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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 25, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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millions in the path of hurricane harvey. the first major storm to make right now at 11:00, millions of people in the path of hurricane harvey. you see the radar there and what it looks like in real life on the right. the first major storm to make landfall in more than a decade. and for people who have not evacuated, it may be too late. we'll take you live there in just a few moments. first here in the bay area, preparing for a storm of a different kind. dueling protests scheduled on both sides of the bay. special precautions being taken to prevent another charlottesville from happening. good morning, and thanks for joining us on our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. police protestors, counter-protesters all ramping up for what could be a busy and
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chaotic weekend. we begin with pete suratos who is live at san jose city hall. and pete, there is already a rally scheduled for noon. >> reporter: good morning. this is what we're seeing of the counter-protests due to the rally taking place tomorrow afternoon. here's what we'll hear from a number of city leaders, and the goal here is to celebrate what they're saying is the love and compassion of san francisco in response to that rally i just mentioned. but the city is still preparing for the worst when it comes to tomorrow's rally. in fact, we'll show you new video from christy field that took place earlier this morning. you can see the crews setting up the fencing area for this rally, and that's because there will be a rally zone for protestors so they can kind of be contained in during that rally tomorrow. also, i want to point out that the office of emergency services will be activated in the event things get out of hand. also there will be extra staff
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at sf general hospital, and people with opposing views will apparently be brought there and will be separated if they are brought to the hospital. i also want to point out the public defender and his staff will be on-site serving as legal observers for protestors who may need their assistance in terms of knowing their rights at tomorrow's protest. i did speak to the mayor this morning about the impact of this rally coming to the city of san francisco. >> we won't come over for sure. we don't need to put ourselves in the middle of it. >> i think we all should have the right for freedom of speech, but what happens oftentimes at rallies is people go a little bit crazy and berserk and there is a lot of violence. >> we are all immigrants. i'm not from here, i'm from south america, but this is my country now. >> and i'm so proud of this city for coming together with counter-protests, rallies and, you know, speaking in every language about love, love being
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a lot louder and a lot stronger than any hate. >> reporter: taking you back out here live, you can see the setup under way. you see someone with glide church right there. a number of city leaders speaking here in less than an hour. i want to point out there is also going to be a flag run tomorrow prior to that rally, so across the golden gate bridge you'll have bikers and cars traveling across the bridge with flags on their vehicles prior to that rally at christy field. but this event that's taking place, the first of many counter-protests to tomorrow's rally is going to take place at 12:00 p.m. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. meantime in berkeley this afternoon, leaders say they expect thousands of people to march in the streets. the city has denied a permit for an anti h-marxism rally, but mt mayor says he expects people to
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show up, anyway. his role is to sort of keep the peace. all of this follows the violence and the demonstration at the charlottesville demonstration earlier this month. we'll stay in touch with berkeley and san francisco on air and on line. this is the top story right now. our website, our facebook and our twitter feeds are all updated 24/7. in the east bay, the urban shield training has created a firestorm of controversy over the past few years. the police training drill brings thousands of law enforcement agents to the bay area. critics say it promotes the militarization of police, and today community leaders will decide whether the program will continue. today in the bay's bob redell is live in oakland with a look at this one. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. the urban shield task force is meeting in this building behind me here in downtown oakland. they're voting on a series of recommendations that could alter urban shield or get rid of it altogether. this task force is made up of 19 people, including people who work for the county, law
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enforcement, community activists and private citizens. they've all been appointed by the county to provide oversight and guidance to the sheriff's office on how to proceed with this annual law enforcement exercise that the agency has been sponsoring for ten years now. urban shield not only involves police teams from across the country and the world but fire, ems and emergency operations. the teams participate in a 48-hour exercise that trains them in various first responder scenarios, some involving swat armed with automatic weapons. in recent years, people have protested the exercise. activists on the task force we spoke with this morning, they want urban shield to end. they believe it promotes the kind of tactics that lead to police brutality and violence against minorities and leads to the militarization of law enforcement. >> well, to that point, we would have to go back to north hollywood shooting. i think everybody remembers the north hollywood shooting where we had two individuals with ak-47s fully automatic, and we
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had a police force down there that was only shootin shootinshooting shooting .9-millimeter barettas. they were totally outgunned. so police come armed with the equivalent, probably an a-15 or something like that. what is wrong with that? >> we want ems, fire and the community to be concerned with emergencies. but law enforcement should not be the primary coordinator and planner of that because of relationships with the community that are so frayed by militarization and racism. >> reporter: urban shield will still be taking place this year september 10 through 11, just a couple weeks from now. they demonstrate, quote, alternatives for how to prepare for earthquakes and fires. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. back to continued coverage of hurricane harvey.
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the outer bands of the storm are now hitting southeast texas as we speak, and you can see the system on our radar. 8 million people are under hurricane warning, and about a million more are under tropical storm warnings. >> forecasters say it will likely be a category 3 by the time it makes landfall late tonight or even overnight hours. officials say there could be a historic rainfall and catastrophic damage. here's a live look now at galveston, texas. as you can see right there, those waves rushing up onto the beach there as a lot of people wait just to see what will happen. a lot of people already forced to evacuate that area. >> a lot of those folks evacuating into san antonio and austin, where even there the storm will be a disaster. president trump says he's monitoring what is happening with hurricane harvey. less than two hours ago, he tweeted out an image of his briefing with homeland security, fema and others. he says he has spoken with the governors of texas and
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louisiana. kari, we need some perspective on this storm, because you said this could be the most powerful storm since katrina. >> right, and i was in katrina in southeast louisiana. this is a hurricane that has intensified and really hasn't given these residents any heads up as we are seeing this continuing to develop into a category 2. it went through an eyewall replacement cycle overnight. we can see the concentric circles there in the eye, and usually when it goes through an eyewall replacement cycle, it will hold steady and weaken and then it will very quickly intensi intensify. and unfortunately it will do that as it moves closer to corpus christi, and we're already seeing the outer rain bands. so as residents try to get out of the way of this storm, it is already raining, and unfortunately, it looks like it could continue to rain for several days here, and that's the reason why the rainfall totals are going to be so high in some spots, up to 35 inches. we'll continue to follow that. >> that is a lot of rain in a little time. thank you. forecasters are warning residents to make final
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preparations. sarah doloff is live in galveston, texas. it looks different where you are, sarah, but we know that storm is bearing down. what are you feeling in that area? >> a little strong and the waves are picking up and beginning to crash as harvey marches closer to land. >> harvey is basically here. >> reporter: an unwanted visitor churning in the gulf and headed to shore. hurricane harvey has texas in its sights and is only expected to gain strength as it makes landfall. officials are in emergency mode. >> there is one message we need to get to everybody, and that is heed warnings. your life is in potential danger. >> reporter: forecasters say it could be the strongest storm to hit the lone star state in nearly half a century. the last time south texas saw such devastation was 2008 when hurricane ike barreled into
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galveston, killing more than 20 people across the state and costing a billion dollars in damages. officials aren't taking any chances and are warning everyone in harvey's path. >> as they say, get out of dodge. >> reporter: highways are enclosing clogged with cars heading inland. people stocking up, gassing up, as other residents opting to stay, just moving to slightly higher ground. >> the important thing is our lives, our health, pets and children, and everything else is replaceable. >> reporter: jerry smith has learned from past storms and is boarding up his home. >> we'll probably have a lot of tree damage, some downed power lines and stuff. >> reporter: last-minute preparations before harvey marches ashore. >> that was sarah dolof reporting. here is a different look at c p corpus christi, texas. this was a few moments ago. a city of 300,000 people, about the same size as stockton. most of the folks there
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evacuated corpus christi. >> we will continue to follow this storm on air and on line. download our nbc bay area app to get those up-to-date storm alerts as well as on your smartphone and all your smartphone devices. in other news here at home, the woman at the center of an east bay sex scandal that rocked agencies has filed a lawsuit. she claimed to have sex with a number of officers, including some when she was underage. her attorneys are finally filing a claim against contra costa county and the police office. earlier you might recall that she settled the claim with oakland for a million dollars. so what's on your grocery list? up next at 11:00, by putting whole foods in their shopping cart, amazon will lower what you pay on line or in person. we'll show you. as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, still foggy there while
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the rest of san francisco clears up. we'll have some hot temperatures inland. looking at san jose with that sunshine. excessive heat warnings going up for parts of the bay area. i'll have more on that, when and where, coming up next. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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=runs 4= =cont vo= ad-lib numbers and there you have it, the opening bell there. the stocks, as you can look right now and see the stocks on friday lagged a little bit. transportation, energy and select retail has helped boost the stocks there as we go on throughout the day. looking right now, the dow up 72 points. all new at 11:00, fans going to san jose state football game tomorrow will be able to buy alcohol. the university has not sold beer and wine at the game since 2012. there will be six i.d. stations where you can get a wristband showing you are at least 21 years old. there is a two-item limit and the sales stop after the third
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quarter. now, in june, the cal state system removed a ban on selling alcohol so long as campuses sell responsibly. amazon's purchase of billion-dollar whole foods has already raised their stock and the sale doesn't even happen until monday. but you might have seen prices drop on the best-selling staples at whole foods. tom costello reports it is the start of a move that just might change the way we shop in the future. >> reporter: taking its virtual shopping cart into the supermarket aisle, amazon is helping whole foods shed its paycheck reputation. it will begin delivering discounts on whole foods on everything from organic avocados and eggs to baby kale and almond butter. >> i'm thrilled because the prices here are outrageous. >> reporter: amazon says there's more to come. its popular prime service which almost half of american households already have will
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replace current foods program pr promising primes special sales on whole foods. amazon saying, we're determined to make organic food affordable for everyone. because of integrating in certain key areas, we can lower prices and serve more people. >> i go to whole foods once a week, so this will make a tremendous difference. >> reporter: but not everyone is happy. kroger, walmart and costco stocks all fell on news of the sale going through. just latest news for amazon that is already taking a bite out of services like blue apron and delivery services like pea pod. >> it really indicates the world of retail is changing. amazon's appetite for growth, for domination, is basically unquenchable. >> reporter: now with 600-plus
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whole foods store, amazon promises to open lockers to help customers pick up their foods. they will also be able to use alexa, like this. they're saying the high-end grocery chain won't compromise its long-time commitment to the highest standards. >> that was tom costello reporting. amazon also made clear it has no plans to replace cashiers with kiosks as some folks first feared, or any other layoffs at whole foods stores, banking instead on higher profits from new customers it hopes to draw in with those new, low prices. miraculous. that's how san jose police are describing an early morning crash. take a look at our newsroom this morning of that aftermath. this happened near 2:30 a.m. near baskley avenue. the police said when he pulled
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up, he thought this was going to be a fatal wreck. >> it's miraculous, and i don't use that word lightly. i thought it was miraculous that he walked away from this accident. >> reporter: when the police showed up, he found the driver sitting on the side talking to witnesses. police continue to work this midday to figure out what led up to that crash. happening today, the north bay's long-awaited commuter train finally got rolling. the smarttrain officially started service today. smart stands for sonoma marin rapid area transit. the first train left the sonoma station just before 1:00 to the airport at san rafael. rides are free today and then they're half off until the end of labor day weekend. this is the first passenger train service in the north bay since 1958, and it cost about$1a
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half mibillion to make a realit. hurricane harvey may have an impact on drivers out of the coast. forecasters expect the hurricane to hit theç refinery hi-rich sh of the coast so some of them have shut down. in 1935, it led to a 35 cent increase literally overnight. here's the radar as it takes aim at corpus christi. the outer bands are already causing problems as people are still trying to get out. new at 11:00, nasa released these images of the storm from space. look at your screen, if you haven't looked already. you can see how massive harvey is. officials say there could be historic rainfall and catastrophic damage. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that. kari, you were covering hurricane katrina, you were in it. this sounds like it's on par to be almost as bad. >> the bad thing about this
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hurricane is it won't just move in and move on, it's just going to sit over the next several days. so even into next tuesday and wednesday, we could still be talking about this hurricane. by then it will most likely be downgraded but still looking at a very powerful system, and they did not have a lot of time to prepare because this did strengthen so quickly. so we'll continue to monitor that. as we bring you back home, we're looking at some nice conditions. as our inland temperatures get ready to heat up, places like this will be very popular over the next couple of days. the mendocino coast, the clouds and fog have rolled away, and we're also seeing that live in tiburon and it will be all clear there. livermore at 74 degrees and san jose at 72 degrees. oakland at 63 and our high
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temperatures in the south bay heading into the upper 80s for gilroy, and east san jose 86 degrees and for the east bay a few more 90s than we had yesterday, and hayward will be up to 75 degrees. at 79, daly city at 66 degrees. mission district expecting a high of 68 degrees there. novato looking at a high of 85 degrees, skpand as we head intoe day tomorrow, excessive heat waves for the san fernando valley. a heat advisory on sunday. where we do see the brighter reds, that does show where we'll have the higher temperatures for the weekend, and some spots may get as hot as 108 degrees. in oakland we have the chinese street festival going on and our highs will be up to 80 degrees. warmer than today, but still not excessive. so you want to stay in the inner bay and the coastline if you are
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planning to go to state football game, that will be in the low 90s. some really hot temperatures out there with all the crowds and the sunshine. make sure you're prepared for that. we'll talk about more he events going on this weekend and a look at the 7-day forecast coming up a little bit later. up next, the south bay police department focusing on the lbgt community. the message they're trying to send. a top economic adviser said he has felt more pressure. people have pressured him to quit and also pressured him to stay. comey says the administration must do better in condemning hate groups. also in afghanistan, a hospital says at least 20 people are dead after an hour's long attack at a muslim kabul. the country's president are calling on leaders to condemn
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the san jose police department wants a new look. sjpd wants to diversify. >> it's making a big push to attract more officers from the lgbt community. ann trujillo is live looking at
11:26 am
the program. >> reporter: the first shows an officer leaving his wife for work. the second one shows a lesbian leaving his partner for the day. the third shows a male leaving his partner. they hope the ads will encourage more people in the lgbt community to consider wearing the badge. >> i only need a few things from you. once you qualify in the general aspects of being a law enforcement officer, i just need you to have a willingness to serve and a willingness to sacrifice along with your fellow officers. >> i think it's just brilliant. >> reporter: county supervisor ken yeager sits on the lgbt advisory board. >> why wouldn't you want someone who is qualified to protect your neighborhood if there is particular crime, and why should you care if that person is straight or gay? >> reporter: officer james gonzalez is featured in one of the videos.
11:27 am
>> that visualization of what my family looks like is going to be a big deal for people who are considering bringing their family into this police family. >> reporter: officer gonzalez and the chief will be out this weekend at pride if he festivit san jose in this patrol car looking for men and women who might want to wear the uniform. nbc bay area news. san jose is hoping those ads will encourage more people in the lgbt community to also report crime. officer gonzalez is hoping it will encourage others on the force now to come out if they're ready. a woman blindsided by her attacker. it's part of a troubling trend in the bay area. blindsiding and attacking a
11:28 am
11:29 am
a shocking crime -- a man blindsiding and attacking a woman in san francisco. ==marcus//2 shot== the suspect is still on the
11:30 am
loose and the neighbors are terrified. nbc bay area )s sam brock has t a shocking crime. a man blindsides and then attacks a woman in san francisco. >> the suspect is still on the loose and the neighborhood around there are terrified. sam brock has this story. >> reporter: two different cameras showing the blindside attack on a woman. she is hit and then the suspect turns around and hits her again. what's the first thing this goes through your head? >> shock. i think i'll call 911 right away. >> reporter: this woman paige was out walking her dog when we caught up with her. she says violent attacks here are unusual, but she says, she, too, was recently victimized. a mana cost accosted her and tr spit in her face. >> at that point i said i'm going to take uber if it's going to be late and have a stun gun
11:31 am
and mace. >> to protect yourself. >> to protect myself, yeah. >> reporter: the neighbors who saw the crime didn't want to talk on camera but said they shared pictures with the police. there is an active and ongoing investigation, but they say they can't tell us anything else to preserve the integrityful their work. >> it's scary because i walk this block all the time. i walk with my kids, i walk with my parents, and now it seems you can't walk by yourself. >> reporter: sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> we did do some digging overnight and found a similar incident that happened around the same time last year. you might remember this video. it's a man attacking a woman walking away. this one happened in pacific heights, and would you believe a year later, no arrest in that case. following up on a story we received here on today in the bay. a professor will not teach any classes this fall. he sexually harassed a student while asking for a date back in
11:32 am
2015. they reinstated him and gave him two classes to teach, but the students protested and his release followed. students are relieved. >> i am relieved those classes are basically out of his hands. >> reporter: the university says vacar still remains a part of the school but they are discussing his future at the university. what could be a chaotic weekend in the bay area. police protesters, counter-protesters. even we are getting ready for several rallies. >> one starts in less than half an hour. pete suratos joins us from outside san francisco city hall, and this is a site of a noon rally. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and kris. as you mentioned, at about 12:00 p.m., we're going to have this counter-protest, the first of many of these counter-protests to tomorrow's patriots rally
11:33 am
taking place tomorrow afternoon. this is where city leaders will eventually be speaking and they're celebrating the city of san francisco, saying the city is filled with compassion and love. i want to take you guys to my left here. this is where folks are going to be standing behind that media stage. that's where we're expecting folks who are here for the rally to start filing in at least in the next half hour. with all that said, with the event taking place, the city is still preparing for the worst when it comes to that rally tomorrow at christy field. as a matter of fact, we'll show you new video we got on-site earlier this afternoon. crews setting up fencing in the area for what is going to be called the rally zone for protestors. that will be the area fenced off in the park for those taking part in the rally. also offices of emergency services will be activated in the event things get out of hand and there will be extra staff at sf general hospital. i want to point out the people with opposing views who are brought there will be separated. also the public defender and his staff will be on-site serving what they're calling legal
11:34 am
observers for protestors. you may need assistance when it comes to knowing their rights. let's take you guys back out here live. you have a band practicing before this rally takes place. we saw glide memorial church. the choirs here are taking part in this rally. it will take place at 12:00 p.m. there will be a flag run across golden gate bridge tomorrow morning with those participating in that prayer rally at christy field. but this anti-hate rally, they're calling it, is going to start at 12:00 p.m. we'll hear from a number of city leaders there. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos, bay area news. as a safety effort, they are temporarily removing a number of mailboxes. the mailboxes are all near cal campus and civic center park where sunday rallies are set to take place. back in february, protestors damaged several mailboxes. protestors are planning on
11:35 am
attending rallies in san francisco. there will be an all workday stoppage in the port. they protest the organizers rally in christy field. this will be the one-day work stoppage this year. live to the golden gate bridge where you can expect some changes tomorrow because of that planned alt right rally. the parking lots and the welcome center will be closed. this is on the san francisco side right near christy field where the rally is scheduled. the sidewalks, though, will be open to bicyclists and pedestrians. now to denver where police are getting involved and new videos are surfacing at that incident at a cheerleading camp. >> it was caught on camera forcing a young girl to do the splits while she's begging for them to stop. we have to tell you this video is very hard to watch. >> keep her legs apart. >> reporter: this morning there is growing outrage as new cell
11:36 am
phone video shot by one of the cheerleaders shared with nbc affiliate kusa showed teenage girls being pushed to their limits and beyond. coach ozo williams now on leave along with an assistant coach and three administrators is seen here forcing another cheerleader into a painful split. 14-year-old shalen walsh is not in the video but said she attended the camp with williams. >> when i was with the coach, i looked up to him and he said this will help you get a better split. so i thought it was a good thing but i didn't know it would hurt that bad. >> reporter: she said she was put through the same excruciating pain that madally wakefield beg for mercy. >> i felt like my hip was going to pop out of place, it hurt so bad. i for sure was crying hysterically. >> reporter: she said the brutal exercise happened in a single cheer practice back in june, the girls forced to line up and then
11:37 am
this. the denver police department launched an investigation wednesday when they were made aware of what happened. >> we've been trying since the beginning of june to just get somebody to hear us. >> reporter:ally wakefield and her parents were interviewed by police on thursday, more than two months after they said they sent video and a letter to the school. school officials had no comment about claims the video was sent to them in june, but the dps superintendent said he only learned of the incident on wednesday. >> the administration were all on vacation for the summer, and they kept saying, we're on vacation, we're going to give them oversight. >> reporter: but that oversight never came, according to the wakefield family. and the coach, known for his backflips, was allowed to keep tumbling with the teens through july. in a statement, denver public school superintendent tox volksberg said they are supporting the police department in their investigation and that
11:38 am
dps does not allow the use of forcing splits or anything that puts health at risk. too little too late, says washit's mom. >> you can't change the past, but i hope any kind of procedure will be put in place that any dangerous or unsafe situations that may occur in the future will be handled much, much better than it was. >> that was lucy cavanaugh reporting. the school says putting coach williams and others on leave is standard practice when there is an investigation. nbc reached out to coach williams and he referred nbc to his lawyers, but his attorneys did not return request for comment. members of that squad told us that the coach knew about those shocking videos but asked the girls to, quote, keep it under wraps. >> and that's a different set of problems there. we are tracking hurricane harvey as it continues to bear down on the gulf coast. kari hall is tracking the conditions and how bad it could get, kari. >> yeah, that and we're also looking at some very hot temperatures for the bay area. as we take a live look outside at a breezy one in fremont, it
11:39 am
will be heating up into the low 80s today but continuing to heat up this weekend. more on harvey and the bay area heat coming up next. what's bugging us the most and costing us money? i'm consumer investigator chris gamora. we know because nbc bay area responds, next. and here )s another live look at
11:40 am
11:41 am
hurricane harvey in the gulf coast. the outer bands are already causing problems - as all right, we have another look at hurricane harvey as it churns toward the gulf coast. now already causing problems on
11:42 am
land as millions of people evacuate. live look from galveston, or rather, corpus christi, texas this morning. as we have been reporting, officials say there could be historic rainfall and catastrophic damage. 8 million people are under hurricane warnings and a million more are under tropical storm warnings. kari hall has been tracking the path of the storm. i just checked in with my sister, kari. she's in austin, and she said even there away from the coastline they're preparing for at many as 24 inches of rain. >> it's just crazy. they didn't have a lot of time to prepare for this. remember, they were just expecting a tropical storm yesterday, and then suddenly we're like, oh, wait, it's going to be a category 3 and it's going to possibly bring up to 30 inches of rain. so it is really a dangerous situation for a family in texas. i've been calling and just trying to get in touch with my family, and i haven't yet. but we are seeing some of the outer rain bands now making it closer to corpus christi, and now as they try to evacuate, a
11:43 am
lot of gas stations are running out of gas and the stores are running out of water, and we're seeing that rain already coming down. this is what they'll expect for the next several days as it could make landfall as a category 3 but some of the latest computer model runs shows that now that it's gone through the eyewall replacement cycle, it could just go inland as a category 2 later on tonight and early tomorrow morning and continue to rain and possibly move a little bit closer to louisiana over the next couple of days. and some of the rainfall totals, it looks like there could be a widespread swath of about 10 to 20 inches with some isolated areas, as we talked about, getting up to 30, possibly more, inches of rain. so we'll continue to keep tabs on that. as we bring it back home, we're taking a live look outside from the castro looking toward the financial district. it is all clear in this part of san francisco. and we are also seeing the low clouds roll away from the south bay as well. we really woke up with some clear skies today, and our temperatures will be hotter for
11:44 am
this afternoon as you check out that 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. you'll see in the tri-valley on sunday, that's when we reach the peak of the heat. we're at 70 degrees in livermore, so we are having to turn on the air-conditioning for a while. if you're on the coastline, half moon bay will start to see some clearing there, ask sapphind sa francisco up to 69 degrees. for the hills and some of the inland areas, the excessive heat warnings will be in effect for sunday into monday, and that's when those temperatures will get dangerous, could possibly reach as high as 108 degrees. that increases the fire danger, and we could also have some very low humidity, so you want to make sure that you're taking care of everyone who doesn't have air-conditioning and also your pets. we have a lot of events going on. some of the events are going to be in spots where the temperatures will be a lot milder, like in palo alto, the festival of the arts. it is going to be warm reaching up to 80 degrees, but that's not too bad. san jose on sunday, in history
11:45 am
park we have the italian festival happening, and it's going to be in the low 90s there for the afternoon and also for the pride fest on sunday. once again those high temperatures reaching into the low 90s. and just a heads up, yosemite is offering free admission today. it's going to be in the low 70s today into the weekend, and we're also going to see some 70s in san francisco, not as much of the low fog and clouds as we've seen recently. very hot weather span sbuz ts i start of next week. i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up later. complaints of all types from all over bait arthe bay area. >> they come big, small, however you name it. chief investigator chris gamora will show us the trends they've been following. >> we've been taking consumer complaints now for about 15 months. i think we're getting a feel for
11:46 am
where the customer service is breaking down most often. our most common complaint has been about lousy cellular service. we're hearing from all kinds of customers complaining about problems, frustration resolvinr issues from the beginning to cancellation. case in point. we have handled 122 complaints about one company in particular. insurance is also a recurring hot button for our viewers. you guys have asked us to help out with 295 different requests involving insurance. the good news is, our team is getting very good at these. we've had several big successes and our biggest recovery so far have involved insurance claims. speaking of money, we track that, too. right now the average amount that we've gotten back for our viewers is $2,656.51. the grand total we've helped fight to get back for you is
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$1,703,230. maybe we can help you. call us any time. the number is 888-996-tips. or you can go on line to i hope you have a great weekend. >> thanks, chris. happening this weekend in the south bay, the silicon valley pride festival. it gets under way tomorrow with a night festival that starts at 6:00 in chavez park. the parade is sunday at 10:00. boxing's most hyped event in years, tonight's floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor match up. >> it turns out they are getting a little nervous about this. that's because if the underdog fighter mcgregor somehow defeats mayweather, they will have to
11:48 am
take a bath. the betting action, mgm grand, would suffer a big hit in their wallets if there is an upset. now, they've been taking in a whopping 7,000 bets on mcgregor whose odds opened at 10 to 1. if mayweather -- for mayweather, in this case, there's only been about 300 average fwoerbets for mayweather and it's coming in at $4,000 average. wages for mcgregor is coming up at $105,000. >> they are willing to pay this couple $10 million to save their son's life and it could save other people's lives, too. >> i'll go to the ends of the earth to take whatever steps we have to to get this for our son. >> this is a bay area couple's desperate search for help. we have their story coming up. hey, folks, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. year. it )s a family featured in our bay area proud series ==marcus/2shot== their story has taken a few twists. garvin thomas joins us now with a remarkable offer they )re making ... one that is bound to raise some this is a story featured in our bay area proud series. >> their story takes a few twists. there is a remarkable offer they're making, one that is bound to raise some ethical questions. >> ryder and victoria mcdowell are the first to say they've been fortunate with businesses they've started and sold, most notably as the creator of airborne supplements.
11:52 am
it's enabled them to be very generous with their money. right now that money has been using for something very personal: saving they're son's life. never has such recent history felt so distant to the mcdowell family. it was skwjust back in january after 17-year-old errol mcdowell had successfully battled cancer for the second time that his parents, ryder and victoria, felt they could finally exhale. >> we thought we were out of the woods. >> yeah, we were out of the woods. >> reporter: they were so grateful, in fact, for the financial resources they had to fight the disease, the family started a fundraiser, hoping to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research. but then, in march, a routine mri picked up signs that errol's medulla blastoma had returned again. >> we had just began to let go of the fear of it coming back,
11:53 am
and then it came back. it was frightening. >> reporter: having been down this road, though, the mcdowells had done their research on cancer research. they know there is a very promising drug developed at stanford university called anti-cd47 that is in clinical trials but not yet available beyond that. >> cd47 could do the trick. 5 grams of that and errol could be cured. >> reporter: so the mcdowells are taking an extraordinary step, hoping to save errol and other children like him. they are offering a bounty to anyone who can legally make the drug available to them now. a sizeable bounty. >> $10 million. we put $10 million in escrow with our attorney that will be given to whomever has this compound. >> reporter: the mcdowells say they're simply doing what any
11:54 am
parents would do in their shoes and in the process are willing to help those who are. >> by acquiring this drug and showing its efficacy, we are paving the way for their kids to get the drug and we are prepared to subsidize every other family who needs to get this drug once we make it available. >> reporter: it is, as they say, an unconventional method powered by unconditional love. while this story is bound to raise some debate, we spoke with a medical ethicist as well as the creator of the product the mcdowells are trying to get, and both say they have no problem with the $10 million bounty. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, garvin, for that. it will be interesting to see where the story goes. >> we know garvin will continue to track that one. and we'll be right back. the pop-up art installation is
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
arriving in san francisco on september 17th. it celebrates all things ice cream, and has already made stops in los angeles and the ice cream sold out. the pop-up art installation is arriving in san francisco on september 17th. it celebrates all things ice cream and has already made stops in los angeles and new york. it's been popular with instagram people, as you can see right there. >> i just love all the ice cream on the walls. i'm like, kari, that's what it looks like when your toddlers have ice cream, right? >> yeah, it's all over the place. it's going to be a hot weekend,
11:58 am
a great one for some ice cream. >> thank you for joining us. enjoy your weekend. we'll see you on monday.
11:59 am
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