪ plus, foul play? >> i promise not to tell anyone. >> the fbi issues a rare public warning over smart toys and privacy. what parents need to know to keep their kids safe. ♪ why don't you give me your love ♪ and british invasion. we're live with the royals as they touch down in germany. >> i'm your friend. harry styles swings by studio 1a to talk about his acting debut. today, wednesday, july 19th, 2017.
8:01 am
♪ >> i have a question. who are you guys here to say? >> harry. >> harry styles, please hug my daughter and me. >> i may not be federer. but i have a crush on savannah. don't tell my wife. i'm his wife. >> what are you celebrating, annette? >> my 60th birthday. [ cheers and applause ]. >> and happy birthday to her. welcome back today. lots to celebrate on our plaza. matt has the morning off. willie is in again. we have harry styles. we're excited about that. >> and fin. >> and fin. >> you and i with harry styles and fin, it's going to be great, baby. >> we're going to crack the lens. >> i don't know who has more plaza fans? harry styles or savannah guthrie. >> savannah has a crush. >> maybe just crazy. lots to get to.
8:02 am
busy morning. let's get to your news at 8:00 a.m. the white house playing down a new controversy that erupted overnight, involving russian president vladimir putin. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker joins us with the latest on that. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. president trump will try to shift the focus back to his made in america theme this week. but it's a previously undisclosed meeting that he had outside the country that is raising a fresh round of questions about his relationship with russia. this morning the white house official telling nbc news trump had a second conversation that we didn't learn about until yesterday with russian president vladimir putin at this dinner, held for world leaders at the g20 summit in hamburg, germany. now according to "the washington post," siting a senior administration official, mr. trump left his seat and sat next to mr. putin for about an hour. critics say the undisclosed meeting is unusual with no american aides to witness it and no official u.s. government ever released of that encounter. the translator was provided by putin.
8:03 am
the white house is strongly pushing back. noting the president circulated freely and spoke to many leaders adding, quote, the inosine ewuation that the white house tried to hide a second meeting is false, malicious and absurd. the president himself tweeting late tuesday, story of secret dinner with putin is sick. insisting the press knew. now, the exchange happening on the same day the two leaders had the first official meeting, which lasted more than two hours, savannah. >> kristen welker, thank you. new information about what happened just before a bride-to-be was shot and killed saturday by a minneapolis police officer. nbc's blake mccoy is there. blake, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. we're getting the first official account of what happened that led to the death of the australian bride to be justine damond. the investigators have interviewed the partner of the officer that opened fire. he says they were responding to a 911 call in the alley behind me on saturday night, driving down the alley with their lights off when they heard a loud noise that startled officers right as
8:04 am
damond approached the driver's side of the vehicle. the partner says that officer mohamed noor opened fire killing damond. now officer noor has not agreed to an interview with state investigators and it's unclear if and when that will ever happen. keep in mind, he could face charges. it will be up to the prosecutor here in minneapolis to decide how to proceed. willie? >> a lot of questions in minneapolis. blake, thank you. a grieving iowa couple is hoping that the loss of their infant daughter will help save the lives of other newborns. the baby was 18 days old. when she died on tuesday morning. doctors told her parents that she had contracted meningitis and that it probably had come from someone with a cold sore who had touched or kissed the baby. her parents believe the cause was a kiss from an infected friend or relative. experts say the cold sore virus rarely leads to viral meningitis but it can and they do warn people to always wash their
8:05 am
hands beforehanding babies and our best to those parents. the fbi is out with a rare warning about children's toys. it's alerting parents that internet connected smart toys can put a family's privacy and safety at risk. here is jolene kent. >> i promise not to tell anyone. >> reporter: the coolest smart toys are coming with a warning. -- i can look up places people and things. >> reporter: as more kids' toys are connected to the internet. >> i know annie likes tickle time. >> reporter: concern is growing they can be a risk to your child's safety. it's prompted the fbi to issue a rare public safety announcement to parents this week. stating, the fbi encourages consumers to consider cyber security prior to introducing smart, interactive, internet-connected toys into their homes or trusted environments. the agency points out that the innocent conversations your child may have with a smart toy could reveal a large amount of personal information like their name, school, location, likes
8:06 am
and dislikes. endangering their privacy and physical safety. how? smart toys are often fitted with microphones, cameras, data storage, speak recognition and gps capabilities and toys connected to apps sometimes ask for a child's photo, which could be used to garner trust from a child and increase their risk of exploitation. in row cent months, smart toys have come under fire for allegedly recording children and connecting to unsecured bluetooth and wi-fi networks. the fbi did not call out toys by name. but advises parents to only connect and use the toys with trusted and secured wi-fi internet access. closely monitor your child's activity with the toys through a toy's app. use strong and unique passwords when creating user accounts. and only provide the bare minimum when filling out registration information. and of course, turn the toys off when not in use. toy time now subject to the same rules of the internet.
8:07 am
for "today," jo ling kent, nbc news, san francisco. >> one more thing to worry about. right? >> i was just thinking about that. we have dumb toys at our house. but still. >> wouldn't want that. >> exactly. there's a lot more coming up this morning, including the newest stop on prince william and kate's royal tour. and then, madonna's fight to block the sale of personal items. cutting calories and saving cash. we want to change the way we shop for groceries. and giada is outside, with farm fresh recipes you're going to love. first, these messages. ♪ if your cat has fleas, you have fleas. use advantage® ii monthly on your cat to prevent and treat flea infestations. advantage® ii. fight the misery of infesting fleas. also available - home and yard products
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8:10 am
nature valley protein bars e. coming up on 8:10 ach a whirlwind tour of poland, the duke and duchess of came ridge and their kids are touching down in germany. we are following them every part of the way. kelly cobiella is in berlin traveling with them. hey, kelly. >> reporter: good morning. first poland, now germany. two countries that president trump visited just a couple of weeks ago. it shows the importance of the allies for both the u.s. and the ek and it's why the brits sent in their power couple and those two little stars. prince george, looking sleepy but managing a handshake in berlin this morning. his sister, princess charlotte, was given her own minibouquet. prince william and wife kate headed straight to a meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. for the kids, down time. earlier in the week, the polish president turning a palace into
8:11 am
a play house for them. tweeting this photo. while outside, hundreds lined up to see will and kate. the duchess bonding with moms. prince william acting like a dad. >> oh, you're very sweet. thank you. she will love this. >> reporter: at a visit with entrepreneurs, kate joking about how to put this smart toy to good use. >> we'll have to have more babies. >> reporter: the couple is on an official charm offensive, as the country divorces europe. kate dressing in a polish design, the duke talking about the two countries deep ties. >> polish is the second-most spoken language in the united kingdom. it was british soldiers that finally freed prisoners of the concentration camp in 1945. the royals are meeting with survivors from this camp. men held here as boys and back for the first time more than 70
8:12 am
years later. >> the young royal couple have quite out of the ordinary knack of making people feel at ease. >> reporter: the duke and duchess were a big hit in poland, toasting the end of their trip with a drink fit for royalty, made with gold flakes. though some of their littlest fans couldn't quite get the titles right. >> queen and the king are coming here. and they are english. that's why we need an english flag. >> reporter: their own children, just starting to learn about life as a working royal. they'll be covering three cities over the next three days. they'll visit disadvantaged kids this afternoon. there's a rowing competition tomorrow. an they're wrapping up the tour on friday in hamburg. just in time, guys, for a big event on saturday. prince george's 4th birthday. >> oh. >> george's 4th. kelly, thank you so much. it's fun following them. >> the little accent. so cute. those little kids. >> and the royals drinking the gold beverage. >> i like that.
8:13 am
>> gold flecks in it. carson perked up at that point. let's trend now, shall we? job interviews can be tough. what would you do if the ceo of the company you're interviewing with texted you on a sunday night as part of a test. >> do you know it's a test? >> you'll find in and out a second. >> "the new york times," she told them about her way of vetting job candidates. she texts them on sunday night >> what did he say? >> between 9 and 11:00 p.m. to see how fast they respond. >> whoa. >> the maximum time she allows is three hours. you don't get back to her in three hours, you can forget the job. she told the times she doesn't plan to bug employees all weekend but she does want to know if people are responsive and always thinking about the are you in it. what do you guys think? >> what is the point? you should be able to have am down time at 9:00 on a sunday night. >> worry about that when you get the job. >> that potential employer texts you at midnight on sunday you
8:14 am
respond back immediately and you kick that can down the weekend and is this going to happen every weekend? >> trying to decide whether to work with a writer and he asked that writer to meet him at 7:00 a.m. on a sunday. he said if the person showed up late or couldn't do it, that guy was out. i think it's about picking a weird time to see who responds. >> for me, i would be asleep at 9:00 on a sunday. that's the only thing. what if you had -- >> not if you're unemployed. >> what if you were on a flight. >> we have this odd morning schedule, so, we're up at all hours of the morning and night. if you're a 9:00 and 5:00 worker is it okay for your boss, now, once you have the job, to text after hours or to reach out to you? >> now you've got the job. >> is that okay for your boss to reach out? hey, what if it is a quick question about something tomorrow? >> i think it's the day in age we live in. i wish we could all check out at friday at 5:00 or in our case 10:00 a.m. but we don't live in that world any more. >> one more.
8:15 am
you're on vacation. that should be the one time a couple weeks a year. but, still, if you're looking at your phone on vacation and those e-mails come up. >> so much easier to attend to it and then go back to vacation. >> you're working on vacation. >> you got a job. right. get the job first. all right, guys, "pop start" we'll start with ed sheeran. the singer receiving mixed reaction on social media responds to his "game of thrones" cameo. the episode's director is defending ed saying, fans are focusing too much on his star power. told "newsweek" he came into this with only lovely intentions to come into a good job and sing well. if people didn't know who ed was, they wouldn't have thought about it twice. ed did a great job and was a pleasure to work with. ed is back on twitter but his description states, i don't use this any more.
8:16 am
and directs users to his instagram page. we fulfilled our ed sheeran quota and not another story for 45 days. madonna halted by manhattan state security court judge. the items included an unbelievable read of a letter -- >> i didn't know they were together. >> a hair brush that does contain hair from mu danna. she sought an emergency court order saying it violates a privacy. i understand my dna could be extracted from a piece of my hair. is outrageous and grossly offensive that my dna could be auctioned to the public. madonna's friend was behind the sale, but the friend's lawyer said it would be challenged. more on that. finally, music streaming record for you this morning. one of the summer's biggest hits just became the dream song of all time. >> is it? >> that's right. >> we've seen savannah discover
8:17 am
the song on "pop star" and now officially sick of this song. justin bieber's remix has been restreamed more than 4.6 billion times. >> by me. >> previous record, right, justin bieber also his song "sorry" had that record at 4.3 billion. can we declare it as song of the summer? yeah. that's your "pop start." >> embrace it little by little. >> hard to beat the bear on the motorcycle but i did my best. we show those adorable gender reveal videos with parents do a cute little thing. i have some fails for you and they involve baseball bats. so, here's this first one. the ball is supposed to explode and the smoke should reveal the gender and mom throws it inside -- he's like. they had friends there and they
8:18 am
are all like, let's go. yeah. it's a girl! >> that's awesome. >> that's genius. >> exactly. retailiation. and another one. this mother to be gets it. do we have this one, little worse inside -- >> we still don't know the gender. >> why is he using a metal bat? there wasn't a gender reveal, i just thought this was funny. no, i'm kidding. the ball didn't explode. >> everything is all right with her. >> she's totally fine. >> he crushed it. >> you're not supposed to laugh at that. >> she's okay. >> she's fine. no one gets hurt. the bear didn't hurt anybody and the woman's fine. everything is fine in "pop start." how about weather. >> i didn't know if she was having a boy or girl.
8:19 am
>> by the time you're done telling us about the ring of fire we'll know. we'll talk more rain in the southwest. flooding rain possible and flooding for arizona up through colorado and over into utah, as well. southern nevada and into southeastern california. all developing around this ring of fire. but we are looking at that monsoonal moisture. you get torrential downpours and the ground is very dry. it doesn't absorb all of that rain quickly. it's kind of like pouring water on cement. so, we are going to see the potential for more flooding, especially in some of the valleys. we're looking at much as three to five inches of rain in some areas. again, within those heavier downpours. we will see the flood threat in the southwest and isolated severe storms across the upper midwest and into southern minnesota. we could see a line of severe good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll have a wide range in temperatures once again from the lower 60s at half moon bay to
8:20 am
mid-70s in oakland and upper 80s for the inland spots from the tri-valley up towards the delta. and in san jose expect a high of 81 degrees. in san francisco, we keep the 60s over the next seven days. for the inland areas, our temperatures go from the upper 80s today in some of the warmer spots to the mid-90s in time for the weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast. savannah? >> dylan, thank you. now, to our cutting calories saving cash. it's all about the ties between food and money. we start with helping you save less at the grocery store. this morning, it's about saving time by planning in advance. and let's talk to jean chatzky. this starts before we go to the store. >> with some planning. we want to start by shopping at home. shop your pantry, shop your fridge. oh, i have some frozen chicken breast, that's a meal. i found on sunday, some ricotta
8:21 am
cheese. i made gnocchi. it was there. use what you have. >> and you have to make the all-parent list. >> make the all-important list. and one way to make it easier is base it on what's on sale that week. i have my grocery store app on my phone. coupons come up. oh, $5 off on a $10 meat passenger sid purchase. amazing. i put it on my card and i have the other ingredients. >> you say know what to overbuy and when. >> right. when you go to the store, whether you're using coupons like this or using the circular, you're going to see things like chicken breast, on sale. nobody should ever pay full price for a chicken breast ever. >> words to live by. >> when you see it at $2.99 a pound, you buy four and you put it in the freezer and have it. we throw out a ton of food every week. you don't want to overbuy things
8:22 am
like fruits and vegetables. milk will go bad. you see the numbers. it's insane how much we throw away. >> i feel guilty when i throw out the fresh fruits that nobody ate. >> then, we come home and we have our chicken breast. we want to separate them into the portions that we're going to cook because we know if we overcook them and make them all at one time, they're going to end up in the wasted category. there will be leftovers. separate them, put them in containers. label them so you know that you're using the most recently purchased ones last. want to use the oldest ones first. >> the freezer is your friend. >> so much. you can freeze things that people don't understand they can freeze. butter, put one stick in the fridge. fresh herbs, my basil garden, it's all going in the freezer. and bread, if you're in a small family, take out a couple of slices put them in a ziploc and
8:23 am
freeze the rest. now, up to willie and joy in the kitchen. >> what are you going to do with the groceries. joy bauer, let's look at that. >> you're going to defrost. if something is in the freezer, it goes from the freezer into the fridge. it's so tempting to defrost on the counter. but it could get in the temperature danger zone and bacteria grows rapidly. from the freezer into the fridge. if you're lucky enough for something to be defrosted, in the morning before you head out the door, marinade it. put it in the fridge. the longer it marinades for, the more flavorible that piece of meat will be. >> and right in the ziploc bag? >> yeah. it can be a bowl or a ziploc. >> what are we doing with the slow cooker? >> i call this a magic pot. a couple of times each week, in the morning, all you need to do is toss all your ingredients in
8:24 am
the pot. you put the lid on. you're going to set the timer. and you head out the door. it's like having an accoffordab personal chef. it cooks for you when you're john. >> and you can set that and leave it all day. >> yes. and your house smells so good. then, what you do after dinner, is you're going to wrap up the leftovers before you start nibbling on them before lunch the next day. and you can either eat exactly the same thing or you can reimagine it. and you can create a sandwich or maybe a topping for a solialad. it's great to have lunch waiting for you. and the night before, you can get your coffee ready. get the machine ready and if you have a timer, set it. you don't have to go to the store and waste time and money buying your coffee. and if you don't have a timer on your machine, you can make a cup at night, pop it into the refrigerator and in the morning, you have ice coffee. >> a lot of them do have timers
8:25 am
now. >> they do. what do we have here? >> this is during down time. on the weekends, you can find some time to cook. and if you can just make one recipe a week and double and triple the amounts, you get to cook it once and you eat it two times, three times, four times. portion them in freezer-friendly containers. label them. and stash them in the freezer. and the newer items you want to go in the back. you're recycling, eating the oler items first and the new items second and third. and you want to be imaginative about the base. it's all about the base. you want to re-create it. i made a huge amount of meatballs. one night, i had it with pennep. then, ke babs. and then, a meatball pizza. >> you're one resourceful woman. >> i'm going to get a slow cooker. tomorrow, more ways to save calories and cash by cooking
8:26 am
your favorite restaurant dishes at home. now, over to carson. >> that gender reveal, that was a boy. good morning to you, it's 8:26, i'm kris sanchez. the search is on for an arsonist behind five brush fires set in antioch last night. the fires popped up just minutes apart and within a one-mile radius. we have confirmed all were deliberately set. the first was reported at 8:50 on the contra costa county fa fairgroun fairgrounds. the next were set in that one-mile radius. firefighters tell us there is no mistake this is an arsonist at work. if you believe that you might have seen something suspicious last night in antioch, do call the police department. and here's a look at traffic with mike. >> all right, kris. our live camera, 101 northbound through san jose shows you still a lot of congestion right here. coming up into the area to where
8:27 am
we saw that camera, we do have the issue that just cleared lanes around the capital expressway in the northbound direction. there's a new crash right around 280 and one of the exits around 7th so be careful, it slows coming down off southbound 680 but that's about the only problem for the south bay. the disabled big rig over 92 and skyline, that has cleared between 280 and half moon bay so eastbound, which was jammed up and stopped, is now moving. kris, back to you. all right. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. we'll be back with you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ good morning. thanks for being here. 8:30, now, on a wednesday morning. good morning, everybody. it's july 17th. got a great crowd on our plaza. big crowd. our guests coming up in the next half hour. harry styles is here along with fin whitehead. they're starring together in the movie "dunkirk." we'll talk with harry and fin. >> they're both adorable. sitting inside there. we like to look for our crowd moment. we have a huge crowd here. lots and lots of birthdays.
8:31 am
who has a birthday? we have one, two, three. we have ann. ann, you're celebrating what? >> my 11th. >> and everybody around themselves has declared themselves ann fans. so, on three, let's say happy birthday, ann. you ready? >> one, two, three. happy birthday, ann. that's our fan moment. >> love it. >> happy birthday. >> one of our favorites. jason bateman is here. he will tell us about something he has coming up on netflix and why the project means so much to him. i have been watching the show. it is incredible. can't wait to talk to giada, sh foods to cook with us. >> i've been eating her food. it's incredible.
8:32 am
>> you can get the best news coverage right from the snapchat account. today marks the launch of stay tuned. a new show from nbc news, that airs exclusively on snapchat. the first daily show on that platform and it brings you the top news stories in three-minute videos. each episode are going to go at 7:00 a.m., 4:00 p.m. and you can find it under the featured section. very cool. >> dylan with a check of the weather. high humidity. make it feels like it over 100 degrees. it stretches into the northeast, the southeast. we have severe storms possible on the northern edge of the heat wave. wind gusts and hail and tornadoes your time across the dakotas and southern minnesota. a little further to the west.
8:33 am
and monsoonal rains in the southwest. heat and humidity gets higher tomorrow. highs in the mid-90s to 100. it will feel like 110. into the connecticut tennessee and ohio river valleys. we have some sunshine later today in the forecast for san francisco, high temperatures reaching the mid-60s. no major changes over the next few days, the rest of the week looking good. slightly warmer in time for the weekend. we'll also see the same trends for the inland areas, but much more sunshine, high temperatures today reaching into the upper 80s and then for the weekend expect highs as hot at 95 degrees. it's still going to be into the low 90s for the first part of early next week. >> of course, you can find your forecast anytime on the weather channel on cable. savannah? >> all right. thank you so much, dylan.
8:34 am
>> we both were. >> we had a little moment. >> had our moment. dylan, thanks so much. >> both making their big screen debuts. >> they are in a desperate attempt to make their way home. first, how acclaimed director, christopher nolan turned a real-life miracle into a suspenseful thriller. >> dunkirk is a town on the coast of france, where in 1940, the entire british and french army wound up trapped. 400,000 men on one beach. the enemy on all sides. >> you can practically see it from here. >> what? >> home. >> the fact this story doesn't end in surrender or anallation is one of the greatest stories
8:35 am
in human history. >> for the director behind "incepti "inception," "dunkirk," christopher nolan's first film depicting real life events. >> a telling of the story where you would put people on that boat or put them in the cockpit or the plane or put them on the beach for the soldiers. what would it feel like to be there? >> reporter: to achieve his vision, nolan put together an ensemble of acting veterans and newcomers. including fin whitehead as tommy. >> you see fin and you want him to survive. and you're very involved in his journey. >> hey, friend. >> reporter: and a name you recognize for his music rather than acting, harry styles. >> what i was looking for in the character of alex, and hadn't been able to fine, i saw in harry right away, it's truthful and real. and those are the highest complements you can pay an actor. >> and nolan programs dunkirk will be a film you can't look
8:36 am
away from. >> don't take your eyes away from the screen. i want people to come out exhausted and a little challenged. having a white-knuckle ride. >> harry styles, and fin whitehead. >> thanks for having us. >> this is the big screen debut for both of you. is that intimidating? was there a lot of nerves on that set? >> i had a lot of nerves. it's only natural, isn't it? with a director like christopher nolan. and a story like "dunkirk." >> were you like, this is kind of scary? or was it we try to play it cool? we're good? >> i think it was -- everyone kind of got there. and the focus was everyone wanted to tell a story. it was an incredible story. and, yeah. the one focus. >> there's not a lot of dialo e
8:37 am
dialogue. there was a lot in your faces. looking for emotion. christopher nolan, when he was directing, was he saying, do it like this or like that? did he give you room to do your thing? >> he gives you free rein. he is expect frespectful that pe there for a reason. it was the best crew. and in general, people, he's respectful that he put you there for a reason. >> maybe it was harry styles and he's famous and he's a box office star. >> hey. >> it didn't happen. >> you went through a really tough audition process. and this director was very picky. said you earned your place there. >> thanks. >> that's got to feel good. >> i feel incredibly lucky to be
8:38 am
part of an amazing story. and the cast is, i'm such a massive fan. and a massive fan of chris'. what you're saying earlier, it was a lean script. there's not a ton of dialogue. you don't need it. the fact they're quite blank. you know, as an audience member, you're watching it projecting your own to them. as you're watching it, you're seeing these people as yourself. >> i think he's the perfect -- i think the amount of dialogue he used was calculated on his part. in a time like that, in the situation these young guys were in, you wouldn't be stopping for a monologue every five seconds. >> harry, you're comfortable on stage singing and doing that stuff. did you have a moment when you said during this setting, am i good enough for this? there's incredible actors.
8:39 am
>> i'm a fan of so many people on this film. >> fin is enjoying this. >> of course he is. this was amazing being on set. it was -- you know, sort of overwhelming to be on the scale. i don't know. it was amazing to be going through it, really. and i think everyone should watch it, several times. >> by the way, it's rated p.g. there's an opportunity for younger people to see it. you don't see -- you feel the violence and you see things. but there's not the gratuitousness. >> it's more about the emotional side of, you know, war. it just -- the story doesn't need, you know, gore and blood and stuff like that. it doesn't -- it's very, very intense. i think people that watch it. you never feel like you're watching the screen. you feel like you're surrounded. >> a few of us describe it -- a
8:40 am
few of us describe it in different interviews. it's more of an experience than it is, something you zone out to in the cinema. >> you experience it. you guys really, peer lly exper this was shot on the beach at dunkirk. it's cold and windy. when you look miserable, you kind of are miserable. >> i think when they asked chris to make a movie on the beach. this isn't what i asked for. it was so special for us to be able to make this film, obviously, on the beach. we are very aware of the history that we're standing on. just made it, you know, very, very special for us, i think. >> last night at the premiere, there were tons of girls that came out. you don't see a war movie, screaming for you guys. >> an epic suspension thriller. >> good luck. >> got it. >> harry's like, check and check. you got the bug now? >> you're done.
8:41 am
>> you want to act again? >> i mean, i really enjoyed it. really enjoyed it. it was a good experience. >> you guys are awesome. >> thanks for having us. >> feel-good movie of the summer. enjoy. >> everybody works, right? fin, nice to meet you. "dunkir "dunkirk," the feel-good movie of the summer, opens in theaters on friday. we're going to cook with (man) hmm. what do you think?
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back. jason bateman stars in and produces and is one of the directors of "ozark." he is a family man who launders money for a drug kingpin. but when the deal goes wrong, he moves all of his family and his money to the ozarks.
8:44 am
check it out. >> where is my money? >> we can't cover that in 24 hours. >> okay. there's two federal agents here, which means you wouldn't take a chance that there was a kidnapping and not have my money. if we walk into the lobby, i will say i can't get my money out and we'll see how long that goes viral. >> that guy can act. >> that guy can act. >> he holds the screen. >> he owns it. >> i have to see it. >> and like you mentioned, we brought your screen saver out. >> just my name, bang, bang. >> money falling from the sky. >> oh, yeah. >> this show is incredible. i watch it cold without knowing a ton about the backstory of it. and it grabs you by the throat. it's dark, intense, and really good. set it up for people when they go on friday to watch the whole thing, where are we starting here? >> well, it's basically about a guy taking a short cut to the american dream. you know, he's -- he is smart
8:45 am
but not as smart as he thinks he is. a little hubris involved there. and he's trying to provide for his family. he thinks maybe if i launder money for this mexican drug cartel, we can get our piece sooner. and starting with the first episode, the chickens have come home to roost. he has to pay his bill. >> i don't want to go to the comparison, but i did go "breaking bad" with this. that there is a regular guy that is living a quiet life. and a couple of minutes into the show, you pell that right away. >> i'm not suffering from a debilitating illness. accept except my character's arrogance. but, yeah. he's having to do things that are just outside what is sort of ethically acceptable in order to -- what he thinks, is a -- a justifiable reason, which is to provide for his family.
8:46 am
obviously, you know, turns out not to be -- not to be a great decision. and that's what gives us a show. if it works out, we wouldn't have anything. >> you direct some of the episodes on the show. it's beautifully shot. it looks good. do you enjoy that role of directing? how tough is it to direct and star in the same show? >> i really, really like doing the directing. it was the -- i wanted to executive produce the whole thing and that was the draw to do another show. the challenge of directing a 600-page movie. we couldn't make -- we couldn't create enough time for me to direct all of them with preprodooprepr preproduction and that stuff. having that oversight of producing it, was really challenging. and basically, mounting a, you know, a ten-chapter movie. and as far as the acting goes, it goes a little easier because you don't have to direct that guy, you know. >> and he's difficult, that guy.
8:47 am
>> he's reading my mind every take. making little adjustments. so, it's pretty fun. >> i have to ask you quickly before i let you go. "arrested development" coming back. when do you shoot, season five? >> two weeks. i can't wait. my favorite people and favorite job, favorite character. and i get to sleep in my own bed. we shoot in l.a., which is a rarity. >> all that and this man is getting a star on the hollywood walk of fame a week of today. >> that was a mistake, i think. they're going to see they made a big error there. >> it was justine's star, wasn't it? >> it was justine's. we rubbed out the letters. i'm sorry savannah couldn't be here. she was tied up with harry styles. >> i think she's still tied up. >> at ozark" on friday. coming up, giada is cooking up farm-fresh dishes for us. this is
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
"today food" is brought to you by nature valley. be a powerful force. >> this morning on "today food" we're celebrating farm-fresh produce. there's no better time to enjoy everything from the farmer's market. and giada is here with a menu full of delicious summer dishes. how are you? >> wearing our high-heels today. >> and you're wearing sneakers. all of these look beautiful. fish pockets, i love that. >> this is something you can make in the summer. what you're going to do for me first, is you can take -- sezess lemon. and put it over a bowl. careful of your nails. >> my nails are not something to
8:51 am
write home about. am i doing it wrong? you show everyone. go really quick. go tight like that. >> it smells delicious. >> over here, i have tinfoil. and you can do whatever vegetables you like. these look really pretty. and bell peppers, just in season. everything in season, just throw it in here. >> zesting. >> we're going to mix that. a little salt, a little pepper. a little pepper. >> yeah, i do. sorry. i zoned out. >> mix it up. >> then, over the vegetables, we're going to do a little olive oil. we're going to do a little white wine. >> nice. >> give it some flavor. >> and a little bit of lemon juice. using the same ingredients over and over. >> sprinkle. >> and toss it, so all of the vegetables are coated. >> that's lovely. and we take a beautiful piece of trout. you can use any fish you like.
8:52 am
>> that was my next question. >> it can be anything. it can be sole. tilapia or anything. and the season the fish. there we go. wrap it up, baby. >> wrap it up. so nothing comes out. >> a burrito or tight? >> you want it tight. all of the liquid comes out. you can pop it into the oven or on the barbecue. >> tasters, what say you? >> beautiful. >> fish pockets. >> what's -- >> the tomatoes and the potato salad are ridiculous. >> we can do some mint. >> did you see the finish product? >> the mint. and i like to finish it with olive oil. i put everything on. >> you have a heavy pour. this is what everybody is loving. >> potato salad. no mayonnaise. >> i love that. you boil the baby red potatoes. sub cherry tomatoes.
8:53 am
they want me to show you how to pick thyme. this is something that val can do. you just take these and take them off. that's a pain for an adult. but it's like green beans. >> how much? just a bunch? >> yeah. >> got it. >> don't put the stem on it, if possible. >> i see. i see. >> see how that is? try to chop it up. just not your fingers. >> most people don't give me the knife. but you're a gutsy woman. >> my gosh. savannah, that's so great. >> sorry. >> great job. >> yeah. >> now, right over the top. we're going to add lemon zest. willie says i'm getting cocky. you need to boost her.
8:54 am
thyme, capers and olives. lots of olive oil. no mayonnaise. so, we have a lot of olive oil. >> you pour a lot in there. it's delicious. >> the olives and the capers. >> final verdict? >> it's light. >> i should have put a secret ingredient and made you guess what it was. >> what's the decemb
8:55 am
8:56 am
we've had a good time today. giada, with whipp eped cream. love harry and fin here. it's a pg-13 not pg. >> and jason bateman. >> l good morning, it's 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. we are still following breaking news out of san francisco this morning. police working to figure out what sparked a fire at a homeless encampment near 7th and berry. we showed you live pictures on "today in the bay" right around the 6:45 hour. the fire is now out and the investigation is going on as we speak, but in the last 15 minutes or so we did get video from a viewer. we will post that online and
8:57 am
show it to you at 11:00 this morning during our midday newscast. go to happening now, the wildfire burning near yosemite national park continues to grow and cal fire now says the fire has spread to 45,000 acres and is only 7% contained. we know eight structures have been destroyed in mariposa. 1100 homes are still under threat, but no one is hurt. also happening now, president trump is about to have lunch with republican senators after they failed to pass a health care replacement bill. the president says a potential overhaul will get even better. a measure that only repeals the affordable care act with no replacement also appears doomed. and a construction worker is recovering after a fall at the facebook campus. 3w4r57 [ crickets chirping ]
8:58 am
8:59 am
[ light music playing ] you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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this morning on "today's take," jane lynch on her dramatic transformation for a real-life role. then, dylan relives her childhood job. and they say money can't buy happiness. we'll show you six reasons why they might be wrong. coming up now. >> fronbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, july 19th, 2017. you're listening to "don't matter now," by george ezra. al is off this morning. we have the ladies in. >> girl talk. >> good morning to you. >> what's going on? >> we talk about the latest.
9:01 am
this is a genuine moment. i haven't seen you all morning. we've been running around. where have you been? >> i don't know. >> i saw you. >> that's true. >> you are actually on television. >> i was doing the show. i was shoving food in my face because giada was cooking. i'm not going to not eat what she cooks. >> people ask me, you really eat, don't you? yes. >> that's better than my cousin said, one of the things you have with weight is that you eat so much in the morning. thank you, wendy. i didn't realize it was a problem. >> and it's not. >> we get that -- >> there are world-class chefs that cook on this show. there's no way i'm not going to eat. and every bite. it's so good. >> it's so good. they're worth coming on the show to cook for us. i'm going to eat what they cook. >> we're full by 10:00. you feel kind of guilty. you try to work out because you feel if you can work off a third of whatever you ate in the morning. you and savannah, you workout
9:02 am
like crazy. you're always working out. >> we're not. >> yes, you are. >> how do you describe the workout class? >> did you know that savannah was an aerobics instructor in the '90s? or maybe the '80s. >> she would have -- >> i'm telling savannah. >> why am i here? they're like, go in there. >> did you hear what jenna said? did you know that savannah was a workout in the '90s or maybe the '80s. >> really? >> can you do -- >> i'm just kidding. >> now, i can't. >> savannah has very nicely -- >> there's music. >> i'm going to need a little faster beat than that. >> this is the leg -- >> in the '80s? >> savannah was an aerobics instructor. we found a workout that we do jane fonda moves.
9:03 am
>> i did jane fonda last night. >> it popped in my head. i didn't mean to cut you off because this is fascinating. >> it is. >> i don't know if it is. >> i think your dream light was fascinating. >> you know when you see a person at work and they're shrinking, and what are you doing? these guys are talking about this class. >> we're not shrinking. >> we're not shrinking. i was a little hesitant even to discuss this. >> why? >> because one, i'm wearing a shirt where it could look like i'm hiding something. >> i'm being asked when the next baby is due. >> we both have been asked. >> it's true. >> and it hurts our feelings. >> don't have it -- >> we're tryi ining so hard. >> we're not pregnant. >> we ain't pregnant. thank you for the congratulations. >> we all did it. >> for the people that you're seeing in person -- >> the aerobics? >> give us a move. >> where is the whole routine?
9:04 am
we don't have enough space here. >> this is so unfair. >> i put my sneakers on. >> do the crisscross apple sauce. >> i have a fismicrophone on. >> maybe one day, we can bring you along. >> but it's a lot of -- like the grapevine. everyone knows -- yeah, we do this rodeo move. >> is this a class with other people? >> no. it's just us and our teacher hates us because we talk the whole time. >> there's a move like this. raise the leg. i'm like, savannah, so, what time? >> don't do the -- >> this looks terrible. >> horrible. >> i hope there's not a camera back there. >> savannah, tell me when you're going to do this. >> and mel, who is the
9:05 am
instructor, is like, if i hear anymore talk about the toddlers of tribeca, i'm out. >> exactly. >> what school do you think she's going to go to? it's not really working. >> but it's fun. >> it's so fun. i would like to do our aerobics moves. but we need to plan it. >> you want to come with us? >> yes. >> all right. >> why don't we set it up. you can come. what do you think? >> i'm like -- >> gavin is like, that's a segment. >> they're invited. >> maybe mel can come here and teach us live. >> oh, live? i think it's better when there's a sports bra involved. for everyone. but aerobics. we're coming back. >> as i told you, they were like, talk about how you and savannah work out. >> does anybody care? >> do we care about it? >> we do. and we motivate each other. and it helps to have a friend. >> go to a gym. >> yesterday, we did not want to
9:06 am
work out. we felt there was lead in our pants. >> but when you have each other, it makes you want to go. >> when you feel like, it's just a whole bowling ball. >> i'm rethinking this little big bird number. >> it's duet. >> hold up. they don't love me like i love you. >> you do like lemonade. >> i used to wear these shirts. >> it down. >> get her a bat. >> all i know when i used to wear the bohemian tops, my wikipedia page would be changed. >> it's your love of the boho shirt. >> jenna has a boho look in her real life. and it's very cute. she will come and she's like in this '70s cool outfit with her floppy hat and the bell bottoms. >> you like the floppy hat. >> she has a different alter ego, which is gott. >> like stalls and stuff. >> like '90s claire danes.
9:07 am
>> the thing about it, we're total wannabes. >> we're like southwestern girls with a dream. >> yes. >> a dream of queso. that's another story. >> let's not get into that. >> it's a date. >> you're invited. thank you, savannah. i'm sorry i said you were an instructor in the '80s. >> did you have leg warmers? we wear leg warmers. once during a snowstorm, savannah walked through the snow. >> that was preleggings. >> i made her buy some new pants. >> that's a whole thing, too. when your friends tell you -- she was like, you need some new leggies. >> i toll her she needs to be pushier. more pushy. >> to get you to go? >> just in life. >> she goes, savannah, you need to be more pushy. said no one ever. >> savannah's like, don't be
9:08 am
late. i'm waiting. i'm not late. >> why did you have to push in real life? >> push in this life. be pushier. >> i don't know what we're talking about now. that was random. >> i am sorry. i hope i didn't just dominate that. >> it was worth it. >> dominated aronerobaerobics. someone told me on twitter once i look like big bird. >> why do people think it's okay to be mean? >> they don't. they have the last laugh. >> hold up. they don't love me luke i loike you. >> do you have a bat? >> do you take your kids to a bar? let me tell you why i'm asking this question. it was in the paper today. i'll show you guys. i don't think it's just a new york city thing. >> i think it's a new york city thing. people don't want to drive to a bar with their kids in the car seat. you have to drive home after you've been drinking.
9:09 am
>> in new york you can walk places. >> you do this? >> do i drive to a bar with my children? >> you think it's okay to have a baby in a bar? >> have you seen "sweet home alabama"? >> i -- >> what? >> i don't bring calvin to the bar. i sit at a table. >> i feel like -- i feel like we have -- >> oh. >> i mean, we're at a table. >> i believe there's another one at martinis. >> i have my mom feeding calvin. they opened up a dell friscos. >> i need to meet you. >> dylan said it's okay. >> babies in the bar is fine. toddlers in the bar is difficult. they don't want to sit. >> if you give me crayons, it's a safe place. if you're traveling this fall, get ready for a reminder on your calendar. we're going to reveal the one we're going to reveal the one day you find cheaper
9:10 am
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back, now, with more of "today's take." did you know -- we're going to talk about world airfare day. >> so mean. >> if you're planning to travel this fall, put a little mark on your phone the following day. do you want me to out you or no? >> no. i don't want to be outed anymore. >> august 22nd. according to, that's the date when domestic air prices get cheaper. >> i'm crying. >> should i keep going? >> you remember when you were in elementary school and you were a group of three friends and you felt left out or picked on? that's how i feel today. >> i'm not telling people what we see. >> i'm sorry. jenna has a tag on her shirt.
9:14 am
and i pointed it out before we came on. >> okay. the day before august 21st, is when transatlantic ticket prices drop. august 22nd, a tuesday, that is the cheapest day. i know that because henry hager only buys airline tickets on a tuesday. >> i live in new york city and my family is in kansas. there's days when i try to go to get a ticket, you can't get a ticket under $500. listen, august 21st. that's when the tickets drop. all of us should go online. >> and the 22nd -- it's a tuesday. generally the cheapest day. we're going to try it. >> always august 22nd? >> always the last tuesday in august. >> the last tuesday in august. >> i think we're going to try it. and they know we're going to try it. >> and they jack up the price. >> we just ruined it for everybody. >> you get the weather and i'll help jenna with their situation. >> let's look at the weather
9:15 am
maps. where we have excessive heat in the middle of the country. heat warnings in effect for northern missouri, southern iowa, parts of illinois. 30 million people under heat advisory. that area of high pressure will continue to pump in high pressure in the mid to upper 90s, with all of the humidity -- temperatures will -- >> can we come back to her face? she can't do it. >> it's going to good morning, i'm kari hall as we take a live look outside, 61 degrees, bright and sunny in san francisco. also a lot of sunshine in san jose. this will stay with us all day long and our high temperatures coming down from the high heat we had just a few days ago. still going to be warm inland with 87 degrees the high expected today in concord and 87 in livermore. lower 80s for san jose and palo
9:16 am
alto. san francisco looking at a high of 65. >> that's your latest forecast. >> it's really hot. >> the last time we worked together, jenna and i talk about that we sweat. >> it's really hot in here. >> and you put it under your arms. >> it's like an armpit pad. and she gave it to me. and it fell off. and dylan watched it fall off. and i didn't want to bring it up. >> in my defense, i didn't know what it was. i poked at it and i said, what's coming out of your shirt? >> and the pad fell out. and i wish i had never worn the damn pad. and i can't say that word, either. can we turn on the air conditioning? >> coming up, an exclusive sneak peek at the set of the movie. josh brolin, jeff bridges and more. the six ways money can buy happiness. >> not see ya pads. >> right after this.
9:17 am
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there are the wildcats 'til we die weekenders. the watch me let if fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits. hanging with our mates weekenders and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders. this is good. you know the saying money can't buy happiness. according to a recent study, that's not true. >> there's items that can improve your mood and
9:21 am
well-being. here to tell us about them is the director of landmark research, randall bell and elizabeth lombardo. dr. bell, you say money can actually help you in some ways. some small purchases can make you happy. >> happiness is not expensive. we did research. we surveyed 5,000 people around the world. and we reconciled it to four habits. me habits improve our mindset. we habits, improve our relationships with others and be habits improve the future. >> it's not expensive. >> the research backs this up. >> if you remember people's birthdays you have a 14.1% chance of being happy. >> 14% higher. >> because you're making oving people happy. >> close relationships bring us
9:22 am
greater happiness. it goes way beyond a like on social media. you write a card, you share it. it helps us get closer. i love handwritten letters. >> we should get back to it. >> this makes me happy. sleep. you say a pillow. invest in a pillow, right? >> something as simple as a pillow. if you get a good night's sleep, you're 25.2% more likely to be happy. and better romance, better education, better wealth and income. >> this is for a lot of people. tickets to the big game. we know sports can make people happy. but what spuecifically about this? >> you're 208% more likely to be happy if you're into sports. i'm not into sports. but i have to rethink it myself. >> our mood is on our focus. we're focused on the future, or the past. we want to be present. when you're at a sporting event, you tend to be present.
9:23 am
>> i love that. we should think of that number. 208%. that's high. >> double. over double. >> especially when your team is winning. >> if they're losing, you're part of something. that community. >> collection again. >> magazines? >> reading correlates with happiness. and staying away from gossip is unhappiness. if you're prone to gossip, stay away from it. and put your energy into reading. >> maybe it's a biography is about somebody that inspires you. >> i am a reader. i read passages to my friends. i think reading can bring joy. >> the book is called "the bright hour." >> tammy asked. >> speaking of tammy -- >> speaking of jenna and savannah exercising, this is supposed to make you happy. >> meditation, prayer, coral
9:24 am
la core lates with happiness. as does exercise. that brings about solid, positive thinking. >> you have to use them. right? you have to use them. exercise gives us great bio chemicals. serotonin, dopamine. it makes us happier. >> the thing you want to do is open a bottle of wine or eat. but the thing that makes you feel better and savannah and i had this yesterday. we did not want to workout. but i felt so much better after i got to the gym. finally, a file cabinet? >> just getting organized. and eliminating clutter. >> yes. >> over 300% more likely to be happy over those who have clutter in their lives. >> this is all things we can do today. >> hasn't oprah said this? >> clutter costs money. >> yeah. coming up, just call her the dairy queen. dairy queen. dillon gets caught up in a few ( ♪ )
9:25 am
a dog's big life is measured in wags. and when you feed your dog nature's recipe, you fuel the wag with our 35-year history of premium recipes like chicken, sweet potato and pumpkin. ( ♪ ) (bark) the bigger the life, the bigger the wag. nature's recipe. fuel the wag. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ from our crazy delicious family to yours.
9:26 am
good wednesday morning. right now, rescue crews back out searching for a missing boater. you see the helicopter there. they resumed air yell ground and water searches at 6:00 this morning. the weather is slowing them down. people in that community tell us the messing man is 50-year-olded to fre-- todd fred. they say he was not wearing a life jacket and he knew his contours well. crews battling a huge wile fire. cal fire anounnounced the namese
9:27 am
pushed through 8 structures. 1000,0 homes are being threaten, they have declared a state of emergency. >> fire crews put out flames at about 2:o 00 this morning. firefighters tell us it started in an electrical panner and the fire was mostly in the walls of the structure so they had to punch a whole through the wall and pull out the damaged wood to get that fire out.
9:28 am
hello, i'm kari hall, we're in for sunshine today and we're seeing a little fog in san francisco and that will all be clearing out with temperatures in the mid 60s and upper 60st in the inland areas. warmer temperatures, but cooler than what we have seen recently. we're going to have some fairly
9:29 am
mild weather in relative terms as we head into the weekend we'll be in the mid 90s. as it heats up, we'll keep them 90s into the start of next week. >> we have the south bay happying. that's where all of the red activity is it southbound 280. we did clear northbound jammed up, and it was sluggish, late slowing there. typical pattern in the silicon valley. some debris at 29th. >> let's go look at at&t park right now. day baseball ahead.
9:30 am
july is national ice cream month. as part of our summer scoop series, we took a trip to the home of the original blizzard. >> dylan went back to work as a job she had a teen, serving ice cream. >> i got fired from that job. but uh wanted to give it another go. dairy queen give me a chance to make frozen treats. i know a thing or two about blizzards. but i think we should have fun. so, i'm heading to dairy queen. it has been a while since i had my hand in the ice cream world. >> soft serve is freshly made and served at 18 degrees. it's a little warmer. and the netheory behind that ist
9:31 am
doesn't numb your taste buds. >> the first dairy queen opened in 1940. now, there's 6, 600 stores in 29 countries. >> dairy queen introduced the blizzard in 1980. >> the blizzard, the new treat from dairy queen. >> and there's a special way to serve them. >> yes. we serve them upside down or they're free. this is where the magic happens. drea are you my lady? i'm dylan. this is like everybody's dream, to be around the ice cream and the toppings. do you eat the ice cream? >> every day. >> i'll start with a nice, simple, small, vanilla cone. is it weird to do it when somebody is watching over your shoulder? >> bring it down. and your curl will come out. >> which one is mine? i'm sure that's not allowed.
9:32 am
sorry. aborting that one. i got the curl. i'm not even going to eat that one. can we dip it? >> yeah. >> okay. >> there we go. complete with curl. come on. next up, it's all about the blizzard. and it's my turn to give it a whirl. now that i'm a blizzard pro, can i make my own? i'm going to go for it. strawberry. hot fudge. oreos. i need oreos. i did it. >> amazing. >> right? i'm on to something. all right. d.q., put this on your menu. we'll call it the dlizzard. now, it's time to taste test.
9:33 am
can i interest you in a new creation? it's strawberry, oreo and hot fudge. that's for you. is it good? should we add it to the menu? >> uh-huh. >> she said it. the cherry on top, the childhood treat that i love because, well, it sounded like my name. come on. i couldn't live without my dilly bar. just like i remember. >> you have a new name, which is called dlizzard. >> it's hard to say, right? >> dlizzard. i brought you some. these are regular blizzards. these are oreo blizzards. classic. >> we thought she said they were low-fat. coming up next, we can count on her for laughs. jane lynch is bringing a jane lynch is bringing a real-life story to the [music playing] jane lynch is bringing a real-life story to the
9:34 am
across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at dude. yodude.unching's sthey're just jealous. kellogg's raisin bran crunch with crunchy clusters and the taste of apples and strawberries. i got one! guess we're having cereal for dinner. kellogg's raisin bran crunch apple strawberry. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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others as big as your face. they're hot and cold. big and bold. thick and ultra thin. but they would never make a sandwich with pasteurized process cheese food. it's only required to contain 51% real cheese. sargento slices are 100% real, natural cheese. they let sandwich lovers fly their muenster, cheddar and gouda flags high. sargento natural cheese slices, we're real cheese people. jane lynch is used to taking on roles that make us smile. like when she became a household name on the hit comedy "glee." jane added a couple more emmys to her resume as the host of "hollywood game night." >> now, she's taking on a serious role on "manhunt
9:38 am
unabomber." >> i just want to make certain that you're aware of the consequences here. what happened at waco, my decisions there will haunt me for the rest of my natural life. and i can say from experience that everything is different when the camera's pointed at you. >> yeah. but i would rather respect the man i see in the mirror than the man i see on tv. >> okay. let's do it. you have the full support of the d.o.j. >> what an incredible project. she has 90 billion projects. this one was worth it, right? >> this was an amazing thing. i was fan of janet reno when she was attorney general. she held the job longest of anybody. and she was a really independent force out there for the department of justice. and she had a lot of really big cases on her desk. at the same time, waco. she made a lot of mistakes.
9:39 am
she owned up to all of them. this was a huge gamble, printing ted kaczynski's manifesto in the newspaper, which is akin to negotiating with a terrorist. >> so, when you got this role, did you have a pause? you're playing somebody that you admired for so long. >> i didn't pause. but definitely, that was a consideration of something that i feared. when somebody so familiar to the world, you know, there's always the gamble, you know, that you fall on your face. i tried to get rid of the fears immediately and work on it. >> what research did you do for this role? >> i know the case. i was alive and thinking as an adult in the '90s. i got ahold of a man who was her assistant and became one of her best friends. and he was invaluable. he filled in the personality traits for me. and the goodness of the heart and her huge sense of humor. you know, just strict adherence
9:40 am
to following the facts. >> good stuff. congratulations is in order. does it ever sink in? you were nominated for an emmy. nominated nine times and won three. >> i did not know that. >> you don't count. >> you don't sit at home and count? >> i'm thrilled for this particular -- all of them are great. but this is for a ebb web series i did with friends called can p "dropping the soap." a soap opera. >> and you performed with the pittsburgh symphony orchestra? >> to show up and, i practiced with my piano player. and you have a world-renowned sympathy sympathy behind you. >> did you cry? >> i did. but the rehearsal was amazing. i did everything from cole porter to james brown. >> yeah? >> singing.
9:41 am
>> i thought you said you were playing the piano. >> no. brad ellis does that. >> she probably could. >> i could if i wanted to. >> i don't have time. i have 90 billion projects. >> and perfect teeth. >> i was remarking on everybody's teeth. you included me in that group. thank you. >> you're in there. do you sleep? >> i do. the thing about it is, i have a lot of free time. >> no. >> i do. >> the nat geo show. >> this probably took a couple months? >> not for me. i was there for three days. >> we have to figure out, what would jane lynch do? >> because of the location stuff, they shoot the same location in the same days. >> i'm going to start marking things by what jane lynch would do. >> wwwjld. >> i love it. >> rubber bracelets? >> imo'm going the make some.
9:42 am
"manhunt unabomber" august 1st on the discovery channel. do you do weather? >> no. i did weather on the nat our temperatures are a little cooler today, not as hot, highs in san jose reaching 81 degrees. still very warm in gilroy, 81 as we go to the east bay. 90 in antiock. for the peninsula, mid 90s, low 80s for palo alto. san francisco 65 and the north way upper 70s to lower 80s today. >> and that's your latest forecast. coming up next, two moms who tell it like it is. they're becoming internet
9:43 am
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9:46 am
it's rewarding but it's not easy being a mom.
9:47 am
taking care of everything and everyone else. >> two mothers know that most, the creators behind the web series "i mom so hard." >> they share stories every mom can relate to, like swimsuit shopping. >> this is what dudes get to wear to the beach. >> this is more than i wore to the prom. >> you're wearing a practical outfit for what i have to do today. >> this is like, i wonder if there's a way to make your butt feel too big to make your bust feel inadequate. here's one swimsuit. >> here's two. >> looks like somebody's frowning. >> like i'm a "baywatch" beauty. >> like a swimsuit who was -- >> who made these? >> this gives me four complete butt cheeks. >> my gosh. good morning. >> hi. >> we can relate. one of the things you don't get used to.
9:48 am
you have to put on a bathing suit because you have to get in the pool. i used to have mumus. >> and you have to get in there and bend over. >> nothing is staying where it's supposed to. and they're like hunching. yeah. >> this video had almost 400 -- by the time this was over, 400,000 views. >> my goodness. >> what has resonated? everything? >> well, i think we over -- >> we thought it was because we looked so hot in the swimsuits. a lot of men were sharing how good we looked. >> yeah. it was all women who write us. someday st"sports illustrated" going to reach out. we will make the cover. go a different direction. they have not called. >> there's still time. >> when we came up with the video, i went bathing suit shopping. i left bawling.
9:49 am
it was terrible. there are cutouts. and stuff doesn't stay where it's supposed to. >> oh, we have to shoot this. no, we don't. >> yes. >> put that on the internet. >> yeah. >> i literally thought i was going to barf the night before, which then, we knew it was terrifying. >> there's a way to make -- >> it was terrifying. >> and you talk about love h handles. >> and talk about them. yes. >> do you have any regrets? >> no. this is life. >> the coolest thing is that we had all of the women, not only moms, like post pictures of themselves in swimsuits. yeah. i'm going to the beach. we're like, awesome. >> like mom therapy, watching the videos. you know you've reached rock star status when you have a tour bus with your face on it. >> oh. >> look at this. >> you traveled -- >> are you taylor swift or what? >> no. we're like white snake. >> yes. in a is a real rock 'n' roll
9:50 am
bus. >> it's the most insane thing. this bus is like -- listen, beyonce is riding in something different than us. >> you have a bus. >> we have a bus. >> and talk about where you've been. modesto, california. >> modesto, back home to omaha. >> to 25 places. >> grand rapids. like probably around 25 -- >> 40 or maybe 25. >> yeah. we have 15 more coming up. >> two places or 80. >> honestly, that's how it feels like. the groupies are like, me, too. >> moms are so fun, you guys. they're out by the bus, taking pictures and having the best time. >> that's sweet. >> we made that decision to bring our kids and husbands on the bus. >> has this created another tour? i mean, traveling with your husbands, your kids -- >> and our aunts. two aunts that are saving our lives. >> and getting significant
9:51 am
material. >> it's not much different than a rock band. just a bunch of people that don't know how to walk right. >> do you have people that follow you around? >> we know you. we saw your swimsuit video. let's go to applebee's. >> we have a rapid thing. tell me what comes to mind. what does i mom so hard think about working out? >> i donate to a gym every month. >> okay. >> what about taking kids on vacation? >> don't do it. you have the greatest excuse to never visit anybody. >> don't travel until they can carry their own luggage. >> what is the most accessfible item in your pocketbook. >> wet wipes. >> a wine key. >> you catch them on their moms night out. new york city. tonight, in cities through august 1st. up next, the exclusive sneak
9:52 am
peek of a star-studded movie.
9:53 am
9:54 am
so, we've got an exclusive world trailer premiere for a film that's expected to get oscar buzz. "only the brave" and it tells the story of the elite group of firefighters who battled the wildfire in 2015. >> it stars jeff bridges, josh brolin and jennifer connolly. take a look. >> the greatest job in the world. i don't know what is. >> what is that? >> fires are threatening homes and people's lives. >> on granite mountain. >> there it is. you're hot shots. >> i just had a daughter. and i just really want to give her what i never had. >> the fire gets past our lionel, it goes to our town. >> it's seconds away.
9:55 am
it will feel like the end of the world. as long as you can breathe, you can survive. ♪ >> we're going to take it head-on. >> come on. >> you're all heroes. >> no one could be prouder of his boys than i am of you guys. >> "only the brave" hits heaters october 20th. up next, how the dress like kendall jenner and more celebrities. >> or
9:56 am
good morning, i'm kari hall, our temperatures continue on with some near average temperatures for this time in july. reaching up to 81 degrees in san jose. but it will be warmer in gilroy, up to 88 degrees and 79 in m.
9:57 am
a temperature fred up to 90. for the peninsula expect the highs to reach into the lower 80s for palo alto, mid 60s and the north bay in the mid to low 80s. >> red means slow in the south bay. northbound 280 is the slower direction. southbound just in the last few minutes has finally shown recovery going into downtown. a distabled vehicle just at the 87 merge. the rest of the silicon valley looking standard. oakland and toward the bay bridge. the fast track lanes are moving, pretty good. president trump is having lunch with republican senators after they failed to pass a health care replacement bill. the president says a potential overhaul will "get even better,"
9:58 am
. >> a construction worker fell 15 stories at facebook's new campus. if is the second time this year. earlier this year two workers fell from the same sight.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathy lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> he everybody, we're so happy to have you with us today, it's wines day wednesday, it's july 19, it's the 200th day of the year. that's hard to say. >> by the way, you got to not -- >> not what? >> not what you're thinking, that's what you got to not do. >> another great show today, we can't help it, it's our


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