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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the brock turner sexual assault case is making headlines once again. new consultant the judge hired and how that consultant is tied to president trump. plus immigration overhaul, the controversial plan president trump is backing this morning that would change the country's immigration system. and back in business, the popular south bay cafe that was damaged in a car crash over the weekend is open once again this morning. put your orders in, we're live at the scene as the first customers head inside. today in the bay continues right now. let me tell you, you have an om let there you're full all day, i've been there if the thanks for joining you us aim laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm skolt mcgrew in for sam brock. kari. it's starting out warm and humid too if you can believe it as we're looking at some of those temperatures around the bay area this morning starting out in the 70s and it just feels really muggy all thanks to the surge answer of monsoonal
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moisture. as we take a live look outside in fremont already busy with cloudy skies. and look at these high temperatures today, it's going to be very hot and then you throw in the humidity, the heat index willing an issue. that makes it feel warmer because of the high humidity. we'll be in the upper 90s in antioch, san francisco 75 and san jose 90 degrees. we'll talk about what's ahead with more clouds and high humidity today but mike takes us out there on the rude waoadwaysa few spots slowing down. we have a south bay with our typical pattern here and the tri-valley moves well. we're looking at either side of the san mateo bridge. over here approaching the toll plaza we're already hitting the brakes about dust yalg and slowing now coming off of the building traffic flow for the nim meth. crash reported in your two lanes there at the toll plaza, miner injuries but they're having trouble getting those cars cleared from the area. meanwhile one source for the slowing 101 peninsula avenue
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have the left lanes blocked. they may have cleared because i see good recovery over the last three minutes and southbound 101 there's some late paving work going on there and that will an issue for some folks as well. meanwhile the rest of the bay does move smoothly. getting to the bay bridges no problem. new this morning the judge at the center of that controversial brock turner sexual assault case is making headlines once again, this time because of who he hired to help him he's gets ready to face a recall vote this fall. today in the bay's bob redell is live outside the santa clara superior court this morning to explain how that new hire is tied to the president. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. the associated press is reporting that judge aaron persky who works out of this courthouse hind me in palo alto has paid a man niemd brian site chick $30,000 to help him fight the recall effort that's designed to ref move judge persky from the bench. he's a political consultant who
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runs a company out of phoenix who also ran president trump's election campaign in arizona. there's a push to recall him after he sentenced a swimmer named brock turner to six months in jail for sexual assault. it was a sentence that was recommended by the santa clara probation department. it was also a sentence that many people protested thinking it was too lenient. he ended up serving only three months, was release and now must be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life. a standard low professor is friends with turner's victim is leading the campaign to get enough signatures to put the persky recall on the june ballot. according to the california secretary of state that recall effort has raised about $444,000 to the month of june. compare that to judge persky's defense he's raised less than a third as much. the ap reports many california judges and lawyers have donated to persky's defense.
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we told the ap that it's not surprising that persky engaged the trump campaign to defend his terrible record on sexual assault and violence against women. it's and is it's time get persky off the benchch. they did not respond to comment to the associated press. reporting live here in palo alto. it's 6:04 and we'ric taking you live to los gatos this morning where breakfast once again is being served adds a popular restaurant. this is a live look at the lass los gatos cafe it opened just a few minutes ago at 6:00 a.m. it was temporary closed after it was damaged by an suv. they say faulty brakes led up to that crash which happened sunday long before the diner open and luckily. there's going to be a line out there that door. nbc bay area said they were able to make repairs quickly in order to reopen this morning. 6:04 on your thursday morning. and new this morning within the last couple of hours all lanes of eastbound highway 4 in antioch have reopened, this after a dump truck crash last
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night that brought up the has mat teams. it happened a little after 9:00 a dump truck carrying gravel fell on its side near lone tree way. two farms will be filing a lawsuit against the state's water department and it stems from the failure of the oroville dam spillway earlier this year. the lawsuit alleges officials knew about structural failures and did nothing about it. attorneys for the farm say their investigation shows the water department acted recklessly and put hundreds of thousands of people in danger. the main spillway of the dam was severely damaged during the winter storm and when the backup spillway was put in use it almost collapsed. farmers say the emergency release of water from the lake also impacted their farming operation. continuing coverage of that vent close call at sfo involving an air canada plane, new dramatic images show just how close that plane dime several jets on the taxi way. the atsp released this image
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yesterday. it was taken from a surveillance camera. investigators now say the plane's lowest altitude was just 60 feet off the ground which is almost as tall as the planes underneath it. the air knd blaen was trying to land on a taxiway where four passenger jets were waiting to take you've. the aviation expert believes the evidence increasingly points to pilot error. >> the backups of the backups eventually kicked in, but you shouldn't have to good that far down the check tloift get to the that point. >> if there had been a crash it would have been the worse in the history. we've learned the pilots on the ground turned their landing lights on to try to warn that incoming plane to abort its landing, which it did. should california's high speed rail project follow the state's strict environmental law in the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco says it doesn't know. the judges are saying the court does not have the authority to make that ruling. so the case is still ongoing.
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now, the backstory, in 2014 a federal transportation board ruled the fro ject does not have the to follow california law. a few days ago the state supreme court ruled state law should be followed. 6:07 right now. i want to take tlooif washington, d.c. this morning where president trump is backing a controversial plan to overhaul america's immigration system. today in the bay's tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning to explain to us how this new plan would work. good morning, tracey. >> hi, laura, good morning. the president says it needs to be more competitive trying to get into the u.s. legally, so he's back a plan that a couple of republican senators have been working on for months. >> here to stay. >> with demonstrators outside his front door. >> we're hoping that he listens. >> president trump is support a plan by two republicans to change how immigrants enter the u.s. >> to favor applicants who can
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speak english, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy. >> the merit-based proposal by senators tom cotton and david purdue gives preference to english speaking immigrants with education, job offers, high-tech skills squeezing out millions of low-wage workers and it slashes available green cards by half. >> this immigration proposal is not going to go anywhere because it really would devastate the economy. >> critics say it will backfire draining the labor pool, driving employers to use illegal imzblants we think it's a nonstarter. >> that's still in the works. but the president has reluctantly signed off on sanctions for iran, north korea, and russia. >> he also sent a clear signal that we won't tolerate interference in our democratic process by russia. >> but in a statement the president trump called the sanctions he approved significantly flawed, even unconstitutional. >> it may be signaling that the
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president doesn't plan to enforce sanctions. >> a soft play against russia, a much bolder one at the border. >> reporter: and in fact this morning the president is tweeting about russia saying that our relationship with that country is at an all-time and very dangerous low and he's blaming congress for that. scott, laura. >> one to continue to watch. thank you. on a lighter bit of news, it may not rise to the level of tiger woods in his heyday but a lot of sports fans will be keeping close tabs today starting today on a local pro golf tournament that's because warrior star steph curry trying to keep up with the big boys. he's taking part in the ellie may classic going on at tbc stone bray in hayward. it's part of the tour, that's one step below pga. if he makes the cut after two rounds today and tomorrow, he'll go ton play through sunday. 6:09 right now with some
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cloudy skies and high humidity across the bay area. right now as we take a live look outside in tiburon it's 62 degrees downtown san jose in the lower 70s and stays cloudy through the day all because of this a surge in monsoonal moisture brings showers just offshore but we'll be watching for that chance in the bay area today. i'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike has better news for the san mateo bridge. all lanes have just been cleaned, chp confirmed that. we're look at an easy drive around the bay but this was a travel spot. hitting the brakes just getting off of 880, quick recover friday red to orange and again all lanes at the toll plaza have cleared for west 902. that crash is over on the shoulder. recovery also for northbound 101 toward peninsula but paving work still going on through millbrae. i'll talk about that coming up. back to you. it is 6:10. coming up next on today in the bay a change of ownership for san francisco iconic anchor brewing company. major international company that's buying the brewery.
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plus. >> cheers and applause break out after a moment at a fair. the reason three people had to be rescued from a bungee ride. you're watching "today in the bay".
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some sunshine today but high humidity and hot temperatures again today as we take a live look outside in san jose. and the temperature trend for nearby evergreen will be at 80 degrees at 10:00 this morning. reaching in the low 90s today and the heat index will make it feel even hotter thanks to that surge in humidity. i'll talk about some drier air ahead and what to expect this weekend as you make plans. that's coming up in five minutes. and we're looking alt these travel times and actually the top one should be a little slower than that. we're tracking work going on in the millbrae area. we'll show you the effect that it's showing for our zriefrz on weighs's as well. more troubles this morning at a fair, this one in california. >> this happened in ventura county. a man was left hanging on a bungee ride 30 feet into the air last night. onlookers cheered as rescuers reached him. the 19-year-old was hanging there for 20 minutes.
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eventually a ladder was used to get him down. turns out the bucket that holds the jumpers got stuck as well and then two people had to be rescued from the bucket. 6:15. happening today, investigators will be back at the minneapolis school where a gas explosion killed twol people. four victims remain in the hospital this morning. students and teachers attending summer classes talked yesterday about running for their lives. >> as soon as they said we smell gas, we got to get out there's when this exploded. >> we're learning more about the two people killed, one as a school receptionist who had worked there for 17 years. the other a part-time janitor. also happening today, the last remaining retired military ships will be dragged out of sue sun bay. that means all 57 vessels that have been there for years will finally be gone. they became known as the ghost ship or ghost fleet of sue sun
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bay. you can attend a ceremony in morning at the mayor island dry dock. now this morning perhaps the bay area's best known beer maker has a new owner. japan's sapporo is buying avger steam. terms of the deal has not been reported but anchor brewery has been operating in san francisco for 121 years since 1896. anchor is also considered one of the ground break nertz craft beer movement. business in tech news now. there's a new way to grab clothes at one bay area airport, plus a new record for wall street. for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell let's check in with contessa live at world cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: hi, lawyer are and skat scott. wall street may take a bit 5i6 breather with margins in positive territory after hitting that big milestone for the dow the index closed about 22,000 for the first time. really powered here by apple's positive earnings report. now, it just took 107 trading
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days, about 154 days if you include weekends and holidays for that dow to good from 21,000 to 22,000. investors will get several economic reports this morning looking at manufacturing, ploimt unemployment and the services sector. the nasdaq slipped a fraction t! 6362. tesla's stock could be on the move today. the check electric carmaker reported a big quarterly loss last night but sales topped wall street he's forecast. tesla says orders for its older and more expensive cars, the model slkt and "x" are picking up as customers wait for the new and cheaper model 3. however, tesla's burning through cash ramping up production. you know r you can buy just about anything from a vending machine these days and now clothing retailer una glow is the late toast join this party. it's installed ten vending machines in airports and malls around the country including at oakland international.
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there you can pick up heat resistant shirts or lightweight down jacket kind of going for both weather extremes here. their in boxes an cans in a variety of sizes and colors. if you try it on at the airport and don't like thank you can't return it to the vending machine view to go back to a una glow store or send it through the more. still add convenience and you don't have to have correct change. how about that. >> coat in a cab, all right. thank you. it's 6:18. nearly half of americans in serious relationships argue over finances. that's a finding the new study on money and relationships by cash lor the study found that most people who confess to barring money many their relationship said the issue was overspending. 60% said either one person is spending too much or one person is being too frugal. did i tell you that story. >> what. >> folks just wanted you to pay cash lor ret.
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>> that's a tough run, you nailed it. not hard to figure out what's going to happen. you step outside today and your hairs go whoosh. today it's really bad. it's a bad hair day for us all and as we take a live look outside in palo alto it is starting out with a few clouds overhead but you really feel the thickness in the air. and our temperatures still heating up with mostly cloudy skies with 73 degrees at 10:00 and by lunchtime it will be 77  degrees. not much sunshine today and reaching into the upper 80s by this afternoon. as we start out this morning, you're heading out the door, it's 72 degrees. it was still 80 degrees in my house this morning so you're probably really struggling to stay cool. in local land it's 64 degrees there and also in san francisco a very muggy start with high temperatures in the south county reaching up to 907 degrees, cupertino will be up to 91 degrees and 99 degrees in concord, danville 98 degrees and
6:20 am
oakland 80 degrees today. you can see in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen we will have some cooler temperatures farther down the line. we're looking at mid-70s today in san francisco and the north bay in santa rosa up to 86 degrees. if you're planning to head out to the santa clara county fair, that kicks off today. it's going to be very warm and muggy too. we're up to 88 degrees at 4:00 and later on this evening we won't get much sunshine today and it will start to feel a little bit better but definitely some cooler air out at at&t park watching them see if the they can pull off one more win. it will be in the mid-60s and dropping back no the lower 60s today and if you're planning to head out golfing in the tri-valley probably not your day. it's going to be in the mid-90s and with that humidity you'll be running to the clubhouse. we're going to have temperatures into the 60s heading to the weekend in san francisco and still watching for a chance of isolated dry lightning strikes that will be possible today and early tomorrow and i'll have
6:21 am
more updates on that. mike takes us out there on the roads with what we're seeing right now for the commute. that's right. we're showing a slower drive in a couple of key spots. the one over here southbound 101 and millbrae because of the earlier -- the late work that was going on for the k rail repair. what was going on, k rail repair work was schedule to clear up by 5:00 it's still there. this is a late slower drive. lets me take out to waze system and if you're coming from san francisco and down toward palo alto look at the purple right, jog over to avoid the backup. even the green route smoez that you el camino night be a good route. those are options four. option four as well check waids waids with your team ns bay area wazers. join our team we share that information, get you the best route and more details by sharing it with your teammates nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 6:21. coming up next a major medical break through. the promming new research that could one day protect babies
6:22 am
from hereditary issues. >> but first nbc bay area responds attacks several places involving tickets. we have a savvy piece of advice for concert goers to assure you're not refused entry. >> you just got the hottest ticket in town and you wanted to share it with the world with a picture posted on social media. don't. thieves troll the internet looking for exposed barcodes. they rip them off, create counterfeit tickets and steal your seats. if you insist on a selfie, at least cover the barcode. >> if you have a consumer complaint or concern for our  response team, call them. number 1-888-996-tips. >> speaking of tickets, football season upon us with the preseason tonight. and this weekend we can watch the team get ready follow me at
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skat mcgrew on twitter for a link to those details. you're watching today in the bay. skat mcgrew on twitter for link to those details. you're watching today in the bay. cskat mcgrew on twitter for link to those details. you're watching today in the bay. oskat mcgrew on twitter for link to those details. you're watching today in the bay. tskat mcgrew on twitter fora link to those details. you're watching today in the bay. tskat mcgrew on twitter for a link to those details. you're watching today in the bay. mcgrew on twitter for a link to those details. you're watching today in the bay. scientists are hailing a major
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6:25 am
milestone - that may even one day alter the very foundations of medicine. scientists hailing a major milestone that may one day alter the very foundations of medicine. . >> they have successfully edited a gene in a hum moon embryo to repair a disease-causing
6:26 am
mutation. they say their work was done as an effort to correct a heart muscle disease that leads to sudden death. now something to know, those embryos were only permitted to grow for a few days and never meant for implantation. scientists erased the gene with a technology called crisper. >> we can realize some of the gino tools that have been developed well enough to be able to be very precisely to direct it to make a cut in the gene. >> that technology in part invecht vented right at cal berkeley. scientists say the process did not alter the gene's dna in other ways and that the embryos were otherwise healthy. some critics fear this kind of science could pave the way for designer babies. new this morning some disturbing facts about your kitchen's sponge. they found sponges in the mike baef or boiling them in water does not get rid of bacteria lurking on the surface. in fact, regularly clean sponges
6:27 am
were no cleaner than those that were never disinfected. there's a simple solution. they suggest replacing your sponge on a weekly basis. coming up next on today in the bay, there's traffic between the south bay and east bay, the potential solutions bay area leaders are looking at to reduce congestion as more people move into our area. as fire crews work to contain the grizzly fire in the oakland hills, i'll have the latest on progress being made by firefighters and where things stand this morning. you're watching today in the bay. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town.
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we )re getting ready for a slightly cooler day across the bay area-- although it wl right now 6:30, we are getting ready for a slightly cooler day across the bay area. although it will still be pretty hot in some spots. you'll feel the mugginess in the air. take a live look outside over looking downtown san jose. good morning to you thanks so much for joining us i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. you said slightly cooler, i want to hear how slightly cooler there, kari. >> okay. but the temperatures will be lower but it won't feel any better. and the humidity is going to be really high so that is really kind of anegating that slightly cooler thing. mostly cloudy skies morgan hill. you're stepping out the door, seeing all the clouds and feel the warmer temperatures. you can believe some of us are starting out in the 70s this morning and this is where we're head are red, in the ummer 90s for antioch. concord 99 degrees, 96 in morgan
6:31 am
hill. wouldn't call that cooler. in san jose 90 degrees and 75 in san francisco. we will talk about when we will actually have some cooler temperatures coming up in a few minutes. mike takes us on the roadway. >> just off the dumbarton bridge, this is something that you're not going to like. the rest of the bay is moving sloe smoothly but this is a problem for westbound 84 off the dumbarton bridge. dit distracted by a crash eastbound 84 moorkd right here at university. as folks now coming out of palo alto and then getting over toward the dumbarton bridge that's where there's a crash 1r0678 a motorcycle reported. i'm checking on jurnz, but this will be quite a spectacle and you see how much slowing it is now going all the way starting before you get over toward the palo alto park side and extending past facebook for all this activity. the rest of your bay moves way, 101 and 85 sleeg for your northbound push. back to you. 6:thifrt 1 right now.
6:32 am
developing this morning, firefighters are still monitoring hot spots after a fire brokeout in the oakland hills. in just about an hour and a half firefighters are expected to hold a briefing about the fire. we'll get an update. today in the bay's pete suratos live in berkley with the progress the firefighters made overnight. it's been a tough one for them to fight, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you. definitely tough for them to fight and that media grieving is going to take place in a little over an hour. but what we can report is right behind me grizzly peak boulevard andersen tenial drive, this is on the berkeley side of the fire and the crews continue to monitor hot spots. with you have uc berkeley police blocking off that road. here's the latest information on this grizzly peak is what it's being called. we know that 20 acres have been burned and that number is holding at this point and it's currently at 20% contain meant. the fire start the just east of this area on grizzly peak blfrd and fish ranch road about five miles affiliate from where we're
6:33 am
standing. the five-alarm brush fire is shared by a piece of land between two areas, the lawrence burke will he national oakland hilles the so you have firefighters working together to put out this fire. i want to mention that no structures, threatnd and there also weren't any mandatory evacuation because residents in orinda yesterday were told to stay in their homes as a precaution and students at cal were actually escorted out of clats as pg&e cut power off as the fire burned towards power lines. while it appears they have a good hold hold on this brush fire we did speak with folks who said they haven't seen a blaze this big since 1991 and that's the fire that burned 1500 acres destroying nearly nirt 500 homes in oakley and berkley and resulted in the edge death of 25 people. >> the wind appears to be onshore so it's blowing into the park and not toward the city.
6:34 am
but if the wind chakz, all bets are off. >> now, the cause of the fire is still unknown but we're hoping to get more information on a potential cause during that media briefing at 8:00 a.m. we're live -- all right. looks like we lost his signal there but that was pete suratos live and we'll continue to monitor what's going on up there in oakland with about 20 acres consumed so far. so we've got new pictures tols show thank you morning. this is the largest wildfire burning in our state right now. it's the mode of july complex fire. it's burning east of redding near the oregon border. it's a combination of several different fires sparked by lightning nearly two weeks ago. those fires have now consumed more than 70 acres, almost three times the size of san francisco. containment there is at 35%. it's 6:34 and new tho morning charges have been filed against two of four suspects recently arrested in that australian terror plot.
6:35 am
authorities last week conducted raids across sydney. they believe the plot involved bringing down a plane with a less detectable peroxide-based explosive device. two suspects, age 32 and 49, are being charged with, quote, planning an islamic-inspired terror plot. authorities so far are not naming the suspect who police shot and killed following a high-speed chase yesterday in east bay. we brought you this as live breaking coverage of the story yesterday on air and at now the chase ended in gunfire. a little after 5:00 p.m. on the richmond parkway. is it tarted as an attempted traffic stop in vallejo. richmond police say officers tried to put car over because it was tied to a recent armed robbery in eller is reet toe. >> the officer from vallejo hoe police department picked up the car and tried to stop the vehicle. the driver refused to stop and the pursuit started. >> police say the driver got out
6:36 am
of the car hold a machete and officers fired when he refused to drop it. at that point all police say is the suspect is a 45-year-old man from bah nesh. >> to follow up, a man remains in extremely critical condition this morning after he was struck and nearly killed by a car he's sat a a bus stop. this happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. they say a black car were white car, possibly a third car all made contact sending that white car into the bus stop and a tree. people who live be at the intersection say accidents happen there frequently. >> the prior owner built the wall because of cars in the yard. we have twice had this wall damaged severely enough that it cost us over $15,000 each time to replace the wall. >> authorities say the man waiting for the bus was alert when crews transported him to the hospital but once there, it became clear those injuries are life threatening.
6:37 am
police are trying to figure out what led up to this crash. 6:36. happening today fire inspectors are set to check out the sinking millennium tower. it comes after an investigative unit found the sky scraper in san francisco could be a fire hazard. last month nbc bay area's reporteder showed us a report alleging unsealed gaps around pieching between the building's 30th and 31st floor. a retired san francisco fire captain tells us the gaps could allow smoke and flames to spread from one floor to another. fire safety is on the top of many people's minds after that 24-story opt apartment complex fire in london left 12 people dead. you can watch our full investigative unit report on the fire safety concerns surround lgt millennium tower on report shows us what it looks like behind the walls of one woman's luxury unit. 6:37. happening today caltrain board members will go over the agency's planned fare hikes.
6:38 am
standard fares are expected to increase 25 cents per zone. other changes including eliminating the discountsed 8 right ticket and raising rates for the annual go pass which is unlimited rides. caltrain has had numerous public meetings about these hikes, some of which are supposed to take effect october 1st. 6:38. new this morning san mateo opportunity toty and facebook are teaming up to reduce congestion on the dumbarton bridge. they've been working on a plan that's coming out soon. they're adding more businesses and making way for more bicycles and pedestrian. it's to reduce congestion. the report willing release dollars august 16th. congeflttion and the dumb barred ton. this is not helping things there are say crash over on the peninsula side. the rest of your commute moves very well. we can hear about a crash 880 at 84 but over on the shoulder. the problem on the peninsula very slow coming off the gum
6:39 am
dumb barred ton bridge approaching university or bay front expressway. trying to get word from the pd on the situation. a motorcycle involved crash reported there. no other details it sounds like a local agency's handling that. a quick look at the san ma toeio bridge and that moves smoothly but have you that build that happens typically off that toll plaza side. and my armpit only met ter. >> we don't have an app for that. >> tweet something out. with you saying it's a big hair -- yeah what about this weekend. >> weir trying to make it past that and we're going to have drier air this weekend a lot of evenlts going on. as we get to saturday's forecast it will be much cooler for some of the inland areas, 92 degrees is much cooler and it will be drier too. we'll have some sunshine, 73 degrees by the bay returner 60s for the coast.
6:40 am
mid-60s for the coast on sunday and 70 for the bay. inland valleys up to 90 degrees on sunday. check this out, this weekend we'll have the world's dog surfing championship happening in pacifica and we'll have some fog to start out morning for that. looks like a great event. details on be rising into the upper 60s for the afternoon. also the 49ers will have open practice on saturday, it's just $5 to get in but they'll have free food and events for the kids. and our temperatures will be in the upper 70s at 10:00, lower 80s with mostly sunny skies nice event to check out there. in fremont the festival of the arts happening this weekend and we will have a booth, nbc bay area will have a booth there, you should come by and check it out at 10:00 in the morning. we're at 74 degrees and a lot of sun and, yes, the humidity will be lower. we'll be rising into the mid-80s as we go through the day. heading out to napa valley this weekend, it will be a very warm reaching up to 90 degrees on zab, but i don't think you'll
6:41 am
mind. this will be an improvement over the weather we're going to see over the next couple of days. on sunday it will be up to 85 degrees and if you're heading to headingly, here's a live look outside. we are going to have a chance of some thunderstorms there so heads up about that. other wise, looks like it will be a very nice weekend with highs in the mid-70s. coming up in three minutes i'll have a look at today's temperature trend. 6:41 right now. coming up a major iphone case recall. the new pictures being tweeted overnight showing what that's cases may do no your skin. also the judge at the center the proc turner sexual assault case hires a new consultant to help him as he face a recall vote. new this morning, the consultant's ties to president trump. plus, staying safe in your car. what experts are now saying what people aren't doing in the backseat of the cars that could lead to serious injuries during a crash. the dow dust tral steadily
6:42 am
light at 22,006. we get the big jobs number tomorrow. you're watching today in the bay. ♪
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it's 6:44. we're feeling the humidity this morning and seeing some of those clouds overhead as we take a live look outside. want to take to you santa ter reeza where temperatures are start out at 77 degrees at 10:00, will be in the mid-80s by
6:45 am
noon and high temperatures today up to 92 degrees there. high humidity will make it feel so uncomfortable but we'll bring back drier conditions in time for the weekend. more on that and our chance of lightning coming newspaper five minutes. and we're trying to catch more details right here westbound 84, that's the commute direction redding university that say jam coming across that dumbarton bridge. we'll follow the progress. mike, new this morning santa clara county judge aaron persky who presided over the brock turner sexual assault case has hired a consultant who worked on the trump campaign to help him fight the recall effort against him. khris disclosure forms this week showed persky paid $30,000 to brian see chick. he ran president trump's arizona campaign. the persky recall effort needs 58,000 signatures to get it on the ballot next june. now to an update on the story we first brought to you
6:46 am
yesterday on today in the bay involve a recall of nearly 75,000 iphone cases. new this morning we're getting a better picture why. the iphone cases contain glitter suspended in liquid. here's a look at ha they look like. the con150u78er product safety commission says there air problem of the cases leaking chemicals. now look at these pictures just released a short time ago. for the first time we're actually seeing what some people are claiming are burns and skin irritations pretty bad because of the recalled cases. burn marks on their skin, thighs, their legs. you can check to see if your phone case is impacted on the mixed by electronics website. you don't want a scar like that. well, follow-up now, the los gatos couple accused of sexually molesting their son have struck a plea deal but they still serve lengthy prison sentence. 73-year-old ralph flynn will be sentenced to 24 years in prison and 12 years for his wife, 44-year-old carolyn flynn. both were charged with sexually
6:47 am
molesting their adopted son from russia for more than a decade. prosecutors say the abuse began when the bye boy was just 9 years old. victim came forward while in middle school two years ago. new this morning the fbi is getting involved after a 16-year-old girl says she was groped by a passenger on a united flight. washington post reports this morning it happened last week on a flight from seattle to newark, new jersey. the teenager says she woke up to a man who was sitting in the next seat touching her. she told flight attendants who moved her to a new seat but they did not alert authorities when the plane landed. the alleged groper was allowed to walk off the plane and leave the airport. new this morning northern california police officers stepping up when it mattered for a young girl whose home was burglarized. she saved more than $200 for her first troiz disneyland that's when thieves broke in her home. they told the girl to come over to the station to identify some
6:48 am
of the stolen items but that was just a ruse. instead they gave her a mickey mouse card and a thousand dollars. >> they gave me a bunch of money that i couldn't believe it. i was -- it was amazing. >> our police officers said there's no way, not on my watch. was bad nuft burglary happened. >> well, it turns out andrea said she ended up having one of the happiest times ever at the happiest place on earth bringing home some trinkets there too. well new this morning more than half the people who die every year in crashes while sitting in the back seat, they're not wearing their seatbelts. a dramatic demonstration shows how dang tlaus can be. this new crash test video from the insurance institute for highway safety. unbuckled dummy pz crash into the front seat during impact. it's quite violent. the car was only going 35 miles per hour. experts say this is dangerous
6:49 am
for everyone in the car. >> when you don't buckle up in the backseat, it puts not only yourself at risk but it also puts other people in the vehicle at risk. >> sit down and buckle up. a survey of about 201,200 people found many riders don't buckle up in the backseat because they say they feel safer back there. are you ready for some hot summer fun in the santa clara county fair opens today and boy did they name it right. >> do they still have the pig operations up there? this is actually called steaming hot summer and today you can get in for just $1. the fair opens at 1:00 this afternoon and runs until 10:00 tonight to get your cotton candy. today's highlights are the barn yards r yard races, the sea lie n encounters and a performance by a master hip know activity. jump in that pool might be the coolest spot. the fair runs through sunday night. sonoma county fair also opens today. >> i thought maybe it was -- exactly, run around there.
6:50 am
ties the season for the fairs and this heat and humidity, not typical for the bay area. >> no. and it just feels so muggy as you head out this morning. i thought i was somewhere else this morning. i was like, hey, i'm back home in kentucky. no, it is really humid and i want to start you out with santa clara county fair today. if you are making plans go there, make sure you bring some bottles of water and you have something to help keep you cool. it be at 88 degrees still at 4:00 this afternoon. not much sunshine so maybe that works in our favor just a little bit and we'll be seeing those temperatures dropping back into the mid-70s by later this evening. as you step out the door, now it feels so muggy, imagine this. it's now 72 degrees, 74 in the tri-valley, and it's 60 degrees in the north bay so we're feeling in some spots cooler temperatures and the fog clearing along the coastline. the high temperatures today, 99 degrees in concord and antioch so even though we will have more
6:51 am
clouds and we'll have a lot more humidity, our temperatures coming down only a couple of degrees and then it will feel very uncomfortable, up to 90 in san jose. also track something rain just offshore, now this is also something we don't normally see but we've had a surge in monsoonal moisture and those clouds will be roolg by and i wouldn't be surprised if we had a few isolated showers and the possibility of some lightning strikes as well. as you're getting ready this morning, just throw on a hat, it's a bad hair day, it's so humid that the hair just fridayss up and also a good day for some sandals just trying to stay cool and comfortable. a nice day go out to the giants game. this is the last game in the bay bridge series and temperatures will be at 65 degrees at first pitch. san francisco will be in the mid-70s today, 75 degrees and 70 for tomorrow and fairly humid but the dry air definitely returns this weekend with some 60s and i have that lightning icon on there for that possibility some of dry lightning.
6:52 am
95 tomorrow and then a little bit cooler for the weekend. mike takes us out there on the roadways with where we are seeing problems spots. we're checking in with facebook and we will another little facebook joke there. over year because the crash may have just cleared that's good news. no major injuries reported for that motorcycle-involved crash but it was westbound 84 at university, that's a tough spot getting off the dumbarton bridge. recovery for those speeds westbound that's why think the incident has cleared. we'll show you the rest your approach. the san mateo bridge was a good update there, smooth drive but we're seeing the build now off of the people mets freeway for both of these spans if the 'you go north we have the bay bridge with the metering lights on. let's check waze, give you a couple options if you're traveling from the east bay in union city over to the peninsula perhaps redwood city, 237 south of the dumbarton bridge is an option but a much longer one. they're looking about even now as this crash cleared on the east palo alto side.
6:53 am
make sure join our team as well. nbc wazers that's the team you want to join on sth app over here. get to your profile, select that team, nbc bay area wazers. >> we want to be your team, not your own football team. back up we do have a program note for the nfl preseason tick kicking off tonight, dallas could you bays playing the cardinals in canton, ohio. coverage starts tonight at 5:00 right here on nbc bay area. 6:53. coming up a quick look at all the top stories on today in the bay including kin continuing coverage of the fire burning in the oakland hills, the progress the firefighters made overnight. but first happening now, a second garbage patch has been discovered in the south pacific. scientists say it could be even larger than the state of texas. >> it's an estimated 1 million square kilometers. environmentalists say the plas sick hard to klein because of its size. and apple is investing in
6:54 am
the u.s. the coop cupertino based upon company owns $52 million worth of u.s. treasuries. we're back in two minutes with a lot more news. stick around.
6:55 am
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here are the top stories on today in the bay... and welcome back to you. before you head out the door here are the top stories on today in the gay bay. we begin with live pictures from the berkeley hills where
6:57 am
many roads remain closed as firefighters continue to monitor a fire that broke out yesterday. it burned about fwent acres near grizzly peak boulevard and fish ranch road. flames even reaching into the oakland hills. firefighters get a handle on things overnight. we're expecting an update from fire oskz r officials in about an hour. we're going to bring that you during our "today show" up dates. let's go to los gatos where breakfast is wung once again being served. it opened about an hour ago at 6:00 a.m. it was temporarily closed over the weekend after an suv smashed into the front of it. police say faulty brakes led to that crash. it happened early sunday before the diner opened. nbc bay area spoke to the owner who says they were able to make the repairs quickly in order to reopen on time this morning. new this morning within the last couple of hours all lanes of eastbound highway 4 in
6:58 am
antioch opened. this after a dump truck crashed last night that brought out has mat teams. the dump truck carrying gravel fell on its side near lone tree way. traffic was diverted for more than three hours. continuing coverage of that recent close all at sfo involving an air canada plane, new dramatic images. we'll show them now just a second. show how close that plane came to several jets on the taxiway. investigators now say the plane he's lowest altitude was 60 feet off the ground. the air canada plane was trying to land on a taecxiway where fo jets were waiting to take off. coming up today an exclusive look at how president trump is reexamining america's role in the war in afghanistan. it may not rise to the level of tiger woods in his heyday but a lot of bay area sports fans will keep close tapz tabs today on a local pro golf tournament. steph curry is trying to keep up with the big boys. he's taking part in the ellie
6:59 am
may classic in hayward. it's part of the tour so that's one step below pga. if he makes the cut after the first two rounds today and tomorrow, he'll play on through sunday. if you are playing on those lanes today i stay start out early. it's going to be humid all day long and once those temperatures get into the 90s in the tri-valley it's going to be very uncomfortable. it's going to be humid also in san francisco, mostly cloudy skies, we'll bring back the drier air in time for the weekend but watching out for a chachs isolated thunderstorms today as we top out at 98 degrees. thank you, kari. and then a car fire, not a bad traffic day but a car fire. we're concerned because hot day even with this humidity looking at dublin camera i was' scanning wauz a car fire was reported, i didn't see anything. as i scanned back and forth we'll continue to track this, though. meanwhile back at your maps you see a standard commute and recovery for the dumbarton that crash has cleared. all right. we're not on air but we're on
7:00 am
line as well. we'll be back at 7:25 a local news update 40. >> join us at 11:00 as well. >> we'll be here. f40. >> join us at 11:00 as well. >> we'll be here. o40. >> join us at 11:00 as well. >> we'll be here. r 40. >> join us at 11:00 as well. >> we'll be here. y40. >> join us at 11:00 as well. >> we'll be here. ou40. >> join us at 11:00 as well. >> we'll be here. 0. >> join us at 11:00 as well. >> we'll be here. . >> join us at 11:00 as well. >> we'll be here. a life threatening condition. a major breakthrough with major concerns. >> it means we can control human evolution now. is it science too far? breaking overnight, a second body pulled from the rubble after a natural gas explosion and building collapse at a school in minneapolis. a woman injured in that blast now sharing her harrowing ordeal. this morning the latest on the victim and investigation. nbc news exclusive. president trump said to be


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