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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 7, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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work week. welcome to monday and a great way to start out your workweek as we take a live look outside right now at the san francisco skyline. you do see some low clouds there in the background but very pleasant to start out your day. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we missed you, sam. >> you skipped the humidity. it's going to be humid, i'm getting out of here. >> which is why i went to the midwest. it was really great there. back home, happy to be back. >> and back to nice weather, too. >> this weekend was amazing compared to the week we had last week. cooler temperatures here for a little while longer, as we start out this week, you're seeing the
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clouds and the fog back there in san francisco and right now in san jose. we're seeing some clouds this to start out this morning. it will be a slightly cooler afternoon reaching into the low 80s in san jose. upper 80s for morgan hill and gilroy and for the antioch area over to concord, 87 degrees. and in oakland, 70 degrees today, the peninsula reaching into the 70s while san francisco will be up to 67 in the mission district and the north bay in the low 80s. and that's an improvement. we'll talk about what's ahead in a few minutes. mike is already tracking a crash in richmond. >> this is off the east shore freeway. overall your speed sensors look great. i'm following up on one issue in the tri-valley. we'll bring you more information on that the next report. i wanted to make sure you knew about this debris in the roadway. there was also a crash so some dry wall fell on the roadway just off the split eastbound 580 heading over to the richmond bridge. it sounds like that has been dragged to the shoulder but there may be some debroe and
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there's a crash in the area as well. watch for ak it tift. that's all we're saying. no slowing on the sensors. no problems in your commute getting over to the bay bridge. i will update you on what i find with the tri-valley issue coming up. mike, 4:32 right now. we are following breaking news. unprovoked attacks on b.a.r.t. police are releasing surveillance photos hoping to catch a suspect. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us from the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station where we understand police are looking for a repeat offender. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. b.a.r.t. notified us about this news conference set to take place at the 6:00 a.m. which is a bit unusual and in the past half hour we're getting details on exactly why they're holding this news conference and they're saying it's connected to two incidents that happened within the span of a few days at the embarcadero station and then another at the bay fair station in san leandro. i will pull up a map and show
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you the distance between where these incidents took place. on saturday night you had a suspect heading towards the embarcadero station approaching a man on the train and punching him in the face twice. the suspect that they're looking for. they're saying the victim's injuries are nonlife threatening and b.a.r.t. does not know the suspect. this happened just days after another incident at a b.a.r.t. station last thursday, this time at the bay fair station in san leandro. police believe the same suspect hit a man with a metal object. that man was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. they have images of the suspect that were caught on surveillance cameras in it the b.a.r.t. trains. that's something new they've added as a result of these incidents and we're expecting to see the images during the news conference at 6:00 a.m. which we'll bring to you live on "today in the bay." we're live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, pete suratos with the very latest. thank you, pete. the kate steinle murder case
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is moving forward. last friday a judge was selected for the trial. the judge has been working in the san francisco superior court for almost a decade. sanchez is accused of shooting and killing steinle along san francisco pier in 2015. the shooting sparked controversy and political debate over san francisco's status as a sanctuary city. right now to our continuing coverage of that memo from a google senior engineer that has sent shock waves across silicon valley, e-mailing all 46,000 employees at the company arguing that men are genetically built better than women for tech jobs and leadership roles. that memo that's come to be known as the anti-diversity manifesto had circulated among the company's network of employees for some time but was just made public over this weekend. the unnamed author argues the diversity goals, quote, alienate conservatives. experts we spoke with say the memo and its writer don't understand the changing world
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that we live in. >> i wouldn't give this engineer anything more than a reality check. it shows he feels threatened, and that's his own insecurity that's coming to light. >> the memo is not surprisingly going viral with th the #googlemanifesto and it's sparked outrage on social media. google says that it believes in diversity and is committed to it for, quote, the long haul. at 4:35, new this morning marin county transportation officials looking to hear from you as they plan to prepare for the next 25 years. reporting this morning the plan is called getting around marin. the goal is to study and analyze current traffic conditions and then look for ways to grow. the public can submit comments until september 22nd. >> 4:35 and discovery kingdom lived up to its name and then some for four bay area children whose father has been serving overseas. in this case a full-on surprise.
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an emotional reunion there yesterday for technical sergeant jacob thomas and his entire family grabbing him in a huge bear hug. he is based at travis air force base. he's been in kuwait since january. his wife worked with six flags to help to coordinate that special surprise. >> that's pretty cool. look at those kids. 4:36 right now. so most of us live with a phone in our hands nearly every waking hour. what if you just disconnected? the product apple is try iing t sell you that could have you cutting ties with your cell phone. >> and speaking of cell phones, they are changing all aspect of every part of our lives. for high school students that includes helping them get around the rules. we'll tell you what's spiking in school classrooms.
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we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ i'm landon dowdy live. here are today's top business headlines. wall street could start the week off on a positive note. the markets rose friday following the better than expected u.s. jobs report. the dow closing higher for the ninth straight session. the nasdaq snapping a two-day losing streak. we get economic reports this week on consumer credit, productivity and inflation. on friday the dow rose 66 points to 22,092. the nasdaq added 11 to 6351. may be expanding again.
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chinese media reports the apple supplier plans to build a res research and development center in the states to be close to the auto industry. the detro"detroit free press" s michigan's governor spoke with the chairman during a trade mission to china this weekend. the reports come less than two weeks after they announced it would invest $10 billion in a new factory in wisconsin. and speaking of apple, it's reported ly planning to release an apple watch that can make calls later this year. currently the watch has to be connected to the iphone to send a message or stream music. reports say the major u.s. wireless carriers plan to sell the new device but, sam and laura, it is unclear whether you'll have to buy a accesepara data plan. >> that's interesting. it would be like dick tracy. didn't he talk to his watch? better than your shoe. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, landon. cheating in high school changing with the times. the computer security company mcafee found one in three high
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school students has used smart phones or other devices to cheat. 60% say they've seen another student use the device to cheat on an exam or a quiz and 31% admit to having accessed ban ed content in classrooms. we're going to take a look at something that is so safe and beautiful. our forecast, kari, this is like a turnaround from last week. >> this looks so much better. a live look outside in san jose and the temperature trend for santa clara at noon will be 73 degrees, rising into the low 80s today. it will be much nicer. and we'll get a lot more sunshine after the morning clouds clear out. we'll talk about what's ahead with a slight warm-up on the way up next. and this was great, too, in the foreground. the departure from the dublin grade up on the hill. what's going on there. i found word of a big rig. i'm checking it out. >> and this is not how the hit
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nbc drama "this is us" wanted its first year for emmy nominations to go. the reason the show has been stripped of a nomination. happening today...
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==sam//2shot== tonight really: the full moon and summer add up to one thing at mount wanda all right, happening today. yeah, you'd better sit here -- >> sit up straight. >> and pay attention. tonight a full moon and summer add up to one thing in martinez. >> can you say moon walk? >> show me, please. >> i might. we're not talking michael jackson style here, but a full
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moon walk at mt. wanda which is a historic site. it starts at 7:00 at night. it consists of a one-mile hike to watch the full moon rise. kind of cool. >> there's not going to be any michael jackson thriller beat in the background. >> it could mean there are certain beaches in the area you can do a full moon walk. >> that's true at half moon bay perhaps. >> oh, okay. maybe you're heading there today. it's going to be foggy so you won't see anything. >> that could be a good thing. >> we are going to see the fog hanging along the coast throughout much of the morning. a live look outside right now at three of our micro climates, 60 degrees in the tri-valley. still mild. we do have coastal fog for the peninsula. it's 62 degrees and 63 with clouds in the south bay, the east bay at 62 degrees as we take a live look at fremont and it's cloudy in san francisco. you step out the door and it's
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59 degrees. not too bad. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we're going to start out in the south bay. you'll be able to see how the temperatures will trend throughout the week. today in san jose up to 82 degrees and 86 degrees in livermore, antioch. we're looking at some high temperatures for san francisco up it to 67. so as you get a look out the window right now in the south bay you're getting ready and we're starting out with some fairly mild temperatures so a good day to just wear a hat or give you something to give you shade. also if you're in san francisco we'll have fog and drizzle so that may protect your hair. and throughout the day you can probably wear some long sleeves and be comfortable. our temperatures will be heating up this afternoon so you may be rolling those up. looking at sonoma wine country going out to the vineyards or just relaxing downtown in sonoma, it will be 60 degrees at 8:00. and our temperatures reaching up to 83 degrees at 4:00. also a much better day to go
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golfing in the tri-valley. our temperatures will be in the low 60s throughout the morning. we'll have some sunshine throughout the day. and at 2:00 this afternoon we'll be at 83 degrees. it feels nice and warm today there. we're looking at morning clouds and fog in san francisco. and it looks like it will just gradually clear as we go into this afternoon for a couple of hours. we'll stay in the 60s throughout much of the week. inland areas will start to heat up. we'll have a few more days back in the 90s after today and tomorrow. we'll see some low 90s for the rest of the week. mike, what are you tracking out there on the roads? >> kari, i had checked out an issue in the tri-valley. we heard about a sparking big rig. that sounds really dramatic. we took a look with our live cameras. we do see it's eastbound 580. i did show you that live camera just before the break. i scanned the area, didn't see any sparks, that's for sure. didn't see any problem with the traffic flow getting away from that dublin interchange. i'll watch for anything else to
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pop up. westbound 580 is also smooth. all the way through livermore, dublin and to the castro valley, no slowing, no problems. so we'll look on waze and check the peninsula as well. waze reports the easy drive as you'd expect it this time san francisco in to palo alto 34 minutes. that's highway 101, the bay shore freeway. 280 also a smooth drive and no need to make that jog to 380. that will change over the course of the morning commute. we'll track this and you can as well. make sure you're a member of our team nbc bay area wazers. most of you know if you're not a member of our team, though, do join. back to you. >> we would love to. thank you so much, mike. happening now at the swearing in ceremony for santa cruz's new police chief andrew mills. he comes from the you'reeureka department. today's swearing in ceremony at 4:00 this afternoon at the city hall court yard. now we were curious about the state of crime right now in santa cruz. we did some investigating overnight. so far not a single homicide in
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the city this year. there was one last year. larceny or theft is the highest reported crime in santa cruz with 221 cases. burglary is next on that list with 42 reports this year to date. 14 cases of aggravated assault. happening today a molestation suspect arrested after an alert airline passenger tipped off bay area authorities is expected to appear in court for a bail hearing. authorities arrested 56-year-old michael keller last week in san jose after his southwest plane landed. investigators say a woman onboard his flight from tacoma notice d disturbing text messags on his phone about molesting children. the woman, san jose police say he was texting with was arrested in tacoma. and a san francisco leader is talking about her idea to have a city buy out a fast food restaurant. it's been a trouble spot over the years.
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the mcdonald's at the top of hey street. people call it a conduit for crime, drug dealing, and homelessness. someone was shot there last thursday. city leaders are talking about buying that space and converting it. the city needs to come up with new solutions to get a handle on crime. >> we have services but we're not going to let you be violent and disruptive and make everyone else uncomfortable in this community. >> mcdonald's owns the land. the company is now reviewing the city's proposal. more fallout for the north bay woman charged with embezzling more than a million dollars from a private school. she's preparing for a court battle with her ex-husband. you may recall she settled the case against her for taking money from the school district in mill valley. she paid $650,000. this morning the marin ig reports her ex-husband is suing her saying half the money she
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paid belongs to him. the co-founder of the private school. happening today the start of a six-week scheduled closure for a peninsula bus depot. it will be closed until september 21st. crews will be replacing pavement on and around university circle along with installing new sidewalks there. laura, you were talking about this earlier, new this morning our own nbc is learning a very hard history lesson and it's not really one anyone saw coming. >> it has to do with the hit series "this is us" and it's 11 nominations. it turns out less than 51% of the nominated episodes took place within the past 25 years spending the majority of time in 1970 flashbacks and with too many period costumes for the contemporary category it turns out this nomination itself is history.
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>> i think they'll do just fine with the double digit ten nominations. >> it's such a good show. 4:51 right now. pretty great news. kids are getting less ear infections. great news for parents and kids. parents up comforting the little ones. the reason for the slowdown coming up when "today in the bay" continues. but first happening right now a developing story out of san diego, an off-duty officer there, a deputy, is recovering after being shot in the torso. he was walking with a group when a suspect confronted had him with a gun. the deputy was able to wrestle with the suspect when several shots were fired off. the suspect then ran away from the scene. and more strong words this morning from north korea. the communist nation saying it is ready to teach the u.s. a severe lesson with nuclear strategic force if the u.s. were to take military action preemptively against it and it will never put nuclear weapons on the negotiating table. -from our emeryville camera
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a very good monday morning to you. isn't that a lovely look in the distance from our emeryville camera shooting across the bay. a different vantage point on this monday morning. more coming up. 4:55. >> laura, a new report out that shows pentagon health care providers are not doing enough to take care of troops diagnosed with depression and ptsd. the report finds that there is a lack of critical follow-up health care. we're talking about soldiers who are high risk for suicide. that says just 30% of troops with depression actually received the appropriate care that they need. 54% with ptsd got the right kind of help. that report was commissioned by the pentagon.
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also new this morning prescription opioid use is up among cancer survivors. it's higher than in the general population. that's according to a new canadian study. researchers say cancer survivors are more likely to take opioids even ten years past their diagnosis. experts say it's important for doctors to assess the reasons for continuing opioid use to differentiate pain from dependency. also new this morning it may not be to say you feel so lonely could you buy. byu researchers say people with stronger social connections tend to live longer. the study says social isolation and loneliness may increase the risk of early death as much or more than obesity. aarp reports over 42 million americans over the age of 45 suffer from chronic loneliness. go make a friend. to our next story, doctors say that there could be less ear infections these days. a vaccine introduced back in
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2000 is what's helping. it's targeting the bacteria that causes ear infections. researchers say they've seen a significant drop in the past 17 years, great news for parents. >> it is one reason why, oh, i couldn't hear you. no, there's nothing wrong with your ear. you could hear me. >> say again? >> exactly. listen up right now, a great new forecast for this week, very different from the last forecast, kari hall. >> you might want to enjoy that later on this evening at at&t park. here is a view this morning, the low clouds and fog and then later on today the cubs in town for the second game in that series and we'll see those temperatures. that first pitch at 61 degrees. more clouds and fog rolling in. we'll take slightly cooler. this part of fremont by the truck scales just fine. i am tracking a crash. details further north. plus, unexpected and
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unwarranted attacks on b.a.r.t. police need your help finding a suspect. the new clues we're getting this morning.
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welcome to "today in the bay" on this monday morning,
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taking a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge in san francisco. looking forward to a great workweek. let's get it going. it's not even 5:00. well, it is now. good morning to you. thousand for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. mondays i feel are not the toughest day. you come back -- tuesday there's that lag. for now let's live in the moment. >> and let's live in these cooler temperatures and drier air. i think we'll all appreciate that as you wake up this morning. we do start out with some clouds. that will will keep the temperatures down as we go throughout the day. a live look outside in san jose. it's 63 degrees with a high of 82. it's going to be really nice with our temperatures starting out in the 60s throughout much of the morning and then rising up to 81 by 2:00. a look at all the temperatures in a few minutes but now mike is tracking a crash in free month. >> kari, we heard about this a few minutes ago. we don't see a lot of slowing around really any part of the bay, but we're looking at northb 8


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