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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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live look outside -- fremont ==scott/2shot== good morning- and thanks for joining us. i )m scott mcgrew in for sam brock. ==laura/2shot== and i )m laura garcia cannon. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather ==kari//cu== ==mike//traffic h set== ck traffic maps tracking a crash on "hwy 101"
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scott/vo the bay bridge series making headlines this morning -- a fight breaks out during last night )s a )s-giants game in oakland..and it did not involve the players. instead, fans and ballpark security. laruabox today in the bay )s pete suratos is live at the oakland coliseum with the new video from overnight and the team )s response. --
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pete - pete/live i scrolled through twitter to see how fans at the game were reacting to this.and it )s safe to say they were stunned.
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now to breaking news from venezuela -- you )re looking at video of the country )s opposition leader "leo-pol-do lopez" being removed from his home - allegedly by government agents. this is according to his wife -- she posted this video on twitter. there are reports the mayor of caracas was also taken. this comes after a controversial election sunday to write a new constitution -- that )s what the current president -
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nicolas maduro - wants. opposition leaders boycotted the elections. anchor/livepix now to washington - you )re looking live at the capitol building. at the white house: president trump )s new chief of staff is already making changes. vo today marks john kelly )s first full day on the job. monday - after being sworn in - sources tell nbc news that kelly pushed out communications director anthony scaramucci. it follows scaramucci )s profane tirade to a reporter. a former chief of staff says this was a power move. sot (sot: andy card / former white house chief of staff :35 - :43) "removing anthony scaramoucci i think demonstrates candidly and forcefully to everyone that the chief of staff means business." oc=means business;trt=:08 cont vo as for the business of the white house: kelly will help the president manage crisis - including crafting a response to russia )s removal of diplomats, and north korea )s latest missile test. laura/rail happening today: a bay area tennis coach charged with sexual assault - heads
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to court for his arraignment. vo "normandie burgos" taught tennis in sausalito and richmond. he )s now facing 62 felony couns for what authorities say was a sexual relationship with an underage student. in 2010 he faces similar charges in marin - but that case ended in a hung jury. scott/vo mor on todaay. the suspect is in a hospital this morning .. after shooting himself y.ea -- police say he shot and killed an elderly woman late sunday oght near the castro, then ose )s himself inside his home. ds . not clear yet how the victim and the suspect knew each other. =>> new report outlined san ncy 's response to the damaging key su floods when coyote creek overran it's banks. internationally renowned andgency management consulting firm compared the report.
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it featured ten key successes prd failings by the city during the flood and the aftermath. the report also offered 100 recommendations on how the city can improve it's emergency response procedures. among them, improve emergency toanning. increase coordination, and strengthen staffing. >> the report is fair. it's honest. you know, the report obviously points out things we can do better. >> the report will be presented sconte city council next tuesday. 4:36, report out overnight says the san francisco as ridller's office will discontinue cash payments for cable car rides. san francisco chronicle reports investigators posing as riders say cable car conductors didn't third em to pay on 11 of 30 rides. riders can pay with clipper kashds or online, but the report says cash fears still account nor one-third of the transit system revenue. 4:36, coming up, rent verse
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xfinity. the future of awesome. good morning, i'm landon downey live at cnbc world headquarters. here's the top business headlines. wall street is poised to start off in positive territory. the dow is now about # 100 points away from the 22,000 mark. that rose yesterday as investors continue to be optimistic about earnings season.
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the nasdaq did slip as big tech names such as facebook and apple that pulled back. investors will get data today on personal income and spending. and auto sales. also apple reports earnings this afternoon, the dow adding 60 points monday to 21,891. that is dak falling 26 to 63.48. alaska airlines is taking precautions after virgin america's computer systems were hacked. alaska which bought virgin america last year says no customers were affected but is requiring employees and contractors to change their passwords every 90 days. last month, taco mode. allowing passengers to get a late night drive through snack. now the ride-hailing service has a new partner. disney. guests staying at the board walk, yacht, and beach club resorts can order them a lyft to take them anywhere.
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it is looking like minnie mouse's dress and they are called minnie vans. no word on whether the service will expand to the rest of disney world or disneyland. see what they did there, guys? >> kind of goofy. >> bum, bum, bum. >> landon dowdy, thank you. happening today, marin supervise lers consider a new rule to protect renters. according to to the ij, the ordnance will prevent landlords from evicting without just cause. advocates tell the paper that marin has no protections for renters. people are afraid to complain for fear of being convicted. oakland international says it's seeing it's busiest summer travel season in a decade. over 1 million passengers in skbrun. that's up more than 9% over june of last year. the airport says it had a record 82,000 international passengers in the last month. coming up next, with where
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you can see steph curry hitting golf balls today. here's a hint, it's somewhere in the east bay. and we will feel those temperatures ramping up today as we take a live look outside in fremont. we are already seeing mostly clear skies and milder temperatures as we go through the day. expect those highs to reach up to 90 degrees by early afternoon. we'll talk about where we'll be hitting the triple digits and the heat advisory in effect. that's coming up next. and here's a live look for 580. smooth drive. there is a crash i told you we'd check on further east and what else we can find. plus still ahead. north korea getting closer to developing weapons that can strike the u.s. how much damage can those weapons actually cause? we'll tell you what experts are saying this morning. you're watching today in the bay.
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this morning .. at a hayward )s "t- happening today, steph curry will hit the links in the east bay. curry will play a practice round this morning at the stone break golf course which is this week is hosting a tour event. this is curry's first time competing at this level. the event officially gets under way on thursday but later today, a celebrity round. >> this is the video from up in tahoe when they played. he's good actually. >> quite the athlete. >> yeah, he's pretty good. >> there you go. >> golf balls.
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>> it's going to be hot in the east bay. >> yeah, it will be. hayward, still warm temperatures in the tri-valley as the area will be watching for those temperatures to reach over the triple digits. and it does stay nice and cool as we take a live look outside. in san francisco, you can see the zipper truck neigh across the gold nl gate bridge. we'll check in with mike in a minute, but as we look at seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you'll see there will be more triple digits on the way. and all of these areas shaded in orange, it includes the hills, some of the higher elevations will be where we'll have the hottest temperatures and the highest fire danger and that's for today as well as tomorrow, also, some unhealthy air quality for the east bay and the south bay. so a spare the air alert has been issued nap means if you can car pool, catch a ride with someone, bike to work, or just try to limit your outdoor activities as well during the hottest hours of the day with high ozone levels expected.
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temperatures will reach up to 102 kbreez in concord today. 103 in antioch and livermore, 102 degrees. napa and santa rosa in the mid-90s and san francisco already reach 75 degrees. santa fe at 79 degrees. getting dress, it's a good day for wearing something that'll give you shade or at least give you a little bit of protection from that sunshine. maybe a hat, summer dress, something lightweight and light colored as we will have some quickly ramping up temperatures today. especially if you're heading out to coliseum, you'll be going to the battle of the bay, temperatures in the upper 60s to start. you want that hat to give you a little bit of shade, then temperatures cool down nicely. and it'll be very hot as the strong area of high pressure remains over the region creating the most intense heat across the pacific north. this will be far enough for an area to role up and it'll increase our moisture. we will have some very unusual,
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high amount of humidity heading into the middle of the week and it could spark off a few thunderstorms on thursday. and our temperatures will reach into the low 70s, all of that cools off as we head into the weekend for the inland valleys. dangerous heat today and tomorrow. and then that chance of thunderstorms will high humidity and then look at those low temperatures, that doesn't happen often. look at that, mid-70s for overnight lows. we'll talk more about that, mike is now tracking two crashes on the road. >> kerry, one i don't have to worry about and neither do to you anymore. the earlier crash has reportedly cleared from the chp report as it cleared from the roadway over there at south san francisco. here, you have clear speeds, zoom over here towards the east bay i told you we'd check on this crash, reported westbound on the shoulder, eastbound, we just saw a little blip. now that's probably just one slower moving truck. we'll track to make sure there are no other issues through livermore. further back, that's how far we
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have to go, 205 with the merge with 580. typical out of the pass. then let's check with weight. there's not a lot you need right now. let's show you, goes wherever you need. over here on i-5, there was an earlier minor crash. this is i-5 and splits off with 580, that's just outside the renal for most viewers, but i wanted to show you. go to waze and select nbc bay area wazers, click on your profile and then you select your team, we'll help you wherever you're going the rest of the summer, back to you. >> and then some too. thank you very much. 4:49 right now. all new morning, the hayward police department investigating a homicide at a motel six on industrial parkway. authorities late last night announced officers found a 44-year-old man dead inside his room. yesterday afternoon, no word yet on what may have happened. police say this is the
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fourth homicide of the year in hayward. in fact, we look back to our arkansas dives overnight, police are still searching for whoever shot and killed a hayward father last month. he was gunned down while pushing his three month old in it's stroller. happening today, the friends and family say, if to the teenager killed when the fireball thrill ride broke apart midlast week. 18-year-old tyler jared died when the ride mall fujsed. the investigation is ongoing. he'd recently enlisted for the marines. seven others were injured in that accident. 4:50, developing news, analysts questioning the strength of north korea's missile stockpile. last week the country tested a missile that may be able to reach the mainland. this morning analysts saying the country has yet to move if the missiles can go damage. it's unlikely they're capable of carrying a warhead all the way to it's destination. new this morning, california
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bill that supporters will protect immigrants is now law. governor jerry brown signed the measure monday. it prevents inquiries into a person's immigration status during civil liability cases. the new law says a plaintiff's immigration sta stus irrelevant in such cases. that'll take effect on january 1st. also new morning, lieutenant governor gavin newsome has raised more money than anyone else vying to be governor. the campaign says it raised over $5 million so fafr this year. double each of his leading democrat rivals. state treasure has raised $2.6 million in 2017. former l.a. mayor and antonio raised 2.3 million. republican john cox contributed 3 nol his own campaign and raise the about $200,000. the priermt is coming up next june. this morning three people are behind bars after a high speed police chase in los angeles, but it ended in practically slow motion.
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first the chase, police say the suspect stole a car and sped through red lights and oncoming traffic, ended in an l.a. neighborhood after the driver lost control and hit a pole. now, as police surrounded the car, the driver tried to escape. watch him, here's the escape. crawling along the ground -- >> maybe they won't notice me. >> getting away. i don't think they'll just a little further and i'll be there. >> they caught him. >> maybe they didn't move in because they saw he had a weapon or something. continuing coverage now, l.a. gas storage operating ghen morning nearly two years following the country's biggest ever meth yan blowout. regulators approved that restart last week. operations began yesterday. it had been out of commission since october of 2015 after gas leak forced 8,000 families from their homes. happening today, musician jerry garcia would have turned
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25 years old. >> san francisco will unveil a plaque in his honor. it's going to be at mission aeroamazon avenue. that's in the area. the plaque is going to go up near the childhood home on amazon animal. 4:53, coming up, $1.6 million home in the area on sale, half price. what you'll need to do to cash out on that investment. but first, happening now, los angeles man posing as a ride share driver has been charged with sexual assaulting a woman in beverly hills. police think there might be more victims out there. the woman picked up in west hollywood, driven a short distance and then the attack. police say the suspect's car was outfitted with uber and lyft details. $350,000 donation. committed to help 3,000 syrian refugee children go to school in lebanon. today in the bay continues in two minutes. who are these people?
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francisco )s )millennium at 4:5 of, a follow up this morning, expert panel finds the millennium tower would survive an earthquake. our investigative unit continues to cover the leaning and sinking building. the findings are base on the computer modelling. oaks perts say the tower could safely withstand an 8.0 quake without collapsing. independent experts tell the investigative unit that a major quake could leave it uninhabitable. even if it does not collapse. east bay home that's in a precarious situation. lafayette couple now trying to sell their home for about half the market value and i think you can see why. the hillside there is starting to slide. during the rains in february,
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the realtor says it needs a retaining wall and a lot of repairs. now, even -- look at that, even like that, the house is listed at $830,000. >> you have a builder to get in there. >> the power of social media facebook users rallied together to recover the stolen children's train that we told you about yesterday. >> that's right. remember, it happened this weekend in pleasant hill. someone snatched that trailer holding the trains in the parking lot of the amusement rental company. the daughter of the owner posted the story on facebook and word quickly spread. we spoke to the woman who spotted the stolen trailer yesterday outside her yoga studio in walnut creek. >> i was just the one who happened to see it and find it. it just made me and my whole family so incredibly happy. this weekend we don't have to disappoint, you know, thousands of kids. >> that's the train's owner's
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daughter. now things are back on track for the family and the train is ready to roll for it's next event. happy kids. coming up, brace yourself for heat inland today. and you might want to head to the beach, let's check out that forecast for santa cruz today. as you're on your way over towards santa cruz, it'll be in the 50s and low 60s, today up to 73 degrees. really nice. we will have triple digits for the inland valleys, we'll talk about that, the heat advisory, and the spare the air alert coming up next. and you're looking at the bay bridge. look at how much back-up there. if it's going to be there after this quick break. you're watching today in the bay.
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5:00 a.m. this morning, and a look at the bay bridge and some low clouds that are no doubt going to burn off this morning. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam. >> and i'm laura garcia cannon. they're going to burn off and we're going to burn up out there. >> that's right. it doesn't look like it lasts long looking at where we're seeing the fog and the marine layer right now. it's there, as of now, but, as we go through sunrise and late morning, we'll see some mostly clear skies. and our temperatures quickly heating up, right now in the low 60s as you head out the door and the east bay at 65 degrees. san francisco, 54, looking at


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