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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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toppled a confederate soldier monument near the courthouse. the protesters kicked the statue and then began marching towards the police department. all of this comes as a response of the rally that turned deadly in charlottesville. >> nbc bay area robert handa is at google headquarters. >> reporter: we are here near google and a park where a protest and counterprotest are being held this weekend. and there is a lot of community discussion going on on how or if a confrontation can be avoided. charleston park near google is a peaceful refuge. but plans for a nationwide
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march. criticizing the company's diversity efforts. create awareness of google's bias campaign. a strategy to avoid a clash such as the one that took place in charlottesville. company founder of stand san jose says she understands the concerns. >> we have seen these alt-right groups have known to become violent. >> reporter: many counterprotesters want to face the marchers. >> there is something powerful about making sure that when hate is present in our community that a counter message is also physically present at that time. >> reporter: protest and
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counterprotest planned at crissy field and berkeley. >> this is not only a problem that happens elsewhere. it is a problem that happens here in our communities. >> reporter: now organizers of the counterprotesters say they are reaching out to those who want to face the marchers trying to keep them organized and safe. organizers of the crissy field event is saying they want to stop the event all together. live in mountain view robert handa. >> google and go daddy are cracking down following the violence in virginia by refusing to host a neo-nazi website. the site is called a daily stormer. google is cancelling the
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registration. al >> that violence in charlottesville have weekend triggered valuout in the bay area. two east bay residents have been singled out online as taking part in that rally this weekend. scott budman with more on the issues that had been raised. >> reporter: that is right, jessica, one of those marchers worked at top dog and he resigned after being outed on twitter. berkeley's top dog didn't expect to be all over social media. when one of its employees cole white was called out on a
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twitter account called yes, you're racist. top dog customers started calling and complaining. white resigned from his job. bay area resident scheduled to speak out was also outed. >> i think the right choice is what is best for the company and a whole, all the ployemployees all the customers who come in. >> reporter: tracking and potentially internet shaming people raises big questions. >> there is a dangerous side to this as well which is it can be manipulated and distorted and they can be used to help one agenda for the expense of another. >> reporter: an effective but
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potentially dangerous way to reach a lot of people quickly. i should also mention it is sometimes wrong. some people being punished for things they did not know. reporting live. today president trump clarified his statement after the violence. are his statement today too late? larry gerston joins us with his thought in about 25 minutes. >> the all day man hunt is over in lake county. deputies caught the man they say shot at cops and cal trance workers. joshua brown got into a dispute about road work. during the dispute brown was accused of firing at chp
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officers and cal trans workers. about a dozen people were evacuated and parts of highway 29 were closed to all traffic during the five-hour search. >> a lot of unanswered questions on a shooting on 880. it happened near the 88238. da damian trujillo is live. >> reporter: highway 880 is flowing smoothly. the chp says a driver was shot in the head. >> several calls of a highway violence and shortly there after, a confirmed shooting.
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>> reporter: appears to be a case of road rage but they are not sure if the confrontation began on highway 880 or a side street. >> they are all young men that reside all in the hayward area. >> horrible. it is terrifying. not good. sorry to hear that. >> i just think it is terrible. i don't know what is happening in the world these days. >> reporter: one driver said he is starting to get used to all the shootings in the area. >> it is normal. it is always happening. >> reporter: you're not surprised? shocked? >> no, i am not surprised. >> reporter: few witnesses since the shooting happened earlier this morning with virtually no traffic on the world. at this point, no connection between this shooting and all of
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the shootings across the bay area. damian trujillo nbc bay area news. demolition has begun on a south bay apartment complex. you may remember that hundreds of tenants took their fight to city hall when the owner decided to evict them. the city had no program to help relocate or even compensate those evicted renters. after the threat of several lawsuits city is now working on providing come pcompensation fo some of those renters. justice department threatening to cut federal
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funds. sam brock joins us from city hall. what is the difference this time around. >> reporter: this is the second time, you remember the first one when the trump administration issued that blanket order. that is not this. this is a brand new lawsuit which targets doj grants. san francisco and the state of california have quickly become a foil to the federal government over departments that the city must comply on federal immigration to get money. state attorney general says the principal hangs well in the balance. >> i don't see this as a fight against the federal government. we are fighting to protect the constitution. >> reporter: here is what inspired the latest lawsuit. attorney general jeff sessions is demanding the city like san
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francisco grant federal officers full access. if city's refuse, sessions says certain federal grants can go away. that translates for 28 million for california and $1.5 million for san francisco. >> it is about youth programs, interventions. >> reporter: the san francisco police department confirm the roughly 1.5 million is spread out to different agencies. can it simply be taken back? >> if you are going to put a grant out there, the federal government is going to put a grant out there that you have to explain what the strings are in advance. and then a public entity can decide whether or not to apply for the grant with those
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strings. >> reporter: that was uc hastings law professor david levin. it is similar to the conclusion that judge william orric came through back in april when he said president trump couldn't usurp the power of congress and take back money that had already been approved. reporting live from city hall, back to you. >> thank you sam. welcome sack back to our evening news cast. so sam, good to have you back here night side. >> reporter: it is great to be here. nice to see the light of day and i look forward to doing it many years. >> see you back here. thank you. the airport is getting money from the feds. the judge is responsible for my brother's death and the people who murdered him.
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why was he released from custody. new details about one of the them accused of killing the photographer. check out her she and baby ruth up for adoption. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you.
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events that ended in murder. toay a judicial mass mistake may have triggered a series of events that ended in murder. san francisco may have been an error. accused of robbing and killing a man on twin peaks. mark matthews joins us from hall of justice? san francisco. >> reporter: a lot of finger pointing in the killing of edward french. much of it coming as it did today from french's family. in court today lamonte mims and fantasy decuir. >> the facts are clear. he was a felon arrested with guns and he should not have been allowed on the streets of san
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francisco. >> reporter: the project's executive director told me that mims assessment which said he was only a moderate risk is now being investigated by the agency and by the sheriff's department which oversees the president. did not take into account all of the relevant information. >> certain information may not have been accurately entered and that led to a miscalculation by the agency that calculates the scores. >> reporter: the missing information was the amount of time this he already spent behind bars for previous convictions. french's sister blames the judge and the assessment agency.
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>> if you kept everyone in custody under the theory they might commit a crime in the future, we would have an unmanageable situation. >> reporter: as the investigation into what happened ramps up, the preliminary hearing in this murder case has been set for august 24th. >> of course we will continue to follow that story. no word on a motive behind a shooting. vista glen drive. a crowd had gathered in honor of a vigil. someone opened fire on a crowd hitting them. >> good news from the front line. crews contained that fast moving fire in yosemite national park.
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seated yesterday afternoon. the fire nearly doubled in size overnight growing to 900 acres. some trails are closed because of the heavy smoke. this fire has been contained and no word on how it started. >> min netta san jose is now scheduled to receive money to purchase half a dozen zero emission cars and build charging stations. ready for the cute part of the news cast. our most popular community event of the year. you come in empty handed and
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leave with love. >> chief meteorologist and chief dog wrangler is with us. >> so many cute animals here. they are extending the waved and reduced fees starting tonight. you don't have to wait towards this weekend. we are here with alexis and two friends. i want to talk with alexis and what is happening this weekend. your place here is super popular. >> it is. we have puppies available, and people line up as early as 2:00 a.m. we will start passing numbers out. >> if you are thinking about coming out. >> this is baby ruth and this is
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hershey. nine-week old sharpie pit mixes. they will be available, and their two brothers as well. >> more looks of those guys in a second. get a look at our weather forecast. as we continue throughout this evening, we will have temperatures con thing to drop. you can go to for more information on our clear the shelters events. we are looking at possibly beating that as we head throughout the year. 65 in san francisco. we will start with fog in the morning and afternoon sunshine in san francisco. temperatures stay in the 60s over the next forecast. and for the interior valley
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upper temperatures. raj and jess, you see the bri brindled color one, he was shy two minutes ago. and now he is stepping up to the camera. >> that is hershey. cute guys. >> everyone is a chocolate lover. >> we need an nbc dog. hershey would fit right in. jeff, we will see you later this news cast. out at our foundation there in walnut creek. for more information go to our website, you can find a participating shelter near you. coming up, rallying against deportation. the support growing for an
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oakland nurse set to be sent out of this country. ==reveal==
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the ceo of "under armor" is leaving president trump )s manufacturing council. the ceo says his company engages in sports- not politics. ceo of under armour is leaving president trump's manufacturing council. game on, that is what defense secretary james mattis says.
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deportation. healthcare workers at an east bay hospital are speaking out in support of one o rallying around a nurse facing deportation, health care workers at an east bay hospital are speaking out in support of one of their colleagues. this happened in highly land hospital in oakland. protested because maria mendoza sanchez and her family are set to be deported by i.c.e. sanchez is a nurse in the hospital who has lived here with her husband for the past 20 years. senator diane feinstein visited the family pushing for them to stay in the u.s. the courts found that neither maria nor her husband have a legal basis to stay in the u.s.
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sanchez is planning to move back to mexico tomorrow. dmv handed out more than 900 tickets between april and july. offenders drivers who use illeg illegal placards. >> during those 5 minutes there could be somebody who really needs that spot and can't get close to where they need to go. so that is critical. >> if you do this, it is going to cost you. anyone who is cost misusing a disabled pers placard can be find between $250 and $1,000. it is still a week away but travel advisory warnings have been posted. towns in the path of the eclipse are set to see a rush of visitors.
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anyone traveling to those states drive carefully and don't look right at it. >> that is next monday. coming up. is it too late? political analyst larry gerston joins us. big plan to roundup the suspects after this weekend's deadly rally. ght in
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charlottesville. tension and nerves nt right now at 6:30, another
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uneasy night in charlottesville. tension and nerves. jay gray has been tracking this story and joins us. >> reporter: good evening, this is where it all started. debate over this robert e. lee statue escalating quickly to a confrontation and ultimately turning deadly. the debate has faded a bit here after the horrific events over the weekend. a fourth day of confrontation and conflict outside the courthouse in charlottesville. inside, james alex fields jr. the man that used his car as a
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weapon. a former high school teacher now saying fields was outspoken by his political police. >> what hitler did was great. and this white supremacy racial dominance thing. he was into that. >> reporter: he said little during the brief hearing and was not required to enter a plea. >> this is on the hands of the city government, of the police, and the radical left. >> you have any accountability for this death at all? >> not at all. >> reporter: saying alt-right neo-nazi were the victims.
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hi hi a memorial continues to grow. >> it is a tragedy. charlottesville will come back with love and compassion. >> reporter: a city working to erase the scars. and honor the injured and loss. his next hearing will come later this month. i am jay gray, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. two days after the fact president trump is clarifying his response. he is now formally calling out the hate groups. it comes after his initial response was criticized by both sides of the aisle as being vague. today he was more clear saying the kkk, neo-nazi and white supremacist have no place in america.
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>> racism is evil. and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs including the kkk, neo-nazi, white supremacist and other hate groups that are repug nnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> the president met today and promising anyone who broke the law will be held accountable. >> some are saying this is a little bit too late and too little. >> words do matter and they were carefully selected. >> supporters would say this is an extension of what we heard on saturday. if you look at trump opponents
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saying he ducked it on saturday. his wife said something about it. his daughter said something about it. and he didn't. he was pressured to do something about this today. not only democrats were upset with him but republicans were upset with him. he gets down to it. does it change anybody's minds about the president and this event? probably not. >> there are critics that say the president's language added to this fueling of people being negative. what is the status of hate crime and hate speak in america. >> we have seen an up tick or two or three or something of this country. a national city out of san bernardino finds if you go to the mainstream cities, hate crimes has gone up 20%. and in california, the department of justice finds that recently over the last year when it comes to race related hate
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crimes up 21%. so here in california, just as much as national park. >> a different tone from how he talks about international events, is there a difference here if you are talking about it. >> interesting that he was quick to say a lot about islamic fundamentalism. but when there was a mosque bombinged last week, he said nothing. when we see hate crime here over the last year, he said nothing about the two. is it a double standard? some would say that. he is talking differently here than he would international. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you, larry. >> a san jose woman is back in the bay area tonight after witnessing the rally. she saw it first hand.
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>> reporter: kristin savini and her husband were there to drop off her daughter for medical school. she tells us what she saw stunned her. this is what she and her husband encountered saturday in charlottesville. protesters carrying assault rifles. >> it was incredible to be walking next to people who had artillery on. >> reporter: she saw rows of police officers waiting to respond. >> this is like a malto have cocktail. the national guard showed up. >> reporter: she was just a block away when a driver plowed into a group of counterprotesters killing the
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32-year-old woman. >> this woman was white supremacist was trying to pull out and all of a sudden, she just hit the gas and just starts tearing through this group. >> reporter: no one was seriously hurt in that attack. the chance to denounce plans to remove a statue. but ckristin says there was not any evidence of this going on. >> it was disturbing. thank you and we invite you to stay with continuing coverage on the violence in virginia. go to to hear more about the men being targeted online for participating in this week's protest. up next, heading back to
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school, nbc bay area responds with helpful tips. >> blasting off, the cargo board the space x rocket. =cont vo=
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even astronauts have a sweet tooth. you )re looking at a space-x rocket launch in florida this morning. while even astronauts have a sweet tooth. on top of the rocket is a capsule that delivers supplies to the initial space station and on board a super computer that nasa hopes to survive the entire environment and since there is extra freezer space, ice cream. apple and aetna could be partnering up. aetna would be offering the watches to help with healthful
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living. aetna already offers the watches to its employees. thousands of left over clipper cards already pre loaded. bart bought 40,000 of those cards back in june. a growing incentive to get one of those cards because at the end of the year bart will add a $0.50 surcharge. bard believes demand will pick up later this year. two orphan black bear cuts were found. the bears needed a new home.
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officials took in the cubs last month and say they are now ready for the close-up. first black bears to live in the zoos since 1976. they are so cute. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is now our chief dog correspondent. >> hi, jeff. can you hear us? >> all right. we will check in with jeff in just a moment. chris chmura is with us. >> i think this one is working. perhaps you have the kids ready to go back to school, but parents are you prepared. i have a checklist you probably overlooked when nbc bay area responds.
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a lot of excitement and a lot of relief from parents.
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parents getting their kids to go back to school. chris chmura has homework for the parents. >> first assignment is to take pictures of the pricier school supplies you just bought. theft. now insurance might pay to replace what is stolen but only if you can back up your claim so in case the new laptop, tablet or smartphone is taken at school, snap photos now and get serial numbers. and also keep your receipts. your accountant or top software might help you to deduct for tax returns. are you saving enough money to
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put the schools through college. and research whether your boss will help you pay for kids' college. matched college contribution just like they match 401(k). this is the most wonderful time of the year, is it not? >> yes. finally. get out the door. >> taking note, chris. >> london silencing its famous chimes. renovations start next tuesday. bells will not ring while the workers are in the tower. fixing a leaking roof.
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we showed you was it hershey and baby ruth, two adorable dogs. this sheltaturday clear the shelters. who do you have for us now? >> reporter: we have a cat. linus. so cute. just one of many of the animals that are going to be up for adoption. and it starts this saturday. but shawn here, with tony la russ a's. you are recommending people do come out earlier.
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>> we have had people lining up as soon as 4:00, 5:00 a.m. linus is very shy at first but quickly comes out of his shell and loves to play. >> reporter: you have something for everyone. >> absolutely. >> reporter: so cute. going for the camera. we are going to get more of line us in just a second. there is going to be a full website with information on over 30 facilities in the bay area helping to reduce or wave the fees this weekend so you can help the pet find a forever home. check it out. they have counselors at a lot of the shelters to match you up
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with a perfect pet. it is going to be a great opportunity to explore things. as we get a look at what is keeping temperatures cool today many a nice enjoyable change. lingers a little bit for tomorrow and that is why we will see the fog starting for tomorrow morning. and four san francisco you're commuting into the city, fog and also drizzle. partly cloudy skies by tomorrow afternoon. 79 in antioch. 75 in san jose. and for walnut creek, out here at the rescue foundation, we will have temperatures right around 70 degrees. 60s over the next seven-days. clear the shelter is on saturday. and inland valleys warms up.
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eventually 70s into early next week. raj and jess, this is linus, but we are also learning jessica that they have named after you and it is potentially going to a service foundation so they can use it as a service dog. it has already been pre adopted. so jess, she is taken care of. >> you are going to be out there this weekend, right? >> i am going to be over at the spca in dublin. i am going to see if there is a raj there and get him adopted. and jeff adopted. >> and we need linus, he is a camera hog. >> totally loving it now. >> if you want more information on our clear the shelters event
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go to there you can find the shelter near you. you can see touching pet stories and find out where we are going to be. garvin in pleasanton. i am going to be in dublin. check it out at >> all over the bay area. up next, the local man is eyeing the 2020 para limpic games. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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. check it out, a live look at the coliseum in just a few minutes the a's will host the royals. first pitch is at 7:05. when a piece of equipment is key to livelihood, you need that piece of equipment to work perfectly. >> colin resch explains from jam town in oakland. >> jorge sanchez has a problem. it has nothing to do with the fact that he has one leg. it has to do with his ride.
6:55 pm
>> it is very physical. the wheelchair is hindering my game. i am hoping that my wheels will last the tournament. >> reporter: sanchez is headed to calli columbia and he is nervous about his custom wheelchair holding up. aus can see the crack in the welding right here. it is cracking again. the fit is no long what it once was. arthur renwitsey puts it this way. >> playing with the usa team, it
6:56 pm
is important to have the right chair, the right fit and the durabili durability of the chair. >> reporter: i have a go fund me account. i do play oversees but i don't get paid the millions of dollars nba athletes. so i am asking for anybody to donate. i would appreciate it. >> reporter: a new ride paramount to sanchez reaching his ultimate goals. >> i love it. bang. and then he hits it. if you could help, that would be great to get him a new wheelchair. >> and don't forget about hershey and baby ruth. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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