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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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but this time the commander in chief will sell his new plan of attack. this is inside the convention center filling up quickly. in fact pretty jam packed. a supportive crowd to greet the president. we also have a live camera outside the convention center. close to 110 degrees. protesters prevailing the heat. cooler heads have prevailed. the protesters gathered at the opposite end of the convention center to avoid confrontation. here at home san francisco and berkeley preparing for what could be a violent rally. we begin with nbc bay area sam
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brock at crissy field. >> you said those events are scheduled right now and leaders are in limbo waiting to see if the national park service is or is not going to issue the permit for the event. assuming that there is some activity here, there are events going on on that day this saturday august 26 that are not violent and are not as crissy field. >> i think the focus is at not elevating the message of hate. >> reporter: brainstorming for days on a proper and peaceful response. >> we are so far removed from the sit-ins and boycotts that sometimes people forget that there was a commitment to nonviolence and a lot of
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training and workshops and teachings that are happening. >> reporter: that commitment comes from now a dozen events scheduled. as for protesters pawing their way on to crissy field this weekend, the primary form of protection would come from u.s. park police. >> they are not trained in crowd control, do you have concerns about safety and what could evolve. >> over a week ago i said to them and wrote to them that i want to know what serious appraisals they were making of their ability to protect people. >> reporter: still no response from the golden gate headquarters. so far it has been radio silence. >> well i think they are doing
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the due diligence they need to determine whether or not there is a creditable threat. >> reporter: congresswoman ja i jackie spooer. as for the events we are telling you about earlier on the story we have posted those on our web copy. i am sam brock. back to you in the studio. >> tensions continue to rise ahead of a planned protest there this sunday. shouting today at the congresswoman the mayor and other community leaders urge counterprotesters to stay away. thom jensen reports, the paem who live near the park now feel like they are living in a war
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zone. >> appreciate you don't come here. >> reporter: suzanne frasier says she has had enough. three berkeley protests have led to fights injuries and vandalism in her neighborhood. >> young men and women come with masks and blood on them and weapons, police in the front of our houses. >> reporter: some instances displaying sw displaying swaz stickas. >> communities leaders are asking them to do it two city blocks from the trump rally. >> we will ignore them as they legitimately should be ignored.
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>> this is the home of the peace movement. let us be peaceful. this is the home of some diverse communities in the country. let us show that strength in that diversa. >>. >> reporter: cou. >> it will not work especially when the president amplifies them. >> reporter: many say they will remain at the park. but the anti fascist groups say they will go to the park and take it over before the rallyiers show up. >> thank you. a wall of flames that is what we saw from our nbc bay area sky ranger. this was part of our breaking news throughout the afternoon. that is an army reserve training
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community in the tri-valley. dozens of new homeowners were told to evacuate. marianne favro is at the wave water park in dublin where evacuees gathered. >> reporter: yes. and they just received word that the evacuation order was lifted. happy to be heading home. all from the wallace ranch development which is brand new. many were stunned to see flames approaching. the fire started in the military installation camp park and quickly burned 200 acres. we talked to one woman who said she looked up to see flames just yards away. >> i am still shaken up. i had my parents and i had to rush them out. they were planning to nap. and i said no. we have to go now. so all of us are shaken up. >> reporter: she says police were going door to door telling
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people to get out. firefighters attacks the flames from the ground and air and managed to get the upper hand in just a few hours. right now the fire is more than 90% contained and fighter afire focusing on hot spots. >> an amber alert is still in effect more than 16 hours. a child missing after a shooting on the central coast. investigators say he was taken by 48-year-old constantine out of santa maria. the boy and the man ditched the car they were in and now believe to be drive anything a black 2017 cherokee. a baby sitter and her
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boyfriend are behind bars they are accused of sexually molesting a little girl. torres was baby sitting a child at her home in sunniville when the alleged attack happened. investigators fear there could be more victims. >> she was living with families during the year and then baby sitting side of it. so she had access to children. >> so far, no other children have come forward or their gu d guardians. >> effort to recall a south bay judge. and new frustrations. percy sentenced former stanford student for six months in jail
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for an assault. >> reporter: as you said the recall effort is ongoing. but with a legal hitch because they need a judge. the group trying to recall judge aaron persky had a banner. >> the point of the lawsuit is to avoid facing the voters. >> reporter: the recall campaign has been unable to collect signatures because of the lou lawsuit and the temporary restraining orders. after he was convicted of sexual assault to get signatures. the recall team says judge persky is stalling. >> he has hired donald trump
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arizona state director to manage his campaign and that tells you everything you need to know about judge persky's bias against women and his views on sexual assault. >> reporter: meanwhile they can't collect signatures until a judge says it is okay. meanwhile, those representing judge persky say his sentencing of turner was within the law and they too will wait for a judge to rule. >> our role today is to make sure that judge persky is treated fairly. >> reporter: the goal of the recall effort is to collect tens of thousands of signatures. they want the recall to be on the june of 2018 ballot. squad budman nbc bay area news. bad blood continues between the 49ers and city of santa clara. the city says they owe them --
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the team apparently withheld during past audit. >> hopefully they will cooperate and produce the documents. but if not, we are prepared to take legal action. >> this is an ongoing battle. the niners say they failed to bill them $115,000. the 49ers releasing this statement saying in part mayor gillmore chose to waste $200,000 of public fund with the intent of creating media headlines. 49ers coach is making history on two parts. she is the first female coach
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and the first female gay coach. she came out during an interview. she joined as an intern. last week head coach asked her to join his staff full times. katie sawers said quote, the more we he can create an environment that welcomes all types of people, no matter their race, gender sexual orientation -- >> the man accused of shooting and killing an off duty firefighters faces the judge. >> also the call to remove a controversial statue and monument made its way to the bay area. the san francisco statue that some people are calling offensive. dropping down to 85.
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let you know when hotter forecast returns. tonight, prosectuors are shaking
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their heads over the shooting of no motive, no reason. prosecutors shake their heads over the shooting of two off duty oakland firefighters. one died the other wounded. today the suspect made his first court appearance. damian trujillo says there is no
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surveillance video. >> reporter: the judge did not allow the cameras to shoot the face. and the juddetails of the shoot still sketchy and troubling. on thursday night he approached the off duty firefighters and shot two of them in the chest close range. >> it does appear to be an unprovoked attack. in both these off duty firefighters were shot without warning and without provocation. >> reporter: police call it a surprise attack. 30-year-old jake walters was killed. police say surveillance video appears to have caught the entire shoot. >> a horrible tragic event for
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the family and for the people of oejd oakland fire department. >> if convicted of all the charges he faces 71 years to life in prison. >> you can find the full court document on damian's twitter page. justice says immigration populations are avoiding the criminal system. that increases public safety risks for everyone because crimes are going unreported.
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the justice says california can't change that law but can make washington aware of the problem. >> it is the voices that changes the unwilling. >> the judge says everyone in california should be entitlesed to legal protection regardless of how they got here. >> caught with their hand in the wrong mailbox. the investigators says it shows a woman walking up, and taking male from a home on downing street and apparently it is not the only one she hit. the suspect was driving a blue, four door sedan. the call to remove a controversial statue is hitting close to home. a facebook group is calling for the removal of this statue. it sits between the main library and the civic center.
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depicts a native-american fallen in defeat. san diego super visor jane kim says she supports it being taken down. >> it highlights the part of history that we are ashamed of. i am for the removal. >> concerns growing about conditions at lake tahoe including the rise of lake temperatures. scientists warn the lake is warming ten times faster. wildfires also a significant threat to the lake's clarity. thinning out dead trees are essential. but disagree on what is the best
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way to do it. >> the objectives are widely held and shared. >> another hot topic, today algae bloom. another threat. >> saw a lot of people for this event. we are talking about summer, transitioning soon into fall. >> in the next three to four weeks could be talking about possibly rainfall coming our way. our fire danger still remains high. this is a beautiful shot over san bruno mountain. the fog spilling over down throughout the peninsula. we are checking in at 65 degrees. dropping down to the 50 once we hit mid night. and you can see at 6:00 in the morning a thick fog at the immediate coastline low clouds
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for the coastline and east bay. we'll see 99% of the bay area clear out by 11:00 in the morning. and know there is going to be fog lingering by san francisco. and eventually 230, everybody should be getting sun raies and sunshine. temperatures will go a couple of degrees warmer. concord 91. you can see in san jose 84 degrees. seven-day forecast has hottest temperatures by this weekend up to mid-90s saturday and sunday and we will see things cooling off by monday and tuesday. two events for you. the china town street festival saturday and sunday. temperatures in the mid-70s. the second one sunday in san francisco. the giant race ends at at&t
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park. a five k, ten k, and half marathon. seven-day forecast and look at the long range forecast. >> we haven't seen nineties in a while. when will it be done? a new look at bart's station and the deadline for this major project. ==reveal==
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a california state senator is proposing a bill urging law enforcement to treat white supremacts happening now on our twitter feet california state senator
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proposing a bill to treat white supremacist as terrorist. also a blockbuster nba trade. kyrie irving is being traded to the celtics. the energy conscis people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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extension" won )t be ready until next year. ==vo== bart was optimiic >> not so fast, bart says silicon valley extension won't be ready to next year. bart was optimistic that the ten-mile extension could be finished by this december. but that deadline was too optimistic. june 2018, the original deadline is more likely. >> it will start when all of the elements are complete and everyone is absolutely satisfied it is safe and reliable. >> crews broke ground on the
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project. by 2026, bart hopes to complete phase two of the silicon valley extension. $3 million upgrade at oakland international. the airport will build 25 charging stations for electric vehicles. the feds gave a total of $300 million for 67 different airports for various improvements. today nancy pelosi outlined an agenda. >> when women succeed, america succeed. better jobs, better wages, better future. we want to focus at the same time as we acknowledge women equality day on the combination of women success and america
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success. >> congresswoman jackie speier. >> renewed threats from north korea about a possible attack. what u.s. officials are saying tonight about this threat. >> and in search of a hero. a wife of the barcelona victim right now at 6-30: rallying his
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base, as protestors take to the streets. presidt . right now it is 6:30, rallying his base. president trump is in phoenix tonight getting ready to host a campaign rally style. thousands more to protest his visit. less than 30 minutes from now, the president is scheduled to take the stage in phoenix. >> this could be a pivotal evening for president trump. trying to rally his base for the new military strategy in afghanistan. janelle wang is tracking the latest. >> reporter: after last week's controversial comments about charlottesville, president trump is focusing on foreign policy. hoping it will energize its base. first visit to the state as
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president. a state he won last november. he hopes his base will rally around him last night. the president promised a winning strategy for afghanistan. as for specific details, not many. >> i will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will. >> reporter: his focus stop terror, clamp done on neighboring pakistan and let ground conditions not timetables determine when to withdraw. >> the only way we can defeat an enemy as nimble and tactical as this. >> ai think he did a good job last night. changing the status quo is important. >> reporter: the president is expected to get mixed support
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tonight. phoenix embracing for protest. >> he is bringing jobs back. helping the military. >> earlier today the president was in the border town of yuma, arizona. he also checked out a predator drone that will be used to prevent people from crossing the border illegally. raj, jessica. >> thank you. we now have had 24 hours to digest the new strategy. and it comes with a notable change of stance. >> last night he confirmed that the united states -- during the campaign, when it was campaigning, it was all america first policy. and now all of a sudden we are talking about bringing in inclusion with china and with all of these other countries to fight the war on terrorism. >> they don't go together. it is a 180. if you think about the president
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now wants to send more troops to afghanistan. to win the war, a military victory. for years he has been saying why are we there all together. he alluded that we need nato to come aboard. you begin to wonder about america first perhaps going through an overhaul. >> tone, very responsible. very presidential. >> last night he was speaking to the nation. and when you speak to the nation, you have to speak differently than to the base. he was inclusive last night. he did try to bring in everybody. a problem for one person, is a problem for us all and he brought that into the afghanistan discussion very well. but when he talked about his
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plan, his plan, very little too it. it was a plan that had very little to it except just the scarcest of outlines. >> let's stay on the topic of the campaign rally. are we going to see presidential trump that we saw yesterday, we are going to see campaign trump, and how do you put these two things close together. >> las vegas is giving odds on. this nobody knows which donald trump will show up. he spoke to the nation, so he has to be broad and inclusive. tonight he is going for the base. he is going for those people who have been with him all along. you can expect him to talk about things like the wall, or the illegal immigration. expect him to talk about the senators, how they deserted him.
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and a hero to him. >> arpaio. >> convicted sheriff joe arpaio. he gets his energy from these people. he becomes more bold as the campaign goes, as the evening goes on. i think we can expect this. >> and the mayor of phoenix wanted him to cancel. >> he said come again. come another time. back to your question, it is going to be amazing to see this transformation. i expect him to be armed for battle. when you are talking about a 35 public support level. if you ain't got these people and you ain't got anyone, and that's why he is going to be concerned with appealing to his base. thank you larry. internationally now, north
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korea is threatening retaliation against the u.s. after war games what they say south korea and japan. state run television broadcast said what it calls a statement for the military. the message vowed that the u.s. will be held accountable for cons sequences over invasive war tactics. >> we hope this is the beginning of this signal that we have been looking for. that they are ready to restrain their level of tension. ready to restrain their provocative acts. and ignored repeated calls to stop. the widow of the bay area man killed in the barcelona terrorist attack is looking for someone. she is trying to find a waiter
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who rushed over to help her wounded husband. she saw a photograph on social media showing the waiter's kindness. she and her family want to find that man and thank him. she is still in barcelona as her husband's body is prepared to come back to the united states. accused of carrying out the vehicle attack in lass r rambla. the owner of the cafe is also in custody. one suspect was released due to lack of evidence. a security scare sent the white house into lock down. a package was found near the north fence. restricted foot traffic there along pennsylvania avenue. eventually they determined the
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package was harmless. president trump was not in the white house at time. he was already en route to arizona. google searches for my eyes hurt spike more than 2000% this week. what are the symptoms you should be worried about and how many people were treated in the bay area. we will tell you coming up. project that millions of us saw.
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and that )s the problem. okay. yesterday the outdoor science project that millions of us saw and that is kind of the problem here. some people are worried that watching that solar eclipse may have left them with permanent eye damage. bigad shaban. >> found that they have already seen, at least, 13 patients complaining of vision problems relating to the solar eclipse. that number could grow since
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symptoms may not develop for hours or possibly weeks. others are now suffering from blurry vision and possibly permanent damage to the structure of their eyes. staring at the sun during an eclipse isn't any more harmful than any other days. but the coverage from the sun. an up tick of calls for eye exams all across california. and because our retinas don't have pain receptors it could be hard to know if it left you with sun damage. >> of the 45 patients who saw a doctor, only five were left with permanent eye damages. and all of those patients said
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they looked up without protective eye gear for, at least, 18 seconds. >> thank you. this is a tornado that ripped through northern china yesterday. it happened for about ten minutes. the damage construction cranes, even an apartment building. debris swirling in the air. no word so far on how many deaths or how many people were hurt. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is back with you. sneaking in some 90s. >> summer is not done yet. tracking closely hot spots. temperatures cooling down tonight. that is the good news. but again, tracking hotter weather ahead. she takes several small gift
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cards and consolidates them all giving her one gift card with a combined balance of zilch. next.
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>> announcer: if you want help, call us or call nbcbayarea/respond. >> a woman whose gift card balance dropped to zero. chris chmura with the story. >> mine are to the left of the refrigerator. she had several gift cards with target with small balances. she decided to consolidate it on to one card with a $79 balance. when she used the new card, the balance was only $2. you might as well call that
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zero. where did it go. target told her it was used in las vegas. the problem was tina says she was overseas the day of that transaction. she told target proof that she was no the in the country when somebody used the card in las vegas. but she never heard back. we contacted target and they sent tina a new card for $79. target did not tell us what happened. gift card fraud is rampant and some thieves have figured out a way they can go ahead and steal from the gift card right after you purchased t so our best advice is simple. don't let gift cards sit idle. the faster you redeem them, the less time criminals have to steal from you.
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give us a call 888-996-tips or online to >> my jump drawer is to the right of the sink. >> i use them quickly. i make a bee line to the store. >> do you have gift cards? >> starbucks. i have to use it. weather kicking up in the next couple of days. let's get a look at our micro climate forecast. we do have cloud cover back off into the distance but for most of the day it has been sunny. currently eight knife degrees. temperatures dropping down to the 70s as we head throughout the next couple of hours. as we push ahead towards tomorrow morning's forecast still have fog across peninsula at 59 degrees.
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also some bright weather for the try valley at 61. fog is back yet again in san francisco. possibly isolated drizzle in the coastline. and areas of low clouds near the base for commuters. throughout your wednesday forecast going to stay warm. slightly above average. 84 in san jose and a warmer 90 in gilroy. a dry wind out of the west. we keep humidity, at least, in the lower side. 90 in antioch. and low 90s back towards danville. bay breeze keeps oakland and hayward in the 70s. coastal breeze, we likely won't see a ton of sun shine and keeps half moon bay at 63. san francisco warming up to 68
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in the mission. through the north bay 86 in napa and ten degrees cooler in mill valley at 7070. extended forecast does show changes. hot high pressure builds in across the west just a little bit stronger. san francisco not uncomfortable here. we will go to 71 here. dry weather through the forecast. that hot high pressure will trap the heat. 95 on saturday. 96 on sunday. and then we will start to back off into early next week. beyond the seven-day forecast, a lot of you are wondering what the next couple of months will hold. long range forecast continues to show no el niƱo or no la nina. likely our typical rain average a quarter of an inch.
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everything continues to point towards average rain temps. maybe by mid september, we should have some storm system coming in. >> we still have a good chunk of summer left as well. bay area native and there is more to aaron gord ann and his classy dump. here to explain. colin resch. er
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we are going to find our inner peace. he was one of the best high school basketball players in the state and he was from here in the bay area. the 22-year-old rising star in the nba. look at that. best known for his high flying dunks and it goes in. but he would like to be known much more for perfect balance of mind, body and soul. here is nbc bay area colin resch. >> you know that aaron gordon
6:54 pm
can dunk with the best of them. his physical success on the basketball court would stem from his mental preparation off of it. >> notice when you hear in this gym right now. notice the sound. >> reporter: the former arch bishop star can hear it all and see it on. >> imagine one of the moves you have been working on. >> there is a presence about it. a calming, a poise. a reliability on mindfulness that i would like to carry with me. i would like people to know that is where my confidence comes from. >> reporter: and ultimately -- >> i would love to be known as a mindful athlete. >> working with him is the greatest student i have ever
6:55 pm
worked with. i am teaching him, but he also teaches me. >> that is so sick. >> reporter: due to aaron's season, bechart doesn't see gordon as much as he used to be. the two are business partners in lucid. he is able to carry bechart's mindfulness instructions everywhere he goes. >> breathing at the free throw line. so when you get to the game, you feel like you have already played. you feel like you have already won. >> reporter: the prevailing question does it work? the proof is in the numbers. >> in high school he shot free
6:56 pm
throws at 30% and willingness to be vulnerable. and we came up with a concept called victory goes to vulnerable. now in nba, he shoots 70%. >> he has learned to embrace failure. >> slowly people will see how good of a basketball player i am. >> reporter: and to be great, you have to believe thaw are. in san jose. colin resch. >> that is important. i need to be able to meditate before i come out here. >> before we go, we want to check back in to phoenix, arizona. president trump about to take the stage. he will take the stage in four minutes. more tonight at 11:00.
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>> good night.
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explicit photos of tiger and his ex lindsey vonn leaked on the net. >> now on extra. >> tiger and lindsay fighting back as their naked photos are stolen off von's cell phone. >> what the racy photos show and the stars who just discovered their racy photos online. >> justin bieber's first words about his collision. who he's laying into. >> it wasn't me. "extra." jerry seinfeld and jerry lewis. >> the comedians in car segment, they shot just before lewis' death. >> the man of "bachelor in paradise" opening up about the first scandal in mexico. >> what happened on the first day with corinne. >> a tearful dimario telling all today. >> it's like ack


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