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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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big delays for poliflights. a big inconvenience for passengers tonight. marianne favro has details. >> reporter: this happened after 3:00 this afternoon. there was a security breach here at terminal a. and asry result more than 200 passengers will be delayed flying out. now that spokesperson told us one of the airlines screened luggage that was supposed to be checked on to a plane. but then that luggage somehow made it back into terminal a. so as a precaution, passengers from all 11 airlines, including alaska and american airlines were asked to come back and go through security screening again. even passengers who were already up at the boarding gates. we talked to one passenger who was impacted. >> we're inside, we were going out on delta and we saw some folks coming back down the
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terminal and previously there was police activity and they told us there was a security breach and not very specific. >> reporter: in fact, that is what passengers tell us. they were only told that there was a security breach, not the nature of the breach. now as a result of having to rescreen more than 200 passengers, flight scheduled to lech around 4:00 will leave around 6:00 p.m. tonight, a delay of at least two hours. if you have been here, you know that terminal a. connects to te terminal b. so they put down a gate in between. reporting live at sjc, nbc bay area news. now to other top stories. we continue to follow breaking news out of charlottesville, virginia. a deadly situation after protests turned violent. we want to warn you this video is disturbing.
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one person is ki8 killed an several others injured. the verge's governor has declared a tate of emergency in the city. white nationalists planned to protest the city's decision to remove the statue of robert e. lee. but fighting between the two groups broke out long before the noon rally after some time had gone by state police moved in and ordered everyone to leave. >> i'm just amazed at the police, that they have allowed people them to assault other poli police. >> the police chief arrested a man believed to be responsible for the deadly crash. out of virginia. two state troopers died after the police helicopter crashed on the out skirts of charlottesville. virginia state police said they were monitoring the protest. free speech is about to get another test soon. alt right groups plan rallies in
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two weeks and counter-protesters tell us they will be there to, quote, shut them down. tom jenson live at the civic center plaza in berkeley where showdowns have evolved into violence this summer already. tom? >> reporter: we've been out here several times, haven't we, terry and see the violence between the right and left here. this is the center and we've seep people on both sides use everything from soda cans to sticks to rocks and pepper spray as weapons and basically go to war on the streets here. >> nbc bay area sky ranger caught the violence from the sky. and our ground crews were in the thick of it in berkeley in april. a battle that was played out again on the streets of charlottesville today and emily is familiar with the clashes and hopes extremists on far right and left will end the words and actions that have led to so much violence. >> i really wish that people
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would calm down and talk more, and listen more. >> the visibility of racists really disturbs me and the -- the openness of the hate is a problem. >> reporter: president trump went to twitter condemning hate speech and later voices opinions about extremists on the right and left causing most of the violence. messages that people here say the president should live by. >> act on those words if he believes them truly. >> he's incapable of doing that. i'm sure a different version of president trump's reality. >> reporter: and occupy oakland is holding a protest in just a little less than an hour from now in downtown oakland to protest the violence in charlottesville today. we'll be there. live in berkeley, thom jenson, nbc bay area news. and we'll continue to follow the developments in charlottesville online at could you track the latest
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updates on twitter and our facebook feed. fascinating to watch, but a dangerous scene on the strategy veets of san jose. this happened at hellyer and embedded way. police made one arrest and towed several of the cars involved. also in san jose, some tense moments after a car fire threatened homes, starting about 2:00 and that is how it started. this is yesha buena road and highway 101 and they spread to a nearby grass and field and crews have been able to keep the fire from spreading any further. no evacuations were ordered. crews are gaining the upper hand on a wildfire burning in napa county. take a look at our view from the sky ranger after flames broke out yesterday. about 1:00 in the afternoon. this is just south of the lake along highway 128 and the fire
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spread to more than 100 acres and forcing people out of their homes. fire is about 60% contained and evacuations have been lifted. the weather not helping firefighters in putting out flames this weekend. rob mayeda showing us the breezy conditions working against them. >> in the hills it is still dry. but temperature-wise, not all that bad. heelsberg 75 and san jose where you might need a jacket this evening. down to 71 degrees. as that sea breeze is keeping things fairly cool. wind speed is the issue. up there in northern napa county, you could see up to 14 to 20 miles per hour and the ocean breeze reaching into fairfield and the temperatures are about from 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. humidity levels around the bay not that bad thanks to the marine air coming inland and we'll see more low clouds spilling locally inland again tonight. already over san francisco, we'll see those moving into some of the valley, but the wide angle view of the pacific showing the pacific northwest, this satellite view looks like
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october. we have a gulf of alaska low finally bringing some rain. in seattle they haven't seen it in six weeks plus. that is about to change. could this drop to the south as we wrap up the weekend as we see these cooling temperatures continue, i'll have a look at any rain chances ahead by the end of the weekend coming up in a few minutes. and you could track the conditions and the forecast with our free nbc bay area weather app. it is free to download on your smartphone, and get the latest updates for where you live. still to come, music lovers turning out for day two of outside lands, the headliner and we'll tell you about that and rob will tell us whether weather will impact that festival. and a pop slar swimming spot after two months. how much time you have to enjoy lake temescal. san francisco police have
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released photos of a man believed to be responsible for dumping bleach on a woman last a disturbing attack. san francisco police have released photos of a man believed for dump bleach on a woman last month. the woman was blinded in a random attack. woman was sitting on sidewalk in the tenter loin district when the attack happened. police say the suspect is that man right there fled on a red mountain bike is still on the loose. back open though to swimmers, even a few showed up
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today. lake temescal reopened this morning. it had been closed since june 26th because of blue-green algae and on thursday tests showed levels were safe for swimmers. and they are glad it is clear but need to aaddress a long plan. >> it is a challenge throughout the nation and based on the nutrients available in the sediment in the water. and as an if old reservoir, many old reservoirs in the nation have this challenge. and we're looking at a long-term solution to try to keep this fixed. >> the lake will be open through next friday after that only opened on weekends through labor day. a battle is brewing between renters and landlords in alameda. tentants calling for just cause eviction protections to be renewed. they are supposed to block landlords for kicking some out for in reason but they have not
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gone into effect yet. >> right now we have people being evicted. i've lived here for 23 years and friends who have lived here longer and they are rernts and they have a right to stay in their homes. we are here to protect people and allow them to stay in their homes. >> the city ordinance was supposed to go in effect last month. a referendum in june delayed and that the city is looking into accusations of petition signers being miss led. and this weekend in golden gate park, the fog adding a bit of a chill. 360 degree view. this music festival is celebrating the 10th year and has grown to one of the most popular music events in california. the headliners this year, metallica, playing tonight, the who, tomorrow night, and gorillas, last night and the music is not always a favorite for those nearby. there had to be a noise complaint hotline set up years ago and they are beefing up services to accommodate crowds
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muni says. and the san jose jazz summer fest this weekend. ♪ >> the show case returned yesterday for the 28th season. that park local and 9/11 artists are here to perform on the festivals ten stages and it is not just jazz, it is blues and r and b that and will last through tomorrow. rob is here with your microclimate forecast. and different climates for the people in san francisco versus those in san jose. >> t-shirts versus parkas. >> there gow. >> take your pick. the forecast heading into tomorrow. over all we'll be a little bit warmer than the highs today. we'll take you first to san jose where you could see outside, you have the sunshine. only 71 degrees. maybe even a light jacket in san jose this evening. tomorrows temperatures climbing
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nicely. through the low 80s. so a nice day through santa clara and san francisco over down, 62 degrees. a lot of low clouds. misty skies. likely again outside lands during the day tomorrow. and we'll see temperatures approaching let to mid-60s. for highs so not somuch change expected around san francisco. check out livermore. that is on cool side. 76 degrees right now. the cool temperatures brought in by fairly strong sea breeze and winds up to 25 miles per hour. times near livermore and toward fairfield and the low clouds over san francisco approaching 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and approaching the tri-valley, the strait and for the northern half of the santa clara valley. and temperatures start the day in the upper 50s throughout the bay area. and then during the day tomorrow, just a little bit warmer. for areas we think south of downtown san jose. there is a chance of mid to upper 80s closer to morgan hill and low 80s in downtown san
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jose. mostly 80s. concord and antioch not bad. mid to upper 80s and 80s closer to october and hey word. and low 60s with misty skies to wrap up the weekend around half moon bay. san francisco in the 60s and north bay temperatures for the most part in the low 80s for your sunday. now very interesting, the weather system bringing rain, the pacific north west will drop south during dat tomorrow and we see high clouds approaching tomorrow afternoon. and then watch what happens monday morning. you could see the outer fringe of the system weakening across the bay area but it might add lift to the low clouds to give us drizzle or brief light rain around highway 18, facing the santa cruz mountains and clouds clear through the mond and a chance of thunderstorms to the north but it will do a big number to the daytime highs through monday and tuesday. temperatures as much as 15 degrees below average as we tart the week. so it will feel like fall and then jump back into summer again
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as the 90s make a comeback for some valley spots by thursday and friday. so san francisco, we wrap up the weekend. and with more fog weather for you. drizzle at times. breezy. it will feel chilly on monday and trending warmer toward thursday and friday and inland locations a bit of a roller coaster ride in the seven day as the system passes by and highs only in the 70s for most of the valleys on monday and then numbers closer to feeling like august, 80s to low 90s by the end of the week. a pleasant seven day forecast and it keeps us well away from 100 degrees temperatures around the bay. >> and there are a lot of people not looking forward to their return. >> no. we've had our share. >> thanks, rob. just ahead, tension between the united states and north korea continues with the people of guam, and what they are doing to prepare for the worst case scenario in the nuclear threat.
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==terry h set== now to the growing tensions between the
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united states and north korea. president trump is reassuring leaders in the u-s territory of now to the growing tensions between the united states and north korea. president trump is reassuring leaders in the u.s. territory of guam that the island is safe. officials have not raised the threat level even after threats from north korea about launching missil missiles toward the island.
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miguel almaguer is present. >> there is a fact sheet on what do in the event of a missile strike and that information included don't look directly into the sky or the blast in fear that you could be blinded and told people to immediately take cover. to get inside of a building or a basement if at all possible. and in the event they were outside during a potential nuclear attack, to come indoors an take a shower with lots of shampoo. the governor also spoke to president trump who reassured him telling him that guam was 1,000% safe here. >> our military is so incredible. and we are rock solid and the best in the world by a factor of five. >> of course guam is home to about 160,000 americans and visited by 15,000 tourists every day. >> i think everyone should be prepared for the worst. >> i know that the u.s. will not
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allow north korea to launch any missiles or any attacks. >> i think it is a possible, i think it is what makes me the most scared. >> many people looking for reassurance and others wanting to know that safe here. again the governor and the president saying they are. back to you. well a lot of hype on tonight's powerball drawing and the jackpot has grown to $356 million. $356 million. it comes on the heels of one lucky winner who won the other multi-state lottery, the mega-millions. that jackpot topped $393 million. the odds of winning the possible, one in 292 million. right now, though, folks, we are the ones with all of the luck. dawn smith joining us live with a look at sports. >> can i get 1%. just 1% of that. >> i know. >> that would be great. >> $2 million. >> coming up in sports. that is crazy.
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and coming up in sports. we're going to talk about that now. not some money. i want to talk about football, english futbol or here in the states we have you covered. kyle shanahan made his head coaching debut for the 49ers last night and found out what the rookie head coach thought about his first game at the helm, next in sports. don't go anywhere.
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and they )re coming off a "2" wn season. that )s not very good. the 49ers have had three head coaches in as many years and they are come off a two-win season. that is not very good. they are hoping kyle shanahan could lead them back to the prominence and they are off to a good start. it is just pre-season. the first came of the kyle shanahan era, they are down 17-9 and cj bed fer goes for 46 yard touchdown and they make the
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two-point conversion to tie the game. and then three minutes later, still tied at 17-17. in the red zone and finds the fullback for the score. 49ers take the lead. they go on to win 27-17. here is first year coach kyle shanna happ shanahan after the game. >> it is a work in progress and i enjoyed it and calling plays and everything i've done down there but it is definitely different trying to carry those thoughts with offense and peak up at the score and watching the time and the defense. i think some series did it better than others. and so many guys subbing in and out and having to pay attention how long we are keeping them in. it is a challenge but i enjoyed it. glad we have three more of them. and hopefully i'll get better each week. to the pitch for da, premier league action, opening from watford and live pool, up a goal and on the corper kick and from point blank range, off the bar
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and over the line. how about that. and watford pulls off the draw in dramatic fashion. and the defending champion chelsea, and cahill makes a dangerous challenge and is shown the red card. so chelsea down a man in a 14 the minute and from there the wheels fell off for the blues. allowing three goals in the first half. that is not very good. the defending champs fought back but they fall 3-2. >> premier league right now, manchester city at briar, scoreless in the 78th minute. on the right side of the box, and they find the back of the net. it is 1-nil, man city. five minutes later, same score, city on the attack again. this time it is an own goal. trying to defend jesus and he finds the back of his own net with the header.
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man city cruises to a 2-nil win. and round three of the pga championship and it is a 301 yard par four and not only does he drive the green but check this out. he almost holes out. he would make the next put for eagle and he shot a 68 for the day. he is tied for 7th at two under. now matsuiamma and this for eagle but barely misses it right. he would settle for birdie. he is one shot off the lead at six under and they are all chasing this guy, kevin kissner. playing a great pit shot and goes up and down for birdie and finishing one over on the round but kissner is your leader at 7 under. and guys, the raiders, they are going to play the first pre-season game tonight at 7:00. i'm excited, they are taking on arizona in arizona.
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playing the cardinals. and i know it is just pre-season, but, terry, i'm pumped that football is back. are you pumped. i'm pumped. i watched the 49ers last night and it was nice to see a whole new attitude for them. >> it is just pre-season but it is pretty exciting time for them. >> fallon, thanks very much. and we'll be right back. =vo=
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this is video of the annual "rosie the riveter" rally at the a very colorful attempt to defend a world record title. this is video of the annual
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rosie the riv erter rally. and last year organizers beat their competitors in michigan by having the most gathered in one place. they hoping to beat the record but they are were 600 short. but still they are happy to represent the true spirit of rosie. >> a strong, determined andin dependent i can do it attitude. >> and pauletta known as rosie and proceeds go toward funding women's scholarship. >> great. >> absolutely. thank you for joining us. we're back here tonight at 11:00. hope you can join us then. special, "bay area proud." a comment made across the dinner table sends a woman on a mission across the globe. what she's doing to inject a bit of fun into a very serious situation. alexandra crist: there are basic human needs being met, but i didn't see any organizations that
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were fueling the soul. roma smith: i don't know what happened. announcer: setting out to help two of their classmates, a group of ambitious fourth graders reached their goal and then just keep going in order to help many, many more. jessica friedman: they absolutely surprised me, but in the best way. announcer: a south bay man with big dreams for a big display learns that the difference between success and failure can sometimes be simply where you stand to look at it. rich santoro: every human being wants to leave their mark, and this is my little mark. announcer: but first-- niknaz aftahi: i want to give back to this, you know, institute that gave me the privilege of becoming educated. announcer: the berkeley architect and the underground university, what she's doing to help those who risked so much for her. niknaz: they put their lives in line to teach students. announcer: here's nbc bay area's garvin thomas. garvin thomas: thank you so much for joining us.


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