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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 23, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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infield care center. jimmie wab man, from the outside, quite a sight. what was it like for you running three wide and deep? >> i'm not sure blowing out but it was smoky and engine smoke. oil smoke. i could smell that. i didn't know where it was coming from. i had descent grip through one and two so i went into turn three. add sh had a shot to win the brickyard 400 for the fifth time. hoping we could make it through turns three and four. got really loose in the corner. i don't know if it was my own oil or error situation but so close to that fifth win here at the brickyard. >> we heard kyle larson saying it was nutty out there. a lot of blocking. what was racing like for you this year? >> yeah, the blocking has been there for a long time. and so tough to pass and with stage racing, every position matters. it is just ramped up blocking, ramped up intensity. that's just normal stuff now out there. mark martin would have a heart
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attack if he was racing this era. the game changed for sure. >> thank one jimmie. >> thanks. >> one other game-changer, you see jimmie johnson four-time winner. you see his name on there. other change is there are no lights at indianapolis mote eat speedway. sunset is around 9:06 local time. sun getting lower on the horizon. so harder to see. for the drivers. this will be the latest end ever for a brickyard 400. we talked about the 1995 win of dale earnhardt. he was aib able to get to victo lane, it was after 7:00. now closing in on 9:00. let's listen in o kasey kahne's radio about the restart. >> i don't understand how they try to control the restart. it's not his restart.
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they took 5. so that's the leader -- >> i agree. we were up there talking about it. we talked to them about it as well. >> so his complaint is basically like we mentioned, he has the right to wait for the second line. as long as there are restarts, restarts will be a topic of conversation. doesn't matter if you're at the local dirt track. whether you jump before the cone. whether at the local track and someone didn't wait for the flagman. here at cup level, leader starts. but jeff, you've done this for years. a topic of conversation with late restarts about who has started the race. whether first row, second row, leader. >> it will always happen. remember, the initial start of the race the leader has to be the one to the first start/finish line. of that, leader has control of the race. he starts when he gets to this first line, he is supposed to go first. if it gets to the second line, then the flagman starts. i don't know how you can make
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the call that kasey kahne didn't go first with rear tires picked up off the ground. i don't know if nascar could make the call. it doesn't matter that brad keselowski beats kasey kahne to the finish line. it is not the initial start of the race. that's the rule. >> again, reminder, immediately following this race. at its conclusion. sunday night with megyn kelly. and trevor bayne has been checked and released from the infield care center. and kelly is with him. >> trevor, an incredible finish here at the brickyard. what happened on the final restart? >> yeah. i just got turned i guess on the restart it stacked up and hit from behind. wheels in the air. no control either direction. finally got turned but man, i've never been more disappointed in my entire racing career, i don't think. about ten laps to go. saving fuel. shot to win. i thought this stinks. we had an easy shot at it then hanging on, hanging on.
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third on last restart. and really add gohad a good car. these guys gave me a great car. i'm thankful for the shot to win the brickyard. main i'm disappointed. i say every week, we give god the glory and trust his results, good or bad. sometimes i don't understand and it hurts. you want to win races, run good and make the most of every opportunity for everybody and for the people that work hard. but man, i'm just really disappointed. >> what were those moments like when you realize your strategy could have been the winning one? >> i was kissing bricks in my head. i know it is a long way to go but we add big enouhad a wig eb. i studied that this week and it paid off. in fuel saving, you save tires. 20 was coming but i think i could have held him off. you don't get many opportunities for strategies like to play out. it was. when caution came out, i might
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have bent my steering wheel a little bit. of that on the front stretch, you're lininke, what a day . frustrating. we have been waiting on a break and want the results for everybody. >> thank you, trevor. parker? >> ryan blaney involved on the incident on the front stretch. was there any way for to you avoid it? >> i don't know. i saw smoke and cars side ways. i checked up and got run over. if i didn't check up i would run into it. so it stinks. we shouldn't have been back there. we were on the back side of that deal there at the end where a bunch of cars were trying to make it. caution came out. we end ud ed up pitting. we got into it around the 13 and 42 and we got 42 and we had had. got caught up in the wreck. that's the way it goes this day and age.
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but a great car, i want to focus on that for sure. best car i've had in the past three years. i can't thank the wood brothers and quick lane and motor craft for doing what they do. we just weren't in a great position at the end and it bit us. but we will race next week, where, pocono, which is a good race and hopefully we do good there. >> also in that wreck is austin dillon. you motioned you wanted to get back in the car. >> i thought the car was good enough to finish the race. but i see it is getting dark and they need to get the cars off the track. it just stinks for chevy. we missed strategy all day. on the back side and kept having to come from the back to front and back to front. descent car. just never track position to do something with it. frustrating but we go on to pocono. >> a lot of cautions to end this race here. one of the things attributed by kyle larson was a lot of blocking out there.
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is that contributing to wrecks? >> yeah. a lot of blocking and people trying to win a big race. this is brickyard 400. everyone wants. hopefully the fans see the aggression of drivers but we all want it bad. >> historic trophy for these guys, rick. >> absolutely. monster energy. right now brad keselowski is scored as race leader. there have been seven out front. nine lead changes. records for cautions. and cars out. 13 cautions. 17 cars are out of the race. kyle busch swept the two stages. and was looking to make it three brickyard 400 wins in a row. and the incident in turn one between he and 78 ended that opportunity. >> so rick, first, restart rules, basically the leader kasey kahne has to go in the restart zone. we see front row, cars have accelerated out of the restart zone. it doesn't matter who beats who to the start/finish line.
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that has thog to nothing to do race. you see 5, he is trying to accelerate. 2 is getting pushed. 6 loses control. so as we roll forward, under green, under green, switching to yellow. the entire time, ever since they left rhett stathe restart zone, keselowski was the leader. it is clear to me he should be the leader of race. the restart rule is simple. leader controls restart. 5 either spun his tires or didn't get a very good restart. brad got the jump. kept that jump down the front stretch until yellow came out. he is the leader of the race. >> you have to look at circumstances. in the case of this restart kasey kahne's control of restart, he is trying to go but has his rear tires picked up so he can't go. looks like brad is leaving before him but if i'm in the position i can't make that call because kasey kahne has his rear tires picked up off the ground.
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that's racing. we talked about it. everybody trying to push the other car to get to turn one first and in this case it, to be quite honest, trevor bayne did a much better job than pushing keselowski than hamlin did kasey kahne. >> a marathon for these drivers. closing in on six hours since the race initially went green. and the sun is getting lower on the horizon. makes all the difference! [ tower pings ] that's why u.s. cellular put towers where most others don't. sadly, they're using a "good-enough" network... woman: hello? hello? left or right? [ beeping ] darien: what's one wrong turn? oops. bye-bye! a 1% difference makes all the difference! so get our strong signal, with unlimited data and no hidden fees, for $40 a month... in the middle of anywhere. [ ping and sting ] ♪ you got a kitchen that's brand new. ♪ ♪
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we did not want to see the sunset here in indianapolis. reminder up next on nbc. sunday night with megyn kelly. post race coverage coming up right after the conclusion of this one. 90 minutes. on nbcsn. make sure to tune in. we will hear from quite a few of the players in this one. followed by victory lap. it has been a very crazy day today. a little contact here between the 11 and 31. and damages the front end of the 11 of denny hamlin. so they go to work on that car. and get it good enough to compete. he was running in the top five. and obviously tough break early in the race. with the 24 car. chase elliott. >> yeah. another restart, 88 dale junior
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trying to get a run. runs into the back of the 6 trevor bayne. knocks the radiator out of the 88. that ends his day. >> wild ride for ricky stenhouse jr. on the inside of the 48. around he went. into the inside wall hard hit there. and his day ended. >> and battle for the lead. kyle busch on the outside. pulls up next to 78 opini. 78 gets loose, takes out kyle busch. >> and trover bayne, after this accident setting up a race for the 6. out running saving fuel trying to outrun matt kenseth. until this fellow here, 14, clint bowyer, hard hit into the inside wall, out front of cukur busch. here from the helmet cam. jeff, close your eyes. you hate this view. >> seen it too many times. still hurts. >> 42 of kyle larson on the front stretch.
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squeezed down the racetrack. trying to come back up. and ends up clipping 13 and then back up and into the wall and he was out of the race. >> here we go. three wide. into turn three. three drivers. all coming out of here. all going for the 400 win. jimmie johnson loses it. contact. >> still has sunshine. but is the sun starting to set. restart. nascar overtime. kasey kahne in control car spins tires. spins around on narrow front stretch. calamity ensues. >> we still have another restart. >> it's getting a dark. >> and you know, this clean-up is taking a long time. it is getting darker by the second. so we need to get this racetrack cleaned up as quickly as possible. i know they are working hard but darkness could become an issue. >> we have talked to the 5 team and they said it's all right if
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we want to chat with kasey kahne. let's dial him up on the radio. >> kasey, burton, nbc booth. you g got a moment? >> yeah. >> man, so fun to watch you guys racing this hard. i know that didn't quite work out the way you wanted it to. how does that change the strategy for this restart? >> well, i just got to be going and do it his way. last time he was already going, so 11 started pushing me. i still hadn't went. i have from one to two to decide when i want to go. they make these rules. yeah, just trying to do the best job i can. one or two are my options. >> so kasey, what do you, as
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second place car, what are luking at? what makes the decision for you when you can go? are you following it or just paying atension to the lead are or picking a mark, trying to gamble and go early? >> well, just coming off the leader, and off the throttle, and you could try to gamble and you know -- just add couple -- but the leader is supposed to be in control of the restart. >> been exciting to watch you race. i know you are doing all you can to get this win. we'll be watching. good luck. we heard kasey kahne, very adamant. he doesn't feel he had the opportunity to start the race in the zone. he felt the two jumped restarts. you see here with pointers in place. can you tell the speed of the cars into the restart zone, both running about 60 miles an hour. brad keselowski definitely accelerates a few miles an hour
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first. i think kahne sees that and tries to not go making it more obvious that brad keselowski jumps. 11 hits the 5, spins the rear tires. kasey does have an argument that he doesn't feel he got restart the race but purely judgment call. we've heard nothing out of nascar. they are saying that restart was fine. 2 is now leader. you can feel the frustration. he felt like he had the right it wait for the second line. >> look, with the advantage of timing, with the speeds, you can see he does go early. but nascar doesn't use that owe officiate the restart. if you look at restarts without that, you fwhoeb consideration, it clearly looks like to me that kasey kahne is disadvantaged by the 20 pb getting into the back of him. listen, that's tough call. that's a tough judgment call nascar has to make. if you're a kasey kahne fan, you would think it is wrong. you would think interest was
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nothing wrong and ball and strike call. >> drivers know that. >> right. >> that's why brad did what he did. he knows it is hard judgment call. trying to gain advantage. >> there is sno instant replay. about the restart why it is so difficult for nascar to police. and they don't want to police it but as soon as single file restarts came into play, it became very difficult for nascar to police rhett starts but again, i understand kasey kahne's frustration. but from an officiating standpoint from where i'm sitting, i don't know that i would have called it any differently and just a tough call. >> double-file restarts -- but i know what you mean -- >> what did i say? >> single-file. >> it's been a long day. close to my bedtime. >> one of the biggest concerns now is lack of light. there are no lights here. and the sun will set at 9:06. and there's nothing stopping that. that is definitely going to happen.
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that means the lack of sun light here could hamper the restart of this race. i know that -- i've mentioned that we will try to restart the race if they don't get to overtime line but nascar definitely can call this race because of darkness if they are not able to get the track cleaned up in time. for them to get another restart. which they are trying to do. let's listen to brad keselowski and their radio as far as what is going on right now with the available light. >>. [ inaudible ] >> and they are piering engines back up. dave? >> crumbled from damage throughout the afternoon and spotty joey meyer was asked specifically was there any spoke when they charged down into turn
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number one. tire rub is what they are talking about. joey told he them, zero. zero percent. so they are banking on that for brad. and roger penske 16 indianapolis 500 wins at this place. huge record from don lieu in '72 to montoya a couple years ago. but never brickyard 400 for penske. brad keselowski is in the position do it today if he can hold on. >> and 2 just talking about the restart. >> my only concern with the top lane is kasey getting it loose and wrecking us like truex. hopefully we are far enough ahead. >> yeah. so all on the bottom there you're saying? >> yeah. outside lane on restart and all the way through and appearing two wide. outline lane is clear. the minute you jump to bottom lane where you run takes the path all the way around the corner. >> what they are talking about is this oil drying on the
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racetrack. you can see that kasey kahne believed that he would be given the bottom. so kasey kahne was working the bottom of the racetrack trying to get that speedy dry rubbed off the track. and brad keselowski outside of it. he doesn't want it cleaned up. >> now at the bottom of the track, sparks coming out of the left front of the car, that's 95 of michael mcdowell. he has quite a bit of damage to the right side of the car and potential lay left front tire is down. you see the continued sparks coming out. and so once again, kasey kahne definitely in a position where he could win this race. let's hear from the team owner standing by with kelly. >> that's rick hendrick. mr. h as he he's known. tough day for motor sports. what would it be for this 5 car to get a win? >> awesome. any time can you win here, we thought he was in good shape
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until the caution came out. hopefully we can pull it off. >> what what do you want to see out of kasey on the restart? >> whatever it takes. he's just going to have to be revery aggressive. i hope understand good help behind him. >> have you done that so many times. been here for wins. as recently as yesterday with william byron in the xfinity cup series. what is so special about indy. >> to think we have won nine cup races here. and william did a heck of a job yesterday. this place is so special. i love to see kasey and these guys pull it off. >> thank you so much. >> there is rick hendrick. a car owner that won here, he thinks, nine times. what did he say it would take to win? be very aggressive and help from behind. that's what just caused that wreck. but that's what you have to do. and look as we enter turn one the conversation was about the speedy dry and where was that speedy dry.
5:52 pm
keselowski chose the outside thinking speedy dry would be an issue. typically this looks worse than it is. i don't see any dust. i don't think that's a factor. >> well, kasey kahne is hoping it is not a factor. he will start on the lower line. and brad keselowski on the outside. and once again, brad keselowski. as race heard, opportunity to restart this race. leader, control car when it comes into the restart zone. >> remember we saw brad keselowski with his hand out the window. asking for bayne to push. hand out the window. telling trevor when to go. we didn't see that from kasey kahne. we did not see kasey kahne giving indication, okay, now is the time to go. this is the time he will need to do that. it could potentially help kasey kahne. remember ryan newman has old
5:53 pm
tires. he pitted at 133. kasey kahne on 149. that could help kahne in this situation. >> light is still a factor. we have the magic of television where we can open the iris up and let as much light in. it looks brighter than it actually is here because of the manic of cameras able to give us more light. but it is getting darker. and that is definitely a factor that's going to come into play. i don't know if they will get another restart if a caution comes out before they get to the overtime line. and i'm sure these drivers don't know that either. they will be as aggressive as ren hendrick said, i need someone to be aggressive, i need him to be pushed. the field in the hand of brad keselowski, can he get roger penske, first brickyard 400. >> green flag back in the air. overtime. sponsored by credit one bank is under way.
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great race start for the 5 of kasey kahne. can he hold it on the bottom of the track? k gets by him. smoke rolling out behind the 11. kasey kahne in front of the 2 of brad keselowski. going down the back stretch. still smoke out of the 11. gets off the racetrack. and 11 goes around and right behind him. did they get to overtime line? they haven't got there yet. has caution come out yet? question will be, did caution come out after he crossed overtime line? >> a lot of damage to 27 of paul menard. 11 of denny hamlin. we saw smoke rolling out from underneath the 11. we're going to find out if there is a white flag. we just saw white flag indicating they did get to overtime line before caution came out.
5:55 pm
waiting for official word from nascar. but keith rodham, looks like he is celebrating. >> record 14th caution. still waiting it hear the official word if they did get past overtime line before caution came out. if they did, it will be kasey kahne's first brickyard 400 win. and we take a look at overtime line. kasey kahne was there before the caution came out. kasey kahne will win the brickyard 400. on a great restart. an good restart. a great restart.
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>> he said -- and guess what? another winner in 2017 that now has the opportunity in the playoffs. kasey kahne. so many question marks around what's going to happen in his career. needing a win to get into the playoffs and he gets it. and indianapolis motor speedway. this moment presented by sonoco fuelling victories all season long. he will be taking the checkered flag. >> yeah, yeah, yeah! >> there's the celebration.
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>> you have to feel good for this team of kasey kahne. with all they've been through. i mean, kasey kahne has won 17 cup wins. >> 18 now. >> 18 now. you have to feel good about this. >> a big, big win for kasey kahne. he wins the brickyard 400. we will hear from him next. ♪ ♪ that's... not your car. your car's ready! wrong car... this is not your car? i would love to take it, but no. oh, i'm so sorry about that. you guys wanna check it out? it's someone else's car... this is beautiful. what is this? it's the all-new chevy equinox. this feels like a luxury suv. i love this little 360, how do they even do that? i made a bad decision on my last car purchase. well, your car's here. bummer... bummer. wah-wah. i'm ready for an upgrade. (laughter) it's what busch is known for. what are you known for? oversharing.
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in fact, i have this thing. nope. nope. [sfx: buschhhhh] this summer, a wendy's frosty is just 50 cents. so... feel free to freak out! cause now is the best time to indulge a little... or a lot. do you. the 50 cent frosty. available for a limited time at wendy's. >> now rick hendrick has ten brickyard 400 wins. five with jeff gordon. four with jimmie johnson. and one with kasey kahne.
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nearly six hours. is how long it took for kasey kahne to get to this point where he could celebrate with the crowd. >> six hours rick, and 102 races. not just winning the brickyard 400 but breaking that long career winless drought. and doing it against brad keselowski. final restart. enter that restart in second as you mentioned, a great launch, took the lead into turn one. >> every time you have to have maybe a little bit of luck on your side. and keith rodden calling him down to pit road and he was on pit road to get the pit stop work done, just as a wreck was happening behind him coming off of turn four. so a little bit of luck there. but all skill on that restart when he was able to get by brad
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keselowski. >> felt like the restart before that wasn't fair. you heard him say he didn't feel li like -- he felt like brad went before he did. he executed perfectly. >> so execution has begun. up next is sunday night with megyn kelly here on nbc. on nbcsn, tune in. you will hear the victory lane celebration. the interview with kasey kahne and 90 minutes of coverage. again on nbcsn. congratulations to kasey kahne.


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