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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 11, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is at the golden gate bridge. made it to friday. now just making it through friday. that's what's key here. the morning commute and the forecast coming up at this moment. >> i would say it's like 99% of the battle. you coast right on through. >> we were trying to make it there and we've had beautiful weather. we know it's going to be an awesome weekend and we have so many events going on. let me get you out the door. heading up to 80 degrees today. it's going to be comfortable throughout the morning and early afternoon. a day to leave the air conditioning off. mike is still tracking that fire off to the side of the road. >> this is off highway 87 visible from the freeway when kris sanchez drove through the area. video from the crews on west heading just off highway 87 to the overpass above them. we're looking at the flames visible.
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latest word i'm told is about 30 minutes from now they expect them to be able to start clearing. crews under control. now this is an area of concern right by the san jose rose garden and it may involve part of that in the guadeloupe conservancy. over taylor and north of there is where we do have the fire. there are parts of the garden that may be affected as well. we're tracking this, fire crews on the scene. the freeways aren't slowing right now. maybe as the sun comes up there may be some distraction additional over there. so far a smooth drive around most of the bay. we do have one area of slowing right over here westbound highway 4. there's a crash in through bay point. we'll talk more about that coming up. i wanted to assure folks to the bay bridge a 14-minute drive from highway 4 to no backup at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> consider us informed. 5:01 right now. some terrifying moments at a b.a.r.t. station.
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two suspects attacked a man in berkeley late last night, and they may be the same suspects involved in another robbery just blocks away. >> we are joined live by where it happened. sharon, the suspect is still on the loose this morning. >> reporter: that's right, sam and laura. police he are still looking for the suspect. it happened in this parking lot. police say the suspect came up behind victim, knocked him down, punched and kicked him. then took off with his back pack, wallet and watch. a cut on his head and pain in his fingers. police describe the suspects as two black males 5'8" to 5'10" wearing black clothing and one had shoulder length dreadlocks. police say these are the same suspects who may be responsible for another robbery that took place nearby on bancroft and grant around the same time. police say that victim was treated for cuts and bruises. no word yet on what was taken in
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that robbery. this comes after several attacks on b.a.r.t. riders in the past week throughout the bay area. earlier this week b.a.r.t. p police released pictures of mario washington, who they say brutally attacked riders. within hours of releasing those photos, they captured him. i do have phone calls in to b.a.r.t. police and the berkeley police department to find out the latest on recent attacks in the bay area. i'll have the latest at 6:00. reporting live in berkeley, i'm sharon katuda, "today in the bay." >> b.a.r.t. really dealing with safety issues trying to button that up. new this morning an apparent tug of war brewing over the latest proposed policy for b.a.r.t.'s police department. east bay times reports members of the governing board are at times. they're coming from outside consultants on police oversight. the recommendations are the latest step in b.a.r.t.'s response to the oscar grant shooting datinging back six
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years ago. some board of directors are arguing b.a.r.t. is making significant changes and more change is not needed. continuing talking about b.a.r.t. right now, they are pushing the latest closure as downtown berkeley b.a.r.t. stations to next tuesday when they will begin renovating the signature rotunda replacing the glass covering there. the entrance was originally supposed to close last week. that renovation, we should tell you, will last about six months long. being pushed back a week tied to a larger $7 million improvement project. continuing coverage on the world stage. tensions simmering between the u.s. and north korea. a few moments ago president trump tweeting again. >> tweeting military solutions are now fully in place being locked and loaded. should north korea act unwisely. hopefully kim jong-un will find another path. now that war of words between president trump and kim jong-un making a lot of people nervous.
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"today in the bay's" tracie potts has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president meets with his u.n. ambassador today. they've imposed sanctions and he's doubling down on his message. >> so much better and so much stronger. >> reporter: far from backing down -- >> nobody, including north korea, is going to be threatening us. >> reporter: more fire and fury from president trump. >> they can be very, very nervous, i'll tell you what, and they should be very nervous because things will happen to them like they never thought possible. >> reporter: refusing to say if the u.s. might strike north korea first, still holding out hope they can talk it out. so is the military. >> it is gaining diplomatic results, and i want to say right there, right now. >> reporter: with missiles able to hit guam in 14 minutes experts warn tough talk needs to stop. >> signaling political intent with active military measure is a terrible idea. >> what we view as bolstering deterrents could be perceived by
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them as the prelude to a preemptive military action. >> reporter: south korea is on alert, its missile defense ready. the u.s. underground command center there would be first to detect any strike. hitting just 20 miles from guam's coast still looming this morning. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. new overnight, there are no reports of injuries or damage following a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that broke out in the philippines. the epicenter was deep under water just off the island in the northern philippines. people in manila did feel some shakinging. the geological service says aftershocks are still expected but no tsunami warning. also new this morning, sam, a jetblue flight to san diego diverted to buffalo, new york. the pilot and two flight attendants became ill during the flight. they were checked out for dizziness. they smelled a gasoline odor coming from the back of the airplane. that flight landed about 7:00
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our time. happening today one of two professors accused of killing a chicago man heads to court in san francisco. andrew warren has an extradition hearing. it starts at 9:00 a.m. we will have a crew there. last week his alleged accomplice waived his rights to an extradition hearing. an attorney for wyndham lathem says he will plead not guilty. both suspects are still jailed here in the bay area. new this morning a controversial policy, ands it is burgeoning here in san francisco, getting closer in its push to become the first u.s. city with an iv drug injection site. city leaders are trying to help them dispose in a sanctioned location. it's argued it might prevent thousands of dirty needles from ending up on the streets. "the chronicle" reports they met for the final time yesterday, will present the recommendation
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next month. at 5:07, all new this morning, another bay area brewery has a new owner, magnolia, now owned by new belgium brewing. the company's announced that deal on thursday. new belgium is paying $2.7 million. according to "the chronicle" the deal is part of bankruptcy proceedings. magnolia owners filed for bankruptcy in 2015. magnolia brewing has been operating since "the chronicle" says the original location will stay open. this is the second brewery acquisition in just a matter of days. we told you just last week about san francisco's anchor announcement selling to a japanese company. that deal is set to finalize at the end of the month. >> or maybe a change of location for many people living in the bay area. bay area house hunters are feeling the pinch and more and more are looking elsewhere to buy. a new study places the bay area at the top of the list when it
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comes to online searchers looking for homes outside of the metro area where they currently live. sacramento and seattle are the most popular alternatives there although the last time i checked seattle not cheap. seattle is also one of the top three cities among residents seeking to stay in their current metro area. 5:09 right now. marin county leaders are considering a new layer of protection to try and prevent excessive rent hikes. accord iing to the marin ij the are considering a new proposal that would require mediation for any landlord seeking to raise rent by more than 5% at a time. one supervisor made that comment yesterday -- excuse me, wednesday, focused on rental protection. no landlord spoke at the meeting. >> steph curry sold his home for $3 million. the curry family now lives in alamo. new this morning we know some key games for the warriors. the nba has announced some of
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the schedule. the warriors will open at home against the rockets on october 17th. a rematch of the nba finals, the warriors and cavs face off on christmas day. >> that is a christmas present. >> there you go. thinking christmas already? it's going to be in the low 90s in antioch and upper 80s for concord, livermore and morgan hill. oakland today 69 degrees. we're going to keep the 60s along the coast and in san francisco. if you're going to the a's game late they are evening out at the coliseum it will be nice and cool. clouds start to move in later on during the game. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend for evergreen coming up in about four pipts. >> the one in castro valley cleared. so that's the good news. we're monitoring this fire over by the heritage rose garden.
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this is starting to clear. chp still registers the crash at bailey and i heard about another crash, sounds like a motorcycle clipped a mirror. no slowing getting to the bay bridge from the upper south shore freeway. in the north he bay also you're at speed for highway 101 and 37. coming up next, up close and personal. a bear wanders away from the wild and ends up at a metro stop. >> he has places to go. >> the reason this wild animal showed up in southern california. >> looking for the high-speed rail. a starbucks favorite coming back, where you can find that pumpkin spiced latte. is it that time of the year?
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>> that is my favorite starbucks offering. >> christmas in august for you, sam. ♪ ♪
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it's 5:14, another cloudy start this morning on a friday as we take a live look outside in san jose. it looks like it will be sunny, 64 degrees and in the upper 70s in time for lunch with highs today in evergreen reaching 84 degrees.
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we'll look ahead in five minutes. >> we just got all green. the tri-valley went all green. no more slowing out of the altamont pass. i'll check if anything is holding up the cars. we shouldn't look the gift horse in the mouth. a 3-month-old who is yosurva hit and run crash is improving. >> last night we were shown these photos. this is actually of the crash, the tragedy that happened, his family says the little boy is now breathinging ining on his . look at him smile. wilson was drunk when he crashed into their car on highway 4. luciano's 5 and 10-year-old brothers died. three people are dead after
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a crash in southern california. interstate 15 near the rancho bernardino area. authorities say the car may have been going 100 miles per hour when the driver lost control. rolling down an embankment. >> it is 5:16. a 450-pound bear shows up to a metro stop. it's not a setup to a joke. rob, i know you did something. a rider on that train shot it this picture. the bear was about three miles away just strolling through the streets . why not? both are about six to eight miles away from the closest habitat for a bear. you wonder what is drawing him out there. the search for food likely caused the bear to come down so far. bear was tranquilized and transported to a nearby wilderness. >> that's a good-sized bear,
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too. it's 5:16. the latest case in san francisco appears to skip the front porch. people who live in one visitation neighborhood were notified their mail carrier was notified by robbers, two men knocked the carrier to the ground and took off. neighbors are unsettled by what happened. >> i think about him like first responders. i mean, they're in the neighborhood, and on some level like family. >> it's nice and peaceful. you have people jumped and robbed. it's happening all over. other similar cases. >> the carriers were delivering mail. new this morning amazon wants to bring the show to you. it's reportedly in talks to
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offer tickets of concerts and sporting events. >> what is amazon not dominating? landon dowdy with some of the morning's top business headlines. happy friday to you, landon. sam and laura, happy friday to you. wall street could see losses for a third straight day. futures are lower this morning. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 on continued the jitters over the tensions between the u.s. and north korea had their worst day in months. the dow is on pace for its worst week since march. the nasdaq is poised for its worst week of the year. the nasdaq down 135 to 6216. watch shares of snap today. the parent company of snap chat reported disappointed earnings last night adding fewer new users than wall street was expecting. snap stock is now trading well below the price of $17 back in
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march. and amazon is report edly in talks to offer tickets at concerts and sporting events. the move that could loosen ticketmaster's grip. ticketmaster is owned by live nation is the exclusive ticket seller for many top venues. this could be amazon's latest attempt to use the massive customer base, tech savvy to shake up a market. amazon has had success in britain where it sold theater tickets in london's west bend since 2015. back over to you. >> a good barometer. >> it would be nice if they brought the prices down. listen up, amazon. >> you know what, we may not have that but we have a treat for you this morning, sam brock. it may already be pumpkin spice. the coffee giant announced -- what i just say? they're giving two new offeri s offerings. a bottled version of the iced pumpkin spice latte. it's coming to grocery stores.
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the company says it will sell ground coffee at grocery stores as well -- they do already but it's the pumpkin spice variety. >> it wasn't how you delivered it, it was pumpkin spice, i was just getting over the heat wave we have. >> i like the cold brews. >> also, it's the he essence ofe pumpkin they capture so well when you buy it in the starbucks. i don't see how you can translate that to a little bottle, but i will test it out. >> iced coffee today definitely because it will be warm for the inland areas. if you're in san francisco going to the beach you can have a hot coffee. it will be cool there. we have a wide range in temperatures in the forecast and we are looking live right now in oakland. it's already busy out there and it's 59 degrees with our high temperatures today in the south bay reaching up to 89 degrees he in gilroy and in milpitas up to 81 degrees. 88 in livermore. the peninsula, 73 in san mateo. check out the forecast at the
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bottom of the screen. the marina district 61 for the high. 81 today in sonoma. you are planning to head to the beach today it is going to be very nice in santa cruz although it will be chilly to start, mostly cloudy skies. we should get some sunshine around 11:00 and high temperatures today up to 72 degrees. if you're hitting the links in the tri-y a little bit warm er today than it was yesterday with some mid-80s there by 3:00. and in san francisco we're going to see some more 60s over the next several days with partly to mostly cloudy skies especially during the morning. and then for the inareas we'll be in the mid-80s for the next couple of days and even cooler for the start of next week. looking good. mike now has a crash altamont pass. >> it is not blocking that pass, thank goodness. we're also tracking this fire just off highway 87 in san jose. if you haven't seen the fire, folks, we'll show it to you coming up shortly. i wanted to make sure we got this. a crash reported at patterson pass and midway.
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no major injuries, someone hit their head maybe on the dashboard. we're waiting for any other details. it sounds like that roadway is okay and so is actually 205. it's just light traffic and that's why things are pleasant into livermore. no problems into the tri-valley. a smoother drive now westbound over at bailey. that crash, do believe, clears the roadway. chp has not updated their report. they're trying to work hard to clear the roadway. no major delays out of antioch. no reason for reroute but waze was telling you that the road was a better way. check waze before you leave wherever and whenever you're going to hit the roads today or this weekend make sure you join nbc bay area wazers. that's our team, our team right there by doing this on your phone. back to you. >> wherever, whenever. mike, thank you very much. it is 5:22. coming up from espionage to model. former army soldier chelsea photographed by a famed photographer. the magazine where the photos
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will be appearing. happening today - there will be
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a memorial for an australian woman who died in a police- involved fatal shooting last month in minneapolis. sam/vo happening today there will be a memorial for an australian woman who died in a police involved fatal shooting last month in minneapolis. >> that is going to be held tonight at 7:00 p.m. central time. justine damon was shot after reporting a possible assault
5:26 am
happening behind her home. former u.s. military intelligence worker chelsea manning is making a splash of a different sort in a new vogue foe he toe shoot. there's been a few photos out there but in 2013 manning was found guilty of leaking classified information to wikileaks. sentenced to 35 years and then became the first transperson to undergo hormone therapy in a military prison. coming up next, the backlash after a viral video. two daredevils scaled the golden gate bridge are paying the price for their behavior. san francisco will become the center of the music universe.
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isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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5:29 on your friday morning. take a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. a lot going on at golden gate park this weekend. we're going to be talking about outside lens, pete suratos has the whole situation. we'll hear from him. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. he should stay there all weekend. a good lineup. the weather, do you think it will cooperate?
5:30 am
>> it will be a great weekend. we'll see highs in oakland up to 69 degrees. 80 in san jose. your seven-day forecast shows that san francisco won't see any changes for the weekend. and for the inland areas more of the same as well, even slightly cooler as the winds pick up. i'll have a focus on the weekend forecast and some of those events going on coming up in about seven minutes. mike has an update on the fire. >> we have this video, our crew arrived on scene very early there. we see the fire going on just off highway 87. crews are a west heading. as i step into the shot. the overcrossing there. at the heritage rose garden at dtaylor extends up to heading ad that's where the brush fire has been reported off the freeway. i saw a little slowing but no lanes are blocked.
5:31 am
you may have a couple minutes of reroute or get on at the sky port. the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have no slowing. we have a backup already there at the toll plaza it self. back to you. >> thank you, mike. new this morning their stunt on the golden gate bridge went viral. two daredevils did flips on it. now they're in trouble. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez with more details. >> reporter: hi there, sam and laura. we can't show you the video because though it is stomach turning and it's posted for public viewing it's also commercially licensed, and that is part of the reason why the golden gate bridge district is suing that daredevil duo from wisconsin. now is the youtube page where the guy who calls himself peter teatime posted that six-minute
5:32 am
video. his partner posted pictures from that on instagram as well. back in may peter teatime fbs bay area how they did it. >> i've been climbing my whole life so i know tips and tricks and how to get around motion detectors. i don't want to disclose that in case someone would want to do harm or redo the stunt would do it. >> reporter: the lawyer for the bridge district told "the marin independent journal" peter teatime and his associate peter rector senselessly put their lives of themselves and others in serious jeopardy to exploit the san francisco bay area's most iconic landmark for their own publicity, to expand their own internet and social media presence and achieve fame and monetary profit. in that suit the bridge district seeks to bar the stunt team from disseminating the video seeking unspecified damages and legal costs. the paper reports the chp asked
5:33 am
the marin district attorney to file trespassing charges against the two. i did reach out to both men, peter teatime and his partner and also the district attorney's office to see what we can find out about the lawsuit and whornt it's going to go forward. i reached out to the attorney for the golden gate bridge district. if anyone gets back to me this morning, i'll make sure you though about it. >> i appreciate you keeping us in the loop, thank you, kris. 5:33. happening today two people accused in the recent deadly shooting of a well-known photographer are expected to appear in court. the 19-year-old lamonte mims and fantasy deceur tried to rob edward french before shooting him on a lookout at twin peaks. mims is accused of being the shooter in the crime. today both suspects are expect ed to enter a plea. >> musicians and music lovers are mourning a singer who died in an observing robbery.
5:34 am
the search for the thief continues. a memorial is growing at the scene where oakland resident david deporis died wednesday. witnesses say deporis was sitting outside a coffee shop when someone grabbed his laptop. deporis chased after the robber and died when he was run over and dragged by the thief's vehicle. fans are in shock. >> they were telling me he had an album he was working on. he was so eager to get out in the world. >> i'm shocked. i'm appalled. it's kind of surreal and so unnecessary. >> deporis spent a the lot of time on the east coast where his death is also having an impact. with google under fire, a surprise appearance from its ceo at an event specifically for young women. hours after google canceled the company wide in-house meeting to
5:35 am
address the fallout from an anti-diversity memo written by a now fired epg near. engineer. a message was given to young women. >> there's a place for you in this industry. there's a place for you at google. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. >> google under scrutiny after an engineer wrote a memo. the company canceled the town hall when google worker says questions were leaked to the public. one of the most popular music if festivals in the country will be under way in a matter of hours and with the expected large crowds you can x expect to see a lot of security at the big three-day event. >> outside lands is the event, metallica. pete suratos with what you need to know if you're heading to the it festival.
5:36 am
>> reporter: good morning to you, and laura and we're here at the entrance at 26 and fulton where people will be entering for the huge fest val. i did go on the website and organizers say you'll have a safe and secure environment. a combination of local police as well as other security companies. our cameras did get a chance to go in yesterday to get a sneak peek it at the setup. you can see crews putting the final touches on the setup for outside lands festival. this is the tenth year in a row for outside lands. we expect to see 200,000 people here at golden gate park. a combination of locals and people from around the globe coming to experience this very popular, one of the more premiere music festivals in the country. organizers say since inception of the festival about ten years ago it has given nearly $20 million to san francisco's park and recreations department and this three-day event generates more than $60 million annually.
5:37 am
the most important part, the all-star music lineup will include gorillaz, the who, and metallica will be playing here. that's just to name a few of the folks performing this weekend. for organizers they say it's about building on past success and taking it to the next level. >> every year we're trying to improve and make it a better experience for the artist and the audience and that's what we do. we listen to the audience, we listen to our gut and we make it better. >> reporter: now the event is sold out for the seventh straight year and the gates open behind me at 11:00 a.m. we're live at golden gate park, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> looks like fun, thanks, pete. >> very exciting. thank you, sir. all right, pete is talking about all that activity. that means a lot of traffic as well. muni has scheduled regular
5:38 am
weekend service because of that outside lane. regular weekend service is the good news. some alternates heading to the city. in san jose a new crash through sunol and in through fremont. chp doesn't have any detail around washington yet this other crash looked like it has cleared of ch may be some roadside activity just off to the shoulder but, look, not a big deal. as we zoom out not a big problem for anywhere in the bay. the toll plaza had a little backup for cash lanes. it's not anything really to speak of. >> guess what, it's friday. >> what? >> finally the weekend is upon us. >> what? what happened? >> we are not brooding at all because it is now friday. we've gone all the way through the week. >> i have a lot of events from
5:39 am
jazz to outside lands to lady gaga in the forecast. >> outside. >> outside lands with 59 degrees and clouds in the mix. wear something that will keep you warm and tonight music on the square in redwood city. some free ice cream with nbc bay area ice cream truck and you'll be able to see chief meteorologist jeff ranieri out there and it will be in the lower 60s as we go into tonight. we have the san jose jazz festival tonight in downtown san jose that starts at 5:00 and it will be at 77 degrees, temperature dropping back into the mid-60s with our skies staying clear there. it will be breezy, too. now for saturday overall looking at some clouds along the coast so it will be a cool beach weekend. the bay will be at 72 degrees and 83 degrees for the inland areas.
5:40 am
we have the escape from alcatraz. it will be cloudy, foggy, and you'll barply be able to see anything. the air temperature at 60 degrees and also the water temperature in the low 60s, too. and it's going to be challenging for all the swimmers and walkers and runners out there. now we're celebrating everything filipino in san francisco. starting out with lower 60s during the parade but rising up to 68 degrees he once that sun breaks out and then on sunday for the inland areas a high of 80 degrees. in the bay at 71. the coast at 63 degrees. this is a live look at at&t park. they are this early in the morning setting up the staining for the lady gaga concert on sunday and that kicks off on sunday night at 7:00. our temperatures will be in the lower 60s, foggy and cool. wear something warm over that cute dress. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in about three minutes.
5:41 am
>> put on that poker face. >> you know what, i can't come up with another good lady gaga reference. that was very nice. up next cheating on video games can have real consequences. the charges people are facing after allegedly copying pacman.
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5:43 am
it is 5:43 now. another cloudy morning as we take a live look outside in san jose. let's head further south to los gatos to check out the
5:44 am
temperature trend in the mid-60s at 9:00 this morning. sunshine throughout the early afternoon hours and throughout the day with high temperatures there reaching 84 degrees. it's going to be a warm one but we're going to have some cooler temperatures in the forecast. i'll have a look at that coming up at about 5:49. a look at travel times for highway 37 at the bottom of your screen. a little bit of slowing as folks squeeze over the bridge. how things are shaping up over at the bay bridge coming up. all right, thank you, mike and kari. 5:44 right now on your friday. all new this morning some would argue pacman is timeless. certainly you remember playing it at many restaurants and video game parlors. that would extend to counterfeiters as well. charges against six people who say they made and sold cou counterfeit versions of the pacman video game. the same group is accused of ripping off other classic games
5:45 am
including galaga. they may face jail time if convicted. it is 5:44 right now. top bay area lawmakers are stepping in to try to halt the imminent deportation of an oakland family. senator dianne feinstein visited the oakland home of maria and eusebio sanchez. i.c.e. agents gave them 90 days to leave the country. the deadline four days away. they have lived here more than 20 years and mrs. sanchez is a nurse at a hospital. >> they are law abiding, have never been under arrest, everything the law ought to have some mercy. >> i.c.e. released a statement saying the case has been reviewed multiple times over 15 years. they have four children. only the youngest, who is 12, is expected to return to mexico with them. the state appeals court ruled half moon bay must open to
5:46 am
the public immediately. the controversy started when tech billionaire closed the access after purchasing the surrounding property back in 2008. in the past he's defied court orders to unlock those gates and many still expect the case to wind up in the supreme court. state lawmakers are still working to take back the land through eminent domain. 5:46 and we are so close to the start of the school year here. happening now out families for the coming year. here is a live look at say kret heart in san jose where you see all those backpacks lined up and more 3,000 south bay children will be receiving free backpacks filled with school supplies. organizers gave away 1,000 backpacks in that year. a lot of families are struggling to make ends meet so every year
5:47 am
there's more that needs to be given out. >> all families receiving backpacks signed up about a month ago but all they need to do today to sech the backpacks is just show a valid i.d. >> that's really good to see. turntables for budding deejays. e♪ that's up if. according to legends 44 years ago today in 1973 hip-hop was born. that's when deejay cool hertz had the song of using two records as part of the hip-hop lesson in today's google doodle by fab five freddie. mc start add few years later. today google allows users to experiment using the two turntables and create a full record to create hip-hop mixes there. kind of fun.
5:48 am
>> two turntables and a microphone, my friend. >> the history of hip-hop and then explain what a record is. >> an lp. >> and then we add tapes and cds are now obsolete. >> sony disk? >> we are getting so old. let's go to emcee kari for the forecast today. we're going to mix it up this afternoon as we are going to have some great weather and it's going to be amazing. let's take a look outside looking live in the tri-valley on the right side of the screen. it's 59 degrees. 62 degrees in the peninsula and it's 58 degrees in the east bay. looking in the north bay 57 degrees, still cloudy. we do see the clouds looking at the south bay and as you get ready this morning it's going to be comfortable with some long sleeves and pants on but then as we go through the day you may want to trade it up for some short sleeves, grab the sunglasses and some cute shoes. it is friday, after all. we are ready to enjoy the weekend. the seven-day forecast is up at
5:49 am
the bottom of the screen where our temperature will be cooling off over the next couple of days, so that will be a nice treat especially if you're tired of those high ac bills. so now as we look at the sonoma county fair in santa rosa a great event to take the kids. maybe this is the last weekend before school starts. it will be in the lower 80s with those temperatures peaking at 3:00 and then as we go into the evening it's going to stay very comfortable. also a great day to head out to the a's game. first pitch at 64 and then the clouds move in. as it cools off breezy as well. i wanted to show you the picture live from heavenly if you're heading to the sierra. lucky you. temperatures in the lower 80s. 79 degrees on sunday. san francisco will also have some great weather. temperatures in the mid-60s and for the inland areas not bad either. in fact, it does cool down for sunday into the start of next week. and, mike, how is it looking for the morning drive?
5:50 am
>> kari, i told folks i would show them the bay bridge. i gave them time. backup for some of the cash lanes and this just happened over the last five minutes. an easy build, lighter flow of traffic but the metering lights are on. no major problems coming down for the maze or highway 4 still shows that slowing and a build. pittsburg and in. we are looking over here. we he do have a curious report northbound 680 at auto mall or did your. we he do hear about either a fire or a crash. and it involves a motorcycle so i'm curious to find out what's going on. of course worried about any injuries but so far none reported and no slowing shouse up there. the rest of your bay shows a smooth drive. southbound on waze we've mapped out right around a little bit of slowing we saw for north 101 on 280 and 87. all three routes getting from san jose in to santa clara, no
5:51 am
problem. you map out and compare your routes and on your phone as well. go to your profile. on the map you'll see this magnifying glass. click on that and then on your name and profile and you select your team, nbc bay area wazeers in small print or in big if you have eyes like me. nuclear fears right now are driving up activity for a california business that has been dormant for years. the booming business that's working overtime right now. at 5:51 happening now breaking news out of china. 36 people dead after a bus crashed into the wall of a tunnel in northwest he china. two children were among those killed and at least a dozen others were hurt. officials are investigatinging what may have caused that crash. and just in, trying to pay up. the hackers behind hbo's recent data breach leaked an e-mail, what the cable channel offered them $250,000 as a bounty payment. that's the hollywood trade paper variety is reporting this
5:52 am
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newsroom this morning.. =topvo= welcome back. it is 5:54 on your friday morning. new intense video in to our newsroom this morning, a train here slams into a truck it in georgia. it is all caught on camera. there is the collision. police say that tractor-trailer stalled out on a track in henry
5:55 am
county about 30 miles south of atlanta. fortunately the driver got out before the train smacked into his truck. that truck was carrying soft pepper mints which spilled all over the road and caused them to shut down the road while they cleaned it up. thankfully no one was hurt. here at home a different mess on a freeway, all lanes of southbound 280 in san francisco are back open this morning. this was the scene yesterday afternoon that snarled traffic for hours. it happened during rush hour. chp says that truck spilled was heading northbound when it hit the center divide and went over the wall into the southbound lanes. that truck hit two cars in the process. no word right now on any injuries. new dash cam video shows a suspect taking off with a utah highway patrol car when the woman was still in in handcuffs. the officers were arresting two people who were reportedly driving a stolen vehicle. one suspect put in the back seat. the other in the front. while officers were questioning
5:56 am
witnesses, they say the woman sitting in the front seat, slid over into the driver's side and took off. officers say she eventually crashed going 133 miles per hour. 5:56 right now and happening today the man accused of killing a missouri police officer earlier this week will face the judge. ian mccarthy is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. the public defender says he will plead not guilty. police arrested him after a long manhunt. police say he shot officer gary michael during a traffic stop. new video this morning shows chaos at a brittany concert in las vegas. "have a variety" magazine repor that happened, a guy starts to walk up onto the stage. he interrupted the show. this all happened on wednesday night. security guards are seen blocking spears immediately and eventually escorting her off of the stage. the man was then taken out of the venue.
5:57 am
there's no word if he is facing any charges this morning. to news on another pop star, taylor swift, finally took the stand in a trial that has gained global attention. she testified yesterday for an hour repeatedly say iing that radio deejay david mueller groped her while posinging for a photo four years ago, alan allegation he still denies. he described it as a definite, very long grab, during her had testimony. mueller's station was told which fired him two days later. mueller then filed a civil l lawsuit against swift and members of her team saying they cost him his job. fans of the grammy winning artist once again filled up the courtroom. >> she was very confident on the stand. you've heard about a lawyer badgering a witness, this is the first time i've seen a witness badger the lawyer. >> turning the tables, swift is counter suing for a $1, alleging assault and battery. >> new this morning california bomb shelter firms are reporting
5:58 am
a spike some companies say they've already sold more than 30 in the past few days, this comes after the back and forth rhetoric with donald trump and north korean's leader kim jong-un. an alarming new report that shows mill valley is topping the county -- i should say the country in line breaks. "the marin independent journal" reported marin county has had 33 calls this year. near ly half of them happened i mill valley. pg&e saying several were caused by an erosion in old gas lines. >> in about an hour bay road in menlo will close. it will close between marsh and willow this morning at 7:00 and will reopen at 5:00 tonight. it will be shut down all day tomorrow. a health scare here in california.
5:59 am
the "l.a. times" is reporting this morning there is a spike in a dangerous stomach infection right now. health officials say within the last two months 14 people in l.a. county have been diagnosed with an intestinal infection. people get sick when they drink contaminated water or produce. officials don't know what's behind the recent outbreak but are advising everybody to take precautions, thoroughly wash fruits and veggies. 33% of mill ennial home buyers' desire to purchase a home was chiefly driven by their dog. canine friends outranked wedding bells and kids as the main reason for purchasing a home. 25% said marriage was the top motivator and the birth of a child. good old fido, got to give him somewhere to run. >> as an owner of two
6:00 am
pomeranians, i would would need a house for that so i totally understand. >> we'll get you an agent right now. >> thank you. a violent attack in the east bay and a late night crime spree in berkeley. the hunt for suspects this morning. >> flames are igniting near a freew freeway. the investigation under way to find out what sparked it. >> plus, the continued war of words. tension ts continue to escalate. the president tweeting again this morning. where everything stands coming up in a live report from washington. all right, good morning on this friday. we are very glad you're ending your week here with us. i'm sam brock. >> and we're glad you're. i'm laura garcia-cannon. to that forecast right now with kari. we've been waiting all week for friday. >> and the weather has been with us all week. we he are going to continue that today. we start out with some clouds, some clearing inland. while the clouds still


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