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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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chicago ends in the bay area. the possible motive in the case. and safety concerns at a peninsula park after a tree limb comes crashing down on top of people at a company picnic including this little girl. the reason the situation could have been much worse. b"today in the bay" continues right now. and a very good monday morning to you. i hope you had a fantastic weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. as you settle in and get ready for your workweek we do have a problem on the bay bridge that mike inouye is tracking. mi mike, what's the very latest? >> we learned about a crash that blocks your left lane as you're traveling westbound. your commute direction from oakland in to san francisco inside that tunnel there, the tunnel at the treasure island on ramp. they're impeded by the crash but so are folks on the freeway going through that tunnel. you're your left two lanes are blocked. stay over to your right if you're heading over there. right back to you. >> thank you for the very latest there. now we want to take you live to
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lake merritt b.a.r.t. station where b.a.r.t. officials are holding a news conference about two recent attacks at the b.a.r.t. station. >> these are the two latest attacks. these photos are being released right now. we're going to show you those in a sengd. we are looking at live pictures from the lake merritt station as we await more updates on the latest attacks on b.a.r.t. let's listen in and find out what b.a.r.t. officials are talking about, telling us about these attacks. >> assault with a deadly weapon and a battery we believed were performed by the same suspect. we have a deputy chief and two investigators here to answer your questions. let me first introduce deputy chief ed alvarez. ed? >> good morning. brought you here together this morning to discuss a couple of
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assaults we had occur thursday and again saturday evening. we're looking for it appears to be the same suspect which on thursday night assaulted a patron on the train with a pair of bolt cutters and the second assault which occurred on saturday evening was an unprovoked attack as well on a train of the same suspect we believe ended up punching a patron of ours standing on the train just waiting for the next stop. we wanted to given you the description and photograph in hopes our patrons and people out in the community hopefully recognize him so our investigators who are working this case diligently can go out and make the arrest and get this person off the street and out of the b.a.r.t. system. i want to given you the description. he's a black male, late 30s, approximately 6 feet tall, a muscular build. at the time he was wearing a gray shirt, tan shorts, and a
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pair of black nike tennis shoes. again, these attacks were unprovoked which is very concerning for us. our patrons are out there getting assaulted by this individual. we want to this information out to, again, our passengers and our community in the hopes we can identify him and bring him to justice. any questions? >> there's no robbery motive at all? >> no. no rob rip at all. just unvoekd attack. >> coming up to these people from behind, do we know about his m.o.? >> on the first attack he just wept up to the passenger sitting there next to the young lady and just swung a pair of bolt cutters and hit him inside of the head. the one the gentleman or passenger was standing holding on to the handrail and he came, took a swing at him, missed, and then hit him again with the right hand right in the mouth. >> now in these images you have it looks like he's moving some
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sort of man, was he intoxicated? >> he was holding a can of beer prior to the attack. >> was that at the station? >> it was in between. he had boarded the train in san leandro and got off the train at bay fair. it's in between. yes, sir? >> how helpful have the newly installed b.a.r.t. cameras been in this search for suspect? >> very helpful. thanks to the new camera system we were able to get very good, high-quality photographs we were able to distribute to the media in the hopes it will give us what we need to bring him to justice. >> anyone traced back, find images of him using his card, tracing that back to identify him? is that happening now? >> our investigators are actively working the case and looking at all possible leads. >> at this point we don't know? >> no.
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no, we don't. >> any fears of releasing the photo and driving him underground? i know what you are doing but he might be watching this and saying i'm not going to hop on b.a.r.t. in the meantime? >> no. we want to get him ooipded so we can get him and prevent him from fleeing the area and get a warrant out for his arrest and apprehend him and bring him back to justice. >> we'll continue to upon tore the news conference from ba b.a.r.t. poe he lease obviously stress the importance of getting these photos back of the man they believe attacked several people on b.a.r.t. in recent weeks. >> those attacks were violent. you heard the b.a.r.t. police officer talking about the fact in one case a pair of bolters was used to swing at a person and he punched someone else. >> xdunprovoked. so pete suratos is there at the news conference continuing to gather new information for us. we'll check back with him in moments. another story we're following very closely here though it did not start here, one of the suspects in a brutal murder in chicago is due in a bay area courtroom. >> a nationwide manhunt for two suspects in the murder ended
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here in the bay area when the suspects both employees at prestigious universities, turned themselves in to authorities. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live outside the east county hamm of justice in dublin this morning to explain the possible motive behind this case. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. the in the violent murder in chicago is expected here in court in dublin. an me da county superior court judge at 9:00 is expected to order the extradition of a man named wyndham lathem a northwestern university microbiology professor. expected to be extradited back to chicago to face charges in the murder of trenton cornell-duranleau, a 26-year-old hairstylist found stabbed to death in lathem's downtown apartment. police had been looking for lathem and another man for just over a week in a man hunt that crisscrossed the country. on day lathem turned himself in to marshals at the oakland
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federal building. a andrew warren, a payroll worker at the university of oxford in england, surrendered to san francisco police. law enforcement believe lathem was in a personal relationship with his victim but they have not yet released the motive and it's not clear what warren's relationship is with either of the men. in af odd twist on the day of the murder police say one of the men made a $1,000 cash donation in the victim's name. lathem, a well-rarpded expert on knew mommic and bubonic plague, sent a video to family and friends apologizing for the crime calling it the biggest mistake of his life. his jail guards here in dublin have been putting him under intense observation over concerns he might be suicidal. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, bob. 6:07. naval teams have now located the submerged u.s. osprey that went down saturday off the coast of eastern australia.
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23 u.s. marines were rescued but three marine, as of this morn g morning, are believed to have gone down with the aircraft. rescue efforts were called off yesterday. those three victims so far have not been identified. it is 6:08. firefighters say a mother and her 2-year-old child narrowly escaped being killed after a large tree limb fell during a company picnic. these are the pictures of the 2-year-old girl and her mom. the mother sent us these photos after the little girl underwent surgery. a look at the scene on saturday at athey are ton's m atherton. more than 20 people were seated under that same tree. many had gotten up for an activity. >> one witness said about two seconds from the time they heard cracking to the time that the limb hit the ground.
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there wasn't a lot of time to react. >> the company picnic was being held for san francisco-based riverbed technologies. >> an update right now, fire crews are planning a final sweep of the oakland hills. this as officials want to be sure they have contained the grisly fire. the 20-acre blaze started wednesd wednesday. those are the pictures from sky ranger. we still don't have information about what caused the fire. 6:09 now. we have some cloudy skies as you get ready to head out the door. temperatures are feeling mild. if you like the weekend's weather, you'll like today's weather as well. it repeats. we'll have some 60s along the coast and for oakland up to 70 degrees. 82 in san jose and napa. 88 degrees today in antioch. a little bit warm inland. but we will see more of this weather as we go the week. coming up in three minutes a look at evergreen's temperature
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trend. mike has breaking news for the bay bridge. some developments on that crash on the span over at the tunnel. you see the flashing lights. i've been watching this shot from emeryville. i see a cluster of lights just shy of that tunnel. that could mean that the location is not the treasure island on ramp. it's the entrance to the there getting to the eisland. you see the traffic jammed up. head over to the area, fingers crossed those are two tow truck that is can clear the roadway. two left lanes blocked jamming up the westbound bay bridge commute. we'll show you the map. it is jammed up and through the toll plaza building on the berkeley curve. the other would be the san mateo bridge that's just south. traffic builds through hayward as you get over to that bridge. highway 92. be aware traffic is starting to trickle back. 6:10 right now. up next on "today in the bay," east bay addressing concerns
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about cancer causing compounds in water. the steps the utility is taking to make sure your water is safe to drink. >> wells fargo appears to be in yet more trouble this morning. it affects you, the customer. i'll tell you all about it when "today in the bay" continues. get 40% off on coit residential cleaning services including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 40% off everything coit cleans. call or click today.
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it's 6:13. the weather continues from the
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weekend. a cloudy start as we take a live look over san jose and the temperature trend nearby evergreen in the upper 60s and then rising into the mid-80s today. it will still be fairly warm for the afternoon. these temperatures better than we've had recently. we'll talk about what's ahead with the slight warming trend coming up at 6:19. and which route would you pick? i know you wouldn't pick the bay bridge because it's jammed up, the sig alert goes on mid span. we show you your options and traffic times as well for you. >> thank you so much, kari and mike. it is 6:14 right now. a follow-up this morning east bay officials say they've been able to reduce the levels of cancer causing compounds in the water supply. they tested water in 16 spots and found reduced levels of thm. disinfection by products found in chlorinated drinking water.
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it's a by-product is what it's supposed to say. they said the level was close to violating federal public health standards in some spots. officials say they were able to reduce the thm levels by adjusting options, flushing out the system and then even installing a thm removal system. ro a follow-up now and corrosion is what's being blamed for the failure that caused a fireball thrill ride to break apart midair at the ohio state fair. at least that's what the manufacturer is talking about right now. one person was killed. seven others were injured when that ride deteriorated. the ride's manufacturer blames excessive corrosion on a support beam for the row of seats that broke loose. the san diego beach boardwalk has a ride made by the same manufacturer that has been shut down since the hiohio accident. changing gears right now, markets are set to pop as the dow was on a nine-day win streak. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. we got good jobs reports on
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friday. >> more jobs created than expected. the unemployment rate fell. that's yet more fuel for the markets. we'll get data on inflation this week. that may help steer the fed's next decision rates. it may expand into michigan. the president tweeted friday excellent jobs numbers just released. i have only just begun. many jobs stifling regulations continue to fall. movement back to the usa. now tweeted that 15 minutes after the jobs number was released, but federal regulation s say nobody in the government is allowed to talk about the jobs number until an hour after the release, even the president. more trouble for stran stran-based wells fargo. you remember the bank created millions of accounts customers did not want and many cases didn't even know they had. there may be more. lots more. the bank warned in a filing
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friday there could be significantly more than the 2 million we already knew about. on top of that you may recall last week wells fargo said it had been overcharging car loans to customers to the point some couldn't pay and had their cars repossessed. then on friday the bank paid a fine to the u.s. federal government for overcharging accusations that it overcharged veterans on mortgages. the bank admits no guilt on that but, again, one after the other, and the big one, the fake accounts, may be bigger than we thought. >> it keeps snowballing. >> you think about all the efforts of the bank to rebrand itself, so active in the community. this certainly does not help. thank you very much, scott mcgrew. happening today, it's a big day. the giants are remembering a historic home run. the one hit by barry bonds to set the all-time home run record. you see the flashbulbs go off. there's a piece of nostalgia. bonds hit number 756 to pass what was previously an extremely
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important record, 755 home runs that was set by hank aaron back in the day. bonds ended with 762 which is still a record a record that stands today and not even close to being threatened. some consider it tarnished by the steroid allegations that followed bonds throughout his career. he's back with the giants as an adviser. he will be at at&t park tonight. the celebration is expect ed to be low key. the temperatures may be low, too. >> it's going to be pretty chilly. you can watch it here on bay area. if not, well, you can enjoy all the other things going on around the bay area including the cooler temperatures. >> which is nice but we have a problem right now. >> we do have that issue on the bay bridge. i want to make sure we cover that first in case folks are trying to get out of the house, have a couple more seconds and the forecast for the day. much better than what i'm
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showing you. we have this view from emeryville and you see the span westbound those taillights are jammed up and i expect those flashing lights. but that cluster is what i've been watching. a couple more sets arrive. i hope those are the tow trucks they need. two of them are still blocked across the span. let's look at your map and see that traffic is building up. coming through berkeley, here is 580 and 24. rippi ripping rippling back to treasure island. the san mateo bridge is one good option. i'm tracking two accidents. brimming going to our waze system is a look oveqlre.
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welcome back. 6:25 on your monday morning. nbc bay area responds to a su y sunnyvale man who says the company blamed him. >> he insists it was not his fault. chris chmura joins us now with the story. >> reporter: michael owen says his vizio tv started glitching three months after he bought it. this was a blue line appearing so he contacted advi eed vizio. they said take a picture. he did.
6:26 am
vizio then told him the problem was his because he damaged the tv and, therefore, his warranty was void. michael incysists he did nothin. vizio replaced the tv. it didn't say why they first denied the claim . they said they take prize in support and work with the customer to address their concerns. call us 888-996-tips or online at >> thank you, chris. this morning here is something you might know if you have a teenaged driver. it seems teenagers are becoming riskier drivers as they get more experience. >> older teens perceive themselves to be safer drivers. the numbers show they have more crashes and near misses than younger teenaged drivers. the study says high school
6:27 am
seniors spend more time using their phones behind the wheel and research says parents have maybe enablers, punishing kids less he as they get closer to age 18. >> distracted driving a major concern for so many parents. up next on "today in the bay" sparking outrage. the anti-diversity memo stemming from a google worker that is still sending shock waves this morning through silicon valley. pete live tease. ==laura/live== and nbc bay area )s skyrangis >> reporter: two attacks on b.a.r.t. riders. the latest info he from b.a.r.t. as well as surveillance images of the man they're trying to catch. >> and sky ranger is live over the bay bridge right now where we are tracking a major backup. there's been an accident. a full check of weather and traffic coming up in two and a half minutes.
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we )re tracking a major backup n the bay bridge. right now at 6:30 we are tracking a major backup on the bay bridge. taking a live look outside nbc bay area sky ranger overhead. mike inouye has the very latest details. first good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. that's a pretty good picture. you can see, mike, there are a couple of lanes that are blocked right now causing major problems. >> that's right, sam. we'll take you right back to our shot from sky ranger. you see land over there on the left. that is actually the area that
6:31 am
is not the water but it is still the bay bridge westbound. two left lanes right at the peak of the closure we have two left lanes. an ambulance addressing someone with injuries, presumably with injuries there, a gurney out as well. there's one vehicle, a number of law enforcement vehicles. there you see the paramedics addressing some injuries there. we hope they are minor injuries as we were originally told and we hope they can clear this quickly as the person is transporpted to the san francisco side. two lanes are still blocked. we'll show you what else we have. two sig alerts. the first is westbound across the bay bridge. you see it rippling back affecting folks approaching the maze down the east shore freeway out of oakland via 58 0, 24 and 880. some folks might be heading to the san mateo bridge. in the tri-valley your second
6:32 am
crash and this is the issue southbound 680. your two left lanes are blocked. off the dublin interchange. as we widen out that shot that's a tough drive. if you have an option to head over to castro valley over to 880 as an option. we might take you past some of that crash. that is a problem as well. back to kari. kari has the forecast. >> yeah, it's looking beautiful as we look at the view from above the clouds from mt. hamilton looking over the south bay. as you look out the window now you probably can't see too much of the sun. we will start out with some clouds and we're also seeing that as we get a live look outside toward twin peaks in san francisco it's 62 degrees. our highs reaching 67. 70 in oakland. a beautiful afternoon and our comfortable weather from the weekend continues today. san jose up to 82 degrees. sam and laura?
6:33 am
>> thanks so much, kari. at 6:32 we continue to monitor breaking news this morning. these are newly released surveillance photos of the suspect in two attacks on b.a.r.t. trains. >> investigators holding a news conference just at 6:00 updating us on the specifics of what happened in the latest attacks. we carried that live at the top of our 6:00 hour. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos was there during the press conference. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. that news conference wrapping up in the past half hour. very important viewers for those heading to the b.a.r.t. station as we take a look, our first look at surveillance images of the suspect that they're looking for. let's show you the pictures. b.a.r.t. believes that man is connected to two incidents taking mace in the east bay and in san francisco. according to b.a.r.t. police there was an incident that took
6:34 am
place saturday night at the embarcadero station and he walked up to a victim unprovoked holding on to a handrail in the b.a.r.t. train. he punches the victim for no reason and then takes off running from the scene. on thursday they're saying the same suspect, this time taking place on a train between san leandro and bay fair, the suspect getting on to the train holding what appears to be a beer in his hand and once again unprovoked that suspect hits the victim on the train with a metal object. now we learned during the news conference that metal object was a pair of bolt cutters. the suspect continued to punch and kick the victim as well and then running off the train. now here is b.a.r.t. officials talking about these two incidents at a news conference this morning moments ago. >> we're going to explore our options. it's something we've always been doing and doing more lately because of the robberies and now because of these attacks. you will see more officers on
6:35 am
the train in hopes of catching him while he's in our system. >> if you see something, say something. we have 430,000 daily riders. they can be part of the safety solution. by reporting suspicious activity. >> plenty of incidents for riders to be worried about. remember b.a.r.t. installed those surveillance cameras in june and that's how you're getting the clear images we showed you that morning of the suspect and as b.a.r.t. police mentioned they're going to increase visibility. if you have any information contact b.a.r.t. police. live in oakland, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> an urgent search for that man. pete, thank you very much for the latest. 6:35. the kate steinle murder case is moving forward today. we are expecting pretrial hearings to begin. last friday a judge was selected
6:36 am
for that trial. judge fang has been working in the court system for almost a decade. as for sanchez he's accused of shooting and killing steinle along a san francisco pier sparking controversy and political debate over san francisco's status as a sanctuary city. >> silicon valley's bro culture everyone talks about is rearing its head again. this time in the form of a memo by a google employee talking about women in engineering and technology. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live with a response interest google and others. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the response was swift and it was pretty colorful on social media. in case you missed it over the weekend it was posted on an internal employee bulletin. it was posted by an unnamed google engineer and the engineer
6:37 am
contends that men in general are more capable in tech jobs and leadership, quote, due to biological causes and they may explain why we don't see equal representation of women in tech and leader shship. this was a memo obtained this morning. the engineer -- this engineer from the uk writes that encouraging diversity of opinions does not mean you should encourage things that are obvious nonsense. another tweet from a neuroscientist counters that this document was fair and does not have incorrect assumptions about gender. google's new vice president of diversity said this about -- i'm sorry, in the last two hours a new response from google's vice president of diversity that reads in part like many of you i found incorrect assumptions about gender.
6:38 am
it is not a viewpoint i or this company promotes or endorses. i did post a poll on twitter to see how you feel about it, whether or not it's a factor. a third of you agree that it is and two-thirds say it's not. in mt view, chris skris sanchezy in the bay." >> all right. you can weigh in there on kris' poll. happening later today a molestation suspect arrested after an alert airline passenger it tipped off authorities is now expected to appear in court. authorities arrested 56-year-old michael keller in san jose after a southwest plane landed. a woman onboard the flight from tacoma noticed disturbing text messages on the man's phone about molesting children. the woman contacted san jose police and they say that keller was texting with someone, was arrest ed in tacoma along with what investigators say were two
6:39 am
young victims. new this morning, marin county transportation officials are look iing to hear from you they prepare a plan for the next 25 years. marin ij reporting this morning the plan is called getting around marin. the goal is to study and analyze traffic conditions and look for ways to grow. the public can submit comments to the transportation department until september 22nd. happening today, put it in your calendar, the start of a six-week-long scheduled closure for peninsula bus depots. closing the palo alto transit center until september 21st. crews will be replacing the pavement on and around university circle. they're going to be installing new sidewalks. i want to get you out to the bay bridge crash right there. i've seen two sets of flashing lights but we have one set of lights approaching treasure island. chp says two left lanes are blocked. we consider this the issue right now getting across, look at your maps, the jam approaching the maze coming through oakland and now through berkeley.
6:40 am
we see some recovery for 880. traffic is starting to adjust. again, two lanes blocked westbound mid span for the bay bridge. the other sig alert we're following the traffic alert is southbound 680 approaching highway 84 through sunol. a second crash moved to the shoulder. that is a tough drive in the tri-valley. both involved in motorcycles. warmer weather, we'll see more motorcycles. be careful out there. one alternate is the san mateo bridge and we're seeing a lot more traffic now. >> all right. tough start on a monday. thank you very much. let's look ahead. put that behind us so far. what do you think, laura? >> looking forward to the weekend? >> yeah. duh. >> and nice weather. you're looking at the forecast, too. >> it was such a great weekend and we had cooler temperatures. it looks like it gets warmer as we head into this upcoming weekend. as we reflect on this monday morning we're getting to work once you final ly get there and you're saying how was your weekend? how was your weekend? i spent part of mine at the n e
6:41 am
niners training camp. you can send me a look at what you did over the past weekend or a look ahead at what you plan to do to meteorologist kari hall on facebook. this saturday it will be up to 90 degrees inland. the bay will be at 75 and not a bad forecast for the coast. also staying nice and cool at 68 degrees. we continue on with more of that same weather as we head into sunday as well. it if you are planning to head to santa cruz we'll be in the upper 60s all weekend long but we will start out each day with some clouds and some fog. highs reaching into the upper 60s. if euroyou're heading out, lowe 80s. of course it will be hot driving through the grapevine looking at triple digit temperatures there. once you get to l.a. it will be nice and comfortable. we'll talk about our temperature trend for san jose that's coming up in three minutes, laura. >> thank you very much, kari. 6:41 right now. coming up, a bizarre murder mystery unfolding in the bay area after two suspects in a brutal killing in chicago turn themselves in to authorities
6:42 am
here. they're tied to two prestigious universities and a possible motive in the killing. >> plus, it's the 200th day of president trump's presidency and he's definitely not on vacation he says, sam. >> we'll find out the real truth with scott mcgrew. first a little flat lining going on on the dow. 22,094. up a tick over a point. it is a new record as the dow has been on a tear. a nine-day winning streak right now hangs in the balance. we're back with more news in two and a half minutes. ==clear the shelters sot== ==kari@ck== (kari ad libs) ==mike/trx== (mike ad libs) get 40% off on coit residential cleaning services
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it's 6:45 with a cloudy start. it starts out nice and cool and then after it clears our temperatures warming up into the upper 70s by early afternoon, eventually hitting the low 80s. a repeat of yesterday. more on that at 6:50. >> the bay bridge in the middle all lanes just clear. there will be an issue through
6:46 am
hayward out of san leandro. we'll outline this coming up. >> it's 6:45. live pictures from the east county hall of justice in dublin this morning where the northwestern professor accused in a chicago murder is expected to appear today. lathem along with oxford employee andrew warren are accused of killing a 26-year-old hairstylist trenton cornell-duranleau. they believe the men drove to the bay area after they surrendered friday. lathem turning himself in. the murder has shocked northwestern's campus. >> it seems weird there's a professor here that would do something like that. >> people are concerned about something like that happening here. i think more shock and disbelief
6:47 am
than anything. >> police have not released a motive but say professor lathem and the victim had some sort of relation shship and had a falli out. >> a san francisco leader right now talking about the idea of having the city buy out a fast food restaurant that has long been a trouble spot for san francisco. it's the mcdonald's at the top of haight street. people who live nearby that area call it a conduit for crime, drug dealing, and homelessness. someone was just shot there. they are talking about buying that space and converting it into low-income housing. the supervisor and president says the city needs to come up with new solutions to get a handle on crime. >> we want to help. we have services. we're not going to let you be violent and disruptive and make everyone else uncomfortable in this community. >> so mcdonald's actually owns the land. the company right now is reviewing san francisco's proposa proposal. >> at 6:47 happening now investigators are trying to
6:48 am
piece together parts of an explosive device as they try to find a person who threw it at a mosque just before the morning prayer was set to start on saturday at an islamic center near minneapolis. no one was hurt but there was extensive damage. the governor of minimnesota visited the site and called the incident an act of terrorism. >> if this were roles were reversed it would be called a terrorist attack and that's what it is, an act of terrorism, a criminal act of terrorism. >> the fbi says it has yet to determine whether this was a hate crime. so far no arrests have been made. all new this morning north korea once again threatening to retaliate against the u.s. over the adoption of tough u.n. sanctions. now we told you earlier this morning about reaction coming in from the communist country saying it's ready to, quote, teach the u.s. a severe lesson with nuclear strategic force. the u.n. sanctions just passed include a ban on coal and other
6:49 am
exports. president trump and south korea's president agreed to cooperate on resolving the north korean nuclear issue. >> the president is on vacation from the white house but certainly not from tweeting. >> of course not that. scott mcgrew, 17 days right now at his golf course. >> that's right. don't call it a vacation, sam. the president said his days will be full of phone calls and meetings so you can't call it a vacation. of course he's entirely right. no president really ever goes on vacation though that didn't stop trump from criticizing president obama for the same thing. trump said if he ever became president he wouldn't leave the white house and golf, forget it. >> because i'm going to be working for you. i'm not going to have time to go play golf. >> this missile strike sends a pesage. >> a few moments ago after senator richard blumenthal appeared on cnn the president tweeted blumenthal was a liar who cried like a baby. senator blumenthal respond ed a
6:50 am
few minutes ago, mr. president, your bullying has not worked before. it won't work now. this is the president's 27th ' day as president. the raise act, the immigration bill that raises the bar for admission into the united states for a green card or citizenship. it was created by senators tom cotton and david perdue and the president publicly supported it last week. it favors immigrants who speak english and have work skills. it works on a points system. you're trying to get 30 points for consideration to work in the u.s. having a bachelor's degree gets you six points. speaking english perfectly gets you 12. a nobel prize gets you 25 points but only a nobel for something in science, literature does not count. olympic medals count but not in team sports. it has to be in individual. and very important age. 50 years and older no points. i added up my own actually. i'm short of the points needed to enter the united states as an
6:51 am
immigrant. we examine the president's tweets, executive orders on "today in the bay." we'd love to hear from you. contact me on twitte twitter @scottmcgrew. >> you're not going anywhere. stick around. >> we have some people who want to talk to you. >> you might be a nobel prize winner but only in science. >> good news when it comes to some of the crashes that mike has been following this morning. they are clearing but now the backup remains. >> the backup does not clear as quickly as the crashes clear. our thank you to c had hp, caltrans for making quick work of this. we have recovery now. all lanes have cleared westbound approaching treasure eisland. that is your commute direction but the backup continues. now we still see the red has disappeared and the orange zone because the metering lights are on, very slow right now keeping traffic held up over here. but now recovery over 880 and 580 through the maze. that's one slow drive. the other one just cleared seconds ago. i had time to change this sign. south 680 and highway 84. you are jammed up coming up
6:52 am
through off the dublin interchange. that's the worst of the drive here and getting over to the san mateo bridge you may want to take that instead of the bay bridge because that is one alternate for you. let's look at waze. there was a crash recently over there at 92 and there's the backup forming there. so waze has some interesting alternates for you coming out of san ramone and down to fremont. waze says if you're willing to follow verbal directions they'll take you on a more interesting route. you can get your information and check wherever you're going, whenever you're leaving and that is an important thing to do before you hit the road as well. join nbc bay area wazers. that is our team for traffic. as far as our team for weather, kari, we're on your team as well. what do you have? >> i think people will like this weather so, yeah, they'll want to be on my team. we'll start out with temperatures in the low 60s this morning. mostly cloudy skies. and we'll be at 60 degrees as you head out the door right now in the tri-valley and we're seeing the clouds all around the bay area but that will be clearing up as we go into this
6:53 am
afternoon with high temperatures today heading for 87 degrees in concord. san jose up to 82 degrees. palo alto 79 degrees. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. you'll want to check out as you make plans for this week how our temperatures warm up a few degrees in parts of the bay but in san francisco a nice cool 67 degrees. as we take a live look outside in san jose right now you're starting out in the closet getting ready and it it will be a good day for a hat either to give you some shade from that afternoon sunshine or if you're in san francisco you had that fog and it may start drizzling for a while. long sleeves will be fairly comfortable as our temperatures feel cooler but you may be rolling them up later on today unless you're going to be out at san francisco at at that ti&t p. here is a live look this morning and it's all quiet now but it will be rocking as we play later on this evening, first pitch at 7:08. it will be broadcast right here on nbc bay area, stays mostly cloudy and those temperatures in the upper 50s, wear some extra
6:54 am
layers. and for the north bay we'll have some patchy fog to start out. warming up into the low 80s today. san francisco keeps the 60s throughout the week. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, and a little bit warmer for the inland areas. by thursday we'll reach the peak of our temperatures up to 93 degrees. sam and laura? >> all right. right back up we go. thank you, kari. 6:54. coming up a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including safety concerns at a bay area park after a large tree limb fell on to a mother and her child during a picnic. the reason it could have been much worse. >> but first, happening right now a developing story. this comes out of san diego where an off-duty deputy is recovering after being shot in the torso. he was walking with a group of people when a suspect confronted him with a gun. the deputy wrestled with the person and several shots went off. the suspect fled from the scene. and this morning disney facing a legal complaint for allegedly tracking kids through their app. a concerned parent filed a complaint saying their
6:55 am
children's personal information was sold to third parties. the children's online privacy protection rule bans the collection of kids' personal information without their parents' consent. we'll see where this goes.
6:56 am
6:57 am
♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. . welcome back on your monday here before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> we're live at the lake
6:58 am
merritt b.a.r.t. station where police announced new clues to catch a man accused of attacking riders. this is breaking news we've been following since we came on aarp 4:30. take a look. investigators say the suspect is dangerous and randomly attacking riders. they say over the weekend he walked up to two different people punching one rider and attacking another with a bolt cutter. the man attacked -- the attack happened at the embarcadero station and the bay fair station in san leandro. a live look from google's headquarters in mountain view where an internal memo is making waves around the world today. that is a ten page, what's been dubbed a man fifesto written byn anonymous engineer that seems to call on the company to end its gender diversity efforts to stir up emotions in an ongoing debate about a male-dominated culture in silicon valley. google executives are denouncing the memo. a mother and her 2-year-old child recovering after a large
6:59 am
tree limb fell on them during a company picnic. it happened saturday at atherton's menlo college. it snapped and came crashing down. the situation could have been worse. jups before the limb fell there were more than 20 people seated under that tree. a lot of them had gotten up to move to a different activity. >> a check of weather and traffic here to close the show. mike has some better news for drivers. first, mild conditions, maybe some sunshine today. >> a little bit of sunshine in san francisco. clouds, fog, and even drizzle. the marine layer much deeper this morning to start out. and some mid-80s for the inland areas. >> and recovering from the two sig alerts. >> the first on the bay bridge. we're actually having good recovery up the incline but still tough coming through the maze. be prepared for a little extra slowing there and a lot of extra slowing south 680 through pleasanton. an hour into fremont but the crash has cleared. >> we'll be back in hatch an
7:00 am
hour with a local news update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. get that workweek start ed off n the right foot here. good morning. breaking overnight, north korea responds to harsh, new sanctions imposed by the u.n., vowing revenge against the u.s. and refusing to curb its nuclear program. as secretary of state rex tillerson warns the patience is running out. picking u up the pieces. a shopping center in oklahoma levelled by a rare late summer tornado. dozens injured. the severe weather racing east. in custody. two men from elite universities behind bars in california, in connection with a mysterious murder in chicago. the fugitives surrendering after a week on the run. what was the motive? all that, plus extreme flying, turbulence hospitalizes


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