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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and then reaching into the low 80s today heading up to 90 this afternoon been mostly cloudy skies and very muggy conditions. i'll talk about what's ahead as we'll be tracking the potential of some dry lightning in the bay area coming up. mike takes us out there on the roads and into palo alto. >> that's right. we're tracking crews overnight did not have the cooler conditions they probably had hoped for. looking over here at the roadways we don't see a lot of slowing. we had slowing for 101 right here come willing down toward university. we have a camera there and we'll show you again the flashing light, there's some sets of lights here and here, they're in the construction zone right at the bridge, project continuing to work on that but the closures have cleared in the last five minutes, speeds have restored. back to you. 5 clock right now, the palo alto judge who sentenced a stanford swimmer to six mops for sexual assault is face a recall vote this fall. >> that sentence was watched extremely closely, drew a lot of
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controversy and anger around the country. this morning we're learning the judge is turning to one of the president's political consultantstor help. today in the bay's bob redell live outside the court with this splent overnight, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and laura. the associated press is reporting that judge aaron persky who works out of this courthouse here in palo alto has paid a man named brian sigh chick 30,000 tods fight the recall effort aimed at getting persky removed from the bench. he is a political consultant to runs a company out of phoenix called rdp strategy who's ran president trump's election campaign in arizona. there's a push to recall percent squi after he sentenced a stanford swirm named brock turner to six months in jail for sexual assault. that was a sentence that was recommended by the assistant clara probation department. many people protested what they thought was a light sentence. turner earned up serving only three months, was released and now must be registered as a sex offender for the rift of his
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life. a stanford law professor who is friends with turner's victim is leading the campaign to yet enough signatures to put the persky recall on the june ballot. according to the california secretary of state, the recall's already raised 4-$44,000 through the month of june. judge persky less than a third as much. ap reports that many california judges and lawyers have donated to persky's defense. they told the ap, it's not surprising that persky engaged the trump campaign to defend his terrible record on sexual assault and violence against women. it's sad and it's time to get persky off the bench. persky and sigh chick did not respond to the comment. at 5:02 take a live look from wick thashington, d.c. whe americans are reacting to president trump's plan to overall the country's legal
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immigration system. the president preparing for a campaign rally. >> this all follows the sanctions bill that pun nishes russia. trace is pots kfring acovering that for us. >> reporter: let's start with immigration that's been a big issue since the campaign. illegal immigration but this talks about legal immigration and changes who can get into this country based on their background. >> with demonstrators outside his front door. >> we're hoping that he listens. >> president trump ask sapg plan by two republicans to change how immigrants enter the u.s. >> to favor applicants who can speak english, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. >> the merit based proposal by senator tom cotton and david purdue gives preference to english speaking immigrants with
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education, job offers, high-tech skills squeezing out millions of low-wage workers and it slashes available green cards by half. >> this immigration proposal is not going to go anywhere because it would deaf ves state the economy. >> critics say it will backfire draining the labor poor driving floirz use illegal immigrants. >> we think it's a nonstarter. >> that's still in the works. but the president has reluctantly signed off on sanctions for iran, north korea, and russia. >> he also sent a clear signal we won't tolerate interference in our election process by russia. >> but in a statement the president trump called the statement he approved significantly flawed, even unconstitutional. >> the president didn't plan 10 to force certain alaska aspects. >> a soft play against russia, a much bolder one at the border. at 5:04 this thursday morning, two farms will be filing a lawsuit against the
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state's water department and it all stems from this. the failure of oroville dam spillway earlier this year. now the lawsuit alleges officials knew about some of these structural failures but they didn't do anything about it. attorneys for the farms saying they're investigation shows the water department acted recklessly and put hundreds of thousands of people in danger. the main spillway of the dam was severely damaged during the winter storms and when the backup spillway was put into use it almost collapsed. formers say the emergency release of water from the lake also impacted their farming operations. new this morning within the last couple of hours all lanes of eastbound highway 4 in antioch reopened, this after a dump truck crash last night that brought aught has mat teams. it happened a little after 9:00 and that's when the dump truck carrying gra carrying gravel fell on its side. 5:05. continuing cover range of that recent close all at sfo involve
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ago i near canada plane. new images show just how close that plane came to several jets on the taxi way. the ntsb released this image yesterday as part of its initial report on the incident. this was taken from a surveillance camera. investigators now say the plane's lowest altitude was 60 feet above the ground. and keep in mind the planes below it are about that tall. the air canada plane was trying to land on a taxi way when four passenger jets were waiting to take off. nbc bay area's aviation expert believes the evidence increasingly points to pilot error. >> the backups to the backups eventually kicked in, but you shouldn't have to go that far down the check tloift get to that point. >> we've also learned the pilots on the ground turned on their landing tliets try to warn that incoming air knd plane to abort its landing which it did. should california's high speed rail follow the law?
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they say it doesn't nope. judges are saying the court does not are the authority to make that rescuingnd at case is still ongoing. here is a little bit of the backstory 40 in 2014 a federal transpore paigstation board ruled the project does not have to follow california's law. but just a few days ago the state strooem supreme court said the state law should be followed. happening today, the last remaining retired military ships will be dragged out of sa soon bay, that means all 57 vessels for years, some even decades will finally be gone. it came to be known as the ghost will he of sue soon bay. you can attend the completion ceremony in vallejo at 10:00 this morning at the mayor island dry dock. well, it may not rise to the level of tiger woods in his heyday but a lot of bay area sports fans will keep close tabs today on a local golf pro. sfef curry, the warriors star, trying to keep up with the big
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bores boys. he is taking part in the classic going on at -- it is one step below the pga. if he makes the cut after two rounds today and tomorrow, he'll play through sunday. right now at 5:08 we are looking at some very humid conditions around the bay area and it's 71 degrees as you step out the door in the south bay. crazy that we are feeling such high humidity and such warm temperatures too. it's 62 degrees with some patchy fog in san francisco and the north bay right now at 59 degrees. looking at today's high temperatures, it will be reaching into the low 90s in san jose, up to 90 degrees, 99 in concord and antd antioch, morgan hill and livermore, reaching the mid-90s there and when you factor in the humidity it's going to be even more uncomfortable than yesterday. the tri-valley, mike staikz takes us through the drive this morning. >> that's right.
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stay in the car, maybe a dehumidifier for the house. tri-valley looks good, so does the south bay peninsula. we're seeing little blips of slowing, most of that due to crews finishing up the overnight road work. we still have just 18 minutes for the travel time upper east shorl freeway highway 4 to that berkeley curve and also mass transit not reporting any delays. no problems for the system but i'm tracking an early backup starting to form over at the toll plaza. we'll track it back over to you. northwest and new this morning our beloved bay area brewery has a new owner. the amount of money a buyer's spending for san francisco's anchor brewing. also it cleanup begin after a deadly school explosion in minnesota. we know more this morning about the people killed. and new that the hour, a
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scare to southern california fair. how long a bungee jumper spent stranded like that.
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it's 5:12 on this thursday morning as you wake up it feels really humid as we take a live look over san jose, still dark and mostly cloudy and the temperature trend for nearby los gatos will be at 76 degrees already at 9:00 in the morning. and then rising in the upper 80s with some high humidity, mostly
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cloudy skies. those clouds staying overhead throughout the day as we reach up to 94 degrees. we will still keep this mugginess throughout today and early tomorrow. we'll talk about when the drier air comes in and continues drop coming up in five minutes. and happening just a couple minutes ago, a crash at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. as you see those taillights moving smoothly a good volume getting through the scene. it looks like know injuries involved. new this morning, perhaps the bay area's best known beer maker has a new owner. sa pore row is buying avg ker steam. anchor brewery has been operating in san francisco for 121 years since 1896. anchor's also considered one of the ground breakers in the craft breer movement. a new way to grab clothes at one bay area airport and a new record for wall street. >> we have those stories and a
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look at this morning's headlines. good morning, contessa. >> reporter: good monk, lawyer are and scott. wall street could take a little bit of a breather today. just in the red slightly s&p in the markets as well. the milestone for the dow, the index closed about 20,172,000 for the first time. really powered here by apple's positive earnings report. now, it took only 107 trading days, or if you include the weekends and holidays 154 days for the dow to go from 21,000 to 22,000. and today investors will get several economic reports that might drive buying, including manufacturing, unemployment, and the services sector. the dow rose 52 points to 22, 016, the nasdaq slipped a fraction but it's in positive territory this morning. tesla stock could be on the move today. electric carmaker record reported a big quarterly loss
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last night but sales topped the forecast. tesla says orders for its older and more expensive calls cars, the model "s" and "x" are picking up even as customers wait for the new and cheaper model 3. however, tesla is burning through cash ramping up pro diks duks. verizon has launched a new rewards program called up and here's the real catch. rorltedly customers when they find out they're also enrolled in a personalized ad program that tracks a wide range of data including browsing habits and device location. verizon then turns around and shares that information with several companies, including o's. in a statement verizon says the program is voluntarily and you can opt out. you have to know that you're in it in order to opt out. >> that's a good point. >> that's kind of important. at 5:15 this morning, happening today investigators will be back at the minneapolis school where a gas explosion
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yesterday killed two people. it happened at the mini ha ha academy. students and teachers attending summer classes talked yesterday about running for their lives. >> as soon as they said hey we smell gas, we've got get out, that's when it exploded. we're learning a little more about the two people killed, one as a school receptionist who worked there for 17 years. the other was a part-time janitor. happening today, the massachusetts woman found guilty of using text megs ages to persuade her boyfriend to commit suicide, we'll learn her sentence. a jury found michelle carter was guilty of pressuring her boyfriend to kill himself back in 2014 when they were teenagers. she could get 20 years for her involuntary manslaughter conviction. just continue bieber is apologizing to his fans for abruptly canceling the rest of his world tour. he wrote a long, handwritten note to explain why. here's a look at that letter which he posted on instagram. says i'm very aware i'm never going to be perfect and i'm
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gonna keep making mistakes, but what i'm not gonna do is letmy past dictate my future. what i'm not gonna do is be ashamed of my mistakes. bieber cancelled his tour last month. i'm not gonna say that anymore. that's justin bieber though, know the me. 5:17 right now '. scientists are hailing a major milestone that may alter the foundations of medicine. >> they have successfully edited a gene in human embryos to repair a disease causing mutation. health sansd university say the work was done as an effort to correct a heart muscle disease that leads to death. those embryos were only permitted to grow for a few days, never meant for implantation. scientists erased the gene with a technology called crisper. >> we realize the tools have been developed well enough to be very precisely to direct it to make a cut in the gene. >> scientists say the process did not alter the gene's dna any
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other way other than the embrie yos became healthy. this critics fear this could pave the way for designer babies. more troubles for another county fair, this in ventura county. a man left happening on a bungee right 30 feet in the air. the 19-year-old was left hanging there for 30 minutes. turns out the bucket that holds the jumpers got stuck. two people had to be rescued from the bucket as well. anchtsd that's probably not a lot of people's bucket list now. i would say. >> i feel badly for the people in the bucket but worse for the person hanging upside down. >> a lot of blood rush to your head there. all right. a lot of humidity around everyone else. we're really going to have to stick it out for another 24 hours with this high humidity and then we'll have some drier air returning. not only do we have the humidity going on this morning, but also tracking a few isolated showers
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this morning like when does this happen in august? i went back through the records and it's been since like the '60s since we've had some measurable rain this earl fli august. just a little bit some of light showers possible around red wood city this morning, not sure if that's making it to the ground but what is make it to the ground is very warm and muggy conditions. 73 degrees now in livermore, fairfield 71 degrees, napa you're stepping out the door to 62 degrees and 66 no, i in palo alto. as we look at the south bay, san jose will reach up to 90 degrees today and medical pete tas up to 92 degrees, gilroy 97 degrees. as we head over towards the east bay walnut creek 97 degrees reading today and hayward 87. oakland 80 degrees, san mateo will be up to 85 degrees and the embarcadero reaching 73 degrees today. napa look for a high of 92 and
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in santa rosa 86 degrees. as you make plans, maybe you're going out to the assistant clara county fair today. that kicks off and it's going to be mostly cloudy but very warm and humid. our temperatures at 4:00 will be at 88 degrees and then by later this evening may feel a little bit better but still cloudy and temperatures in the lower 70s. and then as you make weekend plans, the fremont festival with the arts happening this weekend and nbc bay area will have a booth there so we have the details on our website. free admission from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and our temperatures will be nice and mild to start but then warming up as we go through the day. the seven-day forecast for san francisco shows some muggy conditions today, mostly cloudy skies and that humidity continues into the day tomorrow. still watching out for the potential of some isolated dry lightning and up to 98 degrees today, 95 tomorrow, and partly cloudy skies and then we'll bring back the drier air in time for the weekend. and mike's tracking that early backup at the bay bridge.
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exactly. we have a backup, we'll show that you in a second. we're showing the rest of the bay and over at the san mateo bay crossing we also watched a crash at the toll plaza. so tracking for updates but no additional details, no injuries and no backups there the. bay bridge we saw a lot of slowing just in the last ten minutes here down through the berkeley curve coming off of university avenue. so that's a slower drive. no incidents reported, there may have been a crew that cleared a little bit late over there. we'll show you the toll plaza itself with the live look we have. the cash lanes were back up they cleared a little bit and now we're starting to build as about 5:25, 5:27 that's when we see the metering lights turning 0 on. back out to normal. waze system over on the peninsula, easy drive from san francisco down to palo alto. see the purple line that's the shortest time right here over on your waze routes. comparing your routes later on  in the day as san mateo gets crowded there will be a little jog at 380 and take 280 for the rest of the way. that's interesting how things
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change here. watch it on your phone as approximately the don't sit there and watch it but check it from time to time. make sure you are join ns bay area wazers because we'll be out there all the time. back to you. we know more this morning about that investigation that had a san jose art studio shut down. plus a police shoot agent a pot farm is sparking debate about the intersection of religion and marijuana. our web tem is following even more headlines online about things you can read and share about the funniest word in english language. follow nbc bay area on twitter as well. new this morning - charges have
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been filed against two of four suspects at 5:25 on your thursday morning, new this morning charges have been filed against two of four suspects recently arrested in an australian terror plot. authorities last week conducted raids across sydney. they believed the plot involved bringing down a plane with a less detectable peroxide base explosive device. they are being charged were plan a, quote, islamic inspired terror plot. now to a follow-up for, you the pentagon says two u.s. service members did die in that attack on a nato convoy in afghanistan. we brought the story to you as breaking news yesterday. since then, the taliban has claimed responsibility. today, the u.s. national security council is set to meet. coming up at 7:00 the today show has an exclusive look at how
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president trump is reexamining america's role in the war in afghanistan. police are asking for more victims to come forward after a san jose art studio was closed. sap jose officers arrested 34-year-old nguyen. they say he installed a hidden camera in a restroom and tried to create child pornography if the they say it hamd at enlightenment studios in east san jose which he owns. it is an art and dance studio. it's now closed. new details on the shoot out involving deputies in yuba county. two deputies were shot and suffered minor injuries and they say they were responding to a disturbance at a marijuana farm and it's sparking debate about whether religious groups should be protectsed from drug prosecutions. happening today, a lego convention begins at the santa clara convention center it's called bricks by the bay and it runs through sunday.
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it's all about lego where fans can come together to learn, share, and play. >> don't step on them. >> oh my goodness, you're not kidding. 5:26 right now. next and all new this morning, causing more controversy, the trump team member whose joining the recall side for the judge in the brock turner sexual assault case. and all new in our next half hour, hyper loop with humans, the company trying to build the ultra fast bullet train did its first test with a real person. ad lib live picture
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a i have good thursday morning to you. quickly approaching 5:30. seconds away. taking a live look outside this morning. that's a nice shot. you know, it's pretty warm and humid out there this morning, just as kari hall warned us. we'll get to that in a moment. thanks for joining us i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. let's get a check of your weather. i checked miami today, it's supposed to be 90 degrees with 73% humidity, that's humid. >> and it feels very humid here too. it feels like miami when you step out the door. and look at how hot it's going to be, there you go, 90 degrees in san jose. we'll be in the upper 90s in gilroy and if you can get this there will be high humidity, mostly cloudy skies and temperatures still getting this hot so it will not at all feel like the bay area reaching into the upper 90s in antioch for the peninsula san carlos at 87
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degrees, 73 degrees on the emba embarcadero and we have some isolated showers and possibly thunderstorms firing up today. i'll keep an eye on that. mike, you're seeing what a difference ten minutes makes. look behind me we've filled in most of the lanes here in the cash lane. fast track is just starting to fill soup we should have those metering lights turn on or turned on in the last couple of minutes. there you go. so just ten minutes and we've seen all these lanes start to fill up very quickly. we'll show you the traffic come willing off the east shore freeway. on the maps you see slowing down from university aurl wait to the berkeley curve. it's smoothed out quite a bit. over here these are the areas where grizzly peak is affected by that oakland fire. update for you in a couple of seconds. but the rest of your commute we're showing a lot of slowing right here, southbound 280 coming down to 85 i think it's a road crew but i will check on that and give the update. back to you. a developing story in the oakland hills, mike just mention today there and just a few hours we're hoping to get an update on
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the fire there that prompted evacuations. it brought back a lot of memories for some of us that were here for the destructive oakland hills fire that happened back in 1991. >> pete suratos is live in berkley. what's it look like this morning, pete? >> reporter: good morning to you scott and laura. we're still here at grizzly peak boulevard andersen ten yell drive. that area remains closed as crews continue to monitor hot spots following that fire in the oakland hills. there's going to be an immediate briefing in a few hours so that vood going to remain closed. we know that 20 ache soerz far have been burned when it comes to what they're calling the grizzly fire and it's currently at 20% containment and it's holding the that the number. i want to point out the fire started easter of here along grizzly peak boulevard and fish ranch road. now the five-alarm brush fire is affecting a piece of land shared by two areas split up between oakland hills and the berkley hill, specifically the lawrence berkeley national laboratory. firefighters from oakland,
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berkeley as well as east bay regional park had to work together to help contain this fire. no structures, threat and there weren't any mandatory evacuations. but residents in or rained will told to stay in their homes as a precaution and students were escorted out of clags as pg&e dut fire off as the fire burned towards transmission lines. now it appears they vap good hold on this fire but we've spoke with folks who haven't seen a blaze this big since the oakland hills fire of nine 91, the fire that burned 1300 acres and resulted in the death of 25 people. >> wind appears to be onshore so it's blowing into the southern park, not toward the city. if the wind changes, all bets are off. >> reporter: now, the cause of the fire still unknown but we zart to get more details or information on a potential cause during that media briefing at 8:00 a.m. we're live in berkeley, pete
5:34 am
suratos for today in the bay. thanks for the very latest there, pete. in the meantime we keep checking on this back here in the bay area speaking of the millennium tower isn't the only problem as our investigative unit could also now be considered a fire hazard. today fire inspectors are inspect expected to check that building ow. last month nbc bay area investigative reporter showed us a report alleging unsealed gaps around piping between the building's 30th and 31st floor. a retired san francisco fire captain told us the gaps could allow smoke and flames to spread from one floor to another. fire safety is on the many people's minds after that 20-story apartment complex in london caught fire and left 12 people dead. you can watch our full investigative report surrounding the millennium you to on that report shows us what it looks like behind the walls of one woman's luxury unit.
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5:34 on your thursday morning. authorities so far not naming the suspect who police shot and killed following a high-speed chase yesterday in the east bay. we brought you this as live, breaking coverage yesterday afternoon. the chase ended in gunfire a little after 5:00 on the richmond parkway. started as an attempted traffic stop in vallejo. richmond police say officers tried to pull the car over because it was tied to a recent armed robbery in he willer is reet toe. >> the officers from vallejo police department picked up the car and tried to stop the vehicle. the driver refused to stop and the pursuit started. >> police say the driver grot out of the car holding a machete and officers fired when he refused to drop it. at this point, police will say he's a 45-year-old man from venetia but little more. authorities in the east bay are hope a new suspect's sketch can help track down a man who used a flare gun to attack a
5:36 am
driver in concord. it happened back in june on willow pass road near the 680 off ramp. they say the man was on his bicycle when he got into some sort of altercation way driver and that's when he discharged a flare gun in the driver's face. that driver suffered serious injuries. police recovered the attacker's bicycle at the scene. 5:36. live pictures in los gatos of the los gatos cafe. why are we showing that you? >> because we want an only let. >> that's right. breakfast will being searched at the popular diner. it was closed after being damaged by an suv over the weekend. this is taken of the crash. they say faulty brakes led to this crash which happened early sunday at the cav leigh fe long before the diner opened. nbc bay area spoke to the owner who said the repairs are done, the doors should open on time this morning. it opens at 6:00. hyper loop one say los angeles tech start-up in this latest test, the pod traveled
5:37 am
three times faster than the previous test. elon musk is also interested in this technology. he wants to be build a hyper loop connection between l.a. and san francisco and d.c. and new york. >> mike's interested because he wants to ride in it. >> i do but first i want to find out a little bit more, not about the acceleration but about the braking. >> all right. no brake lights right now, in fact we're seeing the slower drives registering on our sensors clear from that 280 and 85 section. no problems reported so it may just be a slowing moving vehicle. over here we have some slowing approaching the san mateo toll plaza. a crash still in between lane two and tloo so stay to your outer lane. no major injuries, but there are complaints of pain. we're looking over here toward the east bay as well and no delays for this travel time, look at that. a smooth drive. i'm sorry, changed from 238 north bound a little more traffic, a little bit of slowing and a quick leake look at the
5:38 am
north bay san rafael southbound 101 no problems right here. do you have a commute going well. a lot of humidity it out there. >> so will this last through the weekend too? >> no, no, we're going to get this out of here real fast in time for the weekend. it's thursday eve, we're thinking about -- or friday eve, it's thursday, right. >> come on, kafrry. >> which day is it? >> it's friday eve and we are looking forward to some lower humidity this weekend. looking at saturday's forecast, 92 degrees for the valleys, 73 degrees for the bay and the high will be at 60 by the coast. on sunday expect more of the same from some 60s by the bay and then some low 90s inland. if you are making plans for the weekend, how about checking out this. the world dog surfing championship. this is happening this weekend in pacifica. looks like it will be such a cute event. we have the details on this on the there will be some fog and low clouds during the morning temperatures and the low 60s and
5:39 am
a lil little bit of clearing as we head through the 11:00 to 12:00 hour. and also for the 49ers we'll have open practice this saturday, just $5, there will be free food and you'll be able to check out some events to play for the kids. the kids will have some events there as well. now, we're looking at temperatures that will start out in the upper 70s reaching into the mid-80s later on during the day and mostly sunny skies into the lower humidity. if you're making plans to head to napa valley this weekend it will be in the upper 80s, still very warm with some mostly sunny skies. this is a live look outside in the sierra at squall valley a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast between saturday and sunday, high temperatures reaching into the mid-70s. and going hiking in muir woods this weekend will bring those temperatures back down in the upper 60s. starting out tomorrow 70 degrees on saturday, and 69 degrees on sunday. and also the seven-day forecast
5:40 am
because in san francisco we'll see those high temperatures in the upper 60s for saturday, 66 degrees on sunday while the inland areas will be in the low 90s. i'll bring it back home and have another look at the san jose forecast as temperature trend for today including that humidity that's in about three minutes. >> all right put mentioned the 49ers kind of having that kickoff this weekend for the kids. the nfl preseason officially kicks off tonight as well, the dallas cowboys play arizona cardinals in canton, ohio. this is the annual hall of fame game. coverage begins at 5:00 right here on nbc bay area. it's 5:40. still ahead, stuck at the golden gate. more images of that rv trapped at the toll booth. there's new studies out urging people to wear see the seatbelts. some people still think it's safe to ride in the backseat while unbuckled.
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it's 5:43. we wake up to some high humidity and mostly cloudy skies as we take a live look outside at san jose. 7:00 we'll be at 70 degrees and it stays cloudy through the day and i have humid with the heat index being an issue as we reach 90 degrees. we'll talk about the chance of dry lightning and when this humidity clears out. that's coming up in five minutes. and over here on the drive we'll haven't checked these travel times for a while but they're standard. we'll see what's going on in the south bay coming up.
5:44 am
now to our continuing coverage of the political and economic crisis in venezuela. this morning, president nicolas maduro is denying charges that turnout figures from sunday's elections were manipulated. the election gave the president power to create an assembly to rewrite the country's constitution. maduro is being accused by the international software firm that operated the elections of falsifying the number of people who voted. the company says around 7 million people voted. maduro says 10 million people voted. live look at the golden gate bridge this morning, we've been telling you about plans to redesign the 80-year-old toll plaza which is full speed ahead and might be a good thing. check out what happened there yesterday when an rv crashed into a toll booth and the two people inside were trapped. the only door to the vehicle was ripped off and the rv was wedged right moo that booth you see there. no one was seriously hurt and
5:45 am
the people were rescued in less than an hour. >> it's 5:44. we have live pictures as well from highway 101 in palo alto. more than half of the people who die each here in highway crashes while sitting in the backseat are not wearing seatbelts. and new this morning a dramatic demonstration of just how dangerous this can be. new crash video, look at that dummy right here. insurance institute for highway safety, watch as the unbuckled dummy crashes into the front seat during the impact. it's violent. the car was only going 35 miles an hour. experts say this is dangerous for everybody in the car. >> when you don't buck he will up in the backseat, it puts not only yourself at risk but it also puts other people at risk. >> a survey of about 1200 people found many riders don't buckle up in the backseat because they feel safer back there. quarter to 6:00 right now and happening today oakland leaders breaking down they're big summer blitz that recently finished on step streets. it's actually called the oakland
5:46 am
pothole blitz and it is the annual ritual of repairing roads. leaders will go over what they're calling record-breaking results. 5:46. president trump pulled the u.s. out of the paris climate deal but the bay area quality management is standing behind that agreement. the group regulates air pollution from industries and businesses in all nine bay area counties the the board of directors unanimously voted to pass a resolution to support the paris climate agreement yesterday. that means our region will join more than 150 states and other nations in reducing greenhouse gases. 5:46. happening today caltrain board members will go over the agency's planned fare hikes. standard fares are expected to increase 25 cents per zone. other changes include eliminating the discounted eight-ride ticket and raising rates for the annual go pass which offers unlimited rides.
5:47 am
caltrain has held numerous public meetings on the hikes, some of which are supposed to take effect on october 1st. america's egg producers have bounced back from an of ian flu outbreak. a couple years ago it killed millions of birds. prices have come back to earth on eggs. ranchers feeling the most pressure are the ones who provide cage-free eggs which have higher overhead. >> we've had to reduce our over inventory. we should get a certain price and we're having to disdown the below my production costs just to get it out the door. >> those chickens clucking their disapproval over low prices. it may be a game of chicken for ranchers. consumers are coming out ahead. the pricech eggs sitting at a ten-year low. a photographer who was pret fied of chickens. it was very funny. >> did you see all those chickens? >> that's a good point. >> i'm looking forward hearing
5:48 am
more on that story later. as you step out the door this morning, it feels so humid i got out of the car and said hey, i'm back in kentucky. no, not this morning. and it is very humid. look at these temperatures now. low 70s. it is 71 degrees in the south bay and the peninsula. muggy in the tri-valley. and we also have these clouds rolling by so that kept the temperatures from falling. it's humid in the north bay. 59 degrees we do have some areas feeling cooler temperatures, 62 degrees right now with patchy fog in san francisco. also tracking some rain. now this has mostly stayed offshore but i wouldn't rule out the potential of a few isolated showers moving through the bay area. as you get a look now at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen we will have some cooler and drier air in the forecast as well. as we get a live look outside right now in san jose you're getting dressed and starting out the day it's going to be a bad hair day throw on a hat and go. and also a great day for some
5:49 am
sandals to help keep you nice and cool and try to stay comfortable too. as we look at these high temperatures it will feel very uncomfortable today. up to 90 degrees in san jose. east san jose 94 degrees and gilroy head be up to 97 degrees. east bay reaching 99 in antioch and concord. and fremont 92 degrees. half moon bay keeps at that time 66 degrees while palo alto will be at 88 degrees and 70 three on the embarcadero the marine april distinct that's 63. 83 in mill valley and mountain 3 in know vaft vat toe. you can see the wide flange temperatures and that's why we do have these sporadic heat advisories in effect for all these areas shaded in orange it's hit and miss but mainly the higher elevations. but not too bad at at&t park today. it will be in the upper 60 as you're on your way to the game and this is the last game we'll see if the a's pull out another win but 64 degrees at first pitch. mostly cloudy throughout the
5:50 am
evening. we will have lower humidity coming back on saturday. it will be muggy tomorrow but slightly less humid and then for the next several days we'll bring you back those 60s while the inland areas will still be above normal reaching into the low 90s. early next week upper 80s in the forecast. mike starts us out with the traffic and slowing in the south bay. we had this burst of traffic that hits highway 101 northbound pretty typical pattern. you see the short section of the bay shore freeway approaching story all the way up past our camera and then easing up by the time you get to local land road. 101 on the peninsula, i believe was some pick up paving there and then a crash somewhere along the boulevard. we're waiting to get a little more detail this is slow from the san mateo bridge heading north. bet together bay bridge is the not problem but they do have that crash in the midst toll
5:51 am
lanes over there at the toll plaza. let's look at the waze system. minor injuries reported but it's causing more' an issue asimov traffic heads over there and in fact we have your rankings a, b, c for your speeds but actually it's b and then "a" street that are faster to get there than the katz castro valley. those are your travel times on the side. you can compare these routes right now, compare your choices as well on your waze system when you get on to your phone. join nbc nbc bay area wazers. here's how you collect the team. go to profile and click on teams and specifically select the one with our logo. back to you. 5:51 rient now. coming up more than just protecting and serving the way california deputies are helping one family find a home. but first happening now a huge garbage patch discovered in the south pacific. scientists say could be bigger than the state of texas at 1 million square kilometers. virntalists say the plastics hard to clean up bauds of the
5:52 am
size. apple investing in the u.s. it owns $52 billion worth of u.s. treasury that ranks among the top 25 holders of u.s. treasurers. we're back in two minutes with more news. taking a live look outside from
5:53 am
5:54 am
our dublin camera this morning-- where it will be at 5:54 welcome whack to you on this thursday morning. take a live look outside from
5:55 am
our dublin camera where it will be slightly cooler than yesterday, temperatures still in the upper 90s in some inland areas but we'll see slowing down heading into the weekend. meteorologist kari hall as a look at the full forecast in just five minutes. happening today, pushing for more affordable housing in san francisco, city leaders and bay area lawmakers meeting to talk about a proposal for balboa park. the balboa park upper yard project would take a two-acre parking lot and turn it into 100 units of affordable housing for low-income families. that's located across from the balboa park station. they will hold a news conference at 10:30 this morning encouraging state lawmakers to passes affordable housing legislation which would speed up construction on that project. ten nights in a condemned building in downtown modesto will get help moving out. they found mold, standing water and other health hazards. the modesto city council voted
5:56 am
last night to use taxpayer dollars to help tenants relocate. the city first asked the owners of the building to pay the 60,000 tods help tenants find new housing but in that doesn't happen within 10 days, the city will step in and help fund that process. >> these are people that are really down on their luck and they were being taken advantage of by paying rent for this kind of building. >> the owners of the building are being fined another $60,000 for not making upgrades after an inspection earlier this year. happening today, the fremont man accused of trying to blackmail his former roommates after allegedly recording them having sex is due back in court possibly to enter a plea. police say the 32-year-old man and his wife used to live in an apartment with another couple. the couple moved out and started receiving e-mails. they say there was a video of them having sex. they were told to pay $5,000 or they say the video would be posted on facebook. police eventually praise traced
5:57 am
those e-mails back to him and they say he confessed to recording the video. 5:56. happening today you may notice a lot of emergency vehicles and first responders in danville. do not worry, it is just a drill. danville will hold its annual active shooter emergency training drill, that will be today at rock church on camino tasia har ra. now, law enforcement will be out for the drill and no live ammunition is going to be used. it will run from 8:00 until noon and you're asked to avoid that area during that time. also happening today strans city leaders are celebrating the loss of the free city college program. san francisco residents are invited to apply for a free city program to sprait celebrate during a lunchtime victory party. runs from noon to 1:00 at civic center campus. you'll remember back in november voters passed a tax or luxury property salsz to make city college free. the fall smefter starts august
5:58 am
nine teeth. new this morning a historic fwlaj has been closed off to the public for years will soon reopen. the bridgeport covered bridge crosses the river just outside of yuba city. it dauts back to the gold rush built in 1862 as a toll bridge. it's one of the longest wooden bridges in the world but it's been closed since 2011 because of safety concerns. funds to fix it were actually hard to come by, but now the bridge is getting that $4 million for restoration thanks to governor jerry brown. members of the save our bridge campaign say it's a california treasure. >> it's a special place. when you go to a cathedral in europe have you that feeling of history, it's the same thing when you go across this bridge. >> the bridge will reopen to visitors in may of 2019 and it will be free to cross. construction will start early next year. new this morning in northern california getting a fresh start after living on the street for more than a year all because of
5:59 am
sacramento county sheriff's department. they tried to step in to find them housing. >> jane anthony and their son have been homeless for the past 16 months but they're getting a new home today thanks to a chance encounter. they were pan handling over memorial day weekend, that's technically a crime. sacramento deputies approached the family but instead of getting them into trouble they told pel them about a new out reach program designed to help homelessness. >> our guys are in the field every day of how they can connect people to services and bring folks in out of their situation and put them into a better situation. >> deputies put the family in a motel while searching for a permanent situation. now the family is moving into a supportive apartment community where more than half of those residents came from homeless outreach. in sacramento sheriff's department says it's one of six agencies in the country awarded $700,000 grant to fund that program over the next three years. >> nice to see. right now it's 6:00 the
6:00 am
south bay is at the center of the brock turner sexual assault case is making headlines once again. new consultant the judge hired and how that consultant is tied to president trump. plus immigration overhaul, the controversial plan president trump is backing this morning that would change the country's immigration system. and back in business, the popular south bay cafe that was damaged in a car crash over the weekend is open once again this morning. put your orders in, we're live at the scene as the first customers head inside. today in the bay continues right now. let me tell you, you have an om let there you're full all day, i've been there if the thanks for joining you us aim laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm skolt mcgrew in for sam brock. kari. it's starting out warm and humid too if you can believe it as we're looking at some of those temperatures around the bay area this morning starting out in the 70s and it just feels really muggy all thanks to the surge answer o


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