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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 10, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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out there this morning. >> more fog this morning. you know if you were sag i paying attention yesterday we had clearing for the south bay and late morning early afternoon. that's what we're going to see again today. a repeat of yesterday's weather. take a live look outside in san jose, still cloudy now and our temperature trend starts out now at 62 degrees heading up to 79. if you're making plans go out there r go out to the park and you like temperatures in the mid-70s, you goont out right before noon. it will be in the up ef 70s later today about 3:00 reaching our high temperature. we will talk more about this and look around the bay area but mike is also starting out in san jose. that looks be a great lunchtime forecast we're looking at a great traffic flow with one exception. westbound 237 that may be blocking one lane we have an accident. word is an initial report saying there's a crash and leave wung vehicle -- leaving one lane, the middle lane, westbound 237 around north first. we hope that can get cleared
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quickly but chp wasn't on scene in the last couple minutes. we see the build happening. over here we do have the disabled vehicle in the center divide south 680 cal var ras, a mild slowing. the earlier tanker that was block the slow lane was approaching castro valley "y" and hayward show the commute as pretty typical an easy drive right there. and over here we're just above 20 minutes as far as travel time from highway 4 down to the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. back to you. it's 6:01. we are following breaking news out of the north bay. >> that's where marin county sheriff's deputies are search willing right now for a mission 16-year-old girl who was last seen yesterday. here is an image of that girl tweeted out in the last few minutes. authorities identify her as sarah-jane tang. she was last seen on mount tam mall pie yas. as you can see from the image she was wearing that gray lowell high school sweatshirt at the time. search and rescue teams are
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trying to find her right now. we continue to monitor breaking news out of the south bay this morning where two workers from san jose international airport are recovering after they were exposed to carbon monoxide. >> we first broke that stoir at 4:30 this morning. kris sanchez joins us live and at the last few minutes we're our first look at where this incident happened. >> reporter: we sought area and it's knots surprising there was a buildup of carbon monoxide given the way that it looked. we're out side terminal "a" where you can see travelers are unaffected fwhi carbon monoxide situation. it happened in a secure work area on a lower level. that's show that you picture that san jose spokes woman just sent to us this morning. it's an area where workers were using that gas-powered saw and clooer clearly with all that visqueen there was not enough ventilation for that carbon mow knox stied dissipate. the workers reported headaches and lightheadedness. they were taken to the hospital as a precaution, the work site
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was shut down. they are expected to be okay. now, the san jose airport spokes woman told us that the fire department testing revealed higher than normal levels of carbon monoxide. they ventilated the area with fans and fresh air through the doors. those were monitored by security guards because it is a secure part of the airport. you wouldn't want to create a different kind of hazard in that kind of situation. but this really is a good reminder for all of russ of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning it's called the invisible killer. i posted the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and where could build up in your own home on my twitter page. and as you're making your mental chore list for the weekend, if you're iegz gas-powered tool like a lawnmower or leaf blower make sure you're well-well ventilate and that the gases can dissipate. don't start it in a closed garage or shed. and even if you're not doing chores, maybe just get up on a
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chair and test your carbon monoxide monitor and make sure it's working the way it it's shoes supposed to. i'm doing that when i get home today at noon. thank you, kris. 6:04 right now. developers reportedly making new real estate deals in connection to google's planned expansion in san jose. >> the empire just grows. the city is currently working to approve a new commuter village near diridon station and acarding to news, gag will's partner recently purchased a parcel right behind diridon. you see it on the map. that makes it about ten recent google related acquisitions in the same area surround the the sap center. today we could learn more on what is next for the proposed extension from bart to livermore. the bart board of directors expected to reveal an update at today's meeting. the proposal would extend bart about five milds east along 580 to livermore. they say prot jukt would bring improvements to the local bus system. honoring the first on scene.
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today san francisco mayor ed lee is going to be recognizing those first respondering who bravely rushed into action during a shooting recently at a ups facility. that happened in june. three people were killed in that workplace shooting. police say the victims were targeted by a fellow driver. jim lamb killed himself when he was confront by police. today's memorial is going to be held at city hall. right now a terrifying crime in the north bay toile about. police trying to track down the suspect who attacked a jogger in san rafael. here's a photo of that suspect. it was provided to us by police. they say the victim was on a path behind pickle weed park near the target store there back in june when the suspect came up behind her and several times grabbed her body. fortunately the 46-year-old woman was able to fight back. each time and eeventually got away. is police also released this sketch of the suspect. he's described as 20 years old, husband sky with close-set eyes. the photo we just showed you may be the biggest clue.
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it was taken by a witness smortly after that attack happened. live to washington, d.c. this morning. the pentagon now has a plan to deal with the escalating tensions with north korea. officials tell nbc if president trump orders it, the u.s. will be ready to strike first but is that the best option? >> a lot of questions up in the air this morning today in the bay's tracie potts joining us live from washington, d.c. tracey, is north korea backing off of its threat or not? good morning. >> reporter: no, not at all. the pentagon has a plan, if necessary, to strike first. and north korea is putting together a plan to strike the u.s. territory of guam. now, instead of backing off, they're actually doubling down. >> that would fire, fewer roy -- >> calling president trump's fire and fury warning a lod load of nonsense, north korea issues a new, more specific threat, a show of force promising to fire four missiles into the waters
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surrounding the u.s. territory of guam. guam's governor on fox. >> there is concern and worry, but there's no panic. >> defense secretary james mattis warns north korea will lose any conflict it initiates. >> they're not going to make an out of the blue strike against the united states, japan, guam, or soak becauuth korea because w that's national suicide. >> back up cot u.s. act first? multiple sources tell nbc the pentagon has prepared a preemptive strike plan involving b-1 bombers targ r targeting missile launch sites in north korea. critics fear there's a bad move. >> kim jong-un would be compelled to respond, he would lash out militarily, that's a bad set of outcomes from where we sit today. >> the safer alternative were diplomacy. u.s. diplomats aren't giving up on avoiding a military conflict. >> reporter: now while the
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secretary of state rex tillerson seemed to be trying to bring down the tone of those heated comments from president trump, the state department says what he's saying and what president trump is saying are both on the same page. sa thank you very much. of course stay with us for that continuing coverage of this drep developing story on air and online at we're updating our website and our facebook and twitter feeds 24/7. it is 6:08 now. all cloudy skies around the bay area starting out this morning, even some patchy fog as we take a look now at the san mateo bridge. it's 60 one degrees in the middle of the screen, 58 in san francisco, also 58 in the north bay. we're going to see throws high temperatures today reaching into the low 80s in the north bay, 82 degrees in concord, antioch, 87 degrees with some upper 70s in the tri-valley. and the soj bay, palo alto up to 78 degrees and san francisco 64.
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as we move into the weekend it gets a touch cool her some spots. i'll talk about and that also some clearing in the forecast. but as we move over to mike now we're updating what's happening out there on the roads. that's rights. we're starteding in south bay again because we still track this crash west 237 and chp is not yet on scene. that wide look you just saw showed you overall the bay looks great and in fact they're sorting themselves out as you're approaching north first street so most of the slowing rippled back to 237 coming right off of 880 'so that's a smoother drive. we may have those moving to the shoulder but chp has yet to confirm that information. now, getting over toward 238, both 237 and 238 is off the cast crow valley "y" it's just a general slower build coming out of castro valley. as the moves towards hayward there's a lower on 880 as well. heading towards maybe the san mateo bridge. the only slowing we see is across the bay bridge because of the volume of traffic coming through the toll plaza where
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those metering lights are on. back to you. coming up next, ine emproving education for our kids, so important there's a new initiative out now in the bay area today that would help kids all over california. plus ahead of google calls for an all hands meeting to discuss that controversial memo. we'll bring you up to speed when "today in the bay" dinz.
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it's 6:12 on your thursday morning with a cloudy start as
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we take a live look outside in san jose. let's go to the neighborhood of kam campbell this morning to look at the temperature trend as you make plans this morning, you're getting up and outthe door and it's going to be in the mid-60s but we'll be in the high 70s this afternoon with a high of 82 degrees. we're enjoying a lot of time outdoors before school starts again at the end of next week. and travel times for the north bay, how 237 jamming typical as folks kind of squeeze on that bridge. that's for highway 37. i'll give you an update for 237 in the south bay where that crash is coming up. tab a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning where the commute is just getting started, but there's an incentive to clean up vehicle emissions. every year the bay area air quality management district offers money to businesses and individuals to reduce tail pipe
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emissions. $4 million is the offer this yooek year for a shuttle bus and ride sharing companies 'the money comes from an clean air fund. the dmv collects from car veg administrations. this year's deadline to apply is one month from tomorrow. the teaching of california history is about to receive a huge investment in its future. san francisco assembly member announce a new $5 million grant to create freon line resources about the golden state district. the new partnership is going to be headed by the california historical society which hosts today's announcement. san francisco schools are helping to provide the financial grant. tesla is reportedly develop a long-haul electric semitruck that can drive itself. the truck could also move in a convoy that automatically follows a lead vehicle. tesla met with officials this week and say it's getting close to test a proto stiep in nevada. musk tweeted the truck would be
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unveiled in september but didn't say it would be self-driving. tesla is late, uber already has self-driving trucks. >> truck driver as a job could have a bleak future. >> if the government lets robotic trucks on the road, it shou sure would be fwhau would extend to things like bussans trains as billion well. uber has self-driving trucks because it bought the company auto just about a year ago exactly. it says the compute nertz trucks cost about $30,000 per truck, that's less than an entry level trucker makes in a single year. 3.5 million americans drive trucks professionally. before the markets opened yet yesterday we told you about all the interest from different countries in the thaad missile that's designed right here in the south bay in sunnyvale. we said watch shares of lockheed and indeed lockheed hit an all time high on wednesday. overall stocks fell, could you blame disney's mediocre results just as much as angry talk
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between kim jong-un and trump. google ceo will hold an all hands meeting today about that memo rin by a former google engineer that said google was not recognizing the difference dollars between men and women. google fired him for it. here you see file of the ceo. some conservatives saz it was unfair, that he was just ufrg r offering his opinion. now, here's a ceo not involved in the crory that i often turn to on hr matters. he says it's a tough balance. >> there's definitely room in companies for controversial ideas around diversity. but sometimes diverse ideas and free speech cross the line and they become threatening, they become hostile and then there's -- that's not appropriate, you know. if you want to create inclusive belonging environment, you've got to create a sense of safety and if you have certain employees that are creating a threatening environment, you violate that sense of safety inside your company. >> live pictures of google this
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morning, i did a search around for somebody who would support the memo on the record. i found people who do but they wouldn't go on camera. several did say, read the memo, you may disagree with it, you may be appalled but at least you should treed to know why you're upset. it's easily found online. >> all right. >> very interesting conversation that will be continued. thank you very much, scott. let's show you some antics going on from a very popular basketball team, an official team are you they can ball. a wild stunt here from the harlem globetrotters. you can see the members toss the ball down from a helicopter ter and sink the ball. that was 210 feet. why do we tell you it's 210 feet? because it breaks the record for the highest basketball shot ever made from an aircraft which did you know there was a category for that in the first blaise? >> no, i didn't. that's amazing. >> i just wonder how did he factor in the winds. >> that's what i was think rrgt wind draft. >> how many shots did he take. >> i was wondering should that
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person who made the shot get credit or should the meteorologist he consulted with get credit. >> or the helicoptertor pilot, you know, any of those things. >> it's a team effort, exactly. >> we are moving forward here way very similar familiar looking forecast. i think we like it. i haven't heard any complaints, i just checked facebook i haven't heard any complaints. >> now you're asking for it. ? >> yeah, so people are going to be like it's too cool. okay. well reel we'll try satisfy everybody here look at some fog right now, looking live from sunol, and we're going to going above the fog to start out looking from mount hamilton over the south bay you can see that cloud cover still over the whole south bay and much of the bay area at this point. we're in the upper 50s to lower 60s as you head out the door, the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. and it's going to be very nice and comfortable once we shake all of the fog and clouds throughout the morning. we'll be up to 80 degrees in napa while oakland will be at 69, 78 degrees in palo alto, and
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livermore and san jose looking for highs in the upper 70s. so as we break down the day for oakland, starting out with some clouds at 8:00 and it will be still in the lower 60s, up to 65 degrees at noon and we'll have some nice breezes throughout the day as our high temperatures stay in the upper 60s and by 8:00 it cools down to 63 degrees. heading to the north bay, the sonoma county fair happening, that continues in santa rosa today and it will be in the low 80s throughout the avenue noon, bright sunshine, a great day 10 to joy these last few days of summer with the kids going to the county fair. now if you're just going to pend the day alone or with your friends going koffel golfing in the tri-valley it's going to be in the low 80s today. as we make plans for weekend we have the escape from alka traz happening and it's going to be school. water temperatures in the low 60s and air temperatures about the same. and then throughout the next several days we stay in the 60s in san francisco, no changes in the fog while the inland areas
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will get a little bit cooler to start out next week. mike has no better news for the south bay. that's right. as if their commute wasn't good enough we have a nice retreat for 237. 6:20 and aye a light commute all around the bay. lighting up for west 237 from that earlier crash, no major injuries and impact. a little slowing off 880 that's recovering. you'll see some slowing off the interchange and right now it's nt enough to trigger any of our sensors. we'll show you waze and show you how things are shaping up. getting across from berkeley and san francisco you can go across the bay bridge. there's still the backup at the toll plaza 43 minutes on that particular route. a much longer route but it's only a 15 minute difference. 'was 20 minutes earlier so as things get more congested across the bay bridge that might be an alternate if the check with weighsa pd maj sure you get your alternates now. nbc wazers that's our team, we're working together. back to you. thanks so much.
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it's 6:20. coming you up next, men knew makeover, the steps popular chain restaurants are taking to offer healthier menu options for families. the city of san jose reverses course over controversial fireworks fines. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. >> and we're having a little bit of fun on twitter this morning. >> i snapped a screen grab of our yellow and bluen sembles, there was no precoordination going on here. totally spur of the moment. you can follow the conversation head to #sam nbc bay area. you are watching. today in the bay"
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we were the first to report that san jose had come under . welcome back, everyone, it's 6:24 right now. reverse sing course. we were the first to report that san jose had come under fire for handing out dozens of fireworks fines with little or no evidence that a violation even occurred. the city of san jose let folks report one another online. now that's $500 fines that resulted are being dismissed. consumer investigator chris chmura explains the reasoning behind the city's reversal. >> good morning in the is absolutely an about-face. the lawyer who had set his sites on suing the city over the $500 fines tells us he just got a letter from the city saying it will back off. let's show that you letter. in it city attorney rick doyle tells private attorney jik
6:25 am
macmcmahon nus that san jose will dismiss all citations that it based off of online complaints and it will reimburse fuel u all fines that have already been papd. the move comes after two weeks of pressure from frustrated residents who called the $500 citation which might have had zero investigation by a fire marshal unfair. a possible turning point came tuesday when this residential lengd the city council face-to-face and the mayor intervened. >> $500 is not toes come by in my house. >> let me sbrupt interrupt you. before you'll be required to pay a fine i believe we're going to be reaching out to you to resolve it. >> we have asked the city for comment but we have not been heard back. >> we've been told by at least one koul council member that a form ail announcement will be made later today and we will be there. this all started with a consumer tip to usnd you can file one too. call us at 888-996-tips orion
6:26 am
line at >> thank you very much, chris. it's 6:25 right now. new this morning we're getting word that popular chain restaurants are going a better job offering healthy options for kids. restaurants promise to make changes after doctors warned them about a national childhood obese sit at this time epidemic back in 2013. a new report just released this morning from the university of connecticut looked at whether restaurants followed through on those promises. according to the reports, none of the major chain's web sites were listing soda or soft drinks on kid's menus anymore. all of the chains had added at least one healthier alternative to their kids drink menus and a healthier side dish as well. so eat that brock coly up. >> definitely. that was my favorite dish as a kid. coming up next a busy on on today in the bay. we're tracking several breaking stories. there's a 16-year-old girl whose missing. we'll have new details we're learning about ann tense search for that mission teenager on
6:27 am
mount tam ma pie yas. >> reporter: developing news here in the peninsula where you can see there's a large police presence near brentwood city after a young man was shot twice, including at least once in the mouth. we'll have the latest details on the investigation coming up in a live report. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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including carpet and hardwood, tile, stone, even air ducts and window treatments. and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. that's 40% off everything coit cleans. call or click today. we )re off to a cool and foggy start in the bay area, but then it right now it's 6:30 we are off to a cool and foggy start in the bay area, but expecting a pleasant day ahead. take a live look outside
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overlooking downtown san jose. you can see that cloud cover i'm talking about. it's a nice start, though. good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. it's nice and it is gray for the time being, but we're hoping that sun is going to poke through at some point. kari hall joining us with a look at your forecast. got a complaint on facebook of the clouds, i want some sun. it's fogust and we are going to see those clouds lingering along the coast. 64 degrees today in san francisco and inland areas up to 79 degrees in san jose and livermore. also very nice in napa. temperaturewise we're up to 80 degrees with smooin sunshine breaking out by late morning. i'll have a look at the weekend forecast coming up in seven minutes. mike says his mid-section is growing. that's right. does this map make you look -- anyways we're looking at the mid-section of the map right here. a smooth drive for much of the bay, north bay and south bay but this milled part typical as you come off of 580, the tri-valley
6:31 am
and over toward the castro valley "y" that's where we're growing for the commute build and that's where we're seeing the speeds slow a little bit. no major issues after that crash cleared from 237 look at these travel times and mass transit a great option for you all around the bay. no delays reported for these agencies. back to you. we're following breaking news out of the north bay. >> that's where marin county deputies are searching right now for a mission 16-year-old girl who was last seen on a hike yesterday. this image was tweeted out of her a short time ago. her name is sarah-jane tang. deputies now tell us that about 30 search and rescue crew mepz members have been combing mount tam mall pie yas since midnight. she was hike yesterday when the two got separated. as you can see from this image she was last seen wearing that gray lowell high school sked sweatshirt. we have lieutenant pitman on the
6:32 am
phone. you can tell us where it stands right now. >> after a good six, seven hours searching throughout the night we're going to be calling in additional resources today. hopefully we'll get assistance from saerjd rescue teams from both alameda, contra costa and they'll come in and assist us this morning. we'll be adding air spup from the california highway patrol and we'll have people coming in to assist in our efforts this morning. we're hopeful that once daylight does come to us this morning that we'll be able to find her very quickly but as you previously mentioned just a few moments ago, we still have that fog hang offering us here in marin county especially up on mount tam and that's going to hinder our efforts for some time this morning getting some of those air assets up. >> we checked with kari hall temperatures up there overnight about 57 degrees. we're showing you the picture now of what she was wearing. now, she was with a friend, we understand, who had a cell phone. now, did is it believed that sarah-jane has a cell phone herself?
6:33 am
you're not picking up any pings? >> rl were can he with d. she is in fact in possession of a cell phone. our belief is that that phone may have gone dead. we did actively pingt phone last night and identified that she was up in the watershed area but it wasn't conclusive know to know exactly where. we did put our search tooemz teams in that area we thought we were going to find her we did not have success at this point back up we're going back there and keep searching until we did find her. >> hopefully she took some sort of shelter overnight and we'll kooep tabs on what's going on with the search ef to the. thank you so much for joining us this morning, lieutenant doug pit man with the marin county sheriff's department. >> we also continue, thank you, lit pitman to monitor breaking news on the peninsula. it's happening where a young man was shot in red wood city neighborhood early this morning. bob redell live at the scene. happening just off highway 101. bring us up to speed on the investigation there.
6:34 am
bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. we're here at the intersection of hoover and haven, the shooting taking place down the sidewalk about a good block and a half. as you look down the sidewalk you're going to see a trail of white cards. those are evidence markers set up by the redwood city police department and believe at least one of those mark sayers -- markers is a drop of blood. it came in as a 91 call, a disturbance call from neighborhoods. when the officers arrived they found a young man, 18 years old in front of a home here on the 3,500 block of hoover street, young man 18 years old shot twice, once in the leg, another time in the mouth. when i asked the detective what his condition was he said it was too early to tell because at the time this was now around 4:30 in the morning there are man was in surgery at the stanford hospital. didn't know what the result of that surgery was or what his condition was as a result. but as you can see back out here live, the crime scene is set up a good two blocks around this home where the shooting took
6:35 am
place. police are not releasing any information about suspects, but there are a lot of detectives, officers and crime scene techs out here collecting evidence from this scene, again, with this shooting taking place just before 2:00 this morning here in redwood city. one thing that police were looking for during the overnight hours was surveillance cameras from other people's homes to see if maybe some of those cameras if they do exist might have recorded and captured this crime. reporting live here in redwood city, bob redell, today in the bay. thanks for the latest there. it's 6:35 right now. new details this morning, being young pays off for bart riders, teen aimers that switch to clipper cards will get a fist% discount. the transit agency says that right now less than 1% of clipper card users take advantage of the current use discount. also starting next year there will be a 50 cent surcharge each way for paper tickets to bart is working to push people to go paperless and use those clipper cards. as we get ready, many of our kids to go back to school here,
6:36 am
a crush being blow for a local football team. this morning fremont police are working to find about $10,000 worth of stolen football equipment. they say someone broke into washington high school last month and robbed the team. those thefts were reported this week. the head coach says that there may not be enough equipment for all the players. >> we were missing around 15 helmets and probably over 35 shoulder pads. if our numbers were at a normal level, we wouldn't have enough equipment. but since the -- the levels are a little low, we have the equipment. >> all right. so they're okay for the time being. the coach says that if more students to make the team, they are going to have a problem on their hands. the school relies on fundraisers to buy that equipment. a new twist this morning on what was originally a bizarre story. on tuesday for some reason a man in santa rosa climbed a pg&e transmission tower, touched a power line and fell 80 feet to the ground. it started a grass fire and then
6:37 am
knocked out power for hundreds. the man suffered serious life-threatening injuries and now it turns out authorities have not been able to identify him. they're now asking the public for help. authorities describe him as a latino man in his mid to late 20s. he's being treated at uc davis medical center. 6:37 on your thursday morning and all knew a downtown san jose street has a pop-up bike lane, not going to be here for long, it is temporary. you can use it through the weekend. the bike lane runs aloung long fourth street from the san jose state campus all the way to sanlt james. according to mesh keury news, that temporary addition is part of a visit by the national association of city transportation officials. paper says that group is advising the city on ways to create a better biking network and they've installed this path as an example of that. all right. well i got plenty of paths outlined for you as well but mostly green to lead your way. that's great for your morning commute if the 6:30 sfooen we
6:38 am
have minor slowing. over here we have highway 4, coming out of pittsburg, concord mild slowing todd toward the walnut creek interchange. build of course towards the bay bridge were with those speeds coming down through burke lit times coming up a bit and we're just at 30 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on but the live shot the pattern is showing a lighter flow of traffic closest to us, those are the lanes off to the left, cash lanes. fast track is visibly moving. these are all good signs for a smooth drive out of maize into san francisco. standard operating procedure. >> that's okay. i like a good bay area morning because usually it burns off. it will clear out for a little while in san francisco and along the coast while inland areas are going to have some beautiful weather this afternoon. that continues into tomorrow as well. we have music on the square in redwood city. now, nbc bay area will be there with an ice cream truck.
6:39 am
you can stop by and get some free ice cream, live music too, and the weather will be perfect at 6:00. we'll be at 6 eight degrees in redwood city and mid-60s as we head into the end of the concert. outside lands alsoicing off tomorrow and in san francisco golden gate park it's going to be so crowded if you don't have your tickets you're probably out of luck. but we will still have a few clouds lingering throughout early afternoon, temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. breezy winds, make sure you dress for all kinds of weather, especially if you're going to be out there all day. and then tomorrow evening in san hoe say there's the jazz fest happening in downtown san jose. 5:00 we'll be at 77 degrees, very comfortable and then as the night goes on all clear skies and temperatures in the mid-60s. on zat coasts will be in the mid-60s as well, bay at 72 degrees and the inland areas in the low aits 80s. so we'll still be very comfortable. and then on sunday a touch cooler for the valley while the bay will be at 71 degrees.
6:40 am
if you're hid hitting the road this weekend, here's a live shot to heavenly. all clear skies we're going to be able to shake the chance for thunderstorms over the weekend so it looks like it stays mostly sunny, temperatures in the upper 70s, lower 80s. let me know what you're doing this weekend and what you want to see, where you're going, i'll feature it right here at about 5:38 and 6:38 every morning right here and i'll have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. laura. thanks so much. we'll check back with you. it is 6:40 right now. coming up we continue to monitor breaking news from overnight. the reason two san jose airport employees had to be hospitalized while doing maintenance work and what it means for passengers at the airport today. plus. >> signed on july -- >> some start eling new video into our newsroom this morning showing a woman's purse bursting into flames during a city council meeting. the item inside that purse that are caught fire.
6:41 am
all quiet this morning in the problems with north korea, nothing from either capital. but that, sam, could change. >> it could change at any moment. we've certainly learned that. but also no dialogue does not mean no worries or tension dollars on the stock market about what's going on sbishlly right now. we're seeing that play out this morning for the dow which has dipped more than 100 points already sitting at 21,945. we're back with more news in 2.5 minutes.
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we're coming up on 6:44 way cloudy start as we take a live rook outside in downtown san jose. let's go to the neighborhood of willow glen where at 10:00 this morning we'll be at 66 degrees and then low 70s at lunchtime. you'll want to enjoy your lunch outside and then temperatures reaching the upper 70s today with breezy winds, weekend give the air-condition a break and leave it off all day long. but 2011 we may be cranking it up late next week. so enjoy this today and we'll talk about what's in the forecast at about 6:49. we're looking over here top of the screen that's west 580 from grant line over to dublin interchange you're moving well. but there's a patch in greenville that will affect most of our viewers. bhooel we'll show you what will affect voekz folks heading into san francisco coming up. it's 6:44 right now. this a live look at people coming and gok at san jose airport. people arriving for flights this morning don't need to worry about a carbon monoxide issue
6:45 am
but it was an issue earlier on a work level on a lower level. they say workers started feeling sick after they used a gas-powered saw. the area didn't have enough ventilation. two workers were hospitalized but will be okay. officials tell us the airport staff ventilated that area with fans and brought in that -- that worked nsh that fresh air. >> signed on july -- >> did you sthee in tee that inr right half of our video? it's new to the newsroom. a battery, watch it there, battery inside a woman's purse burst into flames in boulder city. the woman is okay, only suffered a leg burn, scorch mark showing where she dropped the battery after she jumped up. here's a city official who rushed in to help. >> she was kind of like in shock because it happened so fast and she was on fire, her purse was on fire and it was kind of crazy
6:46 am
scene. >> fire officials say they still aren't sure what kind of battery was involved but they do say it was not her cell phone. one of the largest water districts in the bay area is cutting low income customers a little slack. the east bay times is reporting this morning that east bay mud is reducing fines for those who tamper with their meters to keep the water flowing after their service has been cut off. fines are dropping from $1,000 down to 200. low income advocates argue those customers are struggling to pay their bills and they should not be severely punished. at 6:46, defense secretary james mattis will be in the bay area today. ease he'd scheduled to make two stops, one to the new i know vation nuntd mountain view which is staffed by military personnel. he will also visit google's main campus. some politics and new policy out of washington challenging president trump. transgender military members are suing the president over his recent directive to ban transgender people from serving. you may recall that directive
6:47 am
came via tweet last month. president trump saying that the government, quote, will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. closed quote. now that ban has not yet been ex-plamented. the lawsuit was filed by two different lgbtq groups on behalf of five transgender service members claiming that that sban unconstitutional. 6:47, a new poll of republican voters show they would support the next suspension of the president chapt chal election if president trump called for it. >> no one has called for that and that includes the president. >> that includes the president. but keep in mind president trump often calls for legit maits macesive our last election in question saying millions of people voted illegally, that's demonstrably not true. even the others of the study that he sites as evidence says it's not true. now, the washington post day poll of 650 voters who either identify with or lean towards the republican party.
6:48 am
slightly more than half said they would support the president if he said he needed to suspend elections to make sure that only americans voted. all quiet this morning on the eastern front, north korea has given more detail about his threat to launch missiles at guam. it says it will develop a plan to send several and then let them splash down in the sea near the american island. guam is well within range of north korea's missiles, but let's actually take a look at another map. this is another worry ahead, and ha is the winter olympics are well within range -- well within range of north korea's conventional forces. winter olympics will be about right here. while all this is going on, an american destroyer, the john f. mccain crossed through the waters china says belonged to china past those manmade islands in the south china sea. it's named after john mccain,
6:49 am
admiral. now, john mccain the senator took to facebook for stay town hall yesterday where he took questions on north korea healthcare and his brain tumor which he handled well. >> i'm very happy at the way that -- listen, r i could just say that thanks for your letters, thanks for your phone calls, thanks for outpouring of affection. even those that want me to die don't want know die right away so that's good. >> good on you, senator. we examined the president's treats, executive orders and speech each morning on today in the bay. you can ask questions or give us suggestions on twitter i'm at #scottmcgrew. >> nice to see he has a sense of humor. >> a brain tumor with such dignity and humor. >> agreeing with him or not, in either case you know he's a good politician, lawmaker and citizen. >> good hearted man. he heading toward the weekend and folks are wondering is it going to be this foggy and
6:50 am
misty y again. >> golden gate park you're going to see that fog early in the dand we'll get sunshine too. we'll throw it all in there this weekend and we're going to have a mixed bag of weather and it depends on local. as we take a live lookout side the peninsula looking at the san mateo bridge it's cloudy and 61 degrees. we're also going to see the low clouds and the fog as we look at the north bay san francisco and the east bay we have some upper 50s as of now. but then our temperatures stred out as we go through the day reaching only 62 degrees in half moon bay. not much sunshine there and only a little bit of sup be in san francisco way hive 64. oakland more sun today, 69 degrees and 79 in san jose. antioch will see a high today of 87 degrees. so as we're looking out the window you see it looks kind of miserable right now but it's not going to be that bad. go ahead and grab the sunglasses because we will get some sun today and it will break out around 9:00, 10:00 this morning. also you may need a hat because the winds have been really breezy and you will probably just be comfortable wearing some
6:51 am
long sleeves and pants today as our temperatures have been a little bit on the cool side for this time of year. slightly cooler than normal. and you'll need a few more layers if you're going out to the coliseum today, the a's will have first pitch at 7:05 and it will be 65 degrees with more clouds rolling in and with those winds it will feel cooler than 62 degrees. but also a great event to check out with the kids today, enjoying those last few days of summer, the sonoma county fair in santa rosa will be at 70 -- 77 degrees by early afternoon reaching into the low 80s today. and then some upper 70s for this evening. also in the tri-valley we're going to have some nice warm temperatures with some sunshine reaching into the low 80s today. but we do stay in the 60s in san francisco, no chance of getting a bright and sunny gay day in this forecast. as we look at the inland areas it's going to be a little bit cooler for the next several days and then monday, 79 degrees and
6:52 am
it's going to be windy too. i'll have more on that. but mike has a new crash in san francisco. i do. we're look over here most of your bay shows a great commute. south bay there may be a new crash, 101, waiting for chp to give us updates but from the south bay we're go 101 into san francisco. approaching 101 and 280 northbound -- i'm sorry 280 northbound approaching 101 that's where the crash may be blocking your left lane on the approach and you see the slower drive just starting to develop. that will be an issue coming out after daly city and heading up around the bend to oceanside area and up into the split 101 and 280. we'll also show you the san ma tapio bridge it does show a good volume of traffic. it's moving pretty well in the flat section, there is some fog but not a major problem and waze shows that as well. look at this, this is interesting. from hayward which is just off the san ma taye kbroe bridge over to palo alto, looka that, the blue line registers at over an hour. if you go all the way down to 237 and across and back up to palo alto, that's also just about the same amount of time. the dumbarton bridge kutding
6:53 am
through over on eight street that's the best line. make sure you join our waze team. that's our team right there in your profile. back to you. thanks, mike. up next we're take a quick look at the top stories on today in the bay, active right you there a search going on breaking news this morning a missing teenager who was last seen on mount tamalpais, an intense search for the 16-year-old. also happening now officials say u.s. diplomat suffered hearing loss while in cuba and they're pointing the finger at a covert sonic device. back in the fall of 2016 diplomats were so sickened they were forced to kans sell their tower early. plus as part of the takata settlement people are getting $500 and they could also get a new vehicle also as part of the assessment. we'll be back with more news in a few minutes. before you head out the door -
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6:56 am
here are the top stories on today in the ba welcome back to you. 6:56 right now before you head out the door here are the top stories we're following on today in the bay. breaking news out of the north bay that's where marin county sheriff's deputies are searching right now on mount tamalpais for a missing 16-year-old girl who was last seen yesterday afternoon. this san image tweeted out about an hour ago. her name is sarah-jane tang. now at 6:30 we spoke live with a search leader who told us that
6:57 am
effort is expanding at daylight all along mount tam. crews right now are being called in from neighboring counties to assist the already 30 search and rescue members who started at midnight trying to find her. we also hear that at did i light the search is going to continue from the air as well. deputies say that she was hiking with a friend yesterday when some now the two got separated. as you see from this image she was last seen wearing a gray lowell high school sweatshirt. also following breaking news from redwood city this morning. this a live look at the scene of a shooting it's if a mabd just south of highway 101 near marsh street. just before 2:00 a.m. police say someone shot an 18-year-old who was on the sidewalk in front of a home. the victim is in surgery at the hospital right now. no word yet on how he's doing and we don't have any information about a suspect. police say they are looking at surveillance cameras on homes in the area to help them yrs whundd what led up to this. the bart board of directors
6:58 am
is expected to provide an update at today's meeting on the proposal that would extend five miles to livermore. ed lee will recognize the first responders who are rushed into action during the deadly shooting rampage at a ups facility. three people were killed in that workplace shooting back in june. police say the victims were targeted by a fellow driver who eventually killed himself when confronted by police. today's memorial event for the victims will take place at city hall. the search is on right now for the suspect involved in an attack in san rafael. police say this man attacked a jogger on a path behind pickle weed park near the target store there. a witness snapped that picture shortly after the attack which happened back in june. investigators say the man came up from behind the woman several times and grabbed her. she was able to fight back and get away. coming up next on the today show, team coverage on the north korean crisis as the regime makes new tloets threats against
6:59 am
the united states. a quick check right now of traffic and weather. earlier kari you said had you no complaints from anyone on facebook now just a few that it's too cold? >> yes, people saying it's too cloud, too foggy, but we're going to get spun and all you have to do is take a short drive. we'll have a wide range of weather in the bay area, 60s in san francisco, low 80s inland and that holds into the weekend. all right. any explain about that morning commute? >> no. the crash we talked about we did get out from chp, the map of the south bay overall lighter volume of traffic but it is northbound 101, not a crash, a disabled vehicle in the milled lane. judge willing by the pattern that's just cleared up in the last two minutes. we may have that cleared as well. the rest of the bay shows a typical pattern, lighter than typical traffic way out at greenville west 580 there's one other crash that's blocking the fast lane. everything else west thereof is fine and most of our viewers are nor the affected by that. that's what's happening today in the bay. we'll be back in half an hour way live local news update.
7:00 am
>> we will also be back in a few hours for the nbc bay area news at 11:00. we hope you join us for that as well. "the today show" starts right now. we're live in guam and on the korean peninsula as nbc learns the u.s. has prepared a plan of its own to strike north korea using b-1 bombers. sonic weapon. u.s. diplomats with severe hearing loss. with that a deliberate attack. going up. the massive lottery jackpots higher after no one wins powerball overnight. the combined prize inching towards a billion dollars. that plus taylor swift gets se


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