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tv   Today  NBC  August 24, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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in the bay we're back with 7:20 fwooif with a live news update. >> i hava great day and enjoy this thursday. get out and enjoy the sunshine. >> i hava great day and enjoy this thursday. get out and enjoy the sunshine. this thursday. get out and enjoy the sunshine. good morning. ea great day and enjoy this thursday. get out and enjoy the sunshine. this thursday. get out and enjoy the sunshine. massive $758 million drawing. the largest prize ever for a single ticket. the search now under way for the lucky person is who making up three-quarters of a billion richer. breaking overnight, the storm harvey strength ens into a powerful tropical storm and could become a hurricane before battering the gulf coast. millions racing from nearly two feet of rain. al is tracking it all. new night, new message. >> it's time to heal the wounds that divide us. >> president trump uses a speech to veterans to call for national unity just 24 hours after blasting his rival as the white house reportedly gets set to
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tell the pentagon how to implement that controversial ban on transgender people in the military. all that plus the painful video that has parents of cheerleaders furious and police investigating. the driver behind this frightening parking garage plunge now suing and speaking out. >> it was just the most horrific thing. >> and why begin net paltrow's company is coming under fire. today, thursday, august 24th, 2017. and good morning, everybody. welcome to today at 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. so nice to have you with us on a thursday morning. >> if you're waking up and you're ready to check your power ball ticket, it would really help if you bought it in the state of massachusetts.
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>> that's been even more specific. a store in chick pea mass was where the ticket was sold making the $758 million jackpot the largest single prize ever in the united states. nbc's carry sanders is at power ball headquarters and tallahassee florida for us once again. hi, good morning. >> well, good morning, guys. yes, snb is waking up really shocked that their life has changed. little the second largest jackpot in history, but it is the largest single ticket winner ever. look at the check. 758 million $700,000. the winning numbers were pulled here in tallahassee, florida last night. let's take a look at those numbers. 6, # 7, 16, 23, 26, and the power ball number was number 4. the winning ticket was sold in chick apea, massachusetts. we don't know whether it was one
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person, whether it was a family, whether it was a group. but clearly a tremendous amount of money that if somebody decides to take the lump sum will be $443 million. now, the reason you still want to check your ticket numbers is there were six $2 million winners and 34, $1 million winners. the winning ticket, astonishing amount of money. $758 million. clearly lives changed by this huge amount of money. guys, amazing. >> that's a >> that's a lot of cash. >> oh, man. i read on twitter somebody said maybe it was tom brady who bought the ticket. >> people would love that. >> yes. >> also breaking overnight, harvey has now strengthened into a tropical storm as it bears down on the golf course. it could bring record rain and widespread flooding to that region. al is tracking its path. he's on the road in minnesota. al, we're looking at your map
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here in the studio of that region. there is an awful lot of orange and red on that map. >> yeah. there's a lot of moisture. what there isn't are big steering currents to bring this thing onshore and up and out. we're going to be talking about harvey into next week, all right. so right now it's 425 miles south southeast of port oconner, texas, 45-mile-an-hour wind, north northwest at 12 miles per hour. we expect before it makes landfall it will probably strengthen to category one storm making landfall sometime saturday morning with 85-mile-per-hour winds. of course the winds are an issue, storm surge is an issue. what's really concerning is this thing is going to just hang out there right along the texas golf course. you see monday morning at 1:00 a.m., it's still there. we right now have hurricane watches, hurricane warnings, i should say, and tropical storm
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warnings all along texas coastline from ports mansfield up. you've got hurricane warnings up. from ports mansfield to san luis pass, storm surges. look at the rainfall with this thing. we're talking about isolated amounts of 20 inches or more, to 25 inches, but a widespread swath of anywhere from 10 to 15 inches of rain before this is all over. so massive flooding. the big concern is it may actually start to drift a little further east. louisiana comes into play. new orleans where they are having those pump problems, this is going to be potentially a catastrophic flooding situation. we can't stress this enough. we'll continue to track it. this is going to be a very big deal for a very long time, guys. >> all right, al. we'll see you with your local forecasten ju forecast. >> the president with a late night speech in nevada from what
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we heard from campaign rally. peter alexande alexander. peter, good morning. >> reporter: you'd be excused for a case of whiplash watching this president. the tale of two presidents, one sticking to the script, the other angry and unplugged targeting familiar opponents like during a speech in arizona. the president zigzagging from one night to the next with different messages for different audiences. first somber and searing and back again. the president punctuating a roller coaster 24 hours, love and unity to military vet reince. >> it's time to heal the wounds that divide us and seek a new unity based on common values that unite us. >> it didn't feel like it tuesday night with critics arguing president trump is the one fueling divisions. >> we don't need advice from the washington, d.c., swamp.
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we need right now to drain the swamp. that's what's happening, too, believe me. >> in arizona teasing a controversial pardon, relentlessly attacking the media. >> but the very dishonest media, those people right up there with all the cameras. fake media. they make up stories. look no further than the fake news and the crooked media. >> even antagonizing members of his own party. mr. trump's aides pushing back against criticism saying it was a campaign event not a presidential address. will it impact his ability to govern? the white house and senate's top republican, mitch mcconnell, are dismissing reports of disintegrating relationship between the two. >> i'm very disappointed in mitch. but if he gets these bills passed, i'll be very happy with it. >> "new york times" reporting a political cold war between the leaders with mcconnell privately expressing uncertainty that mr. trump will be able to salvage his administration after a
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series of crisis. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders insist the two remain united on shared priorities, tax reform and border wall, adding they will meet together soon as planned. this morning house speaker paul ryan pushing back after a government shutdown, after this presidential warning. >> we have to close down our government we're building that wall. >> i don't think a government shutdown is necessary, and i don't think most people want to see a government shutdown. ourselves included. >> overnight a senior administration official told me the president is serious about that shutdown threat. on twitter in the last hour president trump teed off on mcconnell and ryan and media writing the fake news is now complaining about my different types of back-to-back speeches. there was afghanistan, somber, the big rally, enthusiastic and fun, american legion, v.a., respectful and strong. too bad the dems have no one who can change tones. also this morning preparing to give defense secretary jim
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mattis marching orders to enforce the president's transgender ban beginning within the next six months that would include authority to kick out transgender troops. it would bar the pentagon from recruiting transgender people and cut off payments for those already serving. "the wall street journal" first reported the news. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders declined to comment. matt and savannah, back to you. >> peter alexander, a lot of headline from the white house. thank you. new this morning the ditch police have detained a second suspect after a threat of a possible attack forced the cancellation of a rock concert in rotterdam. california band had to call off the show after they tipped off authorities about a terror threat. hours later police stopped a van near the concert venue that contained gas canisters. the driver is being questioned by police. earlier this morning a second suspect was taken into custody
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during a police raid about an hour south of rotterdam. also u.s. officials taking a disturbing look at a new video from isis. this features a boy who claims he's an american and the son of a u.s. soldier. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the story for us. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we've seen americans speaking for isis before, but never a child. experts say a script was likely written for him. but to hear those words spoken by a young boy is unsettling to say the least. counter-terrorism officials say that may be the goal to shock and deflect attention from the group's dwindling territory. >> in the video the boy speaks fluent english, appearing to read off a script. the child saying he and his mother moved to syria two years ago. >> my father an american soldier who fought in iraq. >> nbc news has not verified the boy's identity, nationality, or
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whereabouts. the slickly produced seven-minute propaganda video shows him playing with another child, his 7-year-old best friend. the two children seen walking through rubble in what he says is the syrian town of raqqa, where the u.s. estimates 2,000 isis fighters remain under siege. the boy mentions the president by name. >> a message to trump -- >> seen training with isis fighters, threatening to take the battle to the u.s. >> so get ready, the fighting has just begun. >> the video seen by many as exploiting a young boy glamorizing a terrorist lifer style. >> what does isis hope to get out of using this child? >> i think this video is very carefully choreographed cinema, it's deliberate. it's designed to capture the attention of america and americans. >> isis has shown children in videos before. slowing in our typical morning dozen children are used in operations every month.
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but who this boy is remains a mystery this morning. >> we've been able to build up a large profile on lots of people, but we don't have anything on this child. >> now, the u.s. military tells nbc news no service members have reported this as their child. experts say if he is american, they d t slowing in our typical morning long to identify him and any relatives still in the u.s. matt and savannah. >> very disturbing, kristen. thank you. new information emerging this morning about u.s. diplomats who may have been victims of some kind of mysterious sonic attack in cuba. nbc's gabe gutierrez in miami with the latest on the investigation. gabe, what can you tell us about this? >> matt, good morning. it sounds like something out of a spy novel. we're learning some of the victims of the so-called acoustic attacks were evaluated by doctors at the university of miami health system. reports now indicating they may have suffered mild traumatic brain injuries and possible central nervous system damage. this morning deeply troubling new reports suggest the apparent
7:13 am
attack that caused severe hearing loss to some diplomats at the u.s. embassy in cuba is far worse than originally thought. state department says multiple u.s. agencies now investigating and they are very concerned. >> we are working and have been working to provide our staff and u.s. government employees with the best medical attention that we can provide to them. >> reporter: possibly due do spots like the south bay along exposure to ultrasonic sound waves diplomats evaluated at a hospital in miami are reportedly suffering from mild traumatic brain injuries and possible damage to central nervous systems according to cbs news which said it reviewed medical records. nbc news has not independently confirmed these reports. the apparent attack unprecedented according to u.s. officials. >> we have not seen this type of activity take place before. >> doctors say acoustic attacks could lead to significant medical problems. >> if we get exposed to noise, where we can hear it or not hear it and get exposed to it over a long period of time it can affect our health.
7:14 am
what we don't know is how much and what type effects the causes. >> agencies trying to determine who is responsible. state-run tv cuban newscaster said cuba has never or would it ever allow cuban territory to be used for any action against accredited diplomats. ds responsible for u.s. diplomats in their country. >> we hope authorities will find out who is carrying out these health attacks. >> former spies and intelligence officers tell nbc news it appears this may have been a misuse of cold war era technology. americans weren't the only ones affected by this. the canadian government said some of its staff may have been victimized. >> all right. thank you very much. dramatic images out of st. louis. a car driving through a group of protesters blocking the street.
7:15 am
the demonstrators marching in response to police involved shooting death of a transgender woman. a few people tried to stand in the way of the vehicle as it drove down the street. the driver kept going. they refused medical attention at the scene. police stopped the driver a few blocks away and the driver taken into custody. the most powerful typhoon to hit china in half a century left at least 12 people dead. dozens injured amid extensive flooding. driving rains and powerful winds that reached more than 100 miles per hour. in macau, rescuers searching submerged cars for people who may have been trapped as crews work to restore power to thousands of residents in the city. meantime eight people missing after a massive landslide in the swiss alps caught on camera sent dirt, rocks and mud flooding the border. about 100 priem had to be evacuated from the area and now rescue crews are using
7:16 am
helicopters to search for the missing. >> let us head back to al. we mentioned he's on the road. he's got the rest of his forecast. al. >> hey, guys, we are in saint paul minnesota min. today is the opening day of the minnesota state fair. it is the largest state fair when it comes to population had 2 million people visit last year. sights and sounds and taste of the fair in just a little bit. let's look what's going on around the country service you're weather is concerned right now. for today we are looking at a fire threat that continues in the pacific northwest and western plains with hot, dry weather. local flooding down in florida, we're going to take a look at that. this is the 25th anniversary of hurricane andrew. we'll look at that in the next half hour. gorgeous day northeast, plenty of sunshine and that rain starts to move in along the stationary front. not even associated with harvey but we're going to continue to track that as well. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good mother i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are going to have more clouds and fog. also some drizzle in san francisco today with our high temperatures reaching into the mid-60s. little bit warmer for the rest of the weekend with low 70s there and a lot hotter for the inland valleys. we'll be up to 86 degrees today, 89 degrees tomorrow, and the hottest day will be on sunday, up to 97 degrees. and then our temperatures gradually start to come back down for early next week.
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>> guys when we come back, six different items on a stick here. we're going to bring maybe not all of them but a bunch of them. >> that's a tease. >> take one with joe. >> really good. >> you two. >> coming up, more on the story we talked about, video that's difficult to watch. young cheerleaders in colorado being forced into splits. a police investigation now launched. we'll have the latest. >> then the woman inside that car when it fell seven stories from a parking garage is speaking out. and she is filing a major lawsuit today. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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up to 97 degrees. feeling its age?
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just ahead is facebook feeling its age. gwyneth paltrow's company
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keratin color. from schwarzkopf. and now experience new sensational browns. ==topvo== te a very good thursday morning to you. it is 7:26 i'm laura garcia-cannon. tension rsz rising ahead of two weekend rallies planned by conservative groups in the bay area. one in berkeley, one in san francisco. during a meeting held last night by the liberal group by any means necessary, a fight started when organizers refused to allow two conservative groups into the meeting. the growing tension comes in the wake of violence in charlottesville. a separate antihate rally is organized outside of berkeley city hall ahead of this weekend's event in the martin luther king junior civic center park. covering the forecast for us today and every day, here's kari. good morning. we do start out with sunshine as we get a live look outside in the south bay and the peninsula as well as the tri-valley a good
7:27 am
start to the morning. temperatures in the upper 50s, but a lot of low clouds and some breezy winds for san francisco, the east bay, and the north bay. as we fwo into this afternoon, our temperatures spread out once again going from the lower 60s in half moon bay to 65 in san francisco, oakland 69 degrees and 81 in san jose. with high temperature of 90 expected in concord for this afternoon. our temperatures warming up just a few degrees for san francisco and a much more of a change in those temperatures for the inland areas. let's get a check on the roads with vianey. we're starting to see a heavy buildup for the south bay and it looks like it maybe due to a couple fender benders along 280 northbound an also northbound 85. as of right now it looks like that maybe blocking one of the lanes in that area and that's what's causing the heavy delays. we're still seeing heavy back jaup along 880. quick check of your drive times. northbound 1 oun 1 about 35
7:28 am
minutes. live look in palo alto you can see stop and go traffic. another update in half an hour. we'll see you then. ♪
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. we are >> we're back now 7:30 on thursday morning. we welcome you back. there's been an awful lot of news breaking overnight. >> good morning, everybody. want to get right to the headlines. let's start with lottery history. >> the number up is 7. >> giant jackpot, a single winning powerball ticket is sold in massachusetts making its lucky owner three-quarters of a billion dollars richer. >> someone in massachusetts is waking up a whole lot richer. it's not us. >> obvious. >> i wore my lotto green. >> the white house reportedly set to tell the pentagon how to implement the controversial ban on the transgender people in the
7:31 am
military giving defense secretary jaime mattis a month to make it work. >> what we are looking at is a major flooding event. >> tropical storm harvey strengthens overnight taking aim at texas and other parts of the gulf coast as millions preparing for what's expected to become a dangerous hurricane in the next 24 hours. >> it could stall and stay over the top of south florida. that would be a huge threat. >> hundreds rally outside the nfl's headquarters in support of quarterback colin kaepernick. the free agent remains without a job after protesting during the national anthem. >> we've got to make sure that the modern day muhammad ali, colin kaepernick, we surround and support him. >> and brazen theft. robbers smash into a louisiana store using their truck as a battering ram before driving away with the store's atm, today thursday august 24th, 2017. that's one way to do it. >> certainly. now we want to talk about disturbing videos out of colorado. they have outraged parents of young cheerleaders there. they have also led to a police investigation. nbc's lucy kafanov has that
7:32 am
story. lucy, good morning. >> reporter: matt and savannah, good morning. those videos taken at a cheerleading camp. you can see the girls forced into painful positions. now some of them are sharing their stories as some of their coaches and school officials are placed on leave. shocking new video released overnight by nbc affiliate kusa shows teenagers crying out in pain. >> no, no, no, no, no. cheerleader at denver's east high school are seen being pushed into splits over and over again. their arms and legs held down by teammates. >> videos recorded back in june during first week of cheer camp. now denver police are investigating incidents involving multiple cheerleaders. ali wakefield, an incoming freshman said she was forced by the cheer coach into this excruciating position.
7:33 am
she's one of three cheerleaders and their mothers who spoke exclusively with kusa. >> i didn't expect to have to do elevated splits and be forced into it. he was pushing down on the back of my right leg. he was pushing with his other knee on my back to try to keep my posture straight. >> this is a grown man pushing my 13-year-old girl so hard against her will while she's crying and screaming for him to stop that he's ripping tissue in her body. >> reporter: wakefield's mother sent an e-mail to temperature school's athletic director on june 15th. >> i don't understand why this man is still employed there. >> reporter: the cheer coach, as well as the assistant cheer coach high school principle, assistant principal and deputy counsel have all been placed on leave while the incidents are being investigated. a standard practice in an investigation of this type that does not imply or prejudge the
7:34 am
actions of the individuals or what the investigation might determine. the coach telling kusa he had seen one video not the others and that he tlernd this technique growing up. the denver school superintendent released a statement that reads in part, the images and actions depicted are extremely distressing and absolutely contrary to our core values and public school community. while this investigation is ongoing we are entirely focused on ensuring our staff and are receiving the support they need. the investigation is ongoing. this morning many parents in the school district and across the country are waking up with new questions and concerns about their kids safety and how much is too much when it comes to sports. matt, savannah. >> i think that is over the line of too much right there, lucy. thank you very much. >> hard to watch that. also this morning a lawsuit has been filed against the owners of a texas parking garage where a woman's car fell seven stories and slammed to the ground below.
7:35 am
here is nbc's jacob rascon. >> reporter: it was the moment she thought would be her last. >> my car went straight down. it was just the most horrific thing. >> free-falling seven floors, bouncing off concrete after accidentally pressing the gas instead of the brake. >> good samaritans came out of nowhere. i was covered in blood. i said if you would please call them so i can tell my daughter and husband good-bye. >> more than a month after the horrific accident christy and her attorney filed a lawsuit against gtt parking and the owner. the suit claimed the owner knew it wasn't safe, required stronger barriers and they -- the cables through which she crashed were dangerous, dilapidated and in need of serious upgrade and repair. they are seeking $1 million in damages.
7:36 am
>> we obviously want to make sure she's compensated for her injuries and medical expenses. but we also want not only this parking garage to understand the consequences of failing to maintain but all owners of parking garages. >> i can damn sure make sure that no one else -- no one's daughter, no one's wife, no one's husband ever has to get that phone call. >> last year another car drove over the edge of the same parking garage dangling by a cable. that driver climbing to safety. >> and the fact that this already happened once already, this is just horrific to me. >> reporter: reached by phone, the owner of the garage company hung up on nbc news. other calls to gtt parking have not been returned. recovering from a broken back, sternum, ribs, elbow and ankle has been excruciating. but thanks to the kindness of
7:37 am
strangers -- >> i hope -- i hope i get to say face-to-face thank you. >> christy knows her survival was a miracle. for "today," jacob rascon, nbc news. >> incredible. >> let's get another check of the weather. al is at the minnesota state fair. al. >> hey, guys. good morning. while we talk about harvey and we've got something to talk about right now in florida, 25 years ago today, hurricane andrew was slamming into florida. as you can see, it was rough. it was terrible. the winds, 165 miles per hour, category five storm. picking up more than 12 inches of rain causing 26 deaths and in damage, $26 billion. as we look at florida this morning, we're talking about some severe weather. we're talking about the possibility of flooding as we
7:38 am
already see heavy rain starting to push its way in. this is remnants of a little bit of a tropical system we've been watching. it's going to continue. this tropical low bringing heavy rain, potential for downpours, flash flooding, a real mess there through saturday rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches but locally could be upwards of 7 inches in parts of good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are going to see those high temperatures in san francisco reaching into the mid-60s, just a little bit of some of sunshine today. a lot more of those clouds and some drizzle throughout the morning. and it doesn't have to go into the weekend more sunshine in the forecast, highs in the upper 60s to low 70s while the inland areas are going to feel those temperatures really ramping up. it is going to be very hot, especially on sunday, reaching up to 97 degrees. and then a little bit a cool down mid next week. >> that's your latest weather, guys. coming up, andrew is going to be
7:39 am
here. he's got a look at all the crazy food you can get here at the minnesota state fair. guys. >> most of them on sticks, i imagine. al, thank you. just ahead, what really happened that night. the mystery and confusion that still surrounds princess diana's fatal car crash 20 years later. but first are your kids on facebook? new signs the world's most popular social network may be losing a little of its appeal, right after this. by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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the watch me let if fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits. hanging with our mates weekenders and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders. 7:43 on thursday morning, we're back with new proof that the social media wars are probably heating up. >> yup, they are on. facebook has long dominated the industry, of course. is that slowly beginning to change? nbc's business correspondent jo ling kent with more on that, new data. good morning. >> good morning. things are changing so fast. in fact, eye-opening new statistics out this morning that predict for the first time a decline in facebook usage for any age group. that group 12 to 17 years old
7:44 am
who are flocking to competitors. >> status update, facebook may be starting to feel its age. >> facebook is really for old people. my grandparents use it and my parents use it. >> according to new data from the research company emarketer, facebook usage among 12 to 17 years old will decline this year by 3.4%. researchers say teens and tweens are logging in less frequently and spending less time on the platform. part of the reason? >> well, it finally happened. your mom is on facebook. >> the perception that the social media giant has been taken over by parents. the study even refers to so-called facebook nevers, kids skipping the social network all together. >> it's too public. i have social media. my accounts are private. i can accept who i want. in facebook anyone can see my page. >> instead teens are flocking to snapchat and instagram, cameras -- app that emphasize cameras and disappearing videos and pictures. nbc universal and snapchat are in a business relationship.
7:45 am
>> i use snapchat at least two or three times an hour. >> by year's end predicts snapchat usage in 18 to 24-year-old range will increase 19%. for the first time ever the firm is forecasting that snapchat will over take facebook and instagram in two age groups, 12 to 17 and 18 to 24. some analysts say stories of facebook's demise among young people are greatly exaggerated. marco mark zuckerberg owns it, may give facebook a thumbs-up. >> as they graduate schools, they graduate to facebook. it is an easy way to find a broader group of friends and family. >> declined to comment on the story as did snapchat. the competition is more intense than ever. instagram a year ago created stories which really very much emulates snapchat. >> imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. >> that's what they say. >> thank you. coming up, you will not
7:46 am
believe what some adults are turning to to cope with all the stress in their lives. >> sheinelle is over in the orange room. what do you have? >> good morning. are you tired of your kids ignoring your texts? what one dad came up with that's helping parents all around the world. but first these messages. all those reasons why not and decide to begin. get your game on with under armour. now at kohl's. ((cat 2) hey, what's in there? (cat 1) *gaspá is that a crunchy kibble?! (cat 2) is that a ring of gravy?! (cat 1) it's gravy... made crunchy! new friskies gravy swirlers! (cat 2) real gravy baked right in! (cat 1) crunchy! gravy! crunchy! gravy! (cat 2) we get it buddy, we get it. (vo) feed their fantasy. friskies. my challenge is to be in sync with my body, myself, my life.
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7:50 am
we're we're back with one dad's remarkable solution for a problem facing a lot of parents. >> we all know smart phones will be a great way for parents to keep in touch with their kids, not if your child is ignoring messages. well, nick her peter was fed up with his son ben not getting back to him. he created an appear called replyasap. sends a message to the phone that will sound an alarm and freeze their device until they reply. doesn't matter if they are playing a game, watching a video, anything, their phone will be useless until they respond. social media users sharing thoughts on app. allison writes, genius for emergency situation. on the other side, appallingly intrusive app for parents. we asked on twitter what do you think of the replyasap app. 66% say good for safety, 34 say
7:51 am
too controlling. replyasap available for android users but herbert plans to make it available for iphones in the next few weeks. guys, what do you think? >> i think, are you listening my kids? i think it's a good idea in important situations. >> you couldn't do it every day. if you need to, i'm impressed. parents are resourceful. yay parents. sheinelle, thank you. coming up, the newest controversy facing gwyneth paltrow's lifestyle company goop. and his major league career ended with one devastating pitch. now he's the one pitching the power of strength and perseverance. we'll catch up with adam greenberg but first your local news. zaruba saturdzaruba
7:52 am
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7:56 am
. good thursday morning it's 7:56 and we start out with some drizzle in san francisco. low clouds will continue for the next several hours thanks to a deeper marine layer. but we are seeing some sunshine as we take a live look outside in san jose. now our temperatures will be making it into the low 80s for the south bay, mid-80s for the tri-valley, and still with a high of 90 degrees some hot temperatures in concord. oakland will see a highch 69 degrees and 65 degrees in san francisco. lower 80s in the north bay. for the weekend, our temperatures will be warming up and less fog and clouds in san francisco. interior valleys as hot as 97 degrees on sunday, and then we'll gradually start to see those temperatures coming down for the first part of next week. but meantime it is going to be a nicer day across the bay area. let's get an update on the roads from vianey. the south bay seems to be the hot spot for backup right now.
7:57 am
it looks like we're dealing with a couple of fender benders that may be blocking some lanes right now along northbound 280 right before saratoga avenue. you can see the speed sensors picking up a lots of that red which means stop and go traffic. drive times for the south bay, northbound 280 from highway 101 to highway 85, 32 monies. 40 nine minutes for 280. you can see that stop and go traffic in palo alto. happening now, california lawmakers debating a first of its kind water tax that may add an extra dollar per month to your water bill. if you haven't heard, one winning power ball ticket was sold in massachusetts. with all six numbers matching. the winner is in line for a 700 plus million dollars payout before taxes. two bay area ticket holders matched fiech of the six numbers. each of them will walk away with a million dollars.
7:58 am
i'll be back with another update in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today brsh. coming up, we have a winner. >> $758.7 million. >> the largest single winning ticket sold in massachusetts as the search gets underway for the lucky jackpot winner. plus goop dupe, this morning gwyneth paltrow's popular lifestyle brand being accused of unsubstantiated claims. >> they don't have the right to market their product as disease treatment. that's flat out against the law. >> the art of perseverance. the baseball player's whose second chance inspired millions opens up. >> the feeling of gratitude and
8:01 am
appreciati appreciation. it was so real and so raw, i didn't have many words for it. today, thursday, august 24th, 2017. >> good morning to. >> dallas, texas! >> we have the denay family this morning. >> hello saginaw, michigan. >> why are you here this morning? >> i'm turning 18 today. >> yea! >> we have a milestone this morning. >> celebrating my birthday in new york city. >> we have an epic countdown. >> 168 days until the olympics. go team usa. good morning and welcome back to "today." so nice to have you with us on a thursday morning. they're playing our song. >> that's a big crowd out there. might be equal to the size of
8:02 am
the people at the minnesota state fair where al is this morning. >> or outside a certain shop in massachusetts where that lottery ticket was sold. >> big news there. we'll start with this news at 8:00. powerball just made someone ridiculously rich. a single ticket sold in massachusetts was the winner of last night's massive, $758 million jackpot. kerry sanders is at the powerball headquarters in tallahassee, florida. kerry, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. this is where they pulled the numbers last night. this is the check somebody will be getting. it's the largest single ticket winner ever in the united states, $758,700,000. let's take a look at the numbers pulled last night. the powerball numbers were 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, and the powerball number 4. we've had our eyes all morning here on watertown, massachusetts which is where we thought the ticket was sold, but it turns out it was sold about 82 miles
8:03 am
away in chicopee, massachusetts. now everybody is scrambling down there. it was sold at a pride station and store in chicopee. the store there will get $50,000 for selling it. everybody wants to know who bought the ticket. they could walk away, if they take the lump sum with $443 million. the amount of money here, not only $758,700,000. on top of that, some two million dollar wins, six people get $2 million and 34 $1 million winners. somebody in watertown thought they had the huge ticket. it turns out, 82 miles away. >> the store owner thought he or she had cash, too. >> hear that sound? the news trucks backing up and going to chicopee. we move now to the white house. the president back with the newly renovated executive mansion today as a widening riff with congressional republicans
8:04 am
is threatening the gop agenda as well as party unity. nbc's kristen welker has the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president is again sending out mixed messages when it comes to unity. in one instance calling for the country to come together, and another taking aim at just about everyone in its path. it comes as the administration is getting closer of rolling out details of a policy dividing the country, highly controversial ban on transgenders in the military. overnight, the policy closing in on the transgender policy. new guidelines give defense secretary james mattis six months to prepare the ban and will allow him to consider a service member's ability to deploy in deciding whether to keep them out. the 2 1/2 page memo calls for denying admittance to transgender individuals and stop spending on medical treatment for those currently serving. the white house declining to
8:05 am
comment but saying they'll share an announcement when they have one. the ban on transgender troops, a is that right contrast to president trump's call for unity in front of an audience of veterans earlier in the day. >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. >> reporter: those words also causing whiplash after just a day earlier president trump unleashed a 75-minute unplugged rant in phoenix, taking aim at all his familiar targets including the media. >> these are really, really dishonest people, and they're bad people, and i really think they don't like our country. i really believe that. >> reporter: but it was this threat that sparked an immediate backlash. >> if we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> reporter: speaker of the house, paul ryan saying not so fast. >> i don't think a government shutdown is necessary and i don't think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included. >> reporter: this morning, with his legislative agenda in
8:06 am
jeopardy, president trump is pushing back against reports his relationship with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is deteriorating. the two haven't spoken in weeks. still the white house said in a statement the president and the senate's top republican remain united on many shared priorities. mcconnell echoing the remark saying we're kmirted to advancing our shared agenda together, and anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly not part of the conversation. the president and leader mcconnell say they will meet after the august recess as was previously planned. a senior administration official says the president is serious about his shutdown threat. for the first time we are getting a glimpse of the newly refurbished west wing, an ongoing renovation project that started several weeks ago. the oval office has new wallpaper and a rug used by a former republican president, ronald reagan. savannah, as you can see, those renovations are on going behind me here in the north lot. back to you.
8:07 am
>> they are indeed. we know that leaf blower as well, kristen. >> we were at the white house earlier this week, brand new carpet, brand new paint on the walls. it looked and smelled great. meanwhile preparations are under way in texas as tropical storm harvey is taking aim a harvey is taking aim at the golf course. in beaumont people are filling sandbags and u.s. army corps of engineers has emergency generators rolling into place. fema is getting traed to unpack a massive warehouse packed with supplies for emergency shelters. we're going to have more on where harvey is headed in a while. a lot more to get to, including why gwyneth paltrow's goop brand accused of deceiving consumers. also questions surrounding princess diana's death 20 years later. >> who needs actual stores. gene chatzky explores the consumer phenomenon that can save you money big time. >> al sinks his
8:08 am
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8:11 am
health claims are deceiving. joe fryer with the latest for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. sold in boutiques and online wellness products include crystals to essential oils saying they can treat ailments like migraines, depression, autoimmune. one watchdog group crying foul alleging goop and its founder gwyneth paltrow are duping customers out of their money with health claims. gwyneth paltrow promotes her brand goop as one-stop shopping for a better life selling fashion, beauty and wellness products. now consumer advocates charge some of the claims hide an ugly truth. >> goop is using deceptive marketing to tell consumers it has products that can treat, cure, or prevent a host of diseases and disorders. >> reporter: in a complaint to california regulators, the watchdog group truth in it
8:12 am
advertising, like treating infertility, black rose bar for acne, eczema, and wearable stickers that reduce inflammation and anxiety. paltrow came on "today" with goop products for matt. >> one of your supplements called, why am i so f'ing tired. one is called balls in the air. one called high school jeans. looking at me, which of those would you leave in my dressing room after the interview? >> maybe balls in the air. >> truth in advertising said it asked them to take down the deceptive materials but the statement did not fully comply. the group said tina provided limited information and made threats and arbitrary deadlines
8:13 am
which were not reasonable under the circumstance. >> women that are having infertility problems are desperate to find a cure or treatment. goop is taking advantage of people at their most vulnerable positions and really just not acceptable. >> since its inception in 2008, goop and its products often have been the butt of jokes. even paltrow herself appeared confused about them. >> i don't know what [ bleep ] talking about. >> sometimes there are things you go, oh, that seems a little bit -- >> yeah, for sure. >> we reached out to paltrow and goop for comment but did not hear back. a group spokesman told "people" while the claims are unsubstantiated and unfounded we will continue to evaluate our products and content and make improvements we believe are reasonable and necessary. >> i think it's outrageous. goop does not have the right to market its products using disease treatment claims. that is flat-out against the
8:14 am
law. >> california state regulators say they have received the watchdog's complaint letter against goop and it is being reviewed, which is standard for any complaint it receives. back to you guys. >> all right, joe. thank you so much. now time for what's trending today. ready? >> good morning. >> parents who have had babies, mastered the swaddle at one point or another. did you ever look at your baby in a crib saying that looks good, the swaddle. >> anything cuter than a baby in a swaddle. >> the baby burrito. >> check it out, you're not alone. check out the new trend in japan, adult swaddling. people opting to be swalelled, stress anxiety, postpartums even help with posture and pain. >> that's not the way i remember swaddling. do you cover the baby's -- >> no, of course. >> would you ever want to be
8:15 am
swaddled. >> i think we should try it. >> i do remember. i had a baby most recently. let me try to swaddle you. let's go. you trust me, right? >> are you good at this? >> of course i am. i have two kids under three. i think i can s now, obviously, this baby blanket is a little bit since you are a bigger baby. the first thing that you do is you got to bring it over like this. a swaddle is supposed to mimic the wound. can you make your feet in a fetal position. >> is this supposed to alleviate stress? is that what it is? i am feeling a little stressed out now. maybe it is the camera or the
8:16 am
studio filled with people. >> okay, and now i need your help here. >> or we can say i think people get the idea. this is the key, we have to lift you up and we bring this over. >> we got to bring it back around. >> you are not making it easier for our camera people to shoot this by the way. >> and you tug it in, how do you feel? >> i feel stressed out. >> do we have a passy? >> great, thank you. >> that i am not doing. >> i knew he would kill me. >> this is going to appear about a thousand sites online, i don't need to put a pass ficifier. >> chanel start reading, please. >> we'll begin with taylor
8:17 am
swift, it is the moment we have been waiting for. you should see her getting out of it. she announced her new album, it is titled "reputation." this comes following her social media black out and the release of those snake videos. this is her sixth album. "reputation" is set for a release of november 10th and her single debuts today. now to "this is us." the break out drama released a sneak peek. in the scene, randall asked his mom played by mandie moore for some advise. >> our marriage was not perfect, it is true but none are. and your father was not perfect either but he was pretty damn close, it is as close as they
8:18 am
come. he pushed a stranger on me and that stranger became my child and that child became my life. he became you. >> break out the tissues. you can catch the season premier "this is us," tuesday september 26th right here on nbc. >> i need my passy for comfort. >> how are you feeling? >> oh boy, will we talk. >> chanel, thank you. >> good thing al is not here. >> lets check in with mr. roker. >> well, i know, i know. >> i cannot quite unsee that. we have a palette cleanser for you coming up. i am going to be milking a cow so stay tuned for that. first, lets bring you up to date on the latest on harvey right
8:19 am
now, tropical storm harvey, the winds have actually increased. the last hour they were about 45 miles per hour up to 60 miles per hour. moving north of 15 miles per hour so its forward speed have started to move a little faster and you can see it is going to come on shore some time saturday morning around 1:00 a.m., heavy rain. it is going to meandering. it is going to hang through the area. 25 inches of rain before it's all done. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall, slightly cooler in the south bay and morgan hill a high of 85. toward the east bay looking at upper 80s, a few low 90s like in concord today. we'll see a high of 90 degrees. oakland will be up to 69 degrees. for the peninsula, looking at highs in the mid-70s, san mateo
8:20 am
74 degrees on 64 degrees on the embarcardero. north bay with a high of 84, it's going to be slightly cooler this afternoon. and this is princ >> and this is princess kay. she was named the milky way princess here. this is ray. they showed me how to do it. good girl, ray. this. good girl. okay, ray. going to come down here and just kind of like that. look at that. getting a little something there. all right. in about an hour i'll be able to bring you a nice cold glass of milk, guys. in the meantime we'll have more here at the minnesota state fair on opening day. back to you. >> all right, al. thank you very much. in order for you to remember this -- >> one week from today marks 20 years since the passing of princess diana. two decades later there's still confusion surrounding that fateful night. here is nbc's keir simmons.
8:21 am
♪ ♪ >> reporter: a short while ago buckingham palace confirmed the death of diana princess of wales. >> midnight, a car accident that stunned the world. inside this mangled vehicle was >> princess diana. these are some of the last images of diana with her boyfriend. 19 minutes after 12, the couple waits inside the hotel. a minute later, they leave my car heading for the apartment. the driver had been drinking. at 25 minutes after midnight. the mercedes traveling around 75 miles per hour, hits a pillar in a paris tunnel. as we got into the middle of the tunne
8:22 am
tunnel, the black mercedes hit one of the pillars and turn around. at 12:26. the doctor called the emergency ambulance. another witnesses described holding diana's hand. at 4:00 a.m. paris time, diana was declared dead. how was the most famous in the world left unprotected. allegations quickly followed. did that pursuit help cause the crash. >> we had only one paint. it is a fiat owner. on the right side, i can identify a small paint, a small
8:23 am
live contact between this and another car. his analysis shows there was small contact between diana ease mercedes, the fiat was never found inspiring the conspiracy that diana was murdered. perry jones believed it was an accident but could have been avoided. his lawyer blamed the hotel and the car's company. another their ari that diana was engaged and a ring was bought. jones' lawyer says it was his father that pushed such stories. >> he said many things that he did not remember or know. one of the things that diana was pregnant.
8:24 am
was diana pregnant? >> the possibility was ruled out by a british coroner. richard kays says she did have plans. one of the last people to see diana alive. he went to the hospital and was the first to open the ambulance. >> you know, she was very quiet. as he looks back over 20 years. what stands out most was diana had been able to create her own life after the divorce. >> she was a symbol. a symbol of free woman. what do i think of that night and the incident that claims her life was a benign way for someone who such is an extraordinary figure to die. diana seems too big of a character to die in such as humble way. kearse simmons, nbc news, paris.
8:25 am
>> the anniversary is coming up. >> just ahead, how the baseball player whose career ended on the first pitctchy face is using hi story to inspire others. >> how we can take advantage of something called v-commerce, tell us about it after we'll check your local news and weather. [ cheers ] santa clara leaders will zero in
8:26 am
tonight on a recent levi )s stadium audit .. suggesting the city is not getting i good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. santa clara leaders will zero in tonight on a recent lee psi stadium audit suggesting the city is not getting its fair share of revenues. this is the first time they'll meet since the audit was le v released. id found the team owes nearly $2 million. the niners call the audit factually incorrect. they've been in a tug of war to the team releasing document tied to other events held a the stadium. the mayor expects a 30-day deadline to be set tonight, demanding the niners pay up or face legal action. here's vianey with the roads. >> starting to see a lot more accidents out there, unfortunately, especially for the south bay. earlier, we had mentioned this
8:27 am
crash along northbound 280 before saratoga. looks like a lane might still be blocked in that area because we're still seeing heavy delays. an addition fall fender bender along 101, the northbound side, also causing some delays. and we've definitely seen those delays in the east bay. the drive times, northbound 101 from highway 5 about 42 minutes. east bay drive times also looking rather slow from highway 4 to the bay bridge. a live look in oakland, stop-and-go traffic out there. and i'll have another local news update for you in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back 8:30 thursday morning. it's the 24th day of august, 2017. and the day before our next big concert right here on the plaza. country star jason aldean is going to be on our city concert stage tomorrow morning. >> so exciting. love him. >> you guys are so much fun. where is cecily? hi, cecily. cecily, tell us why you're here this morning. >> it's my 18th birthday. >> happy birthday, cecily. >> here is the thing. i hear you're a big jason aldean fan. is that right? >> yes, i am. >> would you like to go to his
8:31 am
concert? >> i would love to. >> guess what, happy birthday. vip tickets along with four of your friends. are you crying? don't cry. isn't that nice? >> happy birthday. >> the best birthday present ever. >> happy birthday. we'll see you tomorrow. >> by the way, we have some more good news about our concert series. we're actually going to extend it. check out our new lineup. kelly clarkson friday september 8th, one of my faves. fergie a return on friday september 22nd. the week after that. camila cabello. >> good prices for high-quality stuff. jean chatzky will introduce you to the new perks of online shopping. >> let's send it over to al still fairing it up in minnesota.
8:32 am
hi, al. >> hey, guys, especially at the minnesota state fair 4h so important. one of the things, big tradition, llamas like to get dressed up, llamas and alpaca, harley davidson, "top gun," a llama disguised as a cow. we've got batman and robin. what are you guys? we've got a park ranger and a catcher. we've got -- what are you guys? >> 1940 salvation army. >> and ratatouille. you only see them at the minnesota state fair in saint paul. see what opening weather looks like for the weekend. plenty of sunshine eastern half of the country. flooding through florida. hurricane, i should say, tropical storm harvey causing big problems. that will continue on saturday. hot and dry out west.
8:33 am
beautiful weather along the east coast, wet down in florida. sunday -- sunday! -- we are looking at a pleasant weather day for the northeast in new england, mid-atlantic states. heavy flooding due to harvey down through texas and golf course. and the sun continues out i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll have a lot of clouds, some drizzle and fog in san francisco and temperatures today reaching 65 degrees now. we'll be able to get rid of some of that fog as we go into the weekend and highs reaching into the low 70s by sunday. for the inland areas, it is going to be a beautiful day, nice and comfortable, but it does start to get hot tomorrow, and that heat continues into the weekend. the hottest day will be on sunday up to 97 degrees. guys, take a look. this is a picture from last year's winners and runner up.
8:34 am
it's really pretty impressive what they do with these llamas, they are very nice. we don't see fernando lamas out here. pretty good. coming up andrew has all kinds of food for us, including a pale of cookies you won't believe. >> bring it home, al. >> he's a tease machine today. there we go. every once in a while we like to check on people who have touched us with their stories. that is certainly the case with adam greenberg. his is an inspiring story about major league success, a life changing event that ended his dream, and second chances. >> i love baseball. it's a part of who i am. it's a game that relates to life in so many ways, so i love the game. >> adam greenberg making his major league debut here. >> in 2005 adam greenberg stepped up to the plate wearing the uniform of the chicago cubs for his first ever major league
8:35 am
at-bat. in that one moment, with that one pitch, his major league career ended. >> i turned my head just to try to get out of the way. that's where in a split second everything changed in my life. >> greenberg spent the next few years trying to recover, suffering from vertigo and unable to play. >> a lot of soul searching and struggles. the emotional side really took effect, really took toll on me because i started questioning myself. >> one at-bat. >> 2012 seven years later greenberg got a second chance, a one-day contract with the miami marlins. >> adam, we'd like to sign you to a one-day contract. >> putting him back at the plate one more time. >> i cannot wait to see this. >> the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. >> adam greenberg gets his moment. >> it was so real and so raw i didn't really have many words for it. >> struck out on three pitches.
8:36 am
>> it was never about me. it was really about the fans and the audience and my friends and my family to really be able to connect with my story of struggles and obstacles and overcoming those. >> what's your name. >> greenberg wrote about his journey in a new book "get up, the art of perseverance." >> it was important for me to share my story through the book, because i'm not a hero, if you will. i didn't sacrifice my life. i'm just a guy who played baseball at a high level and had an unfortunate incident happen to me. anything is possible if you really set your mind to it and you're willing to put in time and effort. the main message i try to share is just the message of perseverance, having a goal and overcoming the obstacles that get in your way. the heroes are the people that can pull from my story and my experiences and relate to what i've gone through. >> greenberg recently had the opportunity to step out on wrigley field, throwing out the first pitch for his former team.
8:37 am
>> going out there and standing on the field and just kind of looking around, it was magical. >> when you were struggling, what was the feeling. >> back in his hometown guilford, connecticut, adam shares his experience with younger players who dream of one day -- >> stay here, stay down and on it. >> playing in the big leagues. >> there you go. >> he's taught me little tips and tricks on how to hit it, but more just how to be a better baseball player. >> he's taught me basically everything. the swing itself is not the biggest thing he's done for me, everything aside from it to make your self a better person and better player. >> to these kids, that's what makes adam greenberg major league. >> seeing a child smile. seeing another human being progress in life, that's a personal satisfaction i get. it doesn't just have to be on the field success. seeing a human being grow up and mature and be able to handle life's challenges, it's just
8:38 am
rewarding. it's hard to put a word on how it feels. it just feels good. >> in 20 plus years here, adam is one of the guys who impressed me the most. after getting hit by the first pitch he faced in the major leagues and ending his career, he never thought baseball owed him anything. never said this sport owes me anything. >> it's so incredible he got his chance to have one day in the major leagues. he's done so much with a moment that could have been the worst moment in his life and turned it into something beautiful. >> in spirg. >> inspiring. >> it really is. ahead the shop on. how you can take advantage of really big safes but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
all right. we're back 8:40. the rise of a new online shopping company called digitally native vertical brands, v-commerce for short.
8:41 am
these companies are born online and traditionally don't have brick and mortar stores. instead they rely on social media to spread the word and make one-on-one attention a priority on websites. that direct to consumer relationship helps reduce prices and maximize profits. v-commerce companies did 6.6 billion in sales in 2015 and projected to hit $16 billion by 2020. to walk us through all of it financial editor jean chatzky. good morning. >> good morning. >> i see you went on a shooppin spree. >> i did. i wanted to show you the lay of the land. they figured out companies want a relationship with their customer and the shopping experience should be experiential. we've got things like peloton bike where you can take a spin class in your own home. this luggage from away where they have clued into a fact no one wants to find an outlet at the airport so you can use it to
8:42 am
charge. solving problems. underwear from tommy john and third love where they are focusing on things like fit. a lot of companies key in on price. so hubble contact lenses half the price. harry shave, half the price. companies like brandless where everything is $3. >> they are able to get those prices because it's direct to kur consumers. >> that's right. >> you give us tips. first off how do we find these v-commerce companies. >> you may receive in snell mail, looks like a val pack, where they are together. google the words direct to consumer with whatever you want to buy. direct to consumer shoes you may end up at a place like ever lane where they are very transparent about their process of making products and how much it actually costs them. >> how do you know if it's really good quality stuff as
8:43 am
well. >> yeah. well, you know by looking at the reviews. the reviews not necessarily on their websites. these are companies that are really focused on social media so you want to listen to your friends, look at your friends social feeds. it an edited line of products all over social media, that's how people are learning about it. >> the one thing, with online shopping, they want to try it on. something like glasses. >> or mattresses. >> how are you going to send a mattress back? >> they make it very, very easy. it comes in a box, goes back in pa box. we have products from lisa here where you can test it out in your own home for 100 days. if you don't like it, you can go ahead and send it back and they will actually pay for it. also things like swim suits from andy. they are giving you a 30-day, i believe, free trial suits you can try on. nobody likes trying on swim suits in the store. >> nobody does, because it doesn't look good no matter how
8:44 am
the lighting is or looks too good. next subject, i guess, how we consider the value proposition. whether we really get a good deal. >> that depends what you're buying. i mention brandless, where everything is $3. some of their products are amazing deals. their lotions, their beauty products. other products you compare peanut butter to jiff. jiff is cheaper. you take into consideration this is non-gmo, all organic and you make a call on your own. but they are not all an amazing value. you really have to judge. >> have you to do your homework. a lot are subscription services which a lot of people are into. >> hubble contacts, harry's shave, they set you up. you're going to get something almost every 30 days. you have to want it every 30 days, otherwise you're paying for things you don't use. if you're one of those contact people, me, who gets daily contacts but wears them for more than one day. my eye doctor is not happy right now. >> right there with you.
8:45 am
>>ou ye'v got to slow it down in terms of the delivery. it's on you to cancel or resell. >> all right. fascinating to hear about. we'll check it out. coming up next, weird, wacky and delicious. al will show off food finds at the minnesota state fair. first this is "today" on nbc. who are these people?
8:46 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
8:47 am
>> fermented, saltwater. >> we are here right now in minnesota, we're in saint paul, it's the opening of the minnesota state fair. you can't talk about a state fair without food, and you can't talk food without andrew and you can't talk about minnesota without senator al franken, who i used to see years ago nbc commissary. we didn't have great food like this. >> not nbc commissary. that was terrible food. >> glory days.
8:48 am
>> you guys have been coming to the fair for years. >> sure. >> let's start with the classics. >> i'm a classicist. roast corn from roast corn booth. get them well done if you like brushed with butter. that's your favorite, right? >> it's actually my favorite fair food. you can't get a bad ear here. unbelievable. >> thousands of pounds a day roasted fresh. >> local corn from fields dedicated. >> how sweet is that? >> that's like sugar. >> isn't it just the best? we love it. really great classics here. the gizmo that came up from the iowa state fair a decade ago. >> on its own. >> on its own. sausage, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese on a bun. invented in iowa. >> perfected in minnesota. >> unbelievable. >> made on the north end of the state fair. turkey legs a big part of the
8:49 am
tradition. only one booth i'm aware of that actually brines them, roasts them to order with fresh legs as opposed to commodity, texas steak out on the north end of the fairgrounds. that's nice turkey. >> that is very smoky. >> as al knows. >> the corn is really good. >> fantastic. this fair was birthed and fed by all the church dining halls, right? it was originally the 4h aspect of it, the politics aspect of the state fair, 160 some-odd years old are still relevant today with incredible wpa buildings. the dining halls are going out of fashion but wild rice meatballs, it's a two napkin -- >> wild rice. >> cranberry, swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes served up by real minnesota grandmas. >> you're in a church basement now. >> that's good.
8:50 am
>> wow. >> fantastic. two new items? >> they get more and more gimmicky each year. but i think minnesota tachos, an elvis vibe, ban, a, a, bacon. >> peanut butter. >> i wouldn't eat that. >> my money for best new item is the sausage sisters and me one bad dog. it's a hot dog mexican jalapenos wrapped in bacon. >> speaking of hot dogs. >> this is my favorite. al can have his corn and my second favorite. my favorite, speedy's old booth, the foot long hot dog on carnes just down the road over there. really snappy seasoned dog, great mustard, caramelized pus tarred and sauerkraut.
8:51 am
i have one a day. sausage by cynthia, makes all their sausage by hand. they have 14 different items in their booth. this is chorizo, a blend that's incredible. >> back to classics here. >> nothing more classic than mini doughnuts. these came over warm. have a warm doughnut. >> they are warm. >> that's good. >> sweet martha's cookies. >> everyone told me i had to have a sweet martha's cookie. >> it's literally synonymous with the state fair. >> the motto dpis gla, glass of >> started in a tiny little booth over there and now is all over the fair. >> lemonade. >> very few booths actually squeeze the lemons and make real lemonade. the people who do right over there, fresh lemonade and cheese on a stick. they do it from scratch. like the gizmo, an item that
8:52 am
came years ago and i discovered and have been promoting endlessly, cini minis. tiny cinnamon roles making them in the booth with vanilla ice cream to dunk into. >> thank you so much. >> did he enjoy the corn? >> i loved the corn. >> that's why he's a big fan of me. the corn. >> corn balls and corn. >> guys, thanks so much. back to matt and savannah. >> let me tell you, senator franken had a field day on that ear of corn. there's no question. thanks, al. >> thanks, guys. in a moment we're going to have more, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
al is having so much fun at the state fair, but he's got to do some birthdays, too. hi, al. >> absolutely. i keep hearing people go, hey, al. i look and they are talking to al franken. it's great. let's celebrate birthdays. spin the smucker's jar and we'll show you fabulous folks. first up, happy 100th birthday to fred, a golfer from new york, graduated from both law school and midshipman's school before serving world war ii. we absolute you for your service, sir. margaret lester of las vegas, also 100. she says the secret to
8:55 am
longevity, eat your breakfast every morning. most important meal of the day. happy 104th birthday to milton kwan of los angeles, california. remember those fantastic disney movies, fantasia and dumbo, my hero, worked as an animator on both films. elsie, auburn football fan from alabama. her motto, just keep smiling no matter what life throws at you. professor from new york celebrating 102 years. he's taught at utica college, founded the school's public relations program. last but certainly not least, happy birthday to the pines ladies. you are looking at 12 lovely ladies who are all from the same senior care campus in sarasota, florida. get this. they are celebrating a range of ages from 100 to 105.
8:56 am
i'll have what they are having. that is fantastic, guys. >> that's really cool, al. happy birthday to everybody. thank you, sir. safe travels. >> he says thanks. >> he's in a food coma. >> make sure you stick around for the next hour. we're going to have fun. i )m ... ==topvo== tensions are rising ahead of two weekend rallies planned good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. tensions arise ahead of the two weekend rallies planned for by conservative groups in the bay area, one, convertly, the other in san francisco. during a meeting last night held by a liberal group by any means necessary, a fight started when conservatives refused to allow the two groups into a meeting. at 10:00 this morning a separate
8:57 am
an hi hate rally is being organized outside of berkeley's city hall ahead of martin luther king's civic center park event. bob redell is in berkeley for that rally talking with leaders about the pledge to keep the peace this weekend. bob will have a live report in our midday newscast. amazon today opening its first brick-and-mortar store in the bay area. the bookstore will feature some of amazon's most popular hand held devices. find out what book lovers are saying. and we tracking the path of tropical storm harvey. it has the potential to wreak hurricane-strength havoc if the gulf coast as soon as saturday morning. isle have another local news update in half an hour. go to to find your local news, weather.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take get ready for a super fun time with hollywood hunk dean cain as our co-host. how old stars, how to get their look for less. game on. serving up a friendly competitiontennis superstar caroline wozniacki. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> a beautiful day. welcome to "today" thursday morning august 24th, 2017. you're listening to just hold on. keeping me company today, look who we have. dean cain and jill martin. hello, guys. >> both fun people. should be a fun morning.
9:01 am
dylan and al has a well deserved -- i can't say al. >> he's in minnesota. >> having fun opening day of the minnesota state fair. we'll check in with him. he's hanging out with lumberjacks. let me see. >> axes. >> they are not hitting. >> we'll check with him coming up in a few minutes. i have fond memories of state fairs. i'm from kansas. we didn't miss a year at the state fair. >> throw axes. >> we did that, all sorts of fun things. >> speaking of which, throw-back thursday. >> i win this one. >> you win this one. >> at home. so i was an intern for regis and kathie lee 20 years ago. >> i didn't know that. >> when i remet kathie, she was like, i don't remember you from then. she said, that's why. >> oh, no. >> you know what, it's a beautiful picture but i feel like you guys are getting better with time. >> look at that.
9:02 am
>> i'm never the kind of person that says, wow, i look great. we look much better now. kathie is hot. >> looks great. >> we thought, the hair, that's better. i think, i don't know, your throwbacks. >> i prefer the new version. >> it's encouraging when you get better with time. i also think sometimes you're looking at the '80s. >> hey. >> let's see, 1, i was 20. so that's 21 years. 17. >> it's '90s. >> it's '90s. >> '90s. >> i was an english major, not my forte. >> i saw the hair. >> '96 i'm thinking. >> princeton. >> i didn't take math. >> what about you? did you bring one? >> i don't know. apparently there's a throw-back. i don't know what it is. that's my boy. that's bosco underneath the malibu pier, down from my house. >> what's the occasion.
9:03 am
>> photo shoot. >> you don't pose like that. >> i do. that's how i wake up. i sleep under the pier. >> do you wear tank tops a lot like that. >> no. it was the '90s. >> you're so observant. >> well, i saw the arms. >> hello. >> they were like, let's do a dotto shoot. bring your dog. i ran down and took the picture. >> i love that stuff. i don't have a picture today. i was cleaning out the basement, the kids were gone and we feel like we should take advantage. so many random things. first of all, this has a picture to go with it. because of rules we can't show the picture. >> shining star of the month. >> school activities, pep club, tutoring. favorite pastime, dancing and talking on the phone. that was a pass time, to be on the phone all day long. >> i used to get in trouble with that. >> look at goals in life, "i
9:04 am
want to go to college and become a news reporter. >> where are you now? boom. >> amazing. dylan the other day, she had was it girl scout patches, something like that? she had like a weather patch. >> get out. >> it goes to show, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, you think about, read about it, say it all the time but look at that. last but not least. >> i don't think anybody knows what those are. >> isn't this crazy. i found negatives, ritz one-hour photos. remember that, you take them there. >> a couple of -- >> some of them don't have a clue. back in the day. >> no clue at all. >> wait. you guys didn't have real cameras. the crank. >> everybody asking me, what are the pictures. hold them to the light. >> photo roulette. develop them. develop them.
9:05 am
>> i have a company you send all your pictures to in a mess. >> in a box. >> they sort them out and try to get them by the year the way you look. >> digitize them. >> send back a link. nothing salacious. >> hopefully something salacious. it's sheinelle. there's something salacious on there. >> we're going to try that. there's a place in the building. i don't know if we can get it down by the enof the hour but we'll try. >> start now. >> racy photos, you want them developed? >> no. no. >> i had a friend who worked behind the camera where you develop pictures and people would turn in raunchy stuff. i'm surprised you're willing to give that away. >> you can't prove anything. you can't prove i did that. >> were you one of those guys. >> i think there was pictures i was surprised when they came back. what? i went to college. >> you knew when you took the picture. it's not a mystery. >> i went to college, so i didn't know everything all the time. that was before the internet, before all that social media
9:06 am
stuff. >> times have changed. >> there was that robin williams movie, one-hour photo. >> so creepy. >> check that out. >> that's true. now put it on your phone. can we talk about powerball for a second? one lucky person winner of second largest jackpot in powerball history? >> geez. one person. $758.7 million. >> did you guys play? >> i missed it. >> i think we did, the crew. i asked al for $5. >> did he give it up? >> he did for -- time is flying. christian slater. he gave him $5. we didn't win. >> it was not sold in watertown, chicopee, massachusetts. the people in watertown -- that watertown guy has to be upset. >> i was thinking about that. >> money there. >> when you're owner of the shop, don't you win a good chunk. >> notoriety. >> $750 million, you get a portion of that. >> literally it's gone the flash
9:07 am
of an eye because it was the wrong place. >> i told you a friend of mine won the lottery, they split it. three people, $1 million each. my probability of winning, 25ds, i don't even play anymore. >> i play. i would play if all my friends won i would play. >> really? >> you're saying there's a chance. >> "dumb & dumber." >> you know we like to play games around here. >> yes, we do. >> today we'll play a game producers are calling relationship roulette. >> love is a game. >> you guys still on the market? wrong way to put it? >> married? >> not married, still date. >> something this. >> i was in a serious relationship and just started dating. >> so you're like back. back on the scene. >> let's talk about that. >> yeah. >> what are the occasions? they are both dating. >> that's the box from valentine's day. >> do i open it up? i do. i open it up. >> we all have to answer questions.
9:08 am
>> who is picking first. >> i'll go first, get it over with. i feel like this is planned. >> you chose. >> where do you draw the line when it comes to pda, at a concert, a party, on the street? >> that's good. >> i draw the line with all of that. >> when you hold hands, you kiss? >> i'll hold hands and like a -- i have to say, this is just a quick, embarrassing story. the other night i went to an ex-boyfriend's home and he's like meticulous about everything. he's single now. just to go for a drink. nothing happened. >> she had to throw that in there. >> i was down the stairs to the wine cellar because obviously there was another bottle of wine. i tripped down the stairs. i haven't seen him in five years, rolled down the stairs. he's so meticulous with his home i managed to hold the wine glass and the red wine was all over my family and they were there. that was my first back into the -- >> that is the best. >> so that's a win.
9:09 am
>> will you go out again? >> i don't know if he'd go out with me again. i ruined the house. >> next? >> you'll kiss but no longer than a second. >> my 17 me was way worse. now i'm a little more chill about that. i was a little out there. fill in the blank. it's okay to get intimate on a blank date. >> we saw you on a date? >> you did. i didn't get intimate. listen, i'm just going by -- it can happen. >> define intimate. >> that's not for the 9:00 hour. that's for the 10:00 hour. that's for hoda and kathie lee to come up with. >> this an interesting one. what do you guys think? when you're dating someone, you're dating their family. true or false? >> true. >> me, too. >> i think it's true. >> so you can love the woman, love the guy. but if his family is nutty it's
9:10 am
a no. >> or if the family doesn't like you, you'll be out, too. >> that makes it harder. i'm not dating. if it's a good one i'm going to give it to you. >> come on. >> on the first date, is it okay to reach over and pick-off a person's plate? >> i think that's subjective. depends on the person, depends on the date. how is it going, what's happening there? >> she can put her fingers in your plate. >> she can. >> a crab dinner i had, i'll tell you afterward. >> get ready for positively amazing tricks. al and some all-star stunt dogs at the minnesota state fair. it's really good. coming up after this. really good. >> that's right. we've got chris right here. he's been on my back all day. i'm telling you. hold on. wait a second. wait a second. >> sit, enamel is the strong, white,
9:11 am
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heare you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. ♪ ♪ we're back now for today's take. our guest co-host dean cain and jill martin. we have props with this next one.
9:14 am
>> i brought props for this because i feel like it will be helpful. here is the study. nearing the end of summer and everyone trying to maintain swim suit bodies. behavioral medicine suggests weighing your self every day can help maintain weight loss and even slim down. they found students who weigh themselves daily not only prevented weight gain but also lost weight. >> here is one thing, al saying he steps on the scale every day, that way it doesn't get out of control. i kind of know in the back of my head whether the next day is great, so i don't. it hurts my feelings. >> do you own a scale. >> i own a scale. when i feel like things are going well, that's when i step on it. having a good day or work out. i know if i'm feeling puffy, why am i going to step on it? it's going to be higher. >> i was told not to talk weight sitting between two women. >> i think i have asomething i might steal. >> i'm going to stand here. >> i've never own a scale.
9:15 am
>> never? >> never. >> these are pants from 10 years ago. what i do is when i start eating poorly or lose weight, if they fit i'm in good shape. >> then you're okay. >> if they don't, i'm not in good shape. only a couple pounds in and out. three weeks ago they were like this, i couldn't close them. >> three weeks later. >> i have a picture from last night, i don't know if we have it. i put them on when i heard about this story and they fit in three weeks. >> it works? >> only a few pounds but all women and men go through this. you feel when you have a few pounds, your jeans are a little tighter. my friend tonya suggested these crackers. >> can i tell you we've been talking about this a lot in the makeup room. jill, what's the secret, i'm always snacking all day long. she says this is the answer to snacking. >> snacks. >> i don't want to touch your food because we just discussed this. >> i have no problem with it. >> the middle one. >> these are fiber crackers.
9:16 am
i like to eat and i like to snack. so this is a fiber cracker. little carbs, joy said it's fine i checked in with her. vegan cheese, i cut out dairy, tomato sauce. a spicy tomato sauce. i eat four for lunch. >> you eat four of these. >> at night -- normally i didn't eat lunch. at night fish and vegetables. do you like it? >> this is horrible. >> i'm all right wit. i like it. >> joy bauer said if you don't like it, put peanut butter on it. it's like a loaf of bread. >> but i want to fit into my jeans, wait. >> i think it's delicious. >> i think it's a little cardboard like. >> al, because i know you like to try things, i'm going to save this for you. try these.
9:17 am
>> i would maybe have a fresh one, perhaps, not one you're saving from today. >> the fresh ones. >> i digress. i'm in food heaven here. we're at the minnesota state fair in saint paul. not only is there great food but great entertainment including friends from all-star stunt dogs. this is confetti. you've been performing here at the fair for the last four years. all your dogs are rescues. >> they are. that's our mission to promote animal rescue and pet adoption everywhere we go and encourage people to spend more time with their pets. >> can we take a look? already saw what vinny valentino can do. >> she does a handstand in my hand. i call it the paw stand. >> wow, that's pretty impressive. >> nice one. >> this young lady is eight years old. >> she is. she's aid. >> show some of the tricks she does. >> come here. you want to spin?
9:18 am
circle, circle, circle. that's pretty good. >> reverse. >> nice. back to me. hoops, hoops, hoops, over, over, over. yes. >> what a good girl. >> she's a sweetheart, i tell yo good morning, i'm kari hall, we have the fog and drizzle in san francisco. we will see that for much longer in the day as we go into the afternoon as well. temperatures reaching 65 degrees. a little bit warmer for the end of the weekend. the inland areas will have a very nice day with mostly sunny skies and breezy. warmer tomorrow and upper 90s for the end of the weekend and gradually cooling down next w k week.
9:19 am
>> that's your latest weather. guys, coming up in the next half hour, me and an axe. what could possibly go wrong? >> uh-oh. >> al, thank you. coming up, she's superstar on and off the court. tennis ace caroline wozniacki gearing up for u.s. open and the competition about to get heated competition about to get heated with our ownpeople would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability
9:20 am
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9:22 am
caroline wozniacki one of the top athletes in the world with 25 career singles titles. she's currently ranked fifth in the world in women's tennis and the first woman to reach 40 wins in 2017. >> she's also a bona fide celebrity off the court. she's got millions of followers on social media. just last month she graced the cover of espn magazine famed body issue. >> two-time open finalist getting ready to head back to arthur ashe stadium in new york. that tournament kicks off august 28th. >> u.s. open around the corner. how are you feeling in this moment? >> i'm feeling good. i have a few more days to get ready. i feel relaxed. when it gets to this weekend i'll start thinking about matches. until the draws start you're really chill. >> you don't know who you're drawn with. >> it's friday. on friday we know whether we play monday or tuesday and who
9:23 am
we play. >> if you win this, might you be ranked number one again. >> yeah, i'm not sure but i think so. i think someone told me that. >> your boyfriend david lee is here. he's like nodding yes. >> he's like, she's already number one. >> in my book already number one. >> do you have game day rituals getting ready for a big match? what you do? >> i usually do the same thing, hit for half an hour tennis balls. if i have a match, i sleep most of the day and just relax. really not much going on. >> i have to ask you about espn the magazine. >> i was going to ask. so you got there rainfall i'm just as interested. were you completely nude? how many people around you you're sort of covering up. i know you pretty well and i know that's not your personality? >> well, they ask you if you want an open or closed set. i was like, no, no, no. it has to be closed. >> who would pick open.
9:24 am
>> models out there without any clothes a lot. not that i know. >> a photographer and two or three more people out there. in the beginning i was really nervous. i was like oh, cover up. cover everything up. them by hour three, you're like, you know what, just get the photos. it looks cool, the lighting looks cool. i love the photos. i think they are very strong, artistic. obviously as an athlete we work hard for our bodies. it's our tool. >> it pays off fantastic. >> we're about to have a throwdown. >> this going to happen. >> should we assume because you're an amazing tennis player you're an amazing ping-ponger? >> yeah. >> over here. forehand or backhand? >> please. i don't even know what that means. >> does steven play tennis? >> he does actually. >> come on. >> it's 15-love. that's tennis.
9:25 am
>> see how easy she's doing this. >> i'm crushing this right now. >> i usually stay away. >> look how she's doing. you want to go after caroline. >> so not the u.s. open. >> caroline, thank you. you're a good sport. you're a good sport. up next, jill takes m for years, men have enjoyed their man caves without guilt. now, it's mama's turn. welcome to my she shed. ...where high heels are forbidden by royal decree of the queen. ...and my treats are only for me. fiber one 90 calorie brownies. allll mine. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair
9:26 am
works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula to visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. ==topvo== tensions are rising ahead of two weekend rallies planned good morning, it is 9:26, i'm marcus washington. rallies are planned for this weekend. one in berkeley, the other in san francisco. at a meeting last night held by a liberal group, a fight broke out. the growing tensions coming in the wake of grief and violence in charlottesville. a separate anti-hate rally is being organized outside of berkeley city hall. santa clara leaders will zero in tonight on recent levi stadium audits. they say the city is not getting their fair share of revenues. it will be the first they will
9:27 am
meet. they have been in a tug of war for the releasing of documents also tied to the stadium. they are demanding the niners pay up or face legal action. we'll have a look at weather and photographic when we return.
9:28 am
good thursday morning, i'm kari hall, still boggy and misty. you'll see that for a little while longer. while we're starting to get sunshine in the south bay, let's check out the temperatures that will be lower than yesterday. overall a beautiful afternoon reaching into the mid 80s. for the tri-valley up to 85 degrees. and 74 in san mateo. the north bay looking at upper 70s to lower 80s.
9:29 am
>> we're seeing a lot of trouble spots especially in the south bay right now. a crash along northbound 280, we're seeing what could be a lane blocked. it is about 14 minutes, the san mateo bridge 21 minutes, and seeing a live look in oakland, stop and go traffic along northbound and southbound 8 80.
9:30 am
so full disclosure i see jill on instagram doing adventures, skydiving, paragliding. i told her next time you do something crazy like that i'm in. my only rule i won't jump out of a plane. i'm not superman. i can't fly. >> i can't either. i don't like flights. what happened? >> i took a somewhat skeptical sheinelle to something i discovered a few months ago. we didn't have to go far, just seven blocks away from here. >> here is what made an extra whatever. i was told to wear sweats and sneakers and no makeup. i trust you, jill. >> you wore makeup. >> after tuesday's show sheinelle and i mettous the studio and our mystery girls day out adventure began.
9:31 am
>> here is comes. >> this going to be good. >> ki say something i've been told to put on sneakers, that's it. no purse, no phone, it's freeing. i don't know what's going to happen but it's kind of fun. >> you're not afraid to fly? >> while our girls day didn't involve flying, i did want to heighten sheinelle's experience by keeping her in the dark. >> this killing me. after a quick trip from 30 rock to the heart of times square we arrived at madame tussauds. as soon as we entered we had great celebrity sightings. >> morgan freeman. >> look at susan sarandon. >> who is real? >> we even made a new friend? >> is this going to be on "today"? >> i don't know. that's the thing. >> ki say, i've always wanted to be right here. >> and then the time had come. you first. >> for us to enter another dimension. >> this is like creepy but cool. >> we haven't even started yet.
9:32 am
>> really? >> leslie jones. i'm a jones. >> here is your first hint. >> okay. >> who are you going to call? >> "ghostbusters." >> we're about to put you in the "ghostbusters" movie. >> nice. i love it. >> let's go. >> do i get slimed or something? >> before we go in, we have some special guests here? >> mr. lauer, mr. roker. >> in shock. i'm about to take you in. >> after release of gohost buster, madame tussauds puts you in the center of the most iconic scenes. >> a influence place for your mind to go and experience take new world. >> this i wanted sheinelle to experience for herself. >> i'm suited up.
9:33 am
>> you told me an adventure, this is unlike any adventure i ever imagined. >> do you trust me? >> i ain't afraid of no ghost. >> who you going to call? >> ghost busters. >> with, that it was time for the real adventure to begin. >> you look like you know what you're doing. >> get them. >> in our 12-minute adventure, we went head-to-head with ghosts from every angle. >> they come from all sides. >> and even took on the marshmallow man. >> he's stubborn. >> oh, my gosh. that was amazing. >> wow. >> were you scared? >> yes. >> i know that it's not real and i'm still like ducking. this was awesome.
9:34 am
>> we did it. >> i'm still smiling. i feel like a 7-year-old. >> i think now it's who you going to call? us. >> that was epic. so i feel like we should explain. so once you put everything on, you know those rides you're 3d, 4d, you're experiencing it and your heart drops. you're doing it but walking around, room to room, in the middle of the city. it was amazing. >> vr is seriously the next level in gaming. >> it was amazing. at one point we're on an elevator and i thought we were dropping. jill was like we're not dropping. >> the whole space looks like this. you feel like you're on an edge. you visit new york it's something to see. >> you saw madame tussauds for the first time. >> i talk about it all the time but never. >> touched the faces. >> i'm real. that's me. >> madame tussauds and the void. coming up two ords words wo,
9:35 am
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so being cool comes naturally. hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling. it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch, you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what? this morning on "today's" food al in minnesota cooking up
9:40 am
a fair favorite. hey, al. >> hey, guys, how are you doing? we're taking a food favorite a fair favorite and making it high class. we've got gavin caisson, minnesota born and bred. he's a chef here in minnesota, minneapolis area. congratulations, "time" magazine naming spoon and table best restaurant in minnesota. all right. so we're going to take a staple of cheese kurds and put it with creamed spinach. what can possibly go wrong. >> exactly. we created at spoon and table, shallots, garlic, oil. sweat that down. throw that spinach in there. >> amazing to me how much it takes to make spinach, just wilts down. >> keep throwing it in. there you go. >> some salt. >> we'll let that cook. if my cook saw that, i'm in trouble. i'm going to work today, it's
9:41 am
fine. >> basically wilt that down and get this. what you want to do is let it sit on the rack and squeeze out the excesses liquid. now, a cream mixture. it's low fat. what i mean by that it's got a lot of fat. >> of course it does. >> put this cream mixture in, reduced cream with a little bit of egg yokes. we stir that in. that's creamed spinach. >> mm. >> when we opened spoon and table we decided to put this on the menu. we've done pretty well with this side dish. >> not just creamed spinach, you add something extra. >> we have to. we take cheese kurds. >> the official snack food of minnesota. >> yeah. basically most people -- watch your self. these we bread, just traditional breading method, flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs, then deep fried. >> they are deep fried.
9:42 am
>> spinach, fried cheese kurds on top, because we want to make sure you go away feeling like you have a great meal. >> or you don't go away. you just lay there. >> sleep at spoon and table that's all right. this is chicken bratwurst with cheese kurds inside, grilled with bacon and slaw. have to use cheese kurds all ways. >> are you trying to kill us? we'll go with a smile. >> that's right. you're going to be happy, that's for sure. see. >> that's fantastic. >> right. that's it. it's the cheese kurd. >> it's the cheese kurd. >> this is the first time you've been to the fair in how long. >> probably ten years. >> wow, when you're doing great restaurants you're busy. >> it's good to be here. >> minneapolis, have you to go
9:43 am
to bellacor. it's like a brownie but gluten-free. let's check your weather and see what's going on for weekend weather. especially for the state fair. looking pretty good. truly fantastic phone friday, saturday, northeast. strong storms, a lot of wet weather down through texas because of harvey. as we move into saturday, western half of the country still going to be dry. a spectacular day in the northeast, mid-atlantic states, new england. wet weather in florida and in texas. on sunday -- sunday! -- we've got more severe weather, flooding most likely down in texas. heavy rain in florida. gorgeous for the rest of the east coast, great lakes looking good morning, i'm kari hall, we're getting clearing for the inland areas and it is now 66 degrees in the peninsula. as well as the south bay, the try valley at 64 degrees.
9:44 am
low clouds and drizzle in the north bay and san francisco. 69 on the other side of the bay. oakland will be fairly mild day, but warming up with concord today reaching 90 degrees. these are fresh, sheinelle. look at this. ooey, gooey cheese. >> everyone here tells me how yummy it is. thank you for that. i needed that extra little bit. >> just ahead, wish you could dress like your favorite celebrity? a few tricks
9:45 am
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9:49 am
. we all see stylist celebs on the red carpet or magazines and you know their designer duds cost a fortune. >> today we'll show you how to get their looks for much, much less with help from andrea lavar laventhal. >> this is important. i don't want to spend a lot of money for these looks. >> who is first? >> first we have chrissy teigen in a gorgeous outfit but expensive. the top is $275, ula johnson trousers, $370. we recreated the outfit for much, much less. >> let's check. >> look at that. >> sarah's top and pants are $42 combined. the top is forever 21, the pants are boohoo, great accessories from target. a bag from free people. a fraction of chrissy's look.
9:50 am
>> rocking the look for very little. >> the off the shoulder, wide leg pant. >> the bell sleeve. >> this is like kathie lee and hoda shoulder here. they would love this outfit. >> i'll take your word on that one. >> i'm sure. this is -- selena gomez is next. she's doing the '90s trend here. this is actually a one piece. it looks like two. it's a $400 dress. her shoes are like $1100 from louis vuitton. we created the entire look for less and her sunglasses. unreal. >> fantastic. >> her dress is cotton, $2 .95, shoes aldo, $90, her shirt from the gap and her sun glasses are $10 from t.j.maxx. she looks like a million bucks. >> you can have all this or half of her pair of displaz. >> a sandwich.
9:51 am
>> fantastic. >> super easy to put a t-shirt you already have. >> totally extends the life of a sundress into cooler months. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> who is next? >> sienna miller, who is such a fashion plate. always looks so great. this is all about the accessories. those are gucci loafers, the shoe of the season, the dior bag, about $3300. no big deal. we created the look on sarah here. >> go sarah. >> for way, way less. her bag is express. it's about $70. her shoes $24.95 from cup i had. so cute, so on trend. she's got a shirt from gap, sweater from zahra. >> looks exactly the same. >> the same. >> they all do. when you say a fraction, it's not like 50%, it's like 5%.
9:52 am
>> we're moving the decimal point over and over. if i could do math i could tell you. >> last. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we don't want to forget about the men. we're copying milo ventimiglia. >> nicely done. >> he has very expensive tastes, you guys. those shoes are about $1200. $800, apc shirt. he looks great. but ben looks better especially because you can afford ben's look. he's an in h&m suit. i love how the plaid shirt makes it look more edgy, not as serious. his shoes are $99 from macy's. they are amazing. >> the at that titats on his ha look edgy. >> this is great. >> you can afford it. >> i can afford it finally.
9:53 am
>> back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
thank you so much for hanging out today. jill, you'll be back next week for an hour long, this is epic, steals and deals. dean, you'll stick around with kathie lee and hoda. >> just changing my clothes. it's going to happen. >> national walk today and new york's clinton hall has hooked us up, carnival waffle, cotton candy and this one here, red velvet waffle. >> this is the kind of thing you share with a grooch people. >> my son is huge waffle fan. waffle versus ice cream, waffles win.
9:56 am
good morning, i'm kari hall, mid 60s in san francisco today with skying clear and it will be slightly warmer tomorrow. that warming trend will continue into the weekend, but you won't see much more of a difference.
9:57 am
all of the inland areas really heating up over the next serl days. it will be really hot this weekend up to 97 degrees and gradually cooling down for the rest of the week. >> this one is really causing a traffic jam, but the accidents appear multiple people may be involved with which is blocking several lanes. just after that, we're seeing an additional accident. they're picking up major slowing and around 280 around 880 still delays because of a crash in that area. the southbound 101, about 15 minutes, a live look right now in palo alto definitely stop and go traffic in that area. >> a first of it's kind water tax that could add an extra
9:58 am
dollar per month to your water bill, but a lot of things have to happen before it happens. one winning powerball ticket was sold in massachusetts with all six matching numbers. that winner is in line for a $700 million prize.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ the boys round here >> wow, everybody. what arsty thursday you stumbled on to. it's august 24, 2017, trying to get this going a long time. >> tell me what it is. >> it's our -- >> both: guys tell all show. >> that means all of them, the entire show. >> we talk with -- we do this. [ laughter ] >> by the way, that song is opera pro-of "boys round here" by our boy blake shelton. >> and we got very handsome


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