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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 8, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a major milestone across the pacific right now at 11:00, breaking news. a major milestone across the pacific. perusse use intelligence officials, the u.s. has designed a miniature weapon to fit inside a missile. miniaturizing weapons does not necessarily mean north korea has an accurate intercontinental ballistic missile yet. days ago the u.s. slapped sanctions on north korea because of their intercontinental ballistic missile tests. good morning and thank you
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for joining us on our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we'll continue following that news. here at home, police are searching for a gunman who killed a father of four right in front of his wife. pete suratos is there am midday. at quimby and white road, a lot of folks knew him. >> reporter: yes, he was well known in the community. police are still looking for that gunman, but we know this victim was owner of this liquor store. you can see flowers coming in really in the past half hour in memorial of this man who has passed away. let's get to information, at least, that we know as of this time. they're saying the shooting took
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place just before 11:00 p.m. on the 2800 block of quimby road where he was pronounced dead on the scene at his liquor store. details from police are limited at this time as they investigated the matter. kris actually spoke to lee's brother who said the victim's brother is actually who shot him. >> he just had dinner. he laid down on the floor to rest inside. and his wife. and the guy come over. >> reporter: and from there the brother claims the suspect asked lee to open the cash register, which he refused to do, and he was subsequently shot by this suspect. lee is the father of four and
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husband. you see this memorial of flowers as they continue to come in. we know the police's homicide unit will take the lead on this investigation. at this time the motive behind this shooting is unknown. we're live in san jose, pete suratos, bay area news. >> i was tweeting updates from the scene all morning long as we learned the details. you can follow me on twitter or nbc bay area on twitter or facebook to get the latest on all the breaking news. these are live images you're looking at from the streets of brussels and belgium. there are reports that police in that city shot at a car full of explosiv explosives. it is a calmer scene now as police respond. this happened after a high-speed chase through a suburb in the city. the vehicle ended up getting stuck in traffic. the driver reversed the car into
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a police cruiser. a police spokesperson said after the officers opened fire, they got the driver out and the suspect immediately said there were explosives inside the car. what's going on right now, you have a bomb disposal squad on the scene and it's using robotic bomb detection to try to search that vehicle and clear the area for all of the people nearby. brussels has been on high alert since 32 people were killed in separate suicide attacks at that city's airport and a metro station. that happened in 2016. we'll be keeping our eye on this all morning long. also new at 11:00, look at the damage left behind after a minivan here crashed into an auto shop in hayward. our sky ranger was on the scene over mission and gray way. it happened this afternoon, carving a hole in the side of the store. the driver drove through a window, even hit a vehicle ng
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inside the window. a passenger suffered minor injuries. it will be a little cool at least through the weekend. >> a look at the golden gate bridge. all we see right now, fog socking in the classic bridge. let's turn it over to kari hall. we thought some of this might clear up, kari? >> yeah, that's fogust in full effect. the low visibility continues along the coastline and in san francisco. may even still be driz lizling, too. clear for sunol. temperatures now in san jose at 72 degrees, heading to 83 for this afternoon. as you get out there and you start to make some plans, we'll be in the low 80s by early afternoon. then those temperatures will slowly start to cool down as we go through the day, but overall
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it's going to be very nice. beautiful afternoon. we will get a little bit warmer over the next couple days. i'll talk about that and a cooler week ahead that's coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, kari. new at 11:00, a man accused of killing two children in a hit and run last night in concord was back in court this morning, but the case has been continued to next month. 35-year-old wilson is accused of hit and run and driving under the influence. he struck a dodge on the highway, killing 3 and 5-year-old boys. the driver suffered serious injuries as well. >> every emotion you can think of, i'm feeling it right now because i'm hurt, because i'm missing my children, so it's
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very hard to be in the same room. >> again, she lost her 5 and 10-year-old boys and is still taking care of her three-month-old baby who was seriously injured. she wore a shirt with their pictures to court and says her world has been shattered. there are still aftershocks being felt this morning after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck western china near a famous park. that quake hit a region bordered by the provinces nearby. no reports of injuries or damage at this point. back home now, some dramatic video to show you. this is a two-story fire of an east oakland home. you can see the intensity of that. the two-alarm fire started about 10:30 last night.
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you can see the scaffolding on the outside of it. to show how intense the flames are, firefighters had to call in for extra help to extinguish it. it's on seminary avenue and international boulevard. at this point there are no injuries. police thinks there might have been squatters living in that home. we bring you the arrest of a man who was connected to two stations, one at embarcadero. most of them happened yesterday, at night. the mcarthur station, san leandro, bikes were taken at three stations. bart police are investigating all those incidents. continual criticism over an internal document written by an
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employee who contends that men are biologically better suited for tech and leadership than women. we've been covering the story since it broke this weekend, but as nbc correspondent jo lin kim reports, the outlook is google in the silicon valley. >> reporter: after what's being called a sexual manifesto written by a google engineer was received by the press. he says women on average are month prone to anxiety and look for the work-life balance while men have a better chance at status. james demoore was fired overnight for perpetuating gender stereotypes. google ceo responded in an e-mail to employees, saying the manifesto violated its code of
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conduct and crossed the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace. google added, we are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company. the labor department is already suing google over pay discrimination, alleging systemic compensation dispari disparities against women across the work force. google denies the allegation. kate houston worked at google in canada and australia from 2014 to 2016. she left because of what she called a mysogenous culture. >> the push is that women can't be engineers, we're not welcome. >> reporter: the controversy comes just months after they ousted the ceo, brought by susan fowler of discrimination and harassment at the company.
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fowler reacted to the google trauma that there were more white men in engineering because white men were simply more suited for engineering than others. uber declined to comment on the tweet but called her original allegations abhorrent and against everything uber stands for. the company launched a national investigation. now this former google engineer has a message for all. >> you're good at your job and you should not let these men tell you otherwise. >> that was jo ling kent reporting for uber. it is currently searching for a new ceo to replace her. the people up for grabs are men. he's back, david letterman back on tv. up next, why the funny man is planning something new and where you can catch it. the former ceo at uber says he's coming back.
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uber says, no, you're not. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come
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together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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=runs 4= =cont vo= ad-lib numbers =sam/2shot= travis kalanick - who had to leave his post as uber ceo - reportedly the stock markets right now just continuing an absolute tear in recent months. the dow jones industrial average has peaked up a little bit right now, just under 5 points at 22,123. they're going for ten straight days of positive gains on the dow. >> no wonder they're clapping. >> everyone is in a good mood right now. travis cal says he would be if he could return to his post. the former uber ceo told friends position. >> that's what steve jobs did, too. >> that's right, steve jobs was fired from apple, came back and made apple better than ever. calnick has reportedly said he wants to pull a steve jobs and come back to uber. he didn't leave entirely, he's
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still on the board, but fellow board member who co-found uber with him wrote a letter to employees and slammed the door shut on calonick returning as ceo. "despite rumors, i'm you've seen in the news, he is not returning to uber. tesla is offering junk bonds to fund its purchase of new equipment, to build the model 3 and build more batteries for it. tesla sometimes spends its own money, sometimes it uses stock. but it hopes to make up for it with more car sales. tesla owes five to ten times what it makes every year. there are lots of voice
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assistants around, mostly from amazon and google. apple is working on one as well. but guys, amazon has a huge head start. >> i would say. well, david letterman is back. the former host on cbs will host a major show on netflix. he will host a three-episode series with lengthy interviews. the show is yet to be named but it will debut sometime next year. 70-year-old letterman hosted "the late show" from 1993 to 2015. stephen colbert replaced him after he stepped down. i miss him. >> i miss him, too. i'm interested to see what his next act is. >> he's not doing it for the money. >> no, i think he's set. airbnb has said there certainly are limits when it comes to who can book on their site. kkk members are not wanted. they have canceled book lodgings
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for people planning to attend a kkk rally this weekend in charlottesville, virginia. airbnb are also kicking those people off the site completely. the company has a strict discretion when it comes to who can use it. sleep apnea is blamed for a train crash in new york city. the employee was no longer behind the controls. they are rolling out testing for the severe disorder which can cause daytime drowsiness. it's part of president trump's program to slash federal regulations. exactly six months from today, kris, the torch is going to be lit for the opening ceremony for the 2018 olympic games in pyongyang, south korea. in just rolls off the tongue. dozens of athletes in california are training for the games as we speak. >> we would like to claim them
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all, i'm sure. nick taylor is a hayward native and an accomplished track athlete who is looking to make a switch to bobsledding. he's pushing cars as part of his off-season training. that's weird because that's how i train, too. >> me, too. >> his wife is a two-time bobsled winner in the two-person bobsled. nick says even with such an experienced partner, switching sports has been harder than he expected. >> it was a lot harder than i originally planned. i'm not going to lie. originally i thought it was going to be pretty easy, because look at the mechanics. okay, you're just kind of running on ice, it shouldn't be that hard, but it is extremely difficult. >> how cute is he? and how cute are they? >> we love them. >> nic and elena made history in 2013 as making the bobsled
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championships at the same time. stick around as we get ready for the 2018 olympic games. garvin thomas will be going to pyeongchang for the olympics. take a look at this. there is still snow at lake tah tahoe. squaw valley alpine meadows posted this, saying, snow from last winter could stick around until the first snow of 2017-2018 strikes. >> yesterday we saw people dressed up in bathing suits skiing through the very last remnants of snow. at this point it's probably a little patchy to be doing that, but you never know. >> you see the skiers, they're skiing down and suddenly that snow ends and it's just dirt. then you see the people at the resorts just swimming in the pool and playing golf. so it's a mixture of whatever you want to do in this area. we're enjoying nice weather here
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as we take a look outside at anderson reservoir. really bright, beautiful day. we started with clouds and that spot has cleared out. take a look at my view from pacifica. you can't see anything right now. visibility very low and it's 59 degrees. in palo alto it's 68 degrees. oakland is now at 63 degrees. 71 in livermore and san jose at 72 degrees. the 7-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen starting in the south bay looking at what to expect over the next few days. it's just a little bit warmer now than it was yesterday. and at this time in some spots, we're at about two degrees warmer in san jose and livermore, but gilroy is two degrees cooler. i would imagine some of those breezes are coming over from watsonville and cutting through some of those mountain gaps. jacksonville dealing with cool fog, so it's cooler there as well. we're headed to 86 degrees in east san jose. in morgan hill, 82 to 89 degrees
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so a very warm afternoon. oakland reaching up to 73 degrees, and in san mateo 75, mission district up to 68 degrees and the north bay as warm as 85 in napa. as we take a live look outside at at&t park, we're seeing the low clouds and drizzle still happening, and i think that will linger. we get a little bit of clearing and roll back in in time for the game tonight. it starts at 7:15. it will only be 59 degrees, and at the same time on the other side of the bay, the a's will be doing their first pitch and it will be at 65 degrees. a little bit warmer, a little bit more sun, but it will be mostly cloudy and cool over the next few days. if you're making beach plans, maybe going to santa cruz, it will be in the 70s. but our temperatures will be cooling down as we head to the weekend. san jose stays in the 60s for the 7-day forecast and then the warmer spots into the upper 80s. lower 90s for the end of the week, and then our temperature trend will be going down for the
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end of the weekend and early next week. we'll talk more about that and i'll have another look at the forecast, coming up. right now a family that is dealing with an unimaginable loss. their third grader committed suicide. the school did nothing to prevent bullying. the action that family is doing to keep this from happening again. happening now, president trump just tweeted minutes ago saying, "after รง200 days rarel has any administration achieved what we have achieved, not even close. don't believe the fake news suppression polls." our polls do show the president's approval ratings have hit a new low and that a majority of americans don't believe news from the white house. he said he was forced to kidnap the british model and sell her. he did it to treat his leukemia. romanians said to kidnap that model and that he only tried to
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help her.
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old boy to hang himself from his bunk bed? his heartbroken parents suggest in a new lawsuit -- his cincinnati what could cause an eight-year-old boy to hang himself from his bunk bed in his home? his heartbroken parents
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suggested a lawsuit that his school did not do enough to protect him from constant bullying. >> his parents have filed a lawsuit against the school saying the treacherous environment caused their young son to take his own life. >> reporter: gabriel was just eight years old when he took his own life in january. according to his parents, this video shows the third grader being bullied at school two days earlier. here's gabriel's mom shortly after his death. >> he probably didn't want to say, mom, someone is bullying or picking on me, you know. he just didn't know how to tell me. >> reporter: this morning gabriel's parents are suing the school district saying in part that school officials not only knew that student on student degrading was rampant, especially in the student bathrooms, but chose to cover it up. >> he shouldn't have to suffer like this in third grade. he was a great student. he loved school.
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but as the bullying progressed, it really became torture for him and they had no idea that was happening. >> reporter: the school video shows gabriel knocked unconscious in the school bathroom, lying on the floor for nearly seven minutes while other kids kicked and poked him. the officials at the school said they only knew that was happening after they were told of his death. they found him lying on the floor. a school nurse checked him out, found no abrasions and told his parents he had fainted. the school, she said, is becoming a culture of violence. >> i went to the school, i present to the principals. i even called the school board. i've not gotten a call back. >> it's not a safe school. it's not. it needs to be investigated severely. >> reporter: prosecutors investigated gabriel's death and did not bring any charges. they are reviewing procedures regarding adult supervision in the restrooms and is committed
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to student safety and a positive learning environment. >> the family hoping for a jury trial and is seeking unspecified damages. the school district says it has no further comment now that that lawsuit has been filed. coming up, a dog shot in the head by a security guard. they say they were defending themselves, but the question is, were they justified? we have the exclusive story and video of that shooting. a dog was shot by a brink )s
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security guard. the guard says the 119 pound bull mastiff was lunging at him. only on nbc bay area, a dog was shot by a brinks security guard, and the guard said the 110-pound bull mastiff was lunging at him. >> his owner said the dog just wanted some attention and wanted to be petted. nbc bay area cheryl hurd has this exclusive story. >> she took the opportunity to go visit the neighbor without my permission. >> reporter: no collar, no
11:31 am
leash. this 110-pound bull mastiff named betty started heading straight toward engels and yosemite when she encounters two brinks guards. >> i went running after her, and when i turned the corner, i heard a bang and a yelp. >> reporter: when the dog owner got there, he saw betty was shot in the head. >> there were two security guards looking guilty as heck, and i said, did you shoot a dog? and the one fellow said, yeah, i shot the dog. i said, why would you do that? and he came up the story of her attacking his partner. >> reporter: we obtained surveillance video from a nearby camera. and before we show you what happened, we want to tell you the dog is okay. although the video is grainy, you can see the guard walking backwards. you can also see betty walking towards the guard and then passed him when she was shot. the police report says the dog lunged at the guard. the video doesn't show that.
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>> brinks, this fellow shouldn't be running around with a gun, how about that? you want reality, as somebody who is going to do that and then lie about it is beyond the pale. >> that was cheryl hurd reporting there. the next step for the department at this point is to turn the case over to animal control. that has not happened yet. we did reach out to brinks corporate headquarters twice. we have yet to get a response. developing now, san jose police say they are looking for victims of sexual assault and there could be more than they know right now. this follows the arrest of a man who they say claimed to be a doctor. police say ezekiel carbahol ran what he called a holistic service. the man says the charges surprised him because the suspect seemed like an intelligent person. that arrest took place last
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week, but police just announced it yesterday. they are calling on anybody else who might have been victimized by this man to call the department's sexual assault investigation unit. kris, this morning a northwestern university professor formally facing murder charges. wendell latham has waived his right to an extradition hearing so he should be back at chicago early next month. he pleaded not guilty to shooting a 26-year-old chicago man. >> what he has done is totally krib contradictory to the way he's lived his entire life. >> also wanted for homicide is andrew warren. warren has not been charged yet. belmont police are looking for an armed and dangerous man
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who was involved in a deadly shooting over the weekend. they want to question him about the deadly shooting of david jones in new york city. he was killed early saturday morning. let's go back now to breaking news we brought you at the top of the show. nbc news has confirmed that north korea has perfected a miniaturized weapon that fits inside missiles. that development marks a major step in the country's push to become a nuclear power. this does not necessarily mean north korea has the capability of accurately firing a nuclear-equipped intercontinental ballistic missile, or icbm, just yet. in the meantime, the united nations have put the strongest sanctions to date against the country so far. nbc's kelly kobea reports. >> reporter: north korea isn't backing down, and the question
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is will sanctions bite? kim jong-un lashed out against the sanctions package calling it a violent reaction to our sovereignty. they said, quote, there is no bigger mistake than the u.s. believing that its land is safe. the north korea north korns car two icbm tests last month. the u.s. believes north korea now has a intercontinental ballistic missile to reach the united states. they detected what they call highly unusual and unprecedented levels of submarine activity from north korea, including signs of a test launch from a submarine. ambassador nikki haley has called the sanctions package passed on sunday the single largest ever leveled against north korea. >> the resolution we've passed is a strong united step toward holding north korea accountable for its behavior. >> reporter: china, north korea's biggest trading partner, has the most to lose, and its
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foreign minister says they will take the hit and implement those sanctions. but if that doesn't happen, the next step could be imposing sanctions on chinese banks and other institutions that do business with north korea. still, it's unclear whether economic pain will be enough to force change. icallyly cobiella, nbc news, london. there is a new fight on terror. american troops are getting deeper into conflicts abroad. more marines are headed to afghanistan and the philippines where isis has now taken control. the u.s. military is expected to provide more support to afghan troops where the presence of isis continues to grow. there have been reports that president trump has been frustrated over his general's war over afghanistan and has repeatedly said america is losing the war there. here's secretary of state rex tillerson. >> to continue doing what we've been doing, the president is not willing to accept that. >> the u.s. is also providing
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training, equipment, and is considering airstrikes in the philippines where isis has taken control of part of the southern islands. new message today from alec tu turnbull, calling for a legalization of gay marriage in november or he'll do it himself. the parliament has rejected that idea but he's urging members to reconsider. he says if they don't, he'll put the measure on a ballot and campaign for a yes vote. that process in australia is called a plebocyte. >> people have different views on that fundamental measure. i respect their views and they're entitled to them. i will be voting yes. >> that would be a referendum, then, for the people to decide. turnbull's party ran on the promise of legalizing gay marriage through a national vote. back now in the bay area and
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a dire prediction about sapphire tilting the millennium tower. the highrise could tilt another 10 inches just in the next two years. they base that prediction on the extra two inches we report the tower is tilted so far this year. it was already tilting more than a foot in the first place. at this pace, attorneys said the building could end up leaning two feet or more. >> that unexpected tilt, i think, is very alarming and something that needs to be addressed from a court of many to say anything is safe. >> the developer said the tower is safe and they blame new construction, like the new trans bay term nearby -- for causing the millennium's sinking issue.
11:39 am
they hope to get positive feedback on the repairs. a surprising sinkhole cut into that town. at a meeting tonight, city council will hear suggestions about how to dig themselves out of that financial hole. >> speaking of digging themselves out of financial holes, would you pony up for this? the seawall needs billions of dollars of retrofitting, and now the city is considering asking taxpayers to pony up the money. city leaders are looking at a ballot measure for next year that would ask for $350 million. right now, san francisco assured $430 million in funding just for the first phase of that
11:40 am
project. a street in san francisco featuring multi-million-dollar home actually belongs to a couple. why did the couple buy those homes and what do they want to do with it. mark matthews has the unlikely story of what the couple plan to do with that street, next. >> reporter: the last time a house went up for sale here, the asking price was $16 million. that land sold for a relatively paltry $90,000 to michael chang and his partner. >> our initial goal was to buy it and hold onto it for a while. >> michael chang spoke to us via facefim in florida this afternoon. he said he and his partner were
11:41 am
using the street. >> that's not prohibited. >> reporter: they've been sending tax bills like this to 47 kearney street. we went to the address, which is a pilates studio, and the owner tells me the $14 million tax has been going to a home for years. >> it's negligence on the city's part not to post it. >> the homeowners have filed a lawsuit against the city auditor and tax collector for failing to tell them about the sale of the street. but a spokeswoman for the office says everything was done according to the law. >> it's uniform in every county in california how this happens, and it's really the property owner's responsibility to make sure that they're up to date on their taxes. >> mark matthews, nbc bay area
11:42 am
news. >> hard to top that story. it's pretty interesting. >> california leads in the number of women in minority owned businesses. that could be because of culture and lifestyle changes. many small businesses are struggling because of taxes and regulations built in by state legislature who has no business experience. >> your voice is desperately needed in making those decisions, because as of now ufr -- you have a lot of folks who have never been in that situation. it's easy when you don't know how that regulation is going to play out and affect the bottom line of a business owner. >> nearly 13% of all women-based businesses in the u.s. are based. >> we're really not enjoying
11:43 am
this, specially. the neighborhood is going to be slightly warmer there, up to 83. i'll have a look at the rest of the forecast, coming up next. a 25. >> what do you do if that never at the moral. if you want help, call us or visit nbcbay responds. >> how could they do that to a child? nbc bay area responds--
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to an el sobrante woman who says pfizer wouldn )t issue a promised 225-dollar rebate. ==sam/2shot== nbc bay area responds to a woman who says pfizer would not issue a promised $225 rebate. >> so our response team helped her out. consumer investigator chris gamora joining us with the story. chris? >> she bought two products from pfizer after the company told her she qualified for a rebate for each product. she received the first rebate for $225, but said she couldn't get the second one. since january she said she's made five phone calls, sent two letters and two faxes, all getting her nowhere. so she asked us to help. we contacted pfizer, and mary received that second rebate for $225. in a statement pfizer said patients are at the heart of their daily work and it's happy
11:47 am
they could quickly resolve the issue. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. 888-996-tips. we're on live at so kari, your big window on the world behind you says summer! in san francisco. >> well, yeah, it's august. >> that's true, in san francisco this is typical. >> and it's funny, someone in san francisco -- i won't throw your name out there -- is asking, when is it going to warm up? >> it was like 101 degrees a month ago. >> we're going to have more of that wide range in temperatures. all you have to do is make a short drive to get the whether y -- weather you want. in concord, 73 degrees. still feels comfortable if you're getting ready to head out the door. in oakland, 63 degrees, 67 in napa, santa rosa at 66 degrees. it's just about where we were
11:48 am
yesterday. in some spots a little bit warmer, other spots a little bit cooler. gilroy, you're feeling slightly cooler temperatures there. and the 7-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen starting in the south bay. we'll be feeling some upper 80s as we go into this afternoon and even the few low 90s. but we won't see many of those today. we'll be up to 89 degrees in morgan hill, hayward up to 77 degrees and danville 90 degrees there. in palo alto, expect a high of 80 degrees while san carlos will be at 77. looking hiatt the embarcadero today, 86 degrees. still waiting for those skies to clear. it will happen a little bit this afternoon but not for long. santa rosa heading up to 83 degrees. point reyes will sit at 66 dealings this afternoon. the rest of the afternoon is going to be gorgeous. nice, comfortable weather,
11:49 am
mostly sunny skies and our highs reaching into the upper 70s and lower 80s. cooling off quickly, we'll be dropping back into the lower 60s. we talked about snow still being left on the upper mountain in squaw valley. you see the swimming pool, the green grass and the snow on the mountain. there will be a chance of thunderstorms over the next couple of days, just a slight chance as our high temperatures reach into the mid-70s by the end of the week. you may have plans this weekend. we'll head to outside lands. we'll be featuring this and give you an overview what will happen for the weekend. once those winds pick up, you want to make sure you have on a nice, warm jacket. our highs -- then for the inland areas, a little more change in the temperatures. it will be fairly warm today and the next couple of days, but
11:50 am
then we are getting ready for a drop of those temperatures. we're enjoying a nice little break from that high heat we've had for most of the summer. don't count it all the way out just yet. it only the beginning of august. >> thank you, kari. we are just six months away from the 2018 olympics, as we mention ld.
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11:52 am
ceremony for the 20-18 olympic games.. ==sam//2 shot== well, this morning marks exactly six months before the opening ceremony for the 2018 olympic games. so excited. >> we are just soaring our way right there. nbc's jay gray has an update right now on the host city, team usa and outside factors that
11:53 am
could be seen in the next six months. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of fans will fill this city for the 2018 winter olympic games. and pyeongchang looks like it r it's ready. >> it's not the same issues that happened in rio. >> reporter: the venue is 97% complete. and the men and women who will compete there say they're just about ready as well. >> i'm looking forward to putting everything on the line. >> reporter: but there is another line just 150 miles or so from the host city, the border with north korea, where there is growing concern leading up to the games. global tensions high as the country continues ballistic missile tests, recently threatening the united states after u.n. sanctions were imposed. north korea officials saying they will teach the u.s., quote,
11:54 am
a severe lesson with nuclear strategic force if it takes military action. but for the athletes, politics aren't the focus. they just have one thing on their minds right now. >> let the games begin. >> reporter: jay gray, nbc news. >> the flying tomato. stick with nbc bay area for continuing coverage as we get ready for the 2018 winter olympic games. our own garvin thomas will be going to pyeongchang and he will track the athletes who have their sights set on olympic gold. he makes me cry regularly, right? >> now think of the stakes here. just imagine the possibilities. i can't wait to see that. >> buy stock in tissue. >> we'll be right back. no crying. who are these people?
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today -- actually - it )s the actor who played godzilla in the original 19-54 japanese movie. haruo hah-row nakajima nah- we are saying goodbye to godzilla today. actually, it's the actor who played godzilla in the original movie. he died today. he was 88 years old. he was a stunt actor when he was asked to play godzilla. he went to zoos to study how elephants and bears move. his character went on to become one of the most recognized character in cinema history. we have plenty of fog behind us right now. it will clear out eventually.
11:58 am
>> eventually, for a lgt while. >> have a great afternoon. see you tomorrow.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> ah! i can't! >> rachel lynn lindsey, will you be with me forever. >> yes! >> and marry me? >> yes. >> i love it. lynn lindsey. there she is, rachel got the proposal that she wanted. bryan got the final rose. we got a problem. america's not feeling that was the right choice. natalie is off today. mike is sitting beside me with our expert, ashley. huge night for bachelor nation. what went down there? >> okay. so


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