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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it into the mid-70s there today. east bay up 79 in oakland and 10. in antioch. morgan hill today, high of 99 degrees. much hotter today and still hot tomorrow. we'll talk about all of that coming up. mike says the east bay is now cov recovering. look out, most of the bay showing a nice green commute as far as these speed sensors go. here's the red an orange. recovery from now, northboundle 80, slow from about highway 92 up toward a street. the earlier crash did clear. had all lanes blocked for a short period of time. we started calling the chp, we got the all clear. traffic break there. then coming out of cast oe valley, had all lanes cleared as well. little bit earlier. so we've had back-up that is starting to clear, but the ripple start toed already, this is the focus of your kmout. notice at castro valley wide and back towards redwood road.
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that's where we have the slowing. it'll take a while to recover. plan on that delay. meanwhile, over towards the bay area, big concern still under 20 ft. collins highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza where the meters loigts are, no waiting for you. back to you. new this morning, a fight breaks out during game one of the bay bring soerz in oakland. this one didn't involve players. >> looking at new video showings fans and ball park security ball park throwing the punches there. pete is live with the a's spobs this morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott, lar ra, and the security company is through a third party.
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now things did get heated where the fellow security guards had to eventually pull her away. now this morning, there are plenty of questions regarding exactly what led to that fight. now the east bay times report that fans are saying the guard was looking for someone specific in the top deck of the coliseum, even pointing and gesturing at that person before that fight took place. now the person who posted that video claims that the guard assaulted an innocent woman, was booed by fans, and then did an inappropriate gesture to the crowd in response to those boos. now the a's did release a statement on twitter regarding the incident says quote, there was an incident involving a security guard. we contract with a third party security company and are current ligating this situation. violence in any form is not acceptable and we take this
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incident seriously. >> did you videotape your roommates in bed? >> no, no, i didn't. actually, the reason to put the camera up. >> what is that reason? >> i'm talking with my attorney. >> we may find more out today. he's due back in court today at 2:00 this afternoon. happening today, the kate steinly murder case continues
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with another preliminary hearing. both sides expected back in a san francisco courtroom at 9:00 this morning. juan francisco sanchez lopez is accused of shooting and killing her in 2015. last week, the judge ruled the federal agent whose gun was stolen and used in the killing will testify in the upcoming trial. jury selection is expected to begin very soon. fire has damaged a north bay school. this morning is will the classrooms be ready for back to school? the fire at dixie elementary school off lucas valley road broke out yesterday evening. it started on the roof as you can see of the first grade classroom. now this happened as construction crews were replacing the roof. firefighters suspect it may have led to the fire. here's the fire chief. >> they were putting a new hot fire roof on the building today. we're thinking that had something to do with it. we found some extension cords which were screwed into the roof
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which might have penetrated and caused damage. >> the first day of school is august 24th. school officials tell us they're going to meet today to try to figure out if they can stick to that schedule. happening today, the work begins to fill the vacant contra costa county district's position. as we've been reporting, the most recent d.a. mark peterson resigned. today the board of supervisors will begin review applications for the position. that starts at 9:00 this morpg at the board chambers in martinez. as for peterson, he's been accused and charged with using $66 sthourks in campaign funds for personal expenses. it's 6:05 within live look from washington this morpg are morning where the new chief of staff is getting ready for his first full day on the job. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill this morning. a lot of people are wondering if john kelly can bring order to a revolving door of top a vizzers.
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>> reporter: right, they are now looking for their third communications director as anthony scaramucci was ousted yesterday. and that search will be led by a new chief of staff. >> he will do a spectacular job. i have no doubt. >> reporter: john kelly now charge at the white house. >> general kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house and all staff will report to him. >> reporter: everyone, including the president's chief stat gist, steve bannon, jared kushner, even his daughter, ivanka, and eventually, a new communications director. anthony scaramucci pushed out sources tell us after a profane tie rid that the white house says the president found inappropriate. >> we are removing anthony scaramucci i think demonstrates candidly and forcefully to
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everyone that the chief of staff means business. >> reporter: that business includes managing a spongs to russia, kicking out hundreds of diplomatic staff and north korea's long range missile test. now potentially threat tng theist north korea. >> we'll handle new york. we'll be able to handle them. it will be handle. ed zblr the new job, managing crisis. >> they haven't really had to face a crisis leek a hurricane katrina or a deep water horizon. the white house press secretary says for now, they don't expect anyone else from the president's senior staff to leave. >> for now, tracie potts, live in washington. and our coverage of what's going on in the white house continues with the "today" show this morning. lindsey graham sits down live
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with host matt lauer. today's show starts at 6:00 after today in the bay. happening today, jeff sessions will deliver remarks in georgia to a group of african american american executives who work in law enforcement. it's part of an annual training efforts. to sport law enforcement and reinforce the rule of law. other notable attendees include georgia congressman john lewis and former attorney general, eric holder. you might want to consider biking to work today. there's car pooling and public transit. poor air quality today, that could lead to potentially bad health problems. during the hottest part of the day, limit those outdor activities. live now where things will heat up today. p kbrks & lerks show people thousand stay cool in the heat while saving energy and money. some parts could see triple
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kijts. kerry hall has the hot details on that. will be a hot day. 6:09, we wake up with sunshine looking reporting live at san jose. as the sunrises this morning, we have a nice, come start and it's national day out, national night out as we go into this evening. starts at 6:00, and all around san jose, all around the bay area, you'll be able to interact with the police department and some local officials and also just enyou some time out with the kids. temperatures will still be very warm at 6:00, el degrees, and then dropping back into the upper 70s we 8:00. and we have the full list. we will have that up as you go tour website, checking out the high temperatures today. i'll have more on that and humidity in the forecast twarz the end of the week. mike says there's yet another crash near castro valley. >> this is the third in the last
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35 minutes over in that castro valley wide area. the rest of the -- really nice commute. 580 jammed up once again. i saw a slot of slowing. we've seen improvement over the last 90 seconds. but look, it's slow here to the canyon and all the way and over toward 880. north 880 recovers from the earlier crash that cleared 20 minutes ago. there's your approach towards the bay bridge. and that's looking better than the hayward and castro valley area. look that the, no problems, but the metering lights are on over towards the bay area. travel times over here. the worst is 238 northbound off of the 580 as we talked about and there are other approaches towards the maize as we showed you back to you. coming up next on taib. changes for ferry riders. starting today to park in the
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good tuesday morning, it is 6:13, let's look live now outside in palo alto starting to get busy. mostly clear skies to start. sunshine throughout the day and hotter temperatures this afternoon.
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we will be at 70 degrees at 10:00 this morning. rising up to 80 degrees, and then, as you head out this afternoon, going home from work, you'll have the windows rolled up and the air-conditioning on. we'll talk about some more hot temperatures in the forecast coming up in about five minutes. >> i just heard the getting home from work part. going to work, slowing for the tri-valley. things are slowing down a bit. more of a struggle, we'll show you the recovery from earlier crashes. happening today, costing more to park your car in virginia lei hoe. more rates take effect. now you can buy a daily permit for six bucks with monthly cost $40. last month, local businesses told the times harold they were upset with the lack of enforcement on downtown parking rules. as for the municipal lot. the newspaper reports that daily permits cost 5 bucks, monthly cost 20. this morning, commercial fibbermen in san francisco
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gearing up for a big day. >> kmervel salmon season got under way after a delay. fishermen are hoping for a successful season after years of hardship while crews prepared lures for opening day, some federal lawmakers were fighting for disaster relief funds for the fishing fleet. lawmakers say the shorter salmon season paired with the recent shut down of crab fisheries leaves many fishermen struggling to stay aloet.
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hi, scott and laura, good tuesday morning. wall street is poised to start off in positive territory. the dow is now about 100 points away from the 22,000 mark. but yesterday investors continue to be optimistic about earnings season. the nasdaq however did slip a bit as big tech names such as facebook and alphabet pulled back. investors look at data on personal income and spending and auto sales also apple reports earnings after the bell this afternoon. the dow adding 60 points monday to 21,891. nasdaq falling 26 to 63.48. alaska airlines is taking precautions after computer systems were hacked. alaska which brought virgin america last year, no customers were affected, but requiring employees and contractors to change their passwords every 90 days. and listen to this one, last month, lyft teamed up with taco bell for taco mode allowing
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passengers to get a late night drive through snack. now they have a new partner, disney, guests staying at disney world's yacht and beach club resorts can order a lyft to take them anywhere within the disney complex. the vehicles are painted to look like mini mouse's dress and they're called minnie vans, get it? they can fit up to six guests and come with two car seats for kids. no word on whether the service will expand to the rest of disney world or land. back to you. >> scott said earlier that it was -- >> goofy. >> there you go. >> landon, thank you, much. hbo says it's trying to figure out who is behind a hack. the network says it's working with law enforcement and outside cyber security firms to investigate. new morning, hbo confirms that some of it's programming has been stolen. there are multiple reports that hackers stole full em soeds of some series and the script for next week's game of thrones
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episode. as we take a look at weather this morning, i was looking, 114 in medford, oregon. >> and that's crazy. >> in oregon. >> i know, and they could set some all-time record temperatures in oregon today. >> concerning. >> yeah, it's because we have this unusual weather set up. we'll talk about all of that in just a bit. let's get a look at what it feels like as you get ready to step out the door right now, it's 61 degrees public all clear in the tri-valley while you see the coastal fog and the daily city camera looking at peninsula at 69 degrees there. mostly clear in the south bay. east bay, now at 54 degrees, and it's 53 degrees in san francisco, those clouds rolling by and then mostly cloudy in parts of the north bay. look at these high temperatures today. up to 100 degrees in gilroy, mil piece up to 93 degrees today. 87 in hayward, oakland, 79, while we get into the interior valleys to the east bay, it'll be over 100 degrees. and even in palo alto will be up
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to 90 degrees, hot temperatures there, the marina district at 93 degrees. for the north bay, mid-90s here as you head into some of those valleys. if you have the choice of where to go hiking today, why not go to somewhere along the coastline? the peninsula will have some nice cool weather, only reaching into the mid-60s. so that makes it a very comfortable and we also get a little bit of sunshine, but it does turn really hot in sonoma wine country today. starting out at 61 degrees at noob time, if you're trying to enjoy lunch out on the patio, up to 85 degrees and 93 degrees at 4:00. and we are going to have some more hot weather ahead today and tomorrow. spare the air alert day. limit your outdoor time and try to car pool or catch some public transportation if possible. fire danger increases especially as we have chance of lightning on thursday. what's up with that? we have an area of high pressure. we talked about this over the
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pacific northwest. causing some intense heat, and then that opens the door for area of low pressure to bring in monsoonal moisture. high thumdty, and we could be talking about overnight temperatures and amid 70s inland. san francisco will see the highs in the 70s today and tomorrow. we will be down to 74 degrees tomorrow, highs up to 101 degrees. we'll have a chance of lightning on thursday. and of course,ville more updates on that. mike now has an update on some east bay slowing. >> yeah, a lot of these slowings. and now another issue, we'll start with the oakland area. reports of a stalled vehicle northbound 880 at 5th, i'm pointing out the slowing southbound at the same area, chp is not yet on scene. i think it may be until the middle lane. that's a note if you're headed passed downtown away from the bay bridge. heading towards oakland, castro valley still slow coming off the recover fri two earlier crashes. and also, 880 recovered in this
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casely from the earlier crash. that'll make the line of traffic flow. no problems from mass transit. ways to get you through the big jam over there. you see the purple and the green routes take you passed all that crash and over towards the smooth bridge. look at that, the purple route is the a much better route by ten minutes. make sure you joinous waze team. that's the team you want to join. this is how you do it over there on the animation room. nbc bay area wazers healthy whenever wherever. deeper look at the opioid crisis in america. the startling number who use and misuse prescription painkillers. her house is perfect. her mortgage payment however is off by 1100 bucks a month. nbc bay area responds, next. the changes that youth sports organizations are making now. )like ) the )nbc bay area ) facebook page to read that story right now. you )re watching today in the
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gotten in our country. welcome back. startling new report shows how out of control the deadly open yid epidemic has gotten in our country. the world report from health officials found 40% of americans use opioids to manage pain. more than 11 million people
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reported misusing opioids, nearly two million said they were addicted, and the deaths more than quadrupled between 1999 and 2015. the people most likely to misuse opioids, rather, are those with low income, the unemployed, and the underinsured. >> there are people at risk for not having full access to health care. so we think that's part of a clue here. is that better access to full pain treatments might do a good job in helping to reduce these serious problems. >> one thing that surprised researchers, almost half of those who misuse opioids get them from family and friends. 6:25 right now, nbc bay area responds to a redwood city couple who feared they were going to lose their home. something substantial was lost in the numbers, consumer investigator chris kamora is here with what we figured out. >> good morning. we couldn't believe it when lynn smart told us the mortgage payment for her new home ended
6:26 am
up costing her $11 hourks more than she expected. every month. lynn traced the site to an incorrect property tax calculation that her mortgage company had made. lynn said the company was ignoring her benefits from proposition 90 which lets a property tax break with them when they move, like lynn did. >> i couldn't have afforded to do it without proposition 90. i knew about it from the get go. >> to avoid foreclosure, lynn says she continued to pate extra $1100 a month over and over and over, all the while fighting for a full refund. coming up at 6:00, what the mortgage company did after we got involved. plus the steps all homeowners should take to ensure your mortgage payment isn't inflated. if you have a consumer complaint, please call us, 888-996-tips or i'll see you again tonight at 6:00. well coming up next on today in the bay.
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bringing bart to more of the bay area. the new proposal that would extend bart in parts of the east bay and how you could help make it happen. a spare the air alert for what's expected to be a triple digit day. the actions you can take to save money and relieve stress on our electrical grid. you're watching today in the bay. we )re getting ready for several
6:28 am
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days of heat, especially for inland areas. right now at 6:30 on your tuesday morning, we're getting ready for several days of heat, especially for inland areas.
6:30 am
taking a live look outside, beautiful look at walnut creek this morning in the east bay. good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. woman of the hour, carrie with this hot, hot forecast. >> lady of the day. >> yeah, especially away from the coast. and we are going to have a lot of very warm temperatures. while san francisco reaches into the mid-70s, you're starting out the morning with the fog and the drizzle right now. and then look at how hot it will be for the inland valleys up to 100 degrees today. 101 degrees tomorrow, and then, we could have a chance of some thunderstorms on thursday before temperatures come back down this weekend. i'll talk about all of that, we'll take a look ahead to the weekend forecast in about seven minutes, mike gets us out there on the roadways with a few problem spots. >> yeah, hopes relief for oakland drivers. first, i told you why i thought the inaccurate report was -- i thought it was southbound with the issue, and indeed it was. the disabled vehicle was block
6:31 am
southbound lane in the middle of the roadway, it has now been pushed to the shoulder. we should see and we do see recovery for these speed sensors south from 980 down toward fifth. again that traffic flowing down towards high street. you'll see a burst of traffic over the next few minutes. recovery as well for castro valley wide. north 238, well without much issue. the south bay moves very well, look at these travel times. no real delays, it's a little slowing for north 101 right on schedule, but light, back to you. >> all right mike. continuing our microclimate weather coverage now, we're getting ready for several days of heat as carrie mentioned in the bay area. bob riddell is in san jose with types for people trying to stay cool without breaking the bank, bob. >> reporter: good morning, scott, pg & e are asking that you reduce your energy usage wliel the bay area air quality management district is asking you to reduce the amount of time
6:32 am
grow spend in the car. instead use public transportation, car pool, or if possible, work from home. the agency issued a spare the air alert over concerns of smog during what is expected to be a hot day. we did check in with meteorologist carrie hall earlier this morning. crunched in your opinions and found that over in the tri-valley, they've already had nine days above 100 degrees. supposed to be about 102 in livermore today. carrie says we could be on track for the record of the most number of triple digit days. pg & e has issues on how to save electricity. some might be obvious, some not so much. wash your clothes in cold water if you can, that hot water does take about 90% of your energy usage which you're washing, doing the laundry. unplug your electronics that are not being used. turn off the computer at night instead of it being in sleep mode. they want you to turn it off completely. dim the brightness on your tv set and use cfls in your house.
6:33 am
those use about 75% less energy than incon december isn't as. reporting live in san jose, bob riddell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, bob. >> you can track the heat any time, anywhere with the nbc bay area app. you can find the forecast for your exact neighborhood. that is a free download. you can get it on iphone and android. now to breaking news from venezuela. this is video of the country's opposition leader, lopez, being removed from his home. allegedly by government agents. this is according to his wife who posted this video on twitter. there are reports the mayor was also taken. comes after a controversial election sunday to write a new constitution. what the current president wants. opposition leaders boycotted the election. happening today, bay area tennis coach charged with sexual assault heads to court for his arraignment. normandy taught tennis in the area and richmond.
6:34 am
he's facing 62 felony counts for what authorities say was a sexual relationship with an underaged student. in 2010, he faced similar charges in marin, but that case ended in a hung junior. san francisco police say a woman has life threatening injuries stemming from a bleach attack. it happened sunday 7:30 at night in the tenderloin. police say a man poured bleach on the face of a 57-year-old woman sitting on the sidewalk. she may go blind. at last check, she's still in the hospital anticipation officers have not made any arrests and we don't know what led up to the attack. more details now on a 15 hour standoff in san francisco that we first brought to you as breaking news right here on today in the bay. the suspect is in the hospital this morning after shooting himself in the chest at the end of that standoff. police say he shot and killed an elderly woman late sunday night near the castro and locked himself inside his home. it's not clear yet how the victim and suspects knew each other. it's 6:34, new report
6:35 am
outlines san jose's response to those damaging winter floods when the coyote creek overran it's banks. internationally renowned emergency management consulting firm compared that report, it features ten key accident is and failings by the city i both during the flood and during the aftermath. the report also recommends 100 different things on how the city can improve it's emergency response procedures. among them, improve emergency planning, increased coordination, and strengthen staffing. >> yeah, the report is fair, it's honest, you know, the report obviously points out things we can do better. >> that report will be presented to the city council next tuesday. east bay commuters bart wants to hear from you about an east bay extension. bart opened the public commentary for it's proposed livermore extension project. bart invites people to comment
6:36 am
online or attend two public meetings later this month in livermore and dublin. new report out overnight says the san francisco's controller's office wants to discontinue cash payments for cable car rides. investigators have been posing as riders saying cable car conductors did not ask them to pay on 11 of 30 rides. riders can also pay with clipper cards online, but the report says cash is about a third of the revenue. happening today, musician jerry garcia would have been 75 years old today. >> this afternoon, leaders in san francisco will unveil a plaque in his honor going up at the corner of mission street and am zor avenue in the kpels your district. the plaque is going up near garcia's childhood home on amazon avenue. and growing up, i bet he never imagined that amazon avenue would be named after a company. looking over here, new flow the traffic around the bay, good
6:37 am
recovery over in castro valley after a number of crashes on 238. over here looks unusual. most slowing is not north of 680. so it's just more folks heading up in towards downtown and 85 shows that boogs as well. all these folks coming out of the valley likely now hitting those roadways. smooth flow of traffic as we get out of your screen. we see the bottom of your screen still recovering for south 880, the earlier issue at fifth has been clear ld from the roadway on the southbound side. a live look outside showings you the san mateo bridge. we see the slowing, typical and no unusual delays. this is a big burst that happens now. made it passed monday, almost, almost, halfway through the week. >> way to be optimistic. >> always looking for the silver lining. looking for cooling too. the heat we're having now continue through the weekend? >> it'll come down a few degrees and it'll be relief compared to what we're about to go through.
6:38 am
coast 67. it does stay nice and cool there with some fog. we'll see more of the same on sunday, even lower temperatures will bring it back to the upper 80s for the valley. we'll be at 848 degrees only friday, saturday, 79 degrees, and then slightly warmer there on sunday. mostly sunny skies. if it's a weekend trip to lake tahoe, it's going to be a great weekend, but we'll have to watch out for some thunderstorm firing up during the afternoon it will be up to 79 degrees on both saturday and sunday, monterrey will keech it cool, 74 on friday and some upper 60s through the weekend with some breezy winds, and most likely some morning clouds and fog. we will take a look at today's temperature trend for cooper tee know, that's coming up in three minutes. >> and look forward to it, thanks so much, carrie. coming up, baseball brawl. what led up toe a fight in the
6:39 am
stands during game one of the bay bridge series and how the a's are responding this morning. west nile warning. the virus has been detected. president trump tweeted this morning, we don't talk about the stock market in the mainstream media enough. here it is, the dow industrial's very, very close, very close to 22,000. today in the bay will be right back. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play?
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we are getting some clearing as we get a look at today's temperature trend for cooper tee know, already by 10:00, we'll start to feel those temperatures warming up. we'll be at 72 degrees and some upper 70s by lunchtime. expect the highs today to quickly ramp up to 90 degrees with a lot of heat in the forecast for the inland areas. we'll talk about those numbers and what you can expect, that's coming up in about 6:48. >> got a lot of recovery actually over for the east bay and tri-valley. look at that 238 looking better than it did before. that's unusual. i'll explain on your tuesday commute. certainly not the headline that has some people talking this morning. overnight, a fan tweeted out video of a brawl in the stands during last night's game. shows a female security guard punching a fan. other security workers try to pull her away, and still working
6:43 am
to figure out what started it all. the team released a statement early this morning saying in part, quote, we contract with a third party security company and are current ligating this situation. violence in any form is not acceptable. we take this incident seriously. 6:43, all new morning, the hayward police department investigating a homicide. at a motel 6 on industrial parkway. authorities late last night announced officers found a 44-year-old man dead inside his room yesterday afternoon. no word yet on what may have happened. police say this is the fourth homicide of the year in hayward. now we looked back to the archives overnight, at last check, police are still searching for whoever shot and killed a hayward father last month. she was shot while pushing his three-year-old in a stroller. east bay vector control teams are putting together a sprag plan after contra costa county reported it's first possible west nile virus test this year. two walnut creek birds tested
6:44 am
positive as did a group of discovery bay mosquitos. crews plan to spray tonight. so fash no reports this year of people contracting the virus. follow-up to a story we previewed yesterday morning. the oakland public ethics commission voted unanimously to hire an independent auditor to investigate a current city council woman. that's according to to the san francisco chronicle this morning. the auditor will look into lenette gibson brokes ethics rules for stopping construction of a proposed housing development near her home back in 2014. new this morning, search crews believe they found the body of a university of nevada reno who disappeared while paddle boarding. he will be missing since june of last year. disappeared after he and some teammates got caught in high winds on the water. rescue crews say he was not wearing a life jacket. nonprofit rescue group used specialized robotic cameras
6:45 am
which detected the body under the water yesterday. family and friends will gather to say good-bye to a teenage when a ride malfunctioned. funeral will be held today for 18-year-old tyler jared. the marine recruit was killed while riding the fireball ride last week. quarter to 7:00, developing news, analysts questioning the strength of north korea's missile stockpile. last week, may be able to reach the mainland, but in morning, telling it the associate the press the country has yet to prove the missiles could do real damage if they reached the u.s. analysts say it's unlike lp missiles are capable of carrying a warhead all the way to the destination. happening today, uber will address the pay gap. according to usa today, the changes will impact 12,000 workers salaries. the largest salary increases will go to engineers. uber also plans to raise salaries for nontechnical
6:46 am
workers. all comes just months after the company dealt with several swaumt scandals. zplncht new this morning the california bill that supporters say will protect immigrants is now law. jerry brown signed that measure on monday. it prevents inquiries into a person's immigration status during civil liability cases. the new law says the plaintiff's immigration status is irrelevant in such cases. follow-up this morning on a smash and grab jewelry robbery at a bay area costco. police just revealed this surveillance video of the incident. this happened sunday morning and the costco. you see the three masked thieves target the store, hammered, they smash the jewelry cases there, grab thousands in jewelry before taking off in a nearby car. 6:46, happening today, walnut creek city leaders will consider partnering with the state military department to help the homeless. council members will debate signing a four month agreement for temporary homeless shelters.
6:47 am
today, group of working to make foot traffic safer in san francisco. dol an audit of dangerous city streets starting at 10:30 this morning. they'll join to evaluate crossings including one at the avenue and bay shore boulevard. for details the group says more than 40% of pedestrian deaths were seniors. we investigated that number overnight. san francisco says there were 30 overall traffic-related deaths in 2016, eight in 2017 so far. since 2009, majority of traffic-related deaths have been pedestrians. but the city does not break down victim's ages. this morning, three people are behind bars after a high speed police chase in los angeles, but actually ended in practically slow mo. >> the chase was normal. police say the suspects stole a car, sped through red lights, oncoming traffic. you see this all the time. ended in an l.a. neighborhood after a driver lost control and
6:48 am
hit a pole. now his police surrounded the car, the driver apparently tried to escape, sort of just doing the worm there on the ground. maybe they won't notice me, maybe i'll get away. he does not get away. as of today, you can go online to book reservations at california state parks. zblst a new system, it's launching today, it has a website by the same name. officials say it'll mimic hotel and airliney8páráes. there'll be customer call center as well. maybe smokey the bear. you can only reserve campsites and lodging starting six months in advance. >> only you have this. >> goodness. >> i asked for the no smokey the bear sign. >> or no bear, period. >> no bears, thank you. that'll be nice. they are out, in time these days. >> and it's a great place to be. temperatures are going to be much lower there. and nice and beautiful place to enjoy some cooler temperatures
6:49 am
while we will really be heating up. look at this view, right now as we start out in san francisco and watching these cars roll across the golden gate bridge. it's been misting and they have to turn on the wipers. this is one of the those spots where we have low visibility, but then as you get a look at the view, that's the only place where you see the low cloutds rolling by. it's all cleared there at 62 degrees. and we have a thin layer of clouds looking over the south bay from mt. hamilton. high temperatures heading up to 91 degrees there today. up to 102 degrees in concord and livermore, 94 degrees in napa and santa rosa. san francisco, 75 degrees. as we get a live look outside in san jose, we're starting out with some sunshine and you can see that sun coming through the blinds and if you're standing in the room looking at closet like what do i wear today? something to keep you cool. great weather for hat. gives you some shade. and we always advise with the temperatures heat up like this.
6:50 am
you wear something lightweight and light colored to help you keep cool. summer dress will be perfect. next several days, that'll be what you'll be sporting over the next several days as air quality will be unhealthy for the east bay and south bay. unhealthy air quality for the next two days means that the spare the air alert day ozone levels will be high. and if you have breathing problems or sensitivities, limit your outdoor time, especially during the hottest hours of the day. heat advisory will be in effect for all of these areas shaded in orange, that include much of the higher elevations where temperatures will be reaching over 100 degrees. there will be some slight cooling along the inner bay and coasts. they are not included in the advisory. but it does expire, 9:00 tomorrow iraqi. santa cruz will be a great place to hang out. along the beach, high temperatures reaching the 70s. mostly sunny skies, whatever clouds we're seeing now will be clearing out and it'll also be cool out in the coliseum as we get ready for game two of the
6:51 am
battle of the bay at first pitch will be at 68 degrees then lower 60s by the enof the game and mostly clear skies. one thing we'll be watching over the next several days. will be the heat and also the spare the air alert, but also the fire danger increasing and especially on thursday because there could be some thunderstorms and if that rain dries up before it gets here, we'll just have some dry lightning. that's a possibility. monsoonal moisture moves in and it'll be humid as well. temperatures reaching the mid-70s in san francisco for the next couple of days. then dropping back into the 60s. inland areas reaching the triple digits today and tomorrow. still humid on thursday and very hot. and some lower 90s and time for the weekend. as we head over to mike now, he is tracking a new crash in hayward. >> yeah, this is a concern because that was one of your alternate routes. and we'll show you overall, smooth flow of traffic, the south bay shows that push in toward the valley. san jose that's the rest of it.
6:52 am
over here, this is a crash i'm concerned about. it's on hayward city streets, and that was one of your cut throughs. look at that, you don't really need to use that cut through because the castro valley moves smoothly. typical patterns for the area. that's good news, recovering from all of the earlier crash, and there were a number. this is still showing a slow drive down towards the fifth. earlier disabled group but a number of vehicles on the shoulder from an earlier incident, still a distraction and slowing there. getting toward the bay area, not a big issue. we'll show you a peak at the drive. i told you there was an issue there. there was smoke reported in this cary, i don't see any problem, and i scanned the area. i don't see any smoke or smaller roadside fire that got taken care of. let's look at waze. waze talks about it, palo alto, the green and purple routes are easier. it's about five minutes faster to that portion because look at that, 101 staying a little
6:53 am
crowded. just keep that in mind. and make sure you join our waze team. we'll share that information back and forth. nbc bay area wazers, this is how you join. look at animation and you'll click on nbc bay area wazers to join us and we'll join you, back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, quick look at top stories on today in the bay, including an east bay man arrested for trying to blackmail his roommate after police say she secretly recorded them having sex. the charges that man is facing this morning. first happening now, los angeles man posing as a ride-sharing service driver has been charged with sexual assaulting a woman in beverly hills. and police think there may be more victims out there. according to to the l.a. times, the woman was picked up in west hollywood and draichb short distance to carry out the attack. police the suspect's car was outfitted with uber and lyft decals. plus a three million dollar donation, george and amal are
6:54 am
help 3g,000 syrian refugee children go to school in lebanon. today in the bay continues in just two minutes. before you head out the door -
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on today in the welcome back, happy tuesday, before you head out the door to work, some stop stories on today in the bay. fremont man is expected to be arraigned on extortion charges today. police say the man secretly recorded his roommates having sex, and then threatened to
6:57 am
release the footage. he denied the claims in an exclusive interview with nbc bay area. he's due in court at 2:00 this afternoon. the kate steinly murder case continues with another hearing today. both sides expected in a san francisco court in just a couple of hours. in fact at 9:00 this morning. juan francisco sanchez lopez accused of killing her back in 2014 on pier 15. last week a judge ruled that the federal agent whose gun was stolen will testify in the upcoming trial. jury selection is expected to begin very soon. north bay school damaged in a fire just weeks before the first day of school. fire broke out yesterday night at dixie elementary school off of lucas valley road. the fire started on the roof of the first grade classroom. it happened as construction crews were replacing the roof and firefighters suspect that might have led to the fire. the first day of school is august 24th. school officials plan to meet today to talk about what to do in the wake of this fire. coming up next on the
6:58 am
"today" show. continuing coverage of the white house staff shake-up as president trump removed anthony scaramucci from his director of communications role just ten days after his appointment was even announced. you may to want consider car pooling or using public transit today. a spare the air alert is in effect for the entire bay area today. maybe hop on a bike. commuters are asked to try to reduce pollution. it's going to be hot. looking live over san jose right now, pg & e asking customers to conserve energy. today's beat the heat day as well. pg & e with some tips including washing clothes in cold water or just wait until today. and even they want you to dim the brightness on your television. >> remember that. california campaign when i was a kid, give the appliances the afternoon off. looking live outside from walnut creek, one area that's expected to get very hot today. the east bay, inland parts,
6:59 am
we're going to see triple degree temperatures. >> yes, and it's going to be really hot for the valleys. and heat advisory will be for those elevations above 1,000 feet. that goes into effect today. san francisco will be in the mid-70s after the morning fog and clouds clear out of here and for the inland areas up to 100 degrees today. and then the humidity starts to kick in tomorrow evening and also on thursday. be tracking the possibility of thunderstorms. >> let's get a check of your traffic. >> vsh small crash over here in san jose -- not small in you're involved in it. speed sensors moving very well. no injuries, and no real additional slowing. this crash reported on that connecter from south 880 over towards 237, i'm not sure if it's the flyover or connected to the rest of traffic. you see not a lot of slowing there. and a new crashes reported somewhere on 880 south of 92. i'll dhaek up on twitter. >> that's what's happening. we're back with live local news
7:00 am
update. >> always join us as nbc news at 11:0037 have a great day. good morning. new sheriff in town. moments after being sworn in, white house chief of staff, john kelly, fires communications director anthony scaramucci. shown the door just ten days into his job. is it the first step to bring discipline and order to the west wing? dangerous threat. the remnants of tropical storm emily across florida, dumping heavy rain along the way. smooth operation. how peanut butter helped the 12 inmates escape from an alabama jail. the search ramping up for the lone escapee on the run. "game of thrones" hacked.


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