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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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restraint. >> follow the example of boston where the silence is deafening. it spoke louder than any comments any of us could make. >> reporter: pelosi was in town promoting women equality day. >> i am certain they will make a decision within the next $48 to make it convenient for those who want to protest and those who want to participate. >> reporter: at the headquarters no response for our repeated requests. the sfpd assured us, they will be ready permit or not. all available officers will be working as days off have been canceled. we will have sufficient resources to provide police services to the city.
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now we do know based on kvr conversations that they are talking about handling this event whether it occurs or does not. even if we don't get specifics about their strategies. coming up at 6:00 tonight, what should you do. >> okay. technical difficulties there. that was sam brock reporting for us. the alt-right rally in berkeley on sunday. but already tension today. >> you guys claim to be antifascist, you are the fascist. >> we're the nazis. you stand between terrorist. >> you have the flag. you attack our people. you are an unreasonable terrorist. you are a terrorist. >> i live here. i live here. and i will not invite racism in my community. >> and on it went. the confrontation between
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conservative and liberal viewpoints. congresswoman lee was also there. community leaders there to condemn sunday's rally. coming up, we will explain why people who live in this area, near civic center plaza say their neighborhoods have become war zones. >> tense moments in phoenix, arizona. rally at 7:00, less than two hours away. hundreds of protesters and supporters are there. peaceful right now. but vocal. police out in full force. nbc's blayne alexander has more from washington. >> reporter: good evening to you. after last week's controversy
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over president trump's response to charlottesville. he is moving on to a new issue. afghanistan. president trump headed to arizona and back to his base for a rally reminiscent of campaign days. his trip coming as many are still evaluating his most important policy speech since taking office. promising a winning strategy in afghanistan. but as for specific plans not many. >> i am not going to say when we will attack, but attack we will. >> reporter: clamping down on neighboring pakistan. >> the only way we can defeat an enemy that is as nimble and cagey tactically as this agency we have to be cagey and
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tactical. >> and said here is my policy on afghanistan. >> i think he did a good job last night. changing the status quo is important. >> reporter: and a similarly mixed bag as the president arrives in arizona. after even the phoenix mayor asked him to stay away. >> arizona supports donald trump. he is bringing jobs back and helping the military. >> reporter: and president trump began that speech on afghanistan last night by denouncing hatred and bigotry. many are waiting to see whether he will continue that message in tonight's rally. >> we are going to continue to follow the president's visit in arizona as it unfolds tonight. lester holt.
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we are going to explore the significant questions that remain after he outlined his plans. that is coming up at 5:30. >> you might have seen this, our nbc sky ranger overhead in dublin. right there in dublin. but around 4:00 p.m. an hour ago after an aggressive attack from the ground and air, firefighters have gotten the upper hand. reducing this. it is more than 90% contained. nbc bay area marianne favro spoke to people who had to run from the flames and joins us now in dublin. >> reporter: 12 people who were forced to evacuate their homes are waiting in their cars anxious to return home. flames scorched 200 acres. the fire came close to a brand new housing development. we just talked to one whom who
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was asked to evacuate. >> smoke was coming up and we could also catch a glitches mps the flames. so instinct i called my husband, the home is going to be on fire. let me know where the documents are. >> reporter: she said police drove through her neighborhood knocking on doors. she grabbed her parents, her two daughters and important documents and took off. the fire is now more than 90% contained. reporting live in dublin, marianne favro nbc bay area. >> our skyranger was over the
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fire. you can see it here. you can follow us on twitter our handle @nbcbayarea. an amber alert for a child who went missing. 9-year-old daniel morozov. the relationship between the two is unclear. it is unknown who was killed in today's shooting. the two ditched the car they were in and now are believed to be driving in a black 2017 jeep cherokee. a suspect but no motive. a man was arrested for stabbing another man. when police arrived they found a man had been stabbed. he later died at a local
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hospital. they have a man in custody. not clear the motive in the killing of an off duty firefighter. he appeared in a courtroom hours ago. the judge did not allow cameras to shoot the suspect's face. prosecutors say it appears the shooting was unprovoked. the victim just attended a music festival in japan town in downtown san jose. the shooting was caught on surveillance. this coming week, the oakland fire department will hold a memorial for jake walton the
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fie firefighter who died. heidi nunez tucker is looking for a waiter who helped her husband. she saw an image of the waiter's kindness on social media. but she and her family want to find him and thank him. we are learning more about that terror attack. a judge has ordered two of the four surviving suspects to be held without jail. the members of the terrorist cell frequented a cafe there. the owner of the cafe now in custody. one suspect has been released for lack of evidence. a stumbling block in the effort to oust a controversial bay area judge. why the absence of a judge may
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have something to do with it. controversy surrounding a san francisco statue. how the recent violence in charlottesville has reignited the campaign here in san francisco to get it removed. plus, this local bobsled team is training for the winter olympics. i am meteorologist jeff ranieri. a look at my long range forecast at 5:20 tonight. the effort to recall judge aaron
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persky. he )s been under we of new developments in the area to recall john aaron persky. he has been under fire. many people thought the sentence was too light. scott budman joins us in san jose with new details. >> reporter: well, the recall effort is still on but the legal part of this is on holds ironically because they need a judge. the group trying to recall judge aaron persky has a big sign but they want your signature on a petition. it has been unable to collect
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signatures because of a temporary restraining order. sentenced him to a six-month sentence after a sexual assault. >> it is not going to work. we are going to collect our signatures. we are going to go forward. he is going to face the order and he is going to be recalled. >> reporter: but they can't collect signatures until a judge says okay and local judges have recused themselves from the case. those representing persky say his sentencing was within the law. >> our role is to make shoo you are that judge persky is treated fairly. >> reporter: the proponents say
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they intend to collect tens of thousands of signatures and put the recall on the ballot. in the wake of what happened in charlottesville, the call to remove controversial statues has now hit the bay area. a facebook group is calling to remove a monument. the 800-ton sculpture which depicts the settlement of california also depicts a native-american fallen into defeat. >> there is a monument here that makes members of our community feel disrespects because it highlights a part of our history that we are ashamed of, i am for the removal of the statue. bart south bay expansion is being pushed back.
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along with the station in milpitas, the first bart station to open in santa clara county. the deadline was premature. >> it is when the elements are complete. and everybody is satisfied that it is face and reliable. >> face two will go under ground and into san jose. phase two will be completed sometime in 2026. >> the olympics music. still six months away. if you are an athlete hoping to compete, you have to be ready now. >> garvin joins us with his
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secret weapon. >> believe it or not, tickets went on sale yesterday. that is the only hope most of us have for getting there. but nick tailor wants to get there a different way on the team with his wife. in the sport of bobsledding, nothing is more important than a push. ask two time olympic alana myers taylor what pushes her to succeed and chances are, she will tell you it is this man. her husband and teammate nick taylor. and actually, they push each other. nick made the change to bobsled hoping to reignite his olympic dream. >> it was harder than i
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originally planned. i'm not going to lie. originally i thought it was going to be pretty easy. but extremely difficult. i didn't realize that the sled weighs 400 pounds. so you have to be ridiculously strong. >> reporter: ridiculous strength that nick did not have. until he met alana. >> the fact that we are working together toward certain goals is what enable us to reach them in the first place. >> reporter: first place is a goal that has alluded alana in the olympics. nick watched nervously as she raced the silver metal. this summer the two have set up training camps in new york, phoenix and here in hay ward.
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where nick hopes to draw inspiration from another bay area champion. >> i make sure i put on my steph curry golden state warrior socks. >> golden socks that may mean a golden trip. >> there is only one metal to complete. i am going for gold and giving it all i can. >> new favorite couple. >> you know, you instantly start rooting for these people. from day one you want them to succeed. >> we want our northern california athletes to win gold and they do. >> steph curry is going with them. whether he know it is or not. >> garvin will be posting photos
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and video on facebook and twitter. >> jeff ranieri. you covered the 2006 games. >> that is where we met. in the italian alps. >> looking forward to that. the forecast in terms of our weather, it is going to get hotter by this weekend. so hold on, we are not done with summer just yet. a live look outside in dublin. we brought you the coverage earlier on the show. and you can get more on that on it is near camp parks. currently 87 degrees. dropping down to cooler 70s by 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. in terms of brush fires with that hotter weather on the way, still important to remember if you do camping, make sure you fully extinguish the fire.
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if you are using outdoor equipment, like a leaf blower or lawn mower, make sure it has a spark arrester on it. in terms of our weather, quite a bit of sunshine to start especially down towards the south bay. still have the fog in the peninsula. 59 degrees. and start bright here in the tri-valley at 61. low clouds near the bay. then as we head throughout the day. temperatures similar for us. still not too bad in the south bay. but you can start to feel the heat especially in east san jose? 87. low dryer wind lowers humidity a bit. much more comfortable over towards hayward.
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throughout the peninsula, 66 half moon bay. 68 here in the mission. little bit breezy toup to 16 si miles per hour. now it is not going to get that warm in san francisco. low 70s by sunday and monday. no big issues as we head throughout the next seven days. for the inland valleys nine fives. and cooler low 90s by next monday and tuesday. quick look shows we are not in el niƱo or la nina. isn't setting ourselves up in rain average of a quarter of an inch. average temps and average
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chances of rainfall. that's what we know right now. >> talking fall. nice to hear. >> a new report just how much money the niners owe the city of santa clara. the fire at the camp parks base
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is now 90% contained. happening now, back to that fire in alameda county, the fire at the camp park base. 90% contained. roads are back open. also a blockbuster nba trade. kyrie irving will be traded to the celtics. los angeles wants to join in the
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lawsuit against the trump administration )s sanctuary city policy. >> not just san francisco, los angeles wants to join in the lawsuit of the trump administration's sanctuary city policy. the grant is denied to cities that don't allow immigration officials to access local jails. the l.a. lawsuit says the restrictions are unconstitutional. three years after opening,
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the bad blood continues between the 49ers and the city of santa clara. the city says the 49ers owe the city a lot of money. >> hopefully they will cooperate and produce the documents. but if not, we will, we are prepared to take legal action. >> the 49ers claim the city failed to bill them. and wasted $200,000. that plan has backfired. now city council meeting is
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taking place. back in a moment we continue to keep an eye on
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the streets of phoenix... ==take live== p . tonight at 6:00. we continue to keep an eye on the streets of phoenix. live pictures now outside the convention center. president trump is getting ready
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to speak to his supporters. more coverage live from phoenix following nbc nightly news with lester holt. tonight, trump's war plan. promises a victory, but few details, and major questions about the mission. all of it as the president prepares to rally. protests planned in phoenix. will he come out swinging after a widely condemned response to charlottesville. grim discovery found in the wreckage of a navy destroyer. a growing investigation in the pacific. chicken health warning. a spike in people getting sick as more and more families invest in a backyard trend. preventing a sudden killer, the leading cause of death for people over age 40. for the first time doctors say they may be able to predict who's at risk and stop it before it strikes.


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