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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 15, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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protests erupt. this morning, the president wakes up a day demonstrators took to the streets in major cities across. his handling of charlottesville. some taking confederate symbols down with them. troubling past. new details on tragedy that struck on the major blockbuster. "early today" starts right
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now. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip. this morning, the 20-year-old suspect in the car rammi rammi ramming the car, james alex fields remains behind bars. a violent past are revealed in police record. we will join nbc news' myra rodriguez who is live for us in charlottesville with the late breaking details. but first, we're also hearing from the family members of those injured and the grief-stricken mother of the 32-year-old woman killed in the horrific attack, heather heyer. and the charges levied against the suspect. tom costello starts us off. >> reporter: arraigned in district court, james alex fields said he understood the charges against him, second degree murder, malicious wounding and hit and run. police say fields used his car to intentionally mow down a crowd of anti-hate demonstrators
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on saturday, killing 32-year-old heather heyer. among the 19 people also injured, 20-year-old natalie romero, who suffered a fractured skull. her mother in texas. >> she's my hero. and she -- before this, she has always been my hero. >> reporter: heather heyer's family says they're heart broken. >> she was a strong, opinionated woman that was willing to stand up for what she believed in. >> i'm trying to honor my daughter the way that i know she would want to be honored, with speaking up for what she believed in, and the way she believed in it without hate and without anger, without fear. >> the nationalist community defended ourselves against thugs. >> reporter: outside the courthouse, two self-proclaimed white nationalists began screaming the police, media and counterprotesters were to blame for saturday's violence. >> the nationalist community came to charlottesville to defend our heritage, to stand for what we believe.
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>> reporter: this photo of suspect fields, standing among white nationalists at saturday rally. meanwhile, police who lost two troopers in a helicopter crash saturday, responded to allegations they didn't do enough to keep the peace. >> absolutely i have regrets. >> and what are your regrets? >> we lost three lives this weekend. we certainly have regrets. it was a tragic, tragic weekend. >> reporter: when i asked the police chief whether one side was the instigator on saturday, he said this was an alt-right rally, and they had agreed in advance to enter the park from one side but came in from multiple sides and quickly everything deteriorated. by the way, alex fields, the 20-year-old who's charged with second degree murder, did not enter a plea. he's being held without bond. back to you. >> tom costello, thank you. >> for more, we go to nbc's myra rodriguez in charlottesville.
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what else do we know about the attacker and how are things on the ground there? >> reporter: well, phillip, things are very quiet here. one day after james alex fields appeared in court for the first time. but we are learning more details about his troubled past. he had enlisted in the army a couple of years ago for basic training, but the army released him because he failed to meet training standards. we're also learning about his time in kentucky. coming from the police department there. allegations of domestic violence stemming from calls she made to 911. one time in 2011, she had to call police, he allegedly approached with a knife. he went juvenile detention. in 2010, his mother called police and his mother is disabled and in a wheelchair. his next court date is on august 25th.
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he told the judge he couldn't afford the attorney. however, the public defender's office said somebody in their office had been injured in saturday's protest, so they could not represent him. the judge had to assign him a local attorney. phillip. >> myra rodriguez live for us, thank you. this morning, a announcement from south korea. a televised address saying there can be no military activity without his government's consent. they're putting everything on the line and will block war by all means. what's the latest on the situation there and where north korea stands on it. >> reporter: thanks, frances. well, it looked like for a moment the cooler heads were going to prevail. but in fact those drum beats of war are still persisting. you mentioned that speech from the south korean president, he was calling for president and negotiations as a solution to
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this conflict. but, at the same time, we're hearing from the north ian leader and their leadership, saying their president, the head of the north koreans, he was actually reviewing troops in north korea and they actually published photos of him looking at maps, showing the trajectory of this weapon, they'll be going from north korea to the waters outside of guam. now all of that looked very threatening. at the same time, a statement went along with that from the north korean media saying in fact, kim jong-un had qualified all of this. he said that he was going to be the waiting for the foolish yankees, essentially putting the ball in the american court, in the court of donald trump. it seemed like it was dialing back his threats. but u.s. officials told nbc news they really don't see it that way. they actually think the knot koreans were going to have this
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same posture. wait until the souunited states start on monday and wait ten days. we'll have to wait the next step in this very threatening situation. back to you, frances. >> watching closely as the clock is ticking. the verdict is in the taylor swift groping lawsuit. the jurors finding the former deejay responsible for assaulting the pop star. mueller denied the allegations and sued the singer for $3 million and the singer asked for 1 dll which the jury awarded her. it gives courage and inspiration to all people not just women but to all people to have the courage to draw lines.
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and to mow where those lines are, the lines of mutual respect between people. >> swift says she plans on making donations to help other victims of sexual assault to help them fight their claims in suit. turn to bill karins. >> the second storm of the season, gert, these storms have been misses for the east coast and for all land areas. this one is safely in between bermuda and south carolina. surfers will love it on the east coast. the only issues from this storm. all of the high winds will be out over the open waters. the forecast today, hot in the middle of the country. dallas, san antonio, humid there. on the coastal areas not bad either. temperatures in the upper 60s, phoenix.
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areas that are very seasonable. you see what spacex did yesterday, they successfully launched another rocket. this time, there was special cargo abroad the rocket. they had extra room. what do you think the astronauts would want? how about ice cream. they had some additional experimental supplies. the michael j. fox foundation, for the parkinson's treatment. no idea of what flavors they sent up. >> there's always room for ice cream. bill, thanks. all right, just ahead -- a day after tom cruise's badly injured on set, tragedy strikes
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another blockbuster sequel and what may be missing on your next trip to london. you're watching "early today." they say glory awaits at the finish but what about the start? that moment you suck up all that doubt that fear all those reasons why not and decide to begin. get your game on with under armour. now at kohl's.
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because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. history at west point. the first black female to be named first captain, the highest student position at the military academy. the 20-year-old will oversee 4400 students serving as the liaiso no between them and the school's administration. familiar sound in london is about to go silent. the bombs of big ben will be stopped next week for a repair job on the queen elizabeth tower that houses the clock. it won't return to regular service until 2021. and late music icon prince has his own color, the new shade of purple was inspired by his custom-made yamaha piano.
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leading the news on a tuesday, tragic accident on the set of a hollywood blockbuster a stuntwoman was killed while filming the sequel of deadpool. >> reporter: tom cruise, one of hollywood's biggest and most bankable stars. known for his comedic timing. >> show me the money! >> reporter: and doing his own supersized stunts. >> that's a key component of what makes tom cruise tom cruise. >> reporter: but the actor fell short within he attempted to jump between buildings on the set of mission impossible 6. still stunt work can be dangerous business, even deadly. on the vancouver set of deadpool 2, a stuntwoman died, when witnesses say she appeared to lose control of her motorcycle.
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and just last month, a stuntman died from head juries sustained on the fall on the set of walking dead. >> in recent years you have seen a reaction to the fact there was a lot of cgi work, green screen work. what you're seeing now is a lot of practical effects. >> reporter: but high risks can come at a high price. >> rescue teams in sierra leone are searching for dozens near the capital as mudslides tore the area. what's the latest there? >> reporter: philip as you said, 250 people have died and at least 2,000 others have lost their homes as the mud slides near the capital of sierra leone
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submerged homes. while many people were in their homes still asleep and those dramatic pictures show streets that have turned into churning rivers of mud. local residents have been digging through the mud with their bare hands looking for loved ones. but this a country ill prepared for disasters. the morgue has been overwhelmed with bodies, officials saying many of them are children. and phillip, unfortunately, flooding is an annual threat in sierra leone, where unsafe, makeshift housing is regular swept away during the rainy season. >> our thoughts with everyone there in sierra leone. just ahead, a big deal for apple. and where buffett dumped shares,
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♪ the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up. stocks kicking off the week on a high note with the dow gaining triple digits along with the s&p and nasdaq, also in the green. the world's richest man making major moves. we're following your money. >> reporter: cnbc has learned
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that apple and aetna held secret talks last week about offering the apple watch to health insurers' customers. could roll out the plan next year and the deal would benefit apple which has heavily promoted the watch for health and fitness and warren buffett's company sold its stake in general electric this spring, buffett struck a deal with the electric company to invest in the company in a show of confidence. berkshire is investing in the financial sector. and speaking of billionaires, bill gates is making a big donation to charity, a s.e.c.'s filing reveals the microsoft co-founder came away $6 billion worth of shares in the country, equal about 5% of his overall fortune.
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extremism as a human being. what happened over the weekend in charlottesville, virginia, was just disgusting. the fact that it took the president two days to come out and clearly denounce raisist and white supremacists is shameful and i think he finally spoke out because people everywhere stood up and said something. i can't look at my growing daughters and say nothing when this kind of thing is happening. we all need to stand against what is wrong and acknowledge that racism exists. and stand up for what's kind. >> that was jimmy fallon making an impassioned speech at the top of his show. visibly upset on what he called. as you heard, imploring people to speak out when they see moments of prejudice. >> i think that was the strongest stance he's ever taken when it comes to a political issue, calling out trump in that
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way. like you said, it was what was in his heart. right now, let's look at some pikachu. about a hundred of them. they marched in a parade in japan. the parade was a collaboration between the city and the pokemon company, leading up to the olympic games. >> we had our own pikachu on instagram. celebrating a milestone, the not-yet named baby panda is steady getting bigger. this is early today. shawn evans: it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day
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you were there for ten days. extremely loyal to the president. did you feel burned or back stabbed? >> not at all. >> really? >> let me put it this way, when you take a job like that, stephen, you know that your expiration date was coming. i thought i would last longer than a carton of milk. >> that's former white house communications director anthony scaramucci opening up about his short stint with donald trump. more mooch. he put him in the lion's den. this morning, the president
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waking up not in the white house and not in his bedminister club but another place all together. arriving at trump tower, as he faces continued fallout from charlottesville. >> reporter: this morning, president trump is waking up at his home in trump tower for the first time since before the inauguration. part of what the white house initially dubbed a working vacation at bedminster, quick stop to white house, now returning to new york. he's expected to talk about infrastructu infrastructure. back to his legislative agenda during this august recess. it comes after lawmakers, top republicans, called on the president to more forcibly denounce the white nationalists, the white supremacists who had
4:28 am
gathered in charlottesville after the attack killed heather heyer. he did. you hear him explicitly condemn some of those groups by name. the president now looking to turn back to politics. back to you. >> all right, hallie, thank you. all right, when it comes to friendships, relationships, americans seem to be tough on each other and their credit scores. the 2017 credit outlook found 37% of americans sacred it card debt is reason to think less of a significant other. if asked if it's appropriate to discuss money on a first date, 1% of money said they would, versus 15% of men who said it was fine. but if things get serious, 34% said finances should be discussed. married millennials are more likely to know their partner's credit score than other generations. >> makes sense. >> pull your weight.
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>> thanks for watch
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and good morning to you on this fine tuesday. let's take a live look it at the bay bridge. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the forecast. anyone notice it's a little cooler out this morning? >> a little bit. it's nice. we're starting out with clouds. we'll see them quickly clearing up and slightly warmer temperatures today, but it's is still going to be very nice and we're continuing that great weather that we had yesterday. as you head out it's 62 degrees in san jose. and it's 58 degrees in napa and fairfield. san francisco, 61 degrees. now heading up to 64 today with 81 in antioch and sase


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